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    FAQ/Walkthrough by YoyoYoshi

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    PoKeMoN Crystal Walkthrough
    Last Updated: June 11th, 2004 (Version 0.8)
    1. About Me
    2. Update History
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Contacts, Credits & Copyrights
    1. About Me
    Name: Lord Yoyo
    ASL: 16/Male/Bay Area, CA
    Email address: lordyoyo2006@hotmail.com
    AIM sn: LiLcaliAzNb0i
    FAQs written for: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, Advance Wars 2, Pokemon Crystal, 
    Pokemon Gold/Silver, Advance Wars, Fire Emblem 6, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, 
    Mario Tennis 64, Mario Golf 64, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Blue/Red, Mario Kart 
    Fanfics written: The Destiny of Fire, The Dawn of a New Age, The Adventures 
    of Yoyo Yoshi, Yoyo Yoshi's Go-Kart Tournament, The Eye of the Enemy, The 
    Rising Sun, Powers of Pokemon, Yoshi Pokemon Adventure Stories, Super Smash 
    Bros. Battles, Mario Millennium Series, Advance Wars 2: Black Storm Rising, 
    Yoshi Domination, Tínja: Divine Winds, Mushroom Wars: Koopa Storm, Golden Sun 
    3: The Rising Sun, Tínja of the Past, Sergei Molotov's Story, Gelastic Sun
    Fanfics Written (in order of when I wrote them, starting from oldest): Mario 
    Millenium Series, Yoshi Pokemon Adventure Stories, Powers of Pokemon, The Eye 
    of the Enemy, The Rising Sun, Sergei Molotov's Story, The Dawn of a New Age, 
    Advance Wars 2: Black Storm Rising, Yoshi Domination
    Sites currently working for: AGN (Advanced Gaming Network), AWN (Advance Wars 
    - Lord Yoyo
    2. Update History
    Version 0.8 (June 11th, 2004) - Every other section except for this and the 
    Walkthrough have been updated. The FAQ has been reformatted, and the About 
    Me, Table of Contents, and Contacts, Credits, & Copyrights section at the end 
    have been ended. Johto side-quests have been added as well. The walkthrough 
    is just about 99% complete. It is now 221K.
    Version 0.7 (June 10th, 2004) - The Western Kanto region has been covered in 
    the second Kanto update, the second third. It covers the capturing of Snorlax 
    all the way into Mount Silver and includes the captures of Lugia and Suicune. 
    It's now 120K.
    Version 0.6 (June 9th, 2004) - The entire Eastern Kanto region is cleared in 
    this guide update. All of it is covered, from the 10th to 13th badges, from 
    Saffron's gym to the Snorlax. It is now 103K.
    Version 0.5 (June 8th, 2004) - The second half of the fourth part of Johto is 
    complete. The Elite Four has been defeated, and that has been included in the 
    guide. This goes all the way to Route 6 in Kanto and the 9th badge.
    Version 0.4 (June 7th, 2004) - The first half of the fourth part of Johto, 
    from the Dragon Master and the 8th badge to the foot of Indigo Plateau, has 
    been written. It's now 80K.
    Version 0.3 (June 6th, 2004) - Okay, the third part of the Johto journeys, 
    from Route 42 to the defeat of Clair, has been written. It's now 69K.
    Version 0.2 (June 5th, 2004) - I've written the walkthrough through the 
    second part of Johto, from Goldenrod and the 3rd badge to heading onto Route 
    42. It's now 58K.
    Version 0.1 (June 4th, 2004) - After juggling the idea, I finally decided to 
    write a PoKeMoN Crystal walkthrough. The entire first part of Johto, from the 
    start of the game to Route 34, has been written. The guide is now 22K long.
    3. Walkthrough
    |New Bark Town|
    PoKeMoN found in New Bark Town:
    # 152 Chikorita
    # 155 Cyndaquil
    # 158 Totodile
    Items found in New Bark Town:
    When you first start, you will be in New Bark Town. Choose new game and 
    start. As it's Crystal, you can choose whether you want to be a Boy or Girl 
    in the game. Afterwards, Professor Oak will ask you the time. First answer 
    what hour it is and what minute it is, so you are setting the game's time.
    There is a default time, which is 10:00 AM, but you may set the time for 
    whatever you'd like it to be. Preferably, it should be the time that it is 
    where you live, because then it'd make more sense. They have it well-
    programmed on Crystal that even if you don't have the GBA on, the time will 
    keep running. Then, Professor Oak will welcome you to the world of PoKeMoN 
    like the older versions of PoKeMoN and introduces you to Professor Elm. 
    Basically PoKeMoN cannot be lived without in the worlds of Johto and Kanto. 
    Then he asks you what your name is, so input that (for me, BOKPUI). Choose 
    something as your name and your PoKeMoN Crystal adventure finally unfolds!
    You are in your room at the beginning. Exit the room, and you will meet your 
    mom. She tells you that your PoKeGear is back from the repair shop. Woot, I 
    think. You get the PoKeGear. PoKeGear is used to call people on a phone and 
    also see the day and time of the day. Then, when she asks you to input the 
    day of the week, put that in. You can even put in Daylight Savings Time. How 
    cool! Remember, that's the cycle from April to October. The other half of the 
    year is not. The Phone is part of the PoKeGear, so simply go there and phone 
    whoever. Kinda cool, actually. She'll want you to call from time to time. 
    Leave your house and head left to Professor Elm's lab. Notice the guy 
    standing left of it in that little corner. That will be your rival. Heh heh 
    heh...if you talk to him, he'll kick you out of his way. Anyway, go into 
    Elm's lab. He'll want you to do him a favor by raising up a PoKeMoN. Win-win 
    situation, no? The mysteries shall be solved...anyway, he rants on about Mr. 
    PoKeMoN's real discovery which wouldn't make any sense yet. The ordering of 
    the three PoKeMoN are Cyndaquil, Totodile, and Chikorita. Which PoKeMoN 
    should you take?
    Which PoKeMoN should YOU choose? Let's analyze all three starters.
    Cyndaquil: Fire-based PoKeMoN.
    Pros - He evolves to his final form quicker than the other two starters and 
    has powerful moves in its final form. He's also effective against the second 
    gym. Best starter for first two gyms, but the future is trickier.
    Cons - His moves are basically all fire-based, which makes hi, a bit one-
    dimensional. Being good at earlier gyms doesn't always mean effective later 
    on. Beginner trainers should use him.
    Totodile: Water-based PoKeMoN.
    Pros - Water type that can use the HM Surf and can be backed with normal 
    attacks on top of its water moves.
    Cons - You shouldn't be using HM Surf on Totodile anyway and he evolves to 
    his final form the slowest. Intermediate trainers should use him.
    Chikorita: Grass-based PoKeMoN.
    Pros - He never is a dual type (Grass-Poison), but rather, just Grass. He 
    also learns his first elemental move earlier than Totodile and Cyndaquil.
    Cons - He suffers in the fact that he's effective against very few gyms, if 
    at all. Expert trainers should use him.
    CONCLUSION: They're fairly evenly matched. All of them are quite close when 
    it comes to ability, but I think Cyndaquil's pro-con ratio is slightly better 
    than the other two. I've started with all three PoKeMoN in the Gold-Silver-
    Crystal games, and that's my opinion.
    After you get your starting PoKeMoN, He says that Mr. PoKeMoN lives somewhere 
    past Cherrygrove, the next city. Then you get Elm's phone number. He'll call 
    you a few times over the course of the game. And just like in the RBY games, 
    the professor's assistant gives you something. In this case, it's a free 
    potion. Now leave the lab!
    |New Bark Town|
    After choosing your PoKeMoN carefully, it seems your stupid rival's still 
    outside the lab. Well, looks like he hasn't changed yet. Anyway, head west 
    onto Route 29, where your first battles with wild PoKeMoN will begin.
    |Route 29|
    PoKeMoN found on Route 29:
    # 016 Pidgey
    # 019 Rattata
    # 161 Sentret
    # 163 Hoothoot
    # 187 Hoppip
    Items found on Route 29:
    Pink Bow
    | Chikorita | Cyndaquil |Totodile| THE              |
    |-----------|-----------|--------| STARTING         |
    | Tackle    | Tackle    | Scratch| PoKeMoN          |
    | Growl     | Leer      | Leer   | TYPES            |
    |Move    Type   PP Power Description                |
    |Tackle  Normal 35 35    A full-body charge attack. |
    |Scratch Normal 35 40    Scratches with sharp claw. |
    |Growl   Normal 40 --    Reduces the foe's attack.  |
    |Leer    Normal 30 --    Reduces the foe's defense. |
    Here you will fight all different varieties of PoKeMoN, depending what time 
    of day it is, or what day it is. Note that the battle system looks all cool 
    now because it looks far more obvious how much HP you have, and how much EXP 
    you need your PoKeMoN to get before they advance to the next level. The EXP 
    meter is below the HP meter. Also note the new gender differences in PoKeMoN. 
    In any case, you'll want your starting PoKeMoN to be at Level 8 by the time 
    you reach Cherrygrove City, so keep training. If you're new to the PoKeMoN 
    world, you might also want to talk to the trainers on the path, as they give 
    good advice. When you're on Route 29, to the north is Route 46. You can go 
    there and visit if you'd like, but it'll be a pain to defeat any PoKeMoN 
    there because you only have normal moves. The berry is in the tree in the 
    northwest, the potion is in the northeast.
    Remember to have your starting PoKeMoN at Level 8 before you pass through 
    Cherrygrove City. You really need the experience. Keep heading west until you 
    arrive in...
    |Cherrygrove City|
    Items found in Cherrygrove City:
    Map Card
    See that man at the entrance to the city? Talk to him and he will show you 
    around the city and some key PoKeMoN concepts, as well as places, like the 
    PoKeMoN Center, the PoKeMart, the routes, the sea, and his house. Most 
    importantly, you get the Map Card when he gives you it at the end. Then go 
    into the PoKeMoN Center, and heal your starting PoKeMoN by talking to the 
    nurse. Don't bother trying to get PoKeBalls because they aren't being sold 
    just yet. Head west then north up Route 30 when you're at Level 8. If you're 
    not, go back to Route 29, fight till your starter is about to faint, heal 
    again, and then head up Route 30, since you can't buy anything from the 
    PoKeMart yet.
    |Route 30|
    PoKeMoN found on Route 30:
    # 010 Caterpie
    # 011 Metapod
    # 016 Pidgey
    # 019 Rattata
    # 165 Ledyba
    Items found on Route 30:
    Berry (2X)
    Mystery Egg
    PSNCure Berry
    Welcome to Route 30! Reading the sign, you'll notice this is the midpoint 
    route between Cherrygrove City and Violet City. On this route your PoKeMoN 
    should reach Level 10 by the time you get back to Cherrygrove City. Go a bit 
    up from the sign and you'll find a house with a tree next to it. Grab the 
    berry next to it and then enter the house for another berry. Enjoy that one, 
    heh heh. Actually, you'll want to keep those...use potions instead. Just 
    above the house is an Antidote. Take that and head up the right fork. On the 
    left fork, you'd see a guy that will tell you that he trains his PoKeMoN, as 
    well as two boys battling on the path. You can't pass that area just yet. 
    Going up the right path, you'll eventually spot a house. To the left is a 
    tree containing a PSNCure Berry. Take that, then enter the house. 
    You'll find Mr. PoKeMoN and Professor Oak inside. Mr. PoKeMoN gives you the 
    Mystery Egg, which Professor Elm wants to see. Apparently, the Daycare 
    Service gave Mr. PoKeMoN that Mystery Egg...this is the reason you must go 
    back to Professor Elm later, because he knows the evolutionary stuff even 
    better than Professor Oak! Wow, where'd he come from? Professor Oak wants you 
    to help him track down more PoKeMoN, and gives you the PoKeDeX. How 
    dependable you are! It's basically an encyclopedia, dictionary, and recorder 
    all in one, if that makes any sense. Professor Oak has to go for a radio show 
    in Goldenrod, but Mr. PoKeMoN will heal your PoKeMoN before you leave.
    Right when you leave the door, and Professor Elm will give you a call on your 
    cell phone. He tells you that something terrible has happened in the lab, so 
    you'll want to quickly head back to New Bark Town. As quick as you must, you 
    still have to train up your PoKeMoN to Level 10 before you even exit 
    Cherrygrove City onto Route 29. Keep training and heal at Cherrygrove's 
    PoKeMoN Center if you need to. Anyway, when you are Level 10, go back to 
    Cherrygrove City!
    |Cherrygrove City|
    Heal at the PoKeMoN Center. Do not forget this. After your Level 10 PoKeMoN 
    is prepared for combat, exit Cherrygrove City to the east. Something stops 
    you. You notice that it's your rival. He is currently named ??? for now, but 
    that in itself shouldn't be a problem. Get ready for the battle...wimp? I 
    think he's the wimp around here. Your Level 10 Starter should completely 
    destroy his Level 5 one. XD
    Level 5 Starter that beats yours (84 EXP)
    You get: 300G
    Well, that was an easy battle. You probably lost less than 10HP. Now that 
    you've beaten him, he gets past you and now you can exit to Route 29 again. 
    No way he'll be the world's best PoKeMoN trainer.
    |Route 29|
    PoKeMoN found on Route 29:
    # 016 Pidgey
    # 019 Rattata
    # 161 Sentret
    # 163 Hoothoot
    # 187 Hoppip
    Keep heading east to New Bark Town. Keep training, too. Your starter should 
    be Level 11 by the time you reach New Bark, go back through Route 29, and 
    back to Cherrygrove.
    |New Bark Town|
    Go back to Professor Elm's laboratory and talk with the police officer in his 
    lab. The police officer says he has talked to Professor Elm, and when you 
    note that you've seen this person, you get to name your rival, the one who 
    you just battled and had the PoKeMoN stolen from Professor Elm. Name him 
    whatever name you feel like naming him (for me, FENGKUN). That's supposed to 
    help the investigation. Talk to Professor Elm and give him the discovery from 
    Mr. PoKeMoN, the Mystery Egg. Professor Elm is very surprised at you 
    receiving a PoKeDeX. Only the trainers with the best potential get one, after 
    all. Professor Elm informs you that he thinks you have what it takes to try 
    to get the eight badges for the PoKeMoN Johto League. When you try to leave 
    the lab, Professor Elm's aide will come up to you again and give you five 
    PoKeBalls to begin your journey. Excellent. Now go right to your home and 
    talk to your mom, who will save your money for you. Now your journey truly 
    begins...head west back onto Route 29.
    |Route 29|
    PoKeMoN found on Route 29:
    # 016 Pidgey
    # 019 Rattata
    # 161 Sentret
    # 163 Hoothoot
    # 187 Hoppip
    Start heading west back to Cherrygrove City again. Before you can even go 
    anywhere, the first trainer will come up to you and teach you how to catch 
    PoKeMoN, so if you need the tutorial, by all means let him teach you. It's a 
    demonstration of him catching a Level 5 Rattata with a PoKeBall. Nothing 
    special, really. Catch both a Hoothoot and Rattata on this route or Route 46. 
    You'll want Rattata's super fang later on, and Hoothoot can be equipped the 
    HM Fly, so get both. In the Items pocket, note that there are now 4 sections. 
    The 2nd one contains the PokeBalls. Before you even fight a Pidgey, reach 
    Level 11. Then, you are able to do more damage and keep the Level 3 Pidgey 
    low on HP. Capture it. Tapping A and B while the PoKeBall is moving around 
    helps a little. Don't move 
    to Cherrygrove City yet...make a visit north onto Route 46.
    |Route 46|
    I know it doesn't look like much, but here there's a better chance of finding 
    a Rattata. Don't use your Level 11 Starter to catch it, you'll just kill it 
    in a hit. Instead, use Pidgey to weaken it, then capture it. This will be 
    your 2nd PoKeMoN that you will be keeping to virtually the end of the game 
    because its super fang is super useful. Weaken it to the point where Pidgey 
    is also weakened, then capture it and you have your second PoKeMoN on your 
    Your lineup should now be:
    Level 3 Pidgey
    Level 3 Rattata
    Level 11 Starter
    Other than your starter, Rattata should also get experience. Pidgey will be 
    your HM carrier for Fly later on. Anyway, head back onto Route 29...
    |Route 29|
    ...and west to Cherrygrove.
    |Cherrygrove City|
    Heal, thee head north onto Route 30! Remember to switch the order of your 
    PoKeMoN to Rattata, Starter, and Pidgey. To get experience on Rattata, 
    Rattata will appear in battle first. You'll want to switch to your starter on 
    turn 1, and then your starter will defeat the other PoKeMoN. Then both your 
    PoKeMoN get equal experience and Rattata will grow quickly. Do this even in 
    trainer battles.
    |Route 30|
    PoKeMoN found on Route 30:
    # 010 Caterpie
    # 011 Metapod
    # 013 Weedle
    # 014 Kakuna
    # 016 Pidgey
    # 042 Zubat
    # 061 Poliwag
    # 163 Hoot Hoot
    # 165 Ledyba
    # 167 Spinarak
    OK, this time, you'll want to steer away from the right path but rather to 
    the left path. On the left path, you'll meet some resistance...the two boys 
    that were fighting earlier will both challenge you to battles, since they've 
    already battled each other. Remember to train Rattata in EVERY battle with 
    EVERY PoKeMoN.
    Youngster Joey
    Level 4 Rattata (48 EXP)
    You get: 64G
    Note that now some of your money goes to your mom for safekeeping now...move 
    up to the next trainer for the next battle! Believe me, your now Level 4 
    Rattata can handle the first one without your starter...and your starter 
    should have an elemental move to fry everyone now.
    Youngster Mikey
    Level 2 Rattata (24 EXP)
    Level 4 Rattata (48 EXP)
    You get: 64G
    Go pass the lady to the third trainer to fight!
    Bug Catcher Don
    Level 3 Caterpie (33 EXP)
    Level 3 Caterpie (33 EXP)
    You get: 48G
    Advance north onto Route 31.
    |Route 31|
    PoKeMoN found on Route 31:
    # 010 Caterpie
    # 011 Metapod
    # 013 Weedle
    # 014 Kakuna
    # 016 Pidgey
    # 042 Zubat
    # 061 Poliwag
    # 069 Bellsprout
    # 163 Hoot Hoot
    # 165 Ledyba
    # 167 Spinnark
    Items found on Route 31:
    Bitter Berry
    You'll find the entrance to Dark Cave at the beginning of Route 31, as well 
    as a Potion. The Dark Cave won't really do you any good till you have the HM 
    Flash, so wait it out and grab that Potion to the left of it. When you see 
    two trainers, head south to where the item is and fight! Rattata first! If 
    Rattata has the HP (which it should), then keep it fighting the Caterpies. 
    Use a potion if you must.
    Bug Catcher Wade
    Level 2 Caterpie (20 EXP)
    Level 2 Caterpie (20 EXP)
    Level 3 Weedle (33 EXP)
    Level 2 Caterpie (20 EXP)
    YOu get: 32G
    Grab the PoKeBall below the trainer, head back up to grab the Bitter Berry 
    from the tree, then head west, through the house-ish entry, and into Violet 
    Your lineup should now be:
    Level 3 Pidgey
    Level 6 Rattata
    Level 12 Starter
    |Violet City|
    PoKeMoN found in Violet City:
    # 95 Onix
    Items found in Violet City:
    PRZCure Berry
    TM 31
    Heal your PoKeMoN. There is a GYM there in Violet City that uses Flying type 
    PoKeMoN. Don't go there just yet, head over far north to a tower called the 
    Sprout Tower. The experience you get up there will be very useful for the gym.
    |Sprout Tower|
    PoKeMoN found in Sprout Tower:
    # 019 Rattata
    # 069 Bellsprout
    # 092 Gastly
    Items found in Sprout Tower:
    Escape Rope
    Parlyz Heal
    X Accuracy
    This tower is called Sprout Tower, and it's obviously named that because all 
    the people inside mostly use Bellsprouts. It should give you plenty of 
    experience for Rattata. Head up the stairs to Floor 2. Continue up the path 
    and you'll see Sage Nico, and he'll challenge you to a battle. Rattata should 
    be receiving Quick Attack soon (at Level 7), and that will be very useful.
    Sage Nico
    Level 3 Bellsprout (54 EXP)
    Level 3 Bellsprout (54 EXP)
    Level 3 Bellsprout (54 EXP)
    You get: 96G
    Continue along the path and down the stairs. Grab the item below you. It is 
    Parlyz Heal. Head back up and left along the path to fight Sage Chow. Your 
    starter may need to provide backing for Rattata here.
    Sage Chow
    Level 3 Bellsprout (54 EXP)
    Level 3 Bellsprout (54 EXP)
    Level 3 Bellsprout (54 EXP)
    You get: 96G
    Go up the stairs and along the path till you see YET another sage, after you 
    grab that X Accuracy above you. Use a Potion on Rattata in this matchup. Now 
    that Rattata is much higher-level, you should let it do all the battling and 
    nearly full HP will help. Yay for quick attacks.
    Sage Edmond
    Level 3 Bellsprout (54 EXP)
    Level 3 Bellsprout (54 EXP)
    Level 3 Bellsprout (54 EXP)
    You get: 96G
    Climb up the stairs, grab the item near you (a potion), then fight every sage 
    up in turn.
    Sage Jin
    Level 6 Bellsprout (108 EXP)
    You get: 192G
    Next up is another sage. Use your starter for backing.
    Sage Neal
    Level 6 Bellsprout (108 EXP)
    You get: 192G
    Move up to the third sage on the floor and fight him.
    Sage Troy
    Level 7 Bellsprout (126 EXP)
    Level 7 Hoothoot (106 EXP)
    You get: 224G
    When you move up, you'll see some sort of shaking up above you. Your rival is 
    there, after beating the main sage of the tower. He has been given the HM 
    Flash but the sage criticizes him for treating his PoKeMoN too harshly and he 
    gets enraged. He escapes with the Escape Rope. Go up to the item to the right 
    of the monk. In reality, it is a...
    Level 3 Rattata (24 EXP)
    Now move up to take on the leader of the sages itself. The final battle of 
    the Sprout Tower challenge commences. Rattata is useful but your starter must 
    play a big role with the elemental move.
    Sage Li
    Level 7 Bellsprout (126 EXP)
    Level 10 Hoothoot (122 EXP)
    Level 7 Bellsprout (126 EXP)
    You get: 320G
    For beating the main guy of the tower, you get your reward, the Flash HM 
    (HM05). You'll need the 1st badge to use it, however. Go back to the Rattata 
    you faced before, and now it's an Escape Rope. You may use that to get out of 
    the tower or by climbing down it. Get out of the tower and go back to the 
    PoKeMoN Center of Violet City.
    |Violet City|
    Well, that should have taken some time between 1 hour and 5 minutes, and 1 
    hour and 20 minutes to do. Any more, any less, you're off the track. No need 
    for extra training though you may want to, but if you have less, you should 
    train. Wasting time is evil! :P
    Now, you'll want to head northwest in the city to the Violet City Gym. After 
    all that training, things are gonna look awfully ridiculously easy in here, 
    so you'll know you're doing the right thing. Head up to fight your trainer 
    battles first. Let Rattata take the first one.
    Bird Keeper Abe
    Level 9 Spearow (111 EXP)
    You get: 216G
    Head up the blasted path to the second trainer. Here, you'll want support 
    from your starter by switching off. Even a weakened Rattata can take these 
    two...easy as pie.
    Bird Keeper Rod
    Level 7 Pidgey (82 EXP)
    Level 7 Pidgey (82 EXP)
    You get: 168G
    This should be your lineup so far:
    Level 3 Pidgey
    Level 11 Rattata
    Level 13 Starter
    Go back to the PoKeMoN Center to heal, then you're ready to battle, so head 
    up the zig-zag pathway to Falkner. Falkner is ready to show the magnificent 
    power of bird PoKeMoN...but that won't happen here...put your PoKeMoN order 
    as Rattata, Starter, and then of course, Pidgey, which you won't be using.
    Level 7 Pidgey (82 EXP)
    Level 9 Pidgeotto (217 EXP)
    You get: Zephyr Badge, $900, & TM31 (Mud Slap)
    Strategy VERSUS Pidgey: Quick attacks, quick attacks. It'll take three 
    instead of two, because Falkner is better than the apprentices. Still easy, 
    Rattata will lose some 10 HP.
    Strategy VERSUS Pidgeotto: Keep using Rattata's quick attacks against 
    Pidgeotto. Unlike Pidgey, Pidgeotto will have a Gust attack that does a whole 
    NINE damage. Regardless, use Rattata until he collapses, then use your 
    starter to finish off Pidgeotto. Easy cheesy!
    The Zephyr Badge gives your PoKeMoN a slight attack boost. That's cool and 
    you have one badge now. Right after you leave the gym, you should receive a 
    phone call from Professor Elm. He tells you to pick up something important at 
    the PoKeMoN Center from his aide. When you get to the PoKeMoN Center, you 
    will see Professor Elm's aide, the guy by the counter. He will give you a 
    PoKeMoN egg. The egg will hatch in about 1,000 steps. Leave the Violet City 
    Gym and go to the PoKeMoN Center. It is Togepi in egg form. There is one way 
    to not keep Togepi on your team while it's in egg form. Just put it in one of 
    the PoKeMoN boxes (while it's an egg form) and keep it there. Heal, then head 
    west from the Violet City Gym. Continue on the path north and then west until 
    you enter Route 36.
    |Route 36|
    Talking to the two people on the route, you'll find out that a supposed tree 
    is blocking the way. Ignore that for now and head south past the house to the 
    Ruins of Alph.
    |Ruins of Alph|
    PoKeMoN found in or outside the Ruins of Alph:
    # 177 Natu
    # 201 Unown
    # 235 Smeargle
    Item found in the Ruins of Alph:
    Unown Pokedex
    Enter the first cave that you see. Talk to the two people inside, go up to 
    the left panel, and then solve the Kabuto puzzle. The corner pieces should be 
    obvious, so start from there and work to the middle. It will look circular, 
    but the eyes point out...remember that. You are then dropped to the next 
    floor, and you will find yourself in another cave you could enter before. 
    You'll start seeing a PoKeMoN with many forms. Its name is Unown. He will 
    make an excellent addition as a steel PoKeMoN on your team, but I suggest you 
    keep your lineup, though. He has 26 forms, 26 for the alphabet, but is still 
    the same PoKeMoN regardless and is still PoKeMoN #201. You must catch 3 
    different Unowns to get the Unown add-on to your PoKedex. Anyway, keep 
    fighting those until you exit the cave at the bottom with the ladder. 
    Rattata's attacks CAN damage them, contrary to looks.
    After exiting the cave, go south, and then east. You will come up to another 
    route changing house. Welcome to...
    |Route 32|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 32:
    # 019 Rattata
    # 023 Ekans
    # 041 Zubat
    # 069 Bellsprout
    # 179 Mareep
    # 187 Hoppip
    # 194 Wooper
    Items found in Route 32:
    Great Ball
    Miracle Seed
    Poison Barb
    Old Rod
    After exiting the house, go a little east and then up into Violet City to 
    grab that PRZCure Berry, then head back south onto Route 32. Talk to the 
    first guy you see and you will get Miracle Seed. Grass moves will then be 
    increased in power by 20%. Keep heading south and giving Rattata easy 
    experience points fighting silly PoKeMoN like Ekans. Keep going down till you 
    see that trainer...
    Youngster Albert
    Level 6 Rattata (72 EXP)
    Level 8 Zubat (91 EXP)
    You get: 128G
    Now there's a fork. Take the left path and get the Repel, then head back to 
    the right to talk to the girl who will fight you while being on the phone. 
    Hehe...you might want support from your starter (or evolved, in the case of 
    Quilava by this time) cause Rattata will be hurt by now.
    Picnicker Liz
    Level 9 Nidoran (F) (110 EXP)
    You get: 180G
    Talk to her again and you'll even get her phone number and vice versa. 
    Anyway, head down and take the grassy eastern route along the lake. Go down 
    and talk to the first fisherman you reach for a nice battle. Easy battle 
    versus Magikarps who can barely splash, except for the Level 15 one. You 
    might need your starter to help on that one cause it can actually tackle. 
    Rattata gets Hyper Fang at Level 13, so it should be soon if not now.
    Fisher Justin
    Level 5 Magikarp (21 EXP)
    Level 5 Magikarp (21 EXP)
    Level 15 Magikarp (63 EXP)
    Level 5 Magikarp (21 EXP)
    You get: 200G
    Talk to the fisherman to the left of Justin and you'll have a new fight...a 
    real one, to be more exact. Use starter for support for Rattata.
    Fisher Henry
    Level 8 Poliwag (128 EXP)
    Level 8 Poliwag (132 EXP)
    You get: 320G
    Keep going south till that next fisherman spots you.
    Fisher Ralph
    Level 10 Goldeen (237 EXP)
    You get: 400G
    Exhausted with all the battles now? Take your trip back north to that PRZCure 
    Berry you saw earlier, after your Mom gives you that call. She apparently 
    buys something with your money...you can check that at the PoKeMoN Center. 
    Anyway, heal, withdraw the item (a super potion), then come back down the 
    same route, but take the LEFT path instead and immediately you see a trainer 
    that wants to fight you. Oh no!
    Camper Roland
    Level 9 Nidoran (M) (115 EXP)
    You get: 180G
    Go south then back up to grab the Great Ball, then head south once more. 
    Fight the trainer below you. A hyper fang and tackle will do it.
    Youngster Gordon
    Level 10 Wooper (111 EXP)
    You get: 160G
    Go back up the right/fishing route to talk to Fisher Ralph to exchange phone 
    numbers. Keep going down the route and someone wants a million dollars for a 
    Slowpoke tail. Go up to the girl and she'll give you a Poison Barb. Now heal 
    at that PoKeMoN Center in the middle of nowhere. Keep heading south and 
    there's yet another trainer...they always wait around, don't they? :P Finally 
    a trainer that knows you have one badge!
    Bird Keeper Peter
    Level 6 Pidgey (70 EXP)
    Level 6 Pidgey (70 EXP)
    Level 8 Spearow (99 EXP)
    To get: 192G
    Well, that was easy. Now that you're at the Union Cave entrance, you should 
    enter Union Cave, but not until you capture a Bellsprout and/or a Wooper. 
    Depending on what starter you have, you'll want both (starting with 
    Cyndaquil), just Wooper (starter being Chikorita), or just Bellsprout 
    (starter being Totodile), for the HMs Cut and Surf later on. Use quick attack 
    from Rattata to pull Bellsprout to HP range of red, then capture it. Wooper 
    will be a bit harder to find than Bellsprout. You may have to wait for the 
    evening for a Wooper...use your Level 3 Pidgey to help catch that, because 
    it's only Level 4 and just about everything you have will overkill it. 
    Anyways, do that, and then enter the cave.
    |Union Cave|
    Now that you're finished with Route 32, it's time to bring the fighting into 
    Union Cave. There isn't that much to do in Union Cave, however. Put Rattata 
    and your starter back to first and second...
    Your lineup should now be:
    Level 3 Pidgey
    Level 4 Wooper
    Level 5 Mystery Egg
    Level 7 Bellsprout
    Level 15 Rattata
    Level 15 Starter
    Keep heading along the path westward and use hyper fang against those silly, 
    silly Geodudes. Take the X Attack, and go south to fight your first trainer 
    battle in Union Cave. The Onix can be a biter, so use Bellsprout's vine whip 
    after you switch from Rattata. Does a lot of damage, doesn't it?
    Hiker Daniel
    Level 11 Onix (252 EXP)
    You get: 352G
    Head east to the next trainer, who will ask if you are truly ready for 
    Azalea's gym. Show that you are! Rattata can mow them down.
    Hiker Russell
    Level 4 Geodude (82 EXP)
    Level 6 Geodude (109 EXP)
    Level 8 Geodude (147 EXP)
    You get: 256G
    Whenever Rattata surpasses your starter in level, it's time to even it out, 
    so you'll want to switch to your starter being first again, and when starter 
    ties up level-wise with Rattata, then Rattata should be first again. You'll 
    do this for another hour or two, so keep that in mind. Head down to face the 
    Zubat genius. Your starter or Rattata should make it an easy victory.
    Firebreather Bill
    Level 6 Koffing (145 EXP)
    Level 6 Koffing (145 EXP)
    You get: 288G
    Grab the great ball below Bill, then head back up to Bill and go left. Don't 
    miss the item to the far left...it's a potion. Go south and instead of going 
    up the ledge yet, keep going and then go east to fight that trainer.
    Firebreather Ray
    Level 9 Vulpix (121 EXP)
    You get: 432G
    Go back left a bit and down to get the Awakening item, then head up the 
    stairs that I told you not to go up yet, to fight PoKeManiac Larry.
    PoKeManiac Larry
    Level 10 Slowpoke (211 EXP)
    You get: 600G
    Now go up and down the ladder. Head left to get TM39, then back east past the 
    ledge you went down, to get the item X Defend. Head back thus the way you 
    came from all the way back to Firebreather Ray, then go a bit right, then 
    down, and out the door. Note that when you have obtained Strength and Surf 
    you should return back to Union Cave and explore the lower levels. If you do 
    you will find a Lapras, who only appears on Friday, plus the entrance to more 
    of the Ruins of Alph. Exit out of the cave to Route 33!
    |Route 33|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 33:
    # 019 Rattata
    # 021 Spearow
    # 023 Ekans
    # 041 Zubat
    # 187 Hoppip
    Items found in Route 33:
    PSNCure Berry
    After exiting the Union Cave, go a little down to grab the PSNCure Berry from 
    the tree, then head west. You'll meet just one trainer in the way: Hiker 
    Hiker Anthony
    Level 11 Geodude (200 EXP)
    Level 11 Machop (207 EXP)
    You get: 352G
    Now that he is defeated, head west into Azalea Town. All that switching 
    between your starter PoKeMoN and Rattata has really helped, right?
    Your lineup should now be:
    Level 3 Pidgey
    Level 4 Wooper
    Level 5 Mystery Egg
    Level 8 Bellsprout
    Level 16 Rattata
    Level 17 Starter Evolution (Quilava, Bayleef, or Croconaw)
    |Azalea Town|
    Items found in Azalea Town:
    Lure Ball
    TM 49
    Wht Apricorn
    When you enter the town, you should notice that one Team Rocket member is 
    guarding a well-like structure. Ignore this for now, but remember where it 
    is. At about this time, you might get a call from Liz the Picnicker and she 
    tells you that Moo Moo Milk can be bought at Moo Moo Farm for good health and 
    beauty. Anyway, keep rolling up to the northernmost house in town by heading 
    west then north in the city. He is Kurt and he informs you about the 
    disbanding and return of Team Rocket. Kurt goes to "give them a lesson in 
    pain". Anyway, go back to the well-like structure after you heal at the 
    PoKeMoN Center and you'll see that the Team Rocket guard has gone, or more 
    like, demolished by Kurt. Now enter the Slowpoke Well!
    |Slowpoke Well|
    You'll notice Kurt took a tumble down the well, so it's up to you now. Head 
    up to start the war on Team Rocket and its members, especially the guy Kurt 
    had a shouting match with.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 9 Rattata (109 EXP)
    Level 9 Rattata (109 EXP)
    You get: 360G
    Talk to him again and you'll learn that they're chopping off Slowpoke tails 
    for cash. Move on up the stairs for Battle #2.
    Rocket Grunt (F)
    Level 9 Zubat (103 EXP)
    Level 11 Ekans (145 EXP)
    You get: 440G
    Move left to grab the super potion to the left of her, then head down the 
    stairs into another battle.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 7 Rattata (85 EXP)
    Level 9 Zubat (103 EXP)
    Level 9 Zubat (103 EXP)
    You get: 360G
    Talk to the Slowpoke above you...it had its tail cut off. Poor thing...and 
    there's mail on it? Anyway, move left to face the fourth Team Rocket member.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 14 Koffing (342 EXP)
    You get: 560G
    He, the leader of this band of Team Rocket members, tells you that they were 
    working underground for the past three years. Looks true, doesn't it? Team 
    Rocket leaves and Kurt talks to you. He returns you to his house in...
    |Azalea Town|
    Items found in Azalea Town:
    Lure Ball
    Wht Apricorn
    Talk to Kurt again and he'll give you a Lure Ball for free. Whee! Go right 
    above his house and grab the Wht Apricorn, then heal at the PoKeMoN Center. 
    After you heal, head to the Azalea Town Gym, and the home of the Bug types. 
    By now, 2 to 2 1/2 hours has passed. Anyway, now's the time to enter the gym 
    and face Bugsy and her apprentices. Anyway, enter, and let's take on this 
    gym. Rattata will be a MAJOR help here. Go up and Amy (the left girl) and May 
    (the right girl) will challenge you. Remember, Quilava is extra-effective 
    here if you have him. Otherwise, Rattata will still stun through this gym.
    Twins Amy & May
    Level 10 Spinarak (115 EXP)
    Level 10 Ledyba (115 EXP)
    You get: 200G
    Head up the left side to meet your next opponent. Someone knows you saved the 
    Bug Catcher Josh
    Level 13 Paras (195 EXP)
    You get: 208G
    Continue around the circular center to the top center person. Good luck! 
    Bug Catcher Benny
    Level 7 Weedle (78 EXP)
    Level 9 Kakuna (136 EXP)
    Level 12 Beedrill (408 EXP)
    You get: 192G
    Continue around the circle, clockwise, to the final one of the five trainers 
    lying around the gym leader's circle. Time to beat Al!
    Bug Catcher Al
    Level 12 Caterpie (135 EXP)
    Level 12 Weedle (133 EXP)
    You get: 200G
    Depending on whether Rattata and have your starter have the HP, you can 
    either go back and heal or just go straight to fighting Gym Leader Bugsy. In 
    any case, put Rattata on the front line, then your starter as backup. Yay for 
    Bugsy...she may have the Bug PoKeMoN, but you have the counters!
    Level 14 Metapod (215 EXP)
    Level 14 Kakuna (213 EXP)
    Level 16 Scyther (640 EXP)
    You get: Hive Badge, 1,600G, & TM49 (Fury Cutter)
    Strategy VERSUS Metapod: Two hyper fangs will down Rattata. Easy peasy!
    Strategy VERSUS Kakuna: Two hyper fangs will down Kakuna as well. Just watch 
    out for Kakuna's poison sting...it has a chance of poisoning Rattata.
    Strategy VERSUS Scyther: Here, you can choose. Use Rattata's hyper fangs or 
    if you have Quilava, use ember. Ember will burn Scyther to toast, but hyper 
    fang will do fine, too, it'd just take a bit slower. 2-3 embers, 3-4 hyper 
    Well, that was one...not-so-painful gym to beat. So now, you have the second 
    badge which lets all PoKeMoN up to Level 30 obey you regardless of whatever, 
    and  you can use the HM Cut. You also get TM49, Fury Cutter. This lets 
    PoKeMoN have stronger attacks over time. Whee. Now leave the gym and heal 
    your PoKeMoN at the PoKeMoN Center. Yay for you, because you're about to 
    encounter your rival AGAIN! Yes, the stupid one lies to the west when you 
    exit the town. What a pity. You'll have to destroy him with Rattata and your 
    starter now which are both now Level 19. Woot. He thinks you didn't beat Team 
    Rocket, but...the battle begins. You'll want to use hyper fangs and/or the 
    strongest elemental moves your starters have. Build up a few levels if you 
    must, but do remember that Gastly...cannot be hit by Rattata so use your 
    starter. Starter to kill Gastly with elemental moves, then Rattata to kill 
    your rival's starter. How fun...use hyper fangs. Zubat can be killed by any 
    elemental or hyper fang.
    Level 12 Gastly (240 EXP)
    Level 16 Starter (489 EXP)
    Level 14 Zubat (162 EXP)
    You get: 960G
    Haha, "I only lost because my PoKeMoN were weak." Exactly. Well, he speaks 
    big but can't do anything. :P Uncle Ralph calls again about taking care of 
    PoKeMoN and taking out a Zubat. Anyway, heal again, then continue going west 
    into Ilex Forest!
    Defeat your rival and head the way you were going, west. You'll enter Ilex 
    |Ilex Forest|
    PoKeMoN found in Ilex Forest:
    # 010 Caterpie
    # 011 Metapod
    # 013 Weedle
    # 041 Zubat
    # 043 Oddish
    # 046 Paras
    Items found in Ilex Forest:
    Keep heading north up the path, and when the path turns east, turn east with 
    it. Talk to the first guy you see. He is standing near a cut-able bush, and 
    he tells you that his boss' Farfetch'd got away. Keep following the path and 
    you'll find that scary Farfetch'd. XD Anyway, if you talk to the Farfetch'd, 
    it'll run away. Far, far away. Keep on following it and talking to it. 
    Eventually, it'll turn back the opposite direction so make sure 
    you're "pushing" it back the way you came. Grab the Revive you see while 
    you're at it. It will then lead you to the man and his boss. For Rattata if 
    it reaches Level 20, have Focus Energy replace Tail Whip, and Scary Face 
    replace Tackle. It will at Level 20 also evolve to Raticate! Yay! 
    Anyway, talk to the boss and he will give you HM01 Cut! You'll want to equip 
    Cut on Bellsprout right away, and that is in the fourth section of your 
    backpack. Now Cut that cut-able bush to get passed the only one blocking your 
    path. A new feature in Gold/Silver/Crystal is that you can just go up to the 
    bush, press A, and it will get cut down if you have a PoKeMoN with Cut in 
    your lineup. The same goes for Boulders, and that Tree that will come up 
    later. Now you enter the Ilex Forest Shrine, and the Ilex Forest Maze. Keep 
    heading along the path and grab the X Attack you see, and then the Antidote 
    you spot later on the path going east. To the northeast is an Ether, but go 
    right and grab TM02, Headbutt first by talking to the trainer there. Headbutt 
    lets you shake the little trees that are everywhere in the game, sometimes 
    revealing sleeping PoKeMoN. Then, head back left from there and talk to that 
    other trainer for a battle!
    Bug Catcher Wayne
    Level 8 Ledyba (122 EXP)
    Level 10 Paras (150 EXP)
    You get: 160G
    Keep going along the path and through the building and you'll make it to 
    Route 34! Whee for Ralph calling again?
    |Route 34|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 34:
    # 019 Rattata
    # 063 Abra
    # 096 Drowzee
    # 132 Ditto
    Items found in Route 34:
    Soft Sand
    Welcome to Route 34. Here, you'll fight even more trainers. Head right up and 
    you'll enter a match right away.
    Youngster Samuel
    Level 7 Rattata (85 EXP)
    Level 10 Sandshrew (198 EXP)
    Level 8 Spearow (99 EXP)
    Level 8 Spearow (99 EXP)
    You get: 128G
    Keep heading up the path to face the guy who sent his PoKeMoN to the Daycare 
    Center! For Quilava, if it is at Level 21, have quick attack replace 
    smokescreen. Just a suggestion, anyway, Brandon should be easy with either 
    Rattata or your evolved starter.
    PoKeFan Brandon
    Level 13 Snubbull (175 EXP)
    You get: 1040G
    Continue along the path to face that Youngster! 
    Youngster Ian
    Level 10 Mankey (157 EXP)
    Level 12 Diglett (207 EXP)
    You get: 192G
    Head a bit down to face the girl in a PoKeMoN battle.
    Picnicker Gina
    Level 9 Hoppip (142 EXP)
    Level 9 Hoppip (142 EXP)
    Level 12 Bulbasaur (163 EXP)
    You get: 240G
    Head up from Youngster Ian and you'll find this building to the right. Enter 
    it and talk. You can't take the egg yet though, because you'll have to 
    deposit a PoKeMoN (Pidgey) into the PC when you reach Goldenrod...
    Anyway, inside the Daycare/Breeding Center with the old man and woman, you 
    can talk to the man and he will take one of your PoKeMoN to level up. Talking 
    to the woman will do the same thing. It will cost 100G to take them out, and 
    100G per level up, but their stats won't be as good as if you trained them 
    yourself, obviously. To breed PoKeMoN you must give the old man a Male 
    PoKeMoN and give the old woman a Female PoKeMoN (or vice-versa) that have the 
    same little icon or sprite. Or they must be compatible at breeding. Then exit 
    the building and go walk around for a little while. Come back when you seethe 
    man standing outside with your two PoKeMoN. Talk to him and answer yes, he 
    will give you an Egg. If you put in PoKeMoN of different #'s, for example 
    Pidgey and Hoothoot, the resulting egg will be the same species as the female 
    PoKeMoN and with an Attack that the Male had. Just think of the strange 
    Head back out as you can't really do much here yet, and talk to the officer 
    just next to the Center to fight! Rattata or your starter can demolish the 
    Level 17er, though...
    Officer Keith
    Level 17 Growlithe (280 EXP)
    You get: 680G
    Move up to take on the final trainer on the route.
    Camper Todd
    Level 14 Psyduck (235 EXP)
    You get: 280G
    Great! Now, talk to the same guy again and you'll exchange phone numbers. 
    Then, let's go into Goldenrod City, the LARGEST city in the game, or 
    something like that.
    Your lineup should now look something like:
    Level 4 Wooper
    Level 5 Pidgey
    Level 5 Mystery Egg
    Level 8 Bellsprout
    Level 20 Raticate
    Level 22 Starter Evolution (Quilava, Bayleef, or Croconaw)
    |Goldenrod City|
    First off, you're gonna want to heal, drop down Pidgey at the PoKeMoN Center, 
    then head back south on Route 34.
    |Route 34|
    Go back to the Daycare Center you passed earlier, then talk to the old man. 
    You will get an Odd Egg. Now you have two eggs...the Odd Egg can be any of 
    these PoKeMoN: Cleffa, Elekid, Igglybuff, Magby, Pichu, Smoochum, or Tyrogue. 
    Togepi should hatch at about this time too, from the Mystery Egg. Well, 
    that's another PoKeMoN on your lineup! Make your calls to Professor Elm and 
    Mom, then head back up to Goldenrod.
    |Goldenrod City|
    PoKeMoN found in Goldenrod City:
    # 66 Machop- G, S (Trade)
    # 133 Eevee- G, S (Get from Bill)
    PoKeMoN/Items in Goldenrod's Game Corner: (Coins)
    Abra 200              TM 25  5500
    Ekans/Sandshrew 700   TM 14  5500
    Dratini 2100          TM 38  5500
    Items found in Goldenrod City:
    Coin Case
    HP Up
    Radio Card
    TM 21
    TM 27
    TM 45
    Goldenrod City has got to be the biggest city in the game. There's lots to do 
    in the city, but let's head for the gym for that 3rd badge, shall we? We'll 
    go back to the PoKeMart for supplies later. The gym is in the northeast part 
    of town. This gym's trainer all use Normal PoKeMoN. Raticate is gonna be 
    awesome with hyper fang, so use it and then your starter if you need to.
    Enter the gym and head up to face Beauty Victoria.
    Beauty Victoria
    Level 9 Sentret (109 EXP)
    Level 13 Sentret (157 EXP)
    Level 17 Sentret (207 EXP)
    YOu get: 1496G
    Easy battle. Go around her and to the right side of the gym to face the other 
    Beauty (so symmetrical, meh?) now.
    Beauty Samantha
    Level 16 Meowth (235 EXP)
    Level 16 Meowth (235 EXP)
    You get: 1408G
    Start heading left along the path towards the center, for another battle.
    Lass Carrie
    Level 18 Snubbull (243 EXP)
    You get: 432G
    Go up to fight the last trainer before the gym leader, Lass Bridget. She 
    loves to use Jigglypuff and has 3 of them, so if anyone gets hit by those 
    sleep spells, you might want to stop at the PoKeCenter to wake up any PoKeMoN 
    before taking on Whitney. Raticate should demolish them before they can do 
    anything, though.
    Lass Bridget
    Level 15 Jigglypuff (243 EXP)
    Level 15 Jigglypuff (243 EXP)
    Level 15 Jigglypuff (243 EXP)
    You get: 360G
    Now, me being me, I'd just go straight into the battle against the gym leader 
    without items or healing, but if you need to, you can go back to the PoKeMoN 
    Center and heal before this battle. Put Raticate as the starter PoKeMoN, and 
    let's get rolling. Yay for warnings, those gym leaders are so egoistic, huh?
    Level 18 Clefairy (261 EXP)
    Level 21 Miltank (856 EXP)
    You get: Plain Badge, 2,000G, & TM45 (Attract)
    Strategy VERSUS Clefairy: Raticate is fast. Raticate is powerful at this 
    time. Use hyper fang. Clefairy will probably respond with Metronome, but it's 
    way too late. Finish Clefairy off with Quick Attack. Easy.
    Strategy VERSUS Miltank: The most troublesome things about facing a Miltank 
    is that it heals with milk and it has an attack that makes your PoKeMoN get 
    woozy. Your PoKeMoN are unable to attack the Miltank for a few turns and 
    Miltank just slams you with Stomps and Rollouts. Use Raticate's hyper fangs. 
    Expect Raticate to fall anyway, but your starter can clean up the mess with 
    an elemental move. Not too difficult for a gym battle. Remember that if you 
    haven't been following this guide, rock types are also super-effective 
    against Miltank.
    Whitney won't give you the Plain Badge at first because she will be upset 
    that you've been "so serious". Anyway, she refuses to give you your badge. 
    The trainer below you will talk to you. Then talk to Whitney again. She will 
    now give you the Plain Badge. It will let your PoKeMoN use Strength outside 
    of battle and it boosts your PoKeMoN's Speed. She'll also give you TM45, 
    Now head out of the gym and we'll hit the east side of town (below the train 
    tracks) for a Bike. Keep heading down that path till you hit a dead end and 
    there's a house. It's the Bike Shop. Talk to the manager inside and he tells 
    you you can get a free bike if you advertise for him, meaning you actually 
    ride the bike. That sounds fun, no? You can access the bike in your Pack 
    (which makes no sense, but whatever) in the 3rd section, so start using it to 
    boost through areas.
    Now, you'll want to visit the Radio Tower in the western side of town. It is 
    a black building just south of the train tracks. Talk to the middle man for 
    possible ID matches, then talk to the woman on the right for the Radio Quiz.
    Question 1: Is there a PoKeMoN that only appears in the morning? (YES)
    Question 2: Is this statement correct? You can't buy a Berry at a Mart. (YES)
    Question 3: Does HM01 contain the move Flash? (NO, that's HM05)
    Question 4: Is Falkner the Violet Gym Leader who uses Bird PoKeMoN? (YES)
    Question 5: Do Goldenrod Game Corner's slots have Charmander on their reels? 
    Easy quiz. Now you'll get the Radio Card for your PoKeGear, and can listen to 
    the radio anytime. Now go up to the second floor and talk to the lady in the 
    middle whose name is Buena. Now you have a Blue Card! Head back out now. Once 
    you get out, go to your bicycle and press Sel, which means the item will be 
    equipped for use on the Select Button. Now you can simply just press Select 
    and you'll be on your bike.
    Now, you'll want to head to Bill's house. Go through the path just above the 
    PoKeMoN Center and it should be the first house you see. Talk to the girl 
    that's closer to the door and you'll get Bill's phone number. Calling it will 
    tell you how many PoKeMoN you have.
    After that, we'll go down under the city for some fighting. Go to the house 
    below Bill's, and it turns out to be the entrance to the underground. Go 
    downstairs. Go up and you'll face a Game Corner cheater.
    Super Nerd Eric
    Level 11 Grimer (211 EXP)
    Level 11 Grimer (211 EXP)
    You get: 352G
    Head up to face PoKeManiac Isaac.
    PoKeManiac Isaac
    Level 12 Lickitung (325 EXP)
    You get: 720
    Grab the coin case above him. YOu'll need it for the Game Corner. Pass by the 
    three strange shops and stop in front of the guy that's there...
    Super Nerd Teru
    Level 7 Magnemite (133 EXP)
    Level 11 Voltorb (241 EXP)
    Level 7 Magnemite (133 EXP)
    Level 9 Magnemite (171 EXP)
    You get: 288G
    Head up to face another trainer.
    PoKeManiac Donald
    Level 10 Slowpoke (211 EXP)
    Level 10 Slowpoke (211 EXP)
    You get: 600G
    Head to the right and you'll see the door is locked, so come back and go up 
    the stairs above Donald. Come back out and go to the PokeMoN Center to heal. 
    Then, we're ready to head into Route 35 after Liz's offer for a rematch on 
    Route 32. Ride up north past that building...it's so cool how you can just 
    ride through...
    |Route 35 & National Park|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 35:
    # 016 Pidgey
    # 029 Nidoran (F)
    # 032 Nidoran (M)
    # 063 Abra
    # 096 Drowzee
    # 132 Ditto
    # 163 Hoothoot
    # 193 Yanma
    Items found in Route 35:
    Mystery Berry
    The short Route 35 is home to a few trainers to fight along with. This is a 
    great place to train up your Rattata (or Raticate) and your starting PoKeMoN. 
    Picnicker Kim
    Level 15 Vulpix (202 EXP)
    You get: 300G
    And Mom buys you something else. Anyhow, beat that guy who thinks he's all 
    that cause he has a girlfriend...
    Camper Elliot
    Level 13 Sandshrew (258 EXP)
    Level 15 Marill (186 EXP)
    You get: 300G
    Haha...go up to the girl. "My boyfriend's weak, so I can't rely on him." XD
    Picnicker Brooke
    Level 16 Pikachu (280 EXP)
    You get: 320G
    Move up to the next trainer!
    Camper Ivan
    Level 10 Diglett (185 EXP)
    Level 10 Zubat (115 EXP)
    Level 14 Diglett (243 EXP)
    You get: 280G
    Keep moving up the short Route 35. Irwin will have ridiculously easy Voltorbs 
    to beat.
    Juggler Irwin
    Level 2 Voltorb (42 EXP)
    Level 6 Voltorb (132 EXP)
    Level 10 Voltorb (220 EXP)
    Level 14 Voltorb (309 EXP)
    You get: 560G
    Now go up to the trainer at the left.
    Firebreather Walt
    Level 11 Magmar (393 EXP)
    Level 13 Magmar (465 EXP)
    You get: 624G
    If you head into the checking station in Route 35 just about that you will 
    find National Park...
    |National Park|
    PoKeMoN found in National Park:
    # 010 Caterpie
    # 011 Metapod
    # 012 Butterfree
    # 013 Weedle
    # 014 Kakuna
    # 015 Beedrill
    # 016 Pidgey
    # 046 Paras
    # 048 Venonat
    # 123 Scyther
    # 127 Pinsir
    # 163 Hoot Hoot
    # 191 Sunkern
    Items found in National Park:
    Berry (Consolation Prize) 
    Everstone (2nd Prize)
    Gold Berry (3rd Prize)
    Parlyz Heal
    Quick Claw
    Sun Stone (1st Prize)
    TM 28
    There are some rare PoKeMoN here that makes the detour worthwhile, Scyther 
    and Pinsir to be exact and depending on your version the Caterpie family or 
    Weedle family. However these PoKeMoN are only found during the Bug Catching 
    Contest, and the contest only happens on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. 
    When you enter the contest on one of those days, you will either have to 
    decide which PoKeMoN you want to use in the contest or the game will decide 
    for you. During the contest you are allowed to keep only one PoKeMoN (the 
    first one on your team). In order to win the contest you will have to catch a 
    rare PoKeMoN. The best one to catch would be Scyther, which is worth the most 
    points in the contest.
    You can stay for the Bug-Catching Contest if you like, but otherwise, head up 
    past the first part of the National Park and fight PoKeFan Beverly.
    PoKeFan Beverly
    Level 14 Snubbull (189 EXP)
    You get: 1120G
    Head northeast to fight Schoolboy Jack!
    Schoolboy Jack
    Level 12 Oddish (199 EXP)
    Level 15 Voltorb (330 EXP)
    You get: 480G
    Here in the park you'll also notice that there is high grass. This gives you 
    a bigger chance of encountering wild PoKeMoN. Head back to the left of 
    Beverly, then go northwest to fight the Lass.
    Lass Krise
    Level 12 Oddish (199 EXP)
    Level 15 Cubone (279 EXP)
    You get: 360G
    Head a bit northeast and you'll fight the last PoKeMoN fan of the park!
    PoKeFan William
    Level 14 Raichu (366 EXP)
    You get: 1120G
    PoKeFans sure are rich...well, you'll want to move east and a little south to 
    reach Route 36, across one of those barrier checkpoint things as usual. 
    Withdraw a Repel, then head into Route 36.
    |Route 36 & Route 37|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 36 & 37:
    # 016 Pidgey
    # 017 Pidgeotto
    # 029 Nidoran (F)
    # 032 Nidoran (M)
    # 037 Vulpix
    # 058 Growlithe
    # 163 Hoothoot
    # 165 Ledyba
    # 167 Spinarak
    # 234 Stantler
    Items found in Route 36 & 37:
    Blk Apricorn
    Blu Apricorn
    Hard Stone
    Ice Berry
    Red Apricorn
    TM 08
    Route 36 & 37 are home to even more trainers. Grab the Ice Berry from the 
    tree you see right away, then ride down to face Psychic Mark.
    Psychic Mark
    Level 13 Abra (202 EXP)
    Level 13 Abra (202 EXP)
    Level 15 Kadabra (465 EXP)
    You get: 480G
    Head down from Mark through the small path into Route 35 once again.
    |Route 35|
    Cut the tree blocking your way with A, then fight the trainer you see right 
    Bug Catcher Arnie
    Level 15 Venonat (240 EXP)
    You get: 240G
    Keep going down the grassy route till you reach another trainer. Fight him.
    Bird Keeper Bryan
    Level 12 Pidgey (141 EXP)
    Level 14 Pidgeotto (339 EXP)
    You get: 336G
    Drive up to the left side and grab that item you saw earlier, TM04, then head 
    back to Arnie and talk to her for her phone number, then cut the bush and 
    head back onto Route 36.
    |Route 36|
    Welcome back. You'll want to head east now and take on the next trainers.
    Schoolboy Alan
    Level 16 Tangela (566 EXP)
    You get: 512G
    Talk to Floria, the girl nearby, now. While she goes away to get the 
    Squirtbottle, you'll want to talk to Alan for his phone number before you run 
    after her back to Goldenrod City. Arnie also gives you a call at about that 
    time about Pidgey. Meh. Anyway, head back through Route 36 to National Park.
    |National Park|
    Head through National Park southward to Route 35.
    |Route 35|
    Keep biking southward on Route 35 back to Goldenrod City.
    |Goldenrod City|
    Head to the house just to the right of the gym. Talk to the girl you talked 
    to before and it turns out her sister is right in the same house. Talk to her 
    sister and you'll get the Squirtbottle! This will wake up the tree PoKeMoN, 
    Sudowoodo. Don't go anywhere yet...heal at the PoKeMoN Center before you race 
    back to Route 35. Being some 3 1/2 to 4 hours into the game, go back to Route 
    35. You have two Great Balls, and they should be good enough. Put your 
    starter as your starting PoKeMoN, too, cause Raticate is gonna do absolutely 
    nothing to a rock.
    |Route 35|
    Head back north to National Park.
    |National Park|
    Ride your way through to Route 36.
    |Route 36|
    Now that you're at the Sudowoodo, SAVE! This is probably the first time I've 
    asked you to save, but Sudowoodo is going to be a major help to your team, so 
    you'll need his enlistment. That strange tree is blocking your path...well, 
    now that you have the Squirtbottle, just examine the tree and the game will 
    ask if you want to use the Squirtbottle. When you do the tree will attack and 
    you will find that it is the PoKeMoN Sudowoodo like I've said. This is the 
    only one in the game so be sure to catch it. 
    The weird tree attacks! Use elemental moves on your starter PoKeMoN to send 
    him into the red HP range, then use a Great Ball. Remember not to overkill 
    it, you're here to capture it, not kill it off. If you have Quilava, use 3-4 
    embers, then a quick attack (in response, Sudowoodo will use Rock Throw, 
    Flail, Low Kick, or Mimic, its four moves. That should pull it into deep red 
    HP range, and that will be enough to take it. With Raticate you would use 
    Quick Attacks (hyper fangs at first).
    Sudowoodo will soon be a great addition to your team, so start training it! 
    Once you have captured Sudowoodo, go find this fat guy to the east. He will 
    give you TM08, Rock Smash for getting Sudowoodo out of the way. Also note 
    that on Thursday, Arthur of Thursday will appear. He will give you the Hard 
    Stone item just for talking to him. Anyway, head east from Sudowoodo into 
    Violet City.
    |Violet City|
    Here, you're gonna want to heal, because Sudowoodo must have done a lot of 
    damage. Do that, and before you leave, deposit Togepi, withdraw Sudowoodo, 
    heal again, and then put Sudowoodo as the starting PoKeMoN so you can start 
    training it for real.
    Your new lineup should now be:
    Level 3 Pidgey
    Level 4 Wooper
    Level 5 Togepi
    Odd Egg
    Level 8 Bellsprout
    Level 20 Sudowoodo
    Level 25 Raticate
    Level 25 Starter Evolution
    Pidgey and Togepi should be sitting in your PC at the PoKeMoN Center. Now, 
    head back west onto Route 36.
    |Route 36|
    Ride northwest onto Route 37.
    |Route 37|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 36 & 37:
    # 016 Pidgey
    # 017 Pidgeotto
    # 029 Nidoran (F)
    # 032 Nidoran (M)
    # 037 Vulpix
    # 058 Growlithe
    # 163 Hoothoot
    # 165 Ledyba
    # 167 Spinarak
    # 234 Stantler
    Items found in Route 36 & 37:
    Blk Apricorn
    Blu Apricorn
    Hard Stone
    Ice Berry
    Red Apricorn
    TM 08
    Let the battle begin against the twins you will see first. With your first 
    experience with Sudowoodo, your obviously best move is rock throw, with flail 
    a little stronger than low kick for the most part, except that they are 
    different types. Mimic steals a move from your opponent (and replaces Mimic 
    for the duration of the battle). Anyways, one rock throw is almost enough to 
    take out that Jigglypuff, so finish it with a low kick. Use two low kicks on 
    Clefairy. Woot.
    Twins Ann & Anne
    Level 16 Jigglypuff (259 EXP)
    Level 16 Clefairy (232 EXP)
    You get: 320G
    The bike shop calls again and says that you can keep the bicycle for raising 
    sales. Yay? Now head up to fight the Psychic! Those guys are freaky...just 
    don't use low kick. That's just stupid...go with two rock throws.
    Psychic Greg
    Level 17 Drowzee (370 EXP)
    You get: 544G
    Now head back south of the twins and go through the eastern path to the three 
    apricorn trees. You may want to clear your item pack in Ecruteak City before 
    you take these, so let's head to Ecruteak City. You could also find Sunny of 
    Sunday here as well, who will give you the Magnet item. If it's not Sunday, 
    just head north and you'll reach the sunny city of Ecruteak City and the gym 
    leader Morty.
    |Ecruteak City|
    Enter the PoKeMoN Center. You will be unable to move for a sec because Bill 
    gets his PoKeMoN healed. He's finished adjustments on his Time Capsule, so 
    you can now trade between Crystal and the Red/Blue/Yellow games. Yay! Heal, 
    empty your items pack of all your berries and apricorns, as you won't be 
    doing anything with them for the time being. Also deposit the TMs and deposit 
    Wooper into the PC. Now bike your way back down to Route 37.
    |Route 37|
    Grab the apricorns you didn't grab earlier (Red, Black, and Blue Apricorns), 
    then bike down to Route 36 once more.
    |Route 36|
    Ride through Route 36 back to National Park.
    |National Park|
    Ride through National Park back to Route 35.
    |Route 35|
    Bike down to Goldenrod City. You won't be here for a while again...
    |Goldenrod City|
    Head to the southwest portion of the city and enter Bill's house. He will 
    give you an Eevee to take care of. Take note of this, because Eevee is going 
    to be one of your primary PoKeMoN on your lineup. OK, let's head back onto 
    Route 35!
    Your new main team of 6 PoKeMoN, in this order, is:
    Level 20 Sudowoodo
    Level 20 Eevee
    Level 25 Raticate
    Level 25 Starter Evolution
    Level 8 Bellsprout
    Odd Egg
    Sudowoodo and Eevee will want to exchange experience points once in a while 
    so they both get experience before we hit the 4th gym. Route 35 now! 
    |Route 35|
    Head through the short Route 35 to National Park.
    |National Park|
    Head back through National Park to Route 36...yes, again.
    |Route 36|
    Head up to Route 37.
    |Route 37|
    Liz tells you that Earl, the guy who runs the Academy in Violet, did 
    something funny. Anyway, go back to Ecruteak City!
    |Ecruteak City|
    Items found in Ecruteak City:
    HM03 Surf
    You've reached Ecruteak City with an Eevee this time! Congratulations! 
    Actually, this isn't a prize booth, as much as you want it to be one. With 
    your new Eevee with you, put it as your starter and enter the Dance Hall just 
    above the PoKeMoN Center. Talk to the man near the door and he will tell you 
    that if you defeat all five Kimono Girls, you will get a gift. A major one at 
    it, so let's get started.
    Head up the left side of the stage and battle the girl in green. It's time to 
    take on every Eevee evolution, one by one. Your Eevee has Tackle, Tail Whip, 
    Sand-Attack, and Growl. Obviously, Tackle's your only offensive move, so use 
    that for every battle.
    Kimono Girl Naoko
    Level 17 Flareon (720 EXP)
    You get: 1224G
    Advance to the girl in blue. Espeon is tougher and a psychic evolution...you 
    may need to pull in Sudowoodo's help here. 
    Kimono Girl Sayo
    Level 17 Espeon (714 EXP)
    You get: 1224G
    Mom buys you another item. Feh. Move on to the girl in red! Eevee evolution, 
    dark version.
    Kimono Girl Zuki
    Level 17 Umbreon (717 EXP)
    You get: 1224G
    OK, move on to the girl at the right that is in blue. Water wars, here we go.
    Kimono Girl Kuni
    Level 17 Vaporeon (714 EXP)
    You get: 1224G
    Finally, the final trainer. Defeat the final Kimono Girl.
    Kimono Girl Miki
    Level 17 Jolteon (717 EXP)
    You get: 1224G
    Now, talk to the same old man again. You'll get HM03 Surf for your efforts. 
    You'll equip this on Wooper or Croconaw later on. It's one of the best water 
    moves out there. Anyway, get out of the house now. Head southwest to the gym. 
    Once you see it, go to the building to the right of it and talk to the man 
    inside. He will give you Itemfinder if you answer Yes to his question. Easy 
    cheesy then. Heal again, then we'll head to the Burned Tower in the 
    northwestern portion of town with a lineup of Sudowoodo-Eevee-Starter-
    |Burned Tower|
    Now that you've entered the Burned Tower, a man named Eusine will come and 
    talk to you. He talks to you about the legendary PoKeMoN Suicune that's 
    rumored to be in the tower. Equipping the TM Rock Smash will give you the HP 
    Up at the northeastern part of the floor, but is it really worth it to use up 
    that TM this early? Head left and all the way around the spiral and you will 
    now fight your rival in a battle. He's gonna get owned again by your superior 
    lineup. He has a Magnemite now, but you have two extra Level 21+ PoKeMoN...
    Against Haunter, use Sudowoodo's rock throws. Against Magnemite, use 
    Sudowoodo's low kicks. Use Sudowoodo's rock throws on Zubat. Against his 
    starter evolution, use Raticate's hyper fangs. Piece of cake.
    Level 20 Haunter (540 EXP)
    Level 18 Magnemite (342 EXP)
    Level 20 Zubat (231 EXP)
    Level 22 Bayleef/Quilava/Croconaw (673 EXP)
    You get: 1,320G
    After your victory, you fall into a hole. Simply move up and you'll unleash 
    the legendary PoKeMoN around all Johto. These PoKeMoN are found RANDOMLY 
    around Johto, and have no set location. They will walk around Johto. To catch 
    them, make sure you're in an area with PoKeMoN under Level 40. Now, exit the 
    Burned Tower! Go down and talk to Eusine again, who is hyper-excited. Head 
    down the ladder Eusine went down and go out of the Burning Tower.
    |Ecruteak City|
    Heal your PoKeMoN just before entering the Ecruteak City Gym. 4 1/4 to 4 1/2 
    hours in the game...yes!
    Your lineup should now be:
    Level 21 Sudowoodo
    Level 21 Eevee
    Level 25 Bayleef/Quilava/Croconaw
    Level 26 Raticate
    Let's enter the gym now. Go straight up to fight Trainer 1. Bring in a lineup 
    of Sudowoodo-Starter-Raticate-Eevee, because Raticate and Eevee cannot do 
    anything in this ghost-based gym. Sudowoodo's rock throws will smash the 
    first trainer.
    Sage Ping
    Level 16 Gastly (325 EXP)
    Level 16 Gastly (325 EXP)
    Level 16 Gastly (325 EXP)
    Level 16 Gastly (325 EXP)
    Level 16 Gastly (325 EXP)
    You get: 512G
    Now head exactly TWO steps right, then FOUR steps up to fight Trainer 2. 
    Doing just about anything else will make you fall off the platform. Keep 
    those rock throws going against Grace.
    Medium Grace
    Level 20 Haunter (540 EXP)
    Level 20 Haunter (540 EXP)
    You get: 800G
    Talk to Grace again and basically, the path is the zig-zag. You must face 
    every trainer before you face the gym leader. Go three left, 2 up to Trainer 
    Sage Jeffrey
    Level 22 Haunter (594 EXP)
    You get: 704G
    Time to take on the final trainer before Morty. Go right 3, then up 2. As a 
    test of what's to come, this is almost the same lineup as the gym leader, 
    except Morty has higher levelled and stronger PoKeMoN.
    Medium Martha
    Level 18 Gastly (360 EXP)
    Level 20 Haunter (540 EXP)
    Level 20 Gastly (406 EXP)
    You get: 800G
    You can move straight up to the gym leader, but you're gonna have to heal 
    first. Fall off the path, then exit the gym. Heal, and go back the way you 
    came into the gym. Let's take on Morty with Sudowoodo-Starter-Raticate-Eevee! 
    Morty speaks of something powerful that is rainbow or whatever. Anyway, let's 
    get started. Save before this battle...this is gonna be the second time you 
    save, because this is the first true hard gym battle you'll have, because you 
    only have two PoKeMoN that can slice through four at this time.
    Level 21 Gastly (427 EXP)
    Level 23 Haunter (567 EXP)
    Level 25 Gengar (1017 EXP)
    Level 23 Haunter (621 EXP)
    You get: Fog Badge, 2,300G, & TM30 (Shadow Ball)
    Strategy VERSUS Gastly: A single rock throw from Sudowoodo should and would 
    down Gastly.
    Strategy VERSUS 1st Haunter: Use two rock throws from Sudowoodo. 
    Strategy VERSUS Gengar: Gengar is really nasty because it has Hypnosis and 
    then Dream Eater to cap on it, but do as many rock throws from Sudowoodo as 
    you can before you pull out your starter evolution. Use elemental moves 
    (meaning non-normal, if you still don't get that) to finish off Gengar.
    Strategy VERSUS 2nd Haunter: This is the home stretch. Elemental, elemental, 
    elemental moves.
    Good, good. You won even with the curses hurting you. Well, four badges are 
    down. Half of the League has fallen to you. All Level 50 and below PoKeMoN 
    obey you, and now you can use Surf out of battle. TM30, Shadow Ball, is a 
    fairly good ghost move.
    Heal, then head west onto Route 38. Arnie calls again...well, yeah. Go 
    through the building into...
    |Route 38|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 38:
    # 019 Rattata
    # 020 Raticate
    # 052 Meowth
    # 081 Magnemite
    # 082 Farfetch'd
    # 128 Tauros
    # 241 Miltank
    Items found in Route 38:
    Keep riding along the route, in front of...
    Beauty Valerie
    Level 17 Hoppip (268 EXP)
    Level 17 Skiploom (495 EXP)
    You get: 1496G
    Go a bit to the left and you'll get a berry...now go all the way back to just 
    before the checkpoint house, then head up and face the loner.
    Sailor Harry
    Level 19 Wooper (211 EXP)
    You get: 760G
    Head left to face another trainer!
    Lass Dana
    Level 18 Flaaffy (446 EXP)
    Level 18 Psyduck (307 EXP)
    You get: 432G
    Talk to Dana again and you will be able to switch phone numbers with her. 
    Haha, well, she seems to be popular...head left to face the 4th trainer on 
    this route.
    Schoolboy Chad
    Level 19 Mr. Mime (553 EXP)
    You get: 608G
    Mom calls saying she bought you a doll. Meh. Oh well? Move southward now to 
    face Beauty Olivia.
    Beauty Olivia
    Level 19 Corsola (459 EXP)
    You get: 1672G
    Nicely done. Head west onto Route 39.
    |Route 39|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 39:
    # 019 Rattata
    # 020 Raticate
    # 052 Meowth
    # 081 Magnemite
    # 082 Farfetch'd
    # 128 Tauros
    # 241 Miltank
    Items found in Route 39:
    Mint Berry
    TM 13
    Welcome to Route 39! It's the home of Moo Moo Farm. What a nice place, I 
    think? Anyway, there's four trainers for you to knock off here first...
    Psychic Norman
    Level 17 Slowpoke (360 EXP)
    Level 20 Slowpoke (423 EXP)
    You get: 640G
    Check out the Moo Moo Farm to the west of him...you can get Moo Moo Milk 
    there for 500G. They sell for $500, a little expensive, but cheaper than a 
    Super Potion and more effective. However if you want to buy some milk you 
    will have to cure their Miltank. You will have to give them a couple of 
    berries before their Miltank gets better. If you do cure Miltank, you will 
    receive TM13! For now, we're skipping this part, but remember this area. Do 
    grab the Mint Berry first though...
    Head southward!
    PoKeFan Ruth
    Level 17 Pikachu (298 EXP)
    You get: 1360G
    Continue down...
    PoKeFan Derek
    Level 17 Pikachu (298 EXP)
    You get: 1360G
    Continue southward to yet another trainer...
    Sailor Eugene
    Level 17 Poliwhirl (477 EXP)
    Level 17 Raticate (421 EXP)
    Level 19 Krabby (468 EXP)
    You get: 760G
    Head southward into...
    |Olivine City|
    PoKeMoN found in Olivine City:
    # 100 Voltorb
    Items found in Olivine City:
    Good Rod
    Items found in Olivine City Lighthouse:
    Great Ball
    Rare Candy
    Super Potion
    TM 34
    As soon as you enter Olivine City and, when you are about to pass by the gym 
    your rival will appear. He will not challenge you to a match (because he 
    knows he's going to lose ^_^), but will tell you that Jasmine the Gym Leader 
    is currently at the lighthouse tending to a sick PoKeMoN. He thinks the gym 
    leader is a weakling because he has always favored strong PoKeMoN. Too bad he 
    has none! XD Now go heal at the PoKeMoN Center regardless of whether you need 
    it, cause it'll help for HM Fly later on. Then go up to the house above the 
    PoKeMoN Center and get the Good Rod from the fisherman inside. Then, enter 
    the building to the left of the PoKeMoN Center and talk to the sailor at the 
    table for HM04 Strength! This will let you push boulders around.
    After you get Strength (HM04) for free, go up the Olivine City Lighthouse in 
    the southeast part of town (not the dock). You'll spot it when you see it. 
    Let's go in and fight!
    |Olivine City Lighthouse|
    OK, you're going to have to climb up a few floors to even meet Jasmine. 
    Follow the path up to Floor 2, when Liz calls again about guys (Falkner). 
    Meh. Keep going till you see another trainer!
    Gentleman Alfred
    Level 20 Noctowl (693 EXP)
    You get: 1440G
    Keep advancing and move along the path to face Trainer 2. At this point, you 
    should start using Eevee to start every battle until it can get Quick Attack 
    to replace Growl! You also don't want Eevee to faint...we'll want Eevee to 
    evolve to Espeon for future battles, so let's keep Eevee as the starter for 
    now and give Eevee easy victories, using super potions if necessary, even. 
    Sailor Huey
    Level 18 Poliwag (297 EXP)
    Level 18 Poliwhirl (504 EXP)
    You get: 720G
    Go up to the next floor and fight the trainer you can avoid but shouldn't.
    Bird Keeper Theo
    Level 17 Pidgey (199 EXP)
    Level 15 Pidgey (175 EXP)
    Level 19 Pidgey (223 EXP)
    Level 15 Pidgey (175 EXP)
    Level 15 Pidgey (175 EXP)
    You get: 360G
    You'll probably want to heal Eevee up a bit now, so do so with the few 
    potions you have...you'll buy more after these battles. Keep following the 
    path to the 4th trainer battle!
    Gentleman Preston
    Level 18 Growlithe (351 EXP)
    Level 18 Growlithe (351 EXP)
    You get: 1296G
    Head up the stairs to the 4th floor and head directly left for trainer battle 
    5. She seems to be...very...twitchy about things with Jasmine?
    Lass Connie
    Level 21 Marill (261 EXP)
    You get: 504G
    Head south now, around on the path to the next trainer. Heal Eevee if you 
    must, or use Sudowoodo for experience.
    Sailor Kent
    Level 18 Krabby (442 EXP)
    Level 20 Krabby (492 EXP)
    You get: 800G
    Todd will now call and say that Goldenrod finally has cheap sales. Woot? Head 
    up the stairs to Floor 5, is it? Well, after you do so, head down to grab 
    TM34 (Swagger), then go back up to fight another trainer.
    Bird Keeper Denis
    Level 18 Spearow (223 EXP)
    Level 18 Spearow (223 EXP)
    Level 20 Fearow (693 EXP)
    You get: 432G
    Keep going and grab the Rare Candy, then go back down to Floor 4. Fall down 
    the hole next to that girl you fought earlier (Lass Connie), and then you'll 
    fight another trainer...
    Sailor Terrell
    Level 20 Poliwhirl (561 EXP)
    You get: 800G
    Grab the Ether right next to him, head up the stairs, and head up even more 
    stairs. Fight the trainer below you.
    Sailor Ernest
    Level 18 Machop (339 EXP)
    Level 18 Machop (339 EXP)
    Level 18 Poliwhirl (504 EXP)
    You get: 720G
    Go down and get the Super Rebel, then climb the stairs again. We are finally 
    on the top level, Level 6. Talk to the person on that level, and it is Gym 
    Leader Jasmine. She asks you to get medicine for Ampharos for her. Drop back 
    down to the bottom of the lighthouse and out to Olivine City by jumping the 
    holes on the right side of each floor.
    |Olivine City|
    Heal at the PoKeMoN Center, then deposit the three types of Apricorns you've 
    picked up, as well as the Mint Berry, then withdraw 3 normal berries. You 
    have 4 now...you need three more before you can do anything at the Moo Moo 
    Farm. Also deposit your highest-level PoKeMoN (probably Raticate) and 
    withdraw Wooper, which you will teach Surf right now. Now exit, and enter the 
    PoKeMart. First time ever, meh? Buy three antidotes, three great balls and 
    seven super potions. Now head west from the PoKeMoN Center onto Route 40!
    |Route 40|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 40:
    # 072 Tentacool
    # 073 Tentacruel
    # 098 Krabby
    # 213 Shuckle
    # 226 Mantine
    Head to about where you see the swimmer in the water, then activate Surf by 
    clicking A at the water. It's time for the sea battles to begin! Talk to the 
    swimmer and let's begin a fight! Let Eevee take the first battles for the 
    happiness meter to go up. =)
    Swimmer Simon
    Level 20 Tentacool (450 EXP)
    Level 20 Tentacool (450 EXP)
    You get: 160G
    Swim southwest till you see a swimmer that's a girl. Face her next.
    Swimmer Elaine
    Level 21 Staryu (477 EXP)
    You get: 420G
    Head down till you see another girl...a little southeast. Let's take another 
    water battle! As a note of advice out of random, when your PoKeMoN is 
    confused, don't press A...do nothing, unlike when you have to catch a PoKeMoN.
    Swimmer Paula
    Level 19 Staryu (430 EXP)
    Level 19 Shellder (394 EXP)
    You get: 380G
    Head southeast again to encounter another guy there, the final swimmer on the 
    route. During this battle, you might want to give Eevee a super potion...
    Swimmer Randall
    Level 18 Shellder (373 EXP)
    Level 20 Wartotle (612 EXP)
    Level 18 Shellder (373 EXP)
    You get: 144G
    Put another super potion on Eevee, cause fighting 3 PoKeMoN there must have 
    weakened it. Swim south onto Route 41.
    |Route 41|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 41:
    # 072 Tentacool
    # 073 Tentacruel
    # 098 Krabby
    # 213 Shuckle
    # 226 Mantine
    Route 41 should give your PoKeMoN (mainly Eevee) lots of training for 
    experience. From that swimmer on Route 41, go straight down and fight the boy 
    swimming around, or more like, spinning around. He seems to be the first 
    trainer you've met to even have six PoKeMoN...use a super potion on Eevee in 
    this battle.
    Swimmer George
    Level 16 Tentacool (360 EXP)
    Level 17 Tentacool (382 EXP)
    Level 16 Tentacool (360 EXP)
    Level 19 Staryu (430 EXP)
    Level 17 Tentacool (382 EXP)
    Level 19 Remoraid (316 EXP)
    You get: 152G
    Liz then calls you about her Nidoran pwning a Rattata. Yay! Continue going 
    south from George and you'll spot another swimmer. Either that, or she spots 
    Swimmer Kara
    Level 20 Staryu (453 EXP)
    Level 20 Starmie (886 EXP)
    You get: 400G
    Well, Starmie did quite some damage against Eevee...Dana calls from Route 38 
    and she has a gift. How cool? Use a Super Potion on Eevee, then keep heading 
    south along the smaller and smaller path. You will EVENTUALLY spot a swimmer. 
    Fight him, the guy who talks of the Whirl Islands. Use a Super Potion during 
    the battle against Krabby, cause it could do some major damage.
    Swimmer Mathew
    Level 23 Krabby (565 EXP)
    You get: 184G
    Keep heading west. The girl will battle you.
    Swimmer Wendy
    Level 21 Horsea (373 EXP)
    Level 21 Horsea (373 EXP)
    You get: 420G
    You will reach land after that battle. Welcome to...
    |Cianwood City|
    PoKeMoN found in Cianwood City:
    # 213 Shuckle (Get for free)
    Items found in Cianwood City:
    Secret Potion
    Cianwood is pretty small, and you will not be spending much time here. Heal 
    at the PoKeMoN Center, then deposit Wooper and withdraw Raticate back into 
    your lineup. And Arnie challenges you to another battle on Route 35. Meh.
    Head to the very top of town and Suicune will once again escape...and Eusine, 
    the guy who's trying to capture it, has got you under his tail again. He'll 
    want a battle. He wants Suicune's respect? More like respect for 
    Suicune...use Eevee and then every other PoKeMoN in turn...don't let Eevee 
    Mystical Man Eusine
    Level 23 Drowzee (500 EXP)
    Level 23 Haunter (621 EXP)
    Level 25 Electrode (802 EXP)
    You get: 2500G
    Wow, lots of money! And one of the few people that respect you. Yay. Go into 
    the house just to the left of where you battled Eusine and talk to the 
    PokeSeer inside. Choose Eevee. You'll need to raise Eevee better...to get it 
    happier so it evolves. Heal and put Bellsprout into the PC, then head to the 
    building between the PoKeMoN Center and the city gym. In another house a guy 
    will give you his Shuckle, if you keep it away from your rival. If you give 
    his Shuckle back later...well you'll lose it! So don't even let him see you 
    take it. You will receive a Level 15 Shuckie from the PoKeManiac if you agree 
    to take care of it! 
    Now head to the building below that. It's the Pharmacy. A guy inside the 
    house, wearing sunglasses will give you some medicine, a.k.a. Secret Potion. 
    You will give this back to Jasmine in Olivine for Ampharos to light back the 
    lighthouse. If you visit the home in the top part of town, he will offer to 
    take pictures of your PoKeMoN. You can then print them out if you have the 
    Gameboy Printer. 
    Anyways, it's now time to battle in the Cianwood City Gym and face Chuck, the 
    fighting gym leader. Equip HM04 Strength on the new Level 15 Shuckle that you 
    just got. Let it replace Withdraw.
    6 hours into the game, enter the gym.
    Your lineup should now look like this:
    Level 27 Starter Evolution
    Level 27 Sudowoodo
    Level 28 Raticate
    Level 29 Eevee
    Level 15 Shuckle
    Odd Egg
    PoKeMoN battle go! Simply head up for the battling...Eevee's gonna take quite 
    a pounding here, however. Do realize that fighting types pwn normal and rock. 
    so instead of putting Eevee, Sudowoodo, or Raticate first, put your Starter 
    Revolution first...go up the left side so the left trainer fights you first. 
    This is gonna be a tough fight because you are now reliant on one PoKeMoN at 
    this time. I know you're going to be stretched really thin for this gym, but 
    things will get better. Save before the first trainer battle. Oh yeah, 
    remember that Eevee's Bite should replace Tail Whip.
    Blackbelt Yoshi
    Level 27 Hitmonlee (804 EXP)
    You get: 648G
    Before you can react, the other Blackbelt fights you...
    Blackbelt Lao
    Level 27 Hitmonchan (810 EXP)
    You get: 648G
    Switch up Eevee for the 3rd trainer battle! Use tackle on Machop and injure 
    it, then bring in Sudowoodo and its low kicks on both Machop and Machoke. 
    Blackbelt Nob
    Level 25 Machop (471 EXP)
    Level 25 Machoke (565 EXP)
    You get: 600G
    Use Strength to push your way to the last trainer before the gym leader. 
    Raticate kicks so much @#( with hyper fang...hehe...
    Blackbelt Lung
    Level 23 Mankey (364 EXP)
    Level 23 Mankey (364 EXP)
    Level 25 Primeape (798 EXP)
    You get: 600G
    OK, now go out of the gym, heal, then go back in the gym. To truly get past 
    those boulders, push the left and right ones up one, then push the center one 
    left or right. Easy. Line up your PoKeMoN in this order: Raticate, Quilava, 
    Eevee, Sudowoodo. Now you are set. Save at this point too...3rd major save of 
    the game. Chuck thinks he can intimidate you with his power, but...
    Level 27 Primeape (861 EXP)
    Level 30 Poliwrath (1188 EXP)
    You get: Storm Badge, 3000G, & TM01 (Dynamic-Punch)
    Strategy VERSUS Primeape: As you've seen in the last battle, Raticate has a 
    powerful hyper fang move...two of them should do it. Bird PoKeMoN obviously 
    rule for this gym, but Primeape is strong against Raticate and yet Raticate 
    wins. You can even cause Primeape to flinch after the first hyper fang. 
    Raticate owns this gym.
    Strategy VERSUS Poliwrath: Again, you'll want to use hyper fang every move, 
    but Poliwrath is going to be tougher to pull down. After Raticate falls, pull 
    in your starter and have it unleash elemental moves (or quick attack if it's 
    Quilava). Use quick attack on Eevee. Use low kick on Sudowoodo. The 
    combination of four PoKeMoN unleashing damage on Poliwrath should be enough 
    to down it. Congratulations.
    For Sudowoodo, Rock Slide should replace Mimic. With the victory over Chuck, 
    you have FIVE badges, another TM (Dynamic-Punch), and more moolah. Woot. 
    You're also within easy range for a 6th badge. Level 70 and under PoKeMoN all 
    obey you and now you can use HM02 Fly, which you'll be getting in just a 
    second. Dynamic Punch is the deadly punch Poliwrath gave you earlier, but it 
    has crappy aim and will only work half the time. Talk to the lady outside the 
    gym and she will give you HM02 Fly after she notices your fifth badge...she 
    turns out to be Chuck's wife. Weird. You'll want to fly back to Olivine now 
    so that you can give the medicine to Jasmine and the Ampharos, but...
    Heal, deposit the Shuckle and withdraw your Pidgey. Teach Pidgey HM02 Fly and 
    fly back to Goldenrod City. You heard me. Goldenrod City.
    |Goldenrod City|
    Welcome back. Here, we'll want to go into the Goldenrod City underground, so 
    head to the southwestern portion of town and do so. Go in and you'll find the 
    three shops again. Talk to the man who is running the second/middle shop. Pay 
    the 500G for Eevee to get groomed. You want Eevee happy for evolution, right? 
    =) Eevee's happiness meter should get a nice boost. Now get out of there and 
    fly back to Olivine City.
    |Olivine City|
    OK, you're back in Olivine City. Go to the Olivine Lighthouse...
    |Olivine Lighthouse|
    Climb up the Olivine Lighthouse in the EXACT same way you came up...which 
    means falling to the left of that one lass. Once you get all the way up, talk 
    to Jasmine and say Yes to the fact that Ampharos will be cured by the 
    medicine. Now Jasmine will return to her gym, so that's good. Now drop down 
    out of the Lighthouse like you did before and re-enter Olivine City.
    |Olivine City|
    At about this time, the Odd Egg will hatch with one of the seven PoKeMoN. I 
    personally got a Magby, but it'll vary. It won't play a major role in your 
    attack towards the Elite Four, though...let's fly to Ecruteak City.
    |Ecruteak City|
    OK, from here, you'll want to head east onto Route 42. Your journey here is 
    primarily to get your 5th Elite Four member...bring along Wooper for Surf and 
    Bellsprout for Cut...you can leave both your odd egg's form and Pidgey in the 
    |Route 42|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 42:
    # 021 Spearow
    # 041 Zubat
    # 056 Mankey
    # 179 Mareep
    # 180 Flaaffy
    Items found in Route 42:
    Grn Apricorn
    Pnk Apricorn
    Super Potion
    Ultra Ball
    Ylw Apricorn
    Grab the Ultra Ball you see right after you enter the route, and there's Mt. 
    Mortar above, but your goal is to sail across that lake now. You'll spot 
    Suicune behind the trees again, but the best you can do is make it go away, 
    so grab the three Apricorns. Keep going and then grab the Super Potion. Surf 
    across the second lake and talk to the fisherman for a battle! Keep training 
    your PoKeMoN...Raticate's Pursuit should replace Focus Energy.
    Fisher Tully
    Level 18 Qwilfish (385 EXP)
    You get: 720G
    You'll see two more trainers. Fight them both.
    PoKeManiac Shane
    Level 16 Nidorina (400 EXP)
    Level 16 Nidorino (403 EXP)
    You get: 960G
    Fight the final trainer on the route.
    Hiker Benjamin
    Level 14 Diglett (243 EXP)
    Level 14 Geodude (258 EXP)
    Level 16 Dugtrio (523 EXP)
    You get: 512G
    Now ride east into...
    |Mahogany Town|
    Items found in Mahogany Town:
    Heal, then head north onto Route 43!
    |Route 43 & The Lake of Rage|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 43:
    # 017 Pidgeotto
    # 048 Venonat
    # 164 Noctowl
    # 179 Mareep
    # 180 Flaaffy
    # 230 Girafarig
    Items found in Route 43:
    Bitter Berry
    Max Ether
    Head up the path to fight some five trainers. Let's commenc.
    Camper Spencer
    Level 17 Sandshrew (337 EXP)
    Level 18 Sandslash (592 EXP)
    Level 19 Zubat (219 EXP)
    You get: 380G
    As you go through Route 43 you will see a building blocking the right side of 
    the road. DO NOT GO THROUGH IT. You will find Team Rocket inside and they 
    will take $1,000 from you, just to let you pass. You should go the long way 
    to the Lake of Rage. As you near the end of Route 43 you will find two routes 
    to the Lake of Rage. The left path will bring you two some items (be sure to 
    have a PoKeMoN with Cut), and you will also find Wesley of Wednesday. He will 
    give you the Blackbelt item, which powers up Fighting attacks. The right path 
    will lead to the Lake of Rage. Head up for more battling. Remember to grab 
    the Max Ether...
    Picnicker Tiffany
    Level 20 Clefairy (291 EXP)
    You get: 400G
    Keep moving up. Use a Super Potion on Eevee (who you should have in front 
    PoKeManiac Brent
    Level 19 Lickitung (516 EXP)
    You get: 1140G
    And Mom buys you another item. Erm, keep moving up the path. Two more 
    trainers to go. Haha, the next guy mentions your rival making fun of his 
    PoKeManiac Ron
    Level 19 Nidoking (793 EXP)
    You get: 1140G
    Keep going north!
    PoKeManiac Ben
    Level 19 Slowbro (667 EXP)
    You get: 1140G
    Head up into the Lake of Rage.
    |Lake of Rage|
    Items found in the Lake of Rage:
    Max Ether
    Red Scale
    TM 10
    TM 43
    If you talk to the people around, they will tell you that something strange 
    has been going on. If you surf into the Lake of Rage you will find a 
    Gyarados, but this is no ordinary Gyarados, this is a Red Gyarados. There is 
    nothing special about the Red Gyarados, besides it being Red. However color 
    variations of any PoKeMoN are very rare, so you should do everything you can 
    to catch this Gyarados, so save before the battle (4th major save of the 
    game). Use hyper fang and then quick attacks from Raticate to chop it down in 
    HP, then capture it with the help of a Great Ball. Nice, you did it!
    After you capture the Red Gyarados you will receive the Red Scale. If you 
    bring that item to Mr. PoKeMoN he will give you the EXP. Share item. 
    When you reach the Lake of Rage, talk to someone with a cape on him (he's 
    looking at a sign). He is Lance, the dragon trainer from the first games (the 
    4th Elite Four member, remember?) Talk to him, and help him investigate the 
    matter...it seems there's a problem in Mahogany Town. Ride back onto Route 43.
    |Route 43|
    Return to Mahogany Town.
    |Mahogany Town|
    Heal, deposit Wooper and Bellsprout, and withdraw Gyarados and Pidgey, then 
    heal again. We'll fly back to Olivine City now...
    |Olivine City|
    Enter the Olivine City Gym. This is a steel-based gym with electric elements. 
    Gyarados is of course your best bet, but Sudowoodo and Raticate will do well 
    too. Keep moving up in the gym. You will find there are no apprentices of any 
    kind. It's just Jasmine...let's take her on! Jasmine remembers your help and 
    thanks you for it but goes formal anyway...save before the battle. 5th major 
    save of the game. Put Quilava or Raticate in front.
    Level 30 Magnemite (571 EXP)
    Level 30 Magnemite (571 EXP)
    Level 35 Steelix (1470 EXP)
    You get: Mineral Badge, 3,500G, & TM23 (Iron Tail)
    Strategy VERSUS 1st Magnemite: Sonic boom is awesome for the part of 
    Magnemite, even against PoKeMoN that are strong against it. Sudowoodo's low 
    kick is VERY effective against Magnemite and should down it. Your other 
    option is sending in Quilava (if you have him) or Raticate.
    Strategy VERSUS 2nd Magnemite: This is basically the same as the 2nd 
    Magnemite. Hyper fangs, low kicks, and ember are effective moves.
    Strategy VERSUS Steelix: This is the steel evolution of Onix that likes to 
    use strong steel attacks. Iron Tail is quite an attack. You have a few 
    options here. You can use the Gyarados you just got and unleash Dragon Rage 
    every move, cause it does consistent damage. You can use Sudowoodo's low 
    kicks and Quilava (if you have him)'s embers. Otherwise, use your other 
    starter's elementals and normal attacks, and then bust in Eevee's moves. 
    Regardless, Steelix looks hard and has lots of defense, so wear Steelix out 
    with multiple PoKeMoN.
    Woot! That's your sixth badge! Getting the Gyarados helped, did it not? This 
    gym leader also thinks you're better now (some gym leaders are arrogant), and 
    with the Mineral Badge your PoKeMoN's defense is raised slightly. You also 
    get TM23, Iron Tail, the attack Steelix used. 
    Anyway, getting the Gyarados helped, didn't it? Now that you've gotten your 
    Mineral Badge, heal, then fly back to Mahogany Town...Dana challenges you to 
    a battle on Route 38. We'll get to those rematches later. :P
    |Mahogany Town|
    Heal, then deposit some items...and...
    Your lineup should now look something like this:
    Level 27 Starter Evolution
    Level 28 Sudowoodo
    Level 30 Eevee
    Level 30 Gyarados
    Level 31 Raticate
    Level 5 Pidgey
    If you head to the middle of the town where a guy is selling things, you'll 
    find Lance inside basically forcing his way through that house. He'll show 
    you the secret door to Team Rocket's Hideout. You'll team up with Lance to 
    take out Team Rocket now...make sure your trained PoKeMoN are ready for this 
    fight, because after you head downstairs, the war begins. You and Lance must 
    now stop Team Rocket's operations, but you're still left on your own. Head 
    left after you do so. Intruder...you, have been spotted...
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 17 Drowzee (368 EXP)
    Level 19 Zubat (219 EXP)
    You get: 760G
    And a second one comes in...whee for you. You see, every time you pass one of 
    those statues...two Team Rocket members will fight you...at least it's all 
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 16 Zubat (184 EXP)
    Level 17 Grimer (327 EXP)
    Level 18 Rattata (219 EXP)
    You get: 720G
    Yep, see? You really should read the dialogue...anyway, you'll spot another 
    statue while heading left. Go down and you'll eventually see a pattern of zig-
    zags that avoid the statues. Sneak your way through that middle section, then 
    let's fight the Scientist!
    Scientist Jed
    Level 20 Magnemite (381 EXP)
    Level 20 Magnemite (381 EXP)
    Level 20 Magnemite (381 EXP)
    You get: 2000G
    Talk to the scientist, then go up to the computer and press A to switch the 
    switch. Now no more Team Rocket Grunts will smack you every time you reach a 
    statue. Pick up the hyper potion, guard spec, and the nugget as you walk 
    around. When you float around to the southwest part of the room, go down the 
    staircase to the next floor (Negative Floor 2). Lance will meet up with you 
    again and heal your PoKeMoN. There are two Rockets on this floor, so beat 
    them...by heading east.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 18 Venonat (288 EXP)
    Level 18 Venonat (288 EXP)
    You get: 720G
    Head down and right...
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 18 Golbat (658 EXP)
    You get: 720G
    Head downstairs to Negative Floor 3...we need to get passwords. Lance says 
    that to unlock the doors on this level you need to get 2 passwords from the 
    Rocket members. The two members that have the passwords are on this level. Go 
    past the trainer Lance just owned, then head above him to fight the scientist.
    Scientist Ross
    Level 22 Koffing (537 EXP)
    Level 22 Koffing (537 EXP)
    You get: 2200G
    Head up to fight the Team Rocket person above that, who MIGHT have the 
    password. She does.
    Rocket Grunt (F)
    Level 18 Ekans (238 EXP)
    Level 18 Gloom (508 EXP)
    You get: 720G
    Now that you've beat her, you have the password after you talk to 
    her...SLOWPOKETAIL. Get the Ice Heal outside of the "circular" right area, 
    then head left to fight...
    Scientist Mitch
    Level 23 Ditto (313 EXP)
    You get: 2400G
    Head left to the final trainer near the 2 items and the table. Fight him.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 19 Raticate (471 EXP)
    You get: 760G
    Talk to him again now that you've beat him, and he'll give you his password 
    (RATICATE TAIL). Get the items (X Special and Protein), go up the stairs at 
    the upper-left part of the floor, then head left on Negative Floor 2. Fight 
    the Team Rocket member that spots you...or that you reach.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 17 Rattata (207 EXP)
    Level 17 Rattata (207 EXP)
    Level 17 Zubat (196 EXP)
    You get: 680G
    Head up the stairs to Negative Floor 1. Head right and then before you reach 
    the locked door, your rival will come and talk to you. He can't battle you 
    though, cause Lance just destroyed him. Haha..."He said I don't love and 
    trust my PoKeMoN enough." Grab the ultra door just past the door, then press 
    A at the door to open it and go in...Giovanni's office. Let the fight 
    begin...Giovanni's guard will fall!
    Rocket Executive (M)
    Level 22 Zubat (253 EXP)
    Level 24 Raticate (595 EXP)
    Level 22 Koffing (537 EXP)
    You get: 1584G
    He quickly runs off after he loses...talk to the Murkrow next to the Rocket 
    Executive and it'll give you the final password, HAIL GIOVANNI. Now head to 
    the second stairs that you did NOT come out of, and grab TM46 from there, 
    then go back down to the same floor as where you just beat the executive. 
    Head back the way you came, past the spinning Team Rocket member, and go back 
    upstairs...pick up the Full Heal on the way. Go back down to the floor with 
    the gate blocking you from entering the area with machines inside....we're 
    going ALL the way back to where you met Lance for the first time INSIDE the 
    Team Rocket hideout, so 2nd, where he healed you. You'll find a door right 
    there. Open it, and you'll quickly get surrounded by two Team Rocket 
    executives. Now you'd have to take both executives, but Lance comes just in 
    time. This time, you're fighting the female Team Rocket boss while Giovanni's 
    apprentice (quite literally) takes on Lance. Spreading the fun? The battle 
    isn't too difficult though, so just defeat her with any combo.
    Rocket Executive (F)
    Level 23 Arbok (724 EXP)
    Level 23 Gloom (649 EXP)
    Level 25 Murkrow (573 EXP)
    You get: 1800G
    She later says that you would be powerful enough to be a Rocket 
    Executive...well, that battle is over. The broadcast experiment is a 
    success...but there goes their hideout...both of them disappear after they 
    lose. Now, go into the area with the machines now (just above you) and help 
    Lance destroy the Electrodes supplying the base with electricity. There are 
    three of them, so you take the left side.  (Lance takes the other three) They 
    usually do Self Destruct, so use your Sudowoodo. The signal is supposedly 
    charged by the Electrodes by Team Rocket...and I guess it just makes 
    everything around the signal all...messed up in thoughts and actions.
    Level 23 Electrode (492 EXP)
    Level 23 Electrode (492 EXP)
    Level 23 Electrode (492 EXP)
    The Lake is saved...and Lance thinks you're the hero. He gives you HM06 
    Waterpool, an item he found lying around in the hideout. Excellent...you'll 
    have a use for this later. You'll need the 7th badge to use it, though. 
    Follow Lance's way out to the stairs, then use the warp next to it to head 
    out of the hideout...you know your way out now.
    Heal, then enter the PoKeMoN gym. Let's get that 7th badge now, you'll need 
    your ice skates. I'm serious! This gym will be easier than Jasmine's, because 
    Pryce's PoKeMoN are actually lower level...skate to the left to fight the 
    very first trainer. Get those PoKeMoN levelled up...this is an ICE gym so 
    fire, grass, and rock can be effective...
    Boarder Ronald
    Level 23 Seel (513 EXP)
    Level 23 Seel (513 EXP)
    Level 25 Dewgong (942 EXP)
    You get: 1728G
    Slide up twice, then right one, then down one, then left one to fight another 
    Boarder Douglas
    Level 24 Shellder (498 EXP)
    Level 25 Cloyster (1087 EXP)
    Level 24 Shellder (498 EXP)
    You get: 1728G
    Talk to the trainer again for Pyrce's secret...which isn't much at all. Slide 
    down, then to the right...
    Boarder Brad
    Level 26 Swinub (433 EXP)
    Level 26 Swinub (433 EXP)
    You get: 1872G
    Slide once to the right, then down to face another trainer.
    Skier Clarissa
    Level 28 Dewgong (1056 EXP)
    You get: 2016G
    Head up twice, then float left to the final trainer before Pryce. If you have 
    Quilava, Flame Wheel should replace Leer.
    Skier Roxanne
    Level 28 Jynx (822 EXP)
    You get: 2016G
    Slide down and out of the gym to heal first. Heal at the center, then go back 
    into the gym. Go to just left of the left pillar then go up, up, right, down, 
    left, up and finally right. You will be standing in front of the gym leader. 
    Good luck against Pryce! Bring in Raticate as your forward fighter. You 
    should now be 7 1/4 to 7 1/2 hours into the game. This will be a piece of 
    cake after Jasmine...even though he thinks he's better cause he's far older...
    Your lineup should now be:
    Level 31 Raticate
    Level 31 Gyarados
    Level 31 Bayleef or Quilava, or Croconaw
    Level 31 Eevee
    Level 31 Sudowoodo
    Level 5 Pidgey
    Level 27 Seel (577 EXP)
    Level 29 Dewgong (1093 EXP)
    Level 31 Piloswine (1052 EXP)
    You get: Glacier Badge, 3,100G, & TM16 (Icy Wind)
    Strategy VERSUS Seel: Unleash the power of hyper fang. One hit should do it. 
    Strategy VERSUS Dewgong: Use two to three hyper fangs on Dewgong...it might 
    get one attack on you. Oh no! GASP!
    Strategy VERSUS Piloswine: Piloswine could be tougher, as it is powerful and 
    has lots of defenses. However, it is slow. Use Raticate's hyper fangs until 
    Raticate falls, then bring in Red Gyarados and dragon rage or Flame Wheel on 
    Quilava. That's game.
    You're worthy of the badge, and you get the SEVENTH badge. Woot. Special 
    stats of PoKeMoN are raised, you get more mooooney, and you have Icy Wind. 
    You can now use Whirlpool. Skate your way to the bottom of the gym, then 
    exit. One more badge to go!
    You will now get a phone call by Elm. This is informing you that Goldenrod 
    City has been overrun by Team Rocket! Wow! How could Team Rocket invade 
    almost two cities at once? Heal, then fly to the city on your Pidgey.
    |Goldenrod City|
    You will now see that Team Rocket has pretty much overrun the whole 
    city...we'll want to take it back. Go inside the Radio Tower. This is where 
    all of the Team Rocket trouble is going on. Head in to fight your first 
    Rocket foe.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 24 Raticate (595 EXP)
    Level 24 Raticate (595 EXP)
    You get: 960G
    OK, one Team Rocket member nuked. Keep heading up the stairs to Floor 2. Head 
    left on that floor for more battles...
    Rocket Grunt (F)
    Level 26 Arbok (852 EXP)
    You get: 1040G
    Talk to the male rocket grunt next to her...for the third battle.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 21 Rattata (256 EXP)
    Level 21 Rattata (256 EXP)
    Level 23 Rattata (280 EXP)
    Level 23 Rattata (280 EXP)
    Level 23 Rattata (280 EXP)
    You get: 920G
    Keep advancing left. You'll meet yet another Team Rocket member that's 
    supposed to be guarding the place.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 26 Zubat (300 EXP)
    Level 26 Zubat (300 EXP)
    You get: 1040G
    Head left...Team Rocket's comeback is nearing...
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 23 Grimer (442 EXP)
    Level 23 Grimer (442 EXP)
    Level 25 Muk (840 EXP)
    You get: 1000G
    Head up to Floor 3. There are four trainers left to fight...keep moving at it!
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 26 Weezing (963 EXP)
    You get: 1040G
    Head up now...towards Floor 4.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 23 Koffing (561 EXP)
    Level 23 Grimer (442 EXP)
    Level 23 Zubat (265 EXP)
    Level 23 Rattata (280 EXP)
    You get: 920G
    And one more...
    Scientist Marc
    Level 27 Magnemite (514 EXP)
    Level 27 Magnemite (514 EXP)
    Level 27 Magnemite (514 EXP)
    You get: 2700G
    Two more trainers...go up to Floor 4. Keep going to another Rocket Grunt.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 22 Zubat (253 EXP)
    Level 24 Golbat (879 EXP)
    Level 22 Grimer (423 EXP)
    You get: 880G
    Now go up to the scientist to fight him.
    Scientist Rich
    Level 30 Porygon (835 EXP)
    You get: 3000G
    Well, head up to Floor 5. The battle against the boss will begin now.
    Rocket Executive (M)
    Level 30 Koffing (732 EXP)
    Level 30 Koffing (732 EXP)
    Level 30 Koffing (732 EXP)
    Level 32 Weezing (1185 EXP)
    Level 30 Koffing (732 EXP)
    Level 30 Koffing (732 EXP)
    You get: 2160G
    The director is now in the Underground Warehouse now...you beat Team Rocket 
    here, but it's not over yet. He gives you the Basement Key. Head back out of 
    the place and then heal at the PoKeMoN Center. Then head to the northwestern 
    part of town and enter the northwesternmost building. This is the other 
    Underground entrance. Head down the stairs and then head to the PoKeMoN Salon 
    again to get Eevee a bit happier first. Now head down the hallway that had 
    the locked door you saw WAY back. Enter it now that you have the Basement 
    Key, then head down the stairs. Be ready for a fight with your rival. Try 
    going left and your rival will meet you in another battle. He thinks he can 
    take care of Team Rocket alone and tries to get rid of you. Let Eevee start 
    the hostilities...have him use quick attacks on Golbat, then switch to 
    Sudowoodo's rock slide. Use Gyarados against the starter PoKeMoN, probably 
    Feraligatr. Use Dragon Rages to finish that off. Use Sudowoodo against 
    Magnemite and use rock slides. Use your starter's elemental moves against 
    Haunter. Use your starter if it is Quilava for fire moves, or use Sudowoodo's 
    low kicks to finish off Sneasel. Not too difficult in any case.
    Level 30 Golbat (1092 EXP)
    Level 32 Starter Evolution (1440 EXP)
    Level 28 Magnemite (534 EXP)
    Level 30 Haunter (810 EXP)
    Level 32 Sneasel (904 EXP)
    You get: 1920G
    Haha, your rival has no clue why he lost. He thinks of Lance's earlier 
    comments and doubts himself. Yay. He still has his dream that will never 
    succeed. Now, move on to take on the Rocket Grunts after you heal (believe 
    me, there's so many of them you will want to)...do so. After you heal, come 
    back here and take on the first Rocket Grunt.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 27 Rattata (328 EXP)
    You get: 1080G
    Move on left.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 23 Muk (772 EXP)
    Level 23 Koffing (560 EXP)
    Level 25 Rattata (304 EXP)
    You get: 1000G
    Move on left...
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 24 Koffing (585 EXP)
    Level 24 Muk (807 EXP)
    You get: 960G
    Now, see the three switches next to each Rocket member you defeated? Go back 
    to the 1st trainer, and switch the one next to him, then the one next to the 
    2nd trainer, then the one to the 3rd trainer. So, you should have turned on 
    the switches in the same order you beat the trainers. Go down from the 3rd 
    trainer...to fight someone else.
    Burglar Eddie
    Level 26 Growlithe (500 EXP)
    Level 24 Koffing (585 EXP)
    You get: 2112G
    Now turn off switches 3 and 2 (the last two you did), and then snag the item 
    you see. It is a Full Heal. Exit to the stairs then come back up so the 
    switches are reset, and turn them on in the opposite direction (3, 2, then 1) 
    from the left to the right. This will FINALLY clear a route...head down along 
    the route and you'll fight another burglar.
    Burglar Duncan
    Level 23 Koffing (561 EXP)
    Level 23 Koffing (561 EXP)
    Level 25 Magmar (894 EXP)
    You get: 2024G
    Head right to fight the other Rocket Grunt.
    Rocket Grunt (F)
    Level 25 Gloom (706 EXP)
    Level 25 Gloom (706 EXP)
    You get: 1000G
    OK, now go through the door and grab the Ultra Ball, then keep going on the 
    beaten path and eventually a Rocket will spot you.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 24 Raticate (594 EXP)
    Level 24 Golbat (879 EXP0
    You get: 960G
    Grab the Max Ether to the right and continue on the path up. Next battle!
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 26 Grimer (501 EXP)
    Level 23 Weezing (??? EXP)
    You get: 920G
    If anyone gets me the EXP for the above, I will be grateful. Just tell me 
    that it is from the Team Rocket battles of Goldenrod and fill in the EXP. 
    Thanks. Now, head up the stairs to grab the Amulet Coin, which after equipped 
    will be able to DOUBLE the amount of gold you get from each battle on a 
    PoKeMoN. Head back down the stairs and then follow the path until you reach 
    the boss of this freak place.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 25 Koffing (610 EXP)
    Level 25 Koffing (610 EXP)
    You get: 1000G
    Talk to him again and he'll tell you they're basically holding on until the 
    return of Giovanni. Carry on and take TM35 which is next to the Director. 
    Talk to the Director who is now freed thanks to you...kinda. You receive a 
    Card Key now. Remember the part of the Radio Tower that hasn't been liberated 
    by you yet? Now it's time to retake that area. So your job is to save the 
    PoKeMoN worldwide by hitting that region. Exit by the way you came...when you 
    get blocked, use the switch. Heal, then return to the Radio Tower.
    OK, access the PC in here and deposit a few items from your first pocket of 
    your pack, cause it's obvious you'll be getting even more items. Deposit 
    EVERYTHING you won't be using IN any battles. Head up to Floor 2, then Floor 
    3. Head to the very right part of the room where you'll spot a shutter thing. 
    Go to the switch and put in the key. Head right to face the first Rocket.
    Rocket Grunt (M)
    Level 24 Raticate (595 EXP)
    Level 26 Koffing (634 EXP)
    You get: 1040G
    Go up the stairs to Floor 4, then fight the girl.
    Rocket Grunt (F)
    Level 21 Ekans (279 EXP)
    Level 21 Ekans (279 EXP)
    Level 24 Gloom (678 EXP)
    Level 23 Oddish (384 EXP)
    You get: 960G
    Attempt to go to Floor 5 and you have your third battle...
    Rocket Executive (M)
    Level 36 Golbat (1318 EXP)
    You get: 2592G
    And so goes the Team Rocket fortress. Whee. Advance on to Floor 5 and 
    fight...the same boss you fought before. It's amazing how easy Team Rocket is 
    to beat, right? Using just about any PoKeMoN's strongest move against them 
    weakens them greatly...
    Rocket Executive (F)
    Level 32 Arbok (1008 EXP)
    Level 32 Murkrow (733 EXP)
    Level 32 Vileplume (1261 EXP)
    You get: 2304G
    She still wishes you were part of Team Rocket. Meh for her. Go up to the 
    other boss...you remember that Lance beat him last time...he wants to call 
    back Giovanni through the tower. Stop him! Any Water, Ground, Rock, or 
    Fighting move will make this even easier. Sudowoodo's rock slides will be 
    Rocket Exceutive (M)
    Level 33 Houndour (805 EXP)
    Level 33 Koffing (805 EXP)
    Level 35 Houndoom (1530 EXP)
    You get: 2520G, Demise of Team Rocket
    Like Giovanni, he disbands Team Rocket. Well, good job! There goes Team 
    Rocket and its menace. The director will come up to greet and thank you. You 
    are given a Clear Bell...grab the Ultra Ball to the left, and then you'll be 
    able to head to the Tin Tower in Ecruteak City now. Exit the Radio Tower and 
    heal, then fly back to Ecruteak City.
    Nine hours into the game, your lineup should look something like:
    Level 9 Pidgey
    Level 32 Eevee
    Level 33 Gyarados
    Level 33 Raticate
    Level 34 Sudowoodo
    Level 35 Starter Evolution
    |Ecruteak City|
    Go ahead and go into the Burned Tower, the tower in which you saw the Eusine 
    guy earlier, after you equip TM08 Rock Smash on Sudowoodo, replacing Rock 
    Head on the right side on Floor 1 to rock smash the rock guarding the HP Up. 
    After you snatch that, get back out and go now to the northernmost house that 
    is to the RIGHT of the Burned Tower. Talk to the monk that is there and then 
    he will let you pass after hearing the Clear Bell. Head downstairs, then 
    upstairs. You will then have to battle three monks in a row...the Wise Trio 
    is ready to test you before you snatch Suicune...
    Sage Gaku
    Level 32 Noctowl (1110 EXP)
    Level 32 Flareon (1356 EXP)
    You get: 1024G
    Gaku talks to you again and then he will be amazed that you've seen all of 
    the Legendary PoKeMoN there...the three of them. Next up is...
    Sage Masa
    Level 32 Noctowl (1110 EXP)
    Level 32 Jolteon (1344 EXP)
    You get: 1024G
    You now learn about the story of Lugia perched on the Brass Tower...which is 
    now the Burned Tower. Now, for the final battle...
    Sage Koji
    Level 32 Noctowl (1110 EXP)
    Level 32 Vaporeon (1344 EXP)
    You get: 1024G
    Congrats. The Wise Trio is defeated. They allow you to pass, but you'll want 
    to go back to the city and heal first, then come back and exit the door past 
    the Wise Trio. Save at this point...it's your 6th major save of the game. If 
    you were to ride to the real Tin Tower, you will find that the 3 Legendary 
    PoKeMoN that aren't Ho-oh or Lugia are in there. You can go for your chance 
    to get Suicune, but you don't have the means yet...
    So, fly back to Mahogany Town.
    |Mahogany Town|
    Head east onto Route 44 now that you finally can.
    |Route 44|
    Head straight east...
    Psychic Phil
    Level 24 Natu (565 EXP)
    Level 24 Kadabra (807 EXP)
    You get: 832G
    Head up to grab the Burnt Berry from the tree, then the item east of that 
    trainer (Max Repel). Continue heading east and talk to the Fisherman! And 
    your Mom buys you really random items...
    Fisher Edgar
    Level 25 Remoraid (417 EXP)
    Level 25 Remoraid (417 EXP)
    You get: 1000G
    Keep heading east...
    Cooltrainer Cybil
    Level 25 Butterfree (854 EXP)
    Level 25 Bellossom (985 EXP)
    You get: 1200G
    Keep heading east along this strange route after you beat her...
    Cooltrainer Allen
    Level 27 Chameleon (820 EXP)
    You get: 1296G
    Wow, respect from two trainers in a row...continue along, and when you see 
    that you can go up, do so and grab the ultra ball, then head along the 
    northern route. Yes, back towards Mahogany Town. More trainers are here.
    PoKeManiac Zach
    Level 27 Rhyhorn (780 EXP)
    You get: 1620G
    Then talk to the fisherman...
    Fisher Wilton
    Level 23 Goldeen (546 EXP)
    Level 23 Goldeen (546 EXP)
    Level 25 Seaking (910 EXP)
    You get: 1000G
    Now head back east...
    Bird Keeper Vance
    Level 25 Pidgeotto (604 EXP)
    Level 25 Pidgeotto (604 EXP)
    You get: 600G
    Now, you'll be heading into the Ice Path. Good luck with the mazes! 
    Haha...fly back to Mahogany to heal first, then deposit Pidgey and withdraw 
    Shuckle for the HM Strength...ride all the way from the town through the 
    route again to the Ice Path. Get off your bike when you get in...
    |Ice Path|
    Follow the ice path...there's no sliding ice yet. There, however, are two ice 
    mazes that will be interesting...head down the first icy path with simply a 
    right, down, right, and then down. OK, fine, that wasn't really considered an 
    icy maze. There'll be more coming later. Go up the stairs, follow the route, 
    go down the stairs, follow the route, and you'll hit your first ice maze. 
    Now, go up, left, down, left, up, right, down, left, up, left, down, right, 
    down, and then right to pass this section. 
    When you complete this first ice maze, you'll want to head right onto the 
    second ice maze to get HM07 Waterfall. To do so, head right, up, left down, 
    and then right to take the HM. Afterwards, go left again, up, right, down, 
    right, up, right, down, left, down, and then left to get out.  HM07, or the 
    waterfall climbing HM, can later be taught to a weakie like your Wooper. Head 
    up the stairway and along the icy path. Head down the stairs and then down 
    the ladder.
    Now, head along the path till you see two boulders. Here's when strength will 
    be handy. Move the bottom boulder right, then three times down. Now move 
    below it and push it back up one, and now push it again 5 times to the left. 
    Now push it down one and right one and there goes one boulder.
    OK, now we have the other boulder. Damn boulders...move that one two to the 
    left, then three up, then push that one back down one. Then push it left one 
    and down one. That's two. You will not need to move the far right one.
    Unfortunately, there's more boulders left. Head far right following the 
    bottom path and you'll spot two boulders...one to the left, one to the right. 
    Let's take care of the one to the left first. Push this boulder two up, then 
    one left, and two up. Simply push it two to the right, then up, and then left 
    to smack it in. Fall through the hole below it and then go left, up, and 
    right to snag the item, FUll Heal! Head down the ladder then rock smash the 
    rock near you. Grab the Nevermeltice, then head right and go up, down the 
    stairs, and with the ladder going down, to the next stage.
    Head to the right side, and then you'll want to slide down to the part before 
    you fall off. Find the stairway, then go the opposite direction and slide 
    down. Slide right and you have the TM for Rest, TM44. Now go left and up, 
    then go back around. This time, go up the stairway and down the other one and 
    you'll reach an island of solid ice in which you can go up the ladder.
    Move towards the right and down the stairway. Then go left, down, left, and 
    then down. Simply head left on the weird slippery ice path to get that Iron. 
    Once you head back out, go right, up, right, down, left, up, left, up, and 
    then left. Woot. You're done. Climb up the steps and go up the ladder.
    Go up even more steps to get the Protein, then slide down at the very left to 
    grab a PP Up. Slide back up and drop anywhere in the middle of the area and 
    then go down from there. Walk out of the cave and finally, into Blackthorn 
    |Blackthorn City|
    Head southwest and then heal your PoKeMoN. It's time to hit the final gym. 
    9:45 into the game, we should be ready...head up to the top of the city to 
    reach the gym. This is a dragon-based gym, so this could be interesting...
    Your lineup should now be:
    Level 34 Raticate
    Level 34 Red Gyarados
    Level 35 Eevee
    Level 35 Starter Evolution
    Level 35 Sudowoodo
    Level 15 Shuckie
    Head left to fight your first trainer battle. Gyarados and dragon rage should 
    lead the assault, but let others on your team join the fun, too...
    Cooltrainer Paul
    Level 34 Dratini (487 EXP)
    Level 34 Dratini (487 EXP)
    Level 34 Dratini (487 EXP)
    You get: 1632G
    Move up above him and head up the stairs. You'll find out you need to move 
    even more boulders, but luckily, that's why our Shuckie is still around. For 
    the two above you, move the right one up two, and the left one down two and 
    into the hole. Now head down to fight...
    Cooltrainer Fran
    Level 37 Seadra (1228 EXP)
    You get: 1776G
    Oddly enough, Fran's a girl name. To top that, Gyarados learns Twister after 
    Seadra uses it. You'll want Twister to replace Leer, obviously. You'll see 
    two more boulders nearby...push the right one down three, and the left one up 
    nine, then to the right two to make that fall. Head up to fight the last 
    dragon trainer on this level.
    Cooltrainer Cody
    Level 34 Horsea (604 EXP)
    Level 36 Seadra (1195 EXP)
    You get: 1728G
    Push the boulder right next to you three to the right, then move the other 
    one down one. Easy. Now, head down the stairs you saw earlier next to the 
    second hole you encountered. Head two up, then to the left to fight that 
    Cooltrainer Mike
    Level 37 Dragonair (1141 EXP)
    You get: 1776G
    Head across the boulder path you just created and then to the final trainer 
    before Clair.
    Cooltrainer Lola
    Level 34 Dratini (487 EXP)
    Level 36 Dragonair (1110 EXP)
    You get: 1728G
    Now that you've finished beating everyone, retreat back to heal, then come 
    back to face Clair...head the team with Gyarados. Clair says she can hold her 
    own against the Elite Four as the dragon master. We'll see about that!
    Level 37 Dragonair (1141 EXP)
    Level 37 Dragonair (1141 EXP)
    Level 40 Kingdra (1773 EXP)
    Level 37 Dragonair (1141 EXP)
    You get: Rising Badge, 4,000G, TM24 (Dragon Breath)
    Strategy VERSUS 1st Dragonair: Use Gyarados' dragon rages to wipe out the 
    initial Dragonair.
    Strategy VERSUS 2nd Dragonair: Send out your starter (Quilava, of course, is 
    preferable), and have him do flame wheel to burn this Dragonair, then use 
    quick attacks to finish it off.
    Strategy VERSUS Kingdra: Raticate is your best bet here. Keep using hyper 
    fangs and use a quick attack to defeat it.
    Strategy VERSUS 3rd Dragonair: Use Eevee's quick attacks to take on the final 
    Dragonair, along with Sudowoodo's rock slide. It'll be a close fight, but 
    you'll win.
    Well, that wasn't too hard...and that would be your 8th badge, but Clair 
    won't give you it just yet. Apparently, she's a sore loser and she won't give 
    you the badge until you get the Dragon Fang in the Dragon's Den. The Dragon's 
    Den is located across the sea above the gym, so go and grab your Wooper from 
    the PoKeMoN Center after you heal and drop Shuckle off. Head in after talking 
    to the guy in front of it, then go down the ladder and then out the door. 
    Then, you'll have a battle.
    Cooltrainer Darin
    Level 37 Dragonair (1141 EXP)
    You get: 1776G
    Head right to grab the Calcium, then head left. It's a dead end, but surf 
    over to fight that trainer.
    Cooltrainer Cara
    Level 33 Horsea (586 EXP)
    Level 33 Horsea (586 EXP)
    Level 35 Seadra (1162 EXP)
    You get: 1680G
    Surf down and fight...
    Twins Lea & Pia
    Level 35 Dratini (502 EXP)
    Level 35 Dratini (502 EXP)
    You get: 700G
    Grab the Max Elixer below them. Now, equip HM06 Waterpool on Wooper. Surf 
    eastward and you'll spot a Whirlpool. Wooper can get rid of it, so do so, 
    then head southward. You will land soon, so head right and into the house. 
    Now you'll have to answer a few questions from the Dragon Master...to test 
    your pureness in a way.
    Question 1: What are PoKeMoN to you? (Choose Pal OR Friend)
    Question 2: What helps you win battles? (Choose Strategy OR Raising)
    Question 3: What kind of trainer do you wish to battle? (Choose Tough Person 
    OR Anybody)
    Question 4: What is most important for raising PoKeMoN? (Choose Love OR 
    Question 5: Strong PoKeMoN. Weak PoKeMoN. Which is more important? (Choose 
    "You care deeply about your PoKeMoN." Clair will then come in and then wish 
    you failed but you passed, so she is forced to give the badge...even she 
    hasn't passed yet. You can now climb waterfalls with the final HM. All 
    PoKeMoN will now obey you. You still lack TM24...Clair is in denial 
    still...or so you think. Leave the house and then Clair will come after you 
    and finally give you TM24 Dragonbreath. She even gives you instructions to go 
    to the PoKeMoN League, by heading from New Bark Town and surfing east to the 
    PoKeMoN League. She tells you that she'll feel even worse if you lost at the 
    PoKeMoN League because she lost to you so you must win. Now head back out the 
    way you came and when you leave the cave (at the entrance), Professor Elm 
    will give you a call. If you swing by the lab, you'll get something really 
    After you get the Dragon Fang Clair will finally reward you with the Rising 
    Badge and TM 24. Once you've done that and left the cave you will get a call 
    from Prof. Elm to come back to his lab. You'll want to head south onto Routes 
    45 & 46 and walk back to New Bark Town but before you do so, take out your 
    Sudowoodo, put him in your box, and head back to where Clair gave you the 
    badge. Go back in and talk to the Dragon Master again, and he will give you a 
    Dratini! If you fly back, be sure to suffer the consequences of having low-
    level trained PoKeMoN.
    10 1/2 hours into the game, your team should now be:
    Level 15 Dratini
    Level 35 Raticate
    Level 35 Quilava
    Level 35 Eevee
    Level 36 Gyarados
    Level 4 Wooper
    This completes your final team for the Elite Four. Dratini, Raticate, 
    Quilava, Eevee, Gyarados, and Sudowoodo. Let's head south now and get Dratini 
    some experience.
    |Route 45|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 45:
    # 074 Geodude
    # 075 Graveler
    # 207 Gligar
    # 216 Teddiursa
    # 227 Skarmory
    # 231 Phanpy
    Items found in Route 45 & 46:
    Dire Hit
    Max Potion
    Mystery Berry
    PRZCure Berry
    X Special
    Well, if you took my advice to walk to New Bark Town as you should be doing, 
    Route 45 and Route 46 holds quite a few trainers and items that cannot be 
    gotten on your first trip, so you may want to fly back to Blackthorn City and 
    fight every trainer and grab every item. Anyway, head down the rightmost 
    Cooltrainer Ryan
    Level 25 Pidgeot (920 EXP)
    Level 27 Electrabuzz (901 EXP)
    You get: 1296G
    Head south, grab the item, and then fight...
    Cooltrainer Kelly
    Level 27 Marill (920 EXP)
    Level 24 Warortle (735 EXP)
    Level 24 Warortle (735 EXP)
    You get: 1152G
    At about this time Quilava will evolve. Excellent...a Typhlosion! Head down 
    the right path again...
    Blackbelt Kenji
    Level 28 Machoke (776 EXP)
    You get: 672G
    Talk to him again and he will give you his phone number. And Ralph will call 
    again...drop to the left to get the Nugget. Continue hopping down the left 
    side for a revive, then drop to the right for a battle against...
    Hiker Timothy
    Level 27 Diglett (468 EXP)
    Level 27 Dugtrio (885 EXP)
    You get: 864G
    Liz calls the wrong number, heh...head south to...
    Camper Quentin
    Level 27 Fearow (1041 EXP)
    Level 30 Primeape (957 EXP)
    Level 30 Tauros (1350 EXP)
    You get: 600G
    At about this time Eevee will get the move Baton Pass. Use it to replace 
    Tackle. Drop down the right side to grab the Mystery Berry, then drop down 
    again and follow the route west to...
    |Route 46|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 46:
    # 019 Rattata
    # 021 Spearow
    # 074 Geodude
    Upon reaching Route 46 you will notice an entrance to a cave. This is the 
    Dark Cave you saw WAY back in Route 31. Remember? If you don't remember, you 
    have a memory problem of some sort. Haha, just kidding. Don't go in here yet, 
    we'll come back on our second trip. Grab the Berry and PrzCure Berry to the 
    left of it, then drop down just below the cave. Drop down (instead of left) 
    again, and...
    Hiker Bailey
    Level 13 Geodude (238 EXP)
    Level 13 Geodude (238 EXP)
    Level 13 Geodude (238 EXP)
    Level 13 Geodude (238 EXP)
    Level 13 Geodude (238 EXP)
    You get: 416G
    Drop down and you'll find yourself back to where you were at the beginning of 
    the game. Head down to Route 29.
    |Route 29|
    Head east back to New Bark Town. You'll kill these poor Level 3 PoKeMoN....
    |New Bark Town|
    Talk to Professor Elm in his lab and he'll give you a Master Ball. WOW! Is 
    that really a Master Ball? OF COURSE! Since you have gotten eight Badges, you 
    can now enter the PoKeMoN League. Yay! Now go into your own house and if you 
    talk to your mom, you can withdraw money (which is a whole fifth of what 
    you've gotten over time). Visit your room if you like, but for the most part, 
    bike through Route 29 to Cherrygrove City, heal, and withdraw your Togepi, 
    Pidgey and Sudowoodo. Since you have to deposit three PoKeMoN, put in 
    Gyarados, Raticate, and Typhlosion. You'll want a PoKeMoN with both Flash and 
    Rock Smash...Sudowoodo has Rock Smash. And Kenji calls again. Teach Togepi 
    HM05 Flash. And you need Surf here, so Wooper...this is going to be the most 
    shorthanded team you have...with Eevee as your primary PoKeMoN. Deposit all 
    the items you don't need in Pocket 1.
    Now, fly back to Blackthorn City and head back south onto Route 45.
    |Dark Cave|
    Items found in the Dark Cave:
    Full Heal
    Hyper Potion
    TM 13
    Okay, instead of going on any path, enter the Dark Cave to the left before 
    there are even any jumps. Use Flash with Togepi. Follow the route down to the 
    sea, then surf down, then go up. GO left and down the steps, then head left 
    and up to the guy with Blackglasses. Dark-type moves are increased in power 
    with it. Jump all the way south and then head out the door to another part of 
    the cave. Surf down, then rock smash the rock next to you. Grab the potion 
    you see, then head out the door onto Route 31. Now, fly back to Cherrygrove 
    City, heal, and get a team of (in this order):
    Level 15 Dratini
    Level 5 Togepi
    Level 10 Wooper
    Level 36 Eevee
    Level 36 Raticate
    Level 36 Typhlosion
    Deposit Sudowoodo and Pidgey, then withdraw Typhlosion and Raticate. You'll 
    use Dratini for the initial move, then switch to Eevee for the shared 
    experience so Dratini can grow quickly. Bike back to New Bark and let's move 
    on after you visit Elm again. Show Togepi to Elm and he will give you an 
    Everstone. Head to the east of the town, then surf eastward onto...
    |Route 27|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 27:
    # 020 Raticate      
    # 024 Arbok         
    # 028 Sandslash     
    # 077 Ponyta        
    # 084 Doduo         
    # 085 Dodrio        
    # 195 Quagsire      
    If you've finished building up your PoKeMoN and done everything else you want 
    to do, now is the time to head to the Elite Four. Prepare the team you are 
    going to use, but be sure to bring along Wooper with those two HMs...right?
    Now surf eastward from New Bark Town. When you head for land the first guy 
    you see will tell you that you've entered Kanto. If you check the map on your 
    Pokegear you will see that land looks very familiar, if you've played Blue, 
    Red, or Yellow. Go to PoKeGear to do so. The sign nearby says that you've 
    reached Tohjo Falls. This will connect you to the rest of Kanto, but before 
    heading into the cave Surf in the water right below the cave entrance and you 
    will find a Rare Candy. Head back and then enter the cave and into Tohjo 
    |Tohjo Falls|
    You'll notice a Waterfall. Teach the last HM, HM07 Waterfall, to Dratini. 
    Have it replace Wrap, then head up the waterfall with Dratini. Head along the 
    sea route and down the other waterfall. And that's the falls...head out the 
    door you see back to Route 27.
    |Route 27|
    A trainer will battle you right after you exit the Tohjo Falls...
    Cooltrainer Megan
    Level 32 Bulbasaur (219 EXP)
    Level 32 Ivysaur (960 EXP)
    Level 32 Venusaur (1424 EXP0
    You get: 1536G
    Enter the house, and speak to the lady there. If one of your PoKeMoN is happy 
    she will give you TM 37. Afterwards (in any case), head east and surf across 
    the lake, then fight...
    Cooltrainer Blake
    Level 33 Magneton (565 EXP)
    Level 31 Quagsire (909 EXP)
    Level 37 Typhlosion (651 EXP)
    You get: 1488G
    Keep heading east till you hit the bridge and battle the...
    Cooltrainer Brian
    Level 35 Sandslash (1214 EXP)
    You get: 1680G
    Head east to...
    Psychic Gilbert
    Level 30 Starmie (1322 EXP)
    Level 30 Exeggcute (630 EXP)
    Level 34 Girafarig (1084 EXP)
    You get: 1088G
    Surf down from this trainer along the Coral till you find a Whirlpool. Get 
    rid of the whirlpool then land on the island with the item...and fight...
    Bird Keeper Jose
    Level 34 Farfetch'd (684 EXP)
    You get: 816G
    You could exchange phone numbers with him, but you'll be out of room on your 
    list. Grab the item above him (TM22 Solar Beam), then surf back to the 
    bridge. Then keep heading along the path and you'll fight the final trainer 
    of the route.
    Cooltrainer Reena
    Level 31 Starmie (1368 EXP)
    Level 31 Starmie (1368 EXP)
    Level 33 Nidoqueen (1371 EXP)
    You get: 1488G
    Head onto Route 26 after you blank out...this is tough. You'll want to put 
    back Togepi and bring in Typhlosion for the remainder of the trip...head back 
    past Route 27 and enter Route 26.
    |Route 26|
    PoKeMoN found in Route 26:
    # 020 Raticate      
    # 024 Arbok         
    # 028 Sandslash     
    # 077 Ponyta        
    # 084 Doduo         
    # 085 Dodrio        
    # 195 Quagsire
    Welcome to Route 26. Your first battle is against...
    Fisher Scott
    Level 30 Qwilfish (642 EXP)
    Level 30 Qwilfish (642 EXP)
    Level 34 Seaking (1237 EXP)
    You get: 1360G
    Keep heading up the route...
    Psychic Richard
    Level 36 Espeon (1503 EXP)
    You get: 1152G
    Keep heading up till you find a house. Talk to the woman in there and she 
    will heal all your PoKeMon for free. Remember this place...head up and grab 
    the Ice Berry from the tree. then fight the trainer...
    Cooltrainer Joyce
    Level 36 Pikachu (630 EXP)
    Level 32 Blastoise (1440 EXP)
    You get: 1536G
    Keep heading up to fight another...
    Cooltrainer Gaven
    Level 32 Victreebel (1302 EXP)
    Level 32 Krabby (1410 EXP)
    Level 32 Flareon (1357 EXP)
    You get: 1536G
    If Dratini reaches Level 22, it will want to learn Dragon Rage. Have it 
    replace Twister. Head on...north to the second to last trainer of the route.
    Cooltrainer Jake
    Level 33 Parasect (902 EXP)
    Level 35 Golduck (1305 EXP)
    You get: 1680G
    Head up...one more left. Fight the one who lost to your rival...
    Cooltrainer Beth
    Level 36 Rapidash (1478 EXP)
    You get: 1728G
    If you were to talk to her again you could switch numbers, but it's probably 
    out of room. Keep heading up, and you will eventually find yourself in the 
    checking station to the Elite Four. The guard will check your badges and if 
    you have all eight will let you pass, head in the door and into Victory Road. 
    You can also pick up an Max Elixer if you take the jumps back to heal.
    |Victory Road|
    Items found in Victory Road:
    Full Heal
    Full Restore
    Max Revive
    TM 26
    X Special
    Victory Road is nothing like it used to be. This eastern half of Victory Road 
    is now much easier with no puzzles to solve or any trainers to stand in your 
    way. Head up the stairway and up the cliff, then head down left. Now go up 
    and up the ladder. Go right up the cliff, then head down and move left. 
    You'll find an HP Up. Then head right and then up along that path, then up 
    another ladder. Head up the cliff on Floor 3, then go all the way around to 
    the ladder down. Grab the Full Restore, and jump down. and head left back up 
    the ladder. This time...go on the right path. You'll spot a door that seems 
    to be out of the cave. Save here. Before exiting the cave your Rival will 
    appear and challenge you to a rematch before facing the Elite Four. His 
    PoKeMoN still suck, and you should be able to easily defeat him with only 
    three of your PoKeMoN...use Raticate the all-powerful one to lead the power 
    but have Eevee start out.
    Level 34 Sneasel (961 EXP)
    Level 36 Golbat (1318 EXP)
    Level 34 Magneton (1173 EXP)
    Level 38 Feraligatr (1710 EXP)
    Level 35 Haunter (945 EXP)
    Level 35 Kadabra (1087 EXP)
    You get: 2280G
    Strategy VERSUS Sneasel: Use Eevee and his quick attacks to finish it off.
    Strategy VERSUS Golbat: Switch to Raticate for this battle. Finish it with 
    two hyper fangs and a quick attack. 
    Strategy VERSUS Magneton: Typhlosion's fire wheel is very effective, so 
    switch to Typhlosion. One attack should do.
    Strategy VERSUS Feraligatr: Use Raticate again and have it deal two hyper 
    fangs. Then, after Raticate falls, have Typhlosion attack it with two flame 
    wheels to finish it.
    Strategy VERSUS Haunter: Now things will get easier. Use two Flame Wheels to 
    finish Haunter off.
    Strategy VERSUS Kadabra: Two Flame Wheels will finish your rival off.
    W00t! You won with your shorthanded team! Your rival finally understands he 
    sucks and all, but he hasn't given up hope. He retreats, so now you can 
    advance. Get out of Victory Road to the north, and you'll be on...
    |Route 23|
    Well, there's really nothing on this route. Just head up into...
    |Indigo Plateau|
    Before you do anything, enter the large building of Indigo Plateau and then 
    heal. This will put you on the map for flying with Pidgey. Head to the right 
    for the PoKeMart section of the building, then buy ten hyper potions, ten 
    revives, and ten full heals. That will take care of most things. 
    12 hours into the game...your lineup should now be:
    Level 22 Dratini
    Level 35 Sudowoodo
    Level 37 Eevee
    Level 37 Raticate
    Level 37 Gyarados
    Level 39 Typhlosion
    As you are clearly not ready to battle the Elite Four yet, you're going to 
    need to train in Victory Road, primarily your Dratini. All PoKeMoN must be at 
    least Level 40 before you even try to battle, because the Elite Four's five 
    trainers will have PoKeMoN levelled from 40 all the way up to 50. You might 
    even want to visit Goldenrod City to get your Eevee happy, because you're 
    quickly going to need that Espeon for battle, but you won't be able to fly 
    there yet unless you go through the routes back to Johto. Head back into 
    Victory Road...
    |Victory Road|
    Head left and fall down the hole. You will land next to an item. Take it, for 
    it is TM26, Earthquake. Drop down, then go down the ladder. Head up the cliff 
    area and then head east and down the right side. Grab the Full Heal and Max 
    Revive, then head back up the cliff and use the escape route back to the 
    entrance. Heal whenever you need to, but keep training your PoKeMoN, and 
    don't stray too far from the entrance or you might get lost. For Sudowoodo, 
    Faint Attack should replace Flail. Teach HM03 Surf to both Dratini and 
    Gyarados, as it's one of the best water moves in the game. For Gyarados, have 
    it replace Thrash, but for Dratini, have it replace Extremespeed. Now, you 
    have water moves on two of your PoKeMoN. 
    At this point, you'll also want to evolve Eevee before he hits Level 47 
    through happiness, so you can head to Goldenrod for the happiness boost, plus 
    give him 2 HP Up, Calcium, 2 Protein, and 2 Rare Candies. Also let him take 
    every battle (make sure he doesn't faint) after Dratini gets some ups. A good 
    place to train in Johto is just below Blackthorn, with Routes 46 and 47. 
    Evolve Dratini to Dragonair, too.
    If you want to head back to Kanto, you can talk to the old man with the Abra 
    next to the PoKeMoN Center portion of Indigo Plateau's HQ and Abra will 
    teleport you back. Do not learn Agility on Dragonair...hydro pump on Gyarados 
    should replace Dragon Rage because Twister will turn deadlier later on. You 
    can also ride around the path you went from the beginning of the game all the 
    way to the Bug-Catching Contest...join that if you want. Keep moving around 
    Johto with Eevee as your 1st PoKeMoN on the list, because this helps 
    happiness, and even fight a few trainers you may have missed or want 
    rematches with. Buy TMs 41, 48, and 33. Teach Thunder Punch to Typhlosion, 
    replacing Ember. Teach Fire Punch to Sudowoodo, replacing Faint Attack. Also, 
    talking to Mr. PoKeMoN will give you EXP share after you trade the Red Scale 
    to him. Also visit Mt. Mortar in this time. You'll be able to get Ether, and 
    you'll fight a few trainers such as...
    PoKeManiac Miller
    Level 17 Nidoking (709 EXP)
    Level 17 Nidoqueen (706 EXP)
    You get: 1020G
    Head up in Mt. Mortar...this is a strange place. You'll also get a revive...
    Anyway, when you're ready to take on the Elite Four for the most part, head 
    back to Kanto. Just be prepared to make a major sacrifice to get Eevee to 
    evolve to Espeon...it takes forever to gain happiness and you can only gain 
    it by levelling up, walking around a LOT, AND adding happiness through the 
    Goldenrod salon guy. Also, when you get enough berries (seven), fly to 
    Olivine and then head north to the Moo Moo Farm. Head to the Miltank in the 
    leftmost house and then give it the seven berries necessary for it to heal. 
    After you heal it, head to the woman in the adjacent house and she will give 
    you TM13 for your troubles. TM13 is Snore. You can go to the man in the same 
    house and buy a few Moomoo Milks. They're actually better than the hyper 
    potions because you don't need to heal so much HP so it's cheaper.
    Heading east would get you a fight against...
    Bird Keeper Toby
    Level 15 Doduo (307 EXP)
    Level 16 Doduo (326 EXP)
    Level 17 Doduo (347 EXP)
    You get: 408G
    Run around till you feel like Eevee is ready to evolve. After hard work and 
    dedication, perhaps putting in three hours, Eevee will evolve into Espeon! 
    Train it to Level 47 so it can have Psychic to replace Sand-Attack.
    Your lineup to the Elite Four should be:
    Level 38 Raticate
    Level 40 Sudowoodo
    Level 40 Gyarados
    Level 40 Typhlosion
    Level 41 Dragonair
    Level 47 Espeon
    Warning: This is an even lower team than the one I brought in the Japanese 
    version of PoKeMoN Crystal...
    Now is the time that you face the Elite Four. Will you be the PoKeMoN Master 
    of the Johto League? Hopefully you have the six PoKeMoN I advised to have for 
    this battle, and have them all around Level 40 or higher. Like the previous 
    games you will have to face each trainer one by one with no stops to heal at 
    the PoKe Center so bring in any healing and reviving items, in case one of 
    your PoKeMoN gets KO'd by one of the Elite Four. The Elite Four may be tough, 
    but with the right PoKeMoN will go down in no time, and you will be crowned 
    the new PoKeMoN Champion.
    Elite Four Will
    Level 40 Xatu (1465 EXP)
    Level 41 Jynx (1203 EXP)
    Level 41 Slowbro (1440 EXP)
    Level 42 Xatu (1593 EXP)
    Level 41 Exeggutor (1861 EXP)
    You get: 4200G
    Strategy VERSUS 1st Xatu: Two hyper fangs from Raticate will knock it out. 
    Raticate will be hurt.
    Strategy VERSUS Jynx: One flame wheel from Typhlosion will send Jynx 
    panicking. Finish it off with a Quick Attack. Typhlosion will be hurt.
    Strategy VERSUS Slowbro: Use Typhlosion's new thunder punch to send Slowbro 
    flying. Use 2-3 of them. Thank Slowbro for using Amnesia first turn!
    Strategy VERSUS 2nd Xatu: This time, switch to Gyarados. Use 2-3 Surfs to 
    wipe it out.
    Strategy VERSUS Exeggutor: A flame wheel from Typhlosion will send Exeggutor 
    flying. Finish it off with a Quick Attack.
    Switch to Typhlosion as your first PoKeMoN, then...
    Elite Four Koga
    Level 40 Ariados (1147 EXP)
    Level 43 Forretress (1086 EXP)
    Level 41 Venomoth (1212 EXP)
    Level 42 Muk (1413 EXP)
    Level 44 Crobat (1923 EXP)
    You get: 4400G
    Strategy VERSUS Ariados - One flame wheel from Typhlosion will burn this 
    bug/poison PoKeMoN all the way.
    Strategy VERSUS Forretress - Fire burns steel. Amen.
    Strategy VERSUS Venomoth - Use a flame wheel, then add a quick attack on 
    Typhlosion. Easy.
    Strategy VERSUS Muk - Switch to Espeon and unleash that psychic! One of them 
    will take out Muk.
    Strategy VERSUS Crobat - A psychic from Espeon will send this bat down.
    Switch to Espeon as your first PoKeMoN.
    Elite Four Bruno
    Level 42 Hitmontop (1242 EXP)
    Level 42 Hitmonchan (1260 EXP) 
    Level 42 Hitmonlee (1242 EXP)
    Level 43 Onix (994 EXP)
    Level 46 Machamp (1902 EXP)
    You get: 4600G
    Strategy VERSUS Hitmontop: With Espeon leading the way, a psychic will bring 
    this baby down.
    Strategy VERSUS Hitmonchan: Hitmonchan is going to be a nightmare to fight 
    because of the elemental punches. Luckily for you, Espeon has NO weakness to 
    Hitmonchan and has psychic. One psychic downs it.
    Strategy VERSUS Hitmonlee: One psychic from Espeon makes it collapse.
    Strategy VERSUS Onix: Dragonair's surf will devastate it in one turn.
    Strategy VERSUS Machamp: Machamp is experienced with the fighting moves but 
    luckily you have Espeon again...haha. One psychic downs it.
    Switch to Raticate as the starter, then head to face...
    Elite Four Karen
    Level 42 Umbreon (1773 EXP) 
    Level 42 Vileplume (1656 EXP)
    Level 45 Gengar (1831 EXP)
    Level 44 Murkrow (1008 EXP)
    Level 47 Houndoom (2053 EXP)
    You get: 4700G
    Strategy VERSUS Umbreon: Have Raticate lead the way for this battle with 
    three hyper fangs, then after Raticate falls, switch to Typhlosion. Two flame 
    wheels should do it.
    Strategy VERSUS Vileplume: Two flame wheels from Typhlosion will annihilate 
    Strategy VERSUS Gengar: Switch to Espeon and have Psychic destroy Gengar in 
    one move.
    Strategy VERSUS Murkrow: Two flame wheels from Typhlosion should destroy it.
    Strategy VERSUS Houndoom: Use Sudowoodo and thrash it with two rock slides. 
    That'll knock it out.
    Now that you've got your team thrashed by the Elite Four, heal up EVERYONE 
    all the way. The final challenge for PoKeMoN League champion begins...who is 
    stronger? Start with Dragonair.
    Champion Lance
    Level 44 Gyarados (2017 EXP)
    Level 47 Dragonite (2194 EXP)
    Level 47 Dragonite (2194 EXP)
    Level 46 Aerodactyl
    Level 46 Charizard
    Level 50 Dragonite
    You get: 5000GH
    Strategy VERSUS Gyarados: Electric moves will down it, along with Rock and 
    Dragon moves. You will not want to open this battle with a Typhlosion or 
    Sudowoodo for obvious reasons...they're not fast enough anyway. This leaves 
    Espeon, Raticate, and Dragonair. Start with Dragonair and "stun" it with 
    Thunder Wave, then hit Dragon Rages one by one. Four of them will do justice 
    to Gyarados.
    Strategy VERSUS 1st Dragonite: Ice, Electric, and Rock moves are beneficial 
    here, but face it, three Dragonites are gonna blow you away. Switch to Espeon 
    to unleash Psychic moves. Two will take it out.
    Strategy VERSUS 2nd Dragonite: Hit another psychic with Espeon (two if you 
    can, but you might be out), then use take downs. Use two to take it out!
    Strategy VERSUS Aerodactyl: Water is your best bet, but you could also use 
    Grass, Electric, and Rock moves. Switch to Sudowoodo, then use two rock 
    slides to wipe it out.
    Strategy VERSUS Charizard: Charizard's weaknesses as a Fire/Flying type are 
    Water, Electric, and Rock, especially Water and Rock. Keep Sudowoodo on the 
    floor to attack with more rock slides. One of them should down it.
    Strategy VERSUS 3rd Dragonite: Keep Sudowoodo on the field while you 
    unparalyze that Espeon, then bring it to the field. Use a take down, then 
    he'll fall. Switch to Typhlosion, then use Thunder Punch three times before 
    he drops. Next up, you have Gyarados and Raticate left. Send out Raticate. 
    Revive Typhlosion after you unleash a Hyper Fang. Raticate will fall...use 
    Typhlosion and continue those Thunder Punches. There isn't much you can do 
    because Dragonite got a max potion... Revive Espeon when Gyarados gets out, 
    then heal it all the way, and revive Typhlosion. Switch to Espeon and use a 
    take down. You will finally down the Dragonite!
    Congratulations! You have defeated the Elite Four! Lance doesn't seem angry 
    that he lost but rather, happy that you were the one to become the new champ. 
    He congratulates you.
    After defeating the Johto League Elite Four members, you've beaten the first 
    half of the game. A very impatient news reporter (Mary) comes, and expects 
    you to "do" an interview with you. Finally, Lance will become impatient and 
    take you into the next room to be inducted into the hall of fame while the 
    news reporter lady paces back and forth saying "What about my interview!" 
    Professor Oak arrives with her... 
    Anyway, Lance leads you to enter everyone into the Hall of Fame, and comments 
    on your greatness and love for all PoKeMoN. Here, your Level 41 Dragonair, 
    Level 41 Sudowoodo, Level 40 Gyarados, Level 49 Espeon, Level 38 Raticate, 
    and Level 42 Typhlosion are entered, as well as yourself. In 17:27, you have 
    The credits will roll, while playing some snappy music, and finally the game 
    will say "The End". Don't turn your Gameboy off yet, the game isn't over...
    There is no more fighting your rival at the end of the game....well at least 
    yet. The game isn't over yet!
    After the credits finish rolling, you will arrive back in New Bark Town. Go 
    into Prof. Elm's lab because he wants to show you something...he'll even call 
    you to get your attention. He will give you a S.S. Ticket! Head west to 
    Cherrygrove, then take that ticket to Olivine City with your Pidgey, because 
    this will let you go to the lands of Kanto!
    Go south, until you reach a house that takes you down to a docking bay. Here 
    you can get on the boat!
    After achieving all eight badges, and defeating the Johto League, you will be 
    able to go to the Old World (Kanto), that was once only able to go to in the 
    previous versions of the PoKeMoN games. Fly back to Olivine City. You will be 
    able to board the S.S. Aqua, and fight PoKeMoN trainers while waiting. Make 
    sure you are healed before you go here, for there is no PoKeMoN treatment 
    center on the boat. Head southeast from the PoKeMoN Center in Olivine to head 
    onto the S.S. Aqua's dock. Head up the few stairs, then you will come out 
    onto the true part of the dock, then the guy there will let you on the Fast 
    Ship S.S. Aqua, then they'll force you onto the ship.
    Your lineup to bring to Kanto should be:
    Level 38 Raticate
    Level 40 Gyarados
    Level 41 Sudowoodo
    Level 41 Dragonair
    Level 42 Typhlosion
    Level 49 Espeon
    Eventually, you will arrive at Vermillion City. A lot of the music has been 
    remixed to almost sound like the old games. 
    Here, you can fight Lt. Surge, Misty, Erika, Sabrina, A new trainer at Koga's 
    gym, Brock, Gary and even Ash Ketchum himself! You can go back on the S.S. 
    Aqua anytime you want, but you may not know how to get off of the boat. You 
    can go to sleep in the bed at your room and when you wake up, you'll be able 
    to leave the S.S. Aqua. Welcome back to Kanto!
    | T h e W o r l d o f K a n t o |
    |Saint Aqua|
    Welcome to the second half of the game, the journeys of Kanto! The ship will 
    begin sailing to Kanto and right when you head down, a sailor will bump into 
    you. You'll learn from that man that his daughter is missing. Head left into 
    the room you see, then you'll fight...
    Hiker Noland
    Level 31 Sandslash (1081 EXP)
    Level 33 Golem (1242 EXP)
    You get: 1056G
    The room two to the left of Noland's room is yours, and there's no other 
    rooms in the top portion (the four you see right away) that have trainers, 
    so...head around the left side and to the room just below yours. Fight!
    Firebreather Lyle
    Level 28 Koffing (684 EXP)
    Level 31 Flareon (1314 EXP)
    Level 28 Koffing (684 EXP)
    You get: 1344G
    Battle all the trainers if you want, you can always change your line-up and 
    heal in your room. Your room is the one all the way at the west end with the 
    sailor in front of it. Head two rooms to the right and go up to...
    PoKeFan Colin
    Level 32 Delibird (1254 EXP)
    You get: ???G
    By now Raticate should be getting Super Fang. Have it replace Scary Face. Oh 
    yeah, if anyone can get me the G I missed there, that'd be great. Just email 
    me saying PoKeFan Colin and however much G. Thanks...head up to...
    Twins Meg & Peg
    Level 31 Teddiursa (823 EXP)
    Level 31 Phanpy (823 EXP)
    You get: 620G
    Head to the room to the right and you'll speak to the old man again. Go 
    downstairs (next to his room) and you'll be blocked. Talk to that guy. The 
    stairway downstairs is blocked for the moment, so go up to the room to the 
    right of yours to battle that Sailor...
    Sailor Stanly
    Level 31 Machop (583 EXP)
    Level 33 Machoke (1032 EXP)
    Level 26 Psyduck (445 EXP)
    You get: 1040G
    Now that you've defeated him and he's gone back to his post, go back 
    downstairs. Talk to the same guy that blocked you and he will let you pass. 
    He also mentions that he let a little girl pass by there. Head left then down 
    to face...
    Juggler Fritz
    Level 29 Mr. Mime (844 EXP)
    Level 29 Machoke (906 EXP)
    Level 29 Magmar (1036 EXP)
    You get: 1160G
    Head back up and left, then enter the next "room"...
    Sailor Jeff
    Level 32 Raticate (795 EXP)
    Level 32 Raticate (795 EXP)
    You get: 1280G
    You'll still get phone calls from the Johto people, who don't seem to have an 
    idea where you are. Hehe...head up and left and talk to the girl. She'll 
    battle you.
    Picnicker Debra
    Level 33 Seaking (1201 EXP)
    Head down from Debra and up the stairs. Then go through the door and talk to 
    the girl. She'll find out that her grandpa is worried about her, and then 
    you'll  fast-forward to you getting the Metal Cort by the thankful, old man 
    for finding her. Now, the ship will arrive in Kanto with the message. Go back 
    up and talk to the guy blocking the door. Now head off the ship into...
    |Vermillion City|
    Now that you get off the S.S. Aqua, and you find yourself at Vermillion City! 
    Go down the stairs, then up the stairs and out the door. You'll see your 
    first glimpse of the Vermillion City three years later. Follow the route 
    north and you're out of the Vermillion Port. Head west and you'll find the 
    PoKeMoN Center...heal, deposit Espeon, and grab Bellsprout. Anyway, head down 
    to the gym and cut down the tree blocking the gym. Feel free to look around a 
    little bit. You see the gym looks pretty much the same and other features 
    from Red/Blue/Yellow are still here. Let's hit the gym first. Use your Elite 
    Four lineup except for no Espeon.
    Anyway, there's a power outage or something, because his usual puzzle from 
    RBY is gone...there's just three apprentices awaiting you. Activate Sudowoodo 
    as your primary PoKeMoN, then let the fun begin. Go up to...
    Guitarist Vincent
    Level 27 Magnemite (??? EXP)
    Level 33 Voltorb (727 EXP)
    Level 32 Magnemite (609 EXP)
    Level 32 Magnemite (609 EXP)
    You get: 1024G
    Haha! Note the new PoKeMoN music for Kanto...it's like some sort of remix. 
    Before you can even move, you face...
    Juggler Horton
    Level 33 Electrode (1060 EXP)
    Level 33 Electrode (1060 EXP)
    Level 33 Electrode (1060 EXP)
    Level 33 Electrode (1060 EXP)
    You get: 1320G
    Wow, that took a pounding with those nasty Self-Destructs...head right then 
    up to face...
    Gentleman Gregory
    Level 37 Pikachu (649 EXP)
    Level 33 Flaaffy (826 EXP)
    You get: 2376G
    Now that you've defeated Lt. Surge's underlings, head back out to heal, then 
    come back in and talk to Lt. Surge. Now it is time to go and face Lt. Surge. 
    18 hours into the game, let's take the battle in our own hands. Have 
    Sudowoodo first. He's gonna zap you like he did in war against his enemies as 
    the #1 electric master. Oh no! :P
    Level 44 Raichu (1149 EXP)
    Level 40 Magneton (1380 EXP)
    Level 46 Electrabuzz (1537 EXP)
    Level 40 Electrode (1285 EXP)
    Level 40 Electrode (1285 EXP)
    You get: Thunder Badge, 4600G
    Strategy VERSUS Raichu: Sudowoodo should take care of this battle. Use two 
    rock slides to beat Raichu.
    Strategy VERSUS Magneton: Switch to Typhlosion for fiery power. A single 
    flame wheel will destroy it because it's half-steel.
    Strategy VERSUS Electrabuzz: Four flame wheels from Typhlosion should seal it.
    Strategy VERSUS 1st Electrode: Let Gyarados take this battle because 
    Electrode might explode...do dragon rages.
    Strategy VERSUS 2nd Electrode: Use two flame wheels from Typhlosion to 
    destroy it.
    Well, that was uber-easy. Oh well...that's NINE badges, with ONE in Kanto! 
    Yay! Thunder Badge increases PoKeMoN speed. Head up from the gym and you'll 
    find the PoKeMoN Club still there. Talk to the chairman at the very top and 
    he'll ask if you want to hear about his PoKeMoN. Do so and he'll rant on. 
    Eventually, he'll give you a Rare Candy for listening to him. Now, head to 
    the left of the PoKeMoN Center to talk to the fisherman, the Fishing Dude, 
    then heal. You'll want to head north now, onto...
    |Route 6|
    You'll spot two men talking to each other. Talk to the one on the left and he 
    will fight you.
    PoKeFan Rex
    Level 35 Phanpy (930 EXP)
    You get: 2800G
    Now, talk to the one on the right!
    PoKeFan Allan
    Level 35 Teddirusa (930 EXP)
    You get: 2800G
    After you beat both trainers, head north through the checkpoint house into...
    |Saffron City|
    Heal, then ride to the house to the far right of it. Talk to the guy inside 
    and you will get TM29 Psychic! Next, enter Silph Co. This is the really large 
    building above the PoKeMoN Center in which you had a long battle against Team 
    Rocket in RBY. Talk to the guy blocking the pathway up to Floor 1 and you 
    will get Up-Grade. Now head back out and go to the upper-right corner of 
    Saffron City and you'll spot two gyms. Enter the left one first. Let Gyarados 
    be the first PoKeMoN here, then move up. Grab the Focus Band from behind the 
    guy you see, then head right into Saffron's official gym to the right and 
    you'll find that the puzzle from the RBY games is back. After you go through 
    the initial teleporter, fight...
    Medium Rebecca
    Level 35 Drowzee (765 EXP)
    Level 35 Hypno (1237 EXP)
    You get: 1400G
    Head left through the teleporter, then fight Psychic Franklin.
    Psychic Franklin
    Level 37 Kadabra (1149 EXP)
    You get: 1184G
    Head left through the teleporter and fight...
    Psychic Jared
    Level 32 Mr. Mime (931 EXP)
    Level 32 Exeggcute (672 EXP)
    Level 32 Exeggcute (672 EXP)
    You get: 1120G
    Head left through the teleporter, then right to...
    Medium Doris
    Level 34 Slowpoke (720 EXP)
    Level 36 Slowbro (1264 EXP)
    You get: 1440G
    Head right through that teleporter, then left through the next, then 
    left/right (whichever way works) till you find that one trainer again 
    (Franklin), then go the opposite teleporter direction to outside the gym to 
    heal at the Center, then head back in.
    Your lineup should look like:
    Level 41 Gyarados
    Level 41 Dragonair
    Level 42 Raticate
    Level 43 Sudowoodo
    Level 43 Typhlosion
    Level 49 Espeon
    Head through the 1st teleporter, then go up, left, down, and then down. 
    You'll reach Sabrina. Use Espeon as your starter because it has bite. Now 
    it's time to get your 10th badge, two badges within a half-hour shift. She 
    will say she's seen your arrival from three years ago. Let's go for it.
    Level 46 Espeon (1912 EXP)
    Level 46 Mr. Mime (1941 EXP)
    Level 48 Alakazam (1339 EXP)
    You get: Marsh Badge, 4800G
    Strategy VERSUS Espeon: Use your own Espeon. Finish it off with two bites. 
    Strategy VERSUS Mr. Mime: Typhlosion can finish it off with flame wheel.
    Strategy VERSUS Alakazam: Three flame wheels from Typhlosion will down her.
    Talk to her again and she'll say the love for your PoKeMoN earned you victory 
    after victory. Well, that's awesome...you have ten badges within a half-hour 
    of being in Kanto! Now to get out of the gym, head out the only teleporter, 
    then go right, right, up, and right.
    Heal at the PoKeMoN Center, then we'll head through the route-changing 
    station and north onto...
    |Route 5|
    Items Found on Route 5:
    Cleanse Tag
    There are no trainers here, so don't even look for anyone. Get the Cleanse 
    Tag at the old Daycare Center of B/G/R/Y by dropping down a few times from 
    Cerulean. Now, head north into Cerulean City.
    |Cerulean City|
    Enter the Cerulean PoKeMoN Gym and go up and you'll find that no one is 
    there! Go to the PoKeMoN Center here and deposit your Espeon, then withdraw 
    that Bellsprout you had earlier. Now, head east onto Route 9. Remember to 
    have Dragonair out too as you need Surf.
    |Route 9|
    PoKeMoN found on Route 9:
    Cut the tree at the entrance, then keep heading east. You'll fight some 
    trainers here. The first one on the route is...
    Picnicker Edna
    Level 30 Nidorina (751 EXP)
    Level 34 Raichu (888 EXP)
    You get: 680G
    Head up to way above her and you'll find...
    Camper Sid
    Level 32 Dugtrio (1048 EXP)
    Level 29 Poliwrath (1149 EXP)
    Level 29 Primeape (925 EXP)
    You get: 580G
    Head back down and right to...
    Camper Dean
    Level 33 Golduck (1230 EXP)
    Level 31 Sandslash (1081 EXP)
    You get: 620G
    Head right on the green, bottom path till you face...
    Hiker Sidney
    Level 34 Dugtrio (1114 EXP)
    Level 32 Onix (739 EXP)
    You get: 1024G
    Head back up to Camper Dean, then head up to...
    Hiker Tim
    Level 31 Graveler (889 EXP)
    Level 31 Graveler (889 EXP)
    Level 31 Graveler (889 EXP)
    You get: 992G
    Head east for your final battle on the route.
    Picnicker Heidi
    Level 32 Skiploom (931 EXP)
    Level 32 Skiploom (931 EXP)
    You get: 640G
    Head east and then head onto...
    |Route 10|
    PoKeMoN found on Route 10:
    All there is a PoKeMoN Center here, so heal, then head back up till you are 
    able to surf on that river. Surf down the river till you hit a dead end. This 
    is where you'll stop, at the...
    |Kanto Power Plant|
    Talk to all seven people inside, including the manager. The Machine Part 
    powering the Magnet Train has been stolen and they are all depressed and 
    furious. Head out towards the exit and it turns out there's a mysterious man 
    in Cerulean that may have done it and he asks for your cooperation. Now, 
    leave the Power Plant and surf back up to Route 9, then head west to Cerulean 
    City. Head into the gym and then a Team Rocket member will run into you and 
    run off. Remember this guy...then head up to...
    |Route 24|
    You'll find the Team Rocket-kind-of-guy, with his strange grammar and 
    foreignness, on what was the Nugget Bridge. Battle him. Just zap his Golbat 
    out of the sky. 
    Rocket Grunt
    Level 30 Golbat (1098 EXP)
    You get: 1200G
    After that ridiculously easy victory, he'll tell you to look for the Machine 
    Part in the middle of the Cerulean Gym and he leaves, so head back and go to 
    the 4-square lake you see in there. It will be in the top left square, so 
    face it and click away to get it. Head back east through Route 9 and Route 10 
    to the Power Plant! Head in and talk to the Manager. For helping him, he'll 
    give you TM07 Zap Cannon! Head back to Cerulean and grab your Pidgey after 
    depositing Typhlosion, then head back up to Route 24, then to Route 25.
    |Route 25|
    Believe it or not, it's time for more fighting. There's no Team Rocket here 
    this time, but you'll still have a challenge to fight through! The northwest 
    part of the route has a Potion under a bush, so grab that, then head east to 
    fight your first trainer. If you beat the six trainers, then you'll win a 
    Schoolboy Dudley
    Level 35 Oddish (585 EXP)
    You get: 1120G
    Then head east to...
    Lass Ellen
    Level 30 Wigglytuff (700 EXP)
    Level 34 Granbull (1296 EXP)
    You get: 816G
    Continue on to...
    Schoolboy Joe
    Level 33 Tangela (1173 EXP)
    Level 33 Vaporeon (1386 EXP)
    You get: 1056G
    Head along the path through the trees to...
    Lass Laura
    Level 28 Gloom (792 EXP)
    Level 31 Pidgeotto (750 EXP)
    Level 31 Bellossom (1221 EXP)
    You get: 744G
    Before you can even move, there comes Trainer 5...
    Camper Lloyd
    Level 34 Nidoking (1420 EXP)
    You get: 680G
    Last trainer...last battle to be annoyed with. Lass Shannon will be your 
    final fight out of the six.
    Lass Shannon
    Level 29 Paras (435 EXP)
    Level 29 Paras (435 EXP)
    Level 32 Parasect (877 EXP)
    You get: 768G
    Talk to her again and...no prize? Well, head on to the one who was waiting 
    for you to get weakened before fighting you...
    Super Nerd Pat
    Level 36 Porygon (1002 EXP)
    You get: 1152G
    Easy win. Talk to the guy to the right of him to get a Nugget! Those sell for 
    5000G...nice money. Then, you'll fight the guy that just gave you because he 
    wants to see how well he'll fare. He'll be stronger than any of the seven you 
    just fought.
    Cooltrainer Kevin
    Level 38 Rhyhorn (1098 EXP)
    Level 35 Charmeleon (1065 EXP)
    Level 35 Wartortle (1072 EXP)
    You get: 1680G
    Cut the tree above Pat and then grab a free Protein. Head on east to what was 
    Bill's place in RBY and you'll see that Misty is on a date. The guy quickly 
    runs away when he sees you and Misty gets pissed when she comes up to you. So 
    you're a pest now, but she says she will take you on after she sees all your 
    Johto badges. Before you head back though, enter Bill's house and talk to his 
    grandfather. If you show him certain PoKeMoN like Growlithe, Lickitung, 
    Oddish, Pichu, or Staryu, he'll give you the respective rewards of a Fire 
    Stone, an Everstone, a Leaf Stone, a Thunder Stone, and a Water Stone. Now 
    head back down to...
    |Cerulean City|
    Heal, then head into the Gym as Raticate as your starter, as it'll have the 
    hyper fang. Hehe. Head on the left path to fight...
    Swimmer Briana
    Level 35 Seaking (1275 EXP)
    Level 35 Seaking (1275 EXP)
    You get: 700G
    Now, head on the right path to face...
    Swimmer Parker
    Level 32 Horsea (568 EXP)
    Level 32 Horsea (568 EXP)
    Level 35 Seadra (1162 EXP)
    You get: 280G
    Move on to take on the final trainer before Misty.
    Swimmer Diana
    Level 37 Golduck (1378 EXP)
    You get: 740G
    Heal, then go back in and talk to Misty. 19:22 into the game, she still 
    remembers you as a pest. Hehe...
    Level 42 Golduck (1566 EXP)
    Level 42 Quagsire (1233 EXP)
    Level 44 Lapras (2064 EXP)
    Level 47 Starmie (2083 EXP)
    You get: Cascade Badge, 4,700G
    Strategy VERSUS Golduck: It seems Misty has finally evolved her Psyduck. Two 
    hyper fangs from Raticate will own it.
    Strategy VERSUS Quagsire: Again, keep Raticate and nail it down with two 
    hyper fangs and quick attack. 
    Strategy VERSUS Lapras: Two hyper fangs from Raticate, then switch to 
    Dragonair and dragon rage. Next up, use Gyarados to bite it to victory.
    Strategy VERSUS Starmie: Raticate's hyper fangs will finish it off. Not too 
    After Misty falls, you get your 11th badge and 4700G! Nice! Misty even wants 
    to go to Johto to face strong trainers... Now heal and get your Pidgey to fly 
    |Saffron City|
    Well, 1 1/2 hours into the game, with 3 major cities visited and 3 badges. 
    Not too bad. Anyway, head up to the building northwest of Silph Co., and then 
    inside. Walk up the stairs and you'll find Mimic Girl from RBY. Talk to her 
    and she'll imitate you, then ask for a PokeDoll. if you can give her one, 
    you'll get the Rail Pass, which will make travel back to Johto nearly 
    instant. So head out and fly to...
    |Vermillion City|
    Enter the PoKeMoN Lovers Club in this city...it's the same one in where you 
    got the Rare Candy. Instead, talk to the guy near the Clefairy. Turns out the 
    PokeDoll IS the Clefairy...he'll give you the doll. Fly back to Saffron.
    |Saffron City|
    Re-enter the Mimic Girl's house and up to her room/floor. Talk to her and 
    give it back, and she'll give you a Magnet Train Pass! It's for unlimited use 
    on the Magnet Train that is at the northwest corner of the city, to the left 
    of that route-changing house. Now fly back to Cerulean, head east on Routes 9 
    and 10, heal at the Center, deposit Raticate and withdraw Togepi for flash. 
    Then, enter...
    |Rock Tunnel|
    Head along the path to the right and go down the ladder. Then head left. Keep 
    heading left at the intersection to get an Iron, then head back and up the 
    curvy path. It's really too bad there's no challenge in here...yet. Head up 
    the ladder, then head down and right. Head down that ladder. Head up from 
    there to grab the revive, then come back down and go west. Head up the ladder 
    at the leftmost part of that section of the "tunnel". Move down and left. 
    Grab the item on the cliff (TM47 Steel Wing), and bike down and out of the 
    cave onto...
    |Route 10|
    Welcome to the...other side of Route 10. Head right to fight...
    Hiker Jim
    Level 35 Machamp (1447 EXP)
    You get: 1120G
    Bike southward, then a bit to the left to battle...
    PoKeFan Robert
    Level 33 Quagsire (967 EXP)
    You get: 2640G
    Head down into...
    |Lavender Town|
    Remember the tower that was once known as PoKeMoN Tower in RBY? It has been 
    transformed into a Radio Tower! Talk to the director inside (he'll be in the 
    middle of that floor) and he will thank you for saving the Power Plant. 
    You'll get the Expansion Card for the PokeGear Radio and you can now tune in 
    to Kanto channels. You'll also get to use the PokeFlute through that. Heal in 
    the Center for the record (for flying later). You'll still find the Name 
    Rater here. Head south onto...
    |Route 12|
    OK, you're going to fight a few trainers on the way here...
    Fisher Kyle
    Level 28 Seaking (1020 EXP)
    Level 31 Poliwhirl (870 EXP)
    Level 31 Seaking (1128 EXP)
    You get: 1240G
    Head south to face...
    Fisher Martin
    Level 32 Remoraid (534 EXP)
    Level 32 Remoraid (534 EXP)
    You get: 1280G
    Head down, then talk to the fisherman...
    Fisher Stephen
    Level 25 Magikarp (106 EXP)
    Level 25 Magikarp (106 EXP)
    Level 31 Qwilfish (663 EXP)
    Level 31 Tentacruel (1360 EXP)
    You get: 1240G
    Head south and go into the house. Talk to the guy who is the Fishing Guru's 
    younger brother. Answer Yes to his question and you'll get a Super Rod! Woot. 
    Anyway, keep heading down Route 12 to...
    Fisher Barney
    Level 30 Gyarados (1375 EXP)
    Level 30 Gyarados (1375 EXP)
    Level 30 Gyarados (1375 EXP)
    You get: 1200G
    Head down the path and you'll see an item that is blocked by a tree. Cut it 
    down, then grab the Calcium. Keep heading down to...
    |Route 13|
    Head southward and then up to the two boys standing there. Fight the left one 
    Bird Keeper Perry
    Level 34 Farfetch'd (684 EXP)
    You get: 816G
    Then the right guy.
    Bird Keeper Bret
    Level 32 Pidgeotto (774 EXP)
    Level 32 Fearow (1110 EXP)
    You get: 768G
    Head left and talk to the next trainer, who will fight you.
    PoKeFan Joshua
    Level 23 Pikachu (403 EXP)
    Level 23 Pikachu (403 EXP)
    Level 23 Pikachu (403 EXP)
    Level 23 Pikachu (403 EXP)
    Level 23 Pikachu (403 EXP)
    Level 23 Pikachu (403 EXP)
    You get: 1840G
    Head around that trainer, then head left to face...
    PoKeFan Alex
    Level 29 Nidoking (1210 EXP)
    Level 29 Slowking (1018 EXP)
    Level 29 Seaking (1056 EXP)
    You get: 2320G
    Head left again in the weird maze to face...
    Hiker Kenny
    Level 27 Sandslash (942 EXP)
    Level 29 Graveler (832 EXP)
    Level 31 Golem (1174 EXP)
    Level 29 Graveler (832 EXP)
    You get: 928G
    Head down onto...
    |Route 14|
    You'll spot a trainer as you ride down, and just above him, there's a tree 
    that can be cut. Cut it and go left to fight...
    PoKeFan Trevor
    Level 33 Psyduck (565 EXP)
    You get: 2640G
    Cut the tree above him and you have a chance to trade a Chansey for an 
    Aerodactyl. Otherwise, head right to face the trainer you skipped...
    PoKeFan Carter
    Level 29 Bulbasaur (397 EXP)
    Level 29 Squirtle (409 EXP)
    Level 29 Charmander (403 EXP)
    You get: 2320G
    Head down to face...
    Bird Keeper Roy
    Level 29 Fearow (1006 EXP)
    Level 35 Fearow (1215 EXP)
    You get: 840G
    Head left and cut the tree, onto...
    |Route 15|
    Grab the PP Up as you ride west, then drop to the left (skipping all the 
    trainers for now) and head west across the route-changing house into...
    |Fuchsia City|
    First, Cut your way to the Safari Zone building to find...that the warden 
    isn't here so the Safari Zone is closed for the time being. Pick up the Burnt 
    Berry as the consolation in the northwest portion of the city. Heal at the 
    PoKeMoN Center...then head EAST back onto Route 15. That's right, east. Go 
    and deposit Togepi, and withdraw Typhlosion, too...head east now.
    |Route 15|
    First battle is against...
    Schoolboy Kipp
    Level 27 Voltorb (595 EXP)
    Level 27 Magnemite (514 EXP)
    Level 31 Voltorb (684 EXP)
    Level 31 Magneton (1069 EXP)
    You get: 992G
    Continue going right...
    Schoolboy Tommy
    Level 32 Xatu (1171 EXP)
    Level 34 Alakazam (1354 EXP)
    You get: 1088G
    Head right to...
    Teacher Hillary
    Level 32 Aipom (643 EXP)
    Level 36 Cubone (670 EXP)
    You get: 2592G
    Head right to...
    Schoolboy Billy
    Level 27 Paras (405 EXP)
    Level 27 Paras (405 EXP)
    Level 27 Poliwhirl (757 EXP)
    Level 35 Ditto (457 EXP)
    You get: 1120G
    Head right to...
    Teacher Colette
    Level 36 Clefairy (523 EXP)
    You get: 2592G
    Now, head right to the final trainer.
    Schoolboy Johnny
    Level 29 Bellsprout (522 EXP)
    Level 33 Victreebel (1350 EXP)
    Level 31 Weepinbell (1002 EXP)
    You get: 1056G
    Now, head up to Route 14, then to 13, and 12. When you pass the place where 
    you got the Super Rod, head west on that route. It is Route 11...
    |Route 11|
    Head immediately west to fight...
    Psychic Herman
    Level 30 Exeggcute (630 EXP)
    Level 30 Exeggutor (1362 EXP)
    Level 30 Exeggcute (630 EXP)
    You get: 960G
    Follow the route west till you battle...
    Youngster Owen
    Level 35 Growlithe (682 EXP)
    You get: 560G
    Head up, then left, to...
    Youngster Jason
    Level 33 Sandslash (1152 EXP)
    Level 33 Crobat (1441 EXP)
    You get: 528G
    You can grab a berry if you follow the up then right route. Do so, then head 
    back the way you came and left from Trainer 3 to...
    Psychic Fidel
    Level 34 Xatu (1245 EXP)
    You get: 1088G
    Head west and you'll find that a Snorlax is blocking you from entering 
    Diglett's Cave or reaching Vermillion. Remember this. Fly to Lavender Town.
    |Lavender Town|
    Heal, then deposit Togepi and withdraw Typhlosion so he can get some 
    experience. When he reaches Level 45, have Typhlosion replace Tackle with 
    Swift. Now, let's advance westward to...
    |Route 8|
    There are five trainers here...grab a PRZCure Berry when you enter the route, 
    then head down to face...
    Super Nerd Tom
    Level 32 Magnemite (609 EXP)
    Level 32 Magnemite (609 EXP)
    Level 32 Magnemite (609 EXP)
    You get: 1024G
    Head west along the route to fight another Super Nerd...
    Super Nerd Sam
    Level 34 Grimer (655 EXP)
    Level 34 Muk (1143 EXP)
    You get: 1088G
    Head along the route west, then you'll see three bikers. These bikers are 
    part of the Kanto PoKeMoN Federation. Destroy them...starting with...
    Biker Zeke
    Level 32 Koffing (781 EXP)
    Level 32 Koffing (781 EXP)
    You get: 1024G
    Head up to face...
    Biker Harris
    Level 34 Flareon (1441 EXP)
    You get: 1088G
    Talk to him again and he says "Wiped out by some punk from Johto". Haha! Now 
    fight the last one!
    Biker Dwayne
    Level 27 Koffing (658 EXP)
    Level 28 Koffing (684 EXP)
    Level 29 Koffing (708 EXP)
    Level 30 Koffing (732 EXP)
    You get: 960G
    And there goes the KPF in a few minutes. Yay? Kanto battles are so 
    easy...head west back into Saffron City and heal. Then, head west across the 
    route-changing house into...
    |Route 7|
    We're heading west now, west towards Celadon City. There are no trainers on 
    this route so just run through and into...
    |Celadon City|
    You can play slots here, and the big PoKeMart is also still here. Anyway, 
    okay, go behind the PoKeMoN Center. Eventually you'll find that there's a 
    door entrance in the back of this one building, in where you got Eevee in 
    RBY. That's the Celadon Mansion. Head up three stairs, then go into the room. 
    Talk to the guy and he will tell you a so-called scary story. Anyway, at the 
    end, he'll give you TM03 Curse. Hehe. Now head back down the few stairs and 
    out the door.
    Next up, let's hit the Celadon City Restaurant. This is located at the south-
    central portion of the city. Go in and get Leftovers from the trash can 
    inside. Leftovers heals your PoKeMoN at a nice rate each turn. Now go out, 
    and head right, then up into a dead end. Press A and you'll get a PP Up! Yay!
    Now, head down southwest and cut the bush that blocks your way. Head west and 
    you should arrive at Erika's gym, the place it was in the previous games. The 
    apprentices in there are going to act a bit strange depending on whether you 
    are a guy or girl (and even so, you'll still be looked at weirdly)... Now 
    switch to Typhlosion as your primary PoKeMoN for obvious reasons...head right 
    up and you'll face...
    Twins Jo & Zoe
    Level 35 Victreebel (1432 EXP)
    Level 35 Vileplume (1380 EXP)
    You get: 700G
    After burning those grass types literally, head around the twins and face...
    Picnicker Tanya
    Level 37 Exeggutor (1680 EXP)
    You get: 740G
    Head right to..."Do you think a girls-only gym is rare?"
    Lass Michelle
    Level 32 Skiploom (931 EXP)
    Level 34 Jumpluff (1281 EXP)
    Level 33 Hoppip (522 EXP)
    You get: 816G
    Head up to face the final minor trainer of the gym.
    Beauty Julia
    Level 32 Paras (480 EXP)
    Level 32 Exeggcute (672 EXP)
    Level 35 Parasect (960 EXP)
    You get: 3080G
    The lineup (from Elite 4) that you would have at this point is:
    Level 44 Sudowoodo
    Level 45 Dragonair
    Level 45 Raticate
    Level 47 Typhlosion
    Level 47 Gyarados
    Level 49 Espeon
    Anyway, it's time to beat Erika. This should be an easy battle for 
    Typhlosion. Johtoness...let's begin!
    Level 42 Tangela (1494 EXP)
    Level 46 Victreebel (1882 EXP)
    Level 46 Bellossom (1813 EXP)
    Level 41 Jumpluff (1545 EXP)
    You get: Rainbow Badge, 4,600G, TM19 (Mega Drain)
    Strategy VERSUS Tangela: One flame wheel from Typhlosion will down it.
    Strategy VERSUS Victreebel: Typhlosion's ONE flame wheel will fall it.
    Strategy VERSUS Bellossom: One flame wheel from Typhlosion ACTUALLY won't cut 
    it here. Luckily, it's not enough for it to do anything back, so finish it 
    with swift. 
    Strategy VERSUS Jumpluff: Yes, as much as it looks like a water type, it's a 
    grass type. Destroy it with one flame wheel. 
    Erika congratulates you and gives you your 12th badge. Yay! Just three hours 
    in Johto...Giga Drain would be a very deadly move if it didn't only have 5PP. 
    Oh well. Anyway, after easily beating Erika, you now must take the Cycling 
    Road towards Fuschia now...yes, even though you've visited, you could use the 
    experience...heal if you must (you shouldn't need to), then head west across 
    the route-changing house onto...
    |Route 16|
    There are no trainers on this route, but there are PoKeMoN if you want to 
    catch them...you'll need Cut though. Ride your bike for safety reasons, and 
    head south onto...
    |Route 17|
    This is going to be one downhill ride...so, hold on tight! You could still go 
    back uphill but it'd take quite some effort on your part. Roll down to 
    Biker Riley
    Level 34 Weezing (1260 EXP)
    You get: 1088G
    Everyone knows you're from Johto, meh? Head down the left route and fight...
    Biker Glenn
    Level 28 Koffing (684 EXP)
    Level 30 Magmar (1072 EXP)
    Level 32 Weezing (1185 EXP)
    You get: 1024G
    Roll down, then when you see a bridge across the river to the right, cross it 
    and fight...
    Biker Joel
    Level 32 Magmar (1144 EXP)
    Level 32 Magmar (1144 EXP)
    You get: 1024G
    Now, keep rolling down until you run into...
    Biker Charles
    Level 30 Koffing (732 EXP)
    Level 30 Weezing (1111 EXP)
    Level 30 Charmeleon (912 EXP)
    You get: 960G
    Roll down to the end of Cycling Road, then head east onto...
    |Route 18|
    Head east right away to face...hey! That's a guy with my name! Almost! 
    Somewhat! Rock slide will destroy Bob...
    Bird Keeper Bob
    Level 34 Noctowl (1179 EXP)
    You get: 816G
    He tells you that the shortcut to Celadon is the uphill Cycling Road. Meh. 
    Now head down into the grass to fight the last trainer on the road in this 
    eastern section of Kanto...
    Bird Keeper Boris
    Level 30 Doduo (616 EXP)
    Level 32 Dodrio (1083 EXP)
    Level 28 Doduo (576 EXP)
    You get: 768G
    Now head east into Fuchsia City!
    |Fuchsia City|
    Wow, this city must have the strangest spelling...well, anyway, you'll want 
    to heal, and then enter the gym. Withdraw Espeon and deposit Gyarados for 
    this fight. A mere fifteen minutes after you snatched the 12th badge, you're 
    ready for the 13th, right? Head in and you'll find that everyone looks the 
    same, imitating Janine. Janine's located in the middle-left side of the gym, 
    but we're fighting everyone, and the walls are apparent and easy to see. Head 
    up and talk to the first trainer...remember to have Espeon as first PoKeMoN. 
    He's gonna dominate this gym with psychic.
    Lass Linda
    Level 30 Bulbasaur (411 EXP)
    Level 34 Venusaur (1515 EXP)
    Level 32 Ivysaur (966 EXP)
    You get: 816G
    Now head to the gym entrance (but don't exit the gym) and head to the far 
    right and up. Then, fight that trainer. Ignore the fact that she says she's 
    Janine, she isn't.
    Picnicker Cindy
    Level 36 Nidoqueen (1495 EXP)
    You get: 720G
    Head up then left, then talk to that trainer! It should be obvious by now 
    that the real Janine wouldn't be spinning around. :P
    Camper Barry
    Level 36 Nidoking (1503 EXP)
    You get: 720G
    Now head down and face the next trainer, the fourth one!
    Lass Alice
    Level 30 Gloom (847 EXP)
    Level 34 Arbok (1071 EXP)
    Level 30 Gloom (847 EXP)
    You get: 720G
    At this point, you'll see Janine. Do not fight her yet. Espeon will be nearly 
    out of PP for Psychic now, so go back and heal, then come back and start the 
    battle...half an hour after defeating Erika, it's Janine now. She's Koga's 
    daughter, and has taken over for Dad after he joined the Elite Four. 
    Nethertheless, she fights like him but has weaker PoKeMoN...psychic with 
    Espeon will dominate this one. She tries to trick you but of course she was 
    just kidding...let the battle begin! Espeon versus Janine's entire lineup!
    Level 36 Crobat (1573 EXP)
    Level 33 Ariados (946 EXP)
    Level 39 Venomoth (1152 EXP)
    Level 36 Weezing (1333 EXP)
    Level 36 Weezing (1333 EXP)
    You get: Soul Badge, 3,900G, TM06 (Toxic)
    Strategy VERSUS Crobat: Unleash psychic from Espeon. One will help Crobat 
    drop out of the sky.
    Strategy VERSUS Ariados: One psychic from Espeon downs it.
    Strategy VERSUS Venomoth: One psychic from Espeon downs this bug.
    Strategy VERSUS 1st Weezing: One psychic kicks this down.
    Strategy VERSUS 2nd Weezing: Finally, another psychic finishes off Janine.
    Thirteen gyms down, three to go. You have defeated Janine and the entire 
    Eastern Kanto region has been completed in 21:27. Congrats. She'll even give 
    you TM06 Toxic, which is a posion that zaps enemy HP. She hopes to become 
    better than Koga and you. Anyway, head south onto Route 19...
    |Route 19|
    You'll find your way blocked. What happened? Well, boulders have washed 
    ashore in a recent event. I'll tell you more about it later, it's a spoiler 
    kinda. Now fly back to Vermillion City.
    |Vermillion City|
    Using your upgraded radio, go east to Diglett's Cave. Keep around those four 
    Ultra Balls from before, you'll need them. When you're up to the Snorlax, 
    save (wow, I haven't said that for ages), and you'll find out that Snorlax is 
    sleeping. Wake it up by going into your PoKeGear option and going to your 
    radio. Turn the radio up to 20, the maximum frequency, then exit the PoKeGear 
    menu. Then press A and talk to Snorlax. That maximum frequency is the 
    PoKeFlute, so the Snorlax will wake up in an angry mood. Catch Snorlax since 
    it's strong, but it'll seem weak to your team since your lineup owns...head 
    into battle with Dragonair, Espeon and the powers of Psychicness.
    Snorlax is a great PoKeMoN to catch if you have a weak lineup or have not 
    followed my advice for a team. It heals itself after every move it does, and 
    when it rests, it will do a very harmful attack. It also still has headbutt 
    and learns Hyper Beam at Level 47. However, the fact that it slightly heals 
    itself after every attack with Leftovers makes the PoKeMoN very difficult to 
    catch. Use Ultra Balls...save the Master Ball for Ho-oh!
    Anyway, Espeon is your best bet in capturing it, but start with Dragonair's 
    Thunder Wave. Rollouts may hit you, but regardless, switch to Espeon 
    immediately. Unleash two psychics that will really weaken Snorlax, and then 
    use a take down. Now, start throwing ultra balls at him when he's low on 
    HP...if he isn't, weaken him with bite or quick attack (or similar attacks 
    with other PoKeMoN). Remember to rapid-tap A when you're trying to catch 
    it...you'll get it eventually with those Ultra balls.
    After the battle with Snorlax, the route is cleared. Enter the cave entrance 
    that was blocked by it. This is...
    |Diglett's Cave|
    There are no trainers in here, but you can capture both Diglett and Dugtrio 
    here if you'd like. Head down the ladder, then ride your bike up and then up 
    that ladder. Exit the door to the south onto...
    |Route 2|
    Well, welcome to the Western Kanto region...though I considered everything 
    from Snorlax up to now already part of it. Head up and right to grab the 
    Carbos. Then, go down to the house and talk to the guy inside for a Nugget 
    for being a visitor. Cut the tree to the south and shift past the route-
    changing house. You'll still be in Route 2. Keep heading down and you'll get 
    an Elixer. Then, cut the tree just left of it and head north to face...
    Bug Catcher Rob
    Level 32 Beedrill (1089 EXP)
    Level 32 Butterfree (1096 EXP)
    You get: 512G
    Move up to...
    Bug Catcher Doug
    Level 34 Ariados (975 EXP)
    You get: 544G
    Should Sudowoodo hit Level 46 at this point, have Slam replace nothing (don't 
    learn it). Continue moving up and you can get Dire Hit, a PSNCure Berry, and 
    even a Max Potion. Head up past the maze to face...
    Bug Catcher Ed
    Level 30 Beedrill (1021 EXP)
    Level 30 Beedrill (1021 EXP)
    Level 30 Beedrill (1021 EXP)
    You get: 480G
    Head up into...
    |Pewter City|
    Welcome to Pewter City! You're going to want to heal first, so do so, and 
    deposit some items at the same time.
    The lineup (from Elite 4) that you would have at this point is:
    Level 45 Raticate
    Level 46 Sudowoodo
    Level 46 Dragonair
    Level 47 Gyarados
    Level 48 Typhlosion
    Level 51 Espeon
    Use Gyarados as your starter...deposit a PoKeMoN if necessary, but have 
    Espeon around. Then, head north into the Pewter City Gym and your chance for 
    a 14th badge. Head up to face Brock's ONE apprentice...
    Camper Jerry
    Level 37 Sandslash (1291 EXP)
    You get: 740G
    Well, that was easy. Brock will be...a little tougher. Let's get it on...talk 
    to him. 21:45 into the game, we're ready. Even he notices you're from Johto 
    and  he notes rock types have a lot of defense...but not against water types!
    Level 41 Graveler (1176 EXP)
    Level 42 Omastar (1791 EXP)
    Level 41 Rhyhorn (1185 EXP)
    Level 44 Onix (1017 EXP)
    Level 42 Kabutops (1809 EXP)
    You get: Boulder Badge, 4,200G
    Strategy VERSUS Graveler: One Surf from Gyarados will drop it.
    Strategy VERSUS Omastar: Switch to Espeon. One psychic will defeat it. If 
    Espeon hits Level 52 at this point, let Morning Sun replace Quick Attack.
    Strategy VERSUS Rhyhorn: Switch back to Gyarados, and then Surf once.
    Strategy VERSUS Onix: Surf once.
    Strategy VERSUS Kabutops: Switch back to Espeon, and unleash ONE psychic.
    And that's over. Three gyms you've fought and literally aced...only Erika 
    even managed to get an attack on you. You are then given the Boulder Badge 
    and some money. The badge makes your PoKeMoN even more powerful...and just 
    like the other gym leaders, he's a little upset but happy to get to battle 
    you. Exit the gym, heal, then talk to the man just to the right of the 
    PoKeMart. He'll give you the Silver Wing. Now, head east onto...
    |Route 3|
    There'll be four trainers on this route. Take them all on...head east and 
    start with...
    Youngster Warren
    Level 35 Fearow (1215 EXP)
    You get: 560G
    Head up, then right to...
    Youngster Jimmy
    Level 33 Raticate (819 EXP)
    Level 33 Arbok (1039 EXP)
    You get: 528G
    Head on right to...
    Firebreather Otis
    Level 29 Magmar (1036 EXP)
    Level 32 Weezing (1185 EXP)
    Level 29 Magmar (1036 EXP)
    You get: 1392G
    Head right and along the path, then up to...
    Firebreather Burt
    Level 32 Koffing (781 EXP)
    Level 32 Slugma (534 EXP)
    You get: 1536G
    Heal and then bring out your Elite 4 All-Star lineup because you're entering 
    Mount Moon soon. This means no Pidgey or Bellsprout, and no Snorlax. Step 
    into Mount Moon and let the fireworks begin.
    |Mount Moon|
    When you get to Mt. Moon, you will encounter your rival for the first time in 
    a long time. This may or may not be the final time you battle him, but he has 
    levelled up his PoKeMoN and finally has six PoKeMoN. Take him out, starting 
    using Raticate.
    Level 41 Sneasel (1159 EXP)
    Level 42 Golbat (1539 EXP)
    Level 45 Feraligatr (2025 EXP)
    Level 41 Magneton (1414 EXP)
    Level 43 Gengar (1750 EXP)
    Level 43 Alakazam (1713 EXP)
    You get: 4500G
    Strategy VERSUS Sneasel: One hyper fang from Raticate should down it.
    Strategy VERSUS Golbat: Switch to Sudowoodo and rock slide it to do death in 
    one shot.
    Strategy VERSUS Feraligatr: Use Espeon and psychic. One psychic should bring 
    it nearly to its knees, so finish it with bite.
    Strategy VERSUS Magneton: Switch to Typhlosion and one flame wheel will 
    destroy it.
    Strategy VERSUS Gengar: Switch back to Espeon and deal it the psychic 
    treatment. One will do.
    Strategy VERSUS Alakazam: Switch back to Typhlosion and use two flame wheels 
    to down it.
    Easy as pie. Your rival says more bs about how he'll beat you next time and 
    be the best PoKeMoN Master ever...head east after him and then up the ladder, 
    then out the door to the south. Head down into the next part of Mt. 
    Moon...enter the cave, down the ladder, and then bounce down to the door and 
    out to...
    |Route 4|
    Head right to fight...
    Picnicker Hope
    Level 34 Flaaffy (852 EXP)
    You get: 680G
    Head on east to face...
    Bird Keeper Hank
    Level 12 Pidgey (141 EXP)
    Level 34 Pidgeot (1252 EXP)
    You get: 816G
    Head right and up to face the last trainer here...
    Picnicker Sharon
    Level 31 Furret (769 EXP)
    Level 33 Rapidash (1357 EXP)
    You get: 660G
    Head east, then up to grab the HP Up. Now, jump and head east to Cerulean, 
    heal, deposit Espeon, withdraw Pidgey, and let's fly back to Pewter. Head 
    back south on Route 2 and through Viridian Forest (which you already have 
    went through) into Viridian City.
    |Viridian City|
    Talk the old man you first see when you enter the city, and answer YES to his 
    question. Now go down to the PoKeMoN Center to heal for the Flying, then head 
    south to Pallet Town through...
    |Route 1|
    Playing RBY, you should know this like the back of your hand. Unlike in RBY 
    there will be two trainers...grab the Bitter Berry then head to fight...
    Schoolboy Danny
    Level 31 Jynx (909 EXP)
    Level 31 Electrabuzz (1035 EXP)
    Level 31 Magmar (1108 EXP)
    You get: 992G
    Head down to face the other trainer.
    Cooltrainer Quinn
    Level 38 Ivysaur (1147 EXP)
    Level 38 Starmie (1684 EXP)
    You get: 1824G
    Now head south into Pallet Town!
    |Pallet Town|
    Talk with Professor Oak in his lab (the biggest building). He notices your 
    Kanto badges...yay! He tells you that he'll give you a prize if you get all 
    the badges. Note Red and Blue's houses...I have no idea why they didn't name 
    them Ash and Gary respectively, but I definitely will. Now, you'll be able to 
    fly to Pallet too...
    Surf south onto...
    |Route 21|
    Surf down on Dragonair. There are a few trainers. Don't miss any...
    Swimmer Nikki
    Level 28 Seel (600 EXP)
    Level 28 Seel (600 EXP)
    Level 28 Seel (600 EXP)
    Level 28 Dewgong (1056 EXP)
    You get: 560G
    Go a bit down and right to face...
    Fisher Arnold
    Level 34 Tentacruel (1492 EXP)
    You get: 1360G
    Head way left then down to...
    Swimmer Seth
    Level 29 Quagsire (850 EXP)
    Level 29 Octillery (1018 EXP)
    Level 32 Quagsire (939 EXP)
    You get: 256G
    Head down from him to...
    |Cinnabar Island|
    Cinnabar Island seems to have collapsed...the volcano has blown up everything 
    except the PoKeMoN Center. You'll notice a guy looking at what is left of 
    it...talk to him. He's Gary and he was the Champion of the PoKeMoN League for 
    a short time until Ash defeated him. He knows you want a challenge but he's 
    not in the mood for one yet. He tells you that the volcano had erupted and 
    that the whole town disappeared. Wow, such...thoughts of natureness. Nature 
    twitches and all...anyway, you can now fight Gary, but do so later. Then he 
    teleports out with his Alakazam (hidden from your view).
    Enter the PoKeMoN Center. You can talk to both people and you'll learn that 
    the volcano erupted a year ago (two years after RBY). Well, heal, then surf 
    east onto...
    |Route 20|
    Head a bit east to face...
    Swimmer Cameron
    Level 34 Marill (421 EXP)
    You get: 272G
    Head on east to...
    |Seafoam Islands|
    Since Cinnabar Island's volcano erupted and destroyed Blaine's gym, it's 
    moved to the Seafoam Islands. You should see a small cave at Seafoam Island. 
    Go inside and it's Blaine's makeshift, hidden gym. Poor guy...this doesn't 
    even fit the entire screen. Let Gyarados be the starter here. 4 1/2 hours 
    into the game, you're now on an isolated island in the middle of 
    nowhere...talk to him and he'll tell you he's homeless because of the 
    volcanic eruption and he has no gym. He'll fight you now...with a different 
    team than in the RBY games.
    Level 45 Magcargo (1485 EXP)
    Level 45 Magmar (1609 EXP)
    Level 50 Rapidash (2056 EXP)
    You get: Volcano Badge, 5,000G
    Strategy VERSUS Magcargo: One surf from Gyarados will destroy it.
    Strategy VERSUS Magmar: One surf from Gyarados brings it down, once again.
    Strategy VERSUS Rapidash: One surf from Gyarados downs it.
    You can talk to the guy that comes in, but it doesn't matter now. Exit the 
    |Route 20|
    15 badges for you in 4 1/2 hours! Yay! Now, we'll want to surf down and right 
    to face the girl in the water...
    Swimmer Lori
    Level 32 Starmie (1419 EXP)
    Level 32 Starmie (1419 EXP)
    You get: 640G
    Head right, then up, to...
    Swimmer Nicole
    Level 29 Marill (360 EXP)
    Level 29 Marill (360 EXP)
    Level 32 Lapras (1501 EXP)
    You get: 640G
    Head right and up to Route 19!
    |Route 19|
    You'll find a drowning guy next to a girl...gee I wonder why? Talk to the guy 
    for a battle...do not have Dragonair learn Safeguard.
    Swimmer Tucker
    Level 30 Shellder (622 EXP)
    Level 34 Clyoster (1479 EXP)
    You get: 272G
    Talk to him again. I was right...hehe...now, talk to the girl for a battle. 
    She's "disgusted by wimpy people". Haha.
    Swimmer Dawn
    Level 34 Seaking (1237 EXP)
    You get: 680G
    One more trainer to fight...head up then right a little and you'll fight...
    Swimmer Jerome
    Level 26 Seadra (862 EXP)
    Level 28 Tentacool (630 EXP)
    Level 30 Tentacruel (1317 EXP)
    Level 28 Goldeen (666 EXP)
    You get: 224G
    And that's all the trainers! Head up and you'll be ashore south of Fuschia, 
    but the boulders are in the way...so fly to Viridian City.
    |Viridian City|
    Heal here, and deposit your Pidgey to withdraw that Espeon, because unlike 
    every other gym leader (especially in Kanto), Gary's no pushover and he has a 
    lineup that spans six types rather than one. He is the first trainer to be 
    stronger than Lance that you will face...it's really too bad Kanto is like 
    that, meh? Ahhh...now the gym is filled with Legos. How dreadful. Well, 
    there's only Gary in there, so pull off a team starting with Sudowoodo. He'll 
    be surprised with the conquest of Johto, but he thinks that's pathetic even 
    though you're the Johto Champ. Anyway, battle him to prove him wrong...
    GYM LEADER BLUE a.k.a. Gary Oak
    Level 56 Pidgeot (2064 EXP)
    Level 54 Alakazam (2151 EXP)
    Level 56 Rhydon (2448 EXP)
    Level 58 Gyarados (2650 EXP)
    Level 58 Exeggutor (2634 EXP)
    Level 58 Arcanine (2646 EXP)
    You get: Earth Badge, 5,800G
    Strategy VERSUS Pidgeot: Leading with Sudowoodo, use two rock slides to oust 
    Strategy VERSUS Alakazam: You've faced two Alakazams by now...you know what 
    to do. Use Typhlosion and a flame wheel before it falls, then switch to 
    Espeon's take down. That's done.
    Strategy VERSUS Rhydon: Use Dragonair. One surf will down it.
    Strategy VERSUS Gyarados: Use Espeon again. 2-3 Psychis will fall it.
    Strategy VERSUS Exeggutor: Revive Typhlosion, then send it out. Use two flame 
    wheels to destroy Exeggutor.
    Strategy VERSUS Arcanine: Have Gyarados hit the field for this final matchup. 
    Use two surfs to destroy it.
    With Gary defeated, you now have all 16 badges. Gary is completely surprised 
    but gives you the badge. He says he'll beat you back one day. Talk to him 
    again and he says you must not lose until he beats you. Hehe...head out of 
    the gym and heal. You realize that the game isn't over yet, right? There is 
    no credits just yet! Five hours into Johto, you've got a few more things to 
    do before Johto is cleared...
    North from the PoKeMoN Center is the One-on-One Trainer House. This is 
    probably your easiest way of getting experience every day...you can go in 
    here every day to fight Trainer Cal. Simply go downstairs in that house to do 
    so...just remember not to start out with Gyarados or Sudowoodo, they'll get 
    chopped up in no time. Head left after you go downstairs and the lady will 
    talk to you. Say Yes and you can battle Cal after you go down. He will have 
    the final evolutions of the three starters.
    PoKeMoN Trainer Cal
    Level 50 Meganium (2227 EXP)
    Level 50 Typhlosion (2238 EXP)
    Level 50 Feraligatr (2250 EXP)
    You get: 5000G
    Strategy VERSUS Meganium: Three hyper fangs from Raticate iwll down it.
    Strategy VERSUS Typhlosion: Use Gyarados. Three surfs will do.
    Strategy VERSUS Feraligatr: Use Espeon and two psychics!
    Now, head out and ride back down to Pallet Town through Route 1.
    |Pallet Town|
    Again, it's time to enter Professor Oak's lab. Talk to him and he'll be 
    impressed and make arrangements for you to head to Mount Silver. Only the 
    best trainers are allowed in because of the ferocity of wild PoKeMoN. Now, 
    bike back up to Viridian City.
    |Viridian City|
    You must hate Viridian City now, so it's time to head west after you do some 
    |Route 22|
    We're making our journey west now...there are no PoKeMoN trainers on this 
    route, so just keep heading north, west, then north. Head through that gate 
    you went through earlier going to Indigo Plateau, but this time, you will be 
    heading...west instead of north. Do so and enter...
    |Route 28|
    Keep heading west, till you reach the region of the...
    |Silver Cave|
    Welcome, welcome! Keep heading west and up and you'll eventually find a 
    PoKeMoN Center. Heal if you'd like. Head west and up from there and you'll be 
    on Mt. Silver. You'll need all your Elite 4 team, because you'll need to have 
    Surf, Waterfall, and Flash. Deposit Espeon at the PoKeMoN Center and withdraw 
    Togepi. First trip through, we're getting the items and getting to know the 
    place. Second time, we'll have a nice challenge...
    |Mount Silver|
    OK, the first thing you want to do is to put on Flash from Togepi. You are 
    now in the mountains that Professor Oak was talking about. The PoKeMoN here 
    are extremely strong. There is a PoKeMoN Center here also which also allows 
    you to fly back here at any given time.
    When you get in, head right up, then go left and drop down to grab the item. 
    It's an Escape Rope. Jump back down and go left instead of up. Go up the 
    steps up the cliff and snag the Protein. Head down the cliff and go back up, 
    but this time, go right at the intersection. Remember to keep training while 
    you're doing all this...this is your last and best chance to. Anyway, after 
    you head a little to the right, go up the steps and up the cliff. Go along 
    the path, come down, and grab the Ultra Ball. Head on right, then up another 
    cliff to the north. Continue along the cliff route, and then when there's an 
    intersection to the left and right, take the left, drop down and get the Max 
    Elixer. Drop down the ledges all the way back to ground level, then again. 
    You can access the cliff you were on earlier by going right and up, but 
    instead, go right and drop down a ledge. In the rock is a Dire Hit. Now go 
    back all the way to where you were before, at the intersection. When you're 
    there, head right and down the steps, then go up through that portion of the 
    mountains into the cave. Then, after you do so, head a bit right and then up 
    to snatch another Ultra Ball. Head up the steps, then go a bit up and a long 
    way left. Keep heading along the path. If Gyarados hits Level 50, have it 
    learn Hyper Beam to replace Twister. Continue heading along, and go through 
    the cave door up instead of down the steps to the lake. Keep heading up and 
    you'll find a trainer. Anyway, remember where he is...you'll be back in a 
    bit. Head back the way you came, all the way out of Mount Silver. Equip HM05 
    Flash on Espeon, replacing Take Down. Head back out to the PokeMoN Center and 
    fly to Olivine City.
    Your lineup should now be, 23:55 into game:
    Level 48 Sudowoodo
    Level 48 Dragonair
    Level 50 Gyarados
    Level 50 Typhlosion
    Level 50 Raticate
    Level 53 Espeon
    |Olivine City|
    Deposit Typhlosion, then get that Wooper back out, as he has Whirlpool...surf 
    south on Route 40 to Route 41. 
    |Route 41|
    Head west to fight a few trainers...you went south last time so west will 
    have new trainers.
    Swimmer Charlie
    Level 21 Shellder (436 EXP)
    Level 19 Tentacool (427 EXP)
    Level 19 Tentacruel (834 EXP)
    You get: 152G
    Head southwest from Charlie, then south to fight...
    Swimmer Susie
    Level 20 Psyduck (342 EXP)
    Level 22 Goldeen (522 EXP)
    You get: 440G
    Head south to face...
    Swimmer Berke
    Level 23 Qwilfish (492 EXP)
    You get: 184G
    Head left past a whirlpool. Head west to Cianwood City, heal, deposit 
    Raticate, and take back Espeon out. Now head back east to Berke. Talk to him 
    and he'll talk of a PoKeMoN flying around...the silver winged one. Yay. Head 
    south from Berke to face...
    Swimmer Denise
    Level 22 Seel (471 EXP)
    You get: 440G
    Head to the east of her to face...
    Swimmer Kirk
    Level 20 Gyarados (916 EXP)
    Level 20 Gyarados (916 EXP)
    You get: 160G
    Well, that last battle gave you as much EXP as one of Gary's PoKeMoN 
    would...head east to a girl that you've already fought many long hours back. 
    To the northwest of her is a Whirlpool. Get rid of it with Wooper, then surf 
    all the way around counterclockwise to the cave entrance. Enter it.
    |Whirl Islands|
    Welcome to the Whirl Islands. Here, you'll be able to capture a Level 60 
    Lugia that you'll need desperately against Ash. Use a Flash from Espeon, then 
    head up and leap the ledge to the right on that bike. You'll see a Max Revive 
    on the cliff. To get to it and continue on your jouney, leap down another 
    ledge to the right, go up the steps, grab the Max Revive, and head down the 
    ladder. Head south, then jump to the left. Keep jupping down and you'll get 
    an Escape Rope. Woo...go down and then left, then up the ladder. You can now 
    head out the door to breathe which is pointless, or surf east. Do so and surf 
    east, then grab an Ultra Ball. Head down the ladder. Now head up along the 
    path and then head down, and up that cliff. There's yet another item here. 
    It's a Calcium. Now, on that cliff, head down to the ladder and climb up it. 
    Now, bike down and out the door. That's most of the Whirl Islands' items. Now 
    that you've gone from the northeast to the southeast portion of the Whirl 
    Islands, surf your way out of the reefs and then Whirlpool out. Head east 
    then north to the trainer you saw earlier...the one next to that whirlpool. 
    Kill that whirlpool again and head in again. Use Flash, again. Drop down the 
    first cliff, but this time, drop down the TOP cliff instead of the bottom 
    cliff, then head down the ladder. Continue along the path south and head down 
    that ladder. Grab the Max Revive to the left of you, then surf south. There's 
    two items on the cliff but you can't reach those...surf down the waterfall, 
    then head left and through the door. Head in, and surf north to Lugia. You'll 
    have your Master Ball ready, of course, because Lugia is the most difficult 
    PoKeMoN to catch in Crystal, harder than any of the dog legendaries or Ho-oh. 
    Catch it, then use the Escape Rope you grabbed earlier to get out of here.
    |Operation: Suicune|
    Now, fly to Goldenrod City. Enter the PoKeMart, as we're going to stock up on 
    a few more supplies...on Floor 2, buy six escape ropes and fifteen repels. 
    You know you'll need them for later. Head up to the top floor and buy six 
    lemonades, two soda pops, and two fresh waters. Exit, and fly to Violet City.
    Make Pidgey your starter and look for a Bellsprout after biking west to Route 
    36. If you find one, tackle it once with Pidgey, then use a regular PoKeBall 
    to capture it. Now, fly back to Silver Cave, then deposit Wooper and withdraw 
    the Bellsprout. Heal, then make Bellsprout the starter. Get it from Level 5 
    to Level 15 so it can learn Sleep Powder, by starting it, then switching to 
    another PoKeMoN for shared experience. Then, head down to the National Park 
    with Pidgey as a starter to capture a Level 14 Scyther and his False Swipe 
    ability in the Bug-Catching Contest. Look in the taller grass in the northern 
    part. Destroy everything that isn't a Scyther with Gust, but when Scyther 
    comes, use two Gusts, then throw Park Balls at it. After catching it, head 
    back to the National Park house and you'll probably get a Gold Berry.
    Now, fly to Silver Cave again, and this time, deposit Gyarados and withdraw 
    Scyther. Make Scyther your starter and then EXP it up to Level 18, when it 
    learns False Swipe. Have that replace Leer. 
    Heal, then fly to Ecruteak.
    |Ecruteak City|
    OK, we're renewing the move to get Suicune now that our levels are much, much 
    higher and you have some better moves. Have Dragonair as lead...and heal 
    first. Then, let's head through again. Save before you enter the Tin Tower. 
    Raikou and Entei will leave, but Suicune will approach you...and your seven 
    Ultra balls are going to be a major help. Open with Espeon's psychic move and 
    six Flashes, then switch to Bellsprout to put it asleep with Sleep Powder. If 
    it wakes up later again, put it back asleep. Anyway, switch to Scyther and 
    have it use False Swipe as many times as it can before it gets attacked and 
    faints. This attack chips away at the enemy PoKeMoN but leaves it with at 
    least 1 HP. Switch to Bellsprout and then put it asleep again. Now, keep 
    chucking Ultra balls at it. Two should be enough to capture Suicune. Good, 
    After Suicune is captured, the Wise Trio and Eusine comes in to congratulate 
    you. Good job...two more legendaries plus Ho-oh to go. Fly to Blackthorn to 
    buy 50 Max Repels and 10 Ultra Balls. Then, fly back to Ecruteak, heal, and 
    drop off Scyther to the little box (so you only have five PoKeMoN). You'll 
    make your venture for a free Tyrogue at this time. Now, bike east onto...
    |Route 42|
    Head a little east, then up into Mt. Mortar. This will be your final side-
    quest that involves any real battling left (not including capturing)...
    |Mt. Mortar|
    Head up, then up the steps onto the cliff, then follow the path up and into 
    the cave entrance. Then, take the right path when there's an intersection, 
    then continue right and then head up the steps. You'll see a trainer. Talk to 
    him and he'll talk about a karate dude that beat him silly. Now, head down 
    and out the door...continue along the route till you exit the right side. Now 
    head west, surf across, and then head in that door. This is the middle path 
    through Mt. Mortar. Head up and down the ladder, down the steps, then head 
    east to surf northward. Immediately, go up a bit and then snag the PP Up to 
    the right immediately. Surf up again. Eventually, you'll spot another item. 
    Land and go up the steps to get the Hyper Potion, then continue to surf 
    north. Head on up and then grab that Max Ether. Now surf southeast from there 
    and follow the sea route...continue along till you spot another item on a 
    cliff. Stop by, and take the Full Restore. After you go all the way around to 
    the left side's dead end, head left, then surf up that route. Keep going up 
    to grab a Carbos. 
    Anyway, head back out of Mt. Mortar for now and fly back to Ecruteak to 
    deposit all those items off, then come back in. Also deposit Bellsprout, then 
    withdraw Shuckle for HM04 Strength...then head back in. This time, don't even 
    go up the steps and up the ladder. Like a step or two from the entrance, go 
    to the water and surf up. You'll spot a waterfall. Waterfall up it, surf to 
    the very top, then land to the left and go through the door. Head up, then up 
    the cliff to face...
    Super Nerd Hugh
    Level 37 Seadra (??? EXP)
    You get: 1248G
    Head back down the cliff, then go right. You'll hit a dead end, so surf to 
    the right. There's two routes. The left one takes you to a dead end but to a 
    Max Potion. Go all the way back to the entrance of this cave area, then surf 
    left to a Rare Candy. Go back to the lake where you can land to the left or 
    to the right and take the right path this time. Surf across that lake, go on 
    the path all the way to the left, then surf up and land again to the right. 
    Keep heading right...there's two routes. Take the bottom one to get TM40 
    first, then go to the top one to continue. Head all the way up and surf up. 
    Grab the Escape Rope, then continue along the path around the bend to the 
    left. When you see an item, go around to grab the Dragon Scale, then continue 
    heading left. Head left all the way up the ladder...phew, that's FINALLY two 
    floors. Two more to go.
    Run/bike down the steps, then head around and grab the free Iron on the 
    cliff. Head back to just before the steps and head east. Go along the path 
    and take the left intersection down the cliff. You'll see another item. Get 
    the Max Revive, then go back up and continue left. At the end of the path you 
    can head down the ladder. At this point, make your starting PoKeMoN on your 
    team Espeon for reasons you'll soon know. Now that you're back on an isolated 
    area of Floor 2, simply head east, get your Espeon ready, and then talk to 
    the Karate King. A psychic for each PoKeMoN from Espeon will down both of his 
    Blackbelt Kiyo
    Level 34 Hitmonlee (1012 EXP)
    Level 34 Hitmonchan (1020 EXP)
    You get: 816G
    After your victory, you will be given a free Tyrogue. This is the baby 
    version of Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, and Hitmonchan. Now, if you go down, you'll 
    remember the rock to get out, but make life easier and use one of the Escape 
    Ropes you bought to get out of this freak place.
    Next up is a flight to Violet City.
    |Violet City|
    We already have five of the nine special PoKeMoN of the game (two of five 
    legendaries): Sudowoodo, Snorlax, Gyarados (Shiny Red), Lugia, and Suicune. 
    What now? If it's a Friday, head to Violet City and then go south through 
    Route 32 into Union Cave.
    |Union Cave|
    OK, head along the path and past those two trainers. Head almost all the way 
    through till you see the guy on the cliff still spinning around. Below him is 
    a lake. Surf past it and head down the ladder, then fight the guy next to the 
    lake. Should be very, very, very easy.
    PoKeManiac Andrew
    Level 24 Marowak (637 EXP)
    Level 24 Marowak (637 EXP)
    You get: 1440G
    With Andrew defeated, surf east and you'll fight another trainer.
    PoKeManiac Calvin
    Level 26 Kangaskhan (975 EXP)
    You get: 1560G
    Head down the ladder, then surf southward. Land on the left side to fight 
    another spinning trainer.
    Cooltrainer Gwen
    Level 26 Eevee (511 EXP)
    Level 22 Vaporeon (924 EXP)
    Level 22 Jolteon (928 EXP)
    Level 22 Flareon (933 EXP)
    You get: 1056G
    Head down the path a long way and you'll fight...
    Cooltrainer Emma
    Level 28 Poliwhirl (786 EXP)
    You get: 1344G
    Now, make Shuckle your beginning PoKeMoN and then surf east. Save. You'll see 
    a blue PoKeMoN swimming around it. This is Lapras. Talk to it and you'll do 
    battle. You can use any of your low Level 10 PoKeMoN to do attacks on it, but 
    don't use any of your three Level 50s. I'd suggest using Wrap with Shuckle on 
    Turn 1, then using Encores and Strength from then forth. Keep the Strengths 
    and Wrap rolling and eventually Lapras will fall to the low red zone of HP. 
    Throw an Ultra Ball and catch it. Yes...now that's 6 of the 9 PoKeMoN...three 
    more legendaries to go! And you even got EXP on the way! Now, use an escape 
    rope to get out of there. 26:45 into the game, we're ready to go for those 
    legendaries. Fly to Ecruteak City.
    |Azalea Town|
    Heal here, deposit Tyrogue and Shuckle, and put in a lineup of Scyther, 
    Typhlosion, and the four you already have out (meaning Gyarados is in the 
    box). Deposit more items and take out both the White Apricorn and the Black 
    Apricorn. Now, go up to Kurt's place. You can snag another White Apricorn 
    outside his house. Give him both White Apricorns, then you'll have to wait a 
    day. Our Scyther's out for False Swipe...but fly back to Ecruteak City.
    |Ecruteak City|
    Put Scyther as your first PoKeMoN, then head south onto Route 37. Before you 
    enter the grass, put on a Max Repel. Grab the Apricorns while you're at it. 
    Basically, do this on every route you run across...run across all Johto. 
    Check everywhere but the caves and seas. You're bound to hit Entei or Raikou 
    sooner or later...you're 27 hours into the game. Just remember one 
    thing...every time you enter a door, they move one route...so they can move 
    around very, very fast.
    |Mahogany Town|
    Fly to Mahogany Town. Realize that Raikou and Entei will only be in grasses, 
    which means it'll never be in water, caves, trees, Ilex Forest, or National 
    Park. The exceptions are Routes 40 and 41. They change route when you change 
    route or enter/exit a city, cave, or building. The best routes to try to find 
    it in the first place are Routes 33, 42, and 44. Route 33 is located east of 
    Azalea Town, Route 42 is located west of Mahogany Town, while Route 44 needs 
    Surf...it's grass at the middle of the route. You can also grab Max Revive 
    there. These places have the smallest grasses. This might take a few days, so 
    set aside a few. You can fight Ash later, because if you catch all three 
    legendary dogs, you'll be able to have a shot for that Level 60 Ho-oh. As 
    long as you find Raikou or Entei in the first place, you'll have the means to 
    track it down. Train up Scyther with EXP Share at this point...have one of 
    your Elite 4 PoKeMoN do the fighting and share the EXP at Silver Cave. Do not 
    use Agility for Scyther. Wing Attack should replace Focus Energy. Have Slash 
    replace Pursuit. Train till Scyther is Level 39, then use Route 42 with the 
    Max Repel. Anyway, at this point you can go for those Legendary Dogs, or go 
    forth into Mount Silver and beat the game.
    |Mount Silver|
    Now that you're ready for the final challenge, re-enter Mount Silver...equip 
    HM05 on Espeon if you haven't already for Flash, use a Max Repel, and have 
    HM05 Flash replace Take Down on Espeon. Reach Ash and save your game. This is 
    probably the one major time in which you must save (the other being the Elite 
    Four). Put Sudowoodo as your starter.
    Your final lineup should be:
    Level 50 Gyarados
    Level 53 Sudowoodo
    Level 53 Dragonair
    Level 53 Typhlosion
    Level 54 Espeon
    Level 60 Lugia 
    Bokpui's lineup: Level 50 Gyarados, Level 53 Sudowoodo, Level 53 Dragonair, 
    Level 53 Typhlosion, Level 54 Espeon, Level 60 Lugia
    Ash's lineup: Level 73 Espeon, Level 75 Snorlax, Level 77 Venusaur, Level 77 
    Charizard, Level 81 Pikachu
    Talk to the trainer you see before you. This is Ash. 2 into the game, you are 
    about to face BY FAR the strongest trainer in the game. Let the fun begin. 
    Ash won't even talk to you...but he'll know you want to battle him. You 
    should still have a few revives and hyper potions from the battle against the 
    Elite Four.
    Best PoKeMoN Trainer Red a.k.a. Ash Ketchum
    Level 81 Pikachu (1422 EXP)
    Level 73 Espeon (3081 EXP)
    Level 77 Blastoise (3465 EXP)
    Level 75 Snorlax (2475 EXP)
    Level 77 Charizard (3448 EXP)
    Level 77 Venusaur (3432 EXP)
    You get: 7700G
    Strategy VERSUS Pikachu: Two rock slides from Sudowoodo will crush Pikachu, 
    but make sure Pikachu does not kill it...
    Strategy VERSUS Espeon: Switch to your Lugia. Lugia's rain dance, then 2-3 
    hydro pumps should knock it down.
    Strategy VERSUS Blastoise: Use Typhlosion to launch a thunderpunch on 
    Blastoise early on. He'll drop, but Blastoise will be weakened. Then switch 
    to Espeon and launch three consecutive psychic attacks to finish it off.
    Strategey VERSUS Snorlax: Snorlax is Ash's strongest PoKeMoN, and takes the 
    longest to defeat. Keep Espeon and have it do as many psychic moves as it can 
    before it faints (probably one). Send in all of your PoKeMoN to weaken it, 
    along with Thunder Wave from Dragonair. Hyper beam from Gyarados will do uber-
    damage to it.
    Strategy VERSUS Charizard: Charizard is easier than most of your earlier 
    matchups. Heal up Sudowoodo, and when Gyarados falls, send in a rock slide. 
    Before he falls too, use a revive on Lugia. Now, use Lugia when Sudowoodo 
    drops, and heal it all the way up. Use gust or hydro pump if you still have 
    another one. Charizard's down...one more to go. 
    Strategy VERSUS Venusaur: Keep Lugia to finish off Venusaur. Use Rain Dance 
    first. This shouldn't be too hard, as even solar beam sucks against Lugia. 
    Keep hitting gusts, and when your HP drops below 100, heal with recover. 
    You'll eventually drop the poor guy, even when he uses Synthesis to heal back 
    Level 50 Gyarados, Level 53 Sudowoodo, Level 53 Dragonair, Level 53 
    Typhlosion, Level 54 Espeon, Level 60 Lugia 
    Level 73 Espeon, Level 75 Snorlax, Level 77 Venusaur, Level 77 Charizard, 
    Level 81 Pikachu.
    Haha, well, Ash is down. You're the best trainer in the Johto and Kanto 
    worlds combined, at this time. After defeating Ash, he'll give you the money 
    and then the silent treatment. He flies away, and then the credits start 
    rolling. Congratulations, you've beat the game...or at least, most of it. 
    Game beaten in 28:57. After the credits roll, save. You have won though you 
    were outlevelled 137 levels overall (23 levels on each PoKeMoN, rounded)!
    The game is over, for the most part. You can still catch the Legendary Dogs 
    at this time if you haven't already. You won't have Ho-oh unless you catch 
    all of them. If you want to fight Ash again, beat the Elite Four again and 
    then he'll be back at Mt. Silver, for experience or whatever.
    |Level 60 Ho-Oh|
    Remember that you're still missing the Level 60 Ho-Oh! To get Ho-oh, you need 
    to have Raikou, Entei, and Suicine in your party. You must also have beaten 
    the Elite Four. Here, go back to Ecruteak and talk to the Wise Trio, and this 
    time, they'll give you the Rainbow Wing (remember, this was one you could get 
    in G/S from the Pewter City Old Man). Head up the Tin Tower. Head up the 9 
    floors and you will meet the first legendary from G/S, Ho-Oh. SAVE HERE, then 
    catch it.
    In any case, the game is over now. You can check out the Battle Tower on 
    Route 40...
    4. Contacts, Credits, & Copyrights
    Anyone can contact me by:
    AOL Instant Messenger: LiLcaliAzNb0i
    Email Address: lordyoyo2006@hotmail.com
    Feel free to chat with me (or email me)! As long as I'm not stuck writing 
    another walkthrough or playing another game :P Chances are that I've 
    forgotten all about Crystal, so maybe I won't be of much help though. I 
    haven't touched the game for a long time.
    I would like to thank lilqui3tb0i for introducing me to PoKeMoN.
    Permission has been granted to the following sites to post up my FAQ:
    Game Winners
    PoKeMoN Zone
    Johto Elite
    I hereby give credit to:
    - Myself, for writing the walkthrough
    - Nintendo, CREATURES, and GameFreaks for creating PoKeMoN and this game.
    - All reader feedback. You have no idea how much it takes to write a 
    FAQ...thanks so much.
    It has been Copyrighted 2004 Yoyo Yoshi. All rights reserved. You may 
    not make copies of it to sell for profit, or change it and make it your own 
    walkthrough. If you do, you will be sued to the full extent of the law.
    It has this walkthrough on it. If you do want to have this walkthrough on 
    your site, you must make sure to update to the latest update of the 
    walkthrough. I don't want anyone emailing (or IMing) me "How come you haven't 
    updated for so long?" when I actually have. So be sure to check out the 
    latest version of the walkthrough!
    Copyrighted, 2004 Yoyo Yoshi

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