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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Deathspork

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/03/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             __/__/      __/           __/       __/__/ __/__/__/ __/__/ __/__/   
            __/  __/    __/         __/ __/     __/       __/    __/    __/  __/  
           __/   __/   __/        __/    __/   __/       __/    __/    __/   __/  
          __/__/__/   __/       __/__/__/__/  __/__/    __/    __/__/ __/__/__/   
         __/    __/  __/       __/       __/    __/    __/    __/    __/    __/   
        __/    __/  __/       __/       __/    __/    __/    __/    __/    __/    
       __/__/__/   __/__/__/ __/       __/ __/__/    __/    __/__/ __/    __/     
              __/__/    __/__/     __/       __/__/ __/__/__/ __/__/ __/__/       
             __/ __/  __/ __/   __/ __/     __/       __/    __/    __/  __/      
            __/  __/__/  __/  __/    __/   __/       __/    __/    __/   __/      
           __/    __/   __/ __/__/__/__/  __/__/    __/    __/__/ __/__/__/       
          __/          __/ __/       __/    __/    __/    __/    __/    __/       
         __/          __/ __/       __/    __/    __/    __/    __/    __/        
        __/          __/ __/       __/ __/__/    __/    __/__/ __/    __/         
                                      ENEMY BELOW
                               For Gameboy/Gameboy Color 
                                 FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
                                     By Deathspork
     How To Play
     Level Layout 
     Item List
     General Tips
     Area 1
     Area 2
     Area 3
     Area 4
     Area 5
     Area 6
     Area 7
     Area 8
     Boss/Upgrade Chart
     Boss Strategies
     Locations of Hidden Items
     Final Notes
    =====================*=*=*=          INTRO        =*=*=*=======================
    Blaster Master: Enemy Below was released rather unceremoniously in September of 
    2000, after some major delays. It is the sequel to the classic NES game Blaster
    Master, and features similar levels, palettes and gameplay, although it does 
    include some new aspects. The game is one of only a handful of dual carts, 
    meaning it has 2 games inside, one that is compatible with Gameboy Color, and 
    one that is compatible with older Gameboys, Gameboy Pockets or Super Gameboys.
    The plotline of the game is as follows: Weary from battle, Jason (hero of the
    game) moves far away to start a new life. Then one day, a woman he's never 
    seen before comes to his door, and pleas with Jason to rid a secret underground
    facility of a reproductive life form that's on the loose. This, of course, is
    the offspring of the organisms of the original Blaster Master. The life form 
    spreads fast and hollows out the image of it's old lair (hence explaining why 
    the levels are so similar). Jason knows what he must do, he re-activates 
    S.O.P.H.I.A. the third (AKA Sophia, his tank) and heads back into battle
    How To Play
    Blaster Master EB features 2 distinctly different modes of play. There is a 
    sidescrolling overworld comparable to Metroid games, in which you are usually 
    controlling Sophia although you can hop out as Jason at any time. Then there 
    are catacombs which you can enter as Jason, which have an overhead view and can
    best be described as 2D Goldeneye. All of the games bosses will be fought in 
    this mode. The game is split up into 8 separate areas, but they are not 
    connected in numerical order. When you defeat a boss, you get a new upgrade for
    Sophia, and are brought back to the entrance of the catacomb. It's up to you to
    find the next level, and the boss's upgrade will make the next level 
    accessible. For example, the level 1 boss gives you the high jump upgrade, 
    which you use to reach a ledge you previously couldn't to make it to area 2. 
    Unlike in the original Blaster Master, in this game Jason must find 1 or 2 keys
    to open the boss catacomb. 
    In catacomb mode, Jason has a meter which can make his gun more powerful as you
    fill it up with gun power-ups. At first it has only 3 levels, but with the 
    hidden Gun2 powerup you can power it up to 8. 
    Sophia can fire only straight ahead or up. You can also collect 3 separate 
    kinds of special items for Sophia, which can be used when you press down + B.
    There are the Thunder Break, 3-Way Attack and Homing Missile. I recommend that
    you only use Homing Missile, and only in certain circumstances. 
    Sometimes you must roam around in sidescroll mode as Jason. He is very weak, 
    and cannot handle falls that are higher than his head, so be very careful. This
    mode is useful for destroying enemies that are shorter than Sophia's gun, 
    making it through block mazes, and swimming underwater before you receive the 
    water upgrade for Sophia. 
    |     Input       |    In Sophia    |    Alone as Jason   |   In Catacombs    |
     ----------------- ----------------- --------------------- -------------------
    | D Pad, Left and | Move left and   | Move left and right | Move left and     |
    | Right           | right           |                     | right             |
     ----------------- ----------------- --------------------- -------------------
    | D Pad, Up       | Aim gun upward  | Climb a ladder      | Move upward       |
     ----------------- ----------------- --------------------- -------------------
    | D Pad, Down     | Press down + B  | Crouch; climb down a| Move downward     |
    |                 | to fire a       | ladder; enter a     |                   |
    |                 | special weapon; | catacomb            |                   |
    |                 | pass through an |                     |                   |
    |                 | entrance to a   |                     |                   |
    |                 | level           |                     |                   |
     ----------------- ----------------- --------------------- -------------------
    | 'A' Button      | Jump; hold in   | Jump                | Launcher/Shotgun  |
    |                 | midair to hover |                     | Attack            |
     ----------------- ----------------- --------------------- -------------------
    | 'B' Button      | Attack          | Attack              | Attack with gun   |
     ----------------- ----------------- --------------------- -------------------
    | Start           | Item select     | Item select screen  | Item select screen|
    |                 | screen          |                     |                   |
     ----------------- ----------------- --------------------- -------------------
    | Select          | Hop out as Jason| Hop back in Sophia  | Not used          |
     ----------------- ----------------- --------------------- -------------------
    Level Layout
    The following is taken from the instruction booklet, the area's are connected
    as follows:
                         __________                  __________ 
                        |          |                |          |
                        |  Area 1  |                |  Area 6  |
                       /|__________|                |__________|
                      /       |                           |     
           __________/   _____|____    __________    _____|____ 
          |          |  |          |  |          |  |          |
          |  Area 4  |  |  Area 2  |--|  Area 3  |--|  Area 5  |
          |__________|  |__________|  |__________|  |__________|
                |             |                                 
           _____|____    _____|____                             
          |          |  |          |                            
          |  Area 7  |  |  Area 8  |                            
          |__________|  |__________|                            
    It should be noted that the direction in which the levels are connected in the
    above chart are a non-issue. For example, you do not travel downward to reach 
    level 8. This simply shows which level connects to which, without any regard as
    to how. 
    Item List
     P Item: A circle with a P in it. Increases the POW meter by one as both Sophia
     and Jason
     H Item: Circle with an H in it. Increases the HOV meter by one after you have 
     the hover upgrade
     GUN Item: Circle with a pistol icon in it. Increases Jasons GUN meter by one.
     Thunderbolt Item: Circle with lightning icon in it. Increases Sophias 
     thunderbolt shots by 10
     Homing Missile: Circle with an H and missile icon in it. Increases Sophias 
     homing missiles by 10
     3-Way Missile: Circle with a missile icon in it. Increases Sophias 3-way 
     missiles by 10
     High Jump: Allows Sophia to jump higher
     Engine Boost: Allows Sophia to go against the wind
     Hover: Enables Sophias hovering ability. Press and hold 'A' in midair to   
     GUN1: Upgrades Jasons gun in sidescroll mode, allows you to break certain 
     Dive: Allows Sophia to travel underwater
     Wall 1: Allows Sophia to travel up and down walls; must be turned on to work
     Wall 2: Allows Sophia to travel up and down walls and across ceilings; must be
     turned on to work
     Crusher: Upgrades the strength of Sophias gun
     Hybrid Armor: Gives Sophia 10 POW levels instead of just 8
     GUN2: Gives Jason 8 GUN levels instead of just 3 in catacomb mode
     Launcher: Allows Jason to throw a grenade further in catacombs
     Shotgun: A weapon. In catacomb mode you can switch between grenade and shotgun
    General Tips
    For The Overworld
     *If an enemy is too short for Sophia's gun, hop out as Jason to destroy it. He
     can shoot at ground level if he ducks, and if he is damaged his life is 
     automatically refilled when he gets back in the tank
     *After you receive the Wall upgrades, you can turn them off on the item select
     screen so you don't accidentally use them when you don't mean to
     *Stock up on homing missiles from wherever you can find them, try not to run 
     out as they are by far the most useful special weapon
     *Search EVERYWHERE, map out the area somewhat in your mind
     *If Sophia is running low on energy and about to be destroyed, hop out with 
     Jason to kill any enemy that may be a threat. If he is hit, he can refill all
     his life by re-entering Sophia. If the enemy leaves a POW capsule, get back in
     Sophia and retrieve it. Do this for any potential threat until Sophia's energy
     level is out of danger.
    For The Catacombs
     *Grenades are considerably more powerful than Jason's gun, use them whenever 
     *You can strafe (maneuver around without changing directions) by holding down
     the grenade button as you move
     *There is no sound effect for the grenades when they connect with the enemy. 
     This is confusing because at first you will probably think you're not hitting
     them, especially in boss fights
     *Stealth is required throughout the game, usually when you want to surprise 
     attack an enemy who is positioned behind a wall and coming around it 
     *Be extremely careful not to get hit when you have a fully powered gun
    =====================*=*=*=      WALKTHROUGH      =*=*=*=======================
    NOTE: By nature, the areas in Blaster Master: Enemy Below are hard to describe.
    To make matters worse, I have only played the game on a regular black and white
    Gameboy and Super Gameboy, so I can't use colors to describe things. Just try
    to bear with me here.
       = Area 1 =
    Head right until you get inside, if its you're first time playing you may want 
    to take a little time to get used to the controls. From the first door, head 
    onward and up and take the first door you see. Hop from ledge to ledge, drop 
    down at the end and take the bottom right door. Now go through that room, and 
    halfway into the next room you find the catacomb containing the level 1 key. 
    Hop out as Jason and go inside.
    There's no real way to walk you through the catacomb, just keep going until you
    reach the end, where you will find the key. Get some experience fighting the 
    enemies in here as you will be seeing them the entire game. When you reach the 
    key, walk all the way back out and hop back in Sophia.
    Boss Hideout
    From the key catacomb, continue right. After the next door, hop over each of
    the holes. There comes a point where you must jump directly onto a mine, so 
    buck up and take the hit. When you reach the end, don't take the door but 
    instead drop down. Head through the door at the bottom, then drop down some 
    more and take a door there. In the room you are in now, make your way to the 
    bottom and along there you'll see a ladder leading down. Hop out as Jason and
    go on down. Do not jump off the ledges, as you will lose life, only jump onto 
    them. At the end you find the boss's catacomb.
    Next Level
    Now with the hi jump upgrade, go all the way back to the beginning, to the 
    first room you entered from outside. You can now make it to the top of the 
    room, and from there, exit left. Keep heading that direction until you reach 
    the end, and from there go up and you will see the door. Drop down to reach
    the entrance to level 2. 
       = Area 2 =
    From the start, head right and take the bottom-most door on the right. There
    will be an enemy blocking your path under you, you will need to use the homing
    missiles to dispose of it. Now you come to a bit of a maze. Hop on the ledge
    just above you coming out from the left wall, from there jump to the platform
    just above that, and take it all the way across until you see the next 2 ledges
    (it will look sorta like an upside down "T"), jump on the right one, then right
    onto the platform from there and you find the door you want to go through. In
    this next room, keep dropping down until you get to the very bottom, then take
    the right door. Now you should see a medium sized room with a big plus sign in
    the middle of it, take the bottom right exit here as well. Go straight across
    the next room and take the right door (I bet this is getting redundant..). In
    the room you are in now, hop from ledge to ledge until you get to the right 
    wall, then drop all the way down. After you exit that room, drop down all of 
    the stair like structures and again take the right door, you come to another 
    big maze-like room. Heading right, drop down the first 2 ledges, jump up the 
    next one, then take the left jump. Jump up again and when you come to the next
    fork in your path, head left. Continue that way until you meet the wall, and
    then jump up near the top and head right until you drop down a bit and find
    the exit you are looking for. FINALLY you are at the room with the key 
    catacomb, drop down and make sure you stick close to the middle or you will 
    miss it and have to do it all over again. 
    In the catacomb, there are 3 different rooms where you have multiple choices of
    exits. In the first of these rooms, take the top exit, in the second and third,
    take the left one. Otherwise it is straightforward.
    Boss Hideout
    From the key catacomb room, drop down from the ledge in the middle and take the
    right door. Now you come to another big room, keep making your way to the top
    right and exit there. Scale the wall upward in this next room, until you see 
    the door on the left wall, and then go through it. After a series of annoying,
    persistant enemies and some jumping over spikes, you reach the bosses lair.
    This catacomb is straightforward. The next to last room is filled with walls of
    blocks running diagonally, its unique but shouldn't be mind boggling. It does 
    require a bit of Goldeneye-like stealth to shoot the enemies before they can
    shoot you.
    Next Level
    Head out of the room with the boss catacomb, and go up and over the divider in
    the middle of the next room, take the door at the bottom right. Either way you
    go from here, you eventually start over at some familiar place in the level.
    Travel to the second big maze-like room and take the very bottom left door. 
    Here travel along the bottom once again, you see the arrows pointing back where
    you previously couldn't tread (before you got the engine boost upgrade). At the
    edge of the room is the entrance to level 3. 
       = Area 3 =
    This will be much easier to explain than the jumbled mess that was level 2. 
    Simply head right from the start and continue in that direction through 6 rooms
    until you come to one with a ladder heading up. Hop out and go in as Jason, as
    the rest of the room is blocked off to Sophia. Be careful about not letting 
    Jason fall from any higher than about 2 blocks high. Also you can now jump on
    ladders unlike in the original NES game. It's pretty straightforward, if you 
    have a choice of 2 ladders to take, always take the one leading up. Eventually
    you will find the key catacomb. 
    In the first room of the catacomb, you will find the door in the top right 
    corner. From there it's a linear path to the key (tough though).
    Boss Hideout
    When you make it back to Sophia, head out, backtrack through the previous room,
    and when you get to the room before that, take the drop-down on the left side
    and from there take the right door. Drop down the steps in this room until you
    find the door at the bottom right, and beyond that is a dark section of the
    level which is straight-forward all the way to the boss hideout. It is, 
    however, a very long way. 
    The catacomb is tricky and difficult, but not too open-ended. Travel down 
    instead of right from the beginning of the second room to start off, and when
    you get to the third room, make your way to the top right corner by busting the
    blocks with your gun. Those should be the only tips you need to not get lost. 
    Next Level
    After defeating the boss you have the hover upgrade, head right and hover over
    the tall wall to come out at the beginning of the area, in the first room. You
    must trek back all the way through levels 2 and 1 to find the area 4 entrance.
    When you get back to area 1, head back up and outside, I suggest getting the 
    Crusher item while you're here, but digressing back to the mission at hand: 
    continue across the outside area, go back inside and straight through the tree
    trunk to another outside area. Having at least one hover point, jump up the 
    ledges and hover to the one that is just out of jumping range, and from there
    jump way on over to reach the cliff with the entrance to area 4 on it.
       = Area 4 =
    You begin area 4 in the first of many reoccurring mazes in the game. Your path
    will repeat until you complete some objective along the way, in this case 
    finding the door and having enough hover power to reach it. If at this point 
    you are empty on hover, travel left 2 screens until you see an open catacomb
    at the left side of the room, where you can fill up on hover and gun power 
    (simply re-enter as many times as you want and the power-ups will be back). 
    Now, go right from the start room through 2 doors, and at the end of the room
    here instead of going through the door, hover up to the pipe ledge. Make your
    way back left and enter the door there. Head dead left, along the bottom, soon
    you will need to make 2 hair pin turns through a series of doors, after that 
    continue left along the bottom until you reach another open catacomb with 8 
    hover capsules in it. Fill up, and float on up the chasm to your immediate 
    right. When you reach the top, head up, and over to the left side as soon as 
    you can. Drop down and take the first door heading left that you see. Continue
    in that direction. You're not having deja vu, you soon come to a part that is
    exactly like the part you just finished, except that when you come to the point
    where the open catacomb should be, there is a door there instead. Go through 
    it and send Jason on up the ladder. On the above platform, jump on the right-
    most ladder and make your way left by crossing over to each sequential one 
    (shades of Donkey Kong Jr.). The key catacomb is on the right side of the 
    above platform. 
    This is the point where the catacombs start getting tricky. As soon as you 
    enter this one, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get the 8 hover capsules to your
    right as you will need them after you're finished in here. Make your way to 
    the top right corner of the first room and head downstairs. In the second room
    there are multiple stairs to take, but the one you want to find is in the top-
    left corner. Now, make your way to the bottom of this next room, it is a 
    raveled and kinda long path, but its nothing you can't easily handle if you've
    made it this far. Along the bottom is the door leading to the room with the 
    Boss Hideout
    Get back to Sophia and head out of the room you're in. Hover up the long 
    chasm once again, when you get to the top this time, go out to the outer left
    reaches and hop your way up. When you are on the top platform go all the way 
    over to the door at the top right corner. Continue through the next door, and
    again take the next door on the right wall you see. There's a door in the next
    room, and from there jump up just a bit and take (surprise) the right door. 
    Here take the ladder up, go left, take another small ladder up to the left 
    door. Now keep taking the ladders heading down, and remember not to jump off 
    of a ledge, no matter how low, with Jason. You soon find the boss catacomb.
    Next Level
    It's time to do some backtracking. Make your way all the way back to area 3. I
    suggest getting the launcher while you are passing through (see the Hidden 
    Items section). 
    At the end of the second room of area 3, instead of taking the door leading
    right, drop down to the bottom and take the left door. Continue until you see
    a single break-able block, hop out with Jason and use his new Gun1 upgrade to
    destroy it, then hop back in and there will be the level 5 entrance.
       = Area 5 =
    Head right, all the way through the first 2 rooms, and then drop down into the
    water at the beginning of the third room. Continue in that direction for 4
    rooms until you come to a big drop from which Sophia cannot escape. What do you
    do? Leave the tank and go it alone as Jason, he has full maneuverability in 
    the water. You won't be able to use Sophia again until you get the Dive upgrade
    from the boss. 
    With Jason, exit that room at the top right. Now take the next 2 bottom right
    doors in a row, and then follow the path down in this next room until you see a
    door on the left wall. Through there, there's a vertically elongated room with
    a divider in the middle, swim either over it or under it to find the catacomb
    with the key. Be sure to destroy all of the small swimming enemies because they
    can deal out a lot of damage from above you if you ignore them. 
    Boss Hideout
    After you get the key, leave the room with the key catacomb. Continue to take
    the bottom right exit 3 more times, and then swim up, through a bit of a maze,
    to find the boss's hideout in the top right corner. 
    This catacomb is very unique, you can walk into the holes and you wind up at 
    the floor below (shades of Zelda). From the first room, go through the door in
    the bottom right, continue through the next room, and then the third room will
    be open and spacious when you enter it. Go up, and destroy the rows of blocks 
    coming out from the right wall, then drop down the hole at the end. Here it 
    wouldn't be a bad idea to fill up your POW and GUN meters (keep re-entering 
    from the staircase at the left end of the room. When you're ready, go through
    the door on the right side to face the boss.
    Next Level
    Swim back to Sophia and get in (I feel sorry for Jason having to haul that Dive
    upgrade all the way through the level). If you don't feel like finding your way
    back, you can purposely die to restart. From the point where you had to drop 
    off Sophia, take the next 5 bottom right doors, or to better describe it, go
    2 rooms right of the area that led to the key catacomb. Now go up and through
    the door at the top right. You'll have to swim down and under a divider, then
    when you reach the top of the other side, the water ends, dry land begins, and
    the door to area 6 is within sight. 
       = Area 6 =
    Key 1
    The ground in this area is covered with ice and very slippery, you may want to
    take some time to get used to it. In the first room, travel through the door at
    the top right, and in the next room stay along the bottom until you find the 
    door on a ledge along the right side. After you go through there, you will need
    to jump out as Jason to fit down the hole, once you are down head right and 
    finish a block maze, until you reach the outlet along the left side near the 
    top. It's easy, except that you must remember to start off by breaking the 
    second row of blocks from the bottom, instead of the third. Once you're through
    here, you soon find the catacomb. 
    In the first room of the catacomb, head straight up, careful not to fall in the
    holes at top, cross the bridge and go right to find the door to the next room.
    The key room is just beyond here, at the bottom.
    Key 2
    Go back to the second room you crossed to get key 1, and starting on the left
    end continually jump onto each of the floating ledges, first over to the right
    side of the room and then back again until you reach the door in the top left-
    hand corner. Now in this area, if you make a wrong turn the level will 
    infinitely reoccur until you are brought back to this central room (although 
    you don't need to worry about that if you are reading this FAQ). Exit this room
    at the very top left. From there, continue ledge hopping up and leftward 
    through the next 2 rooms, if you fall down, go right until you eventually end 
    up at the middle-left exit of the previous room. After you've accomplished all
    of the ledge hopping, you are at the continue point. Now just progress through
    the next 6 fairly linear rooms to make it to the key catacomb, at the 4th room
    you come across make sure you take the top right door, and in the next room 
    take the right door as well. From there just go up a bit and you'll see the 
    In the second room of this catacomb, do not take the stairs in the right hand
    corner, but instead travel down and cross the ice bridge, then head right to
    find the key
    Boss Hideout
    Travel back to the very first room of the stage. Go straight across from the 
    door you usually exit from, and its just a hop skip and a jump around and up to
    the boss's lair. 
    Once inside, you'll find the exit for the first room in the lower right end. 
    The second exit is in the lower right as well, and in the third room travel 
    over to the upper left side around the large squares of spikes, and you will
    reach the room leading to the boss.
    Next Level
    Time to backtrack way on back to area 4. On your way there you can pick up both
    the shotgun and GUN2 hidden items. Once in area 4, go on as if you are headed
    to the boss catacomb, and when you reach the room with the ladder headed up, 
    turn Wall 1 on and scale the right wall until you are on the above platform
    in Sophia. Head left, and through the door there, and now with Sophia you can
    hop on the ledges. Continue that way until you pass through another door, 
    shortly thereafter you find the area 7 entrance on the bottom.
       = Area 7 =
    Key 1
    To be perfectly honest with you, not even I know how this stinkin' level works.
    From the start, head through the first door at the top right, and you come to
    the big central room with 4 doors, one in each corner. Go through any of these
    doors, and you end up at another door in the room, 9 times out of 10. All I can
    tell you is this, the Key 1 catacomb will appear after you go through the top- 
    right door. Go through a random door, then through the top right door to check
    and see if its there yet or not. Repeat. I can usually find it after 1-5 
    minutes of doing this.
    When you find the catacomb, be careful not to walk off the gridded platform as 
    it will mean instant death. The shotgun is ideal for taking out the storm 
    troopers, if you have it. 
    Key 2
    Do the same thing as above, but this time the room you are trying to get to 
    will eventually appear through the bottom left door. When you finally do get to
    a room that looks new, scale the right wall and head up, and then out the door
    at the top left. Go until you reach a hole that leads down into the blocks. 
    Head down as Jason, break them and make your way over to the right where you 
    will find the catacomb.
    This next catacomb is much more of a straight shot than that last one, and 
    shouldn't give you any trouble at all.
    Boss Hideout
    Head back to Sophia, thanks to bad game design you will have to take some 
    damage from the first 3-block drop after you leave. Once in the tank, continue
    left (unless, of course, you failed to get key 1 before you got key 2). Now 
    continue all the way until you reach a room with a ladder heading up (you will
    only have one choice of paths on the way there, choose the top door). Go up the
    ladder with Jason, left until you reach another ladder, take that one down, 
    then go right and destroy the 3 blocks that are plugging up a hole. Now go back
    to Sophia and you can slip through the hole to your left with Wall 1. Clever, 
    no? Now go all the way left with sophia and through the door that's high up on
    the left side wall. Continue left, DO NOT drop down in the next room, and after
    that you reach the end of the road, the boss catacomb will be along the bottom.
    Next Level
    The goal now is area 2. From the boss catacomb in area 7, you can drop down to
    the bottom in the room to the right, pass through the door there and you come
    out at the first room of the stage. Now, once in area 2, in the second big 
    "maze" room, take the door around the middle of the right wall. Through there
    is a rat run of spikes and such, scale the wall to the right and keep going 
    with wall 2, up and around the ceiling. I've found an effective way to take 
    care of the annoying enemy that always shoots you when you're about to make it
    all the way up, tap the D pad, moving slowly, and he will never appear. Just
    beyond is the area 8 entrance, gateway to the final frontier!
       = Area 8 =
    Key 1
    Exit the first room at the bottom left, you can get by the spikes in the middle
    of the chasm by staying near the edge as you fall. In the next room, the exit
    is found in the bottom right, you are supposed to go all up and around the 
    room, but I like to take a little shortcut. Simply go until you see the first
    group of spikes in the floor, and fall through them, from there the exit is 
    just a bit right. You only take 2 points of damage, a lot less than you would
    going through the whole thing. In the next room, stay along the top path and
    go through the door in the top right. Now you are in the room with the 
    catacomb, but it is a very, VERY long way. Go to the right edge, and then use
    wall 2 to scale the wall up, then along the ceiling and subsequently around all
    of the far dips. Take one hit and you fall, having to start over. When you are
    fairly close to the key, you come across a safe place to land. Just stay on the
    same track all the way until you get to the catacomb in the top left-hand 
    The second room of the catacomb is kinda tricky, but you should take the stairs
    down in the bottom left side of the room, in which will be a door leading down,
    directly to the key.
    Key 2
    Go back to the third room of the stage, this time take the bottom path to the
    right and exit at the right side. Now you are on the path to the second key, it
    is very linear with no choice of paths. When you get to a wall with a lot of 
    spikes on it that you can't jump over or scale, you will need to hover. If you 
    have no hover, the enemies at this point give hover items off sometimes, I find
    they are more likely to appear if I jump away from the spikes. After that bit,
    continue onward. When you reach a room with many small ledges leading upward, 
    stay along the bottom and go through the door on the right. Not far beyond is
    the second key catacomb. 
    This is the easiest catacomb in the game, simply go straight upward about 20
    steps from the start, breaking the blocks of course, and through that door the
    key will be. 
    Boss Hideout
    Again go back to the third room of the stage. In here stay along the left wall,
    go down and through the first door you see on the left. Continue down, pass up 
    the next door you see and take the one in the bottom right. Next take the 
    bottom left, and then the bottom right doors. Now you are in a room with lots 
    of jumps and spikes above you, so you must by now have mastered jumping, and 
    know just how hard to press the jump button for just how high you want to jump.
    The first room should be fairly easy, the next one will be tough though. There
    is one jump that looks impossible, because there are 2 spikes right in the 
    middle of your way, but it _is_ possible to pass without getting hit, although
    its hard. Remember that the spikes only hurt you when they touch the very 
    middle of Sophia. The last jump is impossible as far as I know, unless you have
    a lot of hover. Just jump through the large cluster of spikes, it will take 
    off 2 points of life. Directly after that is the boss catacomb. If you don't
    have the 2 life bars to make the jump, you can go it alone as Jason out of 
    desperation, you will be hurting from touching the bottom spikes but you will
    make it to the catacomb.
    Final Catacomb
    This is a straightforward shot through # rooms, with no choice of path. 
    However, due to the immense difficulty of the final boss, it is imperative that
    you master this catacomb, and get through it with as few scratches as possible.
    It will require stealth, intelligence and cunning, as it is a difficult path.
    You need to get the gun2 and shotgun upgrades before attempting this area, if 
    you don't have them already. You _really_ need to.
    Room 1
    When you first enter, make sure you've switched to shotgun, then kill the laser
    shooting enemy at left, he always leaves a gun power-up. Leave, re-enter, and 
    repeat 8 times until your guns are full. Now slip on over to the right side and
    head down, firing your gun off along the way, make your way over to the middle
    when the floor ends, and down to the door at the bottom.
    The small enemies that shoot projectiles that are either wavy or curve may or 
    may not appear, if you are lucky you will just get 4 way cannons. The storm 
    troopers are there around the middle and beginning. 
    Room 2
    Go left and down the side until you reach the door, remember not to touch the
    weird blocks as they will take off life. In here you face lasers and storm 
    troopers, nothing too difficult, kill the lasers for gun-ups. 
    Room 3
    Stay along the right and head up, then to the middle to find the exit. The best
    strategy for the small enemies that shoot curving shots: when you first see 
    them, stand still. When they fire off thier first shot, then go, they'll likely
    miss you with the next ones. The ones that shoot wavy shots, they are just a 
    pain. Stay far away and try to destroy them quickly. 
    Room 4
    Again everything in the book is thrown at you, just be quick and it will not
    be too hard on you. Stay along the left side. 
    Room 5
    OK, at the start here is where you want to fill up your life meter if it is 
    drastically low. The enemies that chirp and then fly across will come 
    continuously, often leaving life points. Kill as many as you need to fill up. 
    After that go over to the left side and haul it downward, to the door at the
    Room 6
    Now you can fill up your gun again. The laser enemy here will always give you
    one, and always re-appears when you enter the room. After re-entering a few 
    times, your life and gun meters should be full. If you've lost some life you
    can keep re-entering to kill the storm trooper who will give you a life point 
    around 1 every 6 times. When you're all finished filling up, you have to go 
    FAST and STEALTHILY down the left side. You will face the curvers, wavers, 
    lasers, 4 way cannons, storm troopers, flyers, everything in the book. This 
    part will take some practice to master, if you lose way too much gun power (you
    get below 4 points) or life, you should turn back to fill up and try again. The
    door to the final boss will be on the left wall. 
       = End Of Walkthrough =
    =====================*=*=*=         EXTRAS        =*=*=*=======================
    Boss/Upgrade Chart
    (AREA|     NAME OF BOSS     |     ITEM     |           ITEM FUNCTION          )
     ---- ---------------------- -------------- ----------------------------------
    ( 1  | Giant Cannibal Flower| High Jump    | Allows Sophia to jump higher     )  
     ---- ---------------------- -------------- ----------------------------------
    ( 2  | Ground Snake         | Engine Boost | Allows Sophia to go against wind )
     ---- ---------------------- -------------- ----------------------------------
    ( 3  | Poisonous Frog       | Hover        | Press 'A' in midair to hover     )
     ---- ---------------------- -------------- ----------------------------------
    ( 4  | Lobster              | GUN 1        | Upgrades Jasons gun in sidescroll)
     ---- ---------------------- -------------- ----------------------------------
    ( 5  | Shellfish            | DIVE         | Sophia can travel underwater     )
     ---- ---------------------- -------------- ----------------------------------
    ( 6  | Dinosaur             | Wall 1       | Walk up and down walls           )
     ---- ---------------------- -------------- ----------------------------------
    ( 7  | Jellyfish            | Wall 2       | Wall 1 + travel across ceilings  )
     ---- ---------------------- -------------- ----------------------------------
    ( 8  | Amoeba               | ---          | ---                              )
     ---- ---------------------- -------------- ---------------------------------- 
    Boss Strategies
    The thing to discover here is that his feelers do not hurt you at all, and you
    can walk all over them. Once you realize that, he is easy. He moves from side
    to side, a little bit at a time. Try to be a *little* bit off center from him
    when he stops, and his shots will miss you. After his shots pass you walk up
    to him and get one or two grenade shots off on him. Repeat until dead. 
    The Ground Snake is actually one of the tougher bosses in the game, so don't 
    think the rest of the boss fights will be exceedingly hard if you have a tough 
    time with him. He moves back and forth across the screen, at the same time 
    going all up and down the screen as well. He doesn't travel left until he makes
    it all the way to the right side, and vice versa, and he doesn't head down 
    until he's all the way to the top, and vice versa. 
    Stay along the bottom, get to the outside of him when he is at the top of the 
    screen headed downward (i.e. if he's moving right get to the left of him). You
    can nail him with a gun shot or two when his head reaches the very bottom of 
    the screen. You can sometimes hit him with a grenade as well, but not too 
    often, so just wait it out and keep hitting him with bullets. It will be a 
    fairly long fight. 
    Very easy, a disgrace to the giant frogs in the original game. He'll jump up
    and off the screen 3 times before he stops, and either spits fire at you or 
    sticks his tongue out. After he jumps for the third time, start walking left or
    right and as he's landing, go up a bit so as to get a shot from beside his 
    mouth. You can walk over his feet without getting hurt. Lob grenades into his 
    mouth *only when it's open*, when he begins jumping again just repeat. He's as 
    good as dead. 
    Here's one of a handful of times when strafing will come in handy. Face the 
    boss and strafe while dodging his bubbles. He shoots 3 bubbles and then pauses
    for a moment. Aim for the end of his 2 feelers, early in the battle you can
    nail him as he moves around, and sneak in a grenade shot every now and then. As
    his bubbles get more accurate and start curving toward you, you will be 
    spending more of your time dodging them and can only hit him when he pauses. 
    The best way to avoid the bubbles is to do semi-circles around them. You have
    a big advantage if you go into this battle with your gun powered up, and keep 
    it that way. Expect a fairly long battle, but not overly difficult. 
    This battle actually gets easier as it goes along. There are 5 small shellfish
    along the bottom, 3 big shellfish in the middle, and one really big one at the 
    top, all moving along slowly in one massive formation. For phase 1, stay along
    the bottom, you'll have to be good at weaving around bullets, try to get as 
    many grenade shots as you can on the shellfish when they open up, until row 1 
    is eventually all dead. If you are good at strafing, you might want to do that,
    but I don't. One of the best ways to land a shot against the small ones is to
    throw a grenade when you know they are *about* to open up. When you get the 
    middle of the row cleared out, you can start attacking from beside the fish
    too, although I find that method less accurate. 
    Now, after row 1 is gone, you must deal with the 3 big ones. They shoot more 
    bullets and have more life, but they're much easier to hit. Use basically the
    same method you used on the small ones, although this time it's a good idea to
    focus on one at a time. Finally, the head honcho comes down and spews out 
    MASSIVELY big shots, but they are slow and can't travel directly left or right.
    He's simple, stick to the side of him and lob grenades in him when he opens, 
    before long the battle is over. 
    The aptly titled Dinosaur moves back and forth at the top of the screen, then 
    stops, trounces downward and at the same time spits a couple bullets at you. He
    shoots one bullet as he's coming down, and another as he's about to go back
    up. Simply walk back and forth so you are never standing where he falls, and 
    hit him with grenades from the side when his head is at the bottom. Aim for the
    chin. You might also be able to hit him a few times when he's moving around at
    the top. 
    The Jellyfish may seem putridly easy, but he may land a surprise hit on you 
    every now and then (and they do hurt). He fires a lightning bolt straight down, 
    moves to the spot where you are standing at (at the time he starts to move) and
    then stops and fires lightning again. It's simple really, just be sure to move
    sharply away from wherever you were standing when he begins to move, and don't 
    get caught under him. Aim for around the middle of his body, hit him with the 
    shotgun if you have it, with grenades if you don't, he takes a LOT of hits to
    make up for his easiness.
    Unless your name is Ace Ebb (see Nintendo Power issue 1), don't even 
    contemplate _thinking about_ taking this guy on unless you have found the GUN2
    and Shotgun hidden items. If you can beat him without those, you truly have too
    much dexterity for your own good. Even with them, it will be an over-the-top
    challenging, awe-inspiringly difficult fight. They just don't make bosses like
    this anymore.
    There are 5 amoeba gathered in one giant mass, slowly moving around the screen.
    2 small ones are the closest to you, above them are 2 bigger amoeba on the 
    sides, between them is the main, big Amoeba that doesn't do anything for this
    phase of the fight. 
    The 4 active amoeba open up sequentially, one at a time, and fire off 3 shots, 
    thier lasers go out diagonally in both directions. At the same time, there 
    are blocks that form in the middle of the mass and then home in on you. 
    Whew, OK, now onto the strategy: You will need to strafe throughout the entire
    match. You'll only be able to hit the amoeba with the gun, so if your gun meter
    gets below 3 and you're not close to beating them, you may as well just start 
    over. When an amoeba is opening up, be within thier trapezoidal line of fire so
    you don't get hit and fire away at them, shoot the blocks with your shotgun 
    when they are close, otherwise gun them down if you can. Start moving toward 
    the next amoeba that's going to open up after the previous one gets off his 
    third shot. The bottom left one will fire, followed by the bottom right one, 
    then the top left then the top right, and it continues like that (unless the 
    next one in line has been killed). After a long time the bottom ones will die, 
    after even longer the top ones do. However, it becomes a lot easier when only 
    one top one is left, since he will always be open. Finally, after a grueling 
    battle (by now your thumbs are surely sore) the mass explodes and the big 
    Amoeba is set free. This battle is just halfway over.
    Now is the time to just go crazy. When it begins, get right in front of the 
    Amoeba, and be ready to continue strafing and gunning. He moves side to side, 
    just as fast as you do, so don't get caught behind him. Follow him along and 
    fire like crazy, don't even pay attention to how much you're getting hit, just
    beat him before he beats you. Change directions a bit before he does so you are 
    not left behind. If you have 2 or even 1 bar of life left, you can kill him 
    with a fast finger. After this is done, congratulate yourself with a pat on the
    back, and enjoy the ending. 
    Locations of Hidden Items
    CRUSHER ("Crasher" in the instruction booklet)
    Area: 1
    Needed: Hover
    In the outside area near the area 4 entrance, there's a ledge floating in the
    air just out of jumping range. Get at least one hover point and the easiest way
    to get to it is to jump from the highest in the series of ledges along the left
    wall, of course hover a bit, and you'll make it. 
    Area: 3
    Needed: Hover, Gun1
    In the 4th room to the right of the entrance to area 3, hover up and over the
    pipes in the top right corner, and go through the door there. Go all the way to 
    the right, then hop out as Jason and head down the drops. This is the first 
    you'll experience of the brain boggling block mazes. Generally, just shoot 
    until you are directly under the blank space, and use it to shoot away the next
    row of blocks to the next blank space. When you finally figure it out, you will
    be rewarded with the launcher. If you mess up leave the room and re-enter. 
    Area: 2
    Needed: GUN1
    Find the room with what looks like a giant '+' symbol in the middle of it, and
    take the left door. The background here should have little diamonds on it, the
    same as the background around the boss catacomb. At the end of this room, use
    Jason's gun with the GUN1 powerup to break the block, and you'll find the armor
    not far after that. 
    Area: 5
    Needed: Dive, Wall 1
    At the point near the beginning where you FIRST drop into the water, take the 
    left door. Turn Wall 1 on and go down the hole with Sophia, then float your way
    over and out of the water, and there will be the catacomb containing the 
    shotgun item. I suggest going to the item select screen and turning it on 
    immediately, then don't use the grenades again for the rest of the game.
    Area: 1
    Needed: High Jump, GUN1, Dive
    From the room with the key catacomb, go right and in the next room, drop down
    the hole at the beginning, and take the left door at the bottom. Use the high
    jump to clear the next wall, then GUN1 to break the singular block blocking
    your way, and drop down into the water at the left end. You CAN go all the way
    through it with Jason, but he cannot survive the drop at the end so you need 
    Sophia and the Dive upgrade. Weave your way to the very bottom, and then head
    through the left door. Now hop out, go down the ladder and solve the block 
    maze. It's a toughie, but just at the end is the GUN2 upgrade, the single 
    coolest item in the game.
    Frequently Asked Questions (not answered in the walkthrough)
    Q: What is with the extra entrance to area 5 from area 1?
    A: For those that didn't find it, there is an entrance that takes you to area
    5 from area 1. However, when you re-enter, it takes you back to the proper 
    entrance from area 3, so the obvious answer is that they were originally 
    planning to connect areas 1 and 5, and just forgot to take that out. It can be
    used for a shortcut, though. It can be found just across the outside area 
    near the area 2 entrance. 
    Q: Sometimes I'll see a block/background/enemy that is not really there..
    A: That happens occasionally. Must be glitchy graphics. 
    Q: Crusher? What's that? There's a CRASHER shown in the instructions but no 
    A: When you find it in the game, it is called 'Crusher' on the item select 
    screen. The manual is generally very badly translated.
    Q: How has Sophia been upgraded since the original game?
    A: Seemingly not at all, although her model number has changed, from NORA MA-01
    to NORA MA-02.
    =====================*=*=*=    WRAPPING IT UP     =*=*=*=======================
    I'd like to thank Sunsoft for making the great game and the great series, not 
    to mention the instruction booklet which I used as my basis for many of the
    important charts, figures, and other info here in this FAQ. I'd like to thank
    Santa Claus for bringing me the game ;D I also thank whoever it was that came
    up with the diagonal tile style of ASCII art which I used, I've seen it in 
    quite a few FAQs so I don't know who exactly to thank, plus I've forgotten 
    where exactly I saw it. I of course thank God for everything. 
    Final Notes
    This FAQ was created with Notepad and Text Pad, it took roughly 7 hours of work
    in total. 
    If you've enjoyed playing this game and have never experienced the original 
    Blaster Master on the Nintendo Entertainment System, you MUST do so 
    immediately. You simply must, it's not even an option. Don't got an NES? You 
    can buy one with the game for less than what you paid for this game. 
    I appreciate every email I get asking me questions about how to progress in the
    game, or just talking about it or thanking me. I do not appreciate emails that
    ask me for ROM images of games. Since this FAQ is a free document, there is no
    need to mail me asking to put it up on your site, you can do so as long as 
    nothing is changed.
    This FAQ is copyright 2001 by me, Deathspork. It is a free document, you are 
    free to upload it anywhere you please as long as it remains unaltered in its
    entirety. Always check www.gamefaqs.com for the latest version of the FAQ, as 
    well as all of my other FAQs and FAQs for almost any game you could imagine. 
    Blaster Master: Enemy Below is copyright 2000 by Sunsoft, Sunsoft is a 
    registered trademark of Sun Corporation, All Rights Reserved. 
    -THATS IT!!-

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