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"Great to pick up and play"

Tomb Raider is a very popular franchise spawning even movies. Now with this great Game Boy Color game, they continue their great franchise with this awesome game. So on with the review.

Graphics 9/10: This game is very cool looking, with very vibrant colors that surround your character to make it feel like your in this jungle or tomb. It's not that great in the cutscenes since their still pictures, but the in-game graphics certainly make up for that.

Story 9/10: The story is very simple in this game. Your Lara Croft, a very cool and popular character that really packs a punch. Your sent to a tomb where a man was sent to do research. As you go deeper into the game you uncover many things that will get the story going. The story overall is pretty good and has very cool moments. Hands down very cool and has great twists.

Controls 10/10: Controlling Lara is probably a challenge, but the developers really put it together considering the amount of buttons they had to work with. You can run, swim, climb, shoot, and many other cool things that really make the experience extremely satisfying.

Gameplay 10/10: The gameplay in this game is very amazing. As Lara Croft you do many things that involve using the enviroment such as climbing and hanging from vines. Another thing that makes the gameplay great is doing other things than walking. You swim a lot also in one level. They just really make you do things inside this game that are beyond Game Boy Color quality. You shoot many enemies in this game like bats, snakes, and undead things that really come at you. Other than all of that you do usual stuff like unlock doors and jump over traps. All in all, the gameplay is great even though they have so few buttons to work with. They really made the game a pick up and play.

Sound 8/10: The sound is just really music, but the music really fits the mood especially when your in the tombs. That's really all the sound they have in this game. Not much but this game is really all about the gameplay.

Overall: This game is worth checking out, especially when your a fan of the Tomb Raider series. I would say buy if you can find it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/23/05

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