Review by Liu Domi

"Hey, It's Pokemon, But It's Surprisingly Fun"

I am sure everyone remembers back in the day when everybody was totally crazy about Pokemon. Hey, I was one of those kids. However, after a while, like all other crazes, it died out. So, when this game came out, I wasn't planning on getting it, but I, somehow, wound up with it. And as I popped it in and began to play it, I found it was slowly sucking me in.

The graphics of this game are not exactly superb, but, then again, it is for the Game Boy Color. But, not everything is so bad in relation to the game's view. For example, all of your Pokemons move around when you take them out in a battle. Plus, their are over 150 different of them available, each with their own look. A lot of the cities look decent as well, with many buildings, trees, roads, and bodies of water defined.

I do not mind so much over the sound of a game. Once more, this is a Game Boy Color game. However, it probably could have been better than was presented. All of the sounds made by your Pokemons are very similar with another Pokemon's, often times just a few beeping or clinching noises. Same thing goes for the sounds in a battle. When you hit another Pokemon with your's, nothing much more than a "blch" noise is heard. This makes it hard to get excited in a battle(sounds a little geeky, but it is quite true). However, it is not all so bad. The music stations that you can hear over your radio, although weak in choices and variety, are okay, and change as the day progresses.

I honestly liked the time system of this game. Basically, what happens is when you start a new game, you set the time of whatever it is in real life, and it will accept it and change in sinque with the real time. This may not sound so great, as things like PS2s and cell phones can do this. But, it is done on a Game Boy Color. Plus, it will adjust to daylight savings time, and follows the days of the week. I was just impressed with this feature, as I had not seen it done on any other game before.

Okay, now onto the game play, the best part of this game. You start off as a kid in a small town, with big dreams of becoming a Pokemon "master". In order to accomplish this amazing feat, you must go around every city and defeat the gym leaders. You will obtain a badge, and after acquiring each one, you will be eligible to take on the Elite Four, the greatest trainers of Pokemon. Once you do so, you will be able to traverse another country, and defeat all of their gym leaders. Then you can take on the greatest trainer who ever lived. Then, you win!

So pretty much, each of these Pokemons has a type. These types have strengths and weaknesses to other types, and affects what moves they can learn, and what strengthens when they level up. There are 251 (I think) different Pokemons available, in this game and others (not all are available in one game, you have to trade for them).

Well, that is just about all that I have to share. As the title states, even though this is a Pokemon game, it is fun. It is definitely worth the few bucks you'll spend on it. Have fun, and bets of luck!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/05/06

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