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"Well....if anything, it sure is gorgeous!"

Rayman is probably one of the coolest (and most original) video game characters of all-time...really! With no arms, no legs, and not even a neck, who wouldn't notice his... coolness? And now, Ubi-Soft, creator of the jointless wonder, has brought a port of the original Rayman sidescroller (which was made on the PC, PSX, Saturn, & Jaguar) onto the Game Boy Color. But could it compare to its counterparts?

Mr. Dark, an evil sorcerer, kidnaps the Electoons, the light of Rayman's world and has locked them up in cages. Since they are no longer powering the world, strange things begin to occur, and darkness begins to roam the lands. Now it's up to Rayman to free the Toons and defeat Mr. Dark before their world is doomed...and with that, Rayman's adventure begins.

The general gameplay for Rayman is hard...very hard. You are only given 5 Hearts for health, for that means you better be careful not to hit anything. And if you make one wrong jump, you'll go down into the dreadful water (or whatever else it is below)...and die. In fact, this is one of the more challenging GB platformers to come in a while. But despite the rough challenge, this game is also very fast-paced, and there is no real slowdown on what you think you have to do. There are several levels throughout the game, varying from a green forest to a sky-high musical world to rocky mountains, and others. If there is a problem with the gameplay, it would have to be that the gameplay can get just a little repetitive, as what you mostly have to do is just jumping from platform to platform, smashing the occasional cages you come to, and solve some slight puzzles. Still, it can be pretty fun (which I really didn't notice at first, actually), and is still better than most platforms these days. However, I might prefer its console/computer counterparts over this, though. One thing, though, that really ticks me off, is that they used the password system. These ''passwords'' should have died by now...but it's used here, apparently. Now, you can't just sit there and start playing it again...but you have to take the time to type in your password. A serious problem with it, though, is how frustrating it can be with that system. People can have their passwords lost, and even copy them down wrong, forcing them to start over (something that happened to poor old me).

One thing's for sure; the game truly excells in the graphic department. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a full 3D model of Rayman fluidly moving across the screen when I turned the game on. I'm surprised this was even possible on an 8-bit handheld. Of course, the in-game sequences is awesome itself, too. The levels themselves look very nice, and are filled with rich color. The backgrounds are also incredibly detailed, and the animation for the characters, including Rayman, is equally excellent. These graphics really push the GBC to its limits, no doubt about it.

The music is pretty good, actually, but I found most of the tunes annoying and rather repetitive at times. While most tunes (like the intro music, for example) are pretty good, most of the music is just downright annoying. But, then again, its better than most Game Boy games these days, and the handheld hasn't been known for quality music, so I shouldn't be complaining that much. The sound effects are your typical GB quality sound. Expect to hear the usual bleeps and such through the speakers.

Replay Value
The replay value for this game is actually pretty good. There are a lot of levels to go through, and rescuing all of the Electoons is no easy task, either. Though, once you completely finish the game, you probably won't be bothered trying to play it again (especially considering it uses the password system).

General Pros
- is Rayman
- Still a pretty fun platformer
- Best GBC graphics you can find
- Due to plenty levels and Electoon finding, this has good value

General Cons
- The gameplay can get a tad bit repetitive at times
- The sound gets annoying and repetitive at times
- Not quite as good as its counterparts (IMO)
- Passwords...need I say more?

The Bottom Line...
The game excells in graphics, and can be fun at some, in the end, even with its problems, I still found Rayman to be an above-average GBC platformer. People who are into challenging platformers should give this game a try. Though, I still might prefer the console versions and the newly-released GBA port over this one. But don't get me wrong...I still think this is a good game (even with its passwords...cough).

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/30/01, Updated 08/28/01

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