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    FAQ by Ikillkenny

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 01/29/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mario Tennis GBC FAQ
    The First Full Mario Tennis GBC FAQ (why is that here?)
    By: Ikillkenny (ikillkenny@chesco.com)
    Version: 1.7 (English)
    Table Of Contents
    Chapter 1:  Introduction To Mario Tennis GBC
    Chapter 2:  Gameplay/Controls
    Chapter 3:  Regular Tennis Strategies
    Chapter 4:  Exhibition Mode
    Chapter 5:  Story Mode
    Chapter 6:  Equipment
    Chapter 7:  Mario Mini-Games
    Chapter 8:  N64 Version
    Chapter 9:  Secrets and Codes
    Chapter 10:  Common Questions
    Chapter 11:  Wishlist
    Chapter 12:  Misc. Crap
    Chapter 13:  Credits/Comming Soon
    Chapter 1:  Introduction To Mario Tennis GBC
    Section 1: History
    	Mario Tennis has been around for quite a while.  Nintendo made many versions
    of the game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, none of them with great
    sucess.  There was also a Mario's Tennis game produced for the failed Virtual
    Boy console.  More recently Camelot released a 3D version of Mario Tennis for
    the Nitnendo 64, with many 3D Nintendo mascot characters and all sorts of other
    goodies.  Much like what Camelot did for Mario Golf, they decided to create a
    handheld version of the game on Game Boy Color.  The Game Boy Color version of
    the game is what version this FAQ covers.
    	Since Mario Tennis has now been released in the US, this FAQ should provide
    pretty accurate information on the game.  If you find something to be
    inaccurate, please email me at
    Section 2: FAQ History
    	Here is the current history and list of changes in the different versions of
    this FAQ:
    -Version 1.7 (English)
    Started: January 25th, 2001
    Finished: January 29th, 2001
    --Added N64 Section
    --Finished Couts Section
    --Added Things to Equipment Section
    --Now Avalible @ comicsoft.hypermart.net/mta
    --Added More Characters
    --Added Misc. Crap Section
    -Version 1.6 (English)
    Started: January 25th, 2001
    Finished: January 25th, 2001
    --Added Exhibition Mode section
    --Added equipment section
    --Minor corrections
    -Version 1.5 (English)
    Started: January 22nd, 2001
    Finished: January 24th, 2001
    --Added Secrets and Codes Section
    --More Questions and Answers
    --More Mario Mini-games
    --Added Wishlist
    -Version 1.4 (English)
    Started: January 21st, 2001
    Finished: January 22nd, 2001
    --Finished Story Mode Solo Play (to the best of my knowledge)
    --Added a Mario Mini-Game Section
    --More Q and As
    --Several errors fixed
    -Version 1.3 (English)
    Started: January 19th, 2001
    Finished: January 20th, 2001
    --Now a FAQ for the English version
    --Serveral errors fixed
    -Version 1.2 (J)
    Started: November 25th, 2000
    Released: January 12th, 2001
    --Last Japanse Version
    --Story Section finished up until the tournament on the island.
    -Version 1.1 (J)
    Started: November 19th, 2000
    Released: November 24th, 2000
    --Added Some of the Story Section.
    --Added More Common Questions.
    -Version 1.0 (J)
    Started: November 18th, 2000
    Released: November 19th, 2000
    First version of the FAQ.
    Section 3: Please Contribute To This FAQ!
    	If you've found something that you know is wrong, or new information about the
    game please feel free to email me at ikillkenny@chesco.com.  Everyone who
    emails me with what I consider important information, I'll add to this FAQ and
    give you credit.
    Section 3: Tennis Terms, Gameboy Terms, etc.
    	This FAQ uses many tennis terms that those who have never played tennis before
    may get confused from.  Here is a list of the tennis court's basic terms:
    =============================================== Baseline
    | |                   |                     | |
    | |             (Nintendo)                  | |Alley
    | |                                         | |
    | |                                         | |
    | |                                         | |
    | |                                         | |
    | |                                         | | Service Line
    | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |
    | |                   |                     | |
    | |                   |                     | |
    | |Service Box        |     Service Box     | |
    | |                   |                     | |
    | |                   |                     | |
    | |                   |                     | |
    =============================================== Net
    For a better diagram, see your manual.
    Other Tennis Terms (not in alphabetical order for some strange reason...):
    Ball: Duh.
    Fault: When the ball goes out of bands on a serve.  If a player gets 2 faults,
    he or she loses the point.
    Let: When the ball hits the net on a serve, goes over, and still goes in the
    service box.
    Have any questions on more terms?  Ask me @ ikillkenny@chesco.com.
    Infared Port
    |                                |
    | ______________________________ | Power
    | |                            | |
    | |                            | |
    | |                            | |
    | |                            | |
    | |     Screen                 | |
    | |                            | |
    | |                            | |
    | |                            | |
    | |                            | |
    | ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
    |   |¯|                     (A)  |
    | |¯   ¯|                 (B)    |
    |  ¯| |¯     ---  ---            |
    |    ¯      Start Select         |
    |   D-Pad                        |
    |                                |
    For a better diagram, see your manual.
    Chapter 2: Gampelay/Controls
    Section 1: Story Mode Controls
    	The controls in the story mode of Mario Tennis GBC are rather simple.  They're
    your standard walk and talk gameboy controls (think Pokemon) and they're not
    very complicated at all.
    • Use the D-Pad to move your character around.  It also will also allow you to
    toggle your selection when someone asks you a question and you must respond
    with yes or no.
    • Press the A Button when you're next to and facing a character to talk with
    that character.  Also press the A Button to choose "Yes" (top) or "No" (bottem)
    when it's selected.
    • Pressing the B Button when asked a question will automaticly select "No."
    • Hold down the B button to run.
    • Holding the A or B button during a conversation speeds up the text.
    • Pressing the Start button will bring you to the start menu, which allows you
    to save your game, change around options, and view the stars you've earned.
    • The select button seems to do nothing in the story mode.
    Section 2: Tennis Controls
    	The controls in the acutal tennis match of the game are exactly the same as on
    the N64 version.  However, incase you're not aware of the controls, here they
    • Use the D-Pad to move yoru character around.  Also use the D-Pad to direct
    shots as you're charging up.
    • Pressing the A button once while a shot is comming will hit a regular shot.
    Holding the A button before the the ball arrives will charge up your character.
     Tapping the A button once, and then holding it again will hit a more powerful
    (orange trailed) shot.
    • Pressing the B button once while a shot is comming will hit a slice.  Holding
    the B button before the ball arrives will charge up your character.  Tapping
    the B button once, and then holding it again will hit a powerful slice (blue
    trailed) shot.
    • Tapping the A button then pressing the B button when the ball arrives will
    hit a lob shot which will launch the ball high in the air, but not very
    • Tapping the B button then pressing the A button when the ball arrives will
    hit a drop shot which will barely get over the net.
    • Tapping either A or B and then pressing A and B at the same time when the
    ball arrives will hit a very powerful (purple trailed shot) if the ball is over
    your head (resulting in a slam.)
    • Pressing select will cancle a charge up, although this isn't very useful.
    Section 3: Serving Controls
    	The controls while serving are very basic.
    • Pressing the A button will hit a regular power shot (orange trailed.)
    • Pressing the B button will hit a powerful slice shot (blue trailed.)
    • Pressing both A and B at the same time will hit a very powerful shot (purple
    Chapter 3: Regular Tennis Strategies
    Section 1: Serving
    	Serving in the Gameboy Color version of this game seems to be a little less
    important than in the N64 version.  The N64 version of the game had characters
    such as Boo and Paratrooper changing the angle of their shots, and players like
    Bowser and Wario hitting monstor shots to the corner and downt he line.  In the
    GBC version, however, many serves are very easy to hit, even perfect shots.
    Nevertheless, a good serve is always a nice thing to have, so this section will
    explain to you how to get a good serve.
    	The fastest shots will usually occur when you hit the ball when it's at its
    highest point.  If you can get it right on there will be a message displayed
    that says "Nice Shot!". Also, if you're going for a power
    shot, make sure to hit purple shots (A+B) because they are the fastest.  IF
    you're lucky, the other player will hit an unintentional lob shot back which
    will allow you to smash it into the corner for an easy win (or another lob shot
    ;-] .)
    	Another way to get a nice serve is to place the ball well.  Keep hitting it
    down the center slowy for a few shots, and then blast it into the corner on a
    power shot.  If you're really lucky you'll get an ace (a serve without the
    other player hitting it) or if you're unlucky you'll get a fault (the ball
    doesn't hit the service box, and if you fault again you'll lose the point.)
    Section 2: Net Play
    	The Net Play strategy will be, basicly, all you'll need the Solo Play.  What
    you'll want to do is to charge the net after you've served, or after you've
    returned a ball.  Get close to the net, and quickly do a drop shot to a corner.
     This will work the best if you've got a good ammount of control.  Your
    opponent should either miss the ball completely, or he'll pop a shot up at you
    that will be easily smashed to the opposite corner.  This strategy works all
    the way up until Mario at the end of the game, although you may need to play a
    little more conservately on people in the Island Open who have a nice lob shot.
    Section 3: Baseline Play
    	Baseline Play, while effective in the N64 version, has become pretty obsolete
    in the GBC version.  The only time that you'll want to use this strategy will
    be when your doubles partner is stuck at the net.  Because there is no way to
    force your double's partner back (this can get quite annoying) you'll be forced
    to cover him.  Genrally, play the opposite side of your partner when playing
    the baseline.  If he's in the middle, you may want to also play generally in
    the middle.
    Chapter 4: Exhibition Mode
    Section 1: Introduction
    	Exhibition Mode in the N64 version was considered one of the best ways to play
    the game (because the tournament mode in the N64 mode was sort of weak.)  In
    this game, however, it's sort of down played by the cool RPG Story Mode. 
    Nevertheless, Exhibition Mode has several different options and characters
    avalible to it, so this chapter is dedicated to showing you the various tips
    and tricks of it.
    Section 2: Characters
    Mario (All-Around)
    Unlocked: Beat Mario in solo play Story Mode.
    Comments:  Mario's decent, nothing special.  He's a little slow for my taste.
    Luigi (All-Around)
    Unlocked: Already unlocked.
    Comments:  Luigi's basicly a green and taller version of Mario.  His height
    gives him a slight advantage at the net.
    Peach (Technique)
    Unlocked: Beat Mario and Peach in doubles play Story Mode.
    Comments:  Haha!  A technique player, I like this.  Peach has a nice bit of
    control, although by the time you get her your character should probally have a
    better technique player, though (if you're like me atleast.)
    Baby Mario (Speed)
    Unlocked: Already unlocked.
    Comments:  Baby Mario was my favorite character in the N64 game, and he's just
    as good in the GBC game.  He's got mega speed, and mega power.  These are
    lethal combinations, as he can blast you into a corner and then quickly get to
    the net and kill the stunned opponent.
    Donkey Kong Sr. (Power)
    Unlocked: Already unlocked.
    Comments:  Bah, this is a rather dull character.  He has exactly the same power
    as Baby Mario, but he lacks the all important speed to go along with a baseline
    power strategy.
    Allie (All-Around)
    Unlocked: Already unlocked.
    Comments:  Your standard all-around character.
    Joy (Technique)
    Unlocked: Already unlocked.
    Comments:  Your standard technique character.
    Allie (All-Around)
    Unlocked: Already unlocked.
    Comments:  Your standard all-around character.
    Pam (All-Around)
    Unlocked: Beat her in Juniors play.
    Comments:  Your standard all-around character.
    Bob (Power)
    Unlocked: Beat him in Juniors play.
    Comments:  Your standard power character.
    Beth (Speed)
    Unlocked: Beat her in Seniors play.
    Comments:  Your standard speed character.
    Fay (Power)
    Unlocked: Beat her in Seniors play.
    Comments:  Your standard power character.
    Curt (Tricky)
    Unlocked: Beat him in Seniors play.
    Comments:  Your standard tricky character.
    Mark (All-Around)
    Unlocked: Beat him in Seniors play.
    Comments:  Your standard all-around character.
    Sean (All-Around)
    Unlocked: Beat him in Island Open play.
    Comments:  Your standard all-around character.
    Sammi (Technique)
    Unlocked: Beat her in Island Open play.
    Comments:  Your standard technique character.
    Elden (Speed)
    Unlocked: Beat him in Island Open play.
    Comments:  Your standard speed character.
    Spike (All-Around)
    Unlocked: Beat him in Island Open play.
    Comments:  Your standard all-around character.
    Emily (Speed)
    Unlocked: Beat her in Island Open play.
    Comments:  A coach from your club who lectured you in the beginning of the
    game.  She's got decent speed, worth checking out.
    B. Coz (Power)
    Unlocked: Beat him in Island Open doubles play.
    Comments:  Your standard power character.
    A. Coz (Tricky)
    Unlocked: Beat him in Island Open play.
    Comments:  The evil and sinister Factory player who's hellbent on winning the
    Island Open tournament.
    Note: I know there are more players and inaccuracies here.  They'll be updated
    Section 3: Courts
    Court: Hard Court
    Ball Speed: Normal
    Bounce: Strong
    Unlocked: Already unlocked
    Court: Clay Court
    Ball Speed: Slow
    Bounce: Weak
    Unlocked: Already unlocked
    Court: Grass Court
    Ball Speed: Fast
    Bounce: Weak
    Unlocked: Already unlocked
    Court: Composition Court
    Ball Speed: Fastest
    Bounce: Normal
    Unlocked: Already unlocked
    Court: Star Court
    Ball Speed: Fast
    Bounce: Srong
    Unlocked: Have all stars cleared in the clear status mode for one character.
    Court: Castle Court
    Ball Speed: Normal
    Bounce: Normal
    Unlocked: Beat Mario in singles or doubles
    Court: Tropics Court
    Ball Speed: Fastest
    Bounce: Weak
    Unlocked: Beat the highscore in the challenge of Target Shot.
    Court: Jungle Court
    Ball Speed: Fast
    Bounce: Strongest
    Unlocked: Beat the highscore in challenge in Bannana Shot.
    Court: Wharehouse court
    Ball Speed: Slow
    Bounce: Strong
    Unlocked: Contrary to what you may have heard from the good people over at
    Astroblue's FAQ, you don't actually need to fill up your entire Mario
    characters exhibition screen.  You just need to fill a whole row of characters
    in exhibition mode (for example, beat everyone availible with Baby Mario or
    something.)  The characters can be of any difficulty and the matches can be of
    any length.
    Chapter 5:  Story Mode
    Section 1: Solo Play
    	The Story Mode of Mario Tennis GBC is very similar to the story mode in Mario
    Golf GBC.  You are a character from a small and local country club that must
    play other players, talk with people around the clubs, and complete objectives
    and tournaments before beating the club.  You also have a certain level of
    expierence that dictates your stats.  Beating other players and doing
    objectives (such as beating the robot in the training lounge) will give you
    expierence points.  The more expierence points you get, the higher your level
    will be, and the higher your stats will be.
    Section 2: Starting Story Mode
    	To start the Story Mode, goto the "1", "2", or "3" icon on the main screen.
    After selecting this, you will have the option of choosing either a boy or a
    girl.  There is no significant difference between the two, so it does not
    matter who you choose.  Also, pressing select will determine if your character
    is a right handed individual or a freak (left handed individual :)  After
    choosing your character, and hitting ok you then get a doubles character.  The
    boy doubles character will get a guy as a doubles partner, and the girl will
    get a another girl asher partner.  You'll have the option of naming both the
    characters.  Since I've yet to see any codes at this time, I assume that naming
    your character wll not have any significant impact (I say this because in
    Harvest Moon your cows would have better milk if you named them (heart) and
    then something.)
    	Now you'll get the basic story of the game.  According the annoying,
    unskippable, 5 minute talking-to you're a promising tennis student who's
    entering the club halfway through.  Emily, the old lady who shows (forces) you
    around, will take you to the various parts of the club, and tell you general
    things about them.  However, if your memory isn't so great, here's a handy
    little map of the place:
           | Double Partner's  | |		|
           |	Dormatory  | |	Cafe	| Senior    Junior
           |________  _________| |  ________|  Courts    Courts
    		| |__________| |__________| |________| |________
    	        |______________________   ______________________ Training Area	      
    				       | |		___________
    				       | |		| Training|
    				       | |		| Facility|
    				       | |		|____ ____|
    				       | |		     =
    				       | |	             =
    		|¯¯|==================(   )===================
    	Varsity	|  |		       | |
    	Court	|__|		       | |
                    _______________________| |_______________________
    		|						 |
    		|						 |
    		|		Main Clubhouse			 |
    		|_______________________  _______________________|
    					| |
    					| |
    					| |
    					| |
    					| |
    					| |
    							     (     Isle Open  )
    	After Emily stops talking with you, you'll end up in your partner's house. 
    From here you're going to want to go towards the Junior Courts to start
    challenging the really, really, really easy junior competetors, or to the
    training area to beef up your stats and skills on shots.  For our purposes
    let's go to the Junior Courts, and talk with the man in the blue sweat jacket
    there.  He will talk to you about how you aren't eligble for senior courts yet,
    and that you have to beat junior competetors first.  Then, he'll call over your
    first opponent.
    	This will be your introduction to match playing.  While it shouldn't be too
    hard, it's good practice (and exp) for later matches.  You must win 2 out of 3
    6-Game sets to win the match.  This will take a good while (grrr...) so make
    sure you have time to do this!  Once you easily defeat your competetor, a Win!
    screen will pop up.  Hit A.  You'll get various ammounts of Expierence Points
    as you
    play opponents of varying difficulty.  Anyways, take your expierence and hold
    down A to give it to your main character.  Once you've distributed the
    expierence, an input box will appear asking you if this is ok.  Choose the top
    option (yes) and you'll proceed to the Level Up screen.  For each level your
    character gained you will be able to improve one attribute.  Here are the
    different attributes:
    ______________ _______________
    |  Spin      | |  Control     |
    |   Top ---- | |   Angle ---- |
    |   Slice ---| |   Place ---- |
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    _____________  ________________
    | Power      | |  Speed        |
    |  Serve  ---| |    Speed ---- |
    |  Stoke ----| |    Dash ----  |
    |  Volley----| |    Reaction - |
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |    Stop  ---- |
    	Continue talking to the guy in the blue sweatshirt after each match (until you
    beat the fourth junior classman.)  All of these matches should be a piece of
    cake, especially for those with any expierence in Mario Tennis.  Infact, these
    matches will eventually become so easy that I'd be surpised if you couldn't
    beat them in your sleep. Nevertheless, beat the 3 remaining opponents and head
    out of the Junior Courts.
    	Head out of the courts, and then head down off the path.  You're now going to
    be going towards the Training Facility (if you're not sure where it is, check
    the map above.)  Once you get there, talk with the man behind the counter. 
    He'll tell you that you can now get an upgraded racket.  You'll want to do
    this, as it will boost your control of the ball (imperative over power or speed
    in the later matches.)
    	Now it's time for some more expierence.  Do you see the two metal doors right
    past the counter?  I sure hope you do, because they're pretty obvious. 
    Anyways, head in the door on the left.  You'll see several people standing
    around a metalish tennis court.  Talk with the guy blocking the door to start
    Level 1:  This isn't too bad.  The first thing you must do is serve the ball at
    one of the arrows on the wall.  The ball will be deflected in an angle
    corresponding to the directin of the arrow that you hit.  Once you do this, hit
    a few shots against the net on the service line, and when the 4 arrows come
    back try to first hit it just to the right, and then just to the left.  Hitting
    the arrows may be trouble, because if the ball goes out of bounds before you
    get 50 shots totatled, you'll lose.
    Level 2:  This is going to take a little paitence to beat.  This time instead
    of arrows hitting the ball left or right, they now hit drop shots (down arrows)
    or lob shots (up arrows that get really, really high.)  Your best way to beat
    this one is to a little past the service line and try your hardest to avoid
    hitting your ball at one of the four arrow machines.  Hit the ball back 50
    times to get that valuable expierence.
    Level 3:  This level, in my opinion, is much easier than the previous level.
    You get a lot of free hitting time while the blocks stop and change form.
    They'll change forms from Up to Left To Down To Right To Up again.  However,
    the annoying down arrows will never appear in the front row (except in the left
    corner when they're changing shapes) so you can play it safe and hit the ball
    between the baseline and the service line.
    Level 4:  Ouch!  This is a really tough one to beat.  Now there are 3 globs of
    arrows to mess you up, and they periodicly change their directions.  It's
    really quite annoying.  The best strategy is to play pretty far back, and
    really pay attention to not over anticipating and having a newly changed arrow
    hit a drop shot at you.  Hit 50 shots (after *a_lot* of practice) to win the
    final level of this.
    	Once you've finished this and have gained all of that expierence points, go
    out of the room and go to the room to your right.  This training room is
    significantly easier, and consists of just returning balls that the robot sends
    to your in various directions.  It's like playing against a tennis machine.
    Level 1:  You should not have any trouble with this one.  Just hit all the
    balls that the robot returns and try to to dive for them too much to easily get
    the 15 shots required for victory.
    Level 2:  This one is a little bit harder, but it still should not give you
    much trouble.  The robot now moves, and hit balls in varoius directions.  Just
    go to the middle after each shot, and then act from there and you'll easily get
    30 shots.
    Level 3:  The hard part about Level 3 is that it takes quite a while to beat.
    60 shots is longer than you think, and that gives you a while to choke.  Plus,
    it now shoots drop shots and lob shots, but they're not that bad.  Just don't
    overanticapate a shot and find yourself charging up for a drop shot on the
    baseline.  Get 60 shots to win.
    Level 4:  This might actually take a few tries, because the robot starts moving
    and shooting rather fast towards the last 25 shots.  Try your hardest not to
    choke, and you'll be able to win.  Stand right in front of where the robot is,
    and don't over anticapate, as it'll shoot a lot of drops and lobs.  Hit 100
    shots to win.
    	Okay, now you can either go and face the senior competetors, or you can go to
    the training tennis courts to get some more expierence.  For our purposes let's
    head to the Senior Courts and beat the senior competetors.  Once you reach the
    courts, talk with Emily who will be standing right in front of you when you go
    to the courts.  She'll say a few things, and then you'll face the fourth ranked
    player.  This should be just as easy as the previous people in the junior
    round.  Just play the net, smash balls to the outsides on serves, and now, with
    your new control, hit deadly drop shots to the corners.  The matches are still
    the same grueling 3, 6 game Set games.
    	After easily creaming the first competetor, do the same on the next 3.  The
    only person who may give you trouble is the Senior Champion.  However, he's
    pretty slow, so good control should wreck him (he only got 2 points off of me
    in the whole match, honestly.)
    	Once everyone is beat, head back to the training facility.  Here you can
    purchase a new set of shoes (I'd do this) and a new racket (I wouldn't do this
    unless you're going for power.)  Now you're ready to fight the 4th ranked
    Varsity player (don't worry, you're only going to have to fight him, not the
    other guys at this current moment.)  Head out of the training facility, and go
    due west to the Varisty Court.
    	Talk with a few people here, and eventually they'll ask you if you want to
    face the 4th ranked Varsity Team member.  Do this, and as soon as you know it,
    you'll be in a Varsity match.  This guy is about as tough as the Senior
    Champion, so use the same type of strategies on him.  Your upgraded speed
    should really help here, as you can now recover for a bad shot you may have
    	Once you beat him, Emily, Mark, and Travis(?) come over to congratulate you on
    making the varsity team.  After talking to you for a while, you'll get a "To Be
    Continued" message.  Don't turn the game off!  There's still a lot more to do.
    	Select your character again, and choose singles (you'll now have the option of
    doubles play if you wish, but if you want to play that see the double's play
    section of this guide.)  You'll find yourself in your doubles partner's house,
    when you suddenly realize that you're late for a trip.  You'll then see the
    headmaster (the guy who bumped into you at the beginning of the game) talking
    with the 3 other varsity team members talking about the Island Open.  You'll
    rush in at the last minute, and the next morning you'll all take a Mighty Ducks
    Flying V formation to the plane.  The Academy Varsity Team members will fly to
    the island that hosts the Isle Open.
    	On this island you'll be facing a score of tough opponents (actually, more
    like 4.)  Your team members will tell you that the tournament will start soon,
    but you still have some time to look around.  There's not much going on here,
    so just head out to one of the courts and come back in.  You'll see various
    people in the groups A and B in the main room.  Walk into an open spot to face
    your first opponent.
    	Your first opponent is signifcantly harder than anything you've faced before
    (except maybe the arrows in the Level 4 at the training facility.)  She's going
    to be pretty darn fast, and she's also going to have a lot of control.  Your
    best option is to hit it hard to her on a server, and then get up to the net,
    and blast drop shots to the corners until you draw her forward and to the side.
     Once this happens, hit a slice back and to the opposite side of which she's
    on.  This should work pretty effectively when you're serving.
    	When you're not serving, watch out for some pretty tough serves from her. 
    Play conservatively, and don't make a move until you're postive where it's
    going.  It's better to hit a weak return on her than to miss the shot
    completely on an ace.  Remember, if you start to go behind early DON'T QUIT! 
    There's still a lot of time for you to come back and adjust to how she plays. 
    Remember, these Island Open matches are actually a grueling Best out of 5 sets
    as opposed the standard best out of 3 sets.  Even if you lose the first set
    (like I did) you can still come back and win it pretty easily becasue you'll
    get the hang of her style.
    	Once you beat her, you'll be congratulated by your peers.  Walk outside the
    courts again, take a breather, and then get ready for your next match.  Your
    next competetor will be a tall guy with a wicked curve shot (does anyone know
    how to do this?)  He's also got wicked power, and knows how to lob the shot
    pretty well.  This means he'll have a devastating serve, and that if you don't
    get him quickly at the net, he'll hit it over your head and you'll lose the
    point.  Do your best to win all the matches when you serve (it shouldn't be too
    hard, he's pretty slow), and try to win atleast one per set when you don't
    serve.  In order to protect yourself against a service ace, you may want to
    cheat towards the middle and forward a little.  This will prevent the wicked
    curves from getting to you.
    	The next person you'll be facing is Emily, the woman from the academy who
    showed you around for an agonizing 5 minutes in the beginning of the game.  She
    shouldn't be as bad as the previous character because she's not too fast, and
    she doens't have that evil curve shot.  Just get a fair return, or hit a power
    server, and move up to the net and do the deadly drop shop to the corner
    strategy.  Make sure to not let her get it over your head!
    	After beating Emily (I assume this won't be too hard if you can beat the guy
    before her) you'll be congratulated on getting to the finals.  Here you'll face
    the Factory's hardest guy, A. Coz.  Truthfully he isn't that hard, you just
    need to do the same strategy that was so effective against the previous three
    (playing the net and dropping it into a corner.)  Remember that the first shot
    you get at hitting a drop ball from the net you must take, or he'll easily lob
    it over your head for an easy point.
    	If you're able to beat A. Coz, you will now be the new Island Open Champion! 
    You'll get a ton of expierenc which will be pretty helpful if you're going for
    a high level.  Congratulations, this is quite a feat.  You'll now get to go
    through a nice little cinematic where the other players from different clubs
    are furiously jealous of you.  Nevertheless, you'll get the award, and before
    you know it you'll be back at the academy in the Headmaster's office.  Here
    he'll tell you that he'ls recieved an invatation from the greatest tennis
    player of all time, Mario.  After you accept the invitation, you head back out
    of the gates and take get on the plane. While it looks like the plane's going
    back to the Island Open, it turns around and heads up through the rainbow.
    	Now, inconviently you'll have to sit through the credits which are pretty darn
    long.  Once they finish, another To Be Continued message will appear.  Hit the
    A button, and load up your character in singles play again.   You should now
    find yourself inside of Mario's Castle (with farmilar music from Mario 64) with
    the various Mario characters in a circle.  Bowser (why is he allowed in the
    caslte?) and a few others will comment on how they've never beaten Mario. 
    Eventually you'll be given the option to play Mario himself, so choose yes and
    you'll be on the court with him.
    	Mario is just about as hard as A. Coz was.  He may beat you a few times when
    you're not serving and you're on the far court, but generally the all purpose
    net drop strategy should work against him.  After the annoying best out of  5
    match game is over (grrr...) you'll be given the Mario award.  You'll be
    congratulated, and then you'll again have to sit through the credits.  This
    time they're even longer (grrr....) and you get to see your path to greatness.
    	Now the singles story mode is pretty much doen.  The only thing left for you
    to do is to beat all of the various single player competitions.  Those will be
    covered in a later version of this FAQ.  However, you may want to start using
    the iron racket and iron shoes (get them from the repair shop in the training
    facility.)  They'll hurt your stats, but you can now get 2.25 times expierence
    with both of them on.  That'll be pretty useful if you're trying to increase
    your characters level.
    Chapter 6: Equipment
    Section 1: Introduction
    	Equipment can play a big role in whether or not you can edge yourself past a
    human opponent in link play mode.  You will start out the game with normal
    equipment which sort of sucks... unless you're gonig for the extremely average
    player (which you shouldn't at any cost, because you really don't earn any
    stats that way.)  This section deals with the various type of equipment (even
    the hidden stuff.)  Remember, all equipment upgrades are located at the repair
    counter in the training facility.
    Section 2: Rackets
    	Here are the various rackets in the game (there may be a few more, and if you
    now of them, and how to get them feel free to email me at
    	=Normal Racket=
    To Unlock:  Already unlocked.
    Serve: +0	Stroke: +0
    Spin: +0	Angle: +0
    Placement: +0
    Comments:  This is your standard, run of the mill, pixelized racket.  If you
    were to have infinete expierence points, this would, in truth, be your racket
    of choice.  Because it has no negatives to it, if you were to have 10 in all
    categories, this would be rather nice.  Of course, you'll never really do that,
    so you'll probally want to do one of the specialized rackets.
    	=Large Racket=
    To Unlock:  Beat the Juniors Champion .
    Serve: -1	Stroke: -1
    Spin: -2	Angle: +2
    Placement: +1
    Comments: Overall this racket gives you more negative stats than it does
    positve.  However, if you're a control freak (pun intended) like me, you'll
    like this racket because it helps on your angle and placement.  I still use
    this racket even after I've beaten Mario, because it's really nice for control.
    	=Small Racket=
    To Unlock:  Beat the Seniors Champion .
    Serve: +2	Stroke: +1
    Spin: +1	Angle: -2
    Placement: -2
    Comments: Since I'm not a big fan of tricky shot players (players who can curve
    the ball), I don't really want to recomend this racket.  It still has more
    negatives than positives, and it really hurts your angle and placement.  But if
    you really do feel the need to make a tricky player, this would be your racket
    of choice.
    	=Iron Racket=
    To Unlock:  Win the Island Open tourney?
    Serve: -2	Stroke: -2
    Volley: -2	Exp. Points: x1.5
    Comments: The Iron Racket really isn't all that imperative when you're
    training.  It's nice to have with you, but I find that I will hardly ever use
    it.  If you do want some more expierence points (while it will be pretty
    trivial seeing as how you've already beaten the Island Open tournament by this
    time) you can equip this to play some easy doubles matches (along with the iron
    shoes.)  But otherwise, it's not that great.
    	=Silver Racket=
    To Unlock:  See secrets section.
    Serve: -1	Stroke: -1
    Volley: +3	Angle: +2
    Placement: +1
    Comments: This racket still isn't that great, because it still takes points
    away from your stroke and your serve.  Of course, if you're going for placement
    (like me!) this will be a pretty decent racket.  If offers good volleying, and
    good angling and placement.  Serve and stroke aren't all that nesacary, so you
    don't need to worry about it.
    	=Gold  Racket=
    To Unlock:  See Astroblue's FAQ (look in the credits.)
    Serve: ?  Stroke: ?
    Spin: ?	Angle: ?
    Placement: ?
    Comments: I really don't know too much about this racket, just that it does
    exist.  I'm still trying to figure out how you get it (supposively you get it
    from the farie... but how?)  The rumor is that it does not take away from your
    stats at all, but just improves them all.  You'll just have to wait and see.
    	=Drive  Racket=
    To Unlock:  See Astroblue's FAQ (look in the credits.)
    Serve: ?  Stroke: ?
    Spin: ?	Angle: ?
    Placement: ?
    Comments: If you're a big technique player, I *guess* you might like this
    racket.  I personally hate it with a passion.  First of all, you're gonig to
    need to sacrifice power to get this racket, so that's a big minus.  Plus,
    technique is more of an afterthought than a major attribute (something to get
    after you've maxed out all of your other stats.)
    Section 3: Shoes
    	=Normal Shoes=
    To Unlock:  You will always have the regular shoes.
    Speed: +0	Dash: +0
    Reaction: +0 Stop: +0
    Comments: I really don't like these shoes.  I think that speed's pretty
    important, so it's non-advantages aren't all that great.  I reccomend the Light
    	=Light Shoes=
    To Unlock:  Beat the senior's champion.
    Speed: +2	Dash: +2
    Reaction: -2 Stop: -2
    Comments: I use these shoes primarily because they let you move quicker. 
    Reaction and Stop aren't anything real important, so it's okay to have a -2
    penalty on those two stats.  There really isn't too much of a choice on shoes,
    so go with these all the time.
    	=Iron Shoes=
    To Unlock:  Win the Island Open tourney?
    Speed: -2	Dash: -2
    Reaction: -2 Stop: -2
    Comments: Again, like the Iron Racket, you're not going to be using these all
    too often.  The only time you'll really use these is if you want to get some
    bonus expierence for your doubles partner early on in the doubles match.
    Are there any more shoes?  There sure seems like there are.  If you know of
    any, please send information to ikillkenny@chesco.com.
    Chapter 7: Mario Mini-Games
    Section 1: Information
    	The Mini Games are a great way to improve your skills, and to have fun doing
    it.  Plus, you can unlock new courts in exhibition mode (you simply need to get
    a record over 60 in challenge mode.)
    Section 2: Boo Blast (Mario)
    To Unlock:  Beat Mario in solo play (not postitive, please email me at
    ikillkenny@chesco.com if you can confirm or deny this.)
    Objective:  Blast the Boo who appears in different parts of the middle of the
    court.  You can get mega points if you continually hit Boo (you don't lose your
    streak if Luigi misses, but if you miss and then Luigi hits it you'll lose your
    streak.)  Each time you consecutively hit Boo the point value per hit will go
    up (1, 2, 4, 16, 64, 128.)
    Level 1: You need to get 30 points on Boo here.  This should be easy as easily
    accesable pie.  Heck, you don't even need to do a streak, you can just keep
    your ralley alive.
    Level 2: Just as easy, although this time it'll go faster if you can get a nice
    streak going.
    Challenge:  Still just as easy.  You should beat that record of 300-some in a
    snap.  Heck, I got over 1,000 without trying very hard at all.
    Section 3: Target Shot (Baby Mario)
    To Unlock:  It should already be unlocked.
    Objective:  Return the tennis balls from the ball machine into the designated
    square.  If you return the balls with the shot it wants you'll earn extra
    points (for instance, returning a B -> A shot with a drop shot you'll earn
    extra points.)
    Level 1:  Not quite as easyy as Boo Blast, but it's still not too hard.  The
    only thing you should watch out for is hitting balls short on the lobs (counter
    by charging them up.)
    Level 2:  Basicly the same as above.  You might mess up on this one... dont'
    get discoured.
    Challenge:  Again, the same strategy is effect here, because nothing changes
    between levels.
    Section 4: Shooting Star (Luigi)
    To Unlock:  It should already be unlocked.
    Objective:  This is just about the same as what Boo Blast was, except now
    you're hitting a star and you're retuning balls from a machine.  There is a
    twist, though.  If you smash the ball on the star, you'll get *Mega* points
    (times seven.)
    Level 1:  Just return the balls and try to get a streak going.  This shouldn't
    be hard.
    Level 2:  Again, same as above.  This time you need 60 points as opposed to 30.
    Challenge:  Another one where you can get mega points.  You can get over a
    thousand easy if you smash the star.
    Section 5: Bannana Bunch (Donkey Kong Sr.)
    To Unlock:  It should arelady be unlocked.
    Objective:  The objective of this mini-game is to hit the bannana in the front
    of your screen and to keep your rally going.  Your points for each bannana box
    you hit depends on how many bannanas are in the box (for instance, if you hit a
    box w/ 3 bannanas, you get 3 points.)
    Level 1:  This isn't too hard, but it'll probally be harder than all of the
    previous mario mini-games.  Just take it easy, but luckily there aren't any
    arrows in this one.  Just keep your rally going and get 30 points.
    Level 2:  Still not horrid, but it's pretty bad.  The arrows will really p---
    you off, as they may inadvertantly hit your ball out of bounds.  Try to keep
    the ball near the center and wait out the 60 points.
    Challenge:  This is a real pain in the butt.  The arrows here form a DK
    pattern, and there are plenty of them.  You'll need to try really, really,
    really hard to beat your record.
    Section 6: Perfect Shot (Peach)
    To Unlock:  Beat Peach in Exhibition Mode (you may need to beat Mario/Peach
    team in doubles to be able to play her in exhibition mode.)
    Objective:  The objective here is much like that in a Virtua Tennis where you
    had to play against the wall and hit certain targets.  Only this time you don't
    have a pesky time limit.  Still, it's pretty dang hard as in the later levels
    there's an arrow block moving around.  Clear the 21 tiles to win.
    Level 1:  Just clear the 21 tiles without letting the ball go over your head. 
    You'll need to use all topspin shots, and charge up your lobs to hit the high
    Level 2:  This gets annoying because there's a four arrow box going around
    (like in the wall level in the training facility.)  You'll want to avoid that
    box like the plauge, or else you'll start to get really, really angry when they
    hit your balls out.  The best thing to do is to basicly play to avoid it, and
    hit boxes inbetween.
    Challenge:  Jeez this is annoying, although I'm not sure exactly how many
    points you're supposed to get.  This time the arrow box has arrows in all
    different directions, and once you clear the 21 boxes, they flip over again
    (like pankcakes.)
    For more mini-games see the N64 Version section.
    Chapter 8: N64 Version
    Section 1: N64 > Gameboy
    	At this time you may be saying something like "I've beaten everything in this
    game by no.w  You can't impress me any more, ikillkenny."  Well, someone
    obvioulsy doesn't know when that someone will be impressed... or something. 
    Anyways, if you happen to own a gameboy, Mario Tennis GBC, an N64, an N64
    controler, an N64 Transfer Pack and Mario Tennis 64 then you're in luck!  You
    can now plug your Mario Tennis GBC game into your N64 Transfer Pack on your N64
    Controller connected to your N64 Console with Mario Tennis 64 plugged in to
    earn more characters, mini-games and expierence points in your Mario Tennis GBC
    Game.  Turn your on N64 and go to the transfer pack option.  Now, goto the N64
    > Gameboy option, and transfer to your GBC. Here's what you get:
    Wario (Power)
    Unlocked: Send from N64 Version to GBC Version.
    Comments: He's got a good serve, but in this game it doesn't really mean
    anything.  Overall, Wario sucks.  He's slow, his only power is on his serve,
    and he's slow.  Plus he's not tall.
    Waluigi (Technique)
    Unlocked: Send from N64 Version to GBC Version.
    Comments: As a control player goes, Waluigi isn't that great.  He's really more
    like a 5/10 control player.  What makes him decent is that he's tall, so it's
    hard to get balls over and around him.
    Bowser (Power)
    Unlocked: Send from N64 Version to GBC Version.
    Comments: Bowser is about as strong and as slow as a rock.  He can really hit a
    serve, but when it comes to everything else, he blows (you'll really see how
    much he blows if you play the Bowser mini-game.)  \
    Yoshi (Speed)
    Unlocked: Send from N64 Version to GBC Version.
    Comments: I like it, I like it.  Yoshi was pretty darn good in the N64 version,
    and he holds it up here too.  He's got the height to play the net, the speed to
    play the baseline, and the power to survive.  He's solid all around.
    Minigame: Fruit Fantasy (Yoshi)
    Objective: There are 3 types of fruit blocks floating around a wall, all of
    varying point values.  The banannas are worth 1 point, the apples are worth 3
    points, and the melon are worth 5 points.  All of these games aren't too bad,
    they just take a little bit of time.
    Level 1: You need to get 50 points, which isn't too bad.  The easiest way to do
    this is to go for the Melon (5 points each) 3 times each time it passes, and
    use the time where the melon fruit isn't on bottem to get back over ot the left
    to be able to hit the melon 3 times again.
    Level 2: The same as level 1, just with 100 points.  Plus, there are a few
    arrows which make this semi-hard.  Try not to hit the up arrows at an angle, or
    the ball will go out of bounds
    Challenge: This time the arrows for two 0's, which can be pretty annoying.  Use
    the same general strategy, just be pretty conservative (like Dubya.)
    Minigame: Treasure Box (Wario)
    Objective: You need to hit the various ammounts of plunder that appear on the
    court and also hit the ball within the box.  It's pretty easy, and you can get
    a lot of points by racking up consecutive ammounts of strokes.  You get double
    points for each item you get in a row.  Here are the point values:
    1 Coin: 5 Points
    3 Coins: 10 Points
    Coin Sack: 50 Points
    Chest: 100 Points
    Level 1: This is really easy.  Just return all of the balls and try to get a
    streak going.  Your objective is 200 points.
    Level 2: Again, the same general strategy.  This time you need to get 300
    points, so streaks are more helpful to you.
    Challenge: Getting the highscore is again really easy.  You can do it in no
    time by just getting a chest on a streak.
    Minigame: Medallion Match (Waluigi)
    Objective: Luigi's nemesis Waluigi's minigame is really, really, really, easy. 
    All you need to do is rally with Luigi and cut off the corner medalons (the
    ones on the outside.)  Once you do this, they'll all be in one group and you
    can get one ball down the heart of medallion country for 250 points.  Here are
    the various point ammounts (1st detonates 1 medalon hit, 2nd detonates 2
    medalons hit and so forth:)
    1st: 1 Point
    2nd: 5 Points
    3rd: 30 Points
    4th: 70 Points
    5th: 150 Points
    6th: 250 Points
    The ponts are actually culmative, I believe.  So if you get all six, you get
    the points of getting all the 5 before it.
    Level 1: Incredibly easy.  Just group 'em and smash the ball.  You need 100
    points for this one.
    Level 2: Same as above, except you need 300 points this time.
    Level 3: Yup, more of the same.  You should be able to get mega points here.
    Minigame: 2on1 (Bowswer)
    Objective: Here's where you get to appreciate how terribly slow Bowser is. 
    This is a good old fashioned game of Canadian Doubles (2 on 1) with the
    following exception: You seem to have a doubles court, where in Canadian
    Doubles you'd have a singles court and would get to play against a doubles
    court.  Anyways, this is by far the hardest thing to do in the game because of
    several factors:
    1) You are unable to save in the middle of the game, so you have to do this in
    one sitting.
    2) You can't control the camera, so you can't change it to player mode where
    you're always on the near side.
    3) It's 2on1 for god's sake!  Waluigi and Wario have someone playing the net
    *and* playing the baseline, and on challenge mode they just don't miss!
    Level 1: This isn't too bad because the guy playing the net won't do too much. 
    When you're serving try to hit it deep into the corner, and then blast the
    return to the side where the base player isn't.  Returning just do the same
    without serving.
    Level 2: Here's where it starts to get bad... but not too bad.  The net play
    guy starts to get a little smarter, but still not brilliant.  Also, the guy at
    the baseline doesn't miss that much.  Plus, you have to get to play a best out
    of 3 set match.  Ouch!  You'll find yourself usually winning only when you're
    serving because they frequenlty pop up a return for an easy smash win.
    Level 3: Oh my god this is hard!  If anyone has any solid tips for beating this
    one, send them to me at ikillkenny@chesco.com.  If you're stuck on here, there
    are a few pointers I have (take in mind that I actually haven't beaten this
    yet.)  First, take advantage of your serving!  If you're able to get a pop up
    return, smash it to the corner!  Don't waste these shots.
    Comming Soon: GBC -> N64
    Chapter 9: Secrets and Codes
    Section 1:  In Game Secrets
    	Here are all of the secrets that we know of so far:
    1)  The Silver and Gold Rackets
    This secret originated by the good folks over at the other FAQ at Gamefaqs.com,
    Astroblue's and Shdwrlm3 (see credits.)
    	At the current moment the details on this secret are sketchy.  I know that
    this secret works, but I don't know when this is actually accessable.  It's
    defantly accessable after you beat Mario, but I believe it's avalible the
    instant you can equip the iron racket.
    	Anyways, once you're able to get the iron racket, equip it and head to the the
    training courts.  You may have seen the lake here before, but if you haven't
    head up, and then head to the right.  You'll see a lake with a few benches, and
    a guy practicing his swing in a corner.  Talk to him, and tell him that you
    don't like his swing.  He'll get really angry, and stomp off (not before saying
    some things about you.)  This will make you so angry that, supposively, you
    just want to swing.  So, you get a 3-2-1 countdown, and then you have to press
    the A button as fast as you can.  Your goal here is to get 100 swings in the 10
    second countdown.  Jeez!  If you try the conventional, press the button as fast
    as you can, you're never, ever, ever going to get over 70 shots.  However,
    thanks to the good people at the gamefaqs.com message board again (thanks to
    the user calling himself Gnicks), I've been told that using the gool ol'
    fashioned arcade button rubbing technique works well here.
    	For those of you not farmilar with that, you basicly put your hand in your
    sleeve and rub the A and B buttons back and forth really quickly.  This will
    get you 100 points, no problem!  Once this happens, a fairy in the pond will
    appear and present you with either the gold or the silver racket.  More on that
    2)  Mismatching Doubles Partners
    	If you've beaten Mario with both Alex and Nina, your thrid character will be
    able to change his or her doubles partner (for example, Nina can play with
    Know a code that you didn't just steal from somewhere else?  Give me an email
    at ikillkenny@chesco.com.
    Chapter 10: Common Questions
    	There are many common questions that you may have while playing the game.
    I'll do my best to try to answer them.
    Q:  Where can I find the rom of this game?
    A:  Roms are illegal dude.
    Q:  When does the English version come out?
    A:  It's been out.  It came out Monday January 15th, 2001.
    Q:  Where can I find a translation guide for this game?
    A:  Check out gamefaqs.com.  They have atleast one of those there.  But now
    that the English version is out you shouldn't really need it.
    Q:  Are there any other versions of Mario Tennis avaliable?
    A:  Yes, there is a Nintendo 64 version avaliable.  There are also some SNES
    games, but they're a lot different.
    Q:  How do I do so and so in story mode?
    A:  I'm working on that.
    Q:  Is it possible to play Mario Tennis online against someome else?
    A:  Obviously not.  You can link play against someone else, though.
    Q:  Is there a way to make your player always on the close side like in the N64
    A (Updated):  Yes you can.  When you're in a match, press pause.  Then goto
    options, then camera, then player mode.  This will get the camera always behind
    you (this really, really, really helps.)
    Q:  Is this the latest version of the FAQ?
    A:  The only way to be certain is to check out www.gamefaqs.com.  The latest
    version is there.
    Q:  Something in this FAQ doesn't make sense.  What should I do?
    A:  Look it over a few times, but if you're still stuck email me at
    Q:  A green message keeps comming up whenver I hit the ball!  Arrrgh!
    A:  That's not really a question, but I'll try to answer it my best (-Troy
    McClure on the Simpsons.)  Anyways, there are some training matches where you
    must do exactly what the person says in order to pass them.  This will all be
    explained once I put in a Training Area section.  By the way, it helps if you
    play the English versin.
    Q:  How can I control my doubles partner?
    A:  You can't.
    Q:  How can I get the Mario characters (peach, D.K., etc.) in story mode?
    A (Updated):  You can't.  However, you can play with them (that doesn't sound
    right) in exhibition mode after you beat Mario in story mode (if I'm wrong,
    please correct me here.)  You also need to transfer several characters from the
    N64 game in order to get all of the characters avalible (such as Bowser, etc.)
    Q:  What are your characters currently at?
    A:  As of January 21st, 2001 my stats are:
    Mike				Lv51
    5 Spin		15 Control
      Top: 1		   Angle: 9
      Slice: 1		   Placement: 8
    17 Power		13 Speed
       Serve: 8		   Speed: 8
       Stoke: 9          Dash: 10
       Volley: 9	   Reaction: 3
    EXPPts: 10912        Stop: 2
    Harry				Lv28
    1 Spin		8 Control
      Top: 1		   Angle: 4
      Slice: 1		   Placement: 3
    11 Power		7 Speed
       Serve: 8		   Speed: 3
       Stoke: 7          Dash: 2
       Volley: 7	   Reaction: 2
    EXPPts: 3383         Stop: 2
    Q:  It's pretty early on, what attributes should I beef up on for my character?
    A:  It's up to you, but I like to choose control real early, then speed, then
    power.  You can forget about Spin for a while, though.
    Q:  I know that there are more Mario characters in Exhibtion mode.  How do I
    get them?
    A:  Try transfering them from the N64 version (via the transfer pack.)
    Q:  How do I curve my shots like the guy in the Island Open Tournament!
    A:  This answer comes from a post on the Mario Tennis message board at
    www.gamefaqs.com by Nicolas:
    I am a N64 version Boo master. So here's how the spins work...
    When a shot is coming at you, double-click B and hit the ball while holding the
    direction you want it to go. If your racquet was pointing to the right when you
    hit the ball, the ball will curve toward your right, and vice-versa. This works
    with left- and right-handed characters.
    During serves, it's a little different. Even the top-spinned balls will curve,
    but the direction depends on if your character is left- or right-handed.
    In the GBC version, boost you spin stat for maximum effect.
    Basicly what that means is boost your stats under the spin tab to be able to do
    a wicked curve shot.
    Q:  What the hell is that fairy doing in the pond in the credits?
    A:  See the secrets and codes chapter.
    Q:  I hate you.
    A:  Looks like I'm doing my job.
    Q:  After I win the Island Open Tournament, everyone keeps refering to "I'll
    beat you next year" or something.  Can you really play the Island Open
    Tournament again?
    A:  I don't think so, but I'll put it in here if you can.  Anyone who knows
    anything please emial me at ikillkenny@chesco.com.
    Q:  How do I fault the ball?  It's so hard!
    A:  Yeah, it sort of is.  If you really want to fault the ball, move to the
    corner, and hit the ball as down the line as you can (all the way away from
    yoru oppo9nent.)
    Q:  Where can I find a transfer pack?
    A:  They should be avalible for about 20 bucks at your local Electornics
    Q:  Wasn't it nice that the Giants got killed in the Super Bowl?
    A:  Totally nice.
    Q:  What's a good way to get a ton of expierence late in the game?
    A:  If you have a transfer pak, you can get tons and tons of expierence if
    you've got a semi-high level player.  First, get your character on to the N64
    version and then start playing the single player tournaments.  While it looks
    like you aren't getting many points at all, you actually are.  Each time you
    beat a new cup you'll be awarded a ton of expierence points ont he game boy
    version.  So, if you're able to completely beat the regular and star
    tournaments (and use atleast the iron racket and/or iron shoes) plus some
    exhibition matches, you can get ~ 8,000 expierence points in one sitting (I
    Q:  Why does the expierence points I get from playing an exhibition match vary?
    A:  Well, the harder opponent you play, and the longer you play, the more
    expierence points you get.  It's not just match length eiterh (like 3 sets
    opposed to 1 set.)  If your match goes to a tiebreaker you'll get more points
    than winning in a 2-0 destructofest.
    Chapter 11: Wishlist
    Section 1: About
    	This chapter is dedicated to some features that I'd like to see in the next
    Mario Tennis game.  If you have some features that you'd like to submit here,
    please send them to ikillkenny@chesco.com.
    Section 2: The List
    -Expanded Cafe Features
    For example, you should be able to eat food and actually gain or lose wait
    depneding on what you eat.  It'd be cool to have your character be either
    skinny or fat.
    -Harder Challenge
    Honestly, this game is pretty easy.  The only truely challenging thing in the
    game is to beat Mario in intense mode, otherwise it's not too bad at all.
    -A Smarter Doubles Partner!
    Jeez, I hate having such a stupid doubles partner.  It'd be nice to be able to
    give him a certain strategy to play (such as play forward, middle, or
    More comming soon...
    -A Canadian Double's Option
    Like in the Wario minigame.  Except the sinlges player gets to hit against a
    doubles court, while the opponents hit against a singles court.
    -A King of the Court mini-game
    This is what I do all of the time in regular tennis.  The "King" has to get 8
    points before anyone else gets 3 points.  It's prety addictive in real life
    -More Realism!
    For God's sake, what's with the almost never hitting the ball out of bounds or
    faulting?  This is how almost all points are achieved in real tennis, so why
    not make it a challenge to hit the ball in the court?
    Chapter 12: Misc. Crap
    Section 1: Glitches
    	Well, here are all of the glitches that I've found:
    -This isn't really a gltich, but if you go in the training facility where all
    of the people are training and press pause when you're in the runner's path,
    they won't actually stop.
    Section 2: Ikillkenny's Challenges
    	Looking for something to do after you've beaten the game?  Well, try beating
    ikillkenny's challenges.  Without further delay, here they are:
    1) Beat Mario on MAX Level in singles and doubles.
    2) Get over 250 on the Wall challenge.
    3) Beat the N64 Star Cup with a low level character. (This is near impossible.)
    4) Try to beat the game early in the morning with minamal light on a bumpy bus
    (I do this all the time.)
    5) Get 168 button presses (that's ikillkenny's personal record) in 10 seconds
    on the practice swing challenge where you got the silver racket.
    6) Hack your own gameshark codes (and then send them to me).
    7) Beat Mario with a level 1 character (give all your expierence to your
    doubles partner.)
    8) Get to Level 99 (this is really, really, really annoying to do)
    9) See how long you can run around with those people in the training facility
    without going mad.
    10) Get over 1,000 balls returned against the ball machine in the training
    11) Beat Mario and Peach in doubles without giving any expierence to your
    12) Figure out why ikillkenny is writing this at 11 p.m. at night when he's
    really tired.
    Section 3: Ikillkenny's Trivia Challenge
    	Think you know Mario Tennis GBC?  Think you can beat ikillkenny in a game of
    triva?  Don't get too cocky until you see some of the questions.  Of course, if
    you think you've got the skill, the guts, and the endurance to do this, send
    all of the right answers to ikillkenny@chesco.com.
    1) What image is on Kate's normal racket when you transfer her to the N64
    2) What color is the "r" in the Mario Tennis logo?
    3) What is it called when you step in front of your doubles partner to hit a
    4) What court is the Yoshi mini-game played on?
    5) What is it called when doubles players align paralell to each other in a
    defensive position?
    6) What's on the windowsill in the dorm room of Harry?
    7) How many courts on the Senior's courts have judges stands?
    More comming soon...
    Chapter 13: Credits/Comming Soon
    Section 1: Credits
    Written By:  ikillkenny (ikillkenny@chesco.com)
    Contact Information:
    	Email: ikillkenny@chesco.com.
    	AIM: ikillkenny
    	ICQ: 33094162 (not really on this)
    	Snail Mail: Why would you want to send me snail mail?
    Story Mode Help: henryliu@tstonramp.com
    Camera Tip:  Brian Allen, ANTDelita@aol.com
    Only Mario Tennis Site That Exists (consquencly, it's also made by the author
    of this FAQ): Mario Tennis Anonymous
    (http://comicsoft.hypermart.net/mta) Why do you even care?
    Translation Help:   AstroBlue/Shdwrlm3's Mini-FAQ/Translation Guide.  Avaliable
    at:  http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/gbcolor/file/mario_tennis_trans.txt.
    Farie Secret First Reported At & Drive and Gold Racket Information Avaible At:
    AstroBlue/Shdwrlm3's FAQ Avaible
    at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/gbcolor/file/mario_tennis.txt
    Knuckle Rubbing Trick: Gnicks at the Gamefaq's Message Board
    Feel free to distribute, sell, whatever with this FAQ.  I've stopped caring.
    It would help my ego if you would keep my name in this FAQ, but if you feel
    like you're just so important, and have to change the credits around you can go
    do that.
    Section 2: Comming Soon
    	There is a lot that will be added to this FAQ in the future.  Here's a list of
    what I hope to add very soon:
    Doubles Strategies
    Training Area Help
    And more...

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