Review by AzN SqUaLL

"Another fun and addicting Pokemon game."

Im not a big fan of the card game from Wizards of the coast, but this game is very fun! From the moment I inserted it into my GBC I was hooked. Well on to my review.

Graphics 7/10

Even though it is a GBC game the graphics are decent. You cant expect amzing graphics from a GB game. The graphics are similar to the other Pokemon games. I you liked Pokemon red,blue etc. you'll like this games graphics too.

Sound 7/10

Good music. Like in Red/Blue the music is very memorable. Its good, when I played it I hummed along to the music because its easy to remember. The battle music is good too, gets you pumped up for card battles(I know it sounds silly).

Gameplay 9/10

Fun, very fun! The card collecting and battling are fun. Its not like P:Red/Blue where you walk around and catch Pokemon. But in this game you go around battling people and you collect cards from winning from your opponent. You can battle your friends in this game and trade cards with them, like in P:Red/Blue you trade Pokemon, in this game you trade Pokemon cards. Its a really addicting game with many rare and cool cards to collect. You have to go to different gyms to battle the gym masters to earn your badged to advance to the TCG league. Once you collect all the badges your quest begins to get the legendary cards. You also have a rival in this game, just like in RED/BLUE.

Story 7/10

Well the story goess off like this: Your a young boy who is searching fot the Legendary Pokemon cards. Like in the other Pokemon games, your goal is to become the Pokemon master. The story is kinda good.

Overall 8/10

A very fun game. If you dont like the TCG its still fun. And for people who like the TCG youll love this game, go get it now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/25/00, Updated 07/25/00

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