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"Short and sweet game that lacks replay value"

Battletanx is set in an apocalyptic United States, and Griffin is the leader of a gang. Madison, his love, has been kidnapped, and Griffin is determined to rescue her. His quest will take him all over the war torn United States.

There is good amount of storytelling in this game, and before each level there is a brief explanation of what is going on. The game does end on a good note instead of leaving it open for a never going to happen sequel. There is a cut scene before and after each level sometimes there are two before a level, but one problem with the cut scenes is that the text scrolls fast. Holding down “A” will cause the text to speed up, but there is no way to slow down the text.

While it shares the name as the N64 game, this version plays different, and even the story is slightly different. Griffin and his gang start out in Los Angeles, and their journey comes to a stop in Washington D.C. The game is composed of fifteen levels that take place in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Washington D.C. and along the way Griffin will face several different gangs.

The campaign takes place all over United States however each area look the same with the except of Las Vegas which is brown, but all the other areas look the same with a few exceptions like the Golden Gate Bridge and White House. All of the enemy and character sprites look good and running over objects like cars will squash them which look cool. Each cut scene has a still frame shot of either a different gang or location, and the picture looks good.

Over the course of the game, the player will control several different types of tanks, and each one has different attack power yet they control the same. Controls are good and nicely laid out, and the D-pad can be used for movement while "A" can also be used for movement. Left and right will move the tan from side-to-side for aiming, and "B" is used for shooting. For the most part the control scheme is similar to Army Men for GBC although this game was developed by another company.

There is a nice variety of objectives, and each level only has one objective. The objectives range from kill all enemies, collect money or weapons, or reach a specific point on the map. The levels are large open maps with buildings, walls, and barriers that block the path of the player however there is handy arrow that will keep the player pointed in the right direction. Destroying tanks will gain players points and after a certain amount, the player will gain an extra life, but besides enemies, players can run over trees, cars, lights, and some barriers for bonus points. Some of the buildings can also be destroyed however only buildings that are blue can.

Soundtrack is composed of several eerie tunes that each fit the mood of the game, and the quality of the tracks is clear and each song is memorable. The sound effects are nice except for reflective shot which sound like the balls from pong.

There are only a few types of enemies, but the game recycles the same enemies over again including M1A1, goliath tank, moto, and turret guns. The player also will get to control three different types of tank, and each one has a different shot aside from the default attack, homing missiles, reflective shots, and nuke can be collected. Reflective shots can hurt the player even if the shot was shot off by the player.

Scattered around in some levels are tank icons and yellow icons mean invisibility for a limited time while purple icons mean 1-up. Aside from these players can also pick up med kit, armor (from defeated enemies and restore little health), nuke, traffic cone (homing missile; looks like a traffic cone), and two arrows (reflective shot).

Battletanx uses a password system that is composed of five characters, but the system is strange. Not only is it composed of twenty-six letters but also numbers and tanks. Why they could not just use letters is strange especially since there are only fifteen passwords in the game, and they do not change at all no matter what difficulty the player plays on.

There is no multiplayer in the game which is disappointing plus there are only three difficulty, and the game can be beaten in only a couple of hours which makes it great for a trip however after beating the game, there is no reason to replay the game at all.

Battletanx is a solid game however the short length and lack of replay make it great for a short while however not many will find any reason to come back experience this game again.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/12/12

Game Release: BattleTanx (US, 03/31/00)

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