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    FAQ/Move List by Mark R

    Updated: 08/10/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      # WWF ATTITUDE MOVE LIST/FAQ     #
                      #By: Mark R                      #
                      #Email: hyrule_hero64@hotmail.com#
                      #Date: Tuesday: 10.8             #
    0.  Note
    1.  Controls
    2.  Modes of Play
    3.  Moves
    4.  Wrestlers
    5.  Finishers
    6.  Passwords
    7.  Thanks and the end note thingy
    0.  Note
    This is my latest FAQ for WWF Attitude on the Game Boy Color and Game
    Boy Color Emulator.  You may use this FAQ on your web site, if:
    a) You do not alter it in ANY WAY,
    b) You contact me via email to say that you are using it,
    c) You leave this and the final message completely in tact.
    If that's all okay then feel free to put it on your site! Hope you like
    1. Controls
    The controls are almost the same as they were in the original King of 
    the Ring on the mono-colour Game Boy.  There are six different control
    settings, below are the default settings.
    D-Pad:      Moves the wrestler around the screen. Double tap and hold
                a direction on the D-Pad and your wreslter will run around
    B Button:   Interact and Tieup. Press this button near your opponent
                and you will grab them [the tieup function]. This is also 
                the button you use to tag your partner in, climb the cage, 
                get back in the ring, climb the turnbuckle, and basically 
                do everything else that you need to do but I haven't 
                covered here.
    Start:      Pauses the game and brings up a menu. From this menu, you
                can either resume or reset. If you're in Practise mode 
                then you can set the AI of your opponent.
    Select:     Special. If your special meter [or indicator, as it is in  
                this game] is white then by controlling a tie up and 
                pressing Select and A [in most cases, anyway] and you'll 
                perfrom your special.
    Easy, huh?
    2.  Modes of Play
    Actually, for a Game Boy game, Attitude has a surprising number of play
    modes, certainly enough to keep you going for longer than some N64 and
    PSX games.  Below are all the things you can do in Attitude, aswell as
    something that Attitude players have found which wasn't included in
    the game itself. Have fun!
    Challenge:  This is like the PSX and N64 versions. You start at the 
                bottom of a big rankings league, and by beating the other
                wrestlers above you, you progress up the board until you
                are the IC Champ, then the Heavyweight Champ!  There's 20
                wrestlers to beat, and you get your face on the WWF Mag!
                Hooray!  It would be better if you could print them off 
                than just look at them.
    Career:     This is basically the same except you can't plan ahead
                very much.  It's pretty fun for a little go at a time
                but it's not got the longevity of Challenge.
    King of The Ring:
                This is a three match, eight-man tournament, exactly like
                the Pay-Per-View one they have evrey year.  It's a
                knock-out tournament, so on't lose or you're back to the 
    VS.:        Pick your Superstar, pick your opponent, knuckle up and get
                ready to rumble! [Ahh, too.. many... wrestling cliches!] 
                This is good for a practise run before you go out and take             
                on K.O.T.R or Challenge.
    Tag Team:   This is the same as VS. except you have a team-mate and so
                does your opponent.  It's really cool, like Marvel vs.
                Capcom [I love that game] except it's single illimination. 
                To Tag, use the interact button.
    Cage Match: Ahh, the classic cage match.  Wear your opponent down and 
                when they're out, hit interact near the cage to climb to   
                the top and exit.  If your opponent is climbing the cage, 
                run into it to knock them off.
    Training:   Choose your wrestler and beat the shite out of your 
                opponent.  Select their AI and kick 'im [or her] in until              
                you know how to play.
    3.  Moves
    Hey, it's a big move list! Original, huh! 
    Punch:        Stand+Attack
    Jolt:         Walk+Attack
    Haymaker:     Walk+Attack [If you have this, you don't have Jolt.]
    Clothesline:  Run+Attack
    Dropkick:     Run+Interact
    Elbow Drop:           Stand or Walk+Attack
    Foot Stomp:           Stand+Interact/Attack [It varies! Just 
                          experiment :) ]
    Leg Drop:             Stand or Walk+Interact+Down
    Running Body Splash:  Run+Interact/Attack
    Pin:                  Stand or Walk+Special+Down
    Elbow Jolt:  Attack
    Elbow Drop:  Interact
    Body Splash:        Interact+Up
    Flying Elbow Drop:  Interact+Left
    Flying Leg Drop:    Interact+Right
    NOTE:  For standing on the Sturnbuckle moves - if opponent is
    standing replace Interact with Attack.
    Knee Lift:    Up
    Head Butt:    Left
    Eye Rake:     Right
    Suplex:       Attack+Up    
    Throw Slam:   Attack+Left
    Power Slam:   Attack+Right
    Irish Whip:   Interact+Left or Right
    Break Tieup:  Left or Right Toggle
    Atomic Drop:     Left, Right or Up
    Reverse Suplex:  Attack+Left, Right or Up
    NOTE:  You must control the tieup to perform moves.  You know you
    control the tieup because your character puts the foot nearest
    to the screen back.  The opposite indicates you wrestler is
    not in controls
    NOTE 2:  You cannot break the tieup when with the left or right toggle
    when you are tiedup from behind.
    4.  Wrestlers
    Attitude has 20 wrestlers to choose from. They are:
    o  Stone Cold Steve Austin
    o  The Undertaker
    o  Triple H
    o  Shamrock
    o  X-Pac
    o  Road Dogg Jesse James
    o  Bad Ass Billy Gunn
    o  Goldust
    o  Val Venis
    o  Kane
    o  Mankind
    o  The Rock
    o  Edge
    o  Taka Michinoku
    o  Gangrel
    o  The Big Boss Man
    o  Al Snow
    o  The Godfather
    o  Sable [What's she doing here?]
    o  Jeff Jarrett
    5.  Finishers
    Below are all the wrestlers Finishers and how to do them.
    o  Stone Cold Steve Austin - The Stone Cold Stunner
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  The Undertaker - The Tombstone Piledriver
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Triple H - The Pedigree
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Shamrock - The Ankle Lock
    Knock your opponent out on the floor, then press A+Select near the 
    o  X-Pac - The X-Factor
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Road Dogg Jesse James - Pump Handle Slam
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Bad Ass Billy Gunn - The FameAsser [Or Butt Kisser, as it says
    in the manual.]
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Goldust - The Curtain Call [Although it says Shattered Dreams in
    the manual.]
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Val Venis - The Money Shot
    Knock your opponent out on the floor, clicm the turnbuckle and hold
    A then press Select.
    o  Kane - The Tombstone Piledriver
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Mankind -  The Mandible Claw
    Knock your opponent out on the floor, then go near their head,
    and press A and Select.
    o  The Rock - The Rock Bottom
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Edge - The Downward Sprial
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Taka Michinoku - The Michinoku Driver
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Gangrel - Implant DDT
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  The Big Boss Man - The Big Boss Slam
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Al Snow - The Snow Plough
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  The Godfather - The Pimp Drop [or The Drop, as it calls it in
    the manual.]
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Sable - The Sable Bomb
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    o  Jeff Jarrett - Front Face Russian Leg Sweep [Although it says
    Figure Four Leglock, I haven't found it yet.  Anyone?]
    Tieup, then hold A then Select. 
    6.  Passwords
    If you want to skip through the Challenges, then use the codes below.
    Edge's Passwords 
    Level  Password
    1      SHTPLMJG
    2      BJQLPNHK
    3      QKRMNPGJ
    4      PBNSRQEC
    5      NCPTQRDB
    6      MDLQTSCF
    7      LFMRSTDD
    8      KQJDCBTR
    9      JRKFBCSQ
    10     HSGBFDRT
    11     GTHCDFQS
    12     FLDJHGPM
    13     DMFKGHNL
    14     CNBGKJMP
    15     BPCHJKLM
    16     TQSNMLKH
    17     SRTPLMJG
    18     RSQLPNHK
    Gangrel's Passwords 
    Level  Password
    1.     TPSTPTHK 
    2.     QLRQLQJG 
    3.     RMQRMRKH 
    4.     DSFDJDLN 
    5.     FTDFKFMP 
    6.     BQCBGBNL 
    7.     CRBCHCPM 
    8.     JNKJDJQS 
    9.     KPJKFKRT 
    10.    GLHGBGSQ 
    11.    HMGHCHTR 
    12.    NJPNSNBD 
    13.    PKNPTPCF 
    14.    LGMLQLDB 
    15.    MHLMRMFC 
    16.    SDTSNSGJ 
    17.    TFSTPTHK 
    18.    QBRQLQJG 
    Godfather's Passwords 
    Level  Password
    1.     NGHNGDHG
    2.     MKJMKCJK
    3.     LJKLJBKJ
    4.     TCBTCKBC
    5.     SBCSBJCB
    6.     RFDRFHDF
    7.     QDFQDGFD
    8.     FRQFRPQR
    9.     DQRDQNRQ
    10.    CTSCTMST
    11.    BSTBSLTS
    12.    KMLKMTLM
    13.    JLMJLSML
    14.    HPNHPRNP
    15.    GNPGNQPN
    16.    PRGPHFGH
    17.    NQHNGDHG
    18.    MTJMKCJK
    HHH's Passwords
    1.  JFJNJPFJ 
    2.  CGCRCQGC 
    3.  BHBQBRHB 
    4.  FJFTFSJF 
    5.  DKDSDRKD 
    6.  RLRCRBLR 
    7.  QMQBQCMQ 
    8.  TNTFTDNT 
    9.  SPSDSFPS 
    10. MQMHMGQM 
    Jarrett's Passwords 
    Triple H -- LGJCRMHG 
    Shamrock -- PKHDSNJK 
    Val Venis -- NJGFTPKJ 
    Steve Austin -- RCFGLQBC 
    Gangrel -- QBDHMRCB 
    The Rock -- TFCJNSDF 
    Road Dogg -- SDBKPTFD 
    Mankind -- CRTLGBQR 
    Sable -- BQSMHCRQ 
    Kane -- FTRNJDST 
    Goldust -- DSQPKFTS 
    X Pac -- HMPQBGLM 
    Bossman -- GLNRCHML 
    X-Pac's Passwords 
    Level  Password
    1.     SCJPCHDG 
    2.     RDHLDJFK 
    3.     QFGMFKDJ 
    4.     PGFSGBHC 
    5.     NHDTHCGB 
    6.     MJCQJDKF 
    7.     LKBRKFJD 
    8.     KLTDLQMR 
    9.     HNRBNSPT 
    10.    GPQCPTNS 
    11.    FQPJQLRM 
    12.    DRNKRMOL 
    13.    CSMGSNTP 
    14.    BTLHATPS 
    15.    TLKNBGCH 
    16.    SMJPCHBG 
    17.    RNHLDJFK 
    The Undertaker's Passwords 
    Level  Password
    1.     SGKTCRHG 
    2.     RKGQDSJK 
    3.     QJHRFTKJ 
    4.     PCDNGLBC 
    5.     NBFPHMCB 
    6.     MFBLJNDF 
    7.     LDCMKPFD 
    8.     KRSJLGQR 
    9.     JQTKMHRQ 
    10.    HTQGNJST 
    11.    GSRHPKTS 
    12.    FMNDQBLM 
    13.    DLPFRCML 
    14.    CPLBSDNP 
    15.    BNMCTFPN 
    16.    TRJSBQGH 
    17.    SQKTCRHG 
    18.    RTGQDSJK 
    The Rock's Passwords 
    Kane -- GHJHCTKG 
    Edge -- KJHJDQGK 
    Shamrock -- CBFBGNDC 
    Sable -- BCDCHPFB 
    Jeff Jarrett -- FDCDJLBF 
    Gangrel -- DFBFKMCD 
    Val Venis -- RQTQLJSR 
    Stone Cold -- QRSRMKTQ 
    X-Pac -- TSRSNGQT 
    The Road Dogg -- STQTPHRS 
    The Bossman -- MLPLQDNM 
    The Godfather -- LMNMRFPL 
    Al Snow -- PNMNSBLP 
    Undertaker -- NPLPTCMN 
    ICC Match -- HQKGBSJH 
    Taka -- GRJHCTKG 
    Cage Match for WWF Belt -- KSHJDQG 
    Taka Michinoku Challenge Passwords 
    Rank    Password
    19      DHJRMMGG
    18      CJHSNNKK
    17      BKGTPPJJ
    16      KBFLQQCC
    15      JCDMRRBB
    14      HDCNSSFF
    13      GFBPTTDD
    12      PQTGBBRR
    11      MRSHCCQQ
    10      MSRJDDTT
    9       LTQKFFSS
    8       TLPBGGMM
    7       SMNCHHLL
    6       RNMDJJPP
    5       QPLFKKNN
    4       FQKQLLHH
    3       DRJRMMGG
    2       CSHSNNKK
    Stone Cold's Passwords 
    Challenge Passwords For Stone Cold Steve Austin 
    Level  Password
    1.     CBFPCQJC 
    2.     BCDNBRKB 
    3.     FDCMFSGF 
    4.     DFBCDTHD 
    5.     RQTKRBNR 
    6.     QRSJQCPQ 
    7.     TSRHTDLT 
    8.     STQGSFMS 
    9.     MLPFMGSM 
    10.    LMNDLHTL 
    11.    PNMCPJQP 
    12.    NPLBNKAN 
    13.    HQKTHLDH 
    14.    GRJSGMFG 
    15.    KSHRKNBK
    Sable's Passwords 
    Level  Password
    1.     QCHHQHFG 
    2.     TDJJTJBK 
    3.     SFKKSKCJ 
    4.     MGBBMBJC 
    5.     LHCCLCKB 
    6.     PJDDPDGF 
    7.     NKFFNFHD 
    8.     HLQQHQNR 
    9.     GMRRGRPQ 
    10.    KNSSKSLT 
    11.    JPTTJTMS 
    12.    CQLLCLSM 
    13.    BRMMBMTL 
    14.    FSNNFNQP 
    15.    DTPPDPRN 
    16.    RLGGRGDH 
    17.    QMHHQHFG 
    18.    TNJJTJBK 
    Kane's Passwords 
    Level  Password
    1.     JBKBGRGG 
    2.     GDHDKSKK 
    3.     FHDHCLCC 
    4.     DGFGBMBB 
    5.     CKBKFNFF 
    6.     BJCJDPDD 
    7.     TMSMRGRR 
    8.     SLTLQHQQ 
    9.     RPQPTJTT 
    10.    QNRNSKSS 
    11.    PRNRMBMM 
    12.    NQPQLCLL 
    13.    MTLTPDPP 
    14.    LSMSNFNN 
    15.    KMJCHQHH 
    16.    JLKBGRGG 
    17.    HPGFKSKK 
    7.  Thanks and the end note thingy
    Thanks to Gamesages [http://www.gamesages.com/] for the Passwords.
    Thanks to GameFAQs [http://www.gamefaqs.com/] for being the primary
    host of this FAQ.
    Gangrel created by White Wolf, Inc. Gangrel is a trademark of 
    White Wolf, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    All other wrestler names TM Titan Sports, WWF. 
    As always, this FAQ is protected by International Copyright Law.  
    Don't rip it off, or stick your name on it or shite like that!
    Thanks for downloading! I hope it helps! Please email me at
    hyrule underscore hero sixty-four at hotmail dot com! [Change it
    around to make it work in an email program!.]
                    #(c)Mark R                       #
                    #<hyrule_hero64@hotmail.com>     #

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