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    FAQ/Walkthrough by furoshuz

    Version: 2.7 | Updated: 10/30/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         ####### ####   ###  ### ###### #   #     #### #  #     #######
        # ##  # #    # # # #  # # #### # # # #   #    #  # #   # ########
       # ##  # # #  # # ##  #  # #### #   #   # # #  #  # # # # #
      # ##### # #  # #    #   # #### #  #   #  # #  #  # # # # #
     # #     #    # # ###  # # ####   #  # #  #    #  # #   # #
    ###       #### ###   ### ######    ### ### ####  # #     #
                     #####          #####  # #  ####  ##########     ######
                    #     #    ###   # #  # #  #      ##   ######     # #
                   #  #####  #  # #   # #  #  #  ###    # #  #       # #
                  #  #       #   #     #  #    # #     # #  ##      # #
                   #  ###### # # #     # #      # #   # #  #  #    # #
                    #     # #  ## #    # #       # # # #  # #  #  # #
                     #####  # # #  #  #   #   ###   ###  # # #  #  #######
                           #### #   ########  ######    ###   ## ########
     Look for me on the Gamefaqs message boards! I'm under the name
    furoshuz. Also, I am in the mIRC battlezone quite frequently now,
    challenge me if you dare....*Draconia points finger and laughs*
     Here it is. A full walkthrough for the newest chapter in the book of
    pokemon(?), pokemon crystal.
     *THE QUICK FIND METHOD* hit ctrl.+ F th bring up the quickfind
    option;type in the number/letter combo below to get to the appropriate
    a004. WHATS NEW?
          b1.MY TEAMS
          b2.SUBMMITED TEAMS
         b3.OPTIONAL AREAS
    a008. POKEDEX(movesets for every final form pokemon)
    a009. TM/HM LISTING(with my opinion of each)
    b002. BREEDING
    b003. HAPPINESS
    b005. FAQs
    b006. SETTING UP mIRC(gsbot)
    b007. CREDITS
    2.7(October 16 2001)More walkthu, more pokedex, blah blah blah
    2.6(September 29 2001)At this rate i bet your wondering if the
    wlakthrough will0 EVER be completed. Well, I have an announcement that
    will shock th world....I'M ACTUALLY GOING TO WORK ON THE WALKTHROUGH!!!
    *angels sing* I've had some distractions for the past few weeks but i
    now have some time to work.
    2.5(September 13 2001) I realize that I have not updated in a long time.
    This is because I have other things on my mind besides pokemon. I ask
    you to pray for the victems of the World Trade Center collapse.
    2.4(September 3 2001) I've had so many questions about gsbot that I
    decided to make a section that explains how to get started.
    I'm behind on teams..try to be patient. Sorry its taking so long:(
    2.3(August 22 2001)The problem should be corrected now, keep sending
    your teams!!!
    2.2(August 21 2001) ATT. team submitters.. Due to an e-mail error,
    several teams got deleted.. If you sent in a team and i didn't put it on
    the FAQ please send it again. A million apolgies for the
    2.1(August 20 2001)in case ur wondering, i've been at a family reunion
    and havn't had access to my computer for some time. I have been
    answering e-mail from the lobby computer in a the hotel i stayed at but
    now I'm somewhat back in buisness. Great news!!!! I now have two raters
    to help me. They are Draconia and Megacell. If you ever go on the boards
    you should have heard of them. They will not be rating EVERY
    team....just a few here and there.
    2.0(August 15 2001)added SEVERAL teams. I appologize to anyone who
    didn't get theirs posted, it WILL get there....eventually
    1.9(August 13 2001)added 3 teams and some more of the walkthrough
    1.8(August 11 2001)*yawn* been on gsbot all night...long battle,
    anyway, added another team, updated the pokedex..the usual. The
    walkthrough isn't exactly the most fun thing to write, but i gotta tough
    it out....school starts this monday(the 13th) *groans* I hope to keep
    updating as usual though.
    1.7(August 7 2001)its 3 am and I just came off the boards. What a
    party!!!!(omnichu is almost as much of a nutcase as i am..thats a
    compliment!!!!)oh yeah..added another team and a few more entrys to the
    pokedex. Walkthrough up to Goldenrod Gym.
    1.6(August 3 2001)this game isn't exactly the hardest to beat, so the
    walkthrough is less of a priority. I really want to finish the m-sets
    1.5(July 31 2001)far from finished, but things are going pretty
    smoothly. Almost everthing is only partially finished but that will
    Note to Draconia-I was plenty nice to your team and it was actually
    pretty good, it just has a lot of standards.
    1.4(July 24 2001)Added another team to SUBMMITED TEAMS
    1.3(July 18 2001)Walkthrough up to Azalea Town complete. Added first two
    teams to the SUBMMITED TEAMS section. Thanks Megacell and
    1.2(July 11 2001)Team creation guide completed. Pokedex up to Nidoqueen
    completed(yeah i'm lazy)
    1.1(July 8 2001) More of the walkthrough and pokedex done
    1.0(July 1 2001) It's exactly one month before the release date. Got the
    basic format started and started on the walkthrough (can't do too much
    yet) and pokedex.
    It is shameful that i have to make section for this but it has to be
    said. Hyper beam does 150 damage and takes up two turns. Double Edge
    does 120 damage an takes 1 turn. Most n00bs will argue how 150 is better
    than 120, but simple logic deafeats this. Double edge in TWO turns does
    240 damage. 120+120=240. 240 IS MORE than 150. The next n00b that tries
    to argue this will be blasted into next week. Thank you for
    your time.]
     What is pokemon? If you can't answer this question you are either
    a)a 90 year old women who knits socks all day.....or
    b)a bark eating hermit who talks to sqirrels
     Pokemon is a hopelessly adictive rpgish type game (rpg is such a wide
    gentre) that will infect most any gamer. For some, pokemon crystal is
    their first pokemon game and they would like to know how to play it,
    hence this paragraph was created (detail is not abundant here).
    The controls of pokemon are simple.
    control pad-moves character,selects a comand
    A-confirms a command,talk to poeple,perform actions
    B-cancels a cammand
    start-brings up menu
    select-uses a key item(like the bicycle)
    Some people think that pokemon is just choosing an attack that does the
    same damage. It is far more than this. Actually, pokemon is one of the
    most complicated games made for the gameboy. As you play, you will begin
    to figure out how the game works. There is no reason for me to detail
    exactly how damage is calculated. Enjoy!
    a004. WHATS NEW?
     Pokemon Crystal has several differences from G/S.
    Celebi can be caught----no, it seems as though those eeevil (with 3
    e's!!) tyrants at Nintendo screwed us again.
    You get the clear bell from the director
    You can choose between a male and female character.
    Ho-oh and Lugia are both catchable,Lugia is at L60 this time.
    The move tutor appears around the goldenrod gamecorner after you fight
    red. He will teach your pokemon flamethrower,ice beam,thunderbolt and
    other moves. This is the best new feature in Crystal.
    Some pokemon will learn new moves by TM, naturaly and breeding (baton
    pass Eevee!!!!)
    Battle scenes are fully animated
    To get the last badge, you must pass a quize instead of getting the
    Dragon's Fang.
    Every pokemon has a little animation they do when they enter a battle
    There are brand new rooms in the ruins of alph.
    You will meet a new character, Eusine, in Tin Tower.
    In Olivine City there is a new place called the battle tower. Here you
    can fight tons of trainers. Defeat seven consecutive trianers to get
    some rare items.
    The wise trio will battle you in order for you to face Suicune.
    Certain areas look MUCH better (ex. the ice cave now has shards of ice
    for the walls instead of rocks)
    The day care man will give you the odd egg which can hatch into a
    vatirty of different pokemon.
    Remember those annoyinng phonecalls in the the first game? Now they're
    all different and if you go follow them up you may get some rare item,
    even some rare stones!
    Pokemon teams come in all shapes and sizes. They all have different
    strengths and weaknesses and vary with the person that creates it. This
    section is NOT ment to tell you which pokemon you have to have in your
    team. Imagine if everybody used the same standard pokemon every time.
    That would be just..well..boring.It would certainly bore the pants off
    me. One of the most enjoyable things about pokemon is creating unique
    but effective teams and using them against other people. So why was this
    section made? This section was made to show you HOW to make balanced
    multiplayer pokemon teams. Once you have the basics, you can
    make a team made of any pokemon.
    Your first decision is what kind of team you want. Do you want a team
    of status effecters and psuedo-passers? Do you want any tanks in your
    team? Do you want to use baton passers in your team? Most of these terms
    are the kinds of teams experienced pokemon players create. Lets
    just start by making a basic team.
    Lead Pokemon
     Your lead pokemon is the first pokemon you send out into battle. In
    most cases the lead pokemon has good speed. The lead pokemon's job is
    NOT to cause a lot of damage. A lot of times it doesn't do any damage at
    all. The lead pokemon's main job is to paralyze/confuse ect. as many
    foes as it can before it goes down. The opponet will probably try to do
    the same thing to you. This is where speed is very important. If you
    have a super fast pokemon, it will get the first attack. Now i'm not
    saying that every lead has to be fast, cuz I've battled plenty of people
    who led with slow pokemon that worked amazingly. You just have to know
    what you are doing. Anyway, back to our lead pokemon. Now what pokemon
    has a lot of speed? How about..Electrode, he's plenty fast. Alright now
    what moves to give him? Alright, we want a paralyzing move so thunder
    wave is a must. We also want confusion. So lets add swagger,
    the only confusion move Electrode can learn. Now we have Electrode with
    thunder wave and swagger. But wait a minute. Swagger has a side effect.
    It raises the enemys attack. While this will hurt the enemy more if it
    hurts itself, if the enemy gets past the confusion, it can hurt YOU
    more. Whats worse is that Electrode has terrible defense. In this case
    we need to add reflect which protects you from phisical attacks. This
    way the attack boost can't help the enemy as much. Now we have Electrode
    with thunder wave,swagger,reflect,. Now, for the last move we need a
    damaging attack. The best choice is explosion. Yes I know that it will
    faint Electrode. but Electrode won't last very long anyway. With
    explosion, he can go out doing insane damage to the pokemon that was
    about to finish it off. We now have Electrode with
    thunder wave,swagger,reflect,explosion.Great. But were not done yet. Now
    we need to attach an item to Electrode. This is where you decide what
    you want cuz there are several good options. My recomened choice
    is miracle berry. This will get rid of the first status effect your
    enemy throws at you.
     After the lead is done with the enemy, this guy follows up. He
    dispatches the confused,parlyzed foe. What we need for a cleaner
    is something with rounded stats and high HP. Lapras fits this
    description perfectly. Alright, Lapras can learn confuse ray, and
    any thing that can learn confuse ray should get it. Surf is a must
    as it is the best water move. Ice beam is always excellent. Now what can
    we put on that last one? Oh yeah.. Lapras can learn thunderbolt.
    Ok, now we have a Lapras with surf,ice beam,thunderbolt,confuse ray.
    If the pokemon has come out of its confusion, confuse ray it. Then use
    one of the other three attacks to score a KO. I'd attach a leftovers.
     What is a hazer? A hazer is a pokemon who uses haze(naw really!?) Haze
    gets rid of the effects of moves that boost stats. Ex. If a Scizor used
    swords dance to boost attack, haze would get rid of the boost.
    Obviously, this can be very useful tequnique. However, hazers are not
    ment to back up the cleaner. Insted they should be used when a you need
    to get rid of a stat boost or when you need support. They even make good
    stallers. Dragonite's a good hazer and his worst real weakness is ice,
    so he can take a lot of damage if need be. Lets go with him. Lets give
    him thunder wave. Status effecting moves are always useful.So we have a
    Dragonite with haze and thunder wave.Lets add safeguard.
    Safeguard is and EXTEMELY useful move. What it does is it protects you
    from status changes. Whats even better is it can be passed to other
    pokemon the same way as reflect. Now we have Dragonite with thunder
    wave,haze,safeguard, and...lets add ice beam which can kill many
    different types. Attach miracle berry to keep you safe from any
    status effecter.
     This guy backs up the hazer and just plain dishes out damage. Lets go
    with Machamp, who can cause lots of damage and get rid of those annoying
    dark types as well. Machamp is a fighting type, so lets give him the
    strongest fighting move in the game cross chop. He can learn earthquake
    as well. Now we have a Machamp with cross chop and earth- quake. But
    wait..Machamp has a weakness to flying types. In that case lets give him
    rock slide to counter that weakness. Now we have Machamp
    with cross chop,earthquake,and rock slide. Machamp has horrible special
    defense, lets help him out a little by giving him light screen to
    protect him from special attacks. Since he won't have any status
    effecting moves on his side, lets attach a king's rock, now all of his
    moves have a chance to flinch.
     As its name implies, this guy is ment to sweep through as many pokemon
    as it can. For a sweeper, we need a pokemon that has high attack
    and defense. Tyranitar is tied with Dragonite as number one in attack.
    The only problem with Tyranitar is its 4x weakness to fighting attacks.
    Your sweeper is going to need a collection of strong,hard hitting
    attacks. Lets start with earthquake and rock slide which Tyranitar
    learns naturally. Lets add crunch too. Now what do we put in that last
    spot? The best thing would be a stength 70 flying hidden power(skip to
    the FAQs to fiqure out how to figure this) with a sharp beak attached.
    If you can't rig that give it fire blast and attach a charcoal.
     Now we need a pokemon to take hits and clean up for the sweeper. For
    this team, that pokemon is Kingdra. Why Kingdra? His only weakness is
    dragon and and there only 2 dragon moves that don't have set damage.
    This absolutly rules!! Lets stary by giving him surf for STAB. Now, for
    his next move should we put dragon breath or ice beam? I think ice beam
    is a better choice. Thats all the damaging moves we need. Lets add
    something that will make him even more of a pain to kill. Double team.
    This cause the enemy's attacks to have a better chance off missing.
    For the last slot we will add rest which completly replenishes HP.
    Attach a mint berry and you will imediately wake up from rest.
    There we have it, a basic pokemon team. But, how to we battle with it?
    read on...
     To Battle!!!!
     This will battle strategy of this particular team.
     The first thing you should do with Electrode is put up reflect then
    imediatly thunder wave. Now swagger. You should have now taken plenty of
    damage by now. If his HP gets too low use explosion.
     Now break out Lapras. If the confusion wore off, confuse ray it.
    Now use one of its elemental attacks to kill it off. If the next pokemon
    isn't a fighting or electric type, Lapras should be able to kill it.
    Keep using Lapras until it dies or one of the types I mentioned shows
     When Lapras dies or needs to switch out, Dragonite comes next. If its a
    fighting or electric type, kill it with ice beam. If the next pokemon
    isn't a ground type, thunder wave it. Now put up safeguard and swich.
     If the next pokemon is a flying or psychic pull out Tyranitar. Other-
    wise use Machamp. Put up the light screen imediatly and start killing
    pokemon. Machamp will eventually die but not without taking down a few
    pokemon with it.
     Tyranitar is a filler. Bring him out whenever you need to destroy any
    pokemon except fighters. Leave dragonite to those.
    Kingdra is your last line of defense and is extremely tough to kill. Use
    him if all your others have been wasted or are at bad
     Now by no means am I telling you that you have to use this team or any
    of the pokemon in it, This is just an example of a basic pokemon team
    and by reading it you should get some of th basics of building a pokemon
    team. (I may in the future outline how to create some of the advanced
    teams, send me an e-mail if you want this)
    NO SHARKED TEAMS-if any of the pokemon on your team have moves that they
    could not ever possibly get naturally,through TM, or thtough the move
    tutor the team will not be accepted.
    MEWTWO WILL BE ACCEPTED-the introduction of G/S,the special split,
    and amnesia raising just sp. defense, made Mewtwo much less cheap.
    I wouldn't have done so on a R/B/Y team but I will rate G/S teams with
    mewtwo on them.
    DON"T tell me who to change and who not to change. This will do nothing
    more than piss me off. I will change who I want, how I want.....YOU will
    decide wether or not to change your pokemon, i just give rates.
    Thats pretty much it as far as rules go.
    When I rate teams, I may put moves that are taught by the move tutor
    (eg. Tyranitar,thunderbolt). Don't send stupid mail saying certain
    pokemon can't get certain moves without sharking. Remember kids.....
    SHARKING IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Submitted by promethiuswayne
    Ampharos-fire punch,thunderbolt,thunder wave,light screen
    @miracle berry
    Comments-some like water/grass/ice HP over the light screen. This is
    just fine though.
    Dragonite-thunder wave,thunderbolt,ice beam,return @leftovers
    Comments-assuming you showered it with affection since L5, this guy is
    an excellent sweeper
    Typlosion-thunder punch,flamethrower,sunny day,earthquake
    @miracle berry
    Comments-with a magnet attached, this is the best that Typhlosion can
    do. I say drop it for Flareon with shadow ball,flamethrower,sunny
    day,body slam
    Marowak-earthquake,rock slide,curse,screech @thick club
    Comments-curse might be a little overkill, the thick club gives you
    great attack and he already has good defense. Put swagger over curse.
    Primeape-cross chop,meditate,counter,toxic @leftovers
    Comments-good but ill used fighter. raise another one with screech and
    return over toxic and meditate.
    Blastoise-haze,bite,ice beam,surf @leftovers
    Comments-why bite????? put earthquake over it
     Submitted by Megacell (his test team...)
    Jolteon-thunder wave,thunderbolt,reflect,attract @bright powder
    Comments-an all eon team eh? Not my choice, but on with the rate.
    I don't like attract, even though the effect rules. I'd go with HP water
    over it. With Jolteons great speed, you might consider attaching a kings
    Flareon-fire blast,sunny day,shadow ball,return @miracle berry
    Comments-perfect. Flareon kicks arse. ;)
    Vaporeon-haze,surf,ice beam,body slam @leftovers
    Comments-Great. Still, the old R/B/Y stadard is still tempting (minty
    rest over haze) but you really need a good hazer.
    Umbreon-meanlook,curse,shadow ball,moonlight @leftovers
    Comments-this isn't the trapping Umbreon so get confuse ray or swagger
    over meanlook
    Espeon-psychic,mourning sun,reflect,bite @miracle berry
    Comments-pretty much the standard. You might consider blackglasses
    for more bite power.
    Heracross-megahorn,rest,theif, earthquake @mint berry
    Comments-why in the heck do you have thief?? get counter over it.
    You did stay away from the standard e-quake,megahorn,reversal,endure
     Submitted by: Mewtwo3d
    Forretress-spikes,double team,double edge,rest @bright powder
    Comments-lets see here, you leading with it so put swagger over double
    edge. You also want explosion over rest. This will alow him to go out
    with a bang if he gets in trouble. The standard would call for sandstorm
    over double team, but combined with the bright powder, you could really
    frustrate your enemy. Your call there. If you go with sandstorm, attach
    a miracle berry.
    Tyrannitar-crunch,rock slide,earthquake,surf @leftovers
    Comments-the best scenario would be flying HP over surf with a sharp
    beak attached but not everyone can acheive one of those. For this set,
    if you you think you'll have to fight grass, put fire blast/
    flamethrower over surf with a charcoal attached. If you think you'll
    have to fight water, get thunderbolt
    Ampharos-thunderbolt,thunder wave,HP steel,fire punch @charcoal
    Comments-why HP steel?? the only Hidden Power an electric type should is
    grass,ice, or water. I say raise another one and get light screen back
    over HP steel.
    Machamp-cross chop,seismic toss,Earthquake,ice punch @leftovers
    Comments-Uh...rock slide is a must for flyers. Raise another one to get
    it over s-toss. Machamp uses special attacks quite poorly. Light screen
    or counter over ice punch.
    Umbreon-toxic,meanlook,double team,swagger @leftovers
    Comments-you should have kept moonlight over double team. Put rest over
    it if you don't want to raise another one
    6th place goes to one of the following
    Kingdra-ice beam,hydro pump,hyper beam/return,toxic @ not decided
    Comments-I'd take this guy for the 6th spot but certainly not with this
    moveset. Hyper beam sucks in G/S. No pokemon should have it. Keep the
    return over it. Surf is always superior to Hydro Pump. Put minty rest
    over toxic.
    Espeon-psychic,curse,double team,hyper beam/return @leftovers
    Comments-Not my choice as the 6th pokemon but he still needs work.
    Wheres mourning sun?? Get it back over curse. Hyper bean once again
    appears. Use return or get bite over it. Espeon badly needs reflect so
    get it over double team.
     Submitted By: Deathsythe895
    Kingdra-surf,icebeam,dragonbreath,rest-mint berry
    Comments-arse kicking standard that is tough to beat
    Maganium-giga drain,reflect,body slam,earthquake
    Comments-why did you delete safeguard?? get back over body slam
    Miltank-body slam,earthquake,heal bell,milk drink @king's rock
    Comments-Standard, but it doesn't have the speed for the king's rock.
    Attach a leftovers.
    Crobat-meanlook,toxic,haze,fly @miracle berry
    Comments-the ultimate trapping crobat has confuse ray over haze, but you
    lack a hazer. This is where you want to attach the king's rock.
    Scizor-agility,swords dance,steel wing,baton pass @bright powder
    Comments-another standardish pokemon
    Machamp-cross chop,earthquake,rock slide,focus energy @scope lens
    Comments-i like counter over focus energy for flyers (Lugia) with a
    miracle berry
     Submitted by: Draconia (the mighty dracan reins....hehe)
    Misdreavus-perish song,pain split,confuse ray,mean look @leftovers
    Comments- standard but great perrish trapping missy
    Crobat-toxic,haze,mean look,fly @leftovers
    Comments-the ultimate trapping Crobat requires confuse ray over haze
    Tyrannitar-fire blast,crunch,earthquake,rock slide @charcoal
    Comments-excellent, no corrections needed
    Typhlosion-thunderpunch,flamethrower,earthquake,sunny day @???
    Comments-attach a magnet here. not my favorite fire pokemon though.
    I like the cursing Arcanine
    curse,extremespeed,flamethrower,safeguard @quick claw
    Jolteon-Thunderbolt,thunder wave,substitute,attract @leftovers(error??)
    Comments-ack!? get reflect over substitute.
    Snorlax-rest,curse,earthquake,body slam @mint berry
    Comments-double edge over body slam (curselax rules!!)
     Submitted by: LQ749
    Blastoise-hydro pump,eathquake,surf,blizzard
    Comments-hydro pump? BLIZZARD?????ughh...drop both moves for mirror coat
    and haze..attach a leftovers
    Zapdos-thunder,thunderbolt,fly,drill peck
    Comments-*sighs* this is really bad. thunder!? NEVER double up on
    attacks of the same type, get thunder wave, trust me. It will help MUCH
    more. Fly AND drill peck!?drop fly NOW and get light screen or reflect.
    attach miracle berry
    Comments-blizzard appears again..lemme tell you 2 things...blizzard aint
    no good and all out attack mewtwos will die........try this set
    safeguard,thunder wave,recover,psychic/thunderbolt/ice beam
    choose the attack that best suits you in the last slot
    @ another miracle berry
    Arcanine-flamethrower,fire blast,double edge,bite
    comments-*groans* start completely over and give it.....
    curse,extremespeed,fire blast,safeguard.....curse will power up
    extremespeed and since extremespeed acts the same way as quick attack,
    the speed drop isn't a problem . Attach a quick claw so you can use fire
    blast if need be.
    Sandslash-earthquake,rock slide,body slam, submission
    Comments-maybe swords dance over submission....theres no point in giving
    you the G/S set...it takes a bit of work...
    Venusuar-solarbeam,razor leaf,sleep powder,mega drain
    Comments-three grass moves is bad...very bad. get,
    safeguard,solarbeam,synthesis,sunny day *shrugs* you seem to like the
    super powerful moves
     Submitted by: Mathew Buach
    Here's my custom team. I like the Water, Ice, Steel, and Dark types, and
    I've got a fairly good team. I know there's a big problem with Fighting
    and sometimes Electric moves in this team, can you help with this or do
    I need a different team?
    Lapras- Confuse Ray, Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt @Magnet
              I think this is what you call a sweeper, though I lead off
    with it sometimes, too. Lapras has always been a part of my team since
    its stats are incredible except for speed. I put Confuse Ray in just to
    piss my enemies off. It's not really needed for a sweeper, but I say if
    you got it, use it.
    Comments-Great m-set, but do you really want him as your lead?? He has
    less than exceptional speed as you have mentioned and his only status
    changing move is c-ray. On off my favorite leads is Lanturn with,
    thunder wave,confuse ray,surf,thunderbolt@quick claw. Both moves get
    STAB and it has some good typing (water/electric), plus it learns a good
    paralysis move. The speed problem is helped with the quick claw
    Quagsire- Surf, Earthquake, Rain Dance, Ice Beam @Nevermelt Ice
              A must-have for all Pikachu haters like myself. Surf and
    Earthquake are Quagsire favorites, since it has a type advantage with
    both. Ice Beam under Nevermelt Ice has a power of 100 (I think) and is
    good for those grass-types who want an easy Quagsire kill. The only beef
    i've got with Quagsire is that its stats suck. If you can tell me how to
    get a max-gened Wooper, I'd appreciate it. The best thing about Quagsire
    is that it's shockproof. Bite me, Pikachu!
    Comments-Hmmmmm...I don't like the rain dance+surf combo..don't want to
    have to set up one of my good STAB moves. Ice beam!? This move a common
    mistake among Quaggy trainers who fear Eggys and grass move using
    pokes.Heres a good set for you. (you already have a hazer)
    Quagsire,amnesia,safeguard,earthquake,ancientpower. Amnesia is good for
    warding off those dreaded, but rarely seen,
    grass pokemon. Ancient power is for those who are paranoid of being
    screwed over if a flyer shows up.
    Vaporeon- Surf, Ice Beam, Haze, Protect @Leftovers
              Probably my favorite pokemon. Great Special Attack, good
    Special Defense, decent speed, and a squidload of HP. Vaporeon is my
    hazer, and I've got it set up with Protect to guard against a strong
    physical attack like Cross Chop or Hyper Beam. Maybe Reflect or Rest
    under Mint Berry would be better? Offensively, not much can stand up to
    Surf *and* Ice Beam except another Water-type. I'm taking advantage of
    its Special Attack stat.
             P.S., I know you hate 'Sharking, but I had a Vaporeon that knew
    Crunch, Barrier, Surf, and Ice Beam once. Man, was that awesome.
    Comments-Why protect? Put minty rest over it.
    Umbreon- Mean Look, Toxic, Confuse Ray/Protect, Faint Attack @Black
              Umbreon is my trapper, since it's not an offensive dynamo in
    either physical or special attacks. I use Umbreon for this since it's
    built like a rock and can stand up to hits that would do in the other,
    thin-skinned Eevee evolutions. I took my cue from Team Rocket in Stadium
    2 and put Protect in to use it after Toxic and Mean Look. Fight the
    female Grunt in R2 Castle to see what I mean. I prefer Confuse Ray to
    add to the opponent's misery, but Protect is useful against the tougher
    opponents who know Fighting moves.
    Comments-Faint attack? Ack!? Have you seen his sp. attack?? Its
    pathectic!! Moonlight will be be about 700 million times more useful to
    you;) I'd take c-ray over protect.
    Skarmory- Fly, Steel Wing, Swagger, Sandstorm @Sharp Beak
              My favorite Steel-type, and the only one besides Scizor with
    any Speed worth mentioning. Skarmory can be used offensively with this
    setup, and I like to compound the damage by setting up a Sandstorm.
    Think of this: a confused opponent whose Attack power has been raised
    smacks himself upside the head, then gets hit by the sandstorm, then
    takes another shot from Steel Wing. Ouch. I'm sure there's a better set
    of moves for Skarmory, but I like this one. And yes, I know about
    breeding Drill Peck onto Skarmory, but I like Fly because it lets you
    skip a round. If I see Sunny Day, I know a Fire move is coming and I Fly
    out of range. No one in his right mind is going to use Solarbeam on a
    Steel/Flying type, so it's got to be a preparation for Fire attacks.
    Comments-Personally,I like drill peck over fly. Minty rest over
    sandstorm would suite me best, but its your poke;)
    Mewtwo- Psychic, Shadow Ball, Ice Punch, Recover @Quick Claw
              Hell yes! Mewtwo! This is a classic setup, but it's classic
    because it works. I pumped my Mewtwo up with pharmaceuticals (Protein,
    Iron, etc.) and gave it a good variety of moves plus my favorite,
    Recover. I was wondering if the Move Tutor can teach it to use
    Flamethrower, since I'm seriously lacking in Fire moves. As in, none at
    all. :/ If it can learn Flamethrower, Ice Punch is going out.
    Comments- this is very wrong:^/  The best m-set for mewtwo is
    safeguard,thunder wave,recover,psychic,ice beam/thunderbolt.
    The last slot is your choice, depending on who you are fighting.
    Pleeeeeease, try it first before you send me a complaint letter.
    *hands over one free pass so he can shark* just this once...;)
    This isn't the best team out there, but I'm fairly new at this. It's
    gotten me through Silver very well, less so in Stadium 2 where the
    enemy's levels match your own. Thanks for taking the time to answer, I
    know you must be swamper.
     Submitted by:Sygma01(this rate contains some critisism, I have nothing
    agianst you, i just want to get my point accross;^))
    My GOLD team(1):
    Typhlosion w/Charcoal
    Comments- Why the hell do you have dig?? Give it earthquake and attach a
    Octillery w/Mystic Water
    *Ice Beam
    *Hyper Beam
    Comments-Oh God....keep this if you want but i'll be the first to say
    that if this set rears its head around the mIRC battlezone, it WILL get
    abused and beaten. Here goes the rate....
     For the love of God PLEASE get rid of hyper beam. I recall one heated
    debate on the boards about hyper beam that resulted in a flamewar that
    really hasn't ended. Breed to get an octillery, raise it up from level
    5 and make it as happy as you possibly can, teach it return and voiala,
    you have a 102 power normal attack with about 30+ PP. Cool huh? My guess
    is that you prabably will not do this since you don't seem to want to
    change it. The other problem is two water moves. I suggest haze over
    Jumpluff w/Miracle Seed
    *Giga Drain
    *Mega Drain
    *Sleep Powder
    Comments-start completly over. Give it the standard
    stun spore,swagger,leech seed,protect.
    Tyranitar w/Hard Stone
    *Rock Slide
    *Hyper Beam
     Comments-fire blast over hyper beam with a charcoal attached
    Scizor w/Quick Claw
    *Metal Claw
    *Fury Cutter
    *Steel Wing
    *False Swipe
    Comments-metal claw? bleh.. give it swords dance,agility (i know scyther
    is fast, but scizor is not)wing attack and baton pass. Put  it in front
    of t-tar to possibly BP it some speed and extra attack;)
    Noctowl w/Sharp Beak
    *Take Down
    *Dream Eater
    Comments-i don't like it much, hypnosis has terribly acc....give it
    reflect,steel wing,wing attack,double team/return
    My SILVER team:
    Feraligatr w/Mystic Water
    *Surf     *Rain Dance     *Slash    *Crunch
    Comments-hmmm...swagger,rock slide,earthquake,surf @leftovers
    Piloswine w/Quick Claw
    *Ice Beam     *Amnesia     *Earthquake      *Roar
    Comments-good, possibly swagger over roar though
    Houndoom w/Blackglasses
    *Flamethrower     *Nightmare     *Iron Tail      *Crunch
    Comments-NIGHTMARE!!?!?? WHAT THE!? *calms himself* how the do you plan
    to use it without a sleep move???please get rid of it.....please..
    just go with the standard sunny day,fire blast,solarbeam,crunch
    Gengar w/Spell Tag
    *Psychic      *Fire Punch     *Shadow Ball       *Thunder Bolt
    Comments-all attack gengar?? yuck...confuse ray over fire punch, haze
    over thunderbolt (you already have electric support)
    Magneton w/Magnet
    *Thunder     *Double-Team    *Thunder Wave     *Flash
    Comments-*slaps himself* no no no NOOO!!! flash stinks, i'll leave it
    that.raindance goes over it. swagger/reflect over D-Team
    Miltank w/King's Rock
    *Rollout     *Reversal     *Earthquake     *Heal Bell
    Commets-Wheres milk drink??? Put over reversal. Also, drop rollout for
    body slam.
     Submitted by-Gamingshack
    Here's my team:
    typhlosion:flamewheel, flamethrower, cut, Headbutt
    Comments-two normal moves don't make sense, as do to fire moves.
    Give it flamethrower/fire blast,sunny day,thunderpunch/earthquake
    espeon:pschic, shadow ball, bite, swift
    Comments-shadow ball?? not good, reflect goes over it. Mourning sun goes
    over swift
    nidoking:surf, iron tail, dynamic punch, strength
    Comments- d-punch has crap for accuracy and stength isn't helpful.
    give him, amnesia,shadow ball,eathquake,sludge bomb
    poliwrath:whirlpool, ice punch, headbutt, submission
    Comments-want a cheap arse set??
    mind reader,fissure,ice beam,wirlpool.Pool traps em' Mind reader will
    give the one hit KO fissure perfect accuracy. Ice beam is for flyers.
    marowak:bonemerang, earthquake, headbutt, thunderpunch
    Comments-nope..give it earthquake,rock slide,screech,swagger
    @thick club(500+attack!)
    dragonite:icebeam, fly, hyper beam, waterfall
    Coments-hyper beam just plain sucks in G/S/C.
    give him safeguard,thunder wave,haze,ice beam
    Submitted by-Nemesis
    Shuckle w/ leftovers
    (Starter and an annoying, a nasty lil combo)
    Comments-I'll go ahead and say it. IMHO, shuckle just isn't any good. I
    know it has 500+ defense and sp. defense, but its other stats suffer
    severely. For a stater you want a fast poke with plenty of status
    affecting moves up its sleeve.
    Electrode w/ thunder wave,reflect,swagger, and explosion is a good
    Magmar w/ miracle seed
    Cross Chop(darks a normals)
    HP Grass(has a base damage of 60)
    Confuse Ray
    Comments- thunderpunch over grass HP (75 base vs. 60) I like reflect but
    you might as well keep cross chop. Drop the miracle seedfor a magnet.
    Feraligatr w/ Scope lens
    Ice beam
    Comments-earthquake over slash, rock slide over crunch. I'd also put
    swagger over ice beam w/ a miracle berry/leftovers.
    Donphan w/ Quick Claw
    Body Slam
    Ancient Power
    Comments-swagger over b-slam w/leftovers.....good though;)
    Noctowl w/ Gold Berry
    Return(Taming is excellent)
    (First i would use Hypnosis, then Nightmare.Next move is always
    Reflect.If opponent switches out I do.When opponent has sleeping pokemon
    as last i send out Nocowl and finish iw w/ Nightmare and Return)
    Comments-No matter how you look at it, swiching will always be a problem
    in nightnosis combos.I say reflect and steel wing over it.
    Gold berry!? give AT LEAST a miracle berry
    Ariados w/ bright powder( I have 2 of them)
    Psychic/Spider Web
    Sludge Bomb/Double Team
    (First is for damage and secaond is a trapper)
    Comments-night shade??no...agility,baton pass,spider web,sludge bomb
    Submitted by:4thebrotherhood
    Ice Beam
    Shadow Ball
    Comments-too many attacks...thunder wave over psychic. You want
    safeguard. Either put it over i-beam and t-bolt over shadow ball, or put
    it over shadow ball and keep ice beam.
    Flame Wheel
    Comments-double fire and normal moves??? yuck...
    sunny day,fire blast/flamethrower,earthquake,thunderpunch, @charcoal
    Ice Beam
    Aurora Beam
    Comments-ugh.......DROP EVERY MOVE!!!! and give it
    surf,swagger,mirror coat,rest @mint berry
    Fire Punch
    Comments-Mewtwo AND MEW??? Drop for a curslax....i guess.....*shrugs*
    Gyarados @Mystic Water
    Hydro Pump
    Hyper Beam
    Dragon Rage
    Comments-FOR THE LAST FRIKKIN' TIME......GYARADOS SUCKS!!!!!!....sorry,
    its just that if i had a dollar for ever time i said that.....anyway,
    Try one of my ALL TIME fav pokemon...
    Kingdra, surf,ice beam,swagger,rest @mint berry...if this don't bring
    you success, well...
    Night Shade
    Giga Drain
    Comments-*sighs* thunderbolt,shadow ball,confuse ray,haze@twisted spoon
     Submmitted by:gino_bragag (with an additional rate by megacell)
    Mewtwo*miracle berry*
    Megacell-this is some what standard, this works but IMO have another
    move over safeguard so that m2 won't be so useless againts darks, these
    attacks can be over safeguard,flamthrower/icebeam/thunderbolt
    /shadowball/submisson(it depends on you team, in your situation,
    flamethrower/thunderbolt looks tempting to use)
    Furoshuz-replace safeguard!? Put ice beam/thunderbolt over psychic.
    Submission has utter crap for accuracy, for a move of its type. If a
    dark type shows up, pray to God that you have a poke to switch to and do
       snorlax*mint berry*
    curse,amnesia,rest,double edge
    Megacell-with this you would be on hell of a sweeper/tank. others
    usually have earthquake over amnesia so that they could take on
    steel,ghost,rock types but yours is cool!!
    Furoshuz-i like it. Curselax is now so painfully standard that a change
    is nice to see;)
    submission,psychic,mind reader,fissure
    Megacell-the thing wrong here is that you have no trapping move to hold
    the enemy while your doing the mindreader+fissure combo, so they could
    easily switch poke's when your poliwrath is doing the combo..if you want
    to stick with the combo, then drop psychic for whirlpool to trap the
    enemy, and drop submssion for icebeam so you could take on flying types
    which fissure cannot be used on!!...and hold leftovers or
    brightpowder to hopefully last long enough to do the combo!!
    Furoshuz-he's right, whirlpool over psychic,ice beam over submission
    Megacell-this works!! others usually have counter over earthquake so
    that they could counter one turn, the use endure the next, then
    reversal!(from what i heard this is a okay combo)
    Furoshuz-standard........very standard
    moonlight,mean look,toxic,confuse ray
    Megacell-standard but effective!! hold leftovers to last longer in
    Furoshuz-standard.................with leftovers;)
    Furoshuz-whoa now!! you want earthquake a MILLION times more than you
    want surf.......also, i like safeguard over psychic. forget STAB for
    right now, riding yourself of the dangers of status effecters is
    extremely important nowadays, which is why i recomend a miracle berry
    over the leftovers
    Submitted by: Elliot
    My team is:
    -Tyranitar- Crunch, Rock slide, Surf, Earthquake @leftovers
      Surf is for killing enemy rock/ ground types who can do major damage
    with earthquake.
    Comments-your leading with tyrannitar??? ugh...try jolteon with
    thunderbolt,reflect,thunder wave,HP water........*shrugs*
    -Typlosion- Reversal, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Thunderpunch @scope lens
      Reversal is kind of useless
    Comments-right-o. sunny day,earthquake,fire blast,thunderpunch
    -Mewtwo- Psychic, Thunderbolt, Recover, Amnesia@Miracle berry
      Amnesia raises Mewtwo's average special defense.
    Comments-safeguard over amnesia
    -Kingdra- Surf, Ice Beam, Dragon Breath, Body slam@Quick Claw
      Kingdra is one of the weaker members of my team, but its rounded stats
    and dragon only weakness cancels that out.
    Comments-Kingdra? WEAK!? LMAO!!!!! Kingdra whoops...but not with this
    set. minty rest over body slam. keep dragonbreath if you like, but
    consider double team instead
    -Zapdos- Thunderbolt, Drill Peck, Fly, Steel Wing@King's Rock
      Fly would have been replaced with Thunderwave, but I needed someone
    with fly in my team.
    Comments-thats no exuse if your a serious battler. This is decent(with
    -Alakazam- Psychic, Thunderpunch, Recover, Seismic Toss@Gold Berry
      This guy is pretty useless.  Sometimes I think a Machamp would be more
    Comments-*sighs*thunderwave over toss, quick claw over gold berry(ack!?)
    My team is very offensive.  Most of my Pokemon were chosen for their
    high attack or special attack.
    Comments-thats your whole problem..your WAY too offensive. Try taking a
    defnsive side for once.
     Submitted by Videofreak_64
    -ice beam
    Comments-safeguard over ice beam (not a good starter)
    Scyther*metal coat
    -steel wing
    -swords dance
    Comments-????  upgarade to scizor and teach steel wing,agility,swords
    dance,swagger@bright powder
    Dragonite*mint berry
    -ice beam
    -extreme speed
    Comments-raplace rest with light screen and @ leftovers
    Celebi*miracle berry
    -giga rain
    -shadow ball
    -heal bell(took your advise)
    Comments-safeguard/leech seed over shadow ball
    Mewtwo(maximum stats somehow)*focus band
    Cooments-sub has poor acc. thunder wave goes over it
    Ho-oh*quick claw
    -sacred fire
    -ancient power(useful against other Ho-oh's)
    Comments-good as is
    (this team is lacking in staus effecters and a good starter)
    b2.MY TEAMS(unfinshed)
       I have created many different teams since Red and Blue came out. In
    this section I will list some of the most successful. MOST of these
    teams have been tested in the mIRC battlezone. If i find a pokemon to be
    less effective then intended, I will update it.
    (HP stands for hidden power)
     TEAM 1(updated)
            confuse ray
            thunder wave
            @quick claw
     I love this pokemon. Its very ill used and is one of my favorite lead
            ice beam
            @mint berry
     Gotta' love Kingdra. I like swagger instead of dragonbreath cuz i'm
    rather fond of confusing my opponent.
            rock slide
            cross chop
            light screen
     Yeah, its the standard but changing it too much would, make it less
    useful. The most I would change it is put counter over light screen for
            heal bell
     This is my prefered heal beller. 700+ HP just plain rules;)
    Tyranitar-rock slide
              fire blast/flamethrower
     Um......standard. Fire blast for power, flamethrower for accuracy.
    (doesn't this crystal influence stuff look too much like sharking???)
              thunder wave
              ice beam
     Strictly a hazer. Everybody seems to have ice beam nowadays;)
    TEAM 2
    Jolteon-thunder wave
            HP water
            @kings rock
    I put up reflect, then I imediately paralyze and try to switch
    if its not a water or flying type. Jolteon has kick arse speed
    so he gets the kings rock. The hidden power saves him from Ground and
    Rock if need be.
     Normally i'd have haze, but I don't want by baton passing and hazing
    screwed up so I went with amnesia. Sometimes I'm met with a early baton
    passer. If this is the case i'll use my hazing Quagsire.
    Skarmory-drill peck
             steel wing
             @mint berry
    This guy rules. Confusion is always helpful so he gets swagger. Rest
    combined with mint berry ensures plenty of saying power.
              baton pass
              @bright powder
    By Baton passer. I raised it from Lv.5 and treated her like a queen. The
    result? A 102 power return! The bright powder will ward off pokemon
    until I can get the extra speed up for....
             @mint berry
    This guy is bad arse. The bad thing about this pokemon is his rancid
    speed. But now that we have two agiltys BPed over from Giraferig, that
    problem is solved for the time being. Curselax has become so standard
    that I wanted something different.
    Dragonite-thunder wave
              ice beam
              double edge
    My sweeper, not the greatest example of one though.
    TEAM 3 (updated)
                thunder wave
                ice punch
                @bright powder
     Decent lead. Combined with the barrier, ice punch can take ground and
    rock types if they show up.
              giga drain
              ancient power
     Good attacker. My lead doesn't have a confusion move so he gets
    swagger. Ancient power is for flyers.
    Flareon-shadow ball
            sunny day
            body slam
     Shadow ball and b-slam take advantage of his excellent attack.
              ice beam
     Very underrated and a great hazer.
    Snorlax-belly drum
            double edge
            @minty rest
     This is my belly resting lax. He is a pain in the arse too. Belly drum
    and minty rest on the next turn. With the drum, DE can kill anything but
    a Steelix in one shot. Earthquake is for ghosts and anything it can KO.
            double edge
            heal bell
     My heal belling blissey.
    TEAM 4 (this will look pretty strange, its experimental)
              thunder wave
              @mint berry
     The idea here is to confuse and paralyze the pokemon then switch. When
    a tough pokemon shows up (ex.curselax) switch back and through in as
    many screeches a possible before I have to rest.
              baton pass
     Curse once or twice, then agility 2 or 3 times. Minty rest is essential
    if you want
             horn drill
             mean look
             @bright powder
      With all the stat enhancers BPed over from Giraferig, this thing is a
    monster. Mean look or spore the target to sleep, use lock on, then horn
    drill away. Without the extra stat enhancers though, its worthless,
    dieing before it can even get off a shot.
             ice beam
             acid armor
             @mint berry
     R/B/Y standard.
    Crobat-mean look
           confuse ray
           @kings rock
     An effective trapping crobat.
            bady slam
            heal bell
            shadow ball
     Heal bell miltank.
     Welcome to the world of Johto! This will walk you through Johto and
      Enter the time (be sure to get it right) and the great prof. Oak will
    wake up and give you the lowdown on pokemon. Enter your name and you
    will appear before your trusty N64.(if anyone cares,my name was
    Tiax......don't ask)You'll also get a chance to choose between a boy and
    a girl character.
    NEW BARK TOWN (odd name?)
     Walk down the stairs to be greeted by your mom. She will give you your
    pokegear, which serves as a watch/radio/map/telephone all rolled into
    one. She will also ask you the day of the week (don't get that wrong)
    and whether or not it is daylight savings time. Exit your house and
    enter the big building just above it.(note the strange kid staring
    through the window on the left side) Inside you will find prof. Elm and
    he wants you to run an errand for him. He also gives you the choice of 1
    of 3 pokemon. Which should you choose?
     This is your fire type choice and is recomended for beginners. It it
    the fastest pokemon of the three. It's downside? It doesn't learn its
    first good move (ember) until L14. This pokemon should have no problem
    with the first few gyms.
     This is your water type choice. It has very good stats, the highest
    being attack. This pokemon has no disadvantages in the Johto gyms, but
    on the same token it has no advantages either. This was my choice almost
    every other time through the game and is the best overall choice.
    This your grass type choice and is one of the better grass pokemon in
    the game. However, this is the worst choice for your starter pokemon. It
    has many disadvantages and is completely useless against the elite four.
    Its good side is it learns the powerful razor leaf at L8!
     What does prof. Elm want you to do? He wants you to retreive the
    pokemon egg from Mr. Pokemon(??). Lets get to it! Exit the building
    and head west to a grassy area. Pause the game an look at your pokemon.
    Choose the item option and take the berry away from it. Don't use it!!
    You'll need it later.
    ROUTE 29
     Walk into the grass to engage in a pokemon battle. Keep battling until
    your pokemon hits level 8. If you need to heal your pokemon,walk back to
    prof. Elm's lab and engage the computer,it will heal your pokemon. Once
    you have your level 8 pokemon,head west. Be sure to fight every pokemon
    you come up against,your pokemon needs the experience. You can't catch
    any pokemon just yet so don't worry about that. You will eventually
    reach Cherrygrove city.(be sure to check thje two trees you find for
    BERRY's, but don't use them, you'll need em' later.
     The first order of buisness is to heal your hurt pokemon, then talk to
    the old man at the entrance to the city. He'll give you a tour and
    eventually give you a MAP CARD. This will enable you to view a map of
    Johto on your pokegear. Nothing else to do here. Head out the north exit
    of the city.
    ROUTE 30
    Items-Posncureberry, Berry(2), Antidote, Mystery Egg, Pokedex
    Pokemon-Pidgey(MA), Hoothoot(N), Rattata, Weedle, Kakuna, Caterpie,
    Metapod, Ledyba(M), Spinerak,(N), Poliwag(Fishing)
    You'll run into a house. Talk to the man inside to get a BERRY.
    Pick the tree beside the house for another one. Just above the house is
    a fork in the road. The path to the right is blocked off by a trainer
    battle, so take the path to the right. You can't catch pokemon just yet
    (you still want to battle every pokemon you see) so don't worry about it
    right now. You'll reach Mr. Pokemon's house. Inside is the infamous
    Prof. Oak. He'll give you a Pokedex. After the good professer leaves,
    Mr. Pokemon will give you the MYSTERY EGG. As soon as you leave the
    house, Elm will give you an urgent telephone call. Lets get back there
    now! Pick up the PSNCUREBERRY in the nearby tree and head back to
    Cherrtgrove City. Heal your pokemon,attempt to leave through the east
    gate and ingage in your first trainer battle.
    Pokemon-opposite your starter (the one that has a strength agianst
    Remember the creepy kid from before? Well, apparently he stole a
    pokemon from the lab and for some reason wants to be your rival. Aw
    well, now you have the pleasure of kicking his sorry arse throughout the
    game.(he he he) Your pokemon should be at least lv.10 so tackle/scratch
    his pokemon to death.
    NEW BARK TOWN (again)
    Now head back to New Bark Town. Once inside Elm's lab, you'll see a cop
    talking to professer Elm. He'll ask you if you saw a red haired kid, and
    your ask you his name. Put in a name for your rival. (my rival's name
    was Norman) Don't be a moron and type in ??? as if you thought that was
    his real name. (like some anonymous person I know) Give the prof. the
    egg and as you leave prof. Elm's aid will give you 5 pokeballs. Now you
    can catch pokemon!(Yay!) Leave New Bark
    (M=morning A=afternoon(no pokemon is afternoon only)N=night only, if no
    letter is present, it can be caught any time)
    ROUTE 29 (again)
    If you picked Totodile, catch a Pidgey and train it. If you don't, your
    rival will kill you a bit later on. I'd catch a Sentret, just to be
    safe. Pick up rattata but don't train him, he's useless.Along the way
    you'll find a man standing beside a building (he talks about saving your
    game). Go through the building and you'll come to a grassy area.
    ROUTE 46
    Pokemon-Geodude, Phanby(M), Rattata, Spearow
    Be SURE to catch a Geodude here and train it to at least lv 8-9. Head
    back to the fork above the house with the berry man. Take the leftpath
    this time.
    ROUTE 31
    Pokemon-Bellsprout and Route 30 pokemon
     Head up the path and uh oh..trainers!! These guys suck quite
    patheticly. Pound all of them. They'll ask if you want their numbers.
    You don't, beleive me. Only take the numbers I tell you. Why? Cause'
    some people give you rare items like element stones and tell you when
    rare pokemon swarm an area. By the end Geodude should be at least lv.11
    when he learns rock throw. This is important because he helps a lot in
    the first gym. Your Pidgey and Sentret should be around lv. 9.   Pick up
    the POKeBALL and ANTIDOTE on the ground. Bellsprout is worthless but
    catch it anyway. If you chose cyndaquil as your starter, keep it in your
    party and train it a little bit. Head west, stroll through the gate and
    your in...
     Plenty to do here. The first order of buisness is head over to Sprout
    Tower.(north Violet City)
    Sprout Tower
    Inside you'll find several wanabe trainers that call themselves Sages.
    They all use Bellsprout (some have Hoothoot) hence the name Sprout
    Tower. Come back here at night and pick up Gastly. Get all the items. At
    the top you'll find your rival in a battle with someone. After he leaves
    walk up and talk to the guy he was battling to fight the elder.
    Battle: Elder
    Prize: HM 5,cash
     Use your Pidgey and geodude to pummel this guy.
     After the battle he'll give you HM 5 (flash). Why you get it so early
    is beyond me because you won't need it until MUCH later.
     Ready to get yourself you very first Johto gym badge? Lets go! Heal
    your pokemon and head into the gym!
    Violet City Gym
     Beat all the trainers and chalenge Falkner to a battle.
    Battle:Leader Falkner
    Pokemon: Pidgey,Pidgeotto
    Prize: Zepher Badge,TM 31, 900 pokecash(or whatever the hell they call
    they currency)
     Geodude rules the roost here. Rock throw will demolish Pidgey and
    Pidgeotto. Just watch out for mud slap. It doesn't hurt you very badly
    but it lowers accuracy (which is very annoying). If your accuracy gets
    to bad, switch to sentret or bellsprout, eat a hit, then switch back to
    Falkner will give you the Zepher Badge and TM 31 (mud slap).
    (After you beat Falkner, 7 siblings will appear around Johto, and they
    only appear on certain days. If it is Teusday, head back to route 29
    where you'll find Tuscanny. She will give you the Pink Bow which powers
    up normal type moves)
     About now, Prof. Oak will call and tell you to meet his aid in the
    Violet pokemon center. Do so and he will give you the egg from earlier.
      The last noteworthy area in Violet City are the Ruins of Alph. This
    area is completely optional and can't even be fully completed right now.
    Check the "Optional Areas" section.
     Ruins of Alph
    Pokemon-Unown (1-26),Smeargle,Natu
     Basicly, solve a bunch of puzzles to open up parts of the ruins.
    (i havn't yet thought of a way to illustrate or help you figure out
    these puzzles, but i'm trying) Each area contains pokemon called Unown
    which have 26 forms. These strange creatures become sort of a sidequest.
     Go into the cave above the laboratory and complete the first puzzle.
    Its a below picture of a Kabuto. Completeing it will alow you to catch
    the first 12 forms of Unown Catch 3 forms of Unown and head back
    outside. A man will give you the Unowndex which you use to keep track of
    the different forms of Unown you have caught. There are 26 in all but
    some can only be accessed with the HMs surf and strength. Smeargle can
    also be caught in the grass outside some of the puzzles.
    Note:In Crystal there are new puzzles in the Ruins of Alph. They will be
    explained in the OPTIONAL AREAS section.
    ROUTE 32
    Pokemon-Rattata, Bellsprout, Hoppip, Wooper(N), Ekans
     No Mareep?? WTF!? Aw well. The west exit out of Violet city is blocked
    by a weird tree. Head south. As soon as you enter route 32, talk to the
    trainer and he will give you the miracle seed item which powers up grass
    moves. If you have Chikorita,equip it. If not deposit it in the PC when
    you get a chance. Head south and into the grass below you. The most
    useful pokemon here is Wooper. If you didn't choose Totodile catch one
    and begin to train it. Be sure to train your Geodude and starter plenty
    here and battle all the trainers. Both pokemon should be at Lv.14-16
    after your done. On the bridge get the phone number of the guy who had a
    Goldeen. He will tell you when the quillfish appear near the bridge.
    Eventually you will get to a pokemon center. On Friday, Frieda will
    appear just above the pokemon center to give you the POISON BARB.  A man
    standing in front will try to sell you a 'deliciuos' slowpoke tail for
    $1,000,000,000. This is just like the bike from R/B/Y. You can't can't
    carry that much money. Thats discusting anyway. Head into the pokemom
    center and heal your pokemon. Talk to the man with the hat  and he will
    give you an old rod. Now you can fish for pokemon.
    Unfortunatly, all you can really catch are weak,useless Magikarp. Walk
    south and beat the trainer. Now lets head into...
    Pokemon-Onix, Geodude, Zubat, Sandsrew
     Easy to get through. Fight all the trainers. What better place to train
    your new Wooper? He should pound all the rock/ground foes.The room under
    the guy with the slowpoke (take the ladder) contains TM 39 (swift). Have
    Wooper around lv. 14-15 before you move on.
    FRIDAYS ONLY-in the southwest part of the cave, surf accross the water
    and follow the patth, fighting all the trainers. You'll come to a large
    room. Go to the southernmost area of that room and you will find a L20
    Lapras. If you didn't choose totodile at the beggining, catch it the
    first oppottunity you have (you'll have to wait till Ecruteak City to
    get surf).
     ROUTE 33
     Very short route. Grab the PSNCUREBERRY and be sure to get the
    trainer's phone number here. He'll tell you when the Dunsparse appear in
    dark cave. You'll pass a guy guarding the entrance to a well. Wonder
     The  very first thing you should do is heal you pokemon and go to
    Kurt's house. He's in the northern part of town. (don't try to leave
    through the west gate, your rival will apear just before it and you will
    have to fight him before you are ready. As soona s you enter Kurt's
    house talk to him. He will mutter something about team rocket and leave.
    Go back to where the guy was guarding the well. He will be gone leaving
    yourself free to invite yourself in.
     Slopoke Well(1st level)
     You'll Kurt lying on the ground. He'll tell you his back is hurt and
    that you will have to take out Team Rocket for him. Not a difficult
    task. Just go in and thrash all the rockets. The last one has a fairly
    decent L14 Koffing. Afterward, ol' Kurt will come in and take you back
    to his home.
     When you get back to Kurt's house, he will give you a lure ball. If you
    find an apricorn, bring it to Kurt and he'll turn it into a specialized
    pokeball. This chart will help you.
    Blue Apricown-----lure ball-----catches pokemon more effectively while
    Black Apricorn-----heavy pokemon-----catches heavy pokemon (eg.snorlax)
    more effectivley
    Red Apricorn-----level ball-----catches lower level pokemon more
    White Apricorn-----fast ball-----catches fast pokemon more effectivley
    Pink Apricorn-----love ball-----catches pokemon of the opposite gender
    of the pokemon you are using more effectively
    Green Apricorn-----friend ball-----sets happiness level of captured
    pokemon to 200 (see section b003 HAPPINESS)
    Yellow Apricorn-----moon ball-----catches normal type pokemon and
    pokemon evolved using a moon stone.
     Time to head over to the gym. Your team should be...
    starter L16-18 Geodude L16 Spearow L13-15/pidgey L13-15
    The two birds will help in the gym.
    Azalea Town Gym
     Use Quilava or on of the birds to murder all the trainers.
    Battle-Leader Bugsy
    Prize-Hive Badge,TM 49 (fury cutter),$1600
     If you have Quilava, roast everbody to cinders with ember. If not
    peck/gust Meatapod and Kakuna to death. When the bug/flying Scyther
    shows up, pull out Geodude and Rock throw it into oblivion.
     After the battle, Bugsy will fork over the Hive Badge, a less than
    terribly useful TM, fury cutter, and some cash.
     Heal your pokemon and stock up on pokeballs. Try to head ou the west
    gate and your rival will appear, begging for another thrashing.
    Pokemon-Gastly L12,ZubatL14,opposite starter (secong evolution) L16
    Geodudes magnitude (lv.16 geodude) will KO gastly, as his rock throw
    will do against zubat. For the starter:Quilava is easy, rock throw it to
    death. The Croconaw is a different story. We don't have Flaaffy in this
    game so break out the Bellsprout from earlier and vine whip Crococnaw as
    many times as possible before it dies. Then pull out your flyer and just
    keep attacking it. It will eventually go down. For Bayleef, the flyer is
    the obvious choice. If it goes down, use your L15-16 Furret (teh Furret
    ownz j00!!) to finish it off.
     Head through the gate and plunge into......
    Eggsecute (headbutt trees), Pineco (headbutt trees),Magicarp (fish),
    poliwag (fish), Psyduck (surf), Golduck (surf)
    As you wander throught the forest you will find that the north path is
    blocked by a bush. You'll also notice a boy standing there. He'll ask
    you to find his Farfetch'd for him. Go down and right from where the boy
    was standing and you will run into Farfetch'd. Don't bother chasing him
    all through the forest. Just talk to it once, go around behind it, and
    keep talking to it all the way back to the boy, who will be now be
    accompanied by a man in a hat. Talk to him to get, HM 1 (cut). Teach it
    to Bellsprout and use it to take out the tree that blocks your path.
    Before you continue, go back to the Azalea Town and enter the house
    where the charcoal maker lives.(southeast part of town) Inside, the guy
    from earlier will give you a free charcoal, which powers up fire type
    moves. If you have Quilava, give it to him, otherwise, save it for
    later. Go back to where the bush was (if your aching for a grass type,
    catch an Oddish and train it into a gloom as quickly as you can). Keep
    going and you will eventually reach a fork in the road, one path to the
    north one to the south. Take the south path. Keep going until you find a
    guy standing by a tree. He'll tell you that pokemon sometimes sleep in
    trees and give you TM 2 (headbutt). Headbutt is a good strong offensive
    move. Teach it to your Furret since he is lacking in good offensive
    moves. Now you can use headbutt out of battle to give trees a good
    whack. Various pokemon may fall out of them. Do so to the trees in the
    area to get Pineco and Eggsecute. Go back to the fork in the road and
    take the north path to get on outa' here. A woman at the gate with a
    butterfree will give you TM 12 (sweet scent).
     ROUTE 34
    Magikarp(fish),Krabby(fish),Kingler(super rod),Staryu (N,Good
    Rod),Corsola (MA,Good Rod)
    Be sure to fight all the trainers here and try to have everbody at
    lv.18 (pidgey will evolve). There are several different pokemon to
    capture. Time to get a good psychic type. I prefer Abra over Drowzee.
    But therea a problem. That @%&#$* little turd keeps teleporting away! To
    solve this problem, break out your Gastly and use its mean look attack
    (it learns it very early at L 13) to stop it in its tracks. If you don't
    have Gastly, keep trying or catch a Drowzee. At the end of the road,
    you'll find the daycare center. Head in and talk to the daycare man.
    He'll give you the Odd Egg which can hatch into a variety of things.
    Keep it to see what it will be or deposit it in the PC. Give Abra to the
    man to raise its level but DO NOT let it get to Lv 16. If you do it will
    miss learning confusion, which is the only psychic attack it will have
    for a while. This is a good place to put your Oddish/Gloom. Another good
    capture is Ditto. If you ever need a an egg out of something, stick it
    with Ditto. He can make an egg with any pokemon except legendarys. Time
    to head up into.....
     Got loads of stuff to do here so lets get started! Before we start,
    head into redone pokemon center and heal your pokemon. Go up and take
    the path just above the pokemart and go inside the house at the bottom.
    Talk to the man inside and he'll give you a free bicycle....cool huh?
    Now go inside the GIANT pokemart. Go to the second floor, buy a few
    superpotions and stock up on full heals. Skip to the 5th floor, the TM
    corner. If you have croconaw, buy TM 33 (ice punch). Also, buy TM
    41(thunderpunch) for Kadabra (when you get him) since you don't yet have
    an electric type. Go ahead and grab a fire punch (TM 48). Thats all we
    need here. Head out and take the path just above the pokemon center. Go
    into thre house all the way to the left. Talk to the girl inside and she
    will give you Bill's Phone Number. Now, whenever your pokemon box gets
    filled up, Bill will call and tell you.
     Now go into the Radio Tower (tallest building in town). Talk to to the
    woman behind the couter and she'll offer to give you a quize to win a
    RADIO CARD. Accept and she will ask you five five easy questions. New to
    the radio tower is Buena's Radio Show. She will give you a code during
    the course of the week. On Friday, give it to her at the radio station
    to get prizes. Before you can do this though you need to go to the
    second floor and talk to the woman behind the desk and she'll give you
    the blue card. This will allow you to score points in the radio show.
     Guess whay time it is. Time to win yourself another gym badge. Joy.
    Go back to the daycare center and get abra who should be about lv. 11.
    Go back to the pokemart and go to the 5th floor. There a trainer will
    trade his machop for your abra. It just so happens that you need him
    badly in the next gym. Pick up a few superpotions while your there.
    Goldenrod City Gym
    Pokemon-Clefairy L18,Miltank L20
    Prize-Plain Badge,TM 45 (attract),$2000
     Clefairy will give you few troubles as it uses Metronome every time
    with only a slim chance of getting a decent move. Karate chop it to
    death with your new Machop. Now comes the real challenge here. Miltank.
    It uses the move attract, which gives you a 50% chance of attacking it.
    Ugh....However it only affects pokemon of the opposite gender. If your
    Machop is female you will have few problems. If not, karate chop as much
    as you can and bring out your Geodude. Now MAGNITUDE THE HELL, out of
    Miltank. I'm serious, keep using magnitude. When his HP gets too low,
    give him a super potion.
     After the battle she will refuse to give the badge to you. Instead,
    she'll begin to cry. Don't worry, just try to leave and the girl behind
    you will explain everthing. Walk up to Whitney to snatch you 3rd badge,
    TM 45 (attract), and some cash.
     Head out of the gym and, heal and head north.
     ROUTE 35
    Ditto, Yamna(seasonal pokemon)
     Go north and the man inside the gate wants you to deliver a message.If
    you have a spot open in your party, he'll give you a spearow woth mail
    attached. Go back to route 31 and talk to the man sitting beside the
    tree. He'll give you TM 50 (nightmare) for you trouble. The man back at
    the gate will give you an HP up. You might want to wait till a bit later
    to do this however.
     Walk up and beat up the pathetic loser trainers that are hangin'
    around. When you came to another gate, take a right and you'll find a
    trainer named Arnie. Beat him and get his phone number. He'll tell you
    when the Yamna start swarming in that area. Follow the path below Arnie
    to get TM 4 (rollout).
     Go back to the gate and go through it to get to...
     Talk to the woman at the bench to get the QUICK CLAW, an item that may
    allow a pokemon to stike first in battle. Now head up and keep going
    until you hit a wall. Now head along the right side of the wall until
    you come to the corner. Look along the top wall. You should notice a gap
    in the fence. Go through to get outside the wall. Head right and and
    you'll find a PRZ HEAL. Now head right and keep on going on the outside
    of the wall and eventually you'll find TM 28 (dig).
     Whats so great about the National Park you ask? Why, the bug catching
    contest of course. This event is held every tuesday,thursday and
    saturday. Its exactly the same as gold/silver,you have 20 minute and 20
    park balls to catch the best bug pokemon. You only get to use one
    pokemon out of your party. I recomend using a pokemon with a sleep move.
    Drowzee is the only one you have so level him up a bit. What we are
    looking for is a lv.14 Scyther or Pinser. They are the most rare but
    they can easily be found with little bit of walking. There are four
    1st Sun Stone(evolves Oddish into Bellosom;Sunkern into Sunflora)
    2nd Everstone(prevents pokemon from evolving)
    3rd Gold Berry(restores 30 HP)
    Consolation Prize-Berry
     Once you've won, go back to the park, cream all the local trainers, and
    head back to Goldenrod. Head into the topmost building above the gym.
    You'll see a girl watering flowers. Talk to her to get th SQUIRTBOTTLE.
    Before you head out, go to the pokemoart and buy about 7-10 great balls,
    and bring Drowzee along. go back to where Arnie is and cut the bush
    beside him. Head up the path, beat the Schoolboy and Psychic, and head
    up to the odd looking tree. Save your game RIGHT NOW!! Walk up to the
    tree and talk to it. It will wiggle around and you get to battle
    Sudowoodo. The best strat is to use Drowzee to put it to
    sleep, confusion once or twice, then use a weak move like pound or tack
    to put it into the red. Throw ULTRA BALLS for the catch. After the epic
    battle, head up and take a quick right where a man will be standing.
    Talk to him to receive TM 8, rock smash. This is worthless in battle,
    but you need it in the next town so teach it to a weaker pokemon. Go
    back to where Sudowoodo was and take the left path. There are a few
    trainers here. Beat them.
    a008. POKEDEX(movesets)
    I got this idea from the excellent gold/silver FAQ by Donald.I will give
    you my opinion of each final form pokemon and my recomended moveset.
    (the movesets are NOT copied from his guide, though some may be the
    same, like some standards) Be sure to check that FAQ out!
    Venusaur #003
    Notes: I have never liked Venusaur because he has such a ridiculous
    amount of weaknesses. Some people find him useful as a starter.
    moveset-safeguard                       Lead with safeguard, then put
            giga drain                      your enemy to sleep. Giga drain
            ancient power                   is the best grass move so he
            sleep powder                    gets it. Ancient power is one
            @quick claw/miracle berry       his breeding moves(see below).
    Breeding sequence-Corsola+Tyranitar=Larvitar(with the move)
    ancient power)
    Charizard #006
    Notes: I'm still not a Charizard fan but he is better in G/S/C. His
    other type,flying really doesn't help him much. Great if used correctly.
    Moveset-flamethrower/fire blast        Belly drum,rest on the next
            earthquake                     turn, the mint berry will wake
            belly drum                     you up, and watch in awe just
            rest                           what a belly drumed earthquake
            @mint berry                    can do. You don't have sunny
                                           day so you might want fire blast
                                           for more power though it is less
                                           accurate than flamethrower.
    Blastoise #009
    Notes- My favorite of the original starters. Blastoise has good defenses
    and can put the whoop down on electrics if it has to.
    Moveset(1)-surf                        Rain dance will power up surf,
               ice beam/mirror coat        but will draw electric types
               earthquake                  that want a perfect accuracy
               rain dance/endure           thunder. Destroy them with an
               @Leftovers                  earthquake. Ice beam counters
                                           grass. If your scared of a
                                           Zapdos sporting thunder, go
                                           with endure & mirror coat.
                                           Endure the hit, then use mirror
                                           coat to throw it back at the
                                           electric bird.
    Moveset(2)-haze                        Effective hazer.
               ice beam
               @miracle berry
    Butterfree #012
    Notes-Same weaknesses as Scyther.However, it has psychic ablities, but
    it can't do much with them.
    Moveset-reflect                       Best used as a Quagsire killer.
            safeguard                     If he shows up, safeguard then
            sleep powder                  giga drain. Its sp.def. is decent
            giga drain                    enough to where it should survive
            @leftovers                    a STAB surf from Quagsire. Still,
                                          a light screen from a pseudo-
                                          passer would certianly help.
    Beedrill #015
    Notes-This guy is nothing amazing.
    Moveset- return/frustration           Make it realy happy for return or
             swords dance                 abuse it for frustration. Both
             sludge bomb                  are capabable of 102 power so its
             agility                      your call. Swords dance is self
             @bright powder               explanitory. Sludge bomb is
                                          stronger than twineedle but has
                                          a lesser chance of poison.
    Pidgeot #018
    Notes-Lord I hate Pidgeot. However I still threw together a moveset.
    (if you have a Pidgeot moveset that you like, fell free to send it in.)
    Moveset-steel wing                   What else can you do with it?
            wing attack                  For some, this has limited uses.
            double team
            @mint/miracle berry
    Raticate #020
    Notes-Seeing as how it can;t get rain dance, its a wast of perfectly
    good natural resources....Don't use it.
    Moveset-reflect                     WTF!? It can't get rain dance??? aw
            ice beam??who knows..       well, guess it really is worthless.
            @scope lense
    Fearow #022
    Notes-Better than Pidgeot, but still not great. Works well with a good
    baton passer.
    Moveset-drill peck                   Any flyer that can learn drill
            steel wing                   peck should get it. Steel wing
            HP ground(70)                gets rid of ghosts and ground
            double edge                  types. If you can't rig a 65-70
            @soft sand                   srength HP ground go with mud slap
                                         instead. Soft sand is a must to
                                         power up the weak ground moves.
    #024 Arbok
    Notes-VERY underrated. Arbok can be a very useful hazer. Poison has
    never been a very popular type in the past, but the introduction of GS
    has helped the type a lot.
    Moveset-haze                         Hazers are becoming a very
            glare                        important part of most teams.
            sludge bomb                  Glare is the only paralyzing
            earthquake                   move Arbok can learn and is
            @soft sand                   good. Sludge bomb is for STAB
                                         and is the stongest poison move
                                         in the game. Anything that can
                                         learn eartquake should get it.
                                         He needs the extra eathquake power
                                         so attach soft sand.
    Raichu #026
     Note- Ah yes..Who can forget the famous, annoying rat? The only reason
    you should EVER even consider using Raichu is with the moveset below.
    Moveset-thunderbolt                  People have been using this for a
            thunder wave                 long time. He used to be the only
            surf                         electric that could learn surf,but
            light screen                 now that G/S has given us Lanturn,
            @mystic water/light ball     we've been seeing many fewer
                                         electric rats lately. Besides,
                                         every time I here,'pika,pika',it
                                         makes me want to hurt somebody.
                                         The moveset? Oh yeah..Mystic water
                                         powers up surf but....the light
                                         ball doubles his spe.attack.
    Sandslash #028
    Notes-Good ground type. Its a pure ground type which is a very good
    thing; no double weaknesses.
    Moveset-curse                        Curse gives it the extra attck
            earthquake                   punch it needs. No ground type
            double team/return/sunny day should go abroad without
            safeguard                    earthquake. Double team can
                                         help you vs. an especialy strong
                                         pokemon,however you might want
                                         return in case a flyer shows up.
                                         Only use sunny day if you have
                                         a fire pokemon and you absolutely
                                         need protection from water. Of
                                         course safeguard is always nice.
                                         Its too bad it can't get rock
    Nidoqueen #031
    Notes-standard attacking ground pokemon with a weakness to psychics.
    Moveset-shadow ball                Shadow ball is a must to get rid
            earthquake                 of psychics. Some prefer the rain
            reflect                    dance + thunder combo. I think
            thunderbolt                this hurts her more than it helps.
            @magnet                    If you need to kill a water, rain
                                       dance just ensures that surf will
                                       kill you in one shot.
    Nidoking #034
    Notes-not much different from the She-Nido cept' Nidoking has slightly
    better attack and can learn amnesia (which rules).
    Moveset-sunny day                  Amnesia fends off psychics while
            fire blast                 sunny day does the same for water.
            amnesia                    Fire blast will reek havok under
            earthquake                 sunny day and the attached charcoal.
    Clefable #36
    Notes-able to learn a lot of different different moves and has decent
    Moveset(1)-sunny day               Standard Clefable.
               fire blast
               solar beam
    Moveset(2)-amnesia/psychic         My very own creation of an attacking
               belly drum              Clefable.
               double edge
               @leftovers/mint berry/twisted spoon
    Ninetails #38
    Notes-you used to see him all the time in R/B/Y.  People seen to prefer
    Arcanine  and Charizard(???) these days these days though.
    Moveset-reflect                    The only reason he is used is
            sunny day                  because he can learn confuse ray.
            flamethrower               This set is pretty standardish.
            confuse ray
    Wigglytuff #40
    Notes-decent sp. attack but bad defense.
    Moveset-curse                     I added psychic to take advantage of
            psychic                   decent sp. attack.
            double edge
            @leftovers/mint berry
    Vileplume #45
    Notes-its horribly slow, and its stats aren't the best.
    Moveset-swords dance              Swords dance for more sludge bomb
            sludge bomb               power. Still pretty vulnerable
            giga drain                though.
            @quick claw
    Parasect #47
    Notes-remember the old standby psy killer from R/B/Y? Well, in G/S/C its
    pretty much useless. Parasect is the only one (besides smeargle) that
    can get the excellent sleep move, spore.
    Moveset-swords dance              With light screen and a little luck,
            spore                     you MIGHT be able to survive an
            light screen              encounter with a fire type. A few
            return                    agilitys BPed to him would help
            @quick claw                          greatly.
    Venomoth #49
    Notes-fairly useful. Gets many helpful status changing moves.
    Moveset-reflect                    Pretty self explanatory. Twisted
            psychic                    spoon would be for more psychic
            stun spore                 power.
            sludge bomb
            @scope lense/twisted spoon
    Dugtrio #51
    Notes-Fissure Dugtrios where quite common in the old days. No more
    with the intro of G/S/C.Still the little bugger has great speed.
    Moveset-mud slap                  He badly needs the defense boost from
            sludge bomb/curse         curse, especially if he doesn't have
            rock slide                a distinct advantage over the enemy.
            earthquake                If you curse,quick claw, if not,
            @quick claw/bright powder bright powder to help out mud slap.
    Persian #53
    Notes-good speed,bad everything else. Again a BPer would do nicely here.
    Moveset-amnesia                   Pretty good atacker. A rain danced
            rain dance                bubblebeam under mystic water kills
            return/thunder            ground and rock quite nicely.
            @mystic water
    Golduck #55
    Notes-one of the many water pokemon. Nothing special here.
    Moveset-ice beam              Minty resting attacker.
            light screen
            @mint berry
    Primeape #57
    Notes-Underused, unerrated fighter. Very good in the right hands.
    Moveset-cross chop           Flyers are a constant threat to him. Focus
            rock slide           band helps him survive the hit while you
            focus energy         rock slide the bird to death.
            @focus band
    Arcanine #59
    Notes-Excellent fire type and very popular to boot.
    Moveset-curse               Extremespeed ignores the speed drop from
            extremespeed        curse. Qick claw is for when I need
            flamethrower        to use flamethrower.
            @quick claw
    Poiwrath #62
    Notes-What makes this guy useful? He can learn the mind reader
    Moveset-whirlpool          Standard,trapping mind fissure.
            mind reader
    Alakazam #65
    Notes-ah yes. the ever popular Alakazam. You can't argue with a sky high
    sp. attack and sp. defense. The downside is absolutely horrid
    attack and defense.
    Moveset-thunderwave        As far as i'm concerned, this is the
            barrier            standard though many poeple like to use
            psychic            an elemental punch over barrier.
            @bright powder
    Machamp #68
    Notes-in R/B/Y it wasn't seen very much. Now with the intro of the dark
    type and the cross chop technique, you see them everywhere. It is very
    can be useful.
    Moveset-counter/light screen Counter for flyers, light screen for sp.
            rock slide           attackers. The miracle berry shakes off
            earthquake           confusion or any other status effect.
            cross chop
            @miracle berry
    Victreebel #71
    Notes- Similar to Venusaur. I still don't like the grass/poison typing.
    Moveset-swords dance        Scope lens + razor leaf = lots of critical
            sludge bomb         hits. Swords dance for more sludge bombing
            razor leaf          power. A good swagger will always frustrate
            swagger             any opponet.
            @scope lens
    Tentacruel #73
    Notes-The only water/poison in the game. Limited uses here.
    Moveset-surf                 Ice beam isn't necessary here cuz
            barrier              the poison typing will ward off any
            mirror coat          grass types that show up. With the barrier
            haze                 up, they will have to use special attacks,
            @leftovers           leaving them vulnerable to M-coat.
    Golem #76
    Notes-pretty useful....considering his horrible speed.
    Moveset-earthquake           This is pretty standard, but i'll go ahead
            rock slide           and give striker sixfo credit for it.
            @quick claw
    Rapidash #78
    Notes-Fast but bad defense, a scenario common amongst the quicker
    Moveset(1)-reflect              Not my fire pokemon of choice, but it
              fire blast              IS effective.
              sunny day
              body slam
              @kings rock/charcoal
    Moveset(2)-attract              This is one of Draconia's ideas for a
               body slam
    Slowbro #80
    Moveset-surf                  This seemed to be the standard in R/B/Y.
            amnesia               Slobro lacks in sp. defense. No prob. A
            thunder wave          few amnesia's will fix that.
            @leftovers/mint berry
    Magneton #82
    Notes-steel/electric was interesting idea. Its speed still reeks though.
    Moveset-rain dance          I consider this the standard Magnaton.
            thunder             Normally I say to stay away from the
            thunder wave        rain dance+thunder combo on an electric
            HP water            type, but he needs it o stay alive. Rain
            @mystic water       dance not only repels fire attacks, but it
                                thunder near perfect accuracy and powers up
                                HP water(which is essenstial for ground
                                type threats).
    Farfetched #83
    Notes-without BP, theres no point in raising it.
    Moveset-baton pass          In pokemon stadium 2, you can earn
            agility             a BP farfetched. Leftovers to get back HP
            swords dance        lost to DE.
            double edge
            @leftovers/bright powder
    Dodrio #85
    Notes-much better than Pidgeot ot fearow.
    Moveset-reflect             Hazing Dodrio.
            steel wing
            drill peck
    Dewgong #87
    Notes-I'm surprised you don't see him more often. Water/ice counters the
    fire weakness.
    Moveset(1)-belly drum       This is the same idea as the Charizard set,
               double edge      cept' with DE instead of earthquake.
               ice beam
               @mint berry
    Moveset(2)-whirlpool        Perish trapping Dewgong.
               perish song
               @bright powder
    Muk #89
    Notes-pure poison types where all but worthless until sludge bomb showed
    up on the scene.
    Moveset-sludge bomb
            acid armor
            body slam
            @quick claw/leftovers
    Cloyster #91
    Notes-its defense is, well, downright outstanding.
    Moveset-spikes         Striker sixfo's alternative to
            surf           Forretress.
            ice beam
            @miracle berry
    Gengar #94
    Notes-this guy has always been a favorite, mostly cuz he's so cool.
    Who wouldn't want an evil looking ghost pokemon hangin' around with
    Moveset-haze/t-bolt/giga drain  Can you say..........powerhouse?
            confuse ray              The top slot is your choice.
            shadow ball
            @twisted spoon/magnet
    Hypno #97
    Notes-Decent psychic pokemon.
    Moveset-reflect                   Need I explain this?
            thunder wave
            shadow ball
            @bright powder/scope lens
    Kingler #99
    Notes-Powerful and can take hits. The high attack and defense come at
    the cost of terrible special attack,defense and speed.
    Moveset-surf                 Use haze if you need it, otherwise,
            swagger/haze         swagger. Its spec. defense is so low,
            amnesia/swords dance however, swords dance will make DE a
            double edge          kicker.
            @quick claw            -----------------------------------------
    Electrode #101
    Notes- VERY fast. Not the greatest attacker though.
    Moveset-thunder wave              You realy need to put up relfect
            swagger                   before you swagger (bad defense).
            reflect/screech           The screech/rest combo can really
            explosion/rest            weaken pokemon in SOME cases.
            @bright powder/mint berry
    Maganium #154
    Type: grass
    Notes- The grass type isn't as useful in G/S/C,but Maganium is one of
    the best grass types in the game and its much more useful than Venusaur.
    And no poison (yes!) brings down the ground and psychic weaknesses
    Venusaur had.(in stead of resisting ground, ground attacks did normal
    Moveset-sunny day                      Great attacking pokemon, plus it
            solarbeam                      can set up safeguard for other
            safeguard                      pokemon. I wouldn't lead with it
            ancient power/earthquake       as it doesn't have the greatest
            Item:hard stone/miracle berry  speed. Earthquake is more
                                           powerful but ancientpower can
                                           take down any flying threats
                                           Maganium may face plus there is
                                           a chance for that all stat
                                           boost. Sunny day will entice
                                           fire pokemon to roast Maganium.
                                           Ancient power/earthquake should
                                           take care of that. I usually
                                           prefer giga drain over
                                           solarbeam but with sunny day
                                           solarbeam needs no charge up.
    Type: fire
    Notes: Decent fire pokemon, however there are much better ones out
    there. Its fast, but nothing amazing. Stay with Arcanine or Houndoom.
    Moveset- flamethrower              Thunder punch+magnet gives you a
             sunny day                 a chance to take water, but your
             earthquake                still dead to Quagsire & ground
             thunder punch             types.
    a009.TM/HM LISTING
    TM 1  Dynamicpunch
    Location-Cianwood City Gym
    Description-Causes lots of fighting damage and instant confusion
    Notes-Worthless without Mind Reader. The only pokemon I would use it on
    is Poliwrath.
    TM 2  Headbutt
    Location-Talk to guy in Ilex Forest
    Description-A good,strong,normal attack with a 30% flinch. Hits trees
    out of battle.
    Notes-Great in the single player game but not seen too much in
    multiplayer matches. Best used on a fast pokemon.
    TM 3 Curse
    Location-Celedon Mansion at night
    Description-If used by ghost type:cuts HP in half to put a curse on the
                If used by any other type: lowers speed while raising
                attack and defense.
    Notes- VERY useful. The extra attack and defense can help out a lot.
    TM 4 Rollout
    Location-route 35
    Description-attacks 5 turns with damage doubleing every turn
    Notes-pretty worthless if you ask me. Defense Curl will double the
    opening damage.
    TM 5 Roar
    Location-route 32
    Description-out of battle scares away wild pokemon, in battle makes
    trainer swith pokemon
    Notes-this can be useful if used correctly
    TM 6 Toxic
    Location-Fusica City Gym
    Description-deals increasing damage each turn
    Notes-this used to be seen a lot in R/B/Y but not so much in G/S/C.
    Used commonly on trappers.
    TM 7 Zap Cannon
    Location-Power Plant
    Description-Just like Dynamicpunch, it has instant paralysis but
    horrible accuracy.
    Notes-use it with lock-on but I prefer thunder wave then thunderbolt.
    they acheive the same goal though
    TM 8 Rock Smash
    Location-Route 36
    Description- out of battle:smashes cracked rocks
                 in battle-does weak fighting damage
    Notes-out of the game...........worthless
    TM 9 Psych Up
    Location-trade abra from R/B
    Description-steals beneficial stat changes from stat changing moves used
    by the opposing pokemon (eg. scizor uses swords dance to raise attack,
    use psych up and your pokemon will have the boosted attack as well)
    Notes-in certain cases, this is pretty useful, but don't use it
    TM 10 Hidden Power
    Location-house in nothwest Lake of Rage
    Description-power(31-70) and type is determined by a pokemon's
    Diversification Values)
    Notes-sometimes you'll get lucky and get an incredibly usefull and
    powerful hidden power, (eg. strength 70 flying hidden power om
    Tyrannitar) most of the time, not so useful.
    b005. FAQ
    Q. Can I catch Celebi?
    A. From the information I have so far, no. Of course, most of my
    information comes from the gamefaqs crystal message boards and various
    other boards. Apparently it involved using the mobile adapter and that
    was said not to be comming out in the U.S. We can still be hopeful
    though. Of course you can shark/brain for it, but we all know that will
    lead to eternal damnation. Don't we?
    Q. What is mystery gift?
    A. You need two gameboy colors to do it. On the left, top side of the
    gameboy color, is an infrared senser. Point the two sensers dirrectly at
    each other and you each will get a randomly selected item. You can get
    doll for your room,extra evolution stones,miracle berrys and a rare itam
    called the scope lense which raises the critical hit ratio making it a
    very good item.
    Q. Can you catch Mew in Crystal
    A. no
    Q. What stat does the dark type run off of?
    A. special attack
    (thanks to cmsnrub25 for this explanation of DVs)
    Q: What are DVs? And do they have any practical use?
    A: The Hidden Power element (and the basic damage) is based on a
    Pokemon's Diversification Values, or DVs. Each stat (HP, Attack,
    Defense, Speed,Special) has a different value. These are locked in when
    you catch a Pokemon.(NOTE: These may appear under different names, so
    the acronym DV is used.)
    The DVs are a number between 0 and 15. A Pokemon with a DV of 15 in a
    particular category can achieve maximum stats. If the DV is lower, then
    two points are deducted from the stat at L100. (Example: A Tyranitar
    with an Attack DV of 8 would lose 14 points from its attack, creating a
    352 Attack Tyranitar.)
    To determine the Pokemon's DVs, get a ton of Rare Candies, and pump the
    Pokemon up to L100, then box them until the stats don't increase
    anymore. Compare the stats you have to the max stats in the Pokedex, and
    you'll find the DVs. (NOTE2: If you catch a Pokemon with maximum DVs in
    every category, consider yourself extremely blessed: The odds of getting
    a max-DV Pokemon are approx. 1 in 1,040,000.)
    Use this chart to find the DVs.
    DV      # Off Max Stat
    15      0
    14      -2
    13      -4
    12      -6
    11      -8
    10      -10
    9       -12
    8       -14
    7       -16
    6       -18
    5       -20
    4       -22
    3       -24
    2       -26
    1       -28
    0       -30
    To find the HP DV, start with H(HP DV) = 0
    If the attack DV is odd, add 8. Otherwise, add 0.
    If the defense DV is odd, add 4. Otherwise, add 0.
    If the speed DV is odd, add 2. Otherwise, add 0.
    If the special DV is odd, add 1. Otherwise, add 0.
    Whatever H equals at the end is your HP DV. *Thanks to NickWhiz1 for the
    info. Read his Breeding guide, now.*
    (another thanks to cmsnrub25 for this formula from his FAQ,you rule
    A: *Thanks to Christian Walley at pokemasters.com for the Hidden Power
    info. Though I used my own examples.*
    The HP damage formula is: Base Power = ((X × 5 + Y) ÷ 2) + 31
    To get the Hidden Power, you need to determine the DVs of your Pokemon.
    *See above* My example is a Tyranitar with DVs of 15 in Speed and
    Special, 13 in Defense, and 12 in Attack. These yield a HP DV of 7. (His
    L100 stats are 387 HP, 360 Attack, 314 Defense, 220 Speed, 288 Special
    Attack, 298 Special Defense.)
    Next, convert each DV into a binary number (be it 0 or 1)
    If DV = 8+, let # = 1.
    If DV = 7-, let # = 0.
    Plug them into a number, in the order of Attack, Defense, Speed,
    Special. Mine came up 1111. Joy.
    Check this chart to find what your binary number equals.
    Binary    X
    0000      0
    0001      1
    0010      2
    0011      3
    0100      4
    0101      5
    0110      6
    0111      7
    1000      8
    1001      9
    1010      10
    1011      11
    1100      12
    1101      13
    1110      14
    1111      15
    So, the X part of the formula is 15. Good score!
    To find Y, we take our Special DV and convert it. In this case, the
    highest possible number is 3. Anything above this number is reduced to
    So our formula looks like this: Base Power = ((15 × 5 + 3) ÷ 2) + 31
    Order of operations rules state that we do brackets first. So, we get:
    (75 + 3)/2 )+31
    (78/2) + 31
    49 + 31
    Our base damage is 70. Score!
    To determine the type we'll be hitting with, convert the Attack and
    Defense numbers to binary. 12 (the Attack DV) is 1100 in binary, 13
    (Defense) is
    Combine the last two digits of the number. So, 00 + 01 = 0001.
    Use this chart to determine type.
    Value Type
    15    Dark
    14    Dragon
    13    Ice
    12    Psychic
    11    Electric
    10    Grass
    9     Water
    8     Fire
    7     Steel
    6     Ghost
    5     Bug
    4     Rock
    3     Ground
    2     Poison
    1     Flying
    0     Fighting
    0001 = 1 in standard numerals, so Tyranitar's got a base 70 Flying
    Hidden Power.
    NOTE: Even though you've figured all of this stuff out, the game will
    still say that HP's type is Normal. That only comes into play if someone
    decides to Counter your Hidden Power. (I've heard of Zapdos with HP Ice
    let fly against Sandslash, only to have it Countered back in their face
    for a faint. Watch it.)
    Q.What are max stats?
    A.Max stats is the highest number a pokemon can achieve in a particular
    stat (attack,defense,ect.).
    Q.When do the 7 brothers and sisters appear and where?
    Sibling--------Item-------power up-------Day--------Location
    Sunny          Magnet     Electric       Sunday     Route 37, just above
    Goldenrod city
    Monica         Sharp Beak Flying         Monday     Route 40, where you
    smash rocks to catch Shukcle in Olivine.
    Tuscany        Pink Bow   Normal         Tuesday    Route 29
    Wesley         Blackbelt  Fighting       Wednesday  Lake of Rage, up
    near the house where the man gives you hidden power.
    Arthur         Hard Rock  Rock           Thursday   Route 36
    Frieda         Poison Barb Poison        Friday     Route 32
    Santos         Spell Tag  Ghost          Saturday   Blackthorn City,
    just below the Gym, between the two jumpable walls.
     b006. SETTING UP mIRC (GSBOT)
     I have gotten approximatly 200 zillion e-mails concerning gsbot, how to
    set it up, what it is, ect... This paragraph should help.
    STEP 1. Go to http://www.mirc.com for a free download of mIRC. Click
    download and and a list of cities, and countries will come up. It
    doesn't matter which one you pick. Choose one thats in the U.S. if your
    STEP 2. Go online through your ISP and open up mIRC. It will ask for
    your nams, e-mail,nick, and alt. Common sense should tell you that
    putting your full name is a big no-no so just put whatever you want.
    STEP 3.  Up at the top, you will see a list of servers. Scroll down
    until you find "Sorcery" and click on "join IRC server".
    STEP 4. You'll see a bunch of letters and jibberish fly accross the
    screen. Wait and it will ask for a channel. Enter in #battlearena
    or #battlezone and click JOIN. (whenever you want to switch channels,
    click on the corresponding icon on the menu bar,just look and you'll
    eventually find it. It wil say "channels folder" and will look like a
    little folder with a # sign on it.) When you see a menu with some
    colored letters scrolling down and names on the side, your in!! You can
    now battle with other people!!!!!
    STEP 5. To find out how to enter a team abd battle, go to
    http://www.geocities.com/charmeleon42/gsbot.html. Or you can e-mail me
    or get me on AIM and i'll do my best to hook you up.
     b007. CREDITS
    Thanks to:
    Gamefaqs (CJayC)-for hosting this FAQ on his kick arse site
    cmsnrub25-for his excellent gold/silver FAQ,the DV explanation, and the
    hidden power formula.
    striker sixfo-(yeah I know you don't know who I am) for the great
    movesets on cmsnrub25's FAQ.......No mine where not copied from yours
    but yours gave me some good ideas. Whenever I had a moveset similar to
    yours I gave you credit, If i didn't please e-mail me and it will be
    Draconia-for the supply of quality slapping gloves on the Gamefaqs
    message boards and for just being an all around cool guy.
                               ~END OF DOCUMENT~

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