Where can I find a thunder,fire,water stones?

  1. I have an eevee and im trying to evolve her into preferably jolteon so thunder stone would be nice but any of the stones would do also any info u may have on how to evolve eevee to umbreon or espeon please n thank you

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  1. You can get some stones as gifts from other Trainers if you get their phone numbers.

    Schoolboy Alan,(I forget the route number, but right near the SudoWoodo) gives Fire Stone
    Lass Dana (go left from Ekruteak, towards Olivine City) gives Thunder Stone
    Picnicker Gina (small clearing in the grass, right by the Day Care south of Goldenrod) gives Leaf Stone.

    As for Evee, it evolves when it's Hapiness with the trainer is maxed out, and then it gains a level. It is technically possible to get an Espeon/Umbreon at lvl 6, though it would take forever. Once it is happy enough, if it gains a level during the day, it becomes an Espeon. At night, Umbreon.

    Hope this helps!

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  1. To evolve eevee to umbreon and espeon you have to make eevee happy take eevee to goldenrod city buy some vitamins(protein, iron, etc.) try to give eevee as many as possible then go to the underground path entrance and give eevee a haircut and train it, eevee evolves like at lvl42 to get umbreon evolve it at night and to get espeon evolve eevee during the day.(to save time and money clone eevee like at lvl40 after you gave it a haircut and vitamins)To get a fire stone go to route 36 and talk to a guy on that route he'll give you his phone number(he'll call you to give you a fire stone)go to route 42 there'll be a guy fishing get his phone number(he'll give you a water stone)then go to route 38 theres a girl on that route that'll give you her phone number (she'll give you a thunder stone)

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  2. To get the stones for the first time (you can get extras in crystal as R194 said) you must go to Route 25. If you've played Red/Blue you'll remember it as Bill's house. There an old man will ask you to show him certain pokemon. I don't recall what the specific pokemon are, but I'm sure you can find that information in one of the FAQ's. After you show him each of the pokemon he will reward you with an item. This is the only other way to get the stones.

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  3. R194 is wrong: you can easily get Eevee to evolve based on mood before high levels. Train it without letting it faint, heal it instantly afterward, train in the area where you caught it (i.e., where it hatched - you should do this from an egg, not the Eevee you get from Bill) at the time of day you caught it, give it an item to hold, take it to get haircuts, and, what I've found works the best, use lots of stat-raising items on it (Carbos, HP Up, Protein, etc.). Do all of this - in bulk - and Eevee should be ready to evolve in 10 to 20 levels, giving you a Espeon around level 25, give or take a few levels. Earlier if you're good at this.

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  4. To evolve an eevee to an umbreon or espeon you should buy as many drugs (calciums, irons) as you can and use them. I usually train them until their level 15 so they can learn better attacks. then I go to the haircut brothers underground in goldenrod and save and give eevee a haircut until the game says "it looks happy" or "it looks delighted". Walking around a lot helps. DO NOT: let eevee faint or use bitter medicines on it. There is actually a really good guide for the silver version (it works for the other versions too). You can find the stones by talking to the old man at the end of Route 25 and getting the pokemon he wants to see.

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