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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TJackson

    Version: 6.5 | Updated: 03/16/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               !!!!              %#%@%!   !##%&##         %%%%!
           !%&####&!!        !&####@##%   @#&##!    &&&&&######
         &#####&####&!     #####&&###&#& &@#####&  @####&##&&&#    %@#&%
       &##&&&%%%%&&&##!   #@#&%%%&##%&&#&!###&&&##%@&#%%%&#%%&#    &@######&
     %##&%%%%%%%%%%&&#&   &@#&&%%&#&%%&&###&%%%&&&####%%%&#%%&#    &@#%&&#&#@##&%
    @##%%%%%%%%%%%%%&&#!  %###&%%&#%%%%&##%%&&&%%&###&%%%&&%%&#!   &###%%%&###&####
    @@#&%%%%%%%%%&%%%&#%  %#@#&%%&%%%%%##%%&#&#&%##@#&%%%&&%%&#% !&##@&%%%&###%&&##
    !@##%%%%%%%&###%%&#% !%%@#&%%%%%%%###%%# &&%&#@@#&%%%&%%%&#&######&%%%%&#&%%%#%
     #@#&&&%%%%&# ##%&#%###&##&%%%%%%#&%#%%#&&%&####&%%%%%%%%%##&%&%&&#&%%%&#&%%&#
       ! @##%%%%&&%%##%%###&#%&#%%%%%%%&##&%%%%%%&##%%%&#%%#&#&%&###&%&#%&%%&%%&#
          @@#&%%%&##@#%%%%%%%%#&%%##@###&%%&&##! @###&&#####&&#%%%%%%##%&#%%%%&#
          %@##&%%&##@#&%%%%%%&#%%%##%@@###&%&#   @@#####@###%&##&%%&##%%&#%%%%##
           @@##%%%##@##%%%%%&##&%%##  &@@###&#    !%#@@#@@@#&%&#####@#%%##%%%%#%
           &@##%%%&#%@#######@#&&###    &@@###            @######&%@@#&%##%%%&#
            @@#&%%&#%%@@@#@@ @####@%      &@@#            @@@@@##% @######%%%##
            @@@#%%&##  %#&   @#%%%          &&               !&@@  %#@@@@#%%%#%
             @@#&%&##                                                !!@@##&&#
             @@######       -  C R Y S T A L   V E R S I O N  -        @@@@###
             !@@#@&                                                     !%#@@%
              %&                                                          !
    Thanks to Atom Edge for the ASCII.
    |                                                      |
    | Pokemon Crystal                                      |
    | FAQ/Walkthrough                                      |
    | For the Nintendo Gameboy Color                       |
    | By Meowthnum1 (meowthnum1 [at] meowthnum1 [dot] com) |
    | Last Updated: 3-15-03                                |
    | Version 6.5                                          |
    |                                                      |
    *cough* With that out of the way...
    I. Introduction
         1.01: Table of Contents
         1.02: Introduction
         1.03: Dedication
    II. Basics
         2.01: If you're new to Pokemon...
         2.02: Changes from Gold and Silver
         2.03: Story
         2.04: Team Diversity
         2.05: Controls
    III. Walkthrough part one: Johto
         3.01: Town where winds of new beginnings blow and the Zephyr Badge
         3.02: The Ruins of Alph, Close encounters of the Rocket kind (in
               Slowpoke well): part one of three, and the Hive badge
         3.03: Spooky forest and- hey what are Rockets doing
               here!? and the Plain Badge
         3.04: Legendary Encounters and the Fog Badge
         3.05: Amphy and the Storm Badge
         3.06: Healing Amphy and the Mineral Badge
         3.07: Encounters of the Rocket Kind part two of three and the Glacier
         3.08: Encounters of the rocket kind part three of three
         3.09: A c-c-cold c-c-cave and the Rising Badge
         3.10: The path to the Johto League
         3.11: The Elite four and End Johto!
    IV. Walkthrough part two: Kanto
         4.01: Urgg- seasickness and the Thunder Badge
         4.02: As a certain anime show would say "Abra and the Psychic
               Showdown" and the Marsh Badge
         4.03: Finding the missing part and breaking up a date and the Cascade
         4.04: The Rainbow Badge and...uh...another casino
         4.05: A looooooong hill, and the Soul Badge
         4.06: Finding the route to another legend, and the Boulder Badge
         4.07: Finding the ruins of an eruption and the Volcano Badge
         4.08: The Final Badge--The Earth Badge
         4.09: Preparation for the Final Challenge
         4.10: THE FINAL CHALLENGE
         4.11: What to do now?
    V. Appendices
         5.01: Numerical Listing of Pokemon
         5.02: TMs and HMs
         5.03: FAQ
         5.04: Breeding
         5.05: Items
         5.06: Casinos
         5.07: Move List
         5.08: Battle Chart
         5.09: Daily Events
         5.10: Badge Explanations
         5.11: Shop and Item list
         5.12: Tips & Tricks
    VI. Last Words
         6.01: Copyright Information
         6.02: Revision History
         6.03: Credits
         6.04: The End.
                                I. Introduction
    | 1.01: Table of Contents |
    See the large outline-like list up there?  That's the table of contents. 
    | 1.02: Introduction |
    This is my first FAQ so please try to cope with my poor FAQ making skills.
    If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to E-Mail me.  My address is
    listed at the bottom and the top of the page. Note that this is a guide to the
    American version.  The differences aren't very large, but eh.
    Send me any corrections or anything.  I like to know that you're paying
    | 1.03: Dedication |
    I'm going to dedicate this guide to Alex, or "Pop."  He is one of those people
    without whom I wouldn't be writing this today.  There's a long history on this,
    but odds are against your being interested.  But heck.  In a nutshell, he
    suddenly started talking to me.  Eventually, he invited me in to a chat room,
    wherein I met three other very inspirational writers - Devin Morgan, Colin
    Moriarty, and Matt Hulbert.  Later, I met Dingo Jellybean because of him, as
    well as AstroBlue.  Each of these have contributed a large amount to my current
    writings, and so I owe them all.  Of course, things have fallen out between
    some of them lately, but here's hoping it's temporary.  Always fun to talk to
    on AIM, and has helped me through recent tragedies.
                                  II. Basics
    | 2.01: If you're new to Pokemon... |
    No matter what I am saying, always feel free to heal and/or save your game.
    In fact, I encourage it.
    If you are new to the world of pokemon, or even to RPGs, this is how it works:
    You go around, collecting creatures called pokemon.  You will have random
    battles with them in tall grass, in which you use the pokemon that you've
    caught and leveled up.  You can also run in to other pokemon trainers who'll
    battle you with their pokemon.  When you win you get experience points.  When
    you get a certain level of experience, your pokemon will gain a level.  At
    certain levels which are different for each pokemon.  They will either learn a
    new move, or evolve.  When they evolve, they will gain better stats.  They can
    learn up to 4 moves at a time.  The stats are: attack, which determines how
    strong your physical attacks (attack types normal, fighting, poison, flying,
    ground, bug, rock, ghost, and steel), defense, which determines how much
    damage your opponent's, pokemon's physical attacks, speed, which determines
    which pokemon will go first between you and your opponent, Special Attack,
    which determines how strong your special attacks (attack types fire, water,
    electric, ice, grass, psychic, Dragon, and dark) are, and special defense,
    which determines how much damage you'll take from an opponent special attack.
    You can carry up to six pokemon at a time.
    You want them to hold items that say hold in their description.  For type
    charts, see BATTLE CHART.  Here is the key for the sample battle against a
                 |                                            |
                 |                              (6)o          |
                 |                       (5)Meowth +          |
                 |                        (3)0 (4)LV. 52      |                    
                 |                                            |                    
                 |                                            |
                 |      (1)                /--------------\   |
                 |                       (2)||||||||||||||    |                    
                 |                         \--------------/   |
                 |                                            |                    
                 |                                            |
                 |                                            |                    
                 |                                            |                    
                 |                                            |
                 |                                            |                    
                 |                                            |                    
                 |                                            |
                 |                                            |
                 |                                            |
                 |                                            |
                 |                                            |
                 |                                            |
                 |                                            |
                 |                                     (11) 0 |
                 |                           (10) Venusaur  + |
                 |                               (9)LV. 61    |
                 |      (7)                /--------------\   |
                 |                        (8)||||||||||||||   |
                 |                         \--------------/   |                    
                 |                                            |                    
                 |                                            |
                 |                                            |
                 |                        \(12)321/543    /   |
                 |                     (13)\-------------/    |
                 | ___________________________________________|
                 ||                     |      (14)           |
                 ||                     |fight      pkmn      |
                 ||                     |                     |
                 ||                     |Pack       Run       |
    1 = Opposing pokemon
    2 = Opposing pokemon's life bar
    3 = If you own the opposing pokemon (only in the wild)
    4 = Opposing pokemon's level
    5 = Opposing pokemon's name
    6 = Opposing pokemon's gender
    7 = Your active pokemon
    8 = Your active pokemon's life bar
    9 = Your active pokemon's level
    10 = Your active pokemon's name
    11 = Your active pokemon's gender
    12 = Your active pokemon's current HP/MAX HP.
    13 = Your active pokemon's EXP bar (when it fills, your pokemon gains a level)
    14 = Menu:
    Fight- Choose an attack to use against the opposing pokemon.
    PKMN- Substitute your active pokemon with another pokemon in your party.
    Pack- Chooses an item in your pack (items, pokeballs) to use against your
          opponent, or, if it is to heal, your pokemon.
    Run- Run away from the battle.  You get no experience points, your pokemon are
         still as injured as they were, and you get no compensation.  I only
         recommend you do this if you're very weak.  However, laziness has always
         been a good excuse as well...
    | 2.02: Changes from G/S |
    You know, there's an old message board user whom I got this from, and I can't
    think of his name for the life of me.  Ah well.  Thanks to you!  And having
    actually read through my guide again, I've discovered that it was
    UltraPokemaster2000.  Thanks!
    -Part A. New features
    1.You can choose between a male or female character.
    2.When you leave your current area, a wooden sign will appear telling you
    where you are
    3. There are different ways to capture some Pokemon (see part B).
    4. Mareep and some other Pokemon don't appear.
    5. There are new prices at the Goldenrod Game Corner and at the Celadon Game
    6. At the Goldenrod Game Corner, on Wednesdays and Sundays, a man will appear
       that teaches Ice Beam, Flamethrower and Thunderbolt to your Pokemon for 4000
       coins. Note that this is only after you beat Red
    7. There are new trainers.
    8. There are new parts in the Ruins of Alph (see part c).
    9. The Pokemon have animations when they are fighting (only at the start of
       the fight).
    10. Instead of giving you the Silver/Rainbow Wing at the Radio Tower, you will
        receive a Clear Bell.
    11. The man at Pewter will give you a Silver Wing.
    12. There is a new radio station (password).
    13. There is a new building near Olivine City (battle tower).
    14. There are other things without importance, like there is a new desk at Elm
        Lab and there is a lady going through the houses at New Bark Town, but that
        doesn't matter.
    19. Dragon's den shrine is now open
    -Part B. Legendary Captures
    1) Free the legendary Cats from the Burned Tower.
    2) Save the Radio Tower from the Rockets to receive a Crystal Bell.
    3) Go to the Tin Tower.
    Raikou, Suicune and Entei will be there. Raikou and Entei will run, but
    Suicune will fight you. Capture him.
    1) Capture all Legendaries.
    2) The stairs at the Tin Tower will appear. Climb them and capture Ho-Oh.
    Part C. Ruins of Alph
    Above the Unown Puzzles, there is a painted wall. If you press A in front of
    it, it will say something in Unown Letters. If you use certain item, the wall
    will open and it will reveal a room with 4 items and a hole. If you fall down
    the hole a message in Unown Words will be written in the floor. Here are the
    items you need to use:
    Kabuto's Room: Escape. You need to use an Escape Rope. Then re-enter the room
                           and there will be a door
    Aerodactyl's Room: light. You need to use Flash. A door will be open
    Omanyte's Room: water. You need to have a Water Stone in your pack. If you
    possess one, the door will open
    Ho-Oh's Room: Ho-oh. You need to have Ho-Oh in front of your party. A door
                  will open
    | 2.03: Story |
    As with most RPGs, there is a long and involved story for this.  I'll do my
    best to explain it.
    In this world of magic, there exists creatures called, "Pokemon."  These
    Pokemon are very simliar to the animals of this world.  One can become a
    Pokemon Trainer by obtaining a Pokemon, and then battling other trainers. 
    Often times, one will run in to wild Pokemon in the grass.  One can catch these
    with mysterious items known as, "Pokeballs."
    Three years ago, two trainers who had been best friends once, set out from
    Pallet Town in the country of Kanto to become Pokemon masters.  They became
    each others' rivals.  One was named Red, the other Blue.  Unique names.  So
    they set out to obtain the eight badges of Kanto to become Pokemon Masters. 
    Each of them collected all eight, but Blue was quicker.  Blue entered the
    legendary Indigo Plateau, challenged the Elite Four Pokemon trainers of the
    world, and became the Champion.  Red soon followed, and defeated the Elite
    Four.  However, before he could become known as the most powerful Trainer in
    the world, there was one obstacle left.  He must defeat Blue.  He succeeded,
    and became Champion.
    Since then, Giovanni, former leader of Team Rocket and the Viridian City Gym,
    has disappeared, and his gym was taken over by Blue.  Koga, leader of the
    Fuschia City Gym, has become a member of the Elite Four.  Janine, his daughter,
    has taken over.  Cinnibar Island has had a massive volcanic eruption, and
    Blaine's gym has relocated to the Seafoam Islands.  But that is not yet our
    You are a young boy or girl living in the tranquil town known as New Bark, in
    the country of Johto.  In New Bark Town, the only major attraction is the Elm
    Laboratory.  One day, Elm calls you out to his lab.  When you arrive he says "I
    need some help on my research, could you raise a pokemon that I caught?" Just
    then, he gets an E-mail from Mr. Pokemon, saying that he had discovered
    something and that Elm should come right away.  Elm asks you if you could go
    for him.  Start heading over there.  When you emerge from the lab, you can't
    help but notice the guy standing outside the lab...
    | 2.04: Team Diversity |
    Having a diverse team in pokemon is necessary.  Do NOT have two pokemon share
    the same weakness.  I'm going to show you teams that do not have diversity,
    and make sure you remember these, as you'll see trainers with these teams.
    Xatu           Psychic/flying
    Exeggcutor     psychic/grass
    Slowbro        Psychic/water
    Jynx           Psychic/ice
    Xatu           Psychic/flying
    You see? One dark could easily wipe out this whole team
    Ariados       Bug/poison
    Forretress    Bug/steel
    Muk           Poison
    Venomoth      Bug/poison
    Crobat        Poison/flying
    Use a fire type
    Hitmontop     Fighting
    Hitmonchan    fighting
    Hitmonlee     fighting
    Onix          rock/ground
    Machamp       fighting
    This team is more diverse, just use exeggcute, exeggutor, or Celebi, as they
    are grass/psychic
    Umbreon       Dark
    Vileplume     Grass/poison
    Gengar        Ghost/poison
    Murkrow       Dark/flying
    Houndoom      Dark/fire
    More diverse, use fighter and burner
    Gyrados       Water/flying
    Dragonite     Dragon/flying
    Charizard     Fire/flying
    Dragonite     Dragon/flying
    Aerodactyl    rock/flying
    Dragonite     Dragon/flying
    Use an electric type.  In case you haven't guessed already these are the Elite
    four and Champion's teams
    Now for an example of a diverse team, courtesy of Red
    Pikachu       Electric
    Snorlax       Normal
    Espeon        Psychic
    Charizard     Fire/flying
    Blastoise     Water
    Venusaur      Grass/poison
    In this well balanced team, Pikachu can beat Charizard's weakness (water) and
    Venusaur's weakness (flying), This is an EXTREMELY HARD snorlax to beat.
    Espeon is there to help with Venusaur's psychic weakness.  Charizard can rid
    you of pesky grass types that try to toy with Blastoise or Pikachu.  Blastoise
    can get rid of Pikachu's susceptibility to ground types. Venusaur can help
    Blastoise against grounds as well Pikachu against waters.  Red is your final
    opponent who used to live in Pallet town.  He is the central character of Red,
    Blue, and Yellow versions.  Red now resides atop mount Silver.
    | 2.05: Controls |
    You know, one thing (among many) that I like about pokémon is that it has
    very, very simple controls
                  A. Confirms
                  B. Cancels
                  Start. Brings up Menu
           	      Select. In battle, rearranges move order, in the field, uses hot
                          key (key item set to select) item.  In the Menu,         
                 rearranges items.
                          III. Walkthrough Part One: Johto
    | 3.01: Town where winds of new beginnings blow and the Zephyr Badge |
    When you begin this game you will be prompted to say whether you're a boy or
    girl, then prompted for the time, and if it is DST.  Then Prof Oak pops up and
    tells you about pokemon.  Then you have to choose a name.
                                      New Bark Town
                          Items: Pokegear, Potion. First pokemon
     Afterwards, you wake up in your room.  Go down stairs and you will see your
    mom and another lady.  You will talk to your mom and she will supply and
    explain your pokégear.  You can now talk to that lady and explore New Bark
    When you're done, go to the big building, which is Prof. Elm's lab.  There you
    will talk to Elm and eventually he'll give you your first pokemon.  You can
    choose between Cyndaquil the fire pokemon, Totodile, the water pokemon, or,
    the one that I picked, Chikorita the grass type.  Note that if you pick
    cyndaquil, Johto will be easy, but not Kanto, also if you pick cyndaquil, Your
    Rival will be easy because Totodile, Croconaw, and Feraligatr have very few
    water attacks and low special attack score, if you pick Totodile, you really
    won't have any trouble just teach it physical attacks, and if you pick
    Chikorita, it will be hard for a while, but teach it Razor leaf (lv.
    9), Mud-Slap (Violet city's gym's TM, teach it Earthquake when you get to
    victory road.), Body Slam (lv. 31), and either cut (HM 01) or Fury Cutter
    (Azalea town gym).
    Once you pick, Prof Elm will ask you to go see his friend Mr. Pokemon to see
    what he has discovered.  On your way out of the lab, Elm's aide will give you
    a potion.  As you start to head out you'll notice (if you didn't see him
    already) a guy peering through the window.    Right now he's harmless.  Right
                                   Route 29
                             Items: Potion, Berry	
    This is a fairly straightforward area. Just walk through the tall grass to run
    in to wild pokemon so you can train your starter.  The pokemon around here are
    fairly low level so you shouldn't have a problem.
                                  Cherrygrove City
                                  Items: Map Card
    When you first walk in you'll see an old man.  Talk to him and he'll show you
    around.  At the end of the tour, he'll give you a map card for your troubles.
    The map card is an upgrade for your pokegear.  This allows you to see a map of
    Johto (or Kanto depending upon which your in) any time you want.  After ealing
    at the pokemon center and buying a few things, you should head north to...
                                  Route 30 & 31
                             Items: Berry, Antidote
    Just head north, battling wild pokemon.  You'll find a house with a tree next
    to it.  On that tree is a berry.  The berry is an item that you can attach to
    your pokemon.  When you get low on life and your pokemon has a berry or other
    hold item they'll use without skipping a turn.  The berry will heal you by 10
    HP. At one point, you reach a fork in the road.  Going left takes you up to
    Violet City, however, there is a pokemon battle blocking the path, so you'll
    have to go the other way.
    Eventually you'll reach another tree.  This tree has a psncure berry.  This
    does the same thing as a berry except instead of healing you, it take away
    your poison status.  The house next to the psncure berry is Mr. Pokemon's.
                                  Mr. Pokemon's House
                              Items: Mystery Egg, PokeDex
    When you enter Mr. Pokemon's house, you'll see two men in there. One, Mr.
    Pokemon, sees you and starts talking to you.  Then he gives you the mystery
    egg to take back to Elm.  Then the other person steps forward, and introduces
    himself as Prof Oak and gives you a PokeDex.  Then he leaves and Mr. Pokemon
    heals your pokemon.
                                   Route 30 & 31
                                    Items: none
    Upon exiting Mr. Pokemon's house Elm will call you talking about a disaster
    and to hurry back.  So, better obey the Prof's orders.  Just head back the way
    you came.
                                  Cherrygrove City
                                  Items: Potion x3
    By now your pokemon should be at least at level nine.  Stop at the PokeMart
    and buy three potions.  As you start to head out of the city, the guy you saw
    looking through the window at Elm's lab comes and challenges you to a battle.
    Rival-    Cyndaquil Lv.5
              Totodile Lv. 5
              Chikorita Lv. 5
    Your Rival (currently known as ???)will battle using the starter that has
    an advantage over your starter.  If you picked Chikorita he has Cyndaquil; if
    you picked Cyndaquil, he has Totodile; if you picked Totodile, he has
    Chikorita.  This battle should be fairly easy.  After defeating him, continue
    on to...
                                     Route 29
                                    Items: none
    This goes the same way it went last time except you can, if you don't feel
    like training, jump ledges and avoid tall grass and get to New Bark the same
                                   New Bark Town
                               Items: Poke Ball x 5
    When you get back go to the lab.  When you enter you go forward and see Elm
    and a police officer.  As it turns out, your Rival stole a pokemon from the
    lab.  The policeman asks you to name your Rival.  When you're done use Elm's
    machine to heal your pokemon and visit your Mom.  When done visiting her, head
    back to...
                                 Cherrygrove City
                                   Items: none
    Stop here, heal your pokemon and take notice that you can now buy poke
    balls at the Poke Mart.
                                  Route 30 & 31
                           Items: Bitter Berry, potion
    Now Trainers will start to battle you.  Go to where to road was blocked by the
    battle and head on through.  Hopefully, you'll reach...
                                   Violet City
                                   Items: none
    If your (don't you love the violet city music) starter has evolved then you
    should go to the Violet City Gym, if it hasn't or you want to level up other
    pokemon, (you have to go either way) then go to...
                                    Sprout Tower
              Items: Parlyz heal, X accuracy, escape rope, HM 05 (flash)
    Monks who use mostly bellsprout but some use hoothoot inhabit this tower.
    Go up the first stairs, do a battle and come down the next set of stairs.  Do
    another battle or two, and head up the next set of stairs.  If you came to
    level up another pokemon, make it a flying type because they are good against
    all of the bellsprout.  Well continue on and you'll get to the third floor.
    On the third floor you face three monks (the third of which is optional) and
    then you'll see your Rival briefly.  He'll leave, leaving you to face the
    elder.  Once you beat him, you'll get HM 05, however it is useless until you
    conquer the Violet city gym.  Use your escape rope to leave the tower
                                   Violet City
                 Items: Zephyr Badge, TM 31 (Mud-Slap), Mystery Egg
    Heal your pokemon and head to the Violet city gym.  Note to Chikorita players:
    unless Chikorita has evolved in to Bayleef and you have plenty of potions,
    head to the southern most house in violet city and trade a bellsprout for an
    onix.  If Bellsprout is level is 5, the onix's level will be 5.  Any other
    people who didn't start out with Chikorita can still do this.  Be cautioned
    about this trade, Falkner's pidgeotto knows mud slap.  Mud slap is a ground
    type move, which is effective even against rock/ground types. The gym has two
    members.  After you beat them, head to the pokemon center, and then go back to
    face Falkner.  Falkner, leader of the Violet city Gym, has two pokemon.
    One is a level 7 pidgey , and the other is a level 9 Pidgeotto.  If you can
    beat them, you'll win a Zephyr Badge and TM 21.
    The reason that I said that you needed the Zephyr badge is because you can't
    use flash outside of battle without it.  The Zephyr badge raises all of your
    pokemon's attack power.  TM 21 is mud slap.  Mud slap is a weak attack but
    lowers you opponents accuracy.  In addition, as you might have learned from
    Falkner, Flying types can learn it.
    So if your flying type ever has to face an electric, this ground move might
    help... I also found it helpful when I gave it to my Meganium.  Yes it is a
    grass type and has an advantage over electric, however, this helped battle
    Quilava and, even though grass has an advantage over electrics, Magnemite
    (electric/steel) wasn't too vunerable to grass attacks, and poison types (this
    includes ghost/poison) that could be harmful to Meganium.  Ground is good
    against Electric and steel types so Magnemite is easy now.  Well afterwards,
    Elm calls and has you go to the pokemon center to pick up the mystery egg that
    you got from Mr. Pokemon.  After about 2000 steps the egg hatches and
    becomes... Togepi! Just to give you an idea, mine took until I got to
    Goldenrod city to hatch.  Before you leave town, stop by the pokemon mart.  If
    you don't want to buy much, just get one or two escape ropes.
    | 3.02: The ruins of Alph, Encounters of the Rocket kind, part one of  |
    |                       three, and the Hive Badge                      |
                                         Route 32
                                        Items: none
    Right now, just come out of Violet city and head west to...
                                    The Ruins of Alph
    Items: Unown Dex (pokédex upgrade), Heal powder, Energy powder, Berry, PSNcure
    The Ruins of Alph contain one of the two "star" pokemon for Crystal: Unown.
    When you enter, you can explore, but there are only a couple of things to do
    now.  Go to the top cave and enter. Go up to the rock puzzle and try to make
    it look like Kabuto.  If you succeed, you'll fall down a hole in to the main
    ruins. You will "sense a strange presence" and you should stay until you
    caught three Unown (I think that since you've only solved the first puzzle,
    there are only Unown representing letters A-J).  Then exit via the ladder and
    talk to the scientist.
    He will take you to the Alph Lab and upgrade your pokedex to automatically
    record the Unown you've caught and in what order. Now go back to the first
    puzzle room, and up against the top wall, use an escape rope, then re-enter.
    There should be a door at the top.  Enter the door, collect the heal powder,
    energy powder, berry, and psncure berry, and then fall down the hole.  In this
    room there are Unown spelling out OUR WORDS SHALL REMAIN HERE FOR THE AGES.
    You cannot catch these Unown.  Then fall through the pit and you'll be in the
    main ruins.  You can catch more unown if you like, but otherwise, go back
                                      Route 32
                     Items: Miracle seed, Repel, Great ball
    You can head back to the pokemon center in Violet City or you could
    continue down.  Once you start going down, you see a guy who will see your gym
    badge from Violet city's gym and give you a Miracle Seed.  The Miracle Seed
    will boost grass attacks.  Even if you didn't start with Chikorita, you should
    make sure that you catch a Bellsprout from Sprout Tower because a lot of
    trainers on this route use Water types and in Union Cave, there are a lot of
    Rock types.  Well, continue downward fighting trainers and pokemon alike for
    Experience points.  At the bottom of Route 32 there is a pokemon center, use
    it, and then head in to...
              Union Cave (why they call it union cave is beyond me but...)
          Items: X attack, potion, great ball, Tm 39/swift, X Defend, awakening
    Once again fight as many trainers and wild pokemon as you can.  Feel free at
    any point to use an escape rope to go back to the pokemon center.  Union cave
    is a cave with a lot of cave (rock, zubat) pokemon.  Feel free to explore
    the cave and make sure to go to the lower level to collect TM 39 and the X
    Defend (even if you don't like to use the X items, pick them up because
    they're valuable).  Once you grab the awakening you go around the pool of
    water, fight a trainer, and exit to...
                                        Route 33
                                 Items: psncure berry
     This is a short route. Battle the trainer, get his phone number, and go to...
                                      Azalea Town
                                  Items: Wht Apricorn
    For right now just head in to the pokemon center, heal, and go to the house in
    the northwest corner of Azalea town.  You enter the house and see an old man.
    This guy is named Kurt.  You should talk to him and he'll leave and go to the
    slowpoke well (Place on the East edge of town) and scare the guard down.  You
    should follow him, but first, go behind his house and collect the wht
    apricorn.  Now, go east and enter the cave that was previously guarded by a
    man in black.
                                      Slowpoke well
                                   Items: Super Potion
    Enter Team Rocket! Here you will battle several Rocket grunts that use mainly
    poison types, so have a psychic or fire type.  After beating all of the
    Rockets (and saving those "poor" Slowpokes' tails, literally!  Slowpoketail
    sells for $9800) Kurt will get you and take you back to his house.
                                     Azalea Town
                  Items: Lure ball, Hive Badge, TM 49/Fury Cutter
    There he will give you a Lure Ball and you should give him the wht apricorn to
    make the fast ball.  Fast balls should be used on Entei or Raikou because it
    is good for catching pokemon that escape.  When you exit Kurt's house you will
    notice that the Slowpoke are back in town.  Go to the pokemon center and heal.
    Then head west.  For now, skip the gym and you will come, before you can reach
    the city's gate, to, our old friend, your Rival (you know, I named my rival,
    rival I have listings for his pokemon, as well as the gym leader's at the
    bottom of this section.) After beating him heal, and head to the gym.  At the
    gym, if you don't have two pokemon up to lv. 20, train with the members.
    Then continue on to battle Bugsy.
    Rival Team
    Quilava Lv. 16
    Croconaw lv. 16
    Bayleef lv. 16
    Zubat lv. 14
    Gastly lv. 12
    Rival is fairly easy.  Just make sure, like I said, to have at least two
    pokemon of two different types up to lv. 20+
    Bugsy team
    Metapod Lv. 14
    Kakuna Lv. 14
    Scyther Lv. 16
    One thing when you're battling Bugsy is: DO NOT be fooled in to thinking that
    you can raise your weaklings with Metapod or Kakuna, Metapod knows tackle and
    Kakuna knows poison sting.  Scyther is EXTREMELY HARD IF you started out with
    Chikorita, but even if you didn't he is still hard.  Scyther continually uses
    Fury cutter whose power doubles every turn.  If you manage to defeat Bugsy, he
    will give you the Hive Badge and TM49, which contains Fury cutter.  I
    have already explained about fury cutter, the badge makes all pokemon up to
    lv. 30 obey without question.
    | 3.03: Spooky forest and- hey what are Rockets doing here!? and the   |
    |                              plain badge                             |
                                   Ilex Forest
             Items: HM01, Revive, X Attack, TM02, Ether, antidote, TM12
    Once you come in to the forest, start heading north.  You'll run in to a boy
    who has lost his boss's Farfetch'd.  So the only thing to do is to pursue that
    farfetched Farfetch'd.    Your mission, because you have no choice but to
    accept it, is to find Farfetch'd and chase him back to his master.  Once you
    do that, the boy will give you HM01, cut.  Teach cut to someone and cut
    through the tree blocking the rest of the way through the forest.  Take some
    time to grab all of the items, especially TM02/headbutt.  Headbutt can make
    your opponents flinch in battle, however in GSC, you can walk to a middle
    sized tree (bigger than cut tree, but smaller than large tree) and headbutt
    it.  Sometimes a pokemon will fall out.  Work your way to the northwest corner
    of the forest and exit through the guardhouse.  Make sure to pick up TM 12,
    sweet scent.
                                     Route 34
                                  Items: Odd Egg
    You know the drill: battle, train, and catch pokemon.  Be sure to give your
    number to Gina and Todd.  Gina might give you a leaf stone later in the game
    and Todd will tell you when Goldenrod roof top store has bargain sales.  On
    your way north, go in to the house on the east side of the route.  This is a
    daycare center.   You can leave to pokemon there and maybe they'll lay an egg.
    See the breeding section for more information on this.  For now deposit a
    pokemon in their computer and talk to the old man.   He will give you the Odd
    Egg.  The Odd Egg will hatch in to Pichu, Magby, Smoochum, Elekid, Tyrougue,
    Cleffa, or Igglybuff.  There is a 50% chance that when it hatches it will be a
    shiny pokemon with double the normal amount of stats.  There is also a 50%
    chance that it will not be shiny and have half its normal stats.  Continue
    north until you get to...
                                  Goldenrod City
         Items: Blue Card, Radio Card, Bicycle, TM27, TM21, Plain Badge, TM45
    While enjoying your visit to Goldenrod city take notice that men in black
    (Team Rocket) are skulking around the city.  Stop by the radio tower, take the
    quiz to get a radio card, head upstairs, talk to Buena, and get a blue card.
    I will now go in to detail about the radio shows.
    1. Prof Oak's Pokemon talk: This gives you locations of some pokemon.
    2. Lucky number: This show announces a new ID# every week.  If one pokemon's
                     ID# matches that of the show's selected # then you win a      
               master ball.
    3. Password: This is why you needed that blue card.  Every night, Buena
                 broadcasts a new password (During the Rocket Takeover, if you talk
                 to her she'll say "Tonight's password? Help of course") and you   
                 take it to her, tell her, and win a point for your blue card.     
                 Here is a list of what you can redeem your points for:
    Item                Points
    ----                ------
    Ultra Ball         2 points
    Full Restore       2 points
    Nugget             3 points
    Rare Candy         3 points
    Protein            5 points
    Iron               5 points
    Carbos             5 points
    Calcium            5 points
    HP up              5 points
    4. Pokemon Music: This channel broadcasts two different songs: Pokemon March
                      and Pokemon Lullaby. Pokemon March brings more pokemon to    
                      you, and pokemon lullaby, lessens to amount of times you be  
                      attacked.  Note this is only while the music is playing.
    Take some time to do some shopping in Goldenrod's dept store.  If it is Sunday
    there is a woman on the fifth floor who will rate your pokemon.  If the
    pokemon is loyal, she'll give you TM27/return.  Return does more damage
    depending on how loyal the pokemon is to you.  If it is not loyal, she'll give
    you Tm 21/Frusteration.  Frusteration is the same thing.  Once you're done
    here, head over to the east side of town and find the bike shop.  They just
    moved from Cerulean City in Kanto and aren't getting any business, so they
    hire you to advertise on their bike.  After awhile, you'll get a call
    thanking you and letting you keep the bike (well, if it is between THAT and
    paying $1,000,000 for a bike...).  Now go to the Gym.
    There are several ways to do this gym, but if you want to avoid as many
    trainers as possible, go left, as that way only makes you battle two trainers
    and one Gym Leader.
    Clefairy Lv. 18
    Miltank Lv. 20
    You want a ground or fighting type for this.  Clefairy is not really hard, but
    Miltank is tough.  She has good defense and knows a move called roll-out.  It
    is a rock  type move whose power doubles every turn.  Once you beat her she'll
    start to cry.  Talk to one of the Trainers to make her quit.  If you don't...
    well, let's just say that you'll get to the Indigo Reception Gate and be one
    badge short.  After she stops crying, she'll confer upon you the Plain badge
    and TM45/Attract.  If your pokemon is male and the other one is female and you
    use attract, there is a  50% chance that the other pokemon won't attack.
    | 3.04: Legendary Encounters and the Fog Badge |
                                     National Park
                               Items: TM 28, Paralyz heal
    This site is north of Goldenrod and through route 35.  If it is Tuesday,
    Thursday, or Saturday, you'll be able to enter in the bug-cacthing contest.
    This contest makes you use 1 pokemon, 20 park balls, and 20 min.  Try to catch
    the highest level or rarest bug.  Better yet, both!
    You can get a caterpie, levels 7-18, Metapod. Levels 9-18, Butterfree, Levels
    12-15, Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, same levels as caterpie-butterfree, Paras,
    levels 10-17, Venonat, levels 10-16, Scyther and Pinsir, levels 13-14.  If you
    get first you get the Sun Stone, if you get second, you get an Everstone, if
    you get third, you get a gold berry, if you don't place, you get a berry.
    Once that is over with, go back to the park and go through the hole in the
    fence in the northeast corner to get a Paralyz heal and TM 28/Dig.  Head out
    the west gate to get to...
                                    Routes 36+37
                                    Items: TM09
    Make sure that you battle Alan and get his number and also talk to the girl
    near the wiggly tree.  She will go back to her sister (house in northeast
    goldenrod and when you arrive, give you the squirt bottle.  Once you come
    back, use the squirt bottle on the weird tree.  It is no tree! It is Sudowoodo
    who do attack you.  It is the only one in the game.  After getting rid of it,
    go east and talk to a guy who will give you TM 09/rocksmash.  Now that you've
    received it, TM09 is available in the Goldenrod dept. store.  Afterward, head
    west, then north, battling all the way, until you get to...
                                     Ecruteak City
                             Items: HM 03, and Item Finder.
    Once you arrive, heal, and head to the dance theater, right behind the pokemon
    center.  In there sits a man who will give you HM 03/Surf if you can defeat
    all of the Kimono Girls.  Go ahead, take the challenge of the man with the
    dancing Rhyhorn.  The Kimono girls each have one pokemon.  Each pokemon is an
    Eevolution (ha couldn't resist!) of Eevee.  After beating them, go to the
    house between the pokemon center and the gym.  The man inside will give you
    the Itemfinder.  Once this is done, go to the northwest part of town to...
                                   Burned tower
                                   Items: HP up
    This is straight forward.  Be sure to talk to Morty and Eusine in there.
    Eusine will come in to play later.  Enter, head to the west, north, east,
    south, and fight your Rival! His pokemon are listed at the bottom of this
    section.  Once you beat him, a hole will open up under you and you'll fall to
    the basement.  Once there head north and you'll see Raikou, Entei, and
    Suicune. They will run off, and you should go south up the ladder, and to the
    northeast of the tower, use rock smash, get the HP up, and leave.
                                   Ecruteak City
                               Items: TM30, Fogbadge
    Go to the gym and prepare to be confused.  The path that you should take is
    below.  After you defeat Morty he'll give you TM 30/shadow ball and the fog
    badge. To get door of the Gym quickly, step somewhere that I didn't tell you
    |          M           |     Key: E = Entrance
    |                      |          F = Wooden floor
    |FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF|          N = Trainer
    |                   | N|          M = Morty
    |   N---------------   |          - = your path
    |    |                 |
    |     ---------------N |
    |                   |  |
    |                   |  |
    |                   |  |
    |    N---------------  |
    |                      |
    |          E           |
    Level 22  Quilava
    Level 20 Haunter
    Level 18 Magnemite
    Level 20 Zubat
    Level 21 Gastly
    Level 21 Haunter
    Level 25 Gengar
    Level 23 Haunter
    | 3.05: Amphy and the Storm Badge |
                                    Routes 38 & 39
                            Items: TM 13, Mint Berry, Berry
    This is the route WEST of Ecruteak.  When you leave Ecruteak, be sure to
    battle lots of trainers, get Dana's phone number (she will give you a thunder
    stone later in the game), and head to MooMoo Farm.  The farm has a bit of a
    crisis on their hands - their chief Miltank is sick.  On top of that, he can
    barely "moo"ve (couldn't resist).  Your mission, should you decide to accept
    it, is to feed the miltank enough berries to recover.  When you do, not only
    will you receive TM 13/snore, but MooMoo milk will be available for purchase.
    After you've finished around here, head south to...
                                  Olivine City
                             Items: Good Rod, HM 04
    Once you enter the town, you'll have a brief talk with your Rival, who will
    comment on the gym leader being gone.  Go to the house south of the gym to get
    the Good Rod, then go to the house west of the pokemon center to get HM 04/
    Strength.  Heal your pokemon and head to the west to...
                                 Olivine Lighthouse
                           Items: TM 34, Super repel, ether
    This is an EXCELLENT place to train your pokemon.  Make sure that by the time
    you leave, your pokemon are at least at level 32.  The strategy for here is
    one word: BATTLE! Battle your way up the tower until you reach the fourth
    floor.    On the fourth floor, fall down the hole west of the ladder.  Start
    climbing up the stairs.  You should eventually reach the top floor and talk to
    Jasmine.  Jasmine will send you on a quest to get medicine for Amphy.  So,
    pack your bags, we're off to Cianwood Island!
                                 Routes 40 & 41
                                  Items: none
    This is simple, go southwest.  You'll notice the Whirl Islands at one point.
    You cannot go there for a while, so just continue on until you reach...
                                  Cianwood City
                   Items: Secret Potion, HM 02, Storm Badge, TM 01
    Once here, go north to fight Eusine.  After you battle him, go to the Cianwood
    Pharmacy, southeast of the gym to get the secret potion for Amphy.  Once done,
    look around Cianwood City.  Talk to the poke seer in the northwest corner of
    the island.  The guy who'll take your picture so you can print it out on the
    Game Boy Printer.  There is also a person between the pokemon center, who
    will give you a shuckle because a guy (who by his description of, was your
    rival!) stole one of his Shuckles and he doesn't want this to happen again.
    After you are finished, go to the Gym.
    |           C               |         Key: -, |, ____ = wall
    |          ----             |              T = Trainer
    |                 T         |              E = Entrance
    |-------        ------------|             BU = Boulder that you move up
    |       BU BE BU            |             BE = Boulder that you move east
    |---                        |              C = Chuck
    |      T                    |
    |--------    ---------------|
    |                           |
    |    T               T      |
    |--------    ---------------|
    |                           |
    |                           |
    Chuck's team
    Level 27 Primeape
    Level 30 Poliwrath
    | 3.06: Healing Amphy and the Mineral Badge |
                                Cianwood City
                                Items: HM 02
    After leaving the gym, talk to the lady south of the gym.  She will introduce
    herself as Chuck's wife and give you HM 02/Fly.  Teach Fly to a pokemon and go
    on back to...
                              Olivine Lighthouse
                              Items: Rare Candy
    Climb the lighthouse again to go to Jasmine.  Give her the secret potion and
    she'll introduce herself as the city's gym leader.  After some talk, go back
    to the fifth floor and pick up the rare candy if you didn't already.
                                    Olivine City
                             Items: Mineral Badge, TM 23
    Go heal and head to the gym.  The first thing that you'll notice is that
    Jasmine is the only trainer in the gym.  Fight her, but make sure that you 1.
    Remember that in G/S/C, Magnemite is part steel and 2. Steel is weak against
    only ground and fire.  Also remember that for Steelix you can use a water type
    Magnemite  Level 30
    Steelix    Level 35
    Magnemite  Level 30
    At this point, you should be AT LEAST at level 36
    | 3.07: Encounters of the rocket kind part 2 of 3 and the Glacier Badge |
    From Olivine fly to Ecruteak and go east to...
                                      Route 42
                                  Items: Ultra Ball
    If your pokemon aren't at least at level 35, or if you want to train go in to
    Mt. Mortar, if not, continue on down to where I talk about route 42 again.
    This is simple.  Go in to the cave, but grab the Ultra ball beside the cave
                                     Mt. Mortar
    Items: Carbos, Max Ether, PP up, Hyper potion X2, Full restore, Max Potion X2,
    Max revive, Iron, Ultra ball, Nugget, Escape Rope X2, Elixir, Dragon Scale, TM
                         40/Defense Curl, revive, ether
    In case you haven't figured this out, this place has a lot of items.  To fully
    explore this place you need pokemon with the following: Strength, Surf, Flash,
    and Waterfall.  Because you haven't even found (or could use since you don't
    have the Rising Badge) waterfall, you can't fully explore this place, nor can
    get all of the items.  When you can, however, on the first floor, fight the
    only trainer in here to get Tyrouge.  For now, train and exit.
                                     Route 42
                  Items: ylw, pnk, grn apricorns, super potion
    If you exited through the middle exit of Mt. Mortar, go south to see Suicune
    and get the three apricorns.  Don't forget to grab the Super potion and go
    east.  If you didn't go in, or came out the east or west exit, go to the
    middle, and then, go east to...
                                 Mahogany Town
                                  Items: none
    When you first enter the town you'll realize that something is amiss.  You
    can't go east to route 44 because someone is blocking it, you can't go south
    to the gym because someone is blocking the gym, you came from the west, so the
    only way left is north to...
                                    Route 43
                        Items: Max Ether, bitter berry
    Ok, trust me on this: go west instead of north through the gatehouse.  If you
    go through the gate house, you'll get to the same place, but it'll cost you
    $1000.  To get the Max Ether, come around to the back of the gatehouse.  Also,
    surf across the big pond to get the bitter berry.  Continue to the east exit
    in the north to...
                                  Lake of Rage
                                Items: Red Scale
    Right now, all you have to do is surf in the lake and find the Red Gyrados.
    It doesn't matter if you catch him or not, but you'll get the red scale.
    After you get the red scale go to the shore and talk to the guy in the cape.
    He'll introduce himself as Lance, and he'll ask you to help him figure out
    about the weird radio broadcast.  He'll go back to Mahogany Town.  You'll go
    back in a moment, but first...
                                    Route 43
                                   Items: none
    Right now, take a left U-turn and go up to the other entrance to...
                                    Lake of Rage
                           Items: Elixir, Max Ether, TM 10
    From the entrance, go north until you reach a fork in the road.  If it is
    Wednesday, go west to receive the Black Belt, afterwards (or if it is NOT
    Wednesday), continue to the east.  Enter the house to receive TM 10/Hidden
    Power.  Make sure that you get the other items, and fly back to…
                                   Mahogany Town
                                    Items: none
    Once you enter the town, heal, and go in to the house northwest from the
    pokemon center, and northeast from the gym.  Upon entering, you'll see Lance
    battling a guy.  After the battle, Lance will open up a staircase.  Go down it
    to arrive at...
                                Team Rocket's Hideout
    Items: Protein, X special, TM 46, Ice Heal, Full heal, Ultra Ball, Hyper
                            Potion, Guard Spec, nugget, HM 06
    When you first come down the stairs, start walking towards the West.  When you
    pass in front of the Persian Statue, two Rockets, one after the other, will
    appear to battle you.  After you beat them, continue west until you can go
    south.  When you can go south, go south and then east, then south, then west,
    then east to battle the guy in front of the computer.  After beating him,
    examine the computer and shut off the security cams inside the Persian
    Statues.  Right next to the computer is Guard Spec.  From here, you could go
    two ways.    The one that I recommend is to go back to the room where you
    first went south and head west to get the hyper potion, then go south, then
    west to get to the stairs.  You could go back to the room that you started in
    and go west, then south, fight the Rocket Grunt, and then continue south until
    you get to the stairs.  If you choose this way, after the Rocket Grunt, you'll
    run into a trapped floor.  The way the floor is trapped is like this:
    |       |        |            |         |        |
    |       |   V    |     V      |    V    |        |
    |       |        |            |         |        |
    |   V   |        |      V     |         |  V     |
    |       |        |            |         |        |
    |       |        |    V       |    V    |        |
    |       |        |            |         |        |
    |   V   |   V    |       V    |         |  V     |
    |       |        |            |         |        |
    |       |   V    |            |    V    |        |
    |   V   |   V    |            |   V     |  V     |
    |       |        |            |         |        |
    |   V   |        |     V      |  V      |   V    |
    -or_=floor V=Voltorb
    Either way, go down the stairs.  Lance will heal your pokemon, and you'll
    continue.  Go all the way east, and fight the rocket grunt.  After you beat
    him, go down, right, fight the grunt, and down the stairs.  Here, you'll see
    Lance talking to a Rocket.  After this conversation, go right past the stairs,
    and up to get Full Heal.  Continue going left to get an Ice Heal.  Go down,
    and, when you see a hole in the wall, go left in to it.  There, fight a
    scientist and a rocket to get a Password.  Go to the far left to get X Special
    and Protein.  Now go back to where you last saw Lance (where the Rocket is).
    Go up in to that area; fight the scientist, and the Rocket to get Password 2.
    Remember that staircase between the Ice Heal and the Full Heal?  Go to it.
    Climb up them, go left, fight the Rocket, go down, go down the stairs, go up
    the stairs, and get TM 46--Thief.  Now go back down the stairs, right, and use
    the passwords to open the door.  In here, fight the Rocket Executive, and talk
    to the bird (Murkrow) to get yet another password.  Now go back to where Lance
    healed your pokemon.  Here, you fight a Rocket Executive.  After you beat the
    Rocket, use the password to get in to these doors.  Lance will tell you that
    you have to take out all of the Electrodes.  After you take them all out,
    Lance will reward your efforts with HM06 -- Whirlpool!
                                 Mahogany Town
                           Items: TM16, Glacier Badge
    With Team Rocket gone, you can now go in to the gym.
    |Y Y Y YY  |
    |Y T   PY  |
    |Y  YYYYY  |
    |Y  Y   Y  |
    |Y  Y   Y  |
    |Y  Y   Y  |
    |Y  Y   Y  |
    |Y  Y   Y  |
    |Y  Y   Y  |
    |Y  Y T Y  |
    |Y  Y   Y  |
    |Y  Y Y Y  |
    |Y         |
    |Y         |
    |Y Y Y     |
    |T   Y    T|
    Y = Your path
    T = Trainer
    P = Pryce (LEADER)
    |-_ = Wall
    I know that's confusing, but it'd be worse if I tried to explain it in words
    o_0.  Once you reach Pryce, prepare for a fairly easy battle.
    Lv. 27 Seel
    Lv. 29 Dewgong
    Lv. 31 Piloswine
    After you defeat Pryce, you'll get the GLACIERBADGE and TM16--Icy Wind.  Once
    you leave the gym, you will hear about Team Rocket taking over Goldenrod.  So,
    fly there!
    | 3.08: Encounters of the Rocket Kind part three of three |
                           Goldenrod City Radio Tower
     Items: Basement Key, Smoke Ball, TM35, Max Ether, Amulet Coin, Ultra Ball x
                          2, Pink Bow, TM11, Clear Bell
    o_0.  At the start, fight the Rocket and go up the stairs.  Keep climbing, and
    ignore the shutters.  When you reach the top, you'll find the Director.  He
    reveals that they've kidnapped the real Director and he is a Rocket Executive.
    Take him out.  He'll give you the basement key.  So, we head outside of the
    Radio Tower, and to the Underground.  Go to the door in the northeast part
    that was once locked.  Use the key to open it.
    In this room, you will fight your Rival.  See the bottom of this section for
    his roster.  After you beat him, you will fight three Rockets, and be faced
    with a puzzle: figure out the combination.  Start with the farthest switch and
    work your way back to the closest switch (to the stairs).  Now, go to the far
    door, enter, fight the trainer, get the smoke ball, leave that room, go all
    the way right, and enter this door.  Go straight to get an Ultra Ball.  Now go
    right, down, left, and down to get a Max Ether.  Go up, fight the Rocket, go
    left, down, fight that rocket, and rescue the Director.  He'll give you the
    Card Key.  Now get the TM35--Sleep Talk, which is right beside you.  Go up,
    right, and climb the stairs.  Here you will find that you are in the basement
    of the Goldenrod Department Store.  You can pick up the Amulet Coin in front
    of you.  Now take the elevator up to the first floor, leave the building, and
    go back to the radio tower.
    Go back up to the third floor, but this time use the Card Key to open the
    shutters.  Climb up these stairs.  On the next floor, take out all of the
    Rockets, and climb up the NEXT set of stairs.  At the top, take out the
    Executives.  Once they are beaten, the Director will come up and give you the
    Clear Bell.  Next to the desk is an Ultra Ball.  Now, go back to the fourth
    floor.  Here, talk to the lady at the bottom to get the Pink Bow.  Now, go
    back to the third floor and talk with the lady closest to the shutters.
    She'll give you TM 11 -- Sunny Day!  Now, you can leave the tower entirely.
    Here, fly back to Mahogany Town.
    Lv. 32 Meganium
    Lv. 30 Goldbat
    Lv. 28 Magnemite
    Lv. 30 Haunter
    Lv. 32 Sneasel
    | 3.09: A c...c...cold c...c...cave and the Rising Badge |
    From Mahogany, go east until you reach...
                                   Ice Path
    Items: HM07, Max Potion, Full Heal, NeverMeltIce, TM44, Iron, Protein, PP Up
    This is easy...that is until you get to the big field of ice with the rocks.
    Go up, left, up, left, down, left, up, left, down, right, down, and right to
    get past it. Head to the ice field to your right and get HM07--Waterfall from
    the other side. Take the ladder and then push the four boulders into the
    holes. Take the ladder in the upper right corner of the room. Get the Max
    Potion in the upper left corner of the room and then use the boulders to get
    to the center land of the ice path. Get the Full Heal and then take the
    ladder. Use Rock Smash on the rock and get NeverMeltIce.  Take the ladder and
    then go down to the area of land you can jump off of. Stand on the second
    space from the left and jump off. You can now reach TM44--Rest. Take the
    ladder to the next room. Go down to the ice and there are two paths. If you
    can get to the bottom, you can get an Iron. Take the top to the next ladder.
    In the next room, go straight up to get a Protein. Stand next to the left wall
    and go down to get a PP Up. Take the right way down to get to the exit.
                               Blackthorn City
                         Items: Rising Badge, TM 24
    Once you arrive here, head to the Gym.  In here, go left and up the stairs.
    Now you have to push rocks down all the holes in order to get to Clair.  This
    is easier done then said (yes, I mean that).  This is the hardest Johto gym
    leader fight (obviously).  Once she is beaten, she won't give up the Rising
    Badge.  You have to prove yourself worthy (I don't know what she calls that
    battle, then).  So, leave the gym, surf behind it, and enter Dragon's Den.
    In the Dragon Den, make your way to the south end, and enter the Dragon
    Shrine.  Here, you must answer five questions correctly.  Once you've answered
    them all, Clair will be forced to fork over the Rising Badge as well as TM24--
    Dragonbreath.  Now, leave the Den.
    | 3.10: The Path to the Johto League |
    From Blackthorn, fly back to New Bark.  Surf east.
                        Routes 27, 28, and Tojho Falls
             Items: Moon Stone, TM22, TM37, Ice berry, Max Elixir
    Once you get on land, you will be informed that you've arrived in Kanto, the
    land of Red/Blue/Yellow.  Enter the Cave, which is Tojho Falls.  In the cave,
    surf the northwest corner to get a Moon Stone.  Now, go up the waterfall, and
    back down to be back outside of the cave.  If your Pokemon really like you,
    the woman in the house will give you TM37--Sandstorm.  Anyways, continue along
    the route.  When you reach the docks, you can surf downwards, use whirlpool,
    and get TM22--Solarbeam.  The rest is straightforward and the items are in
    plain view.  Enter the second house to have all of your Pokemon healed.  Once
    you get up to the top, you will be at the Indigo Plateau Reception Gate.  The
    guard will see your badges and let you through to...
                                   Victory Road
              Items: Full Heal, Max Revive, HP Up, Full Restore, TM26
    For those who have played Red, Blue, and/or Yellow, you may [very vividly]
    remember the nightmare that was Victory Road, the #3 reason people didn't want
    to play through the game again.  Trust me.  It's not nearly as hard now.
    When you enter, go north until you reach a split in the path. Go right and
    down the stairs. Follow the path up and you'll find a Full Heal and a Max
    Revive. Go back to the split in the path and go left. Take the ladder to the
    next floor. Go up the stairs and then to the right. Go down the stairs and get
    the HP Up to the left. Follow around to the right and go north to the ladder.
    Follow around to the bottom of the area and climb down the ladder to find a
    Full Restore. Go back up and to the top of the area and drop down the hole do
    the left to find TM26--Earthquake. Jump down to the right and go back up the
    ladder. Go up and you'll find the exit...but first, your Rival will challenge
    Lv. 38 Meganium
    Lv. 34 Sneasel
    Lv. 34 Magneton
    Lv. 35 Haunter
    Lv. 36 Golbat
    Lv. 35 Kadabra
    Now that he is beaten, you can leave Victory Road.
    | 3.11: The Elite Four and End Johto! |
    This is it...the last leg of your Johto trip.  Go straight in to the building.
    Here you can buy a few things and heal.  Now it is time to face the Elite
    Four.  If you don't think you're ready, train in Victory Road, or take the
    guy's offer to return you home.  If you are returned home, just surf back to
    Kanto and fly back to the Indigo Plateau.  I recommend that you have at least
    level 45 pokemon of all different types.
                              Indigo Plateau
                               Items: none
    Once you are ready (I recommend that you buy three of every item except Max
    Repel in the Mart), go up the stairs.  I am just going to copy and paste
    something from earlier.  Maybe you'll recognize it?
    Lv. 40 Xatu
    Lv. 41 Exeggcutor
    Lv. 41 Slowbro
    Lv. 41 Jynx
    Lv. 42 Xatu
    Lv. 40 Ariados
    Lv. 43 Forretress
    Lv. 42 Muk
    Lv. 41 Venomoth
    Lv. 44 Crobat
    Lv. 42 Hitmontop
    Lv. 42 Hitmonchan
    Lv. 42 Hitmonlee
    Lv. 43 Onix
    Lv. 46 Machamp
    Lv. 42 Umbreon
    Lv. 42 Vileplume
    Lv. 45 Gengar
    Lv. 44 Murkrow
    Lv. 47 Houndoom
    After you have taken these four down, you are put in to one more battle: a
    battle with the Champion, our old friend Lance.
    Lv. 44 Gyrados
    Lv. 47 Dragonite
    Lv. 46 Charizard
    Lv. 47 Dragonite
    Lv. 46 Aerodactyl
    Lv. 50 Dragonite
    Now that all of that is over, sit back and watch the credits.  The end?  Heh,
    it's only just begun...
    You've taken down the current (well, former now) Champion.  But who's to say
    that the one from three years ago wasn't defeated as well...?
                          IV. Walkthrough Part Two: Kanto
    | 4.01: Seasickness and the Thunder Badge |
                                   New Bark Town
                                  Items: SS ticket
    After beating the Elite four you start back at your house.  You will get a
    call from Elm asking you to come to his lab. When you get there, Elm will give
    you the SS ticket and tell you to go to...
                                    Olivine City
                                     Items: none
    Not much to do here, just go to the bay and board the...
                                      SS Aqua
                                 Items: Metal Coat
    As soon as you board, the ship will leave.  Upon walking in to the hall, an
    old man will run in to you.  He will tell you that he is looking for his
    granddaughter. Continue on, battling trainers if you want to, taking a nap in
    your room.  Once you are done there, head down stairs and walk forward.  There
    will be a sailor talking about his friend who is being lazy.  Go look for that
    guy.  He is two cabins down from you.  After you battle him, he'll return to
    work and you should go down to that other sailor.  That sailor will let you by
    and you should continue until you find the captain's quarters.  Enter, and
    talk to the girl who, after saying a few things, will make the room fade out
    and fade in back in her cabin.  The old man will thank you and give you the
    Metal Coat. Right then, the ship will announce that it has arrived in...
                                  Vermillion City
                          Items: Thunder Badge, rare candy
    Welcome to the world of Kanto.  Yes, this is the land of RBY.  Basically, go
    up to the pokemon fan club, talk to the chairman, get your rare candy, and
    head to the gym.  The traps from RBY are gone but the trainers aren't.  Head
    all the way to the top of the Gym to meet and defeat...
    Lt. Surge
    Surge uses the following pokemon:
    Raichu, electrode, Magneton, Electrode, and Electabuzz.
    Just use a ground or grass to easily take him out.  Once he is beaten, you
    will receive the Thunder badge, bringing your tally up to nine badges.
    | 4.02: As a certain Anime show would say "Abra and the psychic Showdown" |
                                     Route 6
                                   Items: none
    This is simple.  Just head north up the route.  The Underground Path is
    closed, but it will open once you fix the problem with the power plant.
                                     Saffron City
                  Items: Focus Band, Marsh Badge, Pass, up-grade, TM 29
    Basically, go to Silph co., get the Up-Grade, go to the fighting dojo, get the
    Focus Band, talk to Copycat, fly back to the Vermillion Pokemon Fan Club, get
    the Clefairy poke doll (lost item), take it back to copycat to get a pass.  If
    your pokemon aren't at level 50-60 yet, take some time to train.  Wait until
    night, and go to route 7 to catch either a Houndour, or Murkrow if your
    pokemon aren't strong enough. If you want, go to the southeast part of Saffron
    and enter the house to get TM 29, which is Psychic.  In Sabrina's gym, take
    the following paths: the first one you see when you come in, the one north of
    you, the one south of you, the one south of you, the one west of you.  This
    last one will take you to...
    Sabrina's team
    lv. 46 Espeon
    lv. 46 Mr. Mime
    lv. 48 Alakazam
    | 4.03: Finding the missing part, breaking up a date and the Cascade Badge |
                                    Route 5
                              Items: Cleanse Tag
    Go north on route 5, if you want the Cleanse Tag, reach the top of route 5 and
    up ledges all the way down until you get to the building.  Go back up north to
                                 Cerulean City
                                  Items: none
    For now just go north, and then leave via the east exit to arrive at...
                                  Routes 9&10
                                  Items: none
    You know the drill.  Head east, battle trainers, jump ledges. Continue on this
    path until you reach a place where you can surf.  Surf as far as you can until
    you reach a big building.  This building is the...
                                   Power plant
                                Items: Metal coat
    When you enter here, you hear about the missing part and the mad manager.
    Talk to him, and when you leave, a guard will tell you about a mysterious man
    skulking around Cerulean.  Go ahead and go to Cerulean, but if you want the
    Metal Coat, trade a Magneton for a Dugtrio, to get the Metal Coat.
                                   Cerulean City
                                Items: Missing Part
    When you arrive in Cerulean, go to the gym, and run in to a guy in black who
    looks oddly familiar.  Anyway, chase him up to the bridge in North Cerulean.
    Battle him and he turns out to be a Rocket Grunt.  Once you beat him, he'll
    tell you where the part is, and you have to break it to him that Team Rocket
    has disbanded... again.  Poor, misinformed sap (or dolt, take your pick).  Go
    back to the gym, and surf in the square pool in the middle of the gym, all the
    while, pressing A.  You should find the missing part. Now go back to...
                                  Power Plant
                                  Items: TM07
    Give the missing part back to the manager.  He'll be so happy, that he'll give
    you TM07/Zap Cannon.  Zap cannon, like Dynamic Punch, doesn't always hit, but
    when it does, it paralyzes.  From here, go back to route 10, go south, and
                                   Rock Tunnel
                     Items: TM47, Elixir, PP up, Revive, iron
    When you enter, go down, right, then up to the first ladder.  Go all the way
    west to get the Iron.  Come back towards the stairs, but head up and around to
    the next set of stairs.  Go south to pick up PP up, and then east to the next
    ladder.  Here, go west, up the ramp to collect TM 47/Steel Wing, down and to
    the west to collect an elixir. Leave and head south to come to...
                                 Lavender Town
                               Items: EXPN card
    Go to the radio tower and talk to the manager.  He'll give you the EXPN card,
    which lets you listen to Kanto radio shows.  The shows are: Places and People,
    which tells you about places and people, Let's all Sing, basically, Kanto
    Pokemon Music channel, and pokeflute, which is used to wake the Snorlax
    outside of Diglett's Cave.  Fly, or take route 8 and route 5 to...
                               Cerulean City
                                Items: none
    Go back to the bridge that you fought the Rocket grunt to access...
                                Route 24 & 25
    Items: Nugget, Protein, Everstone, fire stone, water stone, leaf stone,        
                                Thunder stone
    This is where Nugget Bridge from RBY moved.  You'll get a nugget once you beat
    all six of these trainers.  They seem to use a lot of quotes from the old
    Nugget Bridge, which leads me to believe that, like the old man and machop in
    Vermillion, they have been standing here for THREE years.  Don't be afraid go
    back to the pokemon center at any point.  Afterwards, be sure to cut the tree
    to get the protein.  After that, continue east and you'll see two people.  The
    man will run off, and the girl will introduce herself as Misty, the Cerulean
    city Gym leader, and invite you to come to the Gym to battle.  After this
    scene, go in to the house.  The old man will introduce himself as Bill's
    grandfather.  If you show him these pokemon in this order, he'll give you the
    stones that I tell you.  1st lickitung- Everstone, 2nd Growlithe- Fire Stone,
    3rd Oddish- Leaf Stone, 4th Pichu- Thunder stone, 5th Staryu- Water Stone.  If
    you have any, show them to him, then go back to...
                                Cerulean City
                             Items: Cascade Badge
    Heal, then go in to the Gym.  If you want to cut straight to battling Misty,
    go around and behind her, then surf to the spot next to her.
    Here is what I mean,
    N=Trainers, M= Misty, -= floor, blanks = water, W=wall,
    Y=your path
    Misty's Team               W            YYYYYYYYYYYY
                               W -----------Y----------Y W
    lv. 42 Golduck             W |          YM        |Y W
                               W |          ||        |Y W
    lv. 44 Lapras              W |     ------------   |Y W
                               W |                 |  |Y W
    lv. 47 Starmie             W |      -----------|  |Y W
                               W |      |     |       |Y W
    lv. 42 Quagsire            W |      |-----|       |Y W
                               W |            |       |Y W
                               W |            |       |Y W
                               W ---------------------|Y W
                               WWWWW Entrance WWWWWWWWWWW
    | 4.04: The Rainbow Badge, and...uh...another casino |
                                     Route 7
                                   Items: none
    Fly back to Saffron City, then head west through the gate.  Continue going
    west until you reach...
                                  Celadon City
                   Items: Rainbow Badge, TM03, Leftovers, TM 19
    When you enter Celadon City, head north, and around behind the houses.  You
    will see an entrance to a mansion in the back.  Go in there, and go up to the
    very top.   Once there, you will see a man with sunglasses.  Talk to him, and
    he'll give you TM03/Curse.  You might want to stop in the Celadon Casino.
    Now, head to the bottom-right corner of the city, and enter the restaurant.
    Check the garbage can to get Leftovers.  Also, stop by the Dept. Store.  They
    have quite a nice selection.  Now, head to the Gym.  The Gym is in the bottom-
    right corner of the city, and you'll have to cut through a tree to get there.
    Once in, make your way through the trainers, and fight Erika.
    Lv. 42 Tangela
    Lv. 41 Jumpluff
    Lv. 46 Victreebel
    Lv. 46 Bellosom
    Once you win, you'll get the Rainbow Badge, and TM 19/GigaDrain.  Now, leave
    Celadon City via the west exit.
    | 4.05: The looooooooooooong hill, and the Soul Badge |
    If you went out the west exit of Celadon city (like I told you), you'll end up
                                       Route 16
                                      Items: none
    Nothing to do here just head south to...
                              Route 17 AKA Cycling Road
                                     Items: none
    Just head down, and fight any trainers you want to.  Now, head right to...
                                      Route 18
                                    Items: none
    Train against the wild pokemon, and fight the trainers if you wish.
    Otherwise, just head east in to...
                                    Fuchsia City
                       Items: Soul Badge, TM 06, Burnt Berry
    There's not much to do here.  Once you arrive in the city, head south, and
    north through the hole in the ledges.  Heal if you want, then go in to the
    The Janine on the mid-right side is the real one.  Use a psychic, as she is a
    poison trainer.
    Lv. 36 Crobat
    Lv. 33 Ariados
    Lv. 39 Venomoth
    Lv. 36 Weezing
    Lv. 36 Weezing
    After the battle, you'll get the Soul Badge, and TM 06/Toxic.  Now, go east,
    north, and west to the extreme upper-left corner of the city.  There, you get
    a Burnt Berry.  Now you should fly to...
    | 4.06: Finding the route to another legend, and the Boulder Badge |
                                Vermillion City
                                  Items: none
    From the Pokecenter, go southeast until you reach the Pokemart.  Here, go east
    until you can go east no further.  Go north to see a Snorlax.  SAVE!!!  Now,
    turn on your radio to the Poke Flute station to wake it up (you have to "talk"
    to him).  CATCH IT.  If you accidentally kill him, try again until you do
    capture him.  Then again, if you're like me, and get so annoyed that you kill
    him on purpose, then keep going =P.  Anyways, head north until you reach (it
    isn't far at all)...
                                Diglett Cave
                              Items: Max Revive
    Go down the stairs, and go northwest until you reach another set of stairs.
    NOTE: There is a rock in the middle of the room that, if you "talk" to it, you
    will get a Max Revive.  Exit the cave to arrive at...
                                   Route 2
                                Items: Nugget
    Go to the house south of the cave to get a Nugget.  Now, go back to the cave,
    and go west.  Cut the tree, and go north to...
                                  Pewter City
           Items: Mint Berry, Ice Berry, Silver Wing, Boulder Badge
    Go to the northeast corner of the city, and investigate the trees.  There, you
    will get a Mint Berry and an Ice Berry.  Now, go south and talk to the old
    man.  He'll reminisce about his days as a trainer, and give you the Silver
    Wing!  Now, go west and enter Brock's gym.  Go north, fight the trainer, then
    fight Brock himself...
    Brock's team:
    Lv. 41 Graveler
    Lv. 44 Onyx
    Lv. 42 Kabutops
    Lv. 41 Rhyhorn
    Lv. 42 Omastar
    Heh, for those of us that picked Chikorita at the beginning... ahem...
    anyways... now Brock will confer upon you the Boulder Badge (or as he would
    say, the BOULDERBADGE).
    | 4.07: Finding the ruins of an eruption and the Volcano Badge |
    You are two badges away!  Away from what?  You'll see... From Pewter City, go
    south to...
                                     Route 2
                                  Items: Elixir
    Go back to that house that the guy gave you $5000...er...a nugget.  From
    there, go south, through the building, and south until you can go no further
    south.  Here, you will find an elixir.  Now go west, through the tree, and
    south until you reach...
                                 Viridian City
                                  Items: none
    Gah...there's not much to do here.  Just keep going south until you reach...
                                    Route 1
                              Items: Bitter Berry
    The battles here are pointless (EVIL LEVEL TWO POKEMON!), so just jump over the
    ledges.  The first ledge you see will have a tree on it, which bears a bitter
    berry.  Just keep going south until you reach...
                                  Pallet Town
                                  Items: none
    There is nothing to do here.  So, just continue south to...
                                   Route 21
                                  Items: none
    Just head all the way south.  THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO!  Pattern?
                                 Cinnabar Island
                                   Items: none
    Once you arrive at the island, talk to the man at the north part of the
    island.  He will introduce himself as "Blue."  If you don't know who he is
    yet, wait until...never mind.  He'll tell you about Red, and about the fate of
    Cinnabar.  Next to the Pokecenter, you'll see a sign telling you that the
    Cinnabar gym has moved to Seafoam Islands.  So, let's go!
                                   Route 20
                                 Items: none
    Yet another pointless route.  Just go east until you reach...
                                 Seafoam Islands
                              Items: Volcano Badge
    Well...just enter the cave and talk to Blaine.  You'll enter battle after he
    complains and almost brags about being homeless and living in the volcano.
    Lv. 45 Magcargo
    Lv. 45 Magmar
    Lv. 50 Rapidash
    You now have the VOLCANOBADGE and one badge short.  You'll see the guy that
    follows you around from gym to gym (STALKER!) in the gym now.
    | 4.08: The Final Badge--The Earth Badge |
    Anyways... you should now fly back to...
                                   Viridian City
                                 Items: Earth Badge
    Go around the gym and enter the door of the gym.  You will notice that it has
    SERIOUSLY changed since RBY.   Instead of traps, trainers, and boosting blocks,
    you have the most intricate design ever thought of.  Legos!  Anyways, just go
    straight to enter battle with Blue, the rival from RBY!  Being the former
    Champion, he is very strong.  Notice how he calls you JOHTO CHAMP.  Hehe...
    Lv. 56 Pidgeot
    Lv. 58 Exeggutor
    Lv. 54 Alakazam
    Lv. 58 Gyrados
    Lv. 58 Arcanine
    Lv. 56 Rhydon
    When/if you win, you will collect a well-earned Earth Badge.  Congratulations!
    You have now earned all of the badges!
    | 4.09: Preparation for the Final Challenge |
    Oh boy!  Trust me, MUCH preparation is needed.  Most of it is in Johto, so
    let's fly back to...
                                     Saffron City
                                     Items: none
    Here, just go north and board the train.  You will now be at...
                                    Goldenrod City
                                     Items: none
    This is but a pit stop.  Here, fly to...
                                     Olivine City
                                     Items: none
    From here, surf south, then west (I'm too lazy to do all that) until you
                                    Whirl Islands
                                     Items: none
    I say we get no items, but we get something much better.  You will notice that
    there are four islands.  We want the northeast island.  So, use whirlpool to
    get past the whirlpool, and then enter the cave. In the cave, jump over the
    first ledge, over the upper ledge, and climb the ladder.  Go down and down the
    ladder.  In this room, surf in the water, and climb down the waterfall.  Once
    you are at the bottom, enter the north cave.  In here, surf north and you'll
    see a bird type creature.  SAVE!!!!  Now, "talk" to it to engage Lugia.
    Beware: Lugia is very powerful.  Wear it down and inflict a status effect on
    it.  Now, capture it.  When you have captured it (if you failed, turn the game
    off, and turn it back on), use an escape rope to leave the Whirl Islands.  Now
    wander about Johto, saving often, and trying to find/capture Entei and Raikou.
    Now, fly back to Ecruteak city, and go to...
                                     Tin Tower
    Items: Full Heal, Ultra Ball, Escape Rope, Super Potion, Rare Candy, Super
             Potion, Max Revive, Full Restore, Sacred Ash, Rainbow Wing
    No, I am NOT kidding about those items.  Now that you have all legendary
    beasts, talk to the wise trio in front of the Tower.  They will give you the
    Rainbow Wing.  Now you can begin to climb the Tower.  Once you have the Wing,
    climb up the first set of stairs.  Go down to the next set of stairs.  Here,
    go left and over the bump to get a Full Heal.  Now, go right over the two
    bumps, up, left, up, and right to reach the next set of stairs.  On this floor
    (the fourth), go down two platforms, left, and down until you reach an Ultra
    Ball.  Now go down, left, left, down, and left until you reach a set of
    stairs.  Don't bother climbing up them.  Here, go up and get an Escape Rope.
    Now go right, right, up, left, left, and up the stairs.
    If this is confusing, my email address is at the top and bottom of this!  Go up
    and all the way right.  Go left, left, down, and go to the bottom of the
    platform to get a Rare Candy!  Now go all the way right and down.  Go down the
    stairs.  Here, get a Super Potion.  Go all the way left, up, right, right, up,
    left, left, and up the stairs.  Now go right, right, down, left, left, all the
    way down, all the way right, down, and up the stairs.  Go up to get a Max
    Potion.  Go right, up, left, down, down, and up the stairs.  Now go around the
    room (in the middle of this, you can get a max revive), and stand on the first
    transport pad.  Go down to the next transport pad.  Now go right to the NEXT
    transport pad.  Go up and all the way left to get a Full Restore.  Go right to
    the transport pad.  Now go left and up the stairs.  SAVE!  Now go up and talk
    to the bird to engage in a fight with Ho-Oh.  Fight him the same way you
    fought Lugia.  Once you capture him, you'll get the Sacred Ash.  Now, use an
    escape rope to leave.  You've done it!  You've gotten all of the legendary
    creatures.  My suggested team for you now is:
    Steelix* - Earthquake, Sandstorm, Crunch, Iron Tail
    Suicune - Surf, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Mirror Coat
    Raikou - Thunder, Crunch, Zap Cannon, Hyper Beam
    Entei - Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Toxic
    Lugia - Aeroblast, Psychic, Thunder, Hydro Pump
    Ho-oh - Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Shadow Ball, Recover
    * = If you chose Chikorita at the beginning, then use Meganium (Razor Leaf,
    Body Slam, Solarbeam, Mud Slap) instead.  Make sure that Meganium or Steelix is
    leading off your party.  Otherwise, you'll be in a bit of trouble.
    All of them should be around level 75.  THIS MEANS THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO DO A
    LOT OF TRAINING, BUT IT IS NECESSARY.  Ready?  Well, it's now time for...
    From Ecruteak, fly to Goldenrod.  There, board the train to get to Saffron.
    Once in Saffron, fly to...
                                   Pallet Town
                                   Items: none
    Once you arrive here, go to Oak's lab and talk to him.  He will give you his
    permission to access MT. SILVER, the last dungeon of the game!  Now, fly back
                                  Viridian City
                                   Items: none
    Not much to do here.  Just go west until you reach...
                                    Route 22
                                   Items: none
    Go up through the first ledge opening, left, down the next ledge, left, and up
    to reach...
                          Indigo Plateau Reception Gate
                                   Items: none
    Just go straight (from your location.  Left from where you came in when you
    came from Johto) until you reach...
                                  Route 28
                                 Items: TM47
    Er...for the record, we're back in Johto now.  This field has some very strong
    pokemon on it, so this can help you train.  Work your way across until you
    reach the pokemon center.  You can fly back to this Pokemon Center!  Heal, and
    come out.  Now, go right, down (you have to CUT a tree), right, up (again,
    CUT), and right.  You will see a house.  In it, you will find a celebrity of
    sorts who is trying to get away from all of her fans.  She'll offer you TM 47-
    -Steel Wing if you don't tell anybody about her.  Now, go back to the pokemon
    center, and enter that cave...
                           MT. SILVER (THE FINAL DUNGEON)
    Items: none that WE gather.  You can come back later if you want to collect
    Hehe...this is it!  The final dungeon!  You face one trainer, and then the
    game is beaten!  Of course...that is the trainer you had from RBY, who is VERY
    strong.  You can come back later to collect items.  Mt. Silver is much more
    fun to explore on your own.  Anyways, from the start, go north, climb the
    ramp, north, west, north, east, south, east, north, west, north, east, south
    (down a ramp), and in the cave.  Now follow the path until you reach another
    cave.  In this cave, save.  You may not realize it, but you are at the summit
    of Mt. Silver.  Go north and you'll see a familiar person (if you've played
    R/B/Y).  This is indeed Red, the Champion.  You now enter battle with him
    (after a busy conversation saying things like, "...").  By the way... Pokemon
    Crystal is NOT one of those games where the final boss is super easy ^_^;;
    (*glares over at Earthbound cart*)
    Lv. 81 Pikachu
    Lv. 73 Espeon
    Lv. 75 Snorlax
    Lv. 77 Venusaur
    Lv. 77 Charizard
    Lv. 77 Blastoise
    This will be a VERY HARD BATTLE.  Use your judgement on whom to use, and when
    dealing with Espeon, remember: Crunch IS a dark type move.  Also, the Pikachu
    MAY seem to be...uh...high in level, but he is the easiest of them.  One or
    two Earthquakes (or Body Slam/Razor Leafs) could take him out.  The Snorlax is
    your biggest worry.  Why?  Because if you've ever once underestimated the power
    and effectiveness of Rest, especially combined with Snore, you'll do that no
    longer.  Once you beat him, he will vanish and you will have beaten the game!
    | 4.11: What to do now? |
    Well, now you can see the Move Tutor in Goldenrod City.  See the FAQ section
    for details.
    You can fight Red again, but you must defeat the Elite Four once more
    The Viridian Trainers' House is quite fun
    Go explore Mt. Moon and Mt. Mortar
                                 V. Appendices
    | 5.01: Numerical Listing of Pokemon |
    1.Bulbasaur***		   8.Wartortle***          15.Beedrill
    2.Ivysaur***               9.Blastoise***          16.Pidgey
    3.Venasaur***              10.Caterpie             17.Pidgeotto
    4.Charmander ***           11.Metapod              18.Pidgeot
    5.Charmeleon***            12.Butterfree           19.Rattata
    6.Charizard***             13.Weedle               20.Raticate
    7.Squirtle***              14.Kakuna               21.Spearow
    22.Fearow                  29.Nidoran (F)          36.Clefable
    23.Ekans                   30.Nidorina             37.Vulpix***
    24.Arbok                   31.Nidoqueen            38.Ninetales***
    25.Pikachu                 32.Nidoran (M)          39.Jigglypuff
    26.Raichu                  33.Nidorino             40.Wigglytuff
    27.Sandshrew               34.Nidoking             41.Zubat
    28.Sandslash               35.Clefairy             42.Golbat
    43.Oddish                  50.Diglett              57.Primeape***
    44.Gloom                   51.Dugtrio              58.Growlithe
    45.Vileplume               52.Meowth               59.Arcanine
    46.Paras                   53.Persian              60.Poliwag
    47.Parsect                 54.Psyduck              61.Poliwhirl
    48.Venonat                 55.Golduck              62.Poliwrath
    49.Venomoth                56.Mankey***            63.Abra
    64.Kadabra                 71.Victreebel           78.Rapidash
    65.Alakazam                72.Tentacool            79.Slowpoke
    66.Machop                  73.Tentacruel           80.Slowbro
    67.Machoke                 74.Geodude              81.Magnemite
    68.Machamp                 75.Graveler             82.Magneton
    69.Bellsprout              76.Golem                83.Farfetch'd
    70.Weepinbell              77.Ponyta               84.Doduo
    85.Dodrio                  92.Gastly               99. Kingler
    86.Seel                    93.Haunter              100.Voltorb
    87.Dewgong                 94.Gengar               101.Electrode
    88.Grimer                  95.Onix                 102.Execute
    89.Muk                     96.Drowzee              103.Exeggutor
    90.Shellder                97.Hypno                104.Cubone
    91.Cloyster                98.Krabby               105.Marowak
    106.Hitmonlee              113.Chansey             120.Staryu
    107.Hitmonchan             114.Tangela             121.Starmie
    108.Likitung               115.Kangaskhan          122.Mr.Mime
    109.Koffing                116.Horsea              123.Scyther
    110.Weezing                117.Sedra               124.Jynx
    111.Rhyhorn                118.Goldeen             125.Electabuzz
    112.Rhydon                 119.Seaking             126.Magmar
    127.Pinsir                 134.Vaporeon            141.Kabutops***
    128.Tauros                 135.Jolteon             142.Aerodactyl
    129.Magikarp               136.Flareon             143.Snorlax
    130.Gyrados                137.Porygon             144.Articuno*,***
    131.Lapras                 138.Omanyte***          145.Zapdos*,***
    132.Ditto                  139.Omastar***          146.Moltres*,***
    133.Eevee                  140.Kabuto***           147.Dratini
    148.Dragonair              154.Meganium            160.Feraligatr
    149.Dragonite              155.Cyndaquil           161.Sentret
    150.Mewtwo*,***            156.Quilava             162.Furret
    151.Mew*,***               157.Typhlosion          163.Hoothoot
    152.Chikorita              158.Totodile            164.Noctowl
    153.Bayleef                159.Croconaw            165.Ledyba
    166.Ledian                 173.Cleffa*             180.Flaffy***
    167.Spinarak               174.Igglybuff*          181.Ampharos***
    168.Ariados                175.Togepi*             182.Bellossom
    169.Crobat                 176.Togetic             183.Marril
    170.Chinchou               177.Natu                184.Azumarril
    171.Lanturn                178.Xatu                185.Sudowoodo
    172.Pichu*                 179.Mareep***           186.Politoed
    187.Hopip                  194.Wooper              201.Unown**,*
    188.Skiploom               195.Quagsire            202.Wobbuffet
    189.Jumpluff               196.Espeon              203.Girafairg***
    190.Aipom                  197.Umbreon             204.Skarmory
    191.Sunkern                198.Murkrow             205.Forrestress
    192.Sunflora               199.Slowking            206.Dunsparce
    193.Yanma                  200.Misdreavus          207.Gligar
    208.Steelix                215.Sneasel             222.Corsola
    209.Snubble                216.Teddiursa           223.Remoraid***
    210.Granbull               217.Ursaring            224.Octillery***
    211.Qwilfish               218.Slugma              225.Delibird
    212.Scizor                 219.Magcargo            226.Mantine
    213.Shuckle                220.Swinub              227.Skarmory
    214.Heracross              221.Piloswine           228.Houndour
    229.Houndoom               236.Tyrogue*            243.Raikou*
    230.Kingdra                237.Hitmontop           244.Entei*
    231.Phanpy                 238.Smoochum            245.Suicune*
    232.Donphan                239.Elekid*             246.Larvitar
    233.Porygon2               240.Magby*              247.Pupitar
    234.Stantler               241.Milktank            248.Tyranitar
    235.Smeargle               242.Blissey             249.Lugia*
                  250.Ho-oh*                251. Celebi***,*
    			** 26 different kinds
                            *** Not in Crystal
    | 5.02: TMs and HMs |
    For the effect of the TM move, see the move list.
    TM#|Ability       |         Location            |Price if any
       |              |                             |
    01 |Dynamic Punch |      Cianwood City Gym      |$2000
    02 |Headbutt      |Ilex Forest, Goldenrod dept. |
       |              |(after finding in Ilex)      |
    03 |Curse         |Celadon City                 |
    04 |Rollout       |Route 35                     |
    05 |Roar          |Route 32                     |
    06 |Toxic         |Fuchsia City                 |
    07 |Zap Cannon    |Power Plant                  |
    08 |Rock Smash    |Route 36/Goldenrod dept      |$1000
       |              |(After route 36)             |
    09 |Psych up      |Trade and maybe pokemon      |
       |              |will be holding TM09         |
    10 |Hidden Power  |Lake of Rage/ Celadon dept.  |
       |              |Store                        |$3000
    11 |Sunny Day     |Goldenrod/ Celadon dept.     |$2000
    12 |Sweet Scent   |Route 34                     |
    13 |Snore         |Dark Cave, Moo Moo Farm      |
    14 |Blizzard      |Goldenrod City               |5,500 coins (casino)
    15 |Hyper Beam    |Celadon City                 |7,500 coins (casino)
    16 |Icy wind      |Mahogany Town Gym            |
    17 |Protect       |Celadon City                 |$3000
    18 |Rain Dance    |Slowpoke Well/ Celadon Dept. |$2000
    19 |Giga Drain    |Celadon City Gym             |
    20 |Endure        |Burned Tower                 |
    21 |Frustration   |Goldenrod City               |
    22 |Solarbeam     |Route 27                     |
    23 |Iron Tail     |Olivine City Gym             |
    24 |Dragonbreath  |Dragon's den for getting     |
       |              |the rising badge             |
    25 |Thunder       |Goldenrod city               |5,500 coins (casino)
    26 |Earthquake    |Victory road                 |
    27 |Return        |Goldenrod City               |
    28 |Dig           |National Park                |
    29 |Psychic       |Saffron/Celadon city         |3,500 coins (casino)
    30 |Shadow Ball   |Ecruteak City Gym            |
    31 |Mud-Slap      |Violet City Gym              |
    32 |Double Team   |Celadon city                 |1,500 coins (casino)
    33 |Ice Punch     |Goldenrod City/trade         |$3000
    34 |Swagger       |Olivine Lighthouse           |
    35 |Sleep Talk    |Goldenrod City               |
    36 |Sludge bomb   |Route 43                     |
    37 |Sandstorm     |Route 27/Celadon dept        |$2000
    38 |Fireblast     |Goldenrod City               |5,500 coins
    39 |Swift         |Union Cave                   |
    40 |Defense Curl  |Mt. Mortar                   |
    41 |Thunder Punch |Goldenrod dept.              |$3000
    42 |Dream Eater   |Viridian City                |
    43 |Detect        |Lake of Rage/trade           |
    44 |Rest          |Ice Path                     |
    45 |Attract       |Goldenrod City Gym           |
    46 |Thief         |Mahogany Town                |
    47 |Steel Wing    |Route 28/Rock Tunnel         |
    48 |Fire Punch    |Goldenrod Dept.              |$3000
    49 |Fury Cutter   |Azalea Town Gym              |
    50 |Nightmare     |Route 31                     |
    HM #                Ability           Location               Badge Needed
    01                  Cut               Ilex Forest            Hive Badge
    02                  Fly               Cianwood City          Storm Badge
    03                  Surf              Ecruteak City          Fog Badge
    04                  Strength          Olivine City           Plain Badge
    05                  Flash             Sprout Tower           Zephyr Badge
    06                  Whirlpool         Mahogany Town          Glacier Badge
    07                  Waterfall         Ice Path               Rising Badge
    | 5.03: FAQ |
    If you E-Mail me with a question, I will [most likely] post it here.  To begin
    with here is one
    Q: Is Celebi in the game.
    A: Legally no.  Unless you use a GameShark, the only way to get him is by
    Nintendo's tours.
    Q: Do you know how to get points to the blue card you get in the radio tower?
    If the password is MUD SLAP, what do I do to get points?
    A: Well, you go to the second floor of the radio tower and talk to the lady
    sitting at a desk.  if you tell her that you know the password she'll ask you
    to say it out loud.  you'll have to choose between three (IE with you example,
    Fury Cutter, Mud Slap, and Attract) words and if you choose the correct one
    you get points.  Talk to this lady (Buena) before the Rocket take over and
    during the day to get the blue card
    Q: How do you start the Rocket Takeover in Goldenrod's Radio Tower?
    A: Well, it doesn't start until you beat Pryce in the Mahogany Town Gym. Then
    you get a call from Prof Elm who tells you that there is a strange broadcast
    on the radio.  Then you go to the radio tower, and Team Rocket has invaded
    Q: When I enter the same area where a legendary beast is, does the background
    music change or does the normal background music play?  (I know the battle
    music changes because when I was training my Wooper, I got a surprise visit
    from Entei which scared the heck out of me.  I had just exited from a
    previous battle and entered that battle at the next moment so I couldn't
    catch any music change.)
    A: I am pretty sure that it is only in Japan that the Route music changes. In
    the US, only the battle Music changes.   Look up Entei in your pokedex and go
    to the area that he is in (by using the area option under Entei's name)
    Q: How do you get extreme speed dratini? What are the other special pokemon?
    A: To get extreme speed Dratini, make sure that you have an open slot in your
    party and go to the Dragon's Den.  Take the quiz in the shrine, have Clair
    give you the Rising badge and leave the Dragon's den.  Once you exit, re-enter
    and go back to the shrine.  The old man that gave you the quiz will now give
    you a level 15 Dratini that knows Extreme speed, Thunder wave, and two other
    moves. As far as special pokemon if you mean gifts, there are Chikorita,
    Cyndaquil, Totodile, Togepi, One of the baby pokemon (odd egg), Eevee,
    Tyrogue, Shuckle, Dratini, and I think that is it.
    Q: The Pokemon Stadium 2 tells me that the move tutor, whoever it is, can
    teach moves such as ice beam, thunderbolt, and flamethrower to a surprisingly
    large number of pokemon. My questions to you are:
    1) Where is this person located?
    2) Is there a surcharge or something on what moves can be taught to which
    3) Are u absolutely certain about the shiny pokemon from the odd egg?
    4) Who is this Eusine guy that is so interested in suicune?
    A: 1) He is located outside of Goldenrod city's game corner on Wednesdays and
    Sundays after you beat Red on Mt. Silver
    2) Yes, but most pokemon can learn at least one move from him.  Note that for
    every move taught, it costs you 4000 game coins.  You can teach as many moves
    as they can learn
    3) Yes, but it is only a 50% chance that it will be shiny.  I got a not shiny
    Smoochum and because it wasn't shiny, its stats were TERRIBLE
    4)Not much is known about him.  After all, when you battle him it says
    MYSTICALMAN EUSINE.  Once you catch or kill Suicune, he will tell you that he
    is going to do some more studying on Legends.
    Q: I'm trying to hunt down a Larvitar and I know they are located at Silver
    Cave.  Are they inside the cave or outside and is there anytime of day I have
    to catch them in?
    Same thing with Phanpy's at the base of the mountain near New Bark
    A: Larvitar are located at the top two rooms of Mt. Silver.  Phanpy is closer
    to Blackthorn than New Bark
    Q: Can you catch the legendaries before you get the Clear Bell?
    A: Yes you can.  If you catch one before the Tin Tower, it won't be there.
    You cannot catch Suicune before then, though.
    Q: How do you get Fire stone?
    A: There are two ways.  One is to visit Bill's grandpa on route 25 (Cerulean
    Cape) and show him Growlithe if that is what he wants to see when you visit
    him.  Another way is to Get Alan's phone number and later he'll have one.
    Alan is on route
    Q: I was playing my version of the game and I was wondering, how do you get
    the rainbow wing in crystal?
    A: It is very difficult.  You have to catch Lugia, Suicune, Raikou, and Entei,
    and the wise trio should give it to you.  If you knock out one of them, you
    won't be able to get it.
    | 5.04: Breeding |
    This is a fairly simple concept.  You put one of the following sets of
    pokemon in to the day-care center south of Goldenrod City
    1) A Male and Female of the same pokemon IE Male and Female Magmar, the
       baby is Magby
    2) A Male and Female of two different pokemon IE a male Pikachu and a Female
    Politoed would hatch a poliwag (usually creates baby form of female)
    3) A Male or Female and Ditto IE a Female Persian and a ditto will make a
    Meowth =)
    4) Some pokemon are genderless.  They have to be bred with ditto.  The
    genderless are: Ditto, Electrode, Voltorb, Staryu, Starmie, Magnemite,
    Magneton, and the legendaries.  Note that the legendary pokemon cannot be bred
    and you cannot hatch a baby ditto.   The Legendary pokemon and the babies
    (Magby, Pichu, etc) cannot be bred.
    | 5.05: Items |
    There are so many types of items that I am going to divide them up.
    Items to heal you
    |Key: Mart=pokemart   mys.=mystery gift R#=route, then number        C=Cave |
    |Item           Description          Location                          Price|
    |Antidote     |Cures poisoned pokemon          |Mart, r31              |100 |
    |Awakening    |Awakens sleeping pokemon        |mart/C                 |250 |
    |Berry Juice  |Restores 20 HP                  |Give berry to Shuckle  |    |  
    |Burn Heal    |Gets rid of Burns               |M/C/towns              |250 |
    |Elixir       |Restores 10 PP to all abilities |R/C/Mys/               |    |
    |Energy Root  |Restores 200 HP, bitter         |Goldenrod/Ruins of Alph|800 |
    |Energy powder|Restores 50 Hp, bitter          |Goldenrod/Ruins of Alph|500 |
    |Ether        |Restores 10 PP to one ability   |R/C/Mys/               |    |
    |Fresh Water  |Restores 50 HP                  |Dept. Stores, Mt. Moon |200 |
    |Full Heal    |Cures any condition             |Mart/Caves             |600 |
    |Full Restore |Full Heal + Max Potion          |C/Indigo Plateau       |3000|
    |Heal Powder  |Cures any condition, bitter     |Goldenrod/Ruins of Alph|450 |
    |Hyper Potion |Heals 200 HP                    |M/R/C                  |1200|
    |Ice Heal     |Heals FREEZE condition          |Mart                   |250 |
    |Lemonade     |Heals 80 HP                     |Dept. Stores/ Mt Moon  |350 |
    |Max Elixir   |Restores all PP to all abilities|R/C/Mys                |    |
    |Max Ether    |Restores all PP to one Ability  |Goldenrod/R//Mys       |    |
    |Max Potion   |Heals all HP                    |Mart/R/C/Mys           |2500|
    |Max Revive   |Revives a dead Pokemon to max HP|R/C/Mys                |    |
    |MooMooMilk   |Heals 100 HP                    |MooMooFarm, Wild pkmn  |500 |
    |Parlyz Heal  |Cures Paralyzed pokemon         |Mart/Caves             |200 |
    |Potion       |Heals 20 HP   Mart/r/c          |                       |300 |
    |RageCandyBar |Heals 20 HP   Mahogany          |                       |200 |
    |Revival Herb |Revives fainted pokemon, bitter |Goldenrod              |2800|
    |Revive       |Revives fainted pokemon to 1/2HP|M/R/C/Mys              |1500|
    |Sacred Ash   |Revives ALL fainted pokemon     |Ho-Oh                  |    |
    |Soda Pop     |Heals 60 HP                     |Dept Store/Mt. Moon    |300 |
    |Super Potion |Heals 50 HP                     |Mart/R/C               |700 |
    |                |                                                         |
    |                |               Berries                                   |
    |                |                                                         |
    |Item            |  Description               Location                     |
    |                |                |                                        |
    |Berry           |Heals 10 HP     |National park/9,30,38,49,11/mys/trade   |
    |Bitter Berry    |Heals Confusion |Blackthorn/r31,43,1/mys                 |
    |Burnt Berry     |Heals Freeze    |R44, Fushcia/Pewter/Mys/trade           |
    |Gold Berry      |Heals 30 HP     |National park/trade/mys                 |
    |Ice Berry       |Heals Burn      |Pewter/r36,26/mys/trade                 |
    |Mint Berry      |Heals sleep     |r39/Pewter/Mys.                         |
    |Miracle Berry   |Heals Status    |Mys                                     |
    |Mystery Berry   |Restores PP     |r35/45/Trade                            |
    |Przcure berry   |Cures Paralysis |Violet/r46,8/Mys                        |
    |Psncure Berry   |Cures Poison    |r2,30,33/mys                            |
                            Key Items
    Item                                  Description
    Basement Key                            Opens door in Underground
    Bicycle                                Allows you to move 2x as fast
    Blue Card                             Stores points for Buena's show
    Card Key                             Opens shutter in radio tower 3f
    Clear Bell                              Allows you to meet Suicune
    Coin Case                            Holds up to 9,999 coins
    Good rod                              A fairly good fishing rod
    Item finder                            finds hidden items with a sound
    Clefairy Doll                 Give to CopyCat in return for Train Pass
    Machine Part                         Give to Power Plant Manager
    Mystery Egg                            Hatches Togepi
    Route 30, get back at Violet
    Old Rod                          Use to fish for pokemon, worst rod
    Route 32
    Pass               Allows you to ride the magnet Train             Saffron
    Rainbow Wing    Allows you to catch Ho-oh
                                                Catch Raikou, Entei, Suicune, beat 
                                                 the elite 4, get from wise trio
    Red Scale                          Trade for Exp. Share on route 30
    Lake of Rage
    S.S Ticket                                 Ticket for S.S Aqua
    New Bark
    SecretPotion                      Heals Amphy at Olivine Lighthouse
    Silver Wing                             Allows you to catch Lugia
    Squirt Bottle                            Moves Sudowoodo on route 36
    Super Rod                                     Best rod
    Route 12
    Item                                Description
    Location                                  price
    Escape Rope                  Escape easy from Dungeons
    Mart/C                                  550
    EXPN Card                     allows you to hear Kanto Radio Shows
    Map Card                       The Poke gear map
    Cherry Grove
    Max Repel                protects you from weak pkmn for 250 steps
    Mart/mys                    700
    Poke Doll                        Escape from wild pokemon
    Dept/Mt moon                             1000
    PokeDex                         Records pokemon data
    Route 30
    Radio Card                      Allows you to listen to Johto Radio
    Repel                      Protects you from weak pkmn for 100 steps
    Marts/Mt Moon             350
    Super Repel                   Protects from weak pkmn for 200 steps
    marts/mys                   500
    Unown Dex             Records what Unown you've caught and in which order
    Note to simplify this, there will be, say blk under item and heavy under
    description.  Instead of Blk Apricorn and Raw Material for heavy ball
    Blk                                                                 Heavy
    Blu                                                                  Lure
    Grn                                                               friend
    Pnk                                                                 Love
    Red                                                                level
    Wht                                                                Fast
    Ylw                                                                Moon
                      Power ability
    Item                                           Description
    Location                                          price
    Amulet Coin                             Money won in battle X2
    Berserk Gene                             Attack Level + 2, confuses
    Black Belt                                 + fighting attack power
    Lake of Rage
    Black Glasses                          + Dark Attack power
    Dark Cave
    Bright Powder                          -opponents accuracy
    Calcium                                    +Spec. att  +spec. def
    Dept. Store/ r/c                                    9800
    Carbos                                            + Speed
    Dept Store/r/c                                      9800
    Charcoal                                  +Fire Attack Power
    Azalea Mart                                      9800
    Cleanse Tag                               Repels wild pokemon
    Dire Hit           good chance of critical hit (1 battle)
    Mart/r/c                               650
    Dragon Fang                              +Dragon attack power
    Dragon's Den
    Dragon Scale                             Evolves Seadra
    Mt Mortar/wild
    EverStone                          Prevents pokemon from Evolving
    New Bark/r/wild/national Park
    Exp. Share                     receives half of gained exp. In battle
    Fire Stone       Evolves Eevee, arcanine, and Vulpix
    Bill's grandpa(r25)Alan(r34)
    Focus band	                May leave pokemon  with 1 HP
    Guard Spec.                        Guards against special attacks
    Dept./c                                           700
    Hard Stone                                     +Rock attack power
    HP up                                              raises HP
    Dept Store/mart/r/c/mys                              9800
    Iron                                               + Defense
    Dept Store/c                                          9800
    King's Rock  May make opponent flinch/evolves Slowpoke and Poliwhirl
    Slowpoke well/wild
    Leaf Stone             Makes Gloom, Weepinbell, and Exeggcute evolve
    Bill's grandpa(r25) and Gina
    Left overs            Gradually increases HP
    Celadon City/trade/wild
    Light Ball               Doubles Pikachu's spec. attacks
    Lucky Egg                   Gain more EXP.
    Lucky Punch                   Increases chance of Critical hit
    Magnet                            Increases power of electric attacks
    Metal Coat          Increases power of Steel attacks, evolves Scyther and Onix
    SS Aqua  Wild
    Metal Powder        Increases ditto's defensive power
    Miracle Seed               Increases the power of grass type attacks
    Moon stone             Evolves Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Nidorina, and Nidorino
    Mom, r27, wild
    Mystic Water              Increases power of Water attacks
    Cherrygrove City
    Never Melt Ice             Increases power of ice attacks
    Ice Path
    Pink bow                    increases the power of normal type attacks
    Goldenrod  r29
    Poison Barb                 Increases the power of poison type attacks
    R32, wild
    Polkadot bow                 increases the power of Normal attacks
    PP up                          increases the max number of PP for one move
    Protein                      raises attack
    Dept store/r/c/trade
    Quick Claw                   Gives a good chance that you'll go first
    National Park/wild
    Rare Candy                     Increases pokemon's level by one
    Scope lens                       increases chance of a critical hit
    Sharp Beak                       Increases power of flying attacks
    Silver Powder                  Increases power of bug attacks
    Smoke Ball                    Provides escape from wild pokemon
    Soft Sand                      increases power of Ground attacks
    Spell Tag                     Increases power of ghost attacks
    Blackthorn City/trade/wild
    Stick                            increases power of Farfetch'd's attacks
    Sunstone                       evolves sunkern and gloom
    National park
    Thick Club                       Increases Cubone/Marowak attack power
    Thunder Stone                     Evolves Eevee and Pikachu
    Bill's grandpa (r25) and Dana (r38)
    Twisted Spoon                  Increases power of Psychic attacks
    Up-Grade                           Evolves Porygon
    Saffron City
    Water Stone                         Evolves Eevee, Poliwhirl, Staryu
    Bill's grandpa (r25) Wilton (r44)
    X accuracy, speed, attack, special, defense
                                                     increase accuracy, attack,
                                                special attack, speed, and defense.
    Mart/c/r/mys                           $950, 500, 350, 350, 550 (respectively)
    |Item apr=apricorn Description   evo=evolve     Location   ms=moon stone     |
    |Price                                                                       |
    |Fast Ball  |     Catches pokemon that escape     |Azalea(Give Kurt wht apr.)|
    |Friend Ball|   Makes caught pokemon your friend  |Azalea(give Kurt grn apr.)|
    |Great Ball |Catches pokemon better than poke ball|Mart/r/c mys  (600)       |
    |Heavy Ball |Catches heavy pokemon easily         |Azalea(Give Kurt blk apr.)|
    |Level Ball |Catches lower lv. Pokemon than yours |Azalea(Give Kurt red apr.)|
    |Love ball  |catches opposite sex pkmn than yours |Azalea(give Kurt Pnk Apr.)|
    |Lure ball  |Catches pokemon on a rod             |Azalea(give Kurt blu apr.)|
    |Master ball| catch guaranteed 100%               |New Bark/Goldenrod        |
    |Moon Ball  |Catches pokemon that evo. with MS    |Azalea(Give Kurt ylw apr.)|
    |Poke ball  | Catches pokemon                     |mart/r/c/mys  (200)       |
    |Ultra Ball | Catches better than great ball      |mart/r/c/mys  (1200)      |
                                      Sell Items
    | Item             |    Description      |         Location           |  Price*
    |Big Mushroom      |   Can be sold       |     Wild                   |  3500 
    |Big Pearl         |   Sell high         |     Goldenrod/Wild         |   --  
    |Brick Piece       |   can be sold       |     Trade                  |   --  
    |Gold leaf         |   can be sold       |     Trade                  |   --  
    |Nugget            |   Sell high         |     Goldenrod/R/C          |  4500 
    |Pearl             |   sell high         |     Goldenrod/Wild         |  600  
    |Silver leaf       |   can be sold       |     Trade                  |   --  
    |Star piece        |   sell high         |     Goldenrod/Wild         |  4600 
    |Stardust          |   sell high         |     Goldenrod/Wild         |  900  
    |Slowpoke tail     |   sell high         |     Mahogany               |  9800 
    |Tiny mushroom     |   sell low          |     Mahogany/Wild          |  500  
    *this is the price that you buy them for, not sell, in the bargain shop in the
    Goldenrod underground area on Monday mornings.
    | 5.06: Casinos |
    In Gold, Silver, and Crystal, I've noticed that the machines can and will cheat
    for you.  On the new card flip game, you can highlight a whole row or column
    or two, however, doing this will lower your winnings.  Another nice difference
    In GSC is that you can buy 500 coins at once instead of buying 50 then 50 and
    so on
    Here I will list the prizes for the two casinos in Crystal
    Abra- 100 coins
    Cubone- 800 coins
    Wobbuffet- 1500 coins
    TM 25/ Thunder- 5,500
    TM 14/Blizzard- 5,500
    TM 38/ Fire blast- 5,500 coins
    Tm 32/ Double team- 1,500 coins
    TM 29/ Psychic- 3,500 coins
    TM 15/ hyper beam- 7,500 coins
    Pikachu- 2,222 coins
    Porygon- 5,555 coins
    Larvitar 8,888 coins
    | 5.07: Move List |
    |Move          Type   PP  Power Accuracy Description   |
    Absorb       |Grass   |20 | 20|100|Steals 1/2 of the damage inflicted.
    Acid         |Poison  |30 | 40|100|An attack that may lower defense.
    Acid Armor   |Poison  |40 | --| --|Sharply raises the user's defense.
    Aeroblast    |Flying  | 5 |100| 95|Has a high critical hit ratio.
    Agility      |Psychic |30 | --| --|Sharply increases the user's speed.
    Amnesia      |Psychic |20 | --| --|Sharply raises the user's SPCL DEF.
    Ancientpower |Rock    | 5 | 60|100|An attack that may raise all stats.
    Attract      |Normal  |15 | --|100|Makes the opposite gender infatuated.
    Aurora Beam  |Ice     |20 | 65|100|An attack that may lower attack.
    Barrage      |Normal  |20 | 15| 85|Throws orbs to hit 2-5 times.
    Barrier      |Psychic |30 | --| --|Sharply increases user's defense.
    Baton Pass   |Normal  |40 | --| --|Switching while keeping effects.
    Beat Up      |Dark    |10 | 10|100|pwr increases w/ # of healthy pkmn.
    Belly Drum   |Normal  |10 | --| --|Reduces own HP to maximize attack.
    Bide         |Normal  |10 | --|100|Waits 2-3 turns + hits back double.
    Bind         |Normal  |20 | 15| 75|Binds the target 2-5 turns.
    Bite         |Dark    |25 | 60|100|An attack that may cause flinching.
    Blizzard     |Ice     | 5 |120| 70|An attack that may freeze the foe.
    Body Slam    |Normal  |15 | 85|100|An attack that may cause paralysis.
    Bone Club    |Ground  |20 | 65| 85|An attack that may cause flinching.
    Bone Rush    |Ground  |10 | 25| 80|An attack that hits 2-5 times.
    Bonemerang   |Ground  |10 | 50| 90|An attack that strikes twice.
    Bubble       |Water   |30 | 20|100|An attack that may reduce speed.
    Bubblebeam   |Water   |20 | 65|100|An attack that may lower speed.
    Charm        |Normal  |20 | --|100|Sharply lowers the foe's attack.
    Clamp        |Water   |10 | 35| 75|Traps the foe 2-5 turns.
    Comet Punch  |Normal  |15 | 18| 85|Repeatedly punches 2-5 times.
    Confuse Ray  |Ghost   |10 | --|100|A move that causes confusion.
    Confusion    |Psychic |25 | 50|100|An attack that may cause confusion.
    Constrict    |Normal  |35 | 10|100|An attack that may lower speed.
    Conversion   |Normal  |30 | --| --|Changes user's type to a move's type.
    Conversion2  |Normal  |30 | --|100|The user's type is made resistant.
    Cotton Spore |Grass   |40 | --| 85|Sharply reduces the foe's speed.
    Counter      |Fighting|20 | --|100|Returns a physical blow double.
    Crabhammer   |Water   |10 | 90| 85|Has a high critical hit ratio.
    Cross Chop   |Fighting| 5 |100| 80|Has a high critical hit ratio.
    Crunch       |Dark    |15 | 80|100|An attack that may lower SPCL DEF.
    Curse        |Normal  |10 | --| --|Works differently for ghost-types.
    Cut          |Normal  |30 | 50| 95|Cuts using claws, scythes, etc.
    Defense Curl |Normal  |40 | --| --|Heightens the user's defense.
    Destiny Bond |Ghost   | 5 | --| --|The foe faints if the user does.
    Detect       |Fighting| 5 | --| --|Evades attack that turn. It may fail.
    Dig          |Ground  |10 | 60|100|1st turn burrow. 2nd turn attack.
    Disable      |Normal  |20 | --| 55|Disable the foe's most recent move.
    Dizzy Punch  |Normal  |10 | 70|100|An attack that may cause confusion.
    Double-Edge  |Normal  |15 |120|100|A tackle that also hurts the user.
    Double Kick  |Fighting|30 | 30|100|A double kicking attack.
    Doubleslap   |Normal  |10 | 15| 85|Repeatedly slaps 2-5 times.
    Double Team  |Normal  |15 | --| --|raises evasiveness.
    Dragonbreath |Dragon  |20 | 60|100|A strong breath attack.
    Dragon Rage  |Dragon  |10 | --|100|Always inflicts40HP damage.
    Dream Eater  |Psychic |15 |100|100|Steals HP from a sleeping victim.
    Drill Peck   |Flying  |20 | 80|100|A strong, spinning-peck attack.
    Dynamicpunch |Fighting| 5 |100| 50|An attack that always confuses.
    Earthquake   |Ground  |10 |100|100|Tough but useless vs. flying foes.
    Egg Bomb     |Normal  |10 |100| 75|Eggs are hurled at the foe.
    Ember        |Fire    |25 | 40|100|An attack that may inflict a burn.
    Encore       |Normal  | 5 | --|100|Makes the foe repeat 2-6 times.
    Endure       |Normal  |10 | --| --|Always leave at least 1HP.
    Explosion    |Normal  | 5 |250|100|Very powerful but makes user faint.
    Extremespeed |Normal  | 5 | 80|100|A powerful first-strike move.
    Faint Attack |Dark    |20 | 60|100|An attack that never misses.
    False Swipe  |Normal  |40 | 40|100|Leaves the foe with at least 1HP.
    Fire Blast   |Fire    | 5 |120| 85|An attack that may cause a burn.
    Fire Punch   |Fire    |15 | 75|100|A fiery punch. May cause a burn.
    Fire Spin    |Fire    |15 | 15| 70|Traps foe in fire for 2-5 turns.
    Fissure      |Ground  | 5 | --| 30|A ground-type one-hit KO attack.
    Flail        |Normal  |15 | --|100|Stronger if the user's HP is low.
    Flamethrower |Fire    |15 | 95|100|An attack that may inflict a burn.
    Flame Wheel  |Fire    |25 | 60|100|An attack that may cause a burn.
    Flash        |Normal  |20 | --| 70|Blinds the foe to reduce accuracy.
    Fly          |Flying  |15 | 70| 95|1st turn fly, 2nd turn attack.
    Focus Energy |Normal  |30 | --| --|Raises the critical hit ratio.
    Foresight    |Normal  |40 | --|100|Negates accuracy reduction moves.
    Frustration  |Normal  |20 | --|100|An attack based on lack of loyalty.
    Fury Attack  |Normal  |20 | 15| 85|Jabs the target 2-5 times.
    Fury Cutter  |Bug     |20 | 10| 95|Successive hits raise power.
    Fury Swipes  |Normal  |15 | 18| 80|Quickly scratches 2-5 times.
    Future Sight |Psychic |15 | 80| 90|An attack that hits on 3rd turn.
    Giga Drain   |Grass   | 5 | 60|100|Steals 1/2 of the damage inflicted.
    Glare        |Normal  |30 | --| 75|A move that may cause paralysis.
    Growl        |Normal  |40 | --|100|Reduces the foe's attack.
    Growth       |Normal  |40 | --| --|Raises the special attack rating.
    Guillotine   |Normal  | 5 | --| 30|A one hit KO, pincer attack.
    Gust         |Flying  |35 | 40|100|Whips up a strong gust of wind.
    Harden       |Normal  |30 | --| --|Raises the user's defense.
    Haze         |Ice     |30 | --| --|Eliminates all stat changes.
    Headbutt     |Normal  |15 | 70|100|An attack that may make foe flinch.
    Heal Bell    |Normal  | 5 | --| --|Eliminates all status problems.
    Hidden Power |Normal  |15 | --|100|The power varies with the Pokemon.
    Hi Jump Kick |Fighting|20 | 85| 95|May miss and hurt the user.
    Horn Attack  |Normal  |25 | 65|100|An attack using a horn to jab.
    Horn Drill   |Normal  | 5 | --| 30|A one-hit KO, drill attack.
    Hydro Pump   |Water   | 5 |120| 80|A powerful water type attack.
    Hyper Beam   |Normal  | 5 |150| 90|1st turn attack. 2nd turn rest.
    Hyper Fang   |Normal  |15 | 80| 90|An attack that may cause flinching.
    Hypnosis     |Psychic |20 | --| 60|May put the foe to sleep.
    Ice Beam     |Ice     |10 | 95|100|An attack that may freeze the foe.
    Ice Punch    |Ice     |15 | 75|100|An icy punch. May cause freezing.
    Icy Wind     |Ice     |15 | 55| 95|An icy attack that lowers speed.
    Iron Tail    |Steel   |15 |100| 75|An attack that may reduce defense.
    Jump Kick    |Fighting|25 | 70| 95|if it misses, it damages user
    Karate Chop  |Fighting|25 | 50|100|Has a high critical hit ratio.
    Kinesis      |Psychic |15 | --| 80|Reduces the foe's accuracy.
    Leech Life   |Bug     |15 | 20|100|Steals 1/2 of the damage inflicted.
    Leech Seed   |Grass   |10 | --| 90|Steals HP from the foe every turn.
    Leer         |Normal  |30 | --|100|Reduces the foe's defense.
    Lick         |Ghost   |30 | 20|100|An attack that may cause paralysis.
    Light Screen |Psychic |30 | --| --|Ups SPCL DEF with a wall of light.
    Lock-On      |Normal  | 5 | --|100|Ensures the next attack will hit.
    Lovely Kiss  |Normal  |10 | --| 75|May cause the foe to fall asleep.
    Low Kick     |Fighting|20 | 50| 90|An attack that may cause flinching.
    Mach Punch   |Fighting|30 | 40|100|A fast punch that lands first.
    Magnitude    |Ground  |30 | --|100|A ground attack with random power.
    Mean Look    |Normal  | 5 | --|100|Prevents fleeing or switching.
    Meditate     |Psychic |40 | --| --|Raises the user's attack.
    Mega Drain   |Grass   |10 | 40|100|Steals 1/2 of the inflicted damage.
    Megahorn     |Bug     |10 |120| 75|A powerful charge attack.
    Mega Kick    |Normal  | 5 |120| 85|A powerful kicking attack.
    Mega Punch   |Normal  |20 | 80| 85|A powerful punch thrown very hard.
    Metal Claw   |Steel   |35 | 50| 95|10% chance of raising attack power
    Metronome    |Normal  |10 | --| --|Randomly uses any Pokemon move.
    Milk Drink   |Normal  |10 | --| --|Restores HP by 1/2 the max HP.
    Mimic        |Normal  |10 | --|100|Copies a move used by the foe.
    Mind Reader  |Normal  | 5 | --|100|Ensures the next attack will hit.
    Minimize     |Normal  |20 | --| --|Heightens evasiveness.
    Mirror Coat  |Psychic |20 | --|100|Counters SPCL ATK. move double damage.
    Mirror Move  |Flying  |20 | --| --|Counters with the same move.
    Mist         |Ice     |30 | --| --|Prevents stat reduction.
    Moonlight    |Normal  | 5 | --| --|Restore HP (varies by time).
    Morning Sun  |Normal  | 5 | --| --|Restore HP (varies by time).
    Mud-Slap     |Ground  |10 | 20|100|Reduces the foe's accuracy.
    Nightmare    |Ghost   |15 | --|100|A sleeper loses 1/4 HP every turn.
    Night Shade  |Ghost   |15 | --|100|The user's level equals damage HP.
    Octazooka    |Water   |10 | 65| 85|An attack that may reduce accuracy.
    Outrage      |Dragon  |15 | 90|100|Works 2-3 turns and confuses user.
    Pain Split   |Normal  |20 | --|100|Adds user + foe's HPs. Share total.
    Pay Day      |Normal  |20 | 40|100|Throws coins. Gets them back later.
    Peck         |Flying  |35 | 35|100|Jabs the foe with a beak, etc.
    Perish Song  |Normal  | 5 | --| --|Both user and foe faint in 3 turns.
    Petal Dance  |Grass   |20 | 70|100|Works 2-3 turns and confuse user.
    Pin Missile  |Bug     |20 | 14| 85|Fires pins that strike 2-5 times.
    Poisonpowder |Poison  |35 | --| 55|A move that may poison the foe.
    Poison Gas   |Poison  |40 | --|100|A move that may poison the foe.
    Poison Sting |Poison  |35 | 15| 75|An attack that may poison the target.
    Pound        |Normal  |35 | 40|100|Pounds with forelegs or tail.
    Powder Snow  |Ice     |25 | 40|100|An attack that may cause freezing.
    Present      |Normal  |15 | --| 90|A bomb that may restore HP.
    Psybeam      |Psychic |20 | 65|100|An attack that may confuse the foe.
    Psych Up     |Normal  |10 | --| --|Copies the foe's stat change.
    Protect      |Normal  |10 | --| --|Foils attack that turn. It may fail.
    Psywave      |Psychic |15 | --| 80|An attack with variable power.
    Psychic      |Psychic |10 | 90|100|An attack that may lower SPCL DEF.
    Pursuit      |Dark    |20 | 40|100|Heavily strikes switching Pokemon.
    Quick Attack |Normal  |30 | 40|100|Lets the user give the first hit.
    Rage         |Normal  |20 | 20|100|Raises attack if the user is hit.
    Rain Dance   |Water   | 5 | --| --|Boosts water-type moves for 5 turns.
    Rapid Spin   |Normal  |40 | 20|100|A high-speed spinning attack.
    Razor Leaf   |Grass   |25 | 55| 95|Has a high critical hit ratio.
    Razor Wind   |Normal  |10 | 80| 75|1st turn prepare. 2nd turn attack.
    Recover      |Normal  |20 | --| --|Restores HP by 1/2 the max HP.
    Reflect      |Psychic |20 | --| --|Raises defense with a barrier.
    Return       |Normal  |20 | --|100|An attack that is based on loyalty.
    Reversal     |Fighting|15 | --|100|Stringer if the user's HP is low.
    Rest         |Psychic |10 | --| --|Sleep for 2 turns to fully recover.
    Roar         |Normal  |20 | --|100|Scares wild foes to end battle.
    Rock Slide   |Rock    |10 | 75| 90|An attack that may cause flinching.
    Rock Smash   |Fighting|15 | 20|100|An attack that may lower defense.
    Rock Throw   |Rock    |15 | 50| 90|Drops rocks on the enemy.
    Rolling Kick |Fighting|15 | 60| 85|A fast, spinning kick.
    Rollout      |Rock    |20 | 30| 90|Attack 5 turns with rising power.
    Sacred Fire  |Fire    | 5 |100| 95|An attack that has a 50% chance of burn
    Safeguard    |Normal  |25 | --| --|Prevents all status problems.
    Sand-Attack  |Ground  |15 | --|100|Reduces accuracy by throwing sand.
    Sandstorm    |Rock    |10 | --| --|Inflicts damage every turn.
    Scary Face   |Normal  |10 | --| 90|Sharply reduces the foe's speed.
    Scratch      |Normal  |35 | 40|100|Scratches with sharp claw.
    Screech      |Normal  |40 | --| 85|Sharply reduces the foe's defense.
    Seismic Toss |Fighting|20 | --|100|The user's level equals damage HP.
    Selfdestruct |Normal  | 5 |200|100|Powerful but makes the user faint.
    Shadow Ball  |Ghost   |15 | 80|100|An attack that may lowers SPCL DEF.
    Sharpen      |Normal  |30 | --| --|A move that raises the user's attack.
    Sing         |Normal  |15 | --| 55|May cause the foe to fall asleep.
    Sketch       |Normal  | 1 | --| --|Copies the foe's move permanently.
    Skull Bash   |Normal  |15 |100|100|1st turn prepare. 2nd turn attack.
    Sky Attack   |Flying  | 5 |140| 90|1st turn prepare. 2nd turn attack.
    Slam         |Normal  |20 | 80| 75|Slams the foe with a tail, vine, etc.
    Slash        |Normal  |20 | 70|100|Has a high critical hit ratio.
    Sleep Powder |Grass   ||5 | --| 75|May cause the foe to fall asleep.
    Sleep Talk   |Normal  |10 | --| --|Randomly attacks while asleep.
    Sludge       |Poison  |20 | 65|100|An attack that may poison the foe.
    Sludge Bomb  |Poison  ||0 | 90|100|An attack that may poison the foe.
    Smog         |Poison  |20 | 20| 70|An attack that may poison the foe.
    Smokescreen  |Normal  |20 | --|100|Lowers the foe's accuracy.
    Snore        |Normal  |15 | 40|100|An attack useable only while asleep.
    Softboiled   |Normal  |10 | --|100|Restores HP by 1/2 the user's max HP.
    Solarbeam    |Grass   |10 |120|100|1st turn prepare. 2nd turn attack.
    Sonicboom    |Normal  |20 | 20| 90|Always inflict 20HP damage.
    Spark        |Electric|20 | 65|100|An attack that may cause paralysis.
    Spider Web   |Bug     |10 | --|100|Prevents fleeing or switching.
    Spike Cannon |Normal  |15 | 20|100|Fires spikes to hit 2-5 times.
    Spikes       |Ground  |20 | --| --|Hurts foes when they switch out.
    Spite        |Ghost   |10 | --|100|Cuts the PP of the foe's last move.
    Splash       |Normal  |40 | --| --|Has no effect whatsoever.
    Spore        |Grass   |15 | --|100|A move that induces sleep.
    Steel Wing   |Steel   |25 | 70| 90|Stiff wings strike the foe.
    Stomp        |Normal  |20 | 65|100|An attack that may cause flinching.
    Strength     |Normal  |15 | 80|100|A powerful physical attack.
    String Shot  |Bug     |40 | --| 95|A move that lowers the foes speed.
    Struggle     |Normal  |-- | 50|100|Used only if all PP is gone
    Stun Spore   |Grass   |30 | --| 75|A move that will paralyze the foe.
    Submission   |Fighting|25 | 80| 80|An attack that also hurts the user.
    Substitute   |Normal  |10 | --| --|Makes a decoy with 1/4 user's max HP.
    Sunny Day    |Fire    | 5 | --| --|Boosts fire-type moves for 5 turns.
    Super Fang   |Normal  |10 | --| 90|Cuts the foes HP by 1/2.
    Supersonic   |Normal  |20 | --| 55|Sound wave that cause confusions.
    Surf         |Water   |15 | 95|100|A strong water type attack.
    Swagger      |Normal  |15 | --| 90|Causes confusion and raises attack.
    Sweet Kiss   |Normal  |10 | --| 75|A move that causes confusion.
    Sweet Scent  |Normal  |20 | --|100|Reduces the foe's evasiveness.
    Swift        |Normal  |20 | 60| --|An attack that never misses.
    Swords Dance |Normal  |30 | --| --|A dance that increases attack.
    Synthesis    |Grass   | 5 | --| --|Restores HP (varies by time).
    Tackle       |Normal  |35 | 35| 95|A full-body charge attack.
    Tail Whip    |Normal  |30 | --|100|Lowers the foe's defense.
    Take Down    |Normal  |20 | 90| 85|A tackle that also hurts the user.
    Teleport     |Psychic |20 | --| --|A move for fleeing from battle.
    Thief        |Dark    |10 | 40|100|An attack that may steal a held item.
    Thrash       |Normal  |20 | 90|100|Works 2-3 turns and confuses user.
    Thunder      |Electric|10 |120| 70|An attack that may cause paralysis.
    Thunderbolt  |Electric|15 | 95|100|An attack that may cause paralysis.
    Thunderpunch |Electric|15 | 75|100|An electric punch. It may paralyze.
    Thundershock |Electric|30 | 40|100|An attack that may cause paralysis.
    Thunder Wave |Electric|20 | --|100|A move that may cause paralysis.
    Toxic        |Poison  |10 | --| 85|A poison move with increasing damage.
    Transform    |Normal  |10 | --| --|The user Transforms in to the opponent.
    Tri Attack   |Normal  |10 | 80|100|Fires three kinds of beams at once.
    Triple Attack|Fighting|10 | 10| 90|Hits three times with rising power.
    Twineedle    |Bug     |20 | 25|100|Jabs the foe twice using stingers.
    Twister      |Dragon  |20 | 40|100|Whips up a tornado to attack.
    Vicegrip     |Normal  |30 | 55|100|Grips with powerful pincers.
    Vine Whip    |Grass   |10 | 35|100|Whips the foe with slender vines.
    Vital Throw  |Fighting|10 | 70|100|A 2nd-strike move that never misses.
    Waterfall    |Water   |15 | 80|100|An aquatic charge attack.
    Water Gun    |Water   |25 | 40|100|Squirts water to attack.
    Whirlpool    |Water   |15 | 15| 70|Traps the foe 2-5 turns.
    Whirlwind    |Normal  |20 | --|100|Blows away the foe, ends battle.
    Wing Attack  |Flying  |35 | 60|100|Strikes the target with wings.
    Withdraw     |Water   |40 | --| --|Heightens the user's defense.
    Wrap         |Normal  |20 | 15| 85|Squeezes the foe 2-5 turns.
    Zap Cannon   |Electric| 5 |100| 50|An attack that always paralyzes.
    | 5.08: Battle Chart |
    |Key: Y= super effective, N=not effective, 0=immune,                     |
    |     blank = no special bonus                                           |   
    |*=special attack type                                                   |
               Opponent's pokemon type--------------------------------------
                     |     |      |         |    |      |        |      |
                     |     |      |         |    |      |        |      |
    Y Normal---------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------|---------
    O                |  N  | N    |         | Y  | Y    |        |      |
    R                |  Y  | N    |         |    | N    |        |      | Y
    A                |     | Y    |  N      |    | N    |        |      |  O
    T                | N   |  N   |         |  N | Y    |        |      |  Y
    C                |  N  |  Y   |         |    | N    |        | N    |  Y
               Y     |     |      |         |  Y |      |        |  N   |
    T Fighting-------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------|---------
    Y                |     |      |         |    | Y    |        |  N   |  N
    P Poison---------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------|---------
    E                |  Y  |      |   Y     |    | N    |        |  Y   |
    | Ground---------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------|---------
    |                |     |      |   N     |    | Y    |   Y    |      |
    | Flying---------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------|---------
    |                |     |      |         |    |      |   Y    |   Y  |
    |                |  N  |      |         |    | Y    |    N   |   N  |
    | Bug------------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------|---------
    |                |   Y |      |         |  Y |      |    N   |      |   N	
    | Rock-----------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------|---------
    |           0    |     |      |         |    |      |        |      |
    | Ghost----------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------|---------
    |                |     |      |         |    |      |        |      |
    |                |     |      |         |    |      |    N   |      |
    |                |   N |  N   |    N    |  Y |      |        |      |
    | Steel----------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------|----
    The other types are continued below.
    ------------------------Opponent's pokemon type-------------------------------
               Flying|*psy |Bug   |rock     |gho |*Drg  |*Dark   |Steel
                     |     |      |         |    |      |        |
                     |     |      |   N     |  0 |      |        |  N
    Y Normal---------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------
    O                |     |  Y   |   N     |    |  N   |        |  Y
    R                |     |      |   Y     |    |  N   |        |
    A             Y  |     |      |         |    |  N   |        |
    T             Y  |     |      |         |    |  Y   |        |  N
    C             N  |     |   N  |   Y     |    |  N   |        |  N
                  N  | N   |   N  |   Y     |  0 |      |   Y    |  Y
    T Fighting-------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------
    Y                |     |      |   N     |  N |      |        |  0
    P Poison---------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------
    E             0  |     |   N  |   Y     |    |      |        | Y
    | Ground---------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------
    |                |     |   Y  |   N     |    |      |        | N
    | Flying---------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------
    |                |  N  |      |         |    |      |    0   | N
    |            N   |  Y  |      |         |  N |      |   Y    | N
    | Bug------------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------
    |            Y   |     |   Y  |         |    |      |        | N
    | Rock-----------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------
    |           0    |  Y  |      |         |  Y |      |    N   | N
    | Ghost----------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------
    |                |     |      |         |    |  Y   |        | N
    |                |  Y  |      |         |  Y |      |   N    | N
    |                |     |      |   Y     |    |      |        | N
    | Steel----------|-----|------|---------|----|------|--------|------
    | 5.09: Daily Events |
    |    Event        | Location  | Sun | Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri | Sat |
    | Sunny Appears   | Route 37  |  X  |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Monica Appears  | Route 40  |     |  X  |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Tuscany Appears | Route 29  |     |     |  X  |     |     |     |     |
    | Wesley Appears  | Lake of   |     |     |     |  X  |     |     |     |
    |                 |   Rage    |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Arthur Appears  | Route 36  |     |     |     |     |  X  |     |     |
    | Frieda Appears  | Route 32  |     |     |     |     |     |  X  |     |
    | Santos Appears  | Blackthorn|     |     |     |     |     |     |  X  |
    |                 |   City    |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Lapras Appears  | Union Cave|     |     |     |     |     |  X  |     |
    | TM Lady Appears | Goldenrod |  X  |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    |                 |   City    |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Bargains Shop   | Goldenrod |     |  X  |     |     |     |     |     |
    | (Mornings Only) |  Tunnel   |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Older Groomer   | Goldenrod |     |     |  X  |     |  X  |     |  X  |
    |                 |  Tunnel   |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Younger Groomer | Goldenrod |  X  |     |     |  X  |     |  X  |     |
    |                 |  Tunnel   |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Herb Shop       | Goldenrod |  X  |     |     |     |     |     |  X  |
    |                 |  Tunnel   |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Bug Catching    | National  |     |     |  X  |     |  X  |     |  X  |
    |    Contest      |   Park    |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | S.S. Aqua leaves| Olivine   |     |  X  |     |     |     |  X  |     |
    |    Olivine      |  City     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | S.S. Aqua leaves| Vermilion |  X  |     |     |  X  |     |     |     |
    |    Vermilion    |  City     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Clefairy Appear | Mt. Moon  |     |  X  |     |     |     |     |     |
    |  (Night Only)   |           |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Rival Appears   | Dragon's  |     |     |  X  |     |  X  |     |     |
    |                 |   Den     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Battle Rival    |  Indigo   |     |  X  |     |  X  |     |     |     |
    |                 | Plateau   |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
    | Lucky Channel   |  Radio    |     |     |     |     |     |  X  |     |
    | Pokemon Lullaby |  Radio    |     |  X  |     |  X  |     |  X  |     |
    | Pokemon March   |  Radio    |  X  |     |  X  |     |  X  |     |  X  |
    | 5.10: Badge Explanations |
    -=Johto Badges=-
    Zephyr Badge (Violet City) enables you to use Flash outside of battle and
    raises your pokemon's attack power.
    Hive Badge (Azalea Town) Enables you to use cut outside of battle and makes
    all pokemon up to lv. 30 obey!
    Plain Badge (Goldenrod City) allows you to use strength out of battle
    Fog badge (Ecruteak City) Makes all pokemon up to level 50 obey, allows surf
    outside of battle
    Storm Badge (Cianwood City) Allows fly outside of battle, Makes all pokemon up
    to level 70 obey
    Mineral Badge (Olivine City) Raises defense
    Glacier Badge (Mahogany Town) Raises special attack, Allows Whirlpool outside
    of battle
    Rising Badge (Blackthorn City) Makes All Pokemon obey, Allows Waterfall
    outside of battle
    -=Kanto Badges=-
    Thunder badge (Vermillion city) raises speed
    Marsh Badge (Saffron City) "Draws out your inner sublimely powers" -Sabrina
    Cascade Badge (Cerulean City) Bragging Rights (unless you are talking to
    someone who only has RBY and has never played GSC!)
    Rainbow Badge (Celadon City) none
    Soul Badge (Fuchsia City) none
    Boulder Badge (Pewter City) it "makes your pokemon more powerful." - Brock
    | 5.11: Shop/Item Lists |
    -Cherry Grove City-
    Potion                  $300
    Antidote                $100
    Parlyz Heal             $200
    Awakening               $250
    Poké Ball               $200
    -Violet City-
    Potion                  $300
    Antidote                $100
    Parlyz Heal             $200
    Awakening               $250
    Poké Ball               $200
    Escape Rope             $550
    Flower Mail             $50
    X Defend                $550
    X Attack                $500
    X Speed                 $350
    -Azalea Town-
    Potion                  $300
    Antidote                $100
    Parlyz Heal             $200
    Charcoal                $9800
    Repel                   $350
    Super Potion            $700
    Poké Ball               $200
    Escape Rope             $550
    Flower Mail             $50
     -Goldenrod City-
    2nd floor, 1st person
    Potion                  $300
    Antido                  $100
    Parlyz Heal             $200
    Antidote                $100
    Awakening               $250
    Burn Heal               $250
    Ice Heal                $250
    2nd floor, 2nd person
    Poke ball               $200
    Great Bal               $700
    Repel                   $350
    Escape Rope             $550
    Flower Mail             $50
    Full heal               $600
    Poke Doll               $1,000
    Revive                  $1500
    3rd Floor
    X Speed                 $350
    X Accuracy              $950
    X Attack                $500
    X Special               $350
    X Defend                $550
    Dire Hit                $650
    Guard Spec              $700
    4th floor
    Protein                 $9800
    Iron                    $9800
    Carbos                  $9800
    Calcium                 $9800
    HP up                   $9800
    5th floor
    TM 41/Thunder Punch     $3000
    TM48/Fire Punch         $3000
    TM33/Ice Punch          $3000
    TM02/Headbutt*          $2000
    TM08/Rock Smash**       $1000
    6th floor
    Fresh Water             $200
    Lemonade                $350
    Soda Pop                $300
    *Cannot be bought until received in Ilex Forest
    **Cannot be bought until received on route 36
    -Ecruteak City-
    Pokeball                $200
    Great Ball              $600
    Potion                  $300
    Super Potion            $700
    Antidote                $100
    Parlyz Heal             $200
    Awakening               $250
    Burn Heal               $250
    Ice Heal                $250
    Revive                  $1500
    -Olivine City-
    Great Ball              $600
    Super Potion            $700
    Hyper Potion            $1200
    Antidote                $100
    Parlyz Heal             $200
    Awakening               $250
    Ice Heal                $250
    Super Repel             $500
    Surf Mail               $50
    -Cianwood City-
    Potion                  $300
    Super Potion            $700
    Hyper Potion            $1200
    Full Heal               $600
    Revive                  $1500
    -Mahogany Town-
    RageCandyBar            $300
    Great Ball              $600
    Super Potion            $700
    Hyper Potion            $1200
    Antidote                $100
    Parlyz Heal             $200
    Super Repel             $500
    Revive                  $1500
    Flower Mail             $50
    -Blackthorn City-
    Great Ball              $600
    Ultra Ball              $1200
    Hyper Potion            $1200
    Max Potion              $2500
    Full Heal               $600
    Revive                  $1500
    Max Repel               $700
    X Defend                $550
    X Attack                $500
    -Indigo Plateau-
    Ultra Ball              $1200
    Max Repel               $700
    Hyper Potion            $1200
    Max Potion              $2500
    Full Restore            $3000
    Revive                  $1500
    Full Heal               $600
    -Vermillion City-
    Ultra Ball              $1200
    Super Potion            $700
    Hyper Potion            $1200
    Revive                  $1500
    Parlyz Heal             $200
    Awakening               $250
    Burn Heal               $250
    LiteBlueMail            $50
    -Saffron City-
    Great Ball              $600
    Ultra Ball              $1200
    Hyper Potion            $1200
    Max Potion              $2500
    Full Heal               $600
    X Defend                $550
    X Attack                $500
    Flower Mail             $50
    -Lavender Town-
    Great Ball              $600
    Potion                  $300
    Super Potion            $700
    Max Repel               $700
    Antidote                $100
    Parlyz Heal             $200
    Awakening               $250
    Burn Heal               $250
    -Cerulean City-
    Great Ball              $600
    Ultra Ball              $1200
    Super Potion            $700
    Super Repel             $500
    Full Heal               $600
    X Defend                $550
    X Attack                $500
    Dire Hit                $650
    Surf Mail               $50
    -Celadon City-
    2nd Floor
    Pokeball                $200
    Great Ball              $600
    Ultra Ball              $1200
    Escape Rope             $550
    Full Heal               $600
    Antidote                $100
    Burn Heal               $250
    Ice Heal                $250
    Awakening               $250
    Parlyz Heal             $200
    Potion                  $300
    Super Potion            $700
    Hyper Potion            $1200
    Max Potion              $2500
    Revive                  $1500
    Super Repel             $500
    Max Repel               $700
    3rd Floor
    TM 10                   $3000
    TM 11                   $2000
    TM 17                   $3000
    TM 18                   $2000
    TM 37                   $2000
    4th Floor
    Poke Doll               $1000
    Lovely Mail             $50
    Surf Mail               $50
    5th Floor
    X Accuracy              $950
    Guard Spec.             $700
    Dire Hit                $650
    X Attack                $500
    X Defend                $550
    X Speed                 $350
    X Special               $350
    HP Up                   $9800
    Protein                 $9800
    Iron                    $9800
    Carbos                  $9800
    Calcium                 $9800
    6th Floor
    Fresh Water             $200
    Soda Pop                $300
    Lemonade                $350
    -Fuchsia City-
    Great Ball              $600
    Ultra Ball              $1200
    Super Potion            $700
    Hyper Potion            $1200
    Full Heal               $600
    Max Repel               $700
    Flower Mail             $50
    -Pewter City-
    Great Ball              $600
    Super Potion            $700
    Super Repel             $500
    Antidote                $100
    Parlyz Heal             $200
    Awakening               $250
    Burn Heal               $250
    -Mt. Moon-
    Poke Doll               $1000
    Fresh Water             $200
    Soda Pop                $300
    Lemonade                $350
    Repel                   $350
    Portrait Mail           $50
    -Viridian City-
    Ultra Ball              $1200
    Hyper Potion            $1200
    Full Heal               $600
    Revive                  $1500
    Antidote                $100
    Parlyz Heal             $200
    Awakening               $250
    Burn Heal               $250
    Flower Mail             $50
    | 5.12: Tips & Tricks |
    1. To see what the Hopip family looks like in "shiny" mode, run away from
    2. To get Mew or Celebi in pokemon crystal you need the following: 1
       pokemon stadium 2 game pak, one Transfer Pak, and, obviously, one
       pokemon crystal game.  Defeat the gym leaders and the elite four with
       only Lugia and Typhlosion.  Then, Mew will appear.  Defeat it to catch
       it.  Then Celebi will appear.  Defeat it with moltres to catch it
       (untested).  I'd appriciate it if someone tested this for me.
                                  VI. Last Words
    | 6.01: Copyright Information |
    Pokemon Crystal, and all characters, stages, items, and other related
    things are copyright Nintendo 1996-2003, Creatures, and Game Freak.  This
    guide/FAQ/walkthrough is copyrighted (c) 2001 to Trace Jackson, and is the
    intellectual property of Trace Jackson. This guide/FAQ/walkthrough is
    protected under International Copyright Laws, and it is prohibited to take
    any piece of this document and reproduce it in anyway without the written
    consent of the author. Any website or other medium found to have this
    document without permission will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the
    law.  Feel free to print it, or any part of it FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Please
    contact the author (Meowthnum1 [at] meowthnum1 [dot] com) if you find this
    on ANY SITE but GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com), IGN (faqs.ign.com), or
    Meowthnum1.com (http://www.meowthnum1.com), contact the author ASAP. 
    Exceptions will be made for exceptional sites.
    | 6.02: Revision History |
    Version .30: Began this guide added table of contents, Authors note,
                 Controls, changes from G/S, Part A of Johto Walkthrough, pokemon  
                  the numerical way, Breeding, started FAQ, Casino area, coming    
                   soon, website usage terms, copyright/credits.  My best Version  
    Version .35 Made some minor corrections, added to Section A
    Version .40: added to Section A, Added Section B, Made minor corrections, Made
                 Dream Team # 1 Made Badge Explanation, added to Casinos
    Version .45: Made Section C, Spaced out some things, minor corrections,
                 corrected badge explanation, Made TM/HM list, Started Battle Tower
                  section A, added an FAQ, added shop lists for cities cherry grove
                   through Goldenrod.
    Version .50: Added item list and FAQs and Section A of Kanto walkthrough and D
                 of Johto. Added a new website.
    Version . 55 Added sections B and C for Kanto, added more FAQs
    Version .70: Added too much to mention here
    Version .80: Wow, it has been awhile since I've updated.  I fixed the
                 formatting.  I did up to Fuchsia City, and did up to the end of   
                  the Johto League in the shop list.
    Version FINAL: I finished the walkthrough, and all additional things.  This is
                   now complete.  HA!
    Version FINAL: I know I said that my last version was final, but then I
                   decided that some ASCII art was needed at the top.
    Version FINAL: Yes, I know: I did it again.  Still, I am VERY TIRED of e-mails
                   asking the whereabouts of Raikou and Entei.  It is stated very  
                    clearly that there is no special trick to finding them, and I  
                     cannot help you find them if you are too lazy to look.
    Version 6.0: Denounced version final.  Fixed some formatting problems.  Also,
                 now that I'm using Metapad, I can get rid of those weird marks,
                 put there only for Word's evil purposes.
    Version 6.1: I've done more reformatting than I ever want to do.  Corrected
                 spelling errors, laughed at my naivity, and have just...formatted
                 the guide better.
    Version 6.2: Blah, forgot to credit Atom Edge for the lovely ASCII at the top.
                 Not to mention, I forgot to allow my own site to host it.
    Version 6.3: Corrected some previously unedited tab marks that made it seem
    Version 6.4: There seems to be some remaining Word formatting.  Fixed that,
                 and fixed the little box at the top.
    Version 6.5: After a lot of discussion on a freakin' BOX, I've decided to use -
                 and hopefully stick with - that design.  Also, I reformatted the
                 Sell Items list.  I'm looking at this guide, and for the first
                 in almost two years, I can say that I'm satisfied with it.
    | 6.03: Credits |
    Ultra Pokemaster2000 for help with the changes from g/S section
    Fizz Fazz and Kereihana1 and AMZ Juggler and SrPlyrAW4761 and
    Herbmeistr for sending in questions
    Tikiman for sending in questions and telling me about trick #1
    Ryan Jones for telling me about trick # 2
    You for reading this
    Nintendo Power for some info
    Nintendo, Game freak, Creatures for making this game
    Atom Edge for the ASCII art at the top.
    Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty) for giving me the inspiration to finish this guide.
    Devin (DMorgan), Alex (pop), Matt (MHulbert), Steve (Psycho Penguin), Astro
    Blue, Colin (CMoriarty), and Dingo Jellybean (DJellybean) for being great
    people, with whom I can talk about everything.  Thanks, guys!
    CJayC for creating GameFAQs
    | 6.04: The End. |
    Well, it's been fun.  Reading back through this guide, and rediscovering my own
    stupidity.  Oh well.
    If you have questions, suggestions, tips, or corrections, or dream teams, or
    if you see a site with this guide and they are not on my permission list,
    please e-mail me at Meowthnum1 [at] meowthnum1 [dot] com.
                   Thanks for reading!
                  -Trace "Meowthnum1" Jackson

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