"Wario Fun!"

Wario Land 2 is my personal favorite out of the Wario Land series. It has multiple endings, secrets and more. I'm so excited to review this game. This game is a Game Boy Color classic and I definitely recommend that you get this game today! Now we're on with the review.

Story: Wario was so tired from his first adventure so he decides to go to sleep for a while. Captain Syrup and his gang of pirates steals all of the treasure and Wario wakes up to find an exciting adventure in front of him. The story gets a 10/10

Controls:Basically the controls are very simple. You can jump, crouch, sit to smash certain blocks and it's just basic controlling. Nothing too complicated here. 9/10

Game Play: this game will keep you playing for hours! You play as Wario and you're out to defeat Captain Syrup in order to get your treasure back! This game is good to play on the road, at school during a boring lecture or just about anywhere. it's just good old fun. The good thing about this game is that you can't die. 10/10

Music: Some of the tunes are re-mixed Wario Land 1 tunes. But it's all good, at least the music doesn't get boring or repetitive. Most likely one of the tunes will get stuck in your head. It's just good video game music. 10/10

Sound: The sound effects in the game are amazing as well. What more can I say? 10/10

Challenge: This game isn't too challenging except finding the secret treasures and levels. That part was hard for me. But overall the game isn't too challenging. 8/10

Replay Value: Yes, you would want to play this gem again and again. If I were you, I'd play this game again after I beat it to see if I can find the secret treasures. This game has multiple endings and it's definitely good to replay. 10/10

Fun Factor: You would have so much fun and you would never get bored playing this game. The huge levels will keep you busy for hours. Like I said before you can play this game while your teacher is talking about something boring or something you already know. The other students would want to play too and there you have it a Wario Fest! Awesome, eh? Just be careful not to get the game taken up! 10/10

Graphics: The graphics are good and the backgrounds are beautiful. Enough said. 10/10

Buy/Rent: Definitely worth a buy. This game is a gem and it's definitely worth your 15 dollars. But if you want to emulate, you can download the rom and you'll still get the same game factor, just on your computer.

Overall score 9.666 rounded to a 10 for Game FAQs

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/09/06, Updated 08/06/08

Game Release: Wario Land II (US, 03/31/99)

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