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"Not as Good as Ages but Still Part of an Awesome Set!"

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons is a wonderful game. While it is not as good as it's counterpart Ages, it is still better than a lot of games ever released not only because it's Zelda, but it is just a excellent game to say the least. I enjoyed myself during every minute of the gaming, and have to say this game was well put together, and well made by Capcom, and Nintendo. It is a hit, and here is why.


They are almost identical to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, and that game was made a very long time ago. Not that it bothers me really, but it might someone else. The only main difference is this is now in color, and some of the characters are bigger, and nicer looking. I like how the game is laid out personally, but some people may be disappointed. Do yourself a favor, and look past the graphics if you don't like them. If you do, then your all set.


I like the sound in this game very much. It adds the classic Zelda theme in there, and all of the dungeon music is very nicely put together. A lot of the areas have different music which adds variety which is always good. A very good job was done on the music. The sound effects are also done well with the sword slashing, and the bomb bursting etc. On a whole, you can expect to find some of the best music released on the Game Boy Color on this game, and also on Ages as well.


For all you who have never played Game Boy Zelda games, and are used to say the Nintendo 64 Zelda games, this is a lot different mind you. If your new to the Zelda series then you will be fine cause you will love it. Link is at an overhead view in this game, not from behind or anything. You can equip a item on the A button, and B button to use. You get a lot of cool items like bombs, slingshots, and boomerangs in this game too. The whole main objective is to travel the land in search for essences in dungeons. On the way you will have different tasks to do, and also many people to meet. Talking to people is a must, and a lot of puzzles are in this game. While in dungeons, you will need things like keys to progress inside. A lot of exploration will need to be done, but you should have fun. Easy controls to learn, and fairly simple to do. The gameplay is superb and no problems should await you. I guarantee you will love it!


Link goes up to the triforce, and suddenly he is transported to a mysterious land of Holodrum. After he wakes up, he walks up to see a bunch of people around a mysterious dancer. They dance, and suddenly, the Dark General Onox, kidnaps the dancer who is really Din, the Oracle of Seasons, and doing this causes the seasons to run amuck. Link's task is to save her, and return the seasons to their original state, but it won't be easy!


Well, it's not really that hard overall, but some parts will get your mind working. There are some puzzles in this game that might take a minute to figure out, but that is about it. Seasons is more of a fighting game, while the Ages version has more thinkers included. Overall, not a fairly difficult game, but you just need to take your time, and make sure you don't do anything stupid. Fight enemies cautiously, and you will be fine. I think anyone over 10 will have no problem beating this game within a month.


This is a very high replay game. The reason why without spoiling anything is that since this game is compatible with Ages, you can play them both again after beating them with a password given at the end. This gives a little altered adventure making you playing this game at least twice, Ages included. That means you will play the games combined at least 4 times(2 Seasons, 2 Ages). That is tremendous replay value, and is something I think is great about this game. One of the highest replay games resides in this game, and Ages!


I suggest that if you are in a local game store, and see this game with Ages by it's side to get both. Like I said before, they go with each other for a long re-playable adventure. Playing both, and beating both gets you the new type of quest. It is defiantly not a game to rent but a game to buy. With each game at about $35, you can get both for close to $80, and believe me, that might sound like a lot now, but you get your money's worth. Buy this game, and Ages!


Except the graphics, this game is all but perfect. The Zelda magic really does continue with Seasons, and Ages. If you are a fan of the Zelda series I really recommend you buying this game. Even if you have never played a Zelda game, these 2 are a good start, and you will fall in love with these games like me. I suggest the next time you are out to pick up The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, and also The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages because I'm sure you will love them, and will be glad that they are part of your gaming library.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/03/01, Updated 09/03/01

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