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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ChaosDemon / TimHavel

    Version: 0.02 | Updated: 08/08/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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     /-_/-_/   \/\\  \\,   \\,  \\ \\,/   \\,        _-_, _-_, _-_,
    Dragon Warrior III GBC
    Version: 0.02
    Written by: ChaosDemon/TimHavel
    Last Updated: 2K1/08/02
    II.....Version History
    III....Introduction to the Game
    IV.....How to Play
    V......Personality System
    XIII...Dragon Warrior III Q & A
    XIV....Other great Resources
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    Now with all that out of the way, let's get on with the Version History! :P
                                  Version History
    Version 0.02, 2001/08/04, 01:21 PM PST-Finished up the Thief's Key
    walkthrough, and starting the second dungeon. Hopefully I'll be done by the
    end of this day.-ChaosDemon
    Version 0.01, 2001/08/03, 11:34 PM PST-Started the Thief's Key walkthrough,
    should be down by the next update.
    Version 0.01, 2001/08/02, 05:52 PM PST-This is the birth of this FAQ, a new
    era indeed.-ChaosDemon
                               Introduction to the Game
    This is a review straight From GameFAQs.
    In the late 80s, Japanese RPG fans waited for several hours in huge lines for
    the NES game Dragon Quest III. A few years later, Americans got to experience
    this amazing game. After this, a SFC remix was released only in Japan. Yes,
    it sucked that it didn't come out here, but that doesn't matter at all
    anymore; now that amazing remake of an already amazing RPG is within our
    reach in the form of a GBC port, and how sweet it is!!!!!
    Story: 9
    The same story from the NES version. You are the son of Ortega, who tried
    single handedly defeating Baramos and disappeared (died?). At the age of 16,
    you set out (either alone or with up to three companions), to find him and
    defeat Baramos.
    Gameplay: 10
    Just when you thought this already spectacular RPG couldn't be improved
    upon, Enix once again outdoes themselves! This game plays exactly like DW
    games have been known to play ever since DWI. The difference here is the
    plethora of added extra features! These new extras combined with THE best 8
    bit RPG ever means that you will not find a more blissful portable RPG
    When you first begin your game, you are spoken to by a strange being who
    asks you a series of questions. You are also presented with a special test.
    How you answer the questions and what you do in the test determine the
    personality characteristic the Hero character starts out with. If you choose
    to have other party members, they will have a personality of their own just
    like you. There are over two dozen personalities a character can have. Not
    only that, but the personality of a character can be changed during the game.
    There are more things to collect in this game aside from the already huge
    amount of weapons, armor and items there are (not to mention there's more of
    those, too!). First of all, there are special Monster Medals that you can
    find by defeating as many types of monsters as you can. There are bronze,
    silver and gold versions for each monster in the game. You can also trade
    excess Medals to a friend. In the manual, it says that if you collect a lot
     of them, something ''happens.'' Hm...
    Also new in this game is a feature that first debuted in DWIV...Tiny Medals.
    You can redeem these Medals at a special place and get highly rare
    (sometimes one of a kind!) items to help you in your quest.
    Aside from the already cool and diversified character classes you can choose
    from when picking characters for your party, there is a completely new class.
     The Thief is able to steal from monsters in battle and also sense if your
    party has missed any treasure in a location.
    The Hero has the ability to remember words that are said to villagers. If
    you just found out something that you think you will need to know later,
    just press Select after you are done talking with the person. To remember
    the words, go to your Hero's spell list and cast ''Recall.'' Yes I know,
    that doesn't sound like it should be a spell, but it is. Actually, the Thief
    and Dealer (Merchant) also have special abilities that are used like spells
    now, which is very interesting. Even the JESTER (Goof Off) has one!
    There is an extra mini game aside from the Monster Arena. Now you can play a
    game of Pachisi. Your character walks across a huge game board where a slew
    of interesting things can happen to you. One has to wonder what kind of
    reward you get for winning...
    Graphics: 10
    Woah!! Enix sure knows how to tap out the power of the GBC!
    If you played the NES version of this game, you remember how neat the
    graphics were in the intro battle. Well, let's just say that they ''redid''
    that in this version, along with more Ortega history that the NES game didn't
     have. Don't even THINK of pressing Start when you first turn this game on!
    The overworld graphics are so colorful, large and well detailed that they're
    almost at 16 bit quality (no, I'm not crazy! You'll notice what I'm talking
    about even before you begin the game!). In battle scenes, the enemies are
    EXTREMELY well animated! The enemy animation will knock your socks off so
    much that you might find yourself getting excited when you find a new type
    of enemy!
    Sound/Music: 9
    The sound effects are just fine, straight from DWI&II. The music is great
    for the most part! Almost all of the songs are faithfully converted from the
    NES version, except for the battle theme (no percussion) and the tower theme
    (off key). You'll be able to hear that adventurous overworld music once again
    Control: 10
    The same scheme used in DWI&II. Since you have to juggle four characters
    around, a special Plan menu has been created. It houses some features that
    are staple in RPGs (such as changing party member order), plus has extra
    features which make managing your party even more convenient!
    Replay Value: UNSURMOUNTABLE
    You will literally NEVER run out of ways to play this game. Even if you've
    beaten the NES version backwards and forwards, there are even MORE things
    for you to do now. You can play the game alone, with only one extra member,
    etc. The combinations are endless. Searching for all of the items (old and
    new) will take you forever! These reasons don't even scratch the replay
    value's surface!
    Bottom Line?
    If there is one RPG game company that has stayed powerful during the rise of
    Square, it's Enix. Just when everybody thought that they would only be
    around in Japan for the rest of it's life, they begin rereleasing their epic
    RPG lineup here in the US, making them even better than they were before.
    First I&II. now III. This game is so good that it's worth buying the system
    just for this game if you don't have a GBC yet. Fans who have been with Enix
    since DWI will adore this game and people new to the RPG genre will be
    captivated by the old AND the new features. The first version of this game
    was already stellar and now it has been pushed to even newer heights, which
    is why I give it a 10.
    (This was Review taken off GameFAQs)
                                   How to Play
    This is an RPG game, and there are not many complicated controls. But here
    they are:
    A Button: Check things for Items, select options. Talk to people.
    B Button: Cancel, activate Info menu(if not anything is required to cancel,
    this will activate the Info menu.
    Start: Saves game on Field Log.
    Control Pad: Move your characters around.
    Why pay 8G to stay at an Inn? - If it's night and you're near Aliahan, go
    back to your house in Aliahan and you're mother will be infront of the door.
    Talk to her and she will bring you back inside. Now Talk to her again and
    you will be healed!
                               Personality System
    This is one of the new things in Dragon Warrior III. At the very beginning
    of the game, after entering your name, you will wake up in a cave. Over here
    keep walking up until you are standing on a cliff. Someone will now start
    talking to you. It will ask you a series of questions. Answer truthfully
    and don't attempt to anwser questions just to get a certain personality.
    After you have finished anwsering, you'll then be taken to a scenario. I had
    two of them. One was very simple, I wake up and then  I walk left amd then
    it tells me that there's a girl talking out loud. And I was done. However,
    there's another one where I wake up in a well and when I climb up there's
    this town's folk and they start running. But there's this 'brave' citizen
    that says he's going to "take you on". You have a choice of letting him
    live...but I creamated him by pressing A. Now I continued to explore and I
    found a dog, infront of my little sister, I creatmated the dog too. Now
    I just thought that's enough of hurting people. So I just walked down to the
    exit and completed it. I ended up with a 'good' personality.
    If you don't like the personality that you were given, you can change it by
    reading certain books. (But if you don't like your personality...chances
    are, you don't like yourself.)
    Welcome to the walkthrough! I hope I can walk you through the game with no
    hardships! And please note, there's two of us working on this Walkthrough,
    and I, ChaosDemon am the one farther behind. I'm currently playing this g
    game as I am writing the walkthrough, and by both of us working on this FAQ,
    we hope to bring you to the end as fast as possible.-ChaosDemon
    After you received a personality, your mother will wake you up on your 16th
    Birthday. She tells you it's time for you to visit the King. Now you will
    gain control over your character. Walk up and turn right into the door and
    your mother will take you to the front of the castle. At this path, just
    keep going up until you go in the castle and just continue to do so until
    you come to the King. Talk to him. He will tell you a little bit about your
    background, give you 50G(money) and wish you good luck. Now it's time to
    get yourself some companions. Exit the castle, do some exploring around the
    town if you wish, but when you're ready read the next paragraph.
    Goto the spot where your mother dropped you off. Take a turn left and just
    keep going left until you hit a wall. At that point, go up and enter the
    building. Talk to the woman at the counter to get some teammates, if you're
    not happy with who's abvalible, you can turn right and go up the stairs.
    Talk to the man on this counter and create another person. Name him or her
    anything you want, as long as it doesn't exceed four characters. When you're
    done giving your creation a name, choose his or her's class. Now this will
    be important. The recommended party from Nintendo Power is a Magem a
    Warrior and a Cleric. Now please note, this is the recommended pary from
    NINTENDO POWER. You can choose anyone you want. My party is: a Warrior, a
    Cleric and a Theif. Here's some descriptions of the classes avalible to you.
    Sages are the most powerful class in the game, but they're not available to
    you at first. Jesters can automatically become Sages later in the game,
    but other classes must find a special item beforehand.
    Masters of armed combat, Warriors can use the biggest weapons and wear the
    heaviest armor. They're useful in almost any battle, but they can't learn
    Magic and have low Agility ratings.
    Fighters rely on martial arts to attack enemies. Their speed is nearly
    unmatched, and they deliver more critical hits as a result. Fighters can
    use light armor only, and they lack the Vitality of Warriors.
    Theives won't add much offensive or magical power to your team, but they
    often steal useful items from enemies. Thieves can also learn to sniff out
    hidden treasure in dungeons and caves.
    Jesters have Luck ratings that are through the roof, which means enemy
    spells often won't affect them. The silly clowns will often disobey you in
    battle, however electing to sing and dange rather than fight.
    If it's Gold you seek, take along a Dealer. The crafty merchants earn extra
    money from battles, and they can also appraise the valure of items. Their
    stats are somewhat low, but they're evenly balanced.
    Beginning players would be well adviced to take along a Cleric. Clerics
    aren't skilled at physical combat or offensive spells, but they possess a
    wide range of healing spells and status-changing magic.
    Mages have low Vitality and are next to useless in physical combat, but a
    high-level Mage possess a wide array of extremely powerful magic spells.
    They are good fit for any team.
    (Thanks to Nintendo Power for those!)
    Now back to the walkthrough, after the class selection, give them seeds for
    each of their stats. You will usaully have five seeds, but some have six.
    You can start by giving the stat that is lowest a seed then give them out
    equally. Create as many as you want and then head down stairs to the woman
    to add that person to your team! Please note, that the stats you give the
    seeds to determine your team member's personality. If you give them equally,
    they will end up with an Ordinary personality. The others are: Vain, Valiant
    Fearless and there are many others.
    Once you have enough members(max: 4, including yourself), you can now leave
    town. Exit the Tavern and take a left outo the lands. Fight some monsters to
    gain a couple of levels. Monsters here are not very strong, Slimes will be
    a sinch, but you won't get a lot of expierance points. Fight the HornHare to
    gain a lot of exp points and fight an Anteater to get a lot too. When you're
    team members are at least level 5, you can now set out to find the Thief's
    Key. Here are the directions to the cave; starting from the castle's
    entrance/exit, go up and then take a left on the bridge. Now go south and
    then look on the right side for a cave-like door. It's not very hard to
    find. Make sure your team members are at least level 5, because there are
    some tough Monsters in here.
    Najimi Tower
    Items Found:
    AGL Seed
    Tiny Medal
    Thief Key
    At the entrance, go down and turn left and go down the stairs. At this
    point, go down a bit and turn right then go up and then keep going right and
    open the chest to get a Herb. Now back track until you see a path leading
    north. Go there and then take a right to the treasure chest. Open it to
    get a Traveler. Now look for a path leading north and then go up and turn
    left and open the treasure chest for 56G. Back track back to the treasure
    chest containing Traveler and then go right to the stairs. Go up them.
    In this room, go right until you come to another set of stairs. Stop right
    there and above the stairs, there should see a path leading up. Take it
    that path and go up until you come to an intersection. On the left, there
    should be 32 Gold waiting for you. Open the treasure chest to obtain it.
    Now back track to the stairs you ignored and go up them.
    Now in the third floor(where you are right now), Go go north and proceed to
    do so until you pass the first intersection and make up to the second one.
    On your left, there's an Inn. If you feel like you're party members are
    injured, go there and pay 8G to heal your wounds. If you feel that you're
    ready, then take the path right and go up the stairs.
    This should bring you up to yet another floor. If you need some cash for
    staying at the Inn, take the path to go right and you should end up in the
    centre of this place. The centre consists three paths; left, right and
    up. Take the path up and then go left to come to a chest(there's a wall
    right before this new section, you can still go through though.) Take the
    Gold there and back track to the stairs you just came from but don't go in.
    Instead, there's this path leading south. Take it and then walk past the
    three double-pillars. Now go left and keep going left until you hit a wall.
    At this point, go up and to the stairs. As usaul, go up them.
    Now the battles in this floor starts to get tough. If you have a Cleric,
    it will know Heal no matter what level he or she is. Your Hero will learn
    it at level 7. If you get wounded, use this abilities and heal your members.
    Anyways, back to the walkthrough. At the start of the stairs, go left a bit
    and then go north. Proceed to do so until you are allowed to go right. Go
    right a bit and you should see a path leading south. Go there and you should
    see a set of stairs here. Go up them and talk to the man there and he will
    give you the Thief's Key(I.E., What you're looking for!) If you don't like
    your personality, you can read one of the books on the shelf. Once you're
    done reading, open the red door on the south and take the stairs going down.
    This will bring you to a room you visited before. Go right a bit until you
    are allowed to go up. Do that and keep going left until you hit a wall of
    sorts, now go down to the stairs. Go up them.
    In this room, go down and then go right to the pillars. Go up until you come
    to a set of stairs. If you want a Tiny Medal,(Believe me, you do.) At the
    stairs, go left to the centre of the room. Now go up until you come to an
    intersection. Go right and then go up the stairs. In this small room, go
    down and open the chest to obtain the Tiny Medal. You can use this Medal(on-
    ce you get enough of them) to exchange them for Weapons and Armor. Back to
    the walkthrough, now back track to the stairs that you didn't go up(after
    going up on the pillars) and go up them.
    Good news! You're almost at the end of this! Go left a bit until you come to
    the centre of this room. Keep going down until you come to a set of stairs.
    Go down them.
    Now go right and keep going right until you hit wall. Go up and then go up
    on the stairs to come to t Aliahan's Castle's Dungeon. You can now navigate
    your way out of here. And you are now free of the Najimi Tower.
    You probably want a rest for a while. Once you're ready, scroll down to the
    next paragraph...
    ...Ahh done resting? Okay then you should now start bulking up your team
    members to the level range of 7-12.  The next level's Monsters are nothing
    but easy, I tried to fair it with the Hero at level 5, Warrior at level 7,
    Cleric at level 6 and Thief at level 9. And the Hero really struggled so
    try to bulkup your Monsters either in the fields. But when you're ready,
    read the next paragraph.
    The Quest for the Magic Bomb
    Does this scare you? Well it shouldn't because this is not a quest at all.
    It's just a matter of talking to people, person. Now these intructions will
    help you get the Magic Bomb required for the next dungeon.
    From the exit of the town Aliahan, go up a bit and then go left accross the
    bridge. Now go left a little bit more and go up. Continue to do so until you
    come to a little cottage which is really a town.
    In the town, go right until you hit somewhat of a wall. Go up and then you
    should find a building with a red door on it. Open it with your Key and then
    go up the stairs to another floor. Talk to the man sitting near a table
    and say Yes to his question and he will give the Magic Bomb!(I.E., what
    you're looking for!)
    At this point of the game, you might want to consider bulking up your Team
    Members a little bit more. What you're aiming for is your Hero learning
    Heal (He learns it at level 5) If you have the cash, get a Sickle, it's a
    recommended Item, but it costs a little too much. A Shell Armor will help
    With the Magic Bomb in your hands, it's time to brave the second dungeon.
    It's relitively short, but the battles there are tough. Get ready for the
    longest five minutes of your life.
    To get to this dungeon, follow my instructions. Please note that all these
    instructions are from the Aliahan Castle on the world map. From the exit of
    Aliahan, go north a bit and turn left. Cross the bridge and then go left a
    little bit more and then go north. Now keep going east until there's a body
    of water blocking your way. Now you can keep going south until you see a
    little house, now standing directly on top of that small house, go north a
    little bit. You should be imediatley be blocked of by some mountains, on
    the right of those mountains, there should be a path. Go there and the
    screen should soon zoom into that section of the map. Go north and should be
    soon blocked off by some water. Go left and then go up until you see a twin
    of bushes. Now I'm not sure are they bushes, but just go up until you come
    to twin round things. Now go right and down the stairs.
    The Journey to The Gate
    Items found:
    From the entrance, go left and you should see a man. Just ignore him and
    then go down -- you will probably notice by now that you are blocked off by
    a huge wall. Press the B button and then goto 'Items'. Select your Hero and
    then press the A button on Magic Bomb (you many have to press right on the
    Control Pad if you don't see it on the first screen.) Now selcet 'Use' and
    this will show a funny scene with your team members, all of them will seem
    to hide behind you and disappear. At this point, the wall should slowly
    explode. Now continue through and open the treasure chest to obtain the
    Magic Map. Go down the stairs beside it.
    In this floor, keep going north until you are blocked off by a gap on the
    floor. Now go up a on the right side of the gap, there should be a path
    there. Now keep going right until you hit a wall, or otherwise you can't go
    right anymore. Now take the path right and then go left until you hit an
    intersection. Now keep going north until you hit another wall. Go left and
    open the chest to obatin a useful, poison curing Anitidote.
    From this treasure chest, keep going east until you hit a wall, or in lame
    man's terms, you can't go right anymore. At this point, you should be
    allowed to go south. You will probably have to fight a lot of Monsters
    before you make it to the very bottom. But never the less, keep going south.
    You should soon(after a minute or two) hit another wall. You can now go west
    do that until you get blocked off by a gap. But your really aren't blocked
    off! You can go under the gap(it took me about two days to figure this out,
    don't ask why) anways, continue to go west until you are allowed to go
    north. Do that, but only go north a little bit until you are allowed to go
    west. Do that to obtain another weapon, the Knife! When you're ready, go
    right a little bit and you should end up in the intersection again. You can
    now continue togo north until you hit a wall. Now be careful, there's a gap
    right beside the wall. You can now go west until you hit another wall. Go
    north untilyou come to a set of stairs. Walk upto them to come into the
    final room of this dungeon.
    In this final room, who will survive? You! Now go down a little bit and you
    should be two directions for you to goto; left and right. Take the left
    route and keep going right until you hit a wall. Now go down and walk
    straight through that door (you have the Thief Key), now just continue to
    go south until you come to a portal. Jump in and you will be taken to
    another country.
    After you come out of the gate, keep going north until you come to a town...
    Now at this point you might want to rest a little bit...but if you're a work
    horse like some of my friends, you might not want to while you still have
    your rhythm going. Myself? I like to rest after dungeon to rehab -- not my
    team members, but myself. So have a good rest!
    Done? Good, the battles now start to get even tougher, and if you don't have
    the proper equipment, you might not make it out alive. Some recommended
    Weapons are Armor are: Knife, for your Mages it won't deal much damage, but
    if sometimes scores a critical hit. Spear, you should get this piece of
    equipment as soon as posiible, yes, yes it costs 650G, but the (if my math
    is correct) 448G you earned the last dungeon should help you out. Now this
    will set you back a bit if you're not the battling type, but most of us are.
    And the Bronze Shield will help your defensive ability.
    You should, as always, visit the King first in every town. What's that? You
    didn't know? Well, now you do. The King is not to happy because his percious
    Golden Crown was stolen from him. And it's your job to find it. You can now
    go out and train yourself. You might want your team members to be at level
    ChaosDemon's Tip: Now if someone stole something from the King, he's setting
    you a bad example. You can do the same. After some training, move north
    from Romaly and you should come to Kazave. At night go in there and "borrow"
    a Posion Knife from the house that is 'broken' and you will see two chests
    from the outside. Just search around.
    Now it's time to get to the third dungeon. The dungeon itself is not that
    paticularly difficult, but you will have to fight a boss at the very end.
    But fear not, if your team members are at level 13 and over, you should have
    no problem at all beating them. It's a good idea to give the Posion Knife to
    an agile team member. Now it may not show that it's a strong weapon, but
    this almost always scores a critical hit. Now, on with the dungeon!
    Kandar's Tower
    Items found:
    Bronze Shield
    Empty chest
    Empty chest
    To get to this dungeon, start from Kazave and keep going west. After going
    west for sometime, (right upto the water) you should come to a structure,
    go in to start the dungeon.
    From the entrance, go left a bit and you should hit a wall. Go north until
    you are allowed to go left. Do that and then head south until you hit
    another wall. Go back north a little bit until you see a path leading left.
    Take that path and thne go south until you hit a wall. Then go right and
    then go up a little bit more and open the chest to your right and obatin
    the 56G in that chest. After you picked up the Gold, go south a little bit
    and go left until you hit another wall. Now go up until you see a path
    leading right. There should be a set of stairs for you. Go up them.
    Now go west until you can't go west anymore and then proceed to go north
    until you can't go that direction anymore. At that point, go right until
    you see a path leading south. Take it and go up the nearby stairs.
    In this floor, go right a bit and then take the path north until you see a
    path leading left. Take it and inside this small "room" go up and open the
    chest concealing the Bronze Shield. Now back track to the stairs you just
    came from, but dont go down them. just go south and then go west until you
    are blocked off again, (or you can't go left anymore) now go north
    until you see a path leading east. Take that path and take the nearby
    In this semi-final room, go north a bit and then go east until you can't go
    east anymore. Now go south and keep going south until you can't go south
    anymore. Go left until you see a path leading north with a door. Open it by
    walking straight through it. Now continue north and take the set of nearby
    Now in this final room, go south and you should be blocked off by some
    stumps. Go left a bit and then continue south to the staircases.
    In this room, go north and you should see three same looking men and one
    different one, prepare for a battle.
    Boss: Kandar
    Recommended Items:
    Posion Knife
    Bronze Shield
    In this boss battle, focus on taking out his Goons first. Use the Poison
    Knife to score some Critical Hits. Use the Spear to deal some heavy damage.
    Your Warrior or Hero can deal the most damage using the Spear. The Bronze
    Shield can give you some additional Defense. Give it to the party member
    that is attacked the most(Hero+Strongest Team Member). Once his Goons are
    taken out, it shouldn't be that hard to dispatch Kandar himself.
    With the third dungeon conquered, it's now time to take a quality rest. Go
    ahead, but dungeons don't get any easier. Have a good rest!
    ...Done? Okay now it's time to go back to the King in Romaly. And return
    his crown. Once he's done talking to you. Get out of the castle. And head
    north past Kazave and to another town. In that town, head west until you
    come to another castle. Go and talk to the Queen. She'll remove the curse
    of Noaniels -- only if you can return her Ruby. It looks like your nice rest
    was tragically cut short...It's time to face the blows of the 4th Dungeon.
    The Journey to the Dream Ruby
    Items Found:
    Tiny Medal
    Leather Dress
    Now before you attempt this dungeon, you team members should be at least
    level 15 or so. That's all the requirements for this one. And of course, you
    always have to watch out for the strong Monsters. MadHounds are paticularly
    strong. Elimante them at all costs. Or...you can run away, that's always an
    option...:P Anyways, on with the walkthrough!
    At the entrance, go south until you see a path leading to the left. Go there
    and open the chest to obtain 288G. Now get back to the route and continue
    going south. Once you are not allowed to go south anymore, go east until you
    see a path leading north. Take it and open the chest to obtain Repellent.
    If you're in trouble use this to avoid some Monster Battles. Now keep going
    south and then down the stairs.
    In this small hallway, go west and down another set of stairs.
    Now go north but keep an eye out on the left side of your screen for a
    treasure chest. Once you see it, go and open it for a Tiny Medal. Now just
    continue going north and up the set of stairs.
    In this room, go west a bit and then go up and then go up the set of stairs.
    Now I know what you're thinking, what's the point of going to that set of
    stairs? Why? For the Tiny Medal Of course! These things are important. Trust
    In this room, go straight to the set of stairs leading down on your left.
    I'm going to stop making it paragraph-to-paragraph for stairs in this
    dungeon. Or maybe I will.
    Now, back to the walkthrough. In this room, go west, you should
    see a portal. If you want your health replenished, walk in there to give
    you back all your HP and MP. Now continue going west and then go north
    ignoring all paths. When you are not allowed to go north anymore, go left
    and open the chest to obatin the Spear. Now go right and obtain the STRSeed
    in that chest. Now go south until you see a ptah leading to the west. Take
    that path and then go south and down the stairs.
    In this room, keep going west until you see a path leading south. Take it
    and then go right and open the chest to obtain the Rosary. Now continue
    going west. Once you abosultley can't go west anymore, go down and open the
    chest to obatin 224G. Now go north a little bit until you see a path leading
    to the right, take it and then go all the way south until you see a chest.
    Open it to obtain a Token. Now go up a little bit more and open the chest
    on your right to obtian the Lether Dress. Don't go down the stairs, instead,
    continue going up and then go east and take the stairs leading down.
    In this room, you gotta be careful. If you make one false move...POW!!! You
    go tumbling down to nothingness. But as long as you're carefull, you should
    stay alive. Now go north and then go east. You should see a chest inside
    a circle. Walk in through the gap and open it to obtain...the Dream Ruby!!!
    Congratualtions! You did it! You beaten the fourth dungeon! Three cheers
    for (insert name here) Hip, Hip, HORRAY!, Hip, Hip, HORRAY! Now that you
    conquered this dungeon, have a good rest, and I'll see you bright and  early
    All the following info is from Dalez.
    Name               |Cost    |Use of Item
    Acorns of Life     |Found   |Raises your MAX HP by 1-5 points
    Agility Seed       |Found   |Raises your AGILITY by 1-3 points
    Antidote Herb      |10      |Cures POISON
    Black Pepper       |Found   |Trade to King of Portoga for a SHIP!
    Blue Orb           |Found   |One of the six ORBS!
    Dream Ruby         |Found   |The treasure of the Elf Queen
    Echoing Flute      |Found   |Will echo if an ORB is nearby
    Fairy Flute        |Found   |Used to free Rubiss from her "curse"
    Fairy Water        |25      |Keeps away enemies for a short time
    Final Key          |Found   |Lets you open barred (prison) doors
    Full Moon Herb     |30      |Cures NUMB status
    Golden Crown       |Found   |The crown of the king of Romaly!
    Green Orb          |Found   |One of the six ORBS!
    Intelligence Seed  |Found   |Raises your INTELLIGENCE by 1-3 points
    Invisibility Herb  |500     |Makes your party invisible!
    Lamp of Darkness   |Found   |Changes day into night when used
    Leaf of World Tree |Found   |Used to revive a dead ally!
    Locket of Love     |Found   |Gives you passage to Simon's prison
    Luck Seed          |Found   |Raises your LUCK by 1-3 points
    Magic Ball         |Found   |Opens the Cave of Enticement
    Magic Key          |Found   |Lets you open iron locked doors
    Medical Herb       |8       |Restores a small amount of your HP
    Meteorite Armband  |Found   |Doubles the wearer's AGILITY
    Mirror of Ra       |Found   |Reveals the identity of the King of Samanao
    Oricon             |Found   |Used to forge the Sword of Kings
    Poison Moth Powder |500     |Confuses an enemy in battle
    Purple Orb         |Found   |One of the six ORBS!
    Rainbow Drop       |Found   |Used to make the bridge to Zoma's Castle!
    Red Orb            |Found   |One of the six ORBS!
    Ring of Life       |Found   |Regain 1 HP with every step!
    Royal Scroll       |Found   |Grants you passage to the cave near Assaram
    Sacred Amulet      |Found   |Needed to obtain the Rainbow Drop
    Sage's Stone       |Found   |Heals all allies when used in battle!
    Sailor's Thigh Bone|Found   |Gives you the location of the Phantom Ship
    Shoes of Happiness |Found   |Gain 1 EXP with every step while outside!!!
    Silver Harp        |Found   |Attracts enemies when used
    Silver Orb         |Found   |One of the six ORBS!
    Sphere of Light    |Found   |Reduces Zoma's HP by 1/2!
    Spider's Web       |35      |Casts SLOW when used in battle
    Staff of Change    |Found   |Lets you assume a different form
    Staff of Rain      |Found   |Combined with Stones of Sunlight
    Stone of Life      |Found   |Protects from a BEAT or DEFEAT spell (once)
    Stones of Sunlight |Found   |Combined with Staff of Rain
    Strength Seed      |Found   |Raises your STRENGTH by 1-3 points
    Sword of Gaia      |Found   |Throw into a volcano to get to Necrogond
    Thief's Key        |Found   |Lets you open wooden locked doors
    Vase of Drought    |Found   |Surfaces the Sunken Shrine south of Aliahan
    Vitality Seed      |Found   |Raises your VITALITY by 1-3 points
    Wake-Up Powder     |Found   |Used to wake up the town of Noaniels
    Water Blaster      |Found   |Used basically to annoy people :)
    Wing of Wyvern     |20      |Lets you return to a town (same as RETURN)
    Wizard's Ring      |2500    |Restores your lost MP!
    Yellow Orb         |Found   |One of the six ORBS!
    Name               |ATP  |Cost   |Where Found
    Battle Axe         |+40  |2500   |Bought
    Broad Sword        |+34  |1500   |Bought
    Chain Sickle       |+24  |550    |Bought
    Copper Sword       |+12  |100    |Bought
    Club               |+7   |30     |Bought
    Cypress Stick      |+2   |5      |Bought
    Demon Axe          |+90  |Found  |Baramos' Castle
    Dragon Killer      |+77  |15000  |Bought
    Falcon Sword       |+5   |25000  |Bought
    Giant Shears       |+48  |3700   |Bought
    Golden Claw        |+55  |Found  |Pyramid near Isis
    Iron Claw          |+30  |770    |Bought
    Iron Spear         |+28  |750    |Bought
    Magic Knife        |+14  |200    |Bought
    Multi-Edge Sword   |+100 |Found  |Zoma's Castle
    Orochi Sword       |+63  |Found  |After battle with Orochi
    Poison Needle      |+10  |Found  |Tool shop of Kanave
    Sledge Hammer      |+65  |6500   |Bought
    Snowblast Sword    |+80  |Found  |After battle with Marauder
    Staff of Force     |+55  |2500   |Bought
    Staff of Judgement |+35  |2700   |Bought
    Swd of Destruction |+100 |45000  |Bought (cursed)
    Sword of Gaia      |+48  |Found  |Simon's Prison
    Sword of Illusion  |+70  |Found  |Portoga after defeating Baramos
    Sword of Thunder   |+85  |Found  |Cave to Necrogond
    Staff of Rain      |+16  |Found  |Shrine near Cantlin
    Sword of Kings     |+110 |35000  |Kol weapon shop after selling Oricon
    Thor's Sword       |+100 |Found  |After battle with Boss Troll
    Thorn Whip         |+18  |320    |Bought
    Wizard's Wand      |+15  |2000   |Bought
    Zombie Slasher     |+65  |9800   |Bought
    Name               |DFP  |Cost   |Where Found
    Angel's Robe       |+35  |3000   |Bought (Elf village)
    Animal Suit        |+8   |Found  |Cave near Samanao
    Armor of Hades     |+65  |Found  |Mountain Cave SW of Tantegel
    Armor of Radiance  |+75  |Found  |Tower NW of Kol
    Armor of Terrafirma|+50  |Found  |Navel of the Earth
    Chain Mail         |+20  |480    |Bought
    Cloak of Evasion   |+20  |2900   |Bought
    Clothes            |+4   |10     |Bought
    Dragon Mail        |+45  |9800   |Bought
    Fighting Suit      |+23  |800    |Bought
    Flashy Clothes     |+28  |Found  |Pyramid near Isis
    Full Plate Armor   |+32  |2400   |Bought
    Half Plate Armor   |+25  |1100   |Bought
    Iron Apron         |+22  |700    |Bought
    Leather Armor      |+12  |150    |Bought
    Magic Armor        |+40  |5800   |Bought
    Revealing Swimsuit |+1   |78000  |Bought (changes your appearance)
    Sacred Robe        |+30  |4400   |Bought
    Shell Armor        |+16  |300    |Bought
    Swordedge Armor    |+55  |Found  |Cave to Necrogond
    Training Suit      |+10  |80     |Bought
    Water Flying Cloth |+40  |12800  |Bought
    Wayfarer's Clothes |+8   |70     |Bought
    Name               |DFP  |Cost   |Where Found
    Bronze Shield      |+7   |180    |Bought
    Leather Shield     |+4   |90     |Bought
    Iron Shield        |+12  |700    |Bought
    Silver Shield      |+30  |8800   |Bought
    Shield of Strength |+40  |15000  |Bought
    Shield of Heroes   |+50  |Found  |Cave NW of Tantegel
    Shield of Sorrow   |+35  |Found  |After battle with Leona
    Name               |DFP  |Cost   |Where Found
    Leather Helmet     |+2   |80     |Bought
    Iron Helmet        |+16  |1000   |Bought
    Iron Mask          |+25  |3500   |Bought
    Iron Mask          |+25  |3500   |Bought
    Mysterious Hat     |+10  |Found  |After battle with Winged Demon
    Noh Mask           |+255 |Found  |Orochi's Cave (Cursed)
    Turban             |+8   |160    |Bought
    Unlucky Helmet     |+35  |Found  |Baramos' Castle
    Name      |Who Learns         |MPUse |Spell effect
    Antidote  |Pilg L12           |  2   |Cures POISON in one ally
    Awake     |Pilg L16           |  3   |Wakes up party members
    Bang      |Wizd L11           |  5   |Deals damage to all enemies
    Barrier   |Pilg L32           |  6   |Protects ally from physical attack
    Beat      |Pilg L22           |  7   |Can destroy one enemy
    BeDragon  |Wizd L35           |  24  |Caster transforms into a Dragon
    Bikill    |Wizd L21           |  6   |Doubles one ally's ATTACK
    Blaze     |Hero L3  Wizd L1   |  2   |Deals fire damage to one enemy
    Blazemore |Wizd L17           |  6   |Medium fire damage to one enemy
    Blazemost |Wizd L36           |  12  |High fire damage to one enemy
    Boom      |Hero L32 Wizd L23  |  9   |Medium damage to all enemies
    Bounce    |Wizd L25           |  8   |Reflects enemy magic
    Chance    |Wizd L41           |  20  |MYSTERY EFFECT!!!
    Chaos     |Wizd L27           |  5   |Can CONFUSE one enemy
    Curse Off |Wizd L30           |  18  |Removes a curse
    Day-Night |Wizd L25           |  12  |Changes day->night, night->day
    Defeat    |Pilg L28           |  7   |Can destroy an enemy group
    Defence   |Pilg L18           |  4   |Halves DEFENSE of enemy group
    Expel     |Hero L7  Pilg L3   |  2   |Make enemies disappear (no EXP!)
    Explodet  |Wizd L38           |  16  |High damage to all enemies
    Firebal   |Hero L10 Wizd L7   |  4   |Deals fire damage to enemy group
    Firebane  |Hero L23 Wizd L14  |  6   |Medium fire damage to enemy group
    Firevolt  |Wizd L29           |  12  |High fire damage to enemy group
    Heal      |Hero L5  Pilg L1   |  3   |Heals one ally's HP
    Healall   |Hero L33 Pilg L30  |  7   |Heals all of one ally's HP
    Healmore  |Hero L29 Pilg L15  |  5   |Heals one ally's HP greatly
    Healus    |Pilg L34           |  18  |Recover HP for all allies
    Healusall |Hero L37           |  62  |Heals all allies fully
    Icebolt   |Wizd L5            |  3   |Deals ice damage to one enemy
    IceSpears |Wizd L32           |  9   |Ice damage to all enemies
    Increase  |Wizd L10           |  4   |Doubles all allies DEFENSE
    Infermore |Pilg L26           |  6   |Medium heat damage to enemy group
    Infermost |Pilg L36           |  9   |High heat damage to enemy group
    Infernos  |Pilg L12           |  4   |Heat damage to enemy group
    Invisible |Wizd L33           |  15  |Turns party invisible
    Ironize   |Hero L13           |  6   |Turns party into iron for 3 turns
    Lightning |Hero L41           |  30  |Ultimate damage to one enemy
    Limbo     |Pilg L22           |  7   |Removes one enemy from battle
    NumbOff   |Pilg L15           |  6   |Cures NUMB in one ally
    Open      |Wizd L35           |  0   |Opens locked doors
    Outside   |Hero L15 Wizd L10  |  8   |Warps you outside a dungeon
    Return    |Hero L7  Wizd L13  |  8   |Return to a town you have visited
    Repel     |Hero L20           |  4   |Keeps enemies away for short time
    Revive    |Pilg L38           |  20  |Revives a dead ally with full HP
    RobMagic  |Wizd L15           |  0   |Sucks away MP from enemy
    Sacrifice |Pilg L42           |  1   |Destroy all enemies/caster dies
    Sap       |Pilg L11           |  4   |Halves DEFENSE of one enemy
    Sleep     |Hero L17 Pilg L10  |  3   |Puts an enemy group to sleep
    Slow      |Wizd L13           |  3   |Halves AGILITY of enemy group
    Snowblast |Wizd L20           |  6   |Ice damage to enemy group
    Snowstorm |Wizd L26           |  12  |Medium ice damage to enemy group
    SpeedUP   |Pilg L5            |  3   |Doubles AGILITY of all allies
    Stepguard |Wizd L19           |  2   |Protects party from damage zones
    Stopspell |Hero L18 Pilg L14  |  3   |Keeps enemies from casting spells
    Surround  |Pilg L10           |  4   |Lowers enemy hit %
    Transform |Wizd L41           |  12  |Transform into a party member!
    Upper     |Wizd L4            |  3   |Doubles one ally's DEFENSE
    Vivify    |Hero L35 Pilg L24  |  10  |Revives a dead ally (sometimes)
    X-Ray     |Wizd L18           |  4   |Identifies Man-Eater Chests/Mimics
    Zap       |Hero L26           |  8   |Lightning damage to one enemy
    Enemy Name      |HP   |EXP   |Gold |Special Items Gained
    Archmage        | 125 | 950  | 168 |
    Army Crab       | 30  | 12   | 15  |
    Avenger         | 125 | 314  | 51  |
    Avenger Beak    | 55  | 76   | 44  |
    Avenger Jackal  | 50  | 32   | 18  |
    Avenger Raven   | 25  | 15   | 18  |
    Babble          | 13  |  4   |  7  |
    Baramos         |1000 |  0   |  0  |
    Baramos Bomus   | 500 | 4067 | 540 |
    Baramos Gonus   | 800 | 4767 | 18  |
    Barnabas        | 50  | 78   | 51  |
    Barog           | 90  | 1090 | 96  |
    Bighorn         | 70  | 117  | 71  |
    Black Raven     |  9  |  2   |  3  |
    Blue Beak       | 60  | 248  | 77  |
    Bomb Crag       | 400 | 220  | 126 |
    Boss Troll      | 400 | 834  | 126 |
    Caterpillar     | 35  | 11   | 15  |
    Catula          | 38  | 45   | 30  |
    Crabus          | 50  | 82   | 43  |
    Curer           | 55  | 93   | 55  |
    Dancing Jewel   | 70  |  4   |1228 |
    Darthbear       | 150 | 693  | 156 |
    Deadly Toadstool| 35  | 18   | 18  |
    Demon Anteater  | 18  |  4   |  9  |
    Demon Toadstool | 20  | 13   | 22  |
    Demonite        | 58  | 34   | 30  |
    Deranger        | 60  | 115  | 57  |
    Eliminator      | 100 | 125  | 64  |
    Elysium Bird    | 100 | 327  | 161 |
    Evil Mage       | 100 | 550  | 102 |
    Executioner     | 35  | 50   | 24  |
    Fierce Bear     | 80  | 143  | 66  |
    Flamapede       | 45  | 24   | 42  |
    Froggore        | 12  |  4   |  4  |
    Frost Cloud     | 70  | 356  | 78  |
    Garuda          | 70  | 147  | 171 |
    Gas Cloud       | 25  | 11   | 16  |
    Ghoul           | 125 | 424  | 175 |
    Giant Anteater  | 10  |  3   |  4  |
    Glacier Basher  | 120 | 135  | 65  |
    Goategon        | 60  | 99   | 54  |
    Gold Basher     | 200 | 130  |1228 |
    Goopi           | 70  | 240  | 93  |
    Granite Titan   | 220 | 834  | 275 |
    Great Beak      | 50  | 64   | 33  |
    Green Dragon    | 130 | 865  | 114 |
    Grizzly         | 125 | 175  | 68  |
    Hades' Condor   | 65  | 122  | 74  |
    Healer          | 25  |  7   |  6  |
    Heat Cloud      | 42  | 34   | 34  |
    Hologhost       | 90  | 397  | 51  |
    Hork            | 95  | 40   | 18  |
    Horned Rabbit   |  9  |  3   |  3  |Medical Herb
    Humanabat       | 28  | 10   | 16  |
    Hunter Fly      | 25  | 33   | 30  |
    Hydra           | 150 | 1030 | 90  |
    Infernus Crab   | 35  | 26   | 28  |
    Infernus Knight | 55  | 105  | 52  |
    Kandar          | 140 | N/A  | N/A |
    Kandar Henchman | 65  | N/A  | N/A |
    Killer Bee      | 22  |  9   | 16  |
    King Froggore   | 35  | 24   | 28  |
    King Hydra      | 500 | 3167 | 420 |
    King Merzon     | 100 | 530  | 108 |
    King Squid      | 120 | 119  | 84  |
    King Totragon   | 125 | 474  | 144 |
    Kong            | 80  | 144  | 62  |
    Kragacles       | 320 | 692  | 65  |
    Lava Basher     | 52  | 139  | 61  |
    Leona           | 145 | 927  | 108 |Shield of Sorrow
    Lethal Armor    | 75  | 140  | 96  |
    Lionhead        | 110 | 450  | 106 |
    Lionroar        | 150 | 1020 | 144 |
    Lumpus          | 35  | 27   | 30  |
    Madhound        | 30  | 18   | 17  |
    Mage Toadstool  | 40  | 31   | 24  |
    Magician        | 19  |  5   | 12  |
    Magiwyvern      | 110 | 747  | 150 |
    Man-Eater Chest | 100 | 46   | 30  |
    Man-Eater Moth  | 20  | 18   | 19  |
    Man O' War      | 32  | 75   | 57  |
    Marauder        | 120 | 397  | 88  |Snowblast Sword
    Marine Slime    | 30  | 60   | 73  |
    Masked Moth     | 10  |  2   |  5  |
    Merzon          | 50  | 80   | 46  |
    Merzoncian      | 65  | 87   | 62  |
    Metal Babble    | 15  |13400 | 12  |Shoes of Happiness
    Metal Slime     |  5  | 1380 |  6  |
    Mimic           | 200 | 245  | 51  |
    Minidemon       | 90  | 196  | 83  |
    Mummy           | 50  | 33   | 48  |
    Mummy Man       | 34  | 25   | 15  |
    Nev             | 50  | 43   | 39  |
    Old Hag         | 60  | 154  | 76  |
    Orochi          | 400 | 2680 |  0  |Sword of Orochi
    Poison Silkworm | 40  | 16   | 24  |
    Poison Toad     | 21  |  7   | 11  |
    Putregon        | 275 | 1166 | 64  |
    Putrepup        | 38  | 10   | 18  |
    Rammore         | 52  | 53   | 54  |
    Red Slime       |  8  |  3   |  3  |
    Rogue Knight    | 50  | 23   | 36  |
    Salamander      | 180 | 2329 | 264 |
    Scalgon         | 145 | 666  | 66  |
    Scorpion Wasp   | 15  |  3   |  5  |
    Shadow          | 35  | 13   | 22  |
    Simiac          | 42  | 57   | 42  |
    Skeleton        | 75  | 281  | 70  |
    Sky Dragon      | 60  | 267  | 218 |
    Slime           |  7  |  1   |  2  |
    Slime Snail     | 20  | 82   | 22  |
    Snow Dragon     | 105 | 147  | 108 |
    Spiked Hare     | 15  |  4   |  7  |
    Stingwing       | 45  | 55   | 42  |
    Stone Hulk      | 140 | 594  | 75  |
    Swordoid        | 160 | 1060 | 81  |
    Tentacles       | 200 | 427  | 120 |
    Terror Shadow   | 60  | 247  | 34  |
    Tonguebear      | 44  | 38   | 30  |
    Tortragon       | 70  | 218  | 106 |
    Trick Bag       | 50  | 1    | 420 |
    Troll           | 200 | 344  | 126 |
    Troll King      | 320 | 688  | 96  |
    Vampire         | 35  | 21   | 23  |
    Vampire Cat     | 32  | 22   | 24  |
    Venom Zombie    | 80  | 295  | 30  |
    Vile Shadow     | 120 | 570  | 53  |
    Voodoo Shaman   | 100 | 197  | 114 |
    Voodoo Warlock  | 130 | 761  | 130 |
    Wild Ape        | 50  | 20   | 22  |
    Winged Demon    | 120 |1175  | 156 |Mysterious Hat
    Witch           | 45  | 102  | 62  |
    Witch Doctor    | 90  | 120  | 48  |
    Wyvern          | 85  | 594  | 93  |Wing of Wyvern
    Zoma            |2000 | N/A  | N/A |
    (Dalez's Info ends here)
    There are two kinds of Medals in the game; Monster and Tiny. Monster Medals
    can be earned by fighting Monsters of course! You can trade Monster Medals
    with friends.
    The second of course are Tiny Medals. These Meadals can be found through out
    the World of Dragon Warrior III. Look in chests, jugs and anything you can
    look at by pressing "A". Here's the list: (number of them will get you:
    the item on the right)
    |Tiny Medal       |
    |Prize List       |
    |5       Spiny    |
    |10      Garter   |
    |20      Blade    |
    |30      STRing   |
    |40      INTspecs |
    |50      Ninja    |
    |60      Justice  |
    |70      AGLscarf |
    |80      Dragon   |
    |90      Vivify   |
    |95      Sacred   |
    |100     Gold Pass|
    And that's that!
                            Dragon Warrior III Q & A
    Q: Where can I get this game?
    A: You can get it at your local Video Game retailer.
    Q: How much will it cost?
    A: Around 59$ Canadian after taxes added.
    Q: Why are the Jesters even in the game?!
    A: They can change into the powerful Sage. Be patient
    Q: Why don't you guys write a Full walkthrough?
    A: How can we if we didn't even the game yet???
                             Other great resources
    If you want more indepth detail for the Personality, visit the Personality
    Generator FAQ.
    If you want a full walkthrough, try to check other FAQs.
    CJayC: For posting this FAQ
    Dalez: For the Weapons and the lists.
    Dallas: For inspiring me in FAQ Writing.
    Figlet: For the ASCII art.
    End of this FAQ -- you can stop reading after the next line...
    Copyright 2001 ChaosDemon/TimHavel

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