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    FAQ/Move List by Gruel

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    *           WWF Attitude FAQ            *
    *          For Game Boy Color           *
    *            Revision 1.9               *
    *            By Gruel                   *
    *         dkulas@hotmail.com            *
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    Revision History
    ---Revision 1.9---(August 13, 1999)
    Added Passwords for Jarrett, X-Pac, HHH, and Gangrel
    ---Revision 1.7---(July 28, 1999)
    Fixed other minor bugs. Updated Wrestlers profiles list for Edge, Jeff 
    Jarrett, and Big Boss Man.
    ---Revision 1.6---(July 23, 1999)
    Added Career and Challenge passwords for Edge, The Godfather, and Kane. 
    Added Quick Finisher reference list. I updated wrestlers profiles list. 
    Medium size update.
    ---Revision 1.1---(July 1, 1999)
    Added more Career and Challenge mode passwords. Fixed other minor bugs.
    FAQ Contents
    I. Game Boy WWF Video Game History
    II. Game Modes
    III. Controls
    IV. Challenge & Career Mode Passwords
    V. Finishers Quick Reference
    VI. Wrestlers Profiles
    VII. WWF TV Schedule and PPV events
    VIII. Credits
    I.   Game Boy WWF Video Game History
    WWF Superstars(1989)
    Wrestlers: 5
    Modes: Singles, World Title Championship
    The Graphics were pretty good in this game. The game controls were easy 
    too. The downside of the
    game was the lack of wrestlers to choose from and not many modes. A good 
    option though was that
    this game was game-link compatible so you could play against a friend.
    WWF Superstars 2(1992)
    Wrestlers: 6
    Modes: Singles, Tag Team, World Title Championsip, Cage Match
    The graphics for Superstars 2 were the best of all the WWF Game Boy 
    games. The wrestlers were
    detailed superbley and were huge and you can actually tell what you're 
    doing. This game was also
    Game-Link compatible so you can play against a friend as well. This game 
    also featured twice as
    many modes than in the first Superstars game by adding Tag Team and Cage 
    matches. The only minus
    was the lack of wrestlers to choose from.
    WWF King of the Ring(1993)
    Wrestlers: 9
    Modes: Singles, Tag Team, World Title Championship, King of the Ring
    The graphics for this game were also great. This game also featured the 
    addition of the King
    of the Ring tournament and added more wrestlers to choose from plus a 
    special "create your own"
    wrestler wear you name him and customize his attributes.
    WWF RAW(1994)
    Wrestlers: 8
    Modes: Singles, Tag Team, World Title Championship, Tag Titles 
    Championship, Survivor Series
    The graphics for this WWF Game Boy Game were the worst of all the 
    series, with tiny wrestlers,
    crappy game control, this game was impossible. The game did feature a 
    lot of WWF modes,
    debuting Survivor Series 8-Man Elimination and Tag Titles championship 
    for WWF Game Boy Games,
    also the Super Nintendo and Geneseis versions of this game featured 12 
    wrestlers and the Game 
    Gear featured 10 wrestlers making a demand for more wrestlers in this 
    WWF Warzone(1998)
    Wrestlers: 13
    Modes: Singles, Tag Team, World Title Championship, Cage Match
    The graphics for this WWF game were average and were decent in size. 
    First WWF Game Boy game
    where you can do wrestlers finishing moves. This was the 3rd WWF Game 
    Boy game to be game-link
    compatible so you can play against your friend. Their was a plethora of 
    wrestlers to choose from
    The only downside to this title was that the computer controlled 
    opponent was incredibilt tough
    to beat.
    Overall Rankings for Game Boy WWF Games
    Best Graphics:               Best Wrestler Selection:    Best Variety of 
    1: WWF Superstars 2          1: WWF Attitude             1: WWF RAW
    2: WWF King of the Ring      2: WWF Warzone              2: WWF Attitude
    3: WWF Attitude              3: WWF King of the Ring     3: WWF SS 2
    4: WWF Warzone               4: WWF RAW                  4: WWF Warzone
    5: WWF Superstars            5: WWF Superstars 2         5: WWF KofR
    6: WWF RAW                   6: WWF Superstars           6: WWF SS
    Best Game Control:           Best Replay Value           Best Overall                                                                                                           
    WWF GB Game
    1: WWF Superstars 2          1: WWF Superstars 2         1: WWF SS 2
    2: WWF King of the Ring      2: WWF Attitude             2: WWF Attitude
    3: WWF Attitude              3: WWF King of the Ring     3: WWF KotR
    4: WWF Warzone               4: WWF Warzone              4: WWF Warzone
    5: WWF Superstars            5: WWF RAW                  5: WWF RAW
    6: WWF RAW                   6: WWF Superstars           6: WWF SS
    II. WWF Attitude Game Modes
    Just a basic one-on-one match, you can also set a time limit for the 
    match or can make the match
    a best of 3 or 5 bouts for any of the other modes too.
    ---Tag Team---
    A regular tag team match where you can tag in your opponent
    ---Cage Match---
    A cage match, but unlike in Warzone for N64 or Playstation where you 
    have to climb up and out
    the cage to win, all you got to do for the Game Boy version is climb to 
    the top to win.
    ---King of the Ring---
    The 8-Man tournament that the WWF has every June. Go through 2 rounds 
    and then win in the final.
    This training mode isn't like the training mode for Warzone for N64 or 
    Playstation. Instead of
    getting pop-up boxes that tell you how to do the move, the computer 
    opponent just sits there and
    lets you beat the crap out of him.
    This is just like World Title Championship in previous WWF Games, but 
    instead you gotta beat the
    other 19 wrestlers in the game on the way getting the Intercontanental 
    Title, going through 
    interrupting grudge(cage) matches of opponents you already beat and 
    finally winning the WWF 
    World Belt after the last opponent. Luckilly a Password saves your 
    This is no where near Career mode in Attitude for N64 or Playstation. 
    All you do here is beat 
    the other 19 wrestlers in the game, and get a cheap WWF Magaziene cover 
    for the ending.(Did you
    notice for most of the WWF games since the early 90's have been a 
    picture of your WWF wrestler
    in the cover of WWF Magaziene?)
    III. Controls
    Default Controls:
    A Button: Attack
    B Button: Interact(grapple)
    Select: Special
    Start: Pauses Game
    Special Controls:
    To tag in a partner in a tag match: B(by partner)
    To pin an opponent: Down + Select(above a fallen opponent)
    To Run: Tap left or right on control pad twice and hold down on that 
    direction the second time
    To Grapple: B(next to opponent)
    To Climb Turnbuckle: Direction of Turnbuck + B(near Turnbuckle)
    To climb on Cage: Up on control pad + B(near cage)
    To stand up: Up on Control Pad + B(while down)
    Climb in Ring: Up on Control Pad + B
    Clim out of Ring: Down on Coltrol Pad + B
    Attack Moves:
    Jolt: A(while walking)
    Haymaker: A(while walking)
    Punch: A(while standing)
    Clothesline: A(while running)
    Dropkick: B(while running)
    Grappling Moves(front):
    Finishing Move: Select + A(when circle next to life meter is blinking)
    Knee Lift: Up on Control Pad
    Head Butt: Left on Control Pad
    Eye Rake: Right on Control Pad
    Suplex: Up + A
    Body Slam: Left + A
    Power Slam Pin: Right + A
    Irish Whip: Left or Right + B
    Break Tieup: Toggle Left or Right
    Grappling Moves(behind):
    Atomic Drop: Left or Right or Up on Control Pad
    Back Suplex: Left or Right or Up + A
    On Ring Apron:
    Elbow Drop: Down + A
    Elbow Jolt: Down + B
    While Climbing Cage:
    Elbow Jolt: A
    Elbow Drop: B
    On Top of Turnbuckle:
    Body Splash: Up + B
    Flying Elbow Drop: Left + B
    Flying Leg Drop: Right + B
    Above an Fallen Opponent:
    Elbow Drop: A
    Foot Stomp: B or A
    Leg Drop: Down + B
    Running Body Splash: A or B(while running)
    IV. Career & Challenge mode passwords
    If you guys got any passwords I don't have up please e-mail them to me 
    at dkulas@hotmail.com if 
    you find some or beat the game with your favorite wrestler. 
    Taka Michicnoku(Challenge)
    Rank #  Password
    19      DHJRMMGG
    18      CJHSNNKK
    17      BKGTPPJJ
    16      KBFLQQCC
    15      JCDMRRBB
    14      HDCNSSFF
    13      GFBPTTDD
    12      PQTGBBRR
    11      MRSHCCQQ
    10      MSRJDDTT
    9       LTQKFFSS
    8       TLPBGGMM
    7       SMNCHHLL
    6       RNMDJJPP
    5       QPLFKKNN
    4       FQKQLLHH
    3       DRJRMMGG
    2       CSHSNNKK
    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin(Challenge)
    (Credit: Game Sages)
    "The Rock" Rocky Maivia(Career)
    Victories  Password
    1          GHKRCSCG
    2          KJGSDRDK
    3          JKHPFRFJ
    4          CBDQGNGC
    5          BCFRHPHB
    6          FDBSJLJF
    7          DFCTKMKD
    8          RQSBLJLR
    9          QRTCMKMQ
    10         TSQDNGNT
    11         STRFPHPS
    12         MLNGQDQM
    13         LMPGRFRL
    14         PHLJSBSP
    15         NPMKTCTN
    16         HQJLBSBH
    17         GRKMCTCG
    18         KSGNDQDK 
    (Credit: Game Sages)
    (Credit: Game Sages)
    The Undertaker
    (Credit: Game Sages)
    (Credit: Game Sages)
    The Godthather(Career Mode)
    Victories  Password
    1          NGHNGDHG
    2          MKJMKCJK
    3          LJKLJBKJ
    4          TCBTCKBC
    5          SBCSBJCB
    6          RFDRFHDF
    7          QDFQDGFD
    8          FRQFRPQR
    9          DQRDQNRQ
    10         CTSCTMST
    11         BSTBSLTS
    12         KMLKMTLM
    13         JLMJLSML
    14         HPNHPRNP
    15         GNPGNQPN
    16         PRGPHFGH
    17         NQHNGDHG
    18         MTJMKCJK
    (Credit: Game Sages)
    Level  Password
    1      SHTPLMJG
    2      BJQLPNHK
    3      QKRMNPGJ
    4      PBNSRQEC
    5      NCPTQRDB
    6      MDLQTSCF
    7      LFMRSTDD
    8      KQJDCBTR
    9      JRKFBCSQ
    10     HSGBFDRT
    11     GTHCDFQS
    12     FLDJHGPM
    13     DMFKGHNL
    14     CNBGKJMP
    15     BPCHJKLM
    16     TQSNMLKH
    17     SRTPLMJG
    18     RSQLPNHK
    (Credit: Game Sages)
    Jeff Jarrett
    Triple H -- LGJCRMHG 
    Shamrock -- PKHDSNJK 
    Val Venis -- NJGFTPKJ 
    Steve Austin -- RCFGLQBC 
    Gangrel -- QBDHMRCB 
    The Rock -- TFCJNSDF 
    Road Dogg -- SDBKPTFD 
    Mankind -- CRTLGBQR 
    Sable -- BQSMHCRQ 
    Kane -- FTRNJDST 
    Goldust -- DSQPKFTS 
    X Pac -- HMPQBGLM 
    Bossman -- GLNRCHML
    (Credit: X-Cheater)
    (Credit: X-Cheater)
    Hunter Hearst Helmsley
    V. Finisher's Quick Referenece Sheet
    Austin: Stone Cold Stunner(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Undertaker: Tombstone Piledriver(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    HHH: Pedigree(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Shamrock: Ankle Lock Submission(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    X-Pac: X-Factor(in tie- up:hold select and press "A") 
    Road Dogg: Pump Handle Slam(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    B.A. Billy Gunn: Butt Kisser(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Goldust: Curtain Call(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Val Venis: Money Shot(on turnbuckle:hold select and press "A") 
    Kane: Tombstone Piledriver(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Mankind: Mandible Claw(opponent on mat and you near opponents head:hold 
    select and press "A") 
    Rock: Rock Bottom(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Edge: Downward Spiral(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Taka: Michinoku Driver(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Gangrel: Implant DDT(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Big Boss Man: Big Boss Slam(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Al Snow: Snow Plow(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Godfather: Pimp Drop(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Sable: Sable Bomb(in tie-up:hold select and press "A") 
    Jeff Jarret: Inverted Russian Leg Sweep(in tie-up:hold select and press 
    VI. Wrestlers Profiles(as of Juky 28, 1999)
    Name: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin        
    Height: 6'2"                       
    Weight: 252 pounds                     
    From: Victoria, Texas                   
    Finisher: Stone Cold Stunner         
    WWF Titles Held: World Title(4),        
    Tag Title(3) with Shawn Michaels,    
    Dude Love, & Undertaker,
    Intercontanental Title(2)
    Name: The Undertaker
    Height: 6'10" 
    Weight: 328 pounds
    From: Death Valley
    Finisher: Tombstone Piledriver
    WWF Titles Held: World Title(3),
    Tag Title with Steve Austin
    Name: Hunter Hearst Helmsley
    Height: 6'4"                    
    Weight: 246 Pounds              
    From: Greenwich, Conneticuit          
    Finisher: The Pedigree               
    WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental        
    Title(2), European Title(2)              
    Name: Ken Shamrock
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 235 pounds
    From: Sacremonto, California
    Finisher: The Ankle-Lock Submission
    WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental Title, 
    Tag Title with Big Boss Man
    Name: X-Pac                       
    Height: 6'                        
    Weight: 222 pounds               
    From: Minneapolis, Minnesota          
    Finisher: X-Factor                
    WWF Titles Held: European Title(2),   
    Tag Title(3) with Marty Jannetty,  
    Bob Holly, & Kane 
    Name: "Road Dogg" Jesse James
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 236 pounds
    From: Nashville, Tennessee
    Finisher: Pump Handle Slam
    WWF Titles Held: Tag Title(3) 
    with Billy Gunn(3), Hardcore Title, 
    Intercontanental Title
    Name: "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn           
    Height: 6'4"                          
    Weight: 270 pounds                       
    From: Austin, Texas                  
    Finisher: Fameasser                     
    WWF Titles Held: Tag Title(6) with   
    Bart Gunn(3), & Road Dogg(3), 
    Hardcore Title
    Name: Goldust
    Height: 6'6"
    From: Hollywood, California
    Finisher: Shattered Dreams
    WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental Title(2)
    Name: Val Venis                         
    Height: 6'4"                         
    Weight: 250 pounds                   
    From: Las Vegas, Nevada                 
    Finisher: The Money Shot             
    WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental   
    Name: Kane
    Height: 7'
    Weight: 326 pounds
    From: ???
    Finisher: Tombstone Piledriver
    WWF Titles Held: World Title, 
    Tag Title(3) with Mankind(2), & X-Pac
    Name: Mankind                           
    Height: 6'2"                           
    Weight: 287 pounds                     
    From: The Boiler Room               
    Finisher: The Mandible Claw              
    WWF Titles Held: Tag Title(4) with      
    Steve Austin, Terry Funk, & Kane(2),     
    Hardcore Title, World Title(2)
    Name: "The Rock" Rocky Maivia
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 275 pounds
    From: Miami, Florida
    Finisher: The Rock Bottom
    WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental 
    Title(2), World Title(3)
    Name: Edge                            
    Height: 6'4"                             
    Weight: 240 pounds                   
    From: ???                              
    Finisher: Downward Spiral               
    WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental 
    Name: Taka Michinoku
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 206 pounds
    From: Iwate, Japan
    Finisher: The Michinoku Driver
    WWF Titles Held: Light Heavyweight Title
    Name: Gangrel                  
    Height: 6'2"                           
    Weight: 250 pounds                       
    From: ???                                
    Finisher: Implant DDT             
    WWF Titles Held: None                  
    Name: The Big Boss Man
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 290 pounds
    From: Cobb County, Georgia
    Finisher: The Big Boss Man Slam
    WWF Titles Held: Hardcore Title(2), 
    Tag Title with Ken Shamrock
    Name: Al Snow                       
    Height: 6'1"                           
    Weight: 234 pounds                      
    From: Lima, Ohio                      
    Finisher: The Snowplow                   
    WWF Titles Held: Hardcore Title          
    Name: "The Godfather" Kama Mustafa
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 320 pounds
    From: Las Vegas, Nevada
    Finisher: The Pimp Drop
    WWF Titles Held: Intercontanental Title
    Name: Sable                     
    Height: ???                     
    Weight: ???                         
    From: ???                               
    Finisher: Womens Title                
    WWF Titles Held: Womens Title            
    Name: Jeff Jarrett
    Height: 6'1"      
    Weight: 230 pounds
    From: Nashville, Tennessee
    Finisher: Figure-Four Leglock Submission
    WWF Titles Held: Tag Title with Owen Hart,
    Intercontanental Title(4)                                   
    VII. WWF TV Schedule & PPV Events
    All Times are in the US Central Time Zone
    TV Schedule                              PPV Events
    Monday: RAW/Warzone: USA Network,        January: Royal Rumble
    8pm-10pm                                 February: No Way Out
    Thursday: Smackdown: UPN Network,        March: Wrestlemania
    7pm-9pm(Smackdown starts this fall)      April: Backlash
    Saturday: Live Wire, USA Network,        May: Judgment Day
    9am-10am, Shotgun Saturday Night,        June: King of the Ring
    Check Local Listings                     July: Fully Loaded
    Sunday: Superstars, USA Network,         August: Summerslam
    9am-10am, Los SuperAstros, Check         September: Unforgiven
    Local Listings, Heat, USA Network,       October: No Mercy
    6pm-7pm                                  November: Survivor Series
                                             December: Armageddon
    Coming in September 1999, replacing Shotgun & Shotgun Saturday Night, 
    WWF Jakked & WWF Mettal 
    VIII. Credits   
    WWF Attiude Instruction booklet for the control moves part of this FAQ
    WWF.com for PPV & TV Schedule part of this FAQ
    WWF Attitude for Game Boy
    Published by Acclaim
    Developed by Crawfish Interactive
    WWF Attitude, World Wrestling Federation, and its logos are trademarks 
    of Titan Sports Inc. 
    Copywright 1999 Titan Sports, Inc. 
    Gangrel created by White Wolf, Inc. 
    All Rights Reserved
    This FAQ was made by Dale Kulas
    Copywright 1999
    All other sites may use this FAQ on there site as long as they give 
    credit to me, Dale Kulas
    and with my e-mail adress, dkulas@hotmail.com        
    Make sure to visit my site too, DX/NWO Wrestling

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