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"A great game for the end of a great system"

The time of the GBC is coming to a close. It's like a supernova, it gives off one great burst before dying. The Oracle games are that burst. These are the second best Zelda games (only surpassed by Link to The Past) and the best for Game Boy.

What can I say? The play control is the same as Link's Awakening, A and B for items and Dpad to move. It's simple and easy to learn. Thank God this didn't have any annoying button combos like Pegasus Boots/Feather in Link's Awakening.

The graphics are great. All the sprites are easy to see. It could have been done a little better, but this is GBC, after all. The scrolling screen is a big plus.

This is the game's biggest flaw (but that's not saying much.) The story is nothing compared to Ages. Person gets captured, you gotta save her, bla bla bla. The one way to make the story better is to link the games (but I won't go into that much.)

It is GBC, so the tunes are all weird, but compared to other GBC games, the audio RULES! I actually found myself humming along to one of the tunes in this game.

Fun Factor-10
Definitely one of the most fun games for GBC. After getting my GBA and Castlevania (which also rules) I still find myself playing this all the time. Try to finish all the side-quests and get all the passwords for upgrades. It's really hard.

Just the right mix of easy and hard. I beat it in 2 weeks, but I can beat some games in 3 days (on my first try) so this is definitely a good challenge.

How the heck did they come up with this idea for linking the games? The game truly shines when linked with Ages. Characters from one game will appear in the other, and you will also receive passwords to upgrade items in one game, then bring the upgrades back to the other game. The story gets a lot better too, but the rules for reviews say no spoilers. Sorry, folks.

Replay Value-8
After beating the game it will become easy as hell, but it's still fun. One fun thing to do is play a linked game, then start a new linked game in the opposite order. Example: Play Seasons, beat it, link to Ages, beat Ages. Now start a new game in Ages, beat it, link to Seasons. The games are kinda different depending on the order you play them in.

Definitely buy! Buy Ages too! The game isn't complete without it!

Easily the best game for GBC. It has it's flaws, but then again, what doesn't? Get it. You won't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/16/01, Updated 08/16/01

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