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"You don't see those kind of graphics in any other GBC game...except on the Ages version!"

I'm using PsYcOplnE's version of reviews! It just makes me feel better! Anyhow, the Review!

Gameplay- 10
The gameplay for a GBC game is excellent! Like in every game out there, you move Link with the D-pad. You view the map with the Select button, pause or access the menu with the Start button {And then access the other 2 menus with Select}, pick a weapon from the Item menu with A or B, and use those weapons with the assigned buttons, A or B. It has a very great plot that makes sense {and makes more sense when combined with it's twin cart, Oracle of Ages!}, 64 magical rings to collect, tons of soft soil spots to plant your Gasha seeds in, and new and old characters, like Malon {Old, N64, Ocarina of Time} and Impa {Still old from the same game as Malon, but she's.....changed.....a lot! That makes her new!}. 12 pieces of Heart to collect, and 8 dungeons to navigate, master, and collect Essences from. Link or use passwords with its twin cart and you'll have a much better adventure to...venture through!

Story- 10
Ok. You start with the Triforce pulling Link through a vortex {see the title intro} into a foreign land, which happens to be Holodrum, a very seasonal place! When he get there, he collapses. A girl named Din finds him lying there, and helps him through all his troubles. When he wakes up, he'll find a group of performers playing their instruments and watching Din dance. You'll find Impa {fatter than her N64 version} in the crew and pursuing Link that she's the troupe's cook. Link then talks to Din and is asked to dance. Link agrees to do so {although he's having trouble dancing; you'll note by his sweatdrop in the anime pic}, and all of a sudden, the skies turn dark and a twister appears, blowing everyone away. Link gets blown not too far to see Din get captured by the source of the twister, Onox, the General of Darkness. Link gets blown farther after Din get in the twister, and collapses again, near a tree house {get it?}. Onox then captures Din in a crystal, causing her season powers to fall into his hands. Using the Oracle of Seasons' powers, he makes the Temple of Seasons fall into the disputed, yet unknown underground land known as Subrosia. By doing this, the seasons in Holodrum run amuck big time! Impa then finds Link near the refuge, and helps him up. Looks like Link has another adventure on his hands... Pretty interesting plot, huh?

Graphics- 10
I give these an 10! You don't see those kind of graphics in any other GBC game...except on the Ages version! And you probably never will again... but these games got it made with Graphics!

Sound- 10
Very catchy tunes and, unlike Ages, has Witch Syrup's old tune from Link's Awakening! New and old tunes await! {My personal favorite is the furnace tune, when the Furnace boss melts your two ore pieces! It's hilarious!

Replay Value- 10
These two games {Seasons and Ages}, you'll never want to replace these games with other GBC games!

Buy or Rent- BUY
If you do have the time and money, AND own a GBC or a GBA, I suggest you go to the nearest video game store {GameStop, Wal-Mart, etc.}, and BUY IT- no, wait -BUY ''THEM'' NOW!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/22/03, Updated 02/22/03

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