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"A nice try.."

I tore off the wrapping at Christmas. I had just received a Game Boy Color along with 3 games. One of which was Worms. Being a big Worms fan, I stuck it in and played right away. I was VERY disappointed.

They tried waaaaaaaaay to hard! Yeah, the graphics are nice for an early GBC game, but the amount of slowdown is terrible!! The Worm's animations slow it right down, almost to a halt. It takes forever to switch the view from one Worm to the next. The weapons are tiny also, and hard to aim. This all let it down right away. You can hardly see the writing in-game. The menus are confusing because of this.

******* terrible! It is HORRIBLE!! Most of the music has an 'eerie' tone to it. It 'twists' the notes, and makes it sound like a frozen Genesis game!! The sound affects are awful also, most aren't in sinc, and sound like an old atari game. There are very basic 'Fwish' and 'Plink' sounds, and thats about it. There are not enough.

The basic gist of it is to kill all your opponents. This works very well, and its why we all love worms games. You have a selection of weapons, including Grenades and sheep. These are fun to use!! It still has the Worms 'feel' to it, which is great. It still plays like Worms, still in turns, thankfully. The controls are really fiddily, and it is easy to press the wrong button and blow your self up. A real let down.

It'd be hard for a 3 year old. For everyone else, its too damn easy!! The computer controlled Worms are all suicidal, and a prone to killing each other (and themselves). Another big let down.

Not worth it. It is still extremely slow, and fiddily. Not even mulitiplayer can save it. What a shame.

If you can put up with the fiddily controls, stupid CPU controlled characters, the slowdown, and everything else, you might actually ENJOY it!! And if you do, it's be worth replaying.

To buy, or to rent?
Rent. If you MUST play it, just rent it for a little while. If you haven't got patience, don't bother with either.

Too much effort was put into it looking good, and playing exactly the same as other versions. If they changed the control slightly, and made the graphics worse, it would have been a much better game. But they didn't. Bum.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/17/01, Updated 06/14/03

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