How do I get HO-OH? How do I get LUGIA

  1. I killed one of them (suicune)
    caught RAIKOU not ENTEI

    User Info: DarrylCanHelp

    DarrylCanHelp - 8 years ago

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  1. Since you fainted Suicune, you can't get Ho-Oh. In Crystal, in order to get the Rainbow Wing, you need to have all three caught in the game and in your party when you talk to the old man.

    To get Lugia, you need a Silver Wing, and a pokemon with Whirlpool, Surf, and Waterfall, She's in the Whirlpool Islands (use the Upper Right Island to get there). Look around and you will find a map to get to Lugia's location.

    User Info: pokedude7

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  1. LUGIA
    Find a cave in the Whirl Islands and, uhh, you take the top right ladder in a cavern that has two ladders you can go to, but there are ledges so you can't go back. So go to the top right one and follow the path. Once you go down a waterfall, it'll be in a cave to the left.

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  2. ...

    I cant believe that people cant even read the FAQs...but anyhow,
    Lugia is found in Whirl Islands after you get the Silver Wing.
    Ho-oh is found in Tin Tower after you get the Rainbow Wing.
    You can't get Ho-oh, I'm afraid.

    User Info: Calzgthe27th

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