Are there real benefits to holding back evolution?

  1. I know you learn skills earlier. Can you miss skills by either holding back evolution or evolving as quickly as possible?

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    EclipseML - 8 years ago

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  1. It's possible, depending on the Pokemon. Their evolutions might have different moves that they don't normally get. But most of the time, the evolution will have the same moves, it'll just get them at a later level. Evolution is generally recommended because your Pokemon gets a big boost to its stats when it occurs.

    It's usually baby forms that can miss out on just about everything, as they stop learning moves after a certain point, whereas their evolution keeps learning moves. So Baby Forms should be ready to evolve at a moment's notice. They also may have 1 or more moves that their evolution can't get, which is part of their point.

    Most stone-based evolutions also stop learning moves completely, unless the evolution is a drastic change (like the original Eevee evolutions). Normal trade-based evolutions (like Alakazam) are safe, although in the case of item-trade evolutions (like Slowking), they might have different moves.

    The easiest thing to do is to just dig up movelists for your Pokemon and their evolutions, and see if you spot any important differences.

    But, aside from learning some attacks sooner, there's really no point to holding back evolution. You'll just be fighting with a weaker Pokemon and have a chance at getting outclassed as you progress farther in the game. Once you know what moves you intend on getting, if you wanna hold back a little to get one earlier, then go ahead, but evolve ASAP for those delicious stat boosts.

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  1. You can miss moves, but you can also learn more moves.

    It all depends on the pokemon.

    I hope this helps.

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  2. It can be of use sometimes. Some Pokemon can't learn ANY new moves after evolution without the help of t/hm's, for example Raichu.
    For most Pokemon, once they evolve they will learn the same moves, but only at later levels. Rattata can learn Super Fang at a lower level than Raticate. Though sometimes the only way a Pokemon can learn a certain move is through evolution. I can't think of any examples off hand, sorry.

    Check sites such as Bulbapedia or serrebii to see what moves a Pokemon can learn through leveling up.

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