General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 06/02/01 flowerpot Final 83K
FAQ/Walkthrough 06/16/04 StarFighters76 2.0 185K

In-Depth FAQs

Boss FAQ 10/08/00 Apollo 2.0 14K
Level-Up Stat Chart (NES) (HTML) 07/10/17 Eevee-Trainer v1.00 1K
Maps 07/25/00 DBernal 29K

Maps and Charts

Angry Seas Cave Map (GIF) 02/19/14 StarFighters76 33K
Angry Seas Map (GIF) 02/17/14 StarFighters76 33K
Area 01 Village of Leaf Map (NES) (PNG) 01/02/10 snesmaster1 1.0 33K
Area 02 Wind Valley Map (NES) (PNG) 01/02/10 snesmaster1 1.0 68K
Area 03 Cave of Zebu Map (NES) (PNG) 01/02/10 snesmaster1 1.0 28K
Area 04 Cave to Windmill Map (NES) (PNG) 01/02/10 snesmaster1 1.0 14K
Area 05 Sealed Cave Map (NES) (PNG) 01/02/10 snesmaster1 1.0 85K
Area 06 Cordel Plain Map (NES) (PNG) 01/04/10 snesmaster1 1.0 153K
Area 08 Forest Maze Map (NES) (PNG) 01/04/10 snesmaster1 1.0 43K
Area 09 Village of Oak Map (NES) (PNG) 01/04/10 snesmaster1 1.0 30K
Cave Of Styx Map (GIF) 02/20/14 StarFighters76 28K
Cordel Fields Map (GIF) 02/13/14 StarFighters76 40K
Flying Tower Map (GIF) 02/21/14 StarFighters76 21K
Goa Field Map (GIF) 02/19/14 StarFighters76 28K
Goa Fortress Map (GIF) 02/20/14 StarFighters76 98K
Mt. Hydra Map (GIF) 02/20/14 StarFighters76 54K
Mt. Sabre: Northeast Map (GIF) 02/14/14 StarFighters76 42K
Mt. Sabre: Southwest Map (GIF) 02/14/14 StarFighters76 41K
Oasis Desert/Cave Map (GIF) 02/21/14 StarFighters76 57K
Sabera's Castle Map (GIF) 02/19/14 StarFighters76 29K
Sahara Desert/Pyramid Map (GIF) 02/21/14 StarFighters76 55K
Sealed Cave Map (GIF) 02/13/14 StarFighters76 26K
Waterfall Valley Map (GIF) 02/14/14 StarFighters76 31K
Waterfall Valley: East/Southeast Caves Map (GIF) 02/17/14 StarFighters76 34K
Waterfall Valley: North Cave Map (GIF) 02/17/14 StarFighters76 26K
Wind Valley Map (GIF) 02/13/14 StarFighters76 32K

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