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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Minesweeper

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/02/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "This document Copyright 2003 Nathan Norris"
    Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare: Gameboy Color Version
    FAQ/Walkthrough - Version 1.0
    Last Updated    - 06/02/03
    Written By      - Minesweeper (Nathan Norris)
    Email           - minesweeper2[at]hotmail[dot]com
                ___      \   /    _____   ___  ___   ________
               \   /      | |    /  _  \ \   /\   / \   ____/
               /   \      | |    | / \ |  |  \ | |   | |____
              / / \ \     | |    | | | |  | |\\| |   |  ____|
             / /___\ \    | |__  | \_/ |  | | \  |   | |____
            / _______ \  /_____\ \_____/ /___\/___\ /_______\
           /_/       \_\
                           _______         IN THE           ___
                          \   ___ \     ___      _______   \   / __
                           | |   \ \   \   /    \   __  \   | | / /
                           | |   | |   /   \     | |__|  |  | |/ /
                           | |   | |  / / \ \    |      /   |  _ \
                           | |___/ / / /___\ \   | |\  \    | | \ \
                          /_______/ / _______ \ /___\\__\  /___\ \_\
                                   /_/       \_\
        ___       __         __                __       ___       __   __   __
         |  |__| |__   |\ | |__ | | |  |\ | | | _  |__|  |  |\/| |__| |__| |__
         |  |  | |__   | \| |__ |_|_|  | \| | |__| |  |  |  |  | |  | |  \ |__
    -Table of Contents-
    1:  Introduction
    2:  Revision History
    3:  Game Basics
    4:  Walkthrough
    5:  Thanks
    6:  E-mail Policy
    7:  Copyright
    In my opinion, Resident Evil: Gaiden stunk.  We were all really looking 
    forward to a stellar portable survivor horror title, but what we got instead 
    was a poorly-made product with little fun factor.  Fortunately, Infogames 
    came to the rescue with a title that really does feel like a survival horror 
    title instead of an exploration game with shooting gallery sequences in 
    between wandering about.
    However, this game is a bit tricky, and hopefully that's where this 
    walkthrough's going to come in handy to guide you through the rough spots.  
    Good luck on your investigation of locating the missing Abkanis Indian 
    statuette and the killing of Alan Morton!
    VERSION 1.0 - 6/02/03 -
    First Edition.  Walkthrough, Game Basics, and all other standard FAQ 
    sections added on and completed.
    Exploration Mode
    CONTROL PAD   - Character movement
    A BUTTON      - Use item
    		  - Answer radio (if radio is equipped)
    B BUTTON      - Examine/manipulate surroundings
    START BUTTON  - Open Save/Load screen
    SELECT BUTTON - Open Inventory Screen
    Inventory Mode
    CONTROL PAD   - Browse inventory
    A BUTTON      - Select item
    B BUTTON      - Read file (if file is selected)
    START BUTTON  - Go back to Exploration Mode
    SELECT BUTTON - Go back to Exploration Mode
    Battle Mode
    CONTROL PAD   - Character movement
    A BUTTON      - Fire equipped weapon
    B BUTTON      - Change weapons
    START BUTTON  - Pause game
    SELECT BUTTON - Hide/reveal status bar
    This the mode in which you'll spend most of the game in.  While you're in 
    this mode, you control Edward Carnby as he looks for items and solves 
    While you're in this mode, you might also be attacked by monsters which will 
    trigger Battle Mode.  That mode is addressed in the section below.  Anyway, 
    for the most part you are totally safe while in Exporation mode.  However, 
    there are a few hazards that can hurt you, like the spikes in the sewers.  
    I'll warn when these dangers are coming up in the walkthrough.
    As I said before, items and puzzle solving are a big part of this mode.  
    Press the B Button to examine your surroundings and interact with switches 
    and other objects.  Make sure you examine your surroundings closely, so you 
    won't miss any items or clues.  Especially keep an eye out for sparkles, 
    which indicate important things that you should examine.  You can also find 
    ammunition and healing flasks in this mode.  They are shown as yellow 
    squares with the item highligted in yellow in the middle of the square.
    Notice the box in the upper left corner of the screen.  This shows what 
    object you have equipped at the current time.  To use an item you have 
    equipped, press the A button.  You will also be called by Aline at a few 
    times during the game.  When Aline is trying to call you, the radio icon 
    will flash in the box.  Go to your inventory and equip the radio, then press 
    A to answer the call.  To use flasks to heal yourself, equip the flask you 
    want to use, and hit the A button.
    Whenever you want to save, hit the Start Button.  Resume will bring you back 
    to Exploration Mode, Save will save your game, Load will reload your game to 
    the last place you saved, and Quit will take you to the title screen.  I'll 
    only tell you during the walkthrough when it's important that you save, but 
    you can save as often as you like.
    When in exploration mode, your environment is shown in various camera 
    angles.  Unless I say otherwise in the walkthrough, I will be giving 
    directions from your character's point of view.  What I mean is that when I 
    say to go left, go to the character's left, NOT left from the camera's view.
    This is where you can access everything you have in your inventory 
    currently.  You can access it by pressing the Select Button. You have 
    unlimited room in your inventory, so don't worry about any silly things to 
    manage items like item boxes or drop features.  To equip an object, select 
    it on the inventory screen, and press A.  To read a file, go to a file that 
    has a B mark next to it on the inventory screen, and press the B button.
    At many points during the game, you will be attacked by monsters and you 
    will go into Battle Mode.  During a fight, you will have to kill all the 
    monsters before you'll be allowed to move on.  There isn't any escape 
    option, so you can't run away from these fights.
    You have three weapons to use in Battle Mode, but they're all more or less 
    the same.  They each just have different fire rates and power levels.  The 
    Revolver is the weapon you'll use the most throughout the game.  It's weak, 
    but ammo is plentiful and you can fire it very quickly.  It's excellent for 
    long range targets.  The Shotgun has a slower fire rate than the Revolver, 
    but it's much more powerful, especially at close range.  The Crossbow is the 
    most powerful weapon and it has a good fire rate, but ammo for it is quite 
    rare.  You should save it for boss fights.
    There are four different monsters in this game, but like the weapons they 
    are all more or less the same.  When you fight with them, they will simply 
    run straight up to you to damage you.  Anyway, basically the easiest way to 
    kill all of these monsters is to play a war of attrition with them.  Stay in 
    one spot and kill them as they get close to you.  Walking away from the 
    monsters will usually only give them an opening to attack you.
    Remember that as you get hit you take damage.  If lose all of your health, 
    the game is over.  Heal before you get into battles if you can, because you 
    can't use healing items during battles.
    Usually during Battle Mode, you'll see ammo clips lying about as white 
    icons.  Walk over these icons to collect the ammunition.  Be careful while 
    you do this though, because it leaves you wide open to attack from the 
    monsters.  If possible, try killing all the monsters during the fight except 
    for a spider or something, and then collect the ammunition.
    In this game, you have a life meter with a maximum health of 100 points.  
    Througout the game you will be battling with monsters.  Every time you get 
    hit by them, you'll take damage.  For the most part you're safe from harm in 
    Exploration Mode.  There are still a few hazards though (like the spikes in 
    the sewers), so watch out.  Whenever Carnby starts flashing, that means he's 
    taking damage.  There are items you can use to heal up below.  They are the 
    various colored Flasks lying about the gaming environment.  The color of the 
    Flask determines how much health it will give you.  Here's a short list on 
    how much health you get from each different colored flask.
    ORANGE FLASK = 10 health
    GREEN FLASK = 20 health
    BLUE FLASK = 25 health
    Make sure you heal up before battles if you can, because you can't use 
    healing items during Battle Mode.
    At the start of the game, Carnby answers a phone call in his office.  The 
    woman on the other end introduces herself as Aline Cedrac, and says she 
    needs to tell Carnby something about his partner Charles Fiske.  Aline says 
    that he was working on a job with her, when he was murdered.  He had gone to 
    a place called Shadow Island to recover a stolen statuette, but he never 
    returned.  Aline says she will fly Carnby to Shadow Island in a sea plane so 
    he can investigate.
    Later, while the two are flying towards the island during a stormy night, 
    Aline tells Carnby about a tribe of Indians known as the Abkanis.  She says 
    that they practiced mystic rituals with the statuette, which they thought 
    had great power.  Aline also believes the statuette has great power, as well 
    as one ohter person.  The other person is Alan Morton, a multi-millionaire 
    who lives in a mansion on Shadow Island.  Aline claims that he was the 
    person who had Fiske murdered.
    After the plane docks, the two step out on the jetty.  Carnby says he'll 
    search the island for the statuette and he'll try to kill Alan Morton in the 
    process.  Aline says she'll keep an eye on the plane, in case they need a 
    quick escape route.  She says she'll translate the ancient tablets that were 
    found with the statuette in the meantime.  If she finds out something 
    useful, she will call Carnby on the walkie-talkie.
    Immediately after the opening cutscenes are over, you will get a call on the 
    radio from Aline.  She says that she wanted to check if the radios were 
    working.  Aline then instructs you on how to use the radio.  Once the talk 
    is over, walk down the path.  You'll see an item laying on the ground.  
    Carnby will explain how to pick up items when you get close to it.  Anyway, 
    take the ORANGE FLASK.
    Walk down the path past the cheesy evil eyes in the bushes lining the path.  
    Pick up the REVOLVER BULLETS on the path.  A moment later, Aline will call 
    you on the radio again.  Carnby reports that he hasn't seen anything 
    interesting yet.  Aline says that she hasn't gotten much from the tablets 
    either.  All they seem to be talking about so far is evil powers and 
    monsters.  Aline suspects the tablets were written to scare off thieves.  
    Carnby says there probably are monsters on the island, since he hasn't seen 
    anybody since they arrived.  Aline says that it's unlikely there are 
    monsters, but then she's cut off by radio interference before she can say 
    In the next camera angle, you'll have your first fight.  It shouldn't be 
    very hard though, since you're only fighitng spiders.  Once the fight is 
    over, keep walking down the path.  You are now in a large courtyard, with 
    four gates (counting the one you used to get in).  The gate to the right 
    leads to the next part of the game, but you can pick up a handful of 
    supplies if you take the gate across the courtyard or the one to the left.  
    The top and left paths come together, and both head back to the courtyard, 
    so take either one.  You will get a GREEN FLASK and REVOLVER BULLETS.  
    You'll have to go through an extra set of monsters though.
    While you're on this path, you'll also get a call from Aline.  She says she 
    sees somebody moving around near the plane.  Carnby says it's just a 
    raccoon, and to turn on the lights to scare it away.  Aline says she already 
    did that, but then she's cut off again by the poor reception.
    When you arrive back at the courtyard again, go to the upper gate (from the 
    camera's perspective).  Head through two more gates while walking down the 
    path, and you'll now be in the front yard of Alan Morton's mansion.
    The obvious first thing you should do now that you're here is to try to get 
    inside the mansion.  Walk over to the front door, and Carnby will explain 
    how to examine your surroundings.  When you check the door, you'll be told 
    that the lock on the door is strong, but the wood looks weak and rotten.  
    Walk to the right from the door.  You'll see a sparkling glimmer on the 
    ground here.  Take the IRON KEY and walk back.  Head past the front door and 
    stroll down the path next to the mansion.  Note the sillhouette walking past 
    the lit window on the way there...
    Anyway, you'll arrive at a garden shed while going down the path.  Use the 
    Iron Key here to unlock the shed.  Inside the shed you'll get a CROWBAR and 
    GARDENING GLOVES.  If you want to, you can continue to the end of the path 
    from here where you'll find a BLUE FLASK.  You'll have to go through an 
    extra set of monsters though.  Either way, return to the front door and use 
    the Crowbar to tear it open.
    Right after you're inside the mansion's main hall, you should see a black 
    doorway to the left.  Head through this door and walk upstairs.  Collect the 
    GOLD KEY from the clutter at the far end of the balcony, then go back 
    downstairs.  Walk past the front door again and head to the right side of it 
    this time.  You will find REVOLVER BULLETS on the table.  Next, go up the 
    stairs in the middle of the room.  Collect the REVOLVER BULLETS to the left 
    of the staircase (you'll have a monster fight when you go for them), then go 
    through the door to the right of the stairs.  In this room you will find 
    SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES.  Go back outside and head downstairs.  The last thing 
    you need to look at is the sparkling mirror on the wall opposite the bottom 
    of the stairs.
    In the mirror, you can see the face of Charles Fiske!  He tells Carnby that 
    he wants to help him, but unfortunately he's too weak to do it.  He says 
    that if Carnby could get him his amulet, it would give him the strength to 
    be able to help.
    When you are done speaking with Fiske, go to the double doors beneath the 
    second floor balcony.  Use the Gold Key here to unlock the doors.  You will 
    be in a blue-floor hallway.  Head to the left from the doors, and Carnby 
    will notice the overturned furniture and the blood on the floor.  Continue 
    to the end of the hall, where you'll find REVOLVER BULLETS on a table.  Walk 
    back down the hall and take the one door past the staircase.  The door at 
    the top of the stairs is locked anyway.
    In here, you'll find a SHOTGUN in the gun cabinet, but its firing mechanism 
    has been removed.  You won't be able to use the Shotgun until you find it.  
    If you go further into the room, you will find ALAN MORTON'S JOURNAL (3) on 
    a table.  He says he hid all the firing mechanisms in the attic to keep his 
    servants from killing his monsters.  Remember that, because it will be 
    important information later.  Go back into the hallway.  Turn right from the 
    door and go down the hall.  You'll come to a camera angle showing two doors. 
      Take the one on the left.  In here, use the double doors on the left side 
    of the room.
    You are now inside the Library.  Stay out of the center of the library 
    though, because that's where the monsters will attack you if you go there.  
    Anyway, right after coming in, you should see an unusual statue on the left 
    side of the first camera angle.  Walk behind the statue and you'll find a 
    NEWSPAPER CLIPPING (1) and ALAN MORTON'S JOURNAL (1).  It's important that 
    you read Alan Morton's Journal (1), or you won't be able to complete this 
    next puzzle.
    Alan Morton says one of his servants accidentally found his private store 
    room.  He decided to kill him by leaving him with his monsters in the 
    tunnels, just in case he saw something he wasn't supposed to see.  The 
    newspaper article's author says that Alan's been wasting a lot of his money 
    on worthless Indian art.  Anyway, continue walking around the perimeter of 
    the library.  You will find REVOLVER BULLETS and a BLUE FLASK.
    The next thing you must do is head up to the second floor of the library.  
    It's in the camera angle the Revolver Bullets were in.  Walk down the 
    balcony, but watch for a camera angle with a silver bowl in it.  Press the 
    secret switch in the bookcase to the right of the silver bowl.  A sparkle 
    will show you where it is.  If you haven't read Alan Morton's Journal (1) 
    though, it won't be there.
    Continue along the balcony.  You will next come to a camera angle showing 
    the stairs to the third floor.  To the right of the stairs, you can see a 
    console on the railing.  Press the button on the railing, and you'll reveal 
    a secret room behind a nearby bookcase.  If you had tried this without 
    pressing the first switch, nothing would have happened.  Anyway, kill the 
    monsters that attack after you open the door, and head inside.
    Take the BLUE KEY from a crate on the right side of the room.  Continue 
    farther into the room, and you will find ALAN MORTON'S JOURNAL (2).  In this 
    entry, Alan says his men have gotten Aline's statuette.  Alan then says the 
    statuette's reason for being created was to seal the powers of the 
    underworld, because the Abkanis thought them to be evil.  Anyway, Alan says 
    he's going to learn the statuette's secrets, and then he'll use the powers 
    of the underworld to rule the world...  Cheesy, huh?  Leave the room.
    Take the stairs to the third floor, and collect the REVOLVER BULLETS here.  
    Go back to the first floor and leave the library now.  The last stretch of 
    the third floor balcony has a monster ambush and nothing else.  Once you're 
    in the little room outside the library, take the door on the right side of 
    the room.  Go down the blue floor hall, and head up the stairs you come to.  
    Use the Blue Key on the door at the top of the stairs to unlock it.
    You're now in the second floor corridor.  Go left from the door, because 
    right is a dead end.  You'll get a call from Aline now.  She says she's 
    certain that she sees somebody moving around outside the plane, but she 
    can't see the person even with the lights on.  Carnby advises Aline to 
    temporarily leave the island and pick him up while the storm clears out.  
    Aline agrees, but then she says she hears something on the roof.  The 
    transmission ends with Aline screaming about giant spiders.  Carnby says 
    that he's truly alone now.
    There's a door at the 45 degree turn in the hall ahead of you.  Go to it.  
    Switch on the fuse box near the bed, and a door in the second floor corridor 
    will be pointed out to you.  Leave the room now.  You won't find anything on 
    the other side of the bed, except a monster ambush.  Continue going down the 
    hall.  At the fork in the hall, take the left turn you'll find REVOLVER 
    BULLETS.  Keep walking down the hall, and you'll find FISKE'S AMULET hanging 
    around a bust.  Pick it up.  You won't be able to get it until you talk to 
    Fiske though, so if you haven't, go back and talk to him now.  Carnby says 
    he should go back to Charles now, but first go through the door at the end 
    of the hallway.
    Examine the sparkly to the left of the door, and get the BRASS KEY.  Leave 
    the room now, because if you explore the room further you'll only be 
    rewarded with a monster ambush.  It's time to head back to the main hall.  
    Go out into the hall, through the door into the blue floor corridor, and 
    then through the double doors in the midway point of the hall to the main 
    hall.  Go back to the mirror and use Fiske's Amulet there.
    Charles is very happy Carnby found his amulet, and he says he'll be able to 
    talk to him longer now.  Charles says that as soon as he arrived on the 
    island, he planned to talk with the locals about Alan Morton, but nobody was 
    around.  He says he chased after Morton, but night fell.  He eventually 
    caught up to Morton, but it was too late.  He had used the statuette to open 
    a portal to another world, though which all of these monsters appeared from. 
      Charles tried to fight him, but Morton was too strong.  He says that 
    Carnby must stop him.  Charles then says he can't talk to Carnby anymore, 
    but he does tell him that he can find the firing mechanism for the Shotgun 
    he has hidden in the attic.  He says that he'll contact Carnby via the 
    amulet again after he's fixed his Shotgun.
    After you're done talking with Fiske, go back into the blue floor hall, head 
    upstairs, go into the second floor corridor, and this time make a left turn 
    at the fork in the hall.  Fight the monsters that attack you, and take the 
    GREEN FLASK here.  Use the BRASS KEY on the door at the end of the hall.  
    Head up to the third-floor attic.  Go down the hall here and head through 
    the next door.
    This place is kind of like a maze, so follow my directions carefully.  From 
    the door, make a right turn and battle off the monsters you face.  Keep 
    going down the aisle between the junk and you'll find an ORANGE FLASK on a 
    lighted cabinet.  Go down the aisle some more, and you'll come to a fork 
    with large barrels to the right in the camera angle.  Go straight here.  
    When you get into the next camera angle, walk left from the camera's 
    perspective.  You should see a sparkly on your right.  Grab the Shotgun's 
    firing mechanism.  After Carnby puts it in, you'll finally have a working 
    Shotgun.  Now the game will start a monster fight for you to try out your 
    new weapon in!  Fight off the spiders that attack you.
    Walk down from the camera's perspective, like you're heading back to the 
    exit from this room.  In this camera angle, you'll be contacted by Fiske via 
    the amulet.  He says that Morton is escaping the mansion via the cellar.  
    However, he's sealed the door to keep Carnby from chasing him.  Fiske says 
    he needs to search the attic for something he can use to open the door.
    Continue back the way you came, till you get to the camera shot with the 
    large barrels.  Walk to the left from the camera's view.  You should see a 
    blue vase on the floor there.  In this camera shot, you'll see a sparkly.  
    Check the sparkly to find a box full of DOOR KNOBS.  Take one.  In this 
    camera shot, walk towards the background.  You'll find the door out of here 
    in the next shot.  Go down the attic corridor, and head downstairs again to 
    the second floor corridor.
    Go down the hall and hit the door to the stairs that lead to the blue floor 
    corridor.  Go through the double doors at the midway point of the hall to 
    enter the main hall.  The door you need to use the Door Knob on is near the 
    table in front of the fireplace.  Head downstairs and enter the cellar.  
    Grab the SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES nearby.
    Walk straight ahead, and fight off the monsters when they attack you.  
    Search the cabinet on the right side of the room for a bag of GREY DUST.  
    Look on the other side of this room for stairs leading down.  This will take 
    you into the Morton tomb.  Examine the front of the coffin and it will give 
    you this message: "You must find the balance in life to progress."  If you 
    notice, there are two statues near the coffin.  One is gold and the other is 
    silver.  Use the Grey Dust on the gold statue to color it silver.  A 
    compartment will open on the front of the coffin.  You will find the SILVER 
    KEY in the compartment.  Head into the first basement room.
    In the camera angle showing the door to the main hall, you should see bright 
    light coming from the left.  Walk towards the light.  You can see the door 
    that needs the Silver Key in front of you, but first explore the room to the 
    left for SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES.  You'll need to fight an extra set of monsters 
    though.  Go back to the door, and this time use your Silver Key there.
    You're now in the sewers.  You might want to save, because there's some 
    hazards down here that can hurt you or even kill you instantly.  In the 
    camera angle where you start wading through deep water, you may notice 
    strange dark spike shapes poking up and down out of the water.  Avoid these, 
    because they'll hurt you if you walk through them.
    This next chamber is deadly.  Whatever you do, DON'T touch the large 
    tentacle that circles throughout the chamber, or the monster that is the 
    tentacle will kill you instantly.  Take care to avoid the spikes as well.  
    To get around this big guy, you can either walk through the gap in the 
    tentacles in front of you, cross the room through the middle, and cross 
    through the second gap in the tentacles, or you can go left and circle the 
    room's perimeter.  Either way, you'll now be in a large chamber with lots of 
    water and nothing else.  Head to the door at the far end of the room.
    In this room, you'll encounter a red spike that can cause more damage.  
    Anyway, walk around the left side of the spikes so you don't have to go 
    through them.  In the next corridor, Fiske will warn you that Alan Morton's 
    nearby and he's looking for a fight.  Anyway, proceed down this long water 
    passageway.  You'll emerge out onto dry ground at the end.  Walk straight 
    ahead from the stairs and you'll see a portal with REVOLVER BULLETS nearby.  
    Take the ammo and walk onward.
    Go down the path, fight off the monsters that attack, and collect the BLUE 
    FLASK.  You might want to save your game now and heal up, because a boss 
    fight is just around the corner.  When you arrive at a place with a circle 
    of stones, Alan Morton will confront you.
    He's not that hard to beat, since his attack strategy is simple.  He will 
    teleport to some place in the area, and then he'll run up to you to punch 
    you.  After he throws his punch, he teleports away.  He will repeat this 
    pattern over and over throughout the battle.
    Use your Revolver here.  The Shotgun fires too slowly in my opinion.  When 
    Alan appears from far away, fire shots at him till he gets too close, then 
    start walking away to dodge his punch.  If he appears close, you might want 
    to dodge the punch, and then fire to hit him before he can vanish.  If you 
    want to end this fight quickly and have health to spare, stand in one place 
    and just shoot at Morton wherever he appears.  Don't bother to dodge the 
    punches.  It's possible to kill him after just two passes this way.
    After you defeat him, he'll teleport away, this time for good.  Proceed down 
    the path some more past the stone circle.  You'll eventually arrive at the 
    portal to a bridge that leads to a fort.  Cross the bridge.
    You're standing at the front doors of the fort right now.  Unfortunately, 
    they're locked.  You need to find an alternate route.  The way you need to 
    use to get inside the fort is by climbing up the thorny vines to the right 
    of the fort's door, by using the Gardening Gloves.  Before you start 
    climbing though, you might want to search the outside of the fort first.
    Walk left from the front door, and you'll find REVOLVER BULLETS.  You might 
    have to fight an extra group of monsters for them though.  Also, if you 
    continue on to the end of the path, you'll get the THIN KEY.  It's a useless 
    item though.  If you attempt to use it on the front door, the key will 
    break.  You must enter the fort by climbing the vines.  Anyway, once you're 
    done exploring out here, use the Gardening Gloves to climb up the vines 
    outside the fort.
    You're now standing on the fort's battlements.  Walk along the path in front 
    of you, and fight off the monsters that attack you.  Go downstairs, and 
    you'll now be indoors.  Follow the path through the fort's corridors, and 
    you will find yourself on the back side of the fort.  Collect the GREEN 
    FLASK you see here, then walk down the path to your next fight.  After you 
    win, walk left (from the camera's perspective) and you'll see a strange 
    statue.  Examine the hole in the side of the statue to find the SKELETON 
    Once you get it, go back a few steps until you get a camera angle showing a 
    path that heads straight away from the camera's view.  It's the last camera 
    angle before the one showing the door back inside the fort.  Go down this 
    path and you will find another door.  Head through that door.
    Walk down the passageway till you come to a door.  Near the door a CROSSBOW 
    is lying on the floor.  It's kind of hard to see, since it looks like a 
    crack in the floor, but it's there.  Use the Skeleton Key here.  You're 
    inside Morton's evil underground lair now.  Let's just hope he doesn't 
    decide to pop up and welcome you here while doing the pinkie thing.  Walk 
    forward.  When you get in a camera shot showing cages with lights on the 
    sides, walk right.  There's a passageway on the right side of this area, but 
    it's hard to see.  Walk to the end of this hall, and you'll find CROSSBOW 
    BOLTS.  Go back to the first camera shot with the cages.  This time walk 
    straight ahead (from the camera's view).
    You're now inside an operating room.  There's nothing to see here though, so 
    head to the next room.  If you look to your right, you'll find a table where 
    a fuse box is.  The fuse box has the words "Door Mechanism" on it.  Remember 
    that fuse box, because it could be important later.  The next thing you'll 
    see as you continue on your leisurely stroll is a box with an electric 
    generator on a table.  You can't mess with it until you get some protection 
    As you continue going through the lab (strange how this whole lab's 
    basically one big hall) the next thing you'll see is a large cabinet.  
    Search inside the cabinet to find a SMALL BOMB.  Again, keep walking 
    forward.  The exit out of the laboratory is in front of you, but 
    unfortunately it's electronically locked and there's an electric field 
    protecting it.  Don't touch the electric field, or you'll get hurt.
    What you have to do is disable the two mechanisms in this room that are 
    controlling the door's defenses.  Those devices would be the generator and 
    the fuse box you passed by earlier.  Use the Gardening Gloves to switch off 
    the generator, and use the Small Bomb to blow up the Door Mechanism fuse.  
    The exit door will now be open.  Go through it and over the bridge to the 
    next area.
    Walk under the stone arches to the edge of a cliff.  Fight off the monsters 
    here, and continue along the cliff.  Go through the opening in the cliff you 
    come to.  Cross the bridge you come to.  After you get off of it, battle 
    with the monsters that attack.  Once the fight's over, you'll see a big 
    stone door.  It won't open though.  Look to the right and you'll see a 
    sparkly pointing out a glowing rock to you.  Use the Crowbar here to lever 
    the rock.  This will make the stone door open.
    Walk through the door and head through the tunnel.  After going through 
    another door and crossing another bridge, you'll find yourself at a chasm 
    with no way to cross.  However, if you examine the left pillar next to the 
    chasm, you'll notice a small hole in the base.  Use the Crowbar again here 
    to make the pillar fall over to create a bridge.
    Jump off your improvised bridge, and walk towards the fountain of glowing 
    green water in the background.  Kill the monsters that attack you, then walk 
    inside the green water.  The fountain actually turns out to be a teleporter. 
      Go down the tunnel you see and collect the DYNAMITE.  Proceed down the 
    passageway till you come to a fork.  In this new cave, it's time to face the 
    toughest puzzle this game has to offer.
    In this puzzle, you have to go down passageways until you find a special 
    item that will help you through the tunnels.  If you take a wrong turn, 
    you'll wind up back at the start again.  You can find out the path to take 
    through trial and error, or you can use my solution below.  Make the turns 
    whenever you come to a fork n the tunnel:
    (from the camera's perspective) upper left, upper left, lower left
    You will now be in a small room with a GLOWING GEM on the floor.  Take this 
    item, and go back into the confusing tunnels.  You'll notice that there's 
    now there's a glowing path on the floor.  What you need to do is act like 
    Dorothy did and follow the golden sparkly path to find the exit.
    Once you've done that, you'll be in the next cave.  Battle the monsters 
    here, then collect the ORANGE FLASK here.  Continue on through the caves, 
    while battling another group of monsters.  The next place worthy of note is 
    a ledge with a rope going down from it.  Climb down the rope and collect the 
    BLUE FLASK at the bottom.  Down here, you have two caves to choose from.  
    One's on the left, and the other's on the right.
    Take the right cave (from the camera's perspective).  Kill the monsters that 
    attack you when you come in.  Move forward, and you'll be standing in a room 
    with a passageway in each corner of the camera angle.  Take the upper left 
    passageway to find a BLUE FLASK.  The bottom left passageway only leads to a 
    dead end with a monster ambush and you came in through the bottom right 
    passageway, so take the upper right passageway behind the table.
    You will find an evil-looking totem pole here, that seems to be generating a 
    force field of some kind.  Set the Dynamite here, then use the Lighter to 
    light the fuse.  Run out of the cave, and you'll hear a large explosioin 
    from the other room.  The totem pole's been destroyed.  In this room, take 
    the bottom right passageway back to the room where the rope let down to.  
    Take the other cave on the left side of the room now.
    In this room, you'll finally find the object you've been after for this 
    whole game, the UGLY STATUE!  If you had tried to come here before getting 
    this item, you wouldn't have been able to grab it because of the totem 
    pole's force field.  Anyway, when you grab the Ugly Statue, you'll suddenly 
    be teleported back to the mansion again.
    You're now in Alan Morton's study back in his mansion.  You finally have 
    what you were supposed to get, so now it's time to leave the island.  Grab 
    the GREEN FLASK off the nearby crate.  Go to the chair next to the desk, and 
    you will find a BLUE FLASK.  The rest of the room past the desk is just a 
    dead end, so head in the other direction now.  You'll come to the exit from 
    the room, but it's locked.  Use the Skeleton Key here to unlock the door.
    In the hall, kill the monsters that attack you, and walk to your left.  
    Fiske will talk to you via the amulet, and he'll say that Carnby needs to 
    kill Morton before he can leave the island.  Killing Morton will finally put 
    Fiske's soul to rest.  Grab the REVOLVER BULLETS off the table in this hall, 
    and take the door at the end of the passageway.  You're now in the blue 
    floor hall.  Go through the double doors at the midway point of the hall to 
    enter the main hall.  Head out through the front door.  Once you're in the 
    front yard, head through the front gate.  You might want to save your game 
    now and heal up, because a boss fight is just around the corner.  Go down 
    the paths until you get to the large courtyard you passed through near the 
    start of the game.  It looks like Alan Morton's back for more...
    Don't get worried though, because he attacks you exactly like he did in the 
    last fight.  He will teleport to some place in the area, and then he'll run 
    up to you to punch you.  After he throws his punch, he teleports away.  He 
    will repeat this pattern over and over throughout the battle.
    Use your Revolver or your Crossbow here.  The Shotgun fires too slowly in my 
    opinion.  When Alan appears from far away, fire shots at him till he gets 
    too close, then start walking away to dodge his punch.  If he appears close, 
    you might want to dodge the punch, and then fire to hit him before he can 
    vanish.  If you want to end this fight quickly and have health to spare, 
    stand in one place and just shoot at Morton wherever he appears.  Don't 
    bother to dodge the punches.  It's possible to kill him after just two 
    passes this way.
    Once Alan's defeated, Fiske says via the amulet that he can rest in peace 
    now, since he knows his death was avenged.  He tells Carnby to hold onto the 
    amulet to remember him by.  They say their final goodbyes and Fiske vanishes 
    forever.  After the conversation, go through the gate to the right.  Stroll 
    down the path back towards the seaplane.
    When you're about to reach the jetty again, Aline will call you on the 
    radio.  Carnby is very glad she's still alive.  Aline says she had to 
    abandon the seaplane when the spiders attacked, and says that she's been 
    hiding for hours.  She says she's been trying to get him on the radio, and 
    Carnby explains that he was underground for awhile.  He says he's fine, and 
    that Morton's dead now.  Carnby and Aline also notice that the sun is rising 
    and scaring away all the monsters.  They both agree to meet at the plane.  
    Stroll down the final stretch of the path to the gate to the seaplane.
    Once you pass through the gate, you'll view the final cutscene.  As the sun 
    rises, the plane lifts into the air and leaves the island behind.  Carnby 
    says that Morton's been destroyed and that he's no longer a threat anymore.  
    Aline says that she can't wait to examine the statuette once they get back, 
    but then Carnby sadly says that the statuette was destroyed during his fight 
    with Morton.  Aline is very distressed by this and says that this whole trip 
    was for nothing.  Carnby then shows her the jewel he found and says that it 
    wasn't a total waste after all.
    A few days later, a newspaper is shown with the front page story the 
    disappearance of Alan Morton.  Aline asks Carnby via the phone if they think 
    the press will ever find out what happened to Alan.  Carnby says that even 
    if they did, they probably wouldn't believe it.  He asks Aline if she would.
    THE END!
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    6:  THANKS...
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