Review by MoeBear

Reviewed: 06/29/06

Laura Craft: A Tomb Disaster

Ok, lets get to the point. I saw this game used in a store, priced only 5.99. I was wondering why so cheap, so I picked it up but it on the side for a while. I saw on line very little reviews. Again I was wondering isn't Laura Craft big? the name only should sell, no? Gee was I wrong this game is a complete disaster. The only reason anyone would like this game would be cause its Laura Craft, thats all, plain and simple. I'm glad I only paid six bux, cause I didn't loose too much money out of the deal.

The worst thing about this game is the controls. They suck, plain and simple. Your A button does nothing really, just shoots when you draw your pistol. Other wise its useless threw out. Why can't you even punch? or hit? don't make any sense, even when a small bat comes to you from out of nowhere, you have to draw your gun and good luck aiming at it to kill it. Its dumb. The B button thats an even bigger joke, thats your run/jump maybe button. She walks like a turtle, and when you try to run its too fast you run into a wall and fall down. The jumping part is really silly. Who ever thought of this really takes the cake. You use the control stick, I mean pad, a joy stick would of been better for this game, but on the gameboy, there is no joy stick. you push up to jump up, and at an angel, get this, you need to hold the B button and push the control pad at an angle. Its very simple its a hit or miss situation, its almost impossible to master this move, and all you do threw out the whole game is jump. why couldn't the just make a Jump button?? I guess that was too complicated for the programmers.

Lets get to the point even more, the levels all look the same, I only cleared one, but its pretty much the same concept threw out the game. And one level might take you 50 hours to clear, cause its so big and you need to explore everything from top to bottom, and its kind of hard to do, cause you keep falling down all the time from the crazy jumps you have to do, and the crazy jump control buttons you have, which just makes it frustrating and you will eventually say, "Never mind". I Think this game really blows, but hey, thats my opinion, If you want to take a shot at it, go for it, you ain't going to waste much dough buying this one.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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