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"A GREAT Platformer For GBC!"

This game is really, really good in terms of Gameplay, Sound, Graphics, and Replay Value! Pop this game in your GBC once in a while just to get the feeling of this game. I really like it's replay value and I play it all the time.

Gameplay - 9/10
A great platformer where you jump and punch you unattached arm! As you proceed through the game, you gain new abilities such as Helicopter Hair, fists that will attach to rings, etc. Rayman is unique and is the only Platformer I know with an unattachable fist! And unlike most game, you can hang on to the edge of a platform, so that's really cool. Mario has no grip...

Story - 2/10
Tings? Mr. Dark? TOONS!?!?!!? This game has a story for a 6 year old, but gameplay of a 20 year old. What kind of villan comes and puts a bunch of Toons in a cage and thinks he's evil? This game could really improve on it's story. GBC games could have really good stories, so this should have a good one too. If this game had a better story, I'd give it a 10/10 overall.

Sound - 9/10
Nice music and sounds. When you change areas, music changes too. The sounds are pretty good, but nothing spectacular. The music is nice, but I usually put the sound down and listen to my CD Player because like listening to my breaking music.

Graphics - 10/10
Simply one of the best graphics I have ever seen in a GBC game! Great background and nice, pretty colors. Rayman looks pretty weird though, but that has nothing to do with graphics. Most GBC games have horrible graphics...

Replay Value - 10/10
A very looong game that will keep you going! Unlike most platformers, it is very challenging. This 30+ level game will keep you playing when your bored. Each level is about 20 min, which in total is pretty long for a GBC game. After you have beaten the game, you go back to certain levels and use your new powers (like your fist that can now attach to rings) and release the Toons that Mr. Dark had captured. Remember, you need to cut this game some slack because it's on GBC.

Rent or Buy
Buy it for just $20-$30, $5-20 used. It's replay is a good reason for you to buy instead of renting. You probably won't be able to beat this game in 4-10 days. But, only get this game is you don't don't completely hate Mario. If you don't like, you can always sell.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/02/03, Updated 02/02/03

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