Are there any specific thingies for how to catch the third legendary dog?

  1. I caught the Suicune straight off, and then caught the Entei the second time I saw it by tracking it, But I have no idea on how to catch the Raikou. It hasn't come up anyway and I've been using low level Pokemon and max repels. Does it show up in Kanto or at night or anything like that?

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    space_cadet_2 - 8 years ago
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    Dont worry, I caught it. And whats all this about having a level 39 pokemon? mine was 56 and it still showed up. and just so you know i caught it on full health with a great ball. same with the Ho-oh and Lugia.

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    space_cadet_2 - 8 years ago

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  1. Raikou shows up randomly. Have a level 39 Pokemon in your party, and and wander around Johto using Max Repels. Try catching any wild Pokemon you may have missed while you're waiting for Raikou. Every time you change routes, you'll know when in crystal because a signboard will come up, Raikou will also move from wherever its at. Try saving in a field, use a repel and wander around and see if it shows. If it doesnt, reset and try again. Just keep at it until you catch Raikou. If you trade one in from another game, it will show in your Pokedex and you'll be able to find it easier. Good luck, and I hope you have a Master Ball!

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  1. My advice: dont waist your time trying. the dogs come randomly. there is no way of knowing where they will show up, with the exception of suicune. i myself have never even seen raikou, but i know that it will, like entei, only be found randomly. if you have previously owned it then you can track it with the pokedex, but if you havent, he will show up at total random. i have waisted a long time tracking it, and with no success.

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  2. All i can say is do not use a repel when you are in the area where Raikou is because you also repel Raikou i don't know why people tell you to repel. I did it without repel. What i did was always carry a pokemon that i wanted to fight Raikou and done all the side missions and i eventually found Entei and Raikou and caught them. It is not easy but try to put it to sleep or paralyz it.

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  3. Also remember to save regulary

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  4. rid: Repel only repels Pokemon lower in level than your lead. Using a level 39 and repel will only repel Pokemon below level 39

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  5. It's the same as tracking Entei. If you can't trade to have one in your Pokedex, and you haven't seen one in the field, all you can do is wander various routes randomly and hope they attack in the grass. They are level 40s, so don't exceed level 39 if you're using repels to test each route you wander into. Your first Pokemon in the group determines the level a repel works at.

    Next up, have a Jynx (they have the highest success rate with sleep that I've seen) and use Lovely Kiss. Let it hold the Quick Claw item for a higher first strike ratio or the legendary will flee! When it's asleep bring in a false swipe move user so that you don't accidentally faint it. Get it to one HP (this remains no matter if they flee or not, the hp level you bring it to never changes), and then sleep it.

    Now starting using regular pokeballs, ultra balls, or fast balls. Use a level ball if you have a level 80 or higher pokeman as your current. These seem to turn up the best results in terms of percentage. Good luck!

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  6. By the way, if you have already seen Entei or Raikou, but you haven't caught it, you can go into you pokedex and serch the area were one of these two are. If you fly near the place where they are, they will have gone somewhere else, so you preferably walk.

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  7. Shot, just have a good enough pokemon that has hypnosis like drowzee for instants and put it to sleep before it flees oh and be sure to have quick claw equiped so u do the first move thats what i did and i never use the masterball.

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  8. The only easy (call it easy LOL) way to get the 2 Legendary (random) Dogs is (as I did successfully)

    Get a pokemon with Mean Look and Hypnosis (Haunter) with lvl 39 (max) and a lot of agility (speed). Use repel with your Haunter in the first slot of your Starting 6 Pokemon (I reccommend you MAX Repel) and keep waiting.

    I know some stuff that might help:

    - Entei appears mostly in the Mourning;
    - Raikou appears during Day (Day i mean Afternoon)

    Suicune... well... it's obvious where and when to get him =P

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