How can I catch, without game shark, mewtwo and mew?

  1. This are sacred for me and I loved to get them.
    How can I catch them without game shark?

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    i0want0answers - 8 years ago
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    Send me the link to the video please

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    i0want0answers - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Both Mew and Mewtwo are pretty much impossible to get in Pokemon Crystal, but there are fairly simple ways in Red/Blue. Like TheRealItachi said, Mewtwo can be obtained after beating the Elite 4 and then going to the unknown dungeon. Its actually very easy to catch as long as you have a pokemon that can use sleep powder (you can actually catch a high level Venomoth in the unknown dungeon that should already known sleep powder). All you need to do is put Mewtwo to sleep, and as long as its HP is lower than halfway, you should be able to catch it with 2-3 Ultra Balls (for me it only took 1). This method also works well with the Legendary Pokemon.
    As for Mew, theres a very simple glitch in which you can catch a level 7 one -
    The rumor that breeding a Mewtwo will get you a baby Mew is completely false, you can't breed legendary pokemon.
    But yes, the only way to get these two that i know of, is to have a Red or Blue game, 2 gameboys, and a trading cable.

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Other Answers

  1. Mewtwo you can have easily by playing red or blue edition and beating the elite four and then catching mewtwo, along with 99+ items cheat you can have unlimited master balls and rare candy so the red and blue is easy and quick.

    I've seen some interesting videos on youtube on how to catch mew legitly, but I ruined it on my game.

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  2. Mewtwo can be obtained by means of the time capsule.Beat the Elite 4 on red/blue,then go to the unkown dungeon in Cerulean City,at waiting at the end of it is Mewtwo. Then,use the time capsule function in pokecenters to transfer him over.
    As for mew,there is no legitimate way of catching him normally that i am aware of,without going to special nintendo related events or the pokemon center in NYC.

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  3. I heard that when you breed MewTwo, you will get a baby Mew, although I have no idea how to evolve it to mewtwo again

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