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Reviewed: 11/20/12

Great game that is over way to quickly and lacks any replay value

Despite sharing the name as the PC and N64 game, this version has a different story. After years of ongoing battle between humans and dinosiods, some of the dinosiods wish for a peaceful existence between humans and themselves but not all dinosiods want to destroy humans. Turok can unbalance the scales of fate, and he can put an end to this fight once and for all.

There is a decent story in this game, and the game starts with a backstory before the main menu that tells how everything leads up to this game. Before each level there is an explanation of what is going on, and what the player must accomplish.

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion looks great even for a GBC color game, and each area in the game has a distinct look and vibe. Rather it is from the stone prison with blinking lights, industrial areas, swamps, mountains, and caverns each area looks good. Each area is unforgettable like one of the jungle sequence where the ground is covered with grass and patches of dirt, and the background is covered with trees that range from orange, green, and grey. The sprites look great, and the vehicles in the game are large and detailed. The bosses in the game are all great and look unique except for the final boss who is pathetically weak not only graphic wise but design wise. Turok and enemies are nicely animated.

The soundtrack sounds is good, and there several tracks that are catchy however the GBC was able to produce better sounding music. Not to say the music is nerve racking and borderline unbearable because it not. Sound effects are minimal in the game and include enemies exploding.

The campaign is composed of five levels, and each level is split into two different types of gameplay. Each level start off with the player controlling a vehicle (tank, boat, jeep, and airboat) on a large map, and the goal is for the player to find a yellow flag in a crosshair symbol. Touching this flag will start a side scrolling section where the player plays as Turok, and these long corridor sections are either straight forward or maze like. The straight forward sequence consists of running forward while fighting waves of endlessly spawning enemies. The maze like sequences are hallways that are separated by doorways, and these sequences usually involve finding the switches to open the path or destroying objects. Sometimes these sequences will scroll automatically, and they also will either be vertical or horizontal hallways.

One early sequence in the first level consists of a field with mines and dinosiods, but there are also hidden spike traps that are not mark at all. The ground will collapse giving the player a split second to move before taking damage. There are a few healing items scattered about the levels marked by a red cross but enemies will also sometimes drop healing item. One issue with the healing items is that they do not restore a lot of health yet one nice touch is that in the side scrolling sequences if there is a healing item near a door, the player can go in and out of the door to make the health respawn.

There is a large selection of weapons that are available and include: pistol, machine gun, mini-gun, plasma rifle, shotgun, missile launcher, and more. Enemies will sometimes drop ammo or weapons upon defeat. Speaking of enemies there is multitude of enemies to fight including tanks, boats, mines, and dinosiods, and there is a boss fight at the end of each level. The bosses are unique and nicely design and one of the more memorable fights consist of being chased down a river by a crocodile. The boss is defeated by having it run into mines. While most of the bosses are great and unique, the final boss is generic and uninspired, and the boss' strategy is randomly teleporting then firing a red orb off. This fights reeks of laziness.

The controls in the game are composed of two sets, and there are the vehicles controls and on foot controls. When controlling a vehicle "A" is used for go while on foot "A" is used for jumping, but the rest of the controls are the same with one exception when on foot "select" will cycle through weapons while there is only one weapon for vehicles. As for the response time, the controls feel solid, and it is easy to move around and attack with easy. It does not take long to get used to the layout of the controls, and the layout is solid.

Turok 3 is a short game, and there are only five levels. The game only takes a couple of hours to beat, but there is no multiplayer or co-op content. There are three difficulties and each difficult determines how many lives the player starts with. Easy has five, normal has four, and hard has three however there is no continue system so the player has to beat the game with the lives they are given. Bonus lives can be found hidden through the levels, and there is a password system. The password system has its own pros and cons while it resets the lives to the default number, the game also reduces ammo.

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion is an excellent game that looks great and plays just as good however the game has some cheap moments and fair share of flaws like short length and cheap hits.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion (US, 07/27/00)

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