Where do you get these pokemon???

  1. Skarmory

    User Info: greenwell7

    greenwell7 - 8 years ago

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  1. Skarmory -- Route 45, south of Blackthorne. Silver version only (but that's why you ask on the Silver Q&A, right?), must enter route from Blackthorne side. (I don't think you can come up from New Bark Town, anyway.)

    Scizor -- Trade a Scyther (best found via Bug-Catching Contest) with a Metal Coat attached to it. (Metal Coat is found on the S.S. Anne on your first time riding it to Vermillion.)

    RBY Starters -- Trade them from RBY. Make sure not to have anything GSC in your party or you can't use the Trade to the Past option in the Pokecenter.

    User Info: sfcgeauxtigers

    sfcgeauxtigers - 8 years ago 4 1

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