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    Text Dump by davogones

    Updated: 11/21/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    Oracle of Ages Text Dump
                    American Version
    Dumped by David Butler (davogones@hotmail.com)
    for The Legends of Zelda (http://loz.zeldalegends.net/)
    Last Revision: 9/3/02
    What is a text dump?
    A text dump contains all the text in a video game, ripped
    straight from the ROM. I use a script to convert the ROM code
    into formatted, readable text, in either TXT or HTML format.
    Why is this useful? It is often useful, when theorizing about
    Zelda, to have exact quotes handy. These text dumps put all
    the text in the Zelda games at one's fingertips.
    A word of warning though: internally, the ROMs arrange the
    quotes in essentially random order. There is a little bit of
    structure: for example, though one person's dialogue may be
    split up into separate quotes, these quotes will generally
    be all together, in order. But if you wish to find a specific
    quote from the game, you will have to already know a few words
    from the quote so that you can search through the entire text
    dump. Any decent text editor should have a Search function,
    and you'll need to use it to find anything specific in the
    text dumps.
    Where can I get the latest version of your text dumps?
    If you downloaded this file off of a site like GameFAQs.com,
    you might have an out-of-date version. This is because I only
    submitted the text dumps to FAQ sites once, just so people
    would know that these text dumps exist. Updated versions can
    be obtained at my web site (The Legends of Zelda -
    http://loz.zeldalegends.net) in the Emulation section.
    Compare the revision date at the top of this document with
    the one in the files on my site to see if you have the latest
    How do you make text dumps?
    I include the following information for those who are curious.
    If you don't understand any of it, just skip ahead.
    The first step in making a text dump is to have a copy of the
    ROM. Then, if you have a quote from the game, you can search
    for the text. Newer games (like OoT, MM, and LA) use standard
    ASCII values for raw text, so it is possible to find the text
    using any common text editor. Older games (like LoZ, AoL, and
    ALttP), unfortunately, don't use ASCII standards, so it's
    necessary to do a relative search using a hex editor like
    Thingy. Then you can make a translation table that will allow
    Thingy to translate ROM text into standard ASCII text. (There
    are many freeware utilities available that will help you do
    relative searches and make translation tables.)
    To make things even more difficult, some games compress, or
    encrypt, the text. For example, in Oracle of Seasons the hex
    value "02 0E" translates to "Twinrova." ALttP uses compression
    and doesn't use standard ASCII values, so this is the most
    difficult game to dump. OoS and OoA use ASCII standards but
    have text compression. Fortunately, I already have TBL files
    for both of these games, so dumping is not as difficult as it
    could have been. ^_^
    After you have found the text (and you're sure you've found
    ALL the text), copy and paste all the text you can find into
    a new file. This is what the DMP files on my site are: all the
    text I could find, copied and pasted straight out of the ROM.
    Once this is done, I wrote a PHP script to parse the DMP file
    and translate everything into a readable format (TXT or HTML).
    Making a program is the easiest thing to do in the long run
    (though something more powerful than PHP is usually preferable),
    because it takes a while to find out what all the codes in the
    ROM translate to. Using the standard Find/Replace function of
    a text editor is too much work if what you're searching for
    constantly changes.
    Further References / Acknowledgements
     • For more information on ROM hacking, and emulation in
    general, here are some good sites to visit:
    Zophar's Domain - http://www.zophar.net/
    Romhacking.org - http://www.romhacking.org/
     • A special thanks to EvilGiegue (EvilGiegue@hotmail.com),
    who helped me figure out how to hack ROMs. Without his
    catalyzing influence, these text dumps probably wouldn't
    be here today. Make sure to check out his text dumps as
    well, which are available on my site and on GameFAQs.com.
            The Text Dump
    You got 1 Rupee!
    You got
    5 Rupees!
    You got
    10 Rupees!
    You got
    20 Rupees!
    That's not bad.
    You got
    30 Rupees!
    That's nice.
    You got
    50 Rupees!
    How lucky!
    You got 100
    Rupees! I bet
    you're thrilled!
    You got 150
    Way to go!!!
    You got 200
    Rupees! That's
    pure bliss!
    You learned the
    Currents Tune!
    Play it to move
    from the past to
    the present!
    Choose it when
    you use the
    You learned the
    Tune of Time!
    Play it to move
    back and forth
    between past
    and present!
    Choose it when
    you use the
    You got the
    Brother Emblem!
    Now you are a
    Goron, too!
    You got a Scent
    Seedling! Maybe
    it will produce
    many seeds!
    You got the
    Eternal Spirit,
    an Essence of
    Even after life
    ends, it speaks
    across time to
    the heart.
    You got the
    Ancient Wood, an
    Essence of Time!
    It whispers only
    truth to closed
    ears from out of
    the stillness.
    You got the
    Echoing Howl, an
    Essence of Time!
    It echoes far
    across the
    plains to speak
    to insolent
    You got the
    Burning Flame,
    an Essence of
    It reignites
    wavering hearts
    with a hero's
    You got the
    Sacred Soil, an
    Essence of Time!
    All that lies
    sleeping in the
    bosom of the
    earth will know
    the nourishing
    warmth of the
    Sacred Soil.
    You got the
    Bereft Peak, an
    Essence of Time!
    It is a proud,
    lonely spirit
    that remains
    stalwart, even
    in trying times.
    You got the
    Rolling Sea, an
    Essence of Time!
    The mystical
    song of the sea
    roars into a
    crashing wave
    that sweeps
    heroes out into
    You got the
    Falling Star, an
    Essence of Time!
    The eternal
    light of this
    heavenly body
    acts as guide
    to the other
    You got a
    Heart Container!
    You got a
    Piece of
    Collect four in
    all to get an
    extra Heart
    Container! Check
    them on the
    Item Screen.
    It's a Dungeon
    Map! Press
    SELECT to see
    it. The darkened
    rooms are ones
    you haven't been
    to yet.
    You found the
    Use it to track
    your position,
    locate chests
    and find keys.
    You found a
    Small Key!
    Use it to open a
    locked door or
    block in this
    You found the
    Boss Key!
    You got a Hero's
    Wooden Sword!
    Hold ¸¹ or º» to
    charge it up,
    then release it
    for a spin
    You got the
    sacred Noble
    You got the
    legendary Master
    You got a
    Wooden Shield!
    You got an
    Iron Shield!
    You got the
    Mirror Shield!
    You got a
    Use it to stop
    enemies in their
    You got the
    Graveyard Key!
    You got Bombs!
    Use them to blow
    open false
    walls. Press ¸¹
    or º» to set a
    Bomb. If you
    also press ,
    you can throw
    the Bomb.
    You got the
    Shovel! Now
    start digging!
    You got the
    Power Bracelet!
    Hold the button
    and press 
    to lift heavy
    You got Roc's
    Feather! You
    feel light as a
    You got the Long
    Switch! Switch
    places with
    objects from a
    You got Scent
    Seeds! Their
    smell attracts
    monsters. Open
    your Seed
    Satchel to use
    You got Mystery
    Seeds! What they
    do is a mystery!
    Try them on
    many things!
    Open your Seed
    Satchel to use
    You got Pegasus
    Seeds! They'll
    make you as
    quick as the
    legendary steed!
    Open your Seed
    Satchel to use
    You got Gale
    Seeds! Their
    gust can take
    you where you
    want to go.
    Open your Seed
    Satchel to
    use them.
    You got a Seed
    Satchel! And it
    has 20 Ember
    You got the
    Seed Shooter!
    Pick your seeds,
    fire, then watch
    them ricochet.
    You got the
    Power Glove!
    You can now lift
    heavy objects.
    You got the
    Switch Hook!
    Shoot at an
    object to switch
    places with it.
    You got Zora's
    Flippers! You
    can now go for a
    swim! Press ¸¹
    to swim, º» to
    You got Bombchu!
    Send them right
    to your enemies!
    You got a Huge
    Maku Seed! This
    should penetrate
    evil forces!
    You got a bigger
    Ring Box! It can
    hold more rings!
    Ouch! You can't
    carry them like
    You got a
    Mermaid Suit!
    Now you can swim
    in deep waters.
    Press  to swim,
    º» to dive and
    ¸¹ to use items.
    You got the
    Tuni Nut!
    You got Ricky's
    Flute! Ricky
    will come to
    your aid when
    you play it.
    You got
    Dimitri's Flute!
    Dimitri will
    come to your aid
    when you play
    You got Moosh's
    Flute! Moosh
    will come to
    your aid when
    you play it!
    You got a
    Strange Flute!
    It sure looks
    You got a Bomb
    Flower! Handle
    it with care!!!
    You got the
    Crown Key!
    You got
    Rock Brisket!
    You got the
    Goron Vase!
    You got
    Goronade! One
    quick gulp will
    keep you awake.
    You got
    Lava Juice!
    You got the
    Mermaid Key!
    You got the Old
    Mermaid Key!
    You got the
    Library Key!
    You got a
    town shop
    Member's Card!
    You can now hold
    more Mystical
    Seeds than
    You got the
    Zora Scale!
    You got the
    Slate! Ancient
    words are
    written on it.
    You got four
    Pieces of Heart!
    That makes one
    Heart Container!
    You got a Letter
    of Introduction!
    You got a Gasha
    Seed! Plant it
    in soft soil!
    You got three
    You got ten
    You got the
    Book of Seals!
    You got four
    Ember Seeds!
    You got ten
    Pegasus Seeds!
    You recovered
    only one heart.
    Your Seed
    Satchel is full!
    Your Life Energy
    is full!
    You got a ring!
    Get it appraised
    You got Fairy
    Powder! It
    removes curses.
    You got the
    Tokay Eyeball,
    a treasure of
    the deep!
    You got a
    L-1 Ring Box!
    It can hold
    one ring!
    You got a
    L-2 Ring Box!
    It can hold
    three rings!
    You got a
    L-3 Ring Box!
    It can hold
    five rings!
    You got the 
    Poe Clock!
    It lightens the
    You got 
    Who will you
    write to?
    You traded 
    for a  Stink
    Bag! Eww...
    It stinks!
    You got 
    Tasty Meat! It's
     the chef's
    You got a 
    Doggie Mask!
    A dog-lover will
    love it!
    You got a 
    But there's only
    You got a 
    Cheesy Mustache!
    It's weird...
    You learned a 
    Funny Joke!
    Will you be a
    big hit?
    You got a 
    Touching Book!
    It's a sad
    You got the 
    Magic Oar!
    It cuts a mean
    You got the 
    Sea Ukulele!
    It has a sweet,
    sea scent!
    You got the 
    Broken Sword!
    It's broken!
    You got Ricky's
    Gloves! Take
    them to their
    The Strange
    Flute is Ricky's
    Flute! Play it
    to call Ricky!
    The Strange
    Flute is
    Dimitri's Flute!
    Play it to call
    You got a Magic
    Potion! It kicks
    in when you run
    out of hearts!
    You can now hold
    more Bombs than
    You got
    This two-handed
    sword is huge!
    You got the
    Harp of Ages!
    It's the Echo
    Tune! It will
    awaken sleeping
    Time Portals!
    You got the
    Cane of Somaria!
    Use it to create
    You got your
    Shovel back!
    You got your
    Wooden Sword
    You got your
    Bombs back!
    You got your
    Power Bracelet
    You got the
    Harp of Ages
    You got
    Roc's Feather
    You got Zora's
    Flippers back!
    You got your
    Seed Satchel
    It's an Island
    Chart! You can
    now navigate
    the seas!
    You got Cheval
    Rope! This
    sturdy rope
    won't rot when
    You got
    20 Bombs!
    You caught the
    Your Seed
    Satchel can now
    carry more
    That was
    I was suddenly
    Thank you,
    What is your
    Link, is it?
    I see a ˆ on the
    back of your
    left hand. That
    is the sign of a
    Hyrulean hero!
    That must be why
    the beasts fled.
    I am Impa, nurse
    to Hyrule's
    Princess Zelda.
    I am looking for
    a singer named
    Will you help me
    look, Link?
    I'd feel safer
    with you nearby.
    Zelda asked me
    to find a singer
    named Nayru.
    Will you help me
    look, Link?
    I'd feel safer
    with you nearby.
    Oh! That's it!
    This rock with
    the ˆ is a sign!
    Could you move
    this rock for
    me, Link?
    I'll... um...
    I'll just...
    I can't do it...
    Thank you...
    Now let's go.
    Where are you
    - are you
    Hurry up and
    move this!
    Oh! Link!
    You saved me!
    To think I was
    That Veran lady
    is frightening.
    I was forced to
    do her will, in
    spite of myself.
    Shadows were
    surrounding the
    Oracle of Ages,
    so I came hoping
    to take her to
    Hyrule. I had no
    idea this would
    I have failed
    She sensed an
    evil shadow
    drawing near
    Nayru and asked
    me to bring her
    to Hyrule
    We should not
    have forgotten
    you, the hero of
    Look what has
    happened now...
    Veran said she'd
    go back in time.
    She must be
    planning to use
    Nayru's power to
    launch some sort
    of plan in the
    past. Labrynna
    already feels
    the effects.
    If it's true, we
    must stop her...
    Uhh! My limbs
    feel so heavy
    after what Veran
    did. I can't
    move them
    very easily.
    If the ˆ on your
    left hand is
    real, then you
    may be the hero
    who will save
    this world.
    Please help us!
    Ah, yes! Zelda
    entrusted this
    sword to me.
    You may use it.
    Ah, yes! Zelda
    entrusted this
    shield to me.
    Please use it.
    can you go meet
    the Maku Tree in
    Lynna Village?
    The Maku Tree is
    the guardian of
    Labrynna. Surely
    she can help.
    Nayru's House is
    in the woods
    east of here.
    I'll be there.
    Veran said she'd
    go back in time.
    She must hope
    to use Nayru's
    powers to launch
    some plan in the
    past. Labrynna
    already feels
    the effects.
    First Holodrum,
    now Labrynna
    faces its doom.
    I am sorry to
    ask so much...
    But we can rely
    on no other!
    Save Nayru!
    Link, please
    save Nayru!
    Could there be
    a hidden room
    somewhere? I
    have felt drafts
    from above...
    Hurry! You must
    save Nayru!
    The world is
    falling apart!
    Saving Nayru
    doesn't seem to
    have ended it...
    Leave this to
    me. You go back
    in time and put
    a stop to
    Veran's plans!
    Link, I was
    researching the
    past and found
    something awful!
    Ralph is a
    descendant of
    Queen Ambi!
    Do you know
    what this means?
    Ralph lives now
    because Ambi
    lived in the
    past. If Ambi is
    slain, Ralph
    will never
    I came to try
    to stop Ralph,
    but I couldn't!
    You're the only
    one who can save
    Ralph, and all
    of us, Link!
    Great timing!
    This bird just
    told me that
    Zelda is on her
    way to Lynna
    So I came to
    meet her, but...
    Oh, what a mess!
    A red monster
    appeared right
    before my eyes
    and carried
    Zelda off!
    It flew toward
    the tower...
    What am I
    to do?
    Link, Zelda
    is a symbol of
    hope for the
    world! If
    anything happens
    to her, all hope
    will be lost!
    You must save
    Link, you
    must find a way
    to save Zelda!
    You're safe! I
    was so worried.
    Why did you come
    alone to such a
    dangerous place?
    Zelda must be at
    the top of this
    tower! Please,
    Link, you
    must find a way
    to save her!
    Link has taken
    it, so there's
    nothing to fear,
    right, Zelda?
    For now, we must
    hide in Nayru's
    House and await
    word from
    You were headed
    to the mountains
    in the north-
    west? I heard
    there's a trail
    west of here.
    Be careful.
    What will happen
    to the
    Zelda's antics
    frighten me so.
    please save
    Saving Nayru
    doesn't seem to
    have to been
    enough. Please,
    Link! We're
    counting on you!
    If Zelda were
    here, everything
    would be fine!
    Ahhh! Zelda has
    been kidnapped!
    What are we to
    do now? You must
    do something,
    It's terrible! 
    Oh, Zelda!
    Listen--just as
    the petrified
    townsfolk began
    to get better,
    Zelda and I
    cheered up a
    boy who was.
    crying. Then
    I was worried
    about Nayru
    being alone, so
    I came along.
       Maku Road
     Level 1
      Spirit's Grave
     Level 2
      Wing Dungeon
     Level 3
      Moonlit Grotto
     Level 4
      Skull Dungeon
     Level 5
      Crown Dungeon
     Level 6
      Mermaid's Cave
     Level 7
     Level 8
      Ancient Tomb
      Black Tower
      Room of Rites
      Hero's Cave
     The Black Tower
     Warp Cancel
     Go back
    Talus Peaks
    Symmetry Village
    Nuun Highlands
    Rolling Ridge
    Rolling Ridge
    Lynna City
    Forest of Time
    Yoll Graveyard
    Fairies' Woods
    South Lynna
    South Shore
    Crescent Strait
    Zora Village
    Zora Seas
    Sea of Storms
    Crescent Island
    The Black Tower
    Ambi's Tower
    Cheval's Grave
    The Wild Tokay
    Ruined Keep
    Great Moblin's
    Syrup's Potion
    Nayru's House
    Birds' Hut
    Vasu Jewelers
    Mask Shop
    Tokay Cafe
    Middle House
    Ancient Adler's
    Maku Tree
    Maku Sprout
    Advance Shop &
    Shooting Gallery
    Bipin's &
    Blossom's House
    Natzu Prairie
    Natzu River
    Natzu Wasteland
    Talus Lake
    Restoration Wall
    Lynna Village
    Northeast Lynna
    West Lynna
    Coast of No
    Sea of No
    Deku Forest
    Ambi's Palace
    Rafton's House
    Cheval's House
    Tokay Traders
    Post Office
    Mayor Plen's
    Patch's Grotto
    Eyeglass Island
    Target Carts
    Dr. Troy's House
    Mamamu Yan's
    Black Tower
    Wild Tokay
    Goron Shooting
    Pippin's House
    Dekadin's House
    I hear an
    essence echoing
    in the Western
    Woods. Can you
    go check it out?
    But be sure to
    come back.
    Maybe there's
    something in
    Nayru's House
    that can help
    Maybe you can
    open time holes
    with the Harp
    of Ages and go
    back in time.
    I feel an
    Essence of Time
    on Crescent
    Island in the
    south sea!!!
    But be careful
    crossing the
    sea, OK?
    The Black Tower
    of the past is
    nearly complete.
    Terrible things
    will happen if
    you don't hurry!
    An essence
    echoes near the
    peak northwest
    of Lynna City.
    Can you go?
    I think there's
    a mountain north
    of Nayru's House
    that's related
    to the essences.
    Sorry! I just
    don't remember!
    Follow the Goron
    legend. Maybe it
    holds a clue.
    Is this also
    because Nayru
    was taken?
    Why do I still
    sense an essence
    near Rolling
    I'm jealous that
    you'd do so much
    for another
    girl, Link,
    let alone the
    Oracle of Ages!
    Hurry to Ambi's
    ...An essence?
    Inside a fish?
    The last essence
    must be hidden
    somewhere in
    Good luck!
    Good luck,
    Veran is atop
    the Black Tower!
    The Eye of
    Deceit won't
    affect you,
    I'm sure of it!
    Ahh... Peace is
    nice. Now I can
    think only of
    I feel so weird.
    I'm vanishing!
    Something must
    be happening to
    me in the past!
    Uhhn... It's
    weird... It all
    seems so foggy.
    I'm forgetting
    so much...
    You... You're...
    Why are you here
    now? I've been
    waiting so long
    for you. Don't
    you remember?
    Hundreds of
    years ago?
    Link, you
    "When I grow up,
    I'll marry you!"
    That's what you
    said, Link.
    Four hundred
    years I waited.
    I knew you
    wouldn't forget
    about me.
    Our hearts are
    bound across
    time by a thread
    What? That's not
    why you're here?
    Why won't you
    listen to me?
    Fine! You want
    to talk about
    Veran, right?
    Maybe Veran is
    using Queen Ambi
    to raise the
    tower to the
    heavens. "If one
    of impure heart
    gains the powers
    of shadow...
    this world will
    be covered in
    That's what this
    is about...
    To know the past
    is to know the
    present. Veran
    can do as she
    pleases if she
    finds dark power
    in the past. All
    will go dark!
    Link! You must
    stop Veran and
    save Nayru!
    Must I say it
      ›Yes ›No
    I don't recall,
    but I think you
    need the eight
    Essences of Time
    hidden in
    Labrynna to beat
    The essences
    hold the power
    to see the
    truth, and they
    hold my memory!
    You won't beat
    Veran if you
    can't see the
    With the flow of
    time disrupted,
    my memory is
    What will we do?
    I'm at a loss...
    But if you find
    the essences,
    I'll remember
    And you'll be
    able to stop
    Please do this,
    First, I want
    you to go to
    Yoll Graveyard
    in the east.
    I hear the first
    essence there.
    I can't do much,
    but take this.
    Welcome back,
    You've finally
    beaten Veran!
    Link, I knew
    you could!
    And I knew you'd
    come back...
    Welcome back,
    Now the world is
    at peace! I knew
    you could do it,
    And I knew you'd
    come back...
    But Link,
    Veran's still in
    the past, right?
    If she is, then
    can't she still
    create an age of
    darkness that
    would continue
    to the present?
    What's going on?
    What does it
    mean if they're
    behind Veran's
    Link, the
    next essence...
    That's weird!
    An essence is
    echoing from
    inside a fish.
    Twinrova is
    behind Veran?!?
    What did she
    mean by Evil
    King? What's
    going on?
    Link, this
    gives me a very
    bad feeling! You
    must stop it!
    But first, the
    next essence,
    You've collected
    all eight
    Essences of Time
    and know their
    Thanks to you,
    time flows true
    in me again, and
    I remember all
    I had forgotten!
    I'm the guardian
    of Nayru, Oracle
    of Ages, and my
    Maku Seed can
    be used only by
    a hero who knows
    the powers of
    the Essences of
    The hero who
    knows the
    Essences of Time
    sees unwavering
    truth across
    time and space.
    If you can do
    this, Link
    you can stop
    Take this!
    it's Twinrova!
    Who thought
    the terrible
    Gerudo Witch
    Twinrova would
    What could her
    plan be...
    I'm filled with
    sorrow, just as
    Twinrova hoped!
    The world is
    I shouldn't
    say this, but...
    A world of
    sorrow is a
    world doomed!
    You must stop
    Queen Ambi at
    the Black Tower
    and cast down
    Veran! Please!
    The Ember Seeds
    in this Seed
    Satchel will
    offer light in
    dark places and
    burn small trees
    from your path.
    you did it! I
    knew you could!
    Leave this to
    Pleased to meet
    you, young hero.
    I am the Maku
    Tree, guardian
    of Labrynna.
    Veran, Sorceress
    of Shadows, has
    taken Nayru, the
    Oracle of Ages.
    She's disrupting
    the flow of time
    from the past.
    She's trying to
    flood this world
    with the power
    of sorrow. We
    cannot give in
    to one of impure
    heart. You must
    stop Veran--and
    soon--but to
    stop her, you'll
    need some-
    I hear the pure
    sound of an
    essence in the
    Western Woods!
    You should go!
    I hear the pure
    sound of an
    essence in the
    Western Woods!
    You should go!
    I hear the pure
    sound of an
    essence in the
    Western Woods!
    You should go!
    Crescent Island
    lies beyond the
    sea! Perhaps
    someone near the
    town waterfront
    knows more!
    The Black Tower
    is growing!
    I have a very
    bad feeling...
    The Goron Elder
    has been buried
    alive! Link!
    What's an Elder?
    What? Link,
    you were the
    Goron hero?!?
    I had no idea.
    That's so cool!
    It looks like
    the Gorons are
    all having fun!
    I want to join
    them, too!
    I am very happy
    to see you, but
    please hurry up
    and save Nayru.
    The south sea
    is polluted!
    That won't do!
    Go clean it up!
    You've finally
    come to the last
    essence! I'm
    behind you!
    Please visit me
    after you've
    grown up! I'll
    wait for you, no
    matter how long!
    Oh! My dearest!
    I wondered if
    we'd meet again!
    Did I help you?
    Veran is at the
    very top of the
    Black Tower!
    Dearest! I'll be
    a fine tree when
    I grow up! Can
    you wait for me?
    Oh! My dearest!
    I wondered if
    we'd meet again!
    Did I help you?
    Veran is at the
    very top of the
    Black Tower!
    I heard there's
    a terrible trap
    called the Eye
    of Deceit...
    It's me, the
    Maku Tree! I
    hear an essence
    echoing in the
    Western Woods.
    Can you go
    Link, are
    you all right?
    Now you can't
    get inside! The
    rock you blasted
    was a support
    stone that held
    up the cave.
    Too bad Nayru
    can't give us
    some advice...
    Maybe there's
    something in
    Nayru's House
    that can help!
    Why don't you
    go look?
    Link, that's
    the Harp of
    Ages! Maybe you
    can use it to
    open Time
    Portals and sail
    through time!
    The cave has
    crumbled in this
    age, but perhaps
    in the past you
    can find a way
    Link! I
    sense an Essence
    of Time on the
    south sea's
    Crescent Island!
    Find a way there
    from the town's
    Link! You have
    the Echoing
    Howl! But things
    are not going
    well. The Black
    Tower is nearing
    completion in
    the past.
    Terrible things
    will happen if
    you don't hurry.
    I hear an
    essence echoing
    from the peaks
    northwest of
    Lynnna City.
    Can you go?
    I am remembering
    more and more.
    The ridge north
    of Nayru's House
    must be related
    to the essences.
    Link, your name
    has appeared in
    old Goron tales!
    Their legends
    tell of a great
    hero who saved
    the Gorons in
    their hour of
    need. What could
    this mean?
    Link! I
    still hear an
    essence echoing
    near Rolling
    Ridge. Huh? I
    think someone's
    Link! I have
    great news!!!
    Queen Ambi has
    just left the
    palace! Now is
    your chance!
    This may be your
    only opportunity
    to save Nayru!
    Saving Nayru
    isn't enough...
    Veran's deeds
    have changed
    the world...
    I cannot hear
    the last essence
    at all...
    But it must be
    somewhere in
    I'm relying on
    you, Link.
    Thank you,
    You've gathered
    all the Essences
    of Time! Now I
    can create
    something that
    will aid you,
    Please visit me
    after you've
    grown up! I'll
    wait for you, no
    matter how long!
    Link did it.
    Link did it.
    No! Noooo!
    Aaahh! Oh dear!
    Get them!
    Wow! You were so
    daring and cool!
    Th-thank you!
    Who are you?
    Link! What
    a nice name. I'm
    the Maku Tree.
    You were brave!
    They said the
    Oracle of Ages
    convinced Queen
    Ambi to build a
    Black Tower...
    Maybe she made
    them attack me.
    Thank you for
    rescuing me!
    I will never,
    ever forget it!
    And I promise
    I'll repay you
    when I grow up!
    This is about
    all I can do...
    When I grow up,
    I'm going to be
    your bride!
    Ahh! I said it!
    Ohh, Link...
    I will repay you
    when I grow up!
    Be sure to come
    see me.
    Dearest! You did
    it! This is
    wonderful! Now
    peace can return
    to Labrynna!
    I know it is
    hard, but don't
    give up. If you
    maintain hope,
    I am sure your
    father will play
    with you like he
    used to.
    Thank you for
    rescuing me.
    My name is
    Zelda. You are
    Link, right?
    I knew it at
    first glance.
    Take this as
    thanks for
    rescuing me.
    Shall we go
    I'm sorry I made
    you worry...
    But I saw it...
    A world filled
    with sorrow and
    Withering away!
    the ˆ on your
    left hand is the
    mark of a hero.
    We cannot let
    Veran do as she
    pleases! Only
    you can thwart
    and save the
    Link, chase
    the darkness
    away with your
    mighty hand and
    protect this
    I've caused you
    much trouble.
    But I can't
    stand by as the
    world falls into
    Please rescue
    Nayru as quickly
    as you can!
    The darkness has
    not faded yet...
    You must stop
    Veran before the
    darkness engulfs
    I, too, ask for
    your help.
    All people, not
    just those of
    this age, will
    meet with great
    Nayru, Impa and
    I will try to
    give strength to
    the people.
    we're counting
    on you.
    I always hope
    for your safe
    I asked Nayru to
    bring me here.
    Impa tried to
    stop me, but I
    can't stand by
    alone and do
    Let me take care
    of the
    Link, you
    must take care
    of Veran and
    Ow! Ow! Ow!!!
    Watch where
    you're goin'!
    You just hit
    Maple, the Great
    Witch Syrup's
    Thanks to you,
    all the stuff
    fell out of my
    bag! The Great
    Witch will be
    And I have to
    get that picture
    book. Who could
    have that 
    Well, it's all
    made me mad! So
    I'm gonna take
    your stuff, too!
    You again?
    Thanks to you,
    everything in my
    bag flew out!
    You must be
    brave to hit
    Maple like this!
    I'll just take
    your stuff, too!
    Here goes!
    Do you have it
    in for me or
    what? Thanks to
    you, all the
    stuff flew out
    of my bag! Well,
    I'll just take
    your stuff, too!
    AH! All my stuff
    flew out of my
    bag! I'll just
    take what you
    dropped, too!
    This'll show you
    what happens
    when you make
    Maple mad!
    Back again?
    The stuff flew
    out of my bag!
    I'll just have
    to take what you
    dropped, too!
    We meet again!
    You know the
    drill! Fastest
    one wins.
    Ready..? Go!
    Ah ha ha ha! Now
    you're sorry! I
    have more stuff
    than before!
    See ya!
    You little--
    I'll remember
    Hmm! Not bad!
    But that's all
    you get today.
    Watch where
    you're goin'!
    You just hit
    Maple, the Great
    Witch Syrup's
    Oh my!
    This makes up
    for your bumping
    into me! See ya!
    . . . . . . . .
    Hey! That book!
    That's the 
    Touching Book
    I need to take
    to Syrup! Why do
    you have it? Let
    me read it!
    Oh, my...
    Ooo! ...........
    How touching!
    It was good...
    Take this. It's
    the first one I
    made. Syrup
    never gave me
    any compliments
    on it. I'll keep
    this book.
    Watch where
    you're walkin'!
    I came through
    this weird
    tunnel and was
    flyin' happily
    along when you
    run into me! I'm
    Maple, the Great
    Witch Syrup's
    Why does this
    happen to me?
    The Great Witch
    is so mean. She
    even took away
    my picture book!
    Doesn't anyone
    have that 
    Now you come
    along and make
    me drop all my
    Anyway, it's all
    got me mad!
    I'm gonna take
    your stuff, too!
    Watch where
    you're walkin'!
    I came through
    this weird
    tunnel and was
    flyin' happily
    along... What
    are you doin'
    here anyway?
    Well, I'm takin'
    your stuff, too!
    Need some target
    practice? It's
    only 10 Rupees!
      ›Yes ›No
    Do you need an
      ›No ›Yes
    Suit yourself...
    You don't have
    enough Rupees!
    Swing your sword
    to hit the balls
    back at the
    targets. Each
    kind of target
    has a different
    point value.
    Fairy   100 pts
    Blue    30 pts
    Red    -10 pts
    Imp     -50 pts
    Miss    -50 pts
    The prize is
    based on your
    score after 10
    Got that?
      ›Yes ›No
    Then let's
    start! Ready...
    Zero points...
    Too bad.
    1 Blue...
    That's 30 pts.
    1 Fairy...
    That's 100 pts.!
    1 Red...
    That's -10 pts.
    1 Imp...
    That's -50 pts.!
    2 Blues...
    That's 60 pts.
    2 Reds...
    That's -20 pts.
    1 Red, 1 Blue...
    30 - 10...
    That's 20 pts.
    1 Blue, 1 Fairy!
    30 + 100...
    That's 130 pts.!
    1 Blue, 1 Imp...
    30 - 50...
    That's -20 pts.
    1 Fairy, 1 Red!
    100 - 10...
    That's 90 pts.!
    1 Fairy, 1 Imp!
    100 - 50...
    That's 50 pts.
    1 Red, 1 Imp...
    -10 -50...
    That's -60 pts.!
    Your total is
    Your total is
    350 pts. or more
    earns a ring!
    250 pts. or more
    is a Gasha Seed!
    150 pts. or more
    wins 30 Rupees!
    50 pts. or more
    wins 1 Heart.
    Less than 50?
    Try again...
    Try again for
    10 Rupees?
     Sure No
    You get a
    special prize!
    Strike! -50 pts!
    Eternal Spirit
    It speaks across
    time to the
    Ancient Wood
    It speaks only
    truth to closed
    Echoing Howl
    It echoes far
    across plains
    to speak to
    insolent hearts.
    Burning Flame
    It reignites a
    hero's passion
    deep in wavering
    Sacred Soil
    Its warmth is
    known by all
    that rests
    in the earth.
    Lonely Peak
    A proud spirit
    that remains
    stalwart in
    trying times.
    Rolling Sea
    The song of the
    sea forms a wave
    that carries
    heroes into
    Falling Star
    Its eternal
    light acts as
    guide to the
    other essences.
    Poe Clock
    Lightens hearts?
    Fine paper.
    Stink Bag
    Very stinky...
    Tasty Meat
    House specialty.
    Doggie Mask
    For a dog lover.
    A single weight.
    Cheesy Mustache
    Kind of weird...
    Funny Joke
    Quite a hit.
    Touching Book
    A sad story.
    Magic Oar
    A racer's dream.
    Sea Ukelele
    Smells like
    the sea.
    Broken Sword
    It's broken?
    Maku Seed
    sacred seed.
    Gasha Seed
    Plant it in
    Magic Ring
    Take it in for
    Zora's Flippers
    Hit the beach.
    Magic Potion
    Fill your heart!
    Bomb Flower
    Use with care!
    Ricky's Gloves
    Take them to
    Member's Card
    Opens the door!
    L-1 Ring Box
    Holds one
    seed ring.
    L-2 Ring Box
    Holds three
    seed rings.
    L-3 Ring Box
    Holds five
    seed rings.
    Wooden Shield
    A small shield.
    Iron Shield
    A large shield.
    Mirror Shield
    A reflective
    Wooden Sword
    A hero's blade.
    Noble Sword
    A sacred blade.
    Master Sword
    The blade of
    Very explosive.
    Always comes
    back to you.
    Biggoron's Sword
    A powerful, two-
    handed sword.
    An advanced
    homing bomb!
    A handy tool.
    Power Bracelet
    A strength
    Roc's Feather
    A nice lift.
    Seed Satchel
    A bag for
    carrying seeds.
    Strange Flute
    A rare
    Ricky's Flute
    A flute for
    calling Ricky!
    Dimitri's Flute
    A flute for
    calling Dimitri!
    Moosh's Flute
    A flute for
    calling Moosh!
    Ember Seeds
    A fiery burst.
    Scent Seeds
    Aroma therapy?
    Pegasus Seeds
    Legendary speed.
    Gale Seeds
    A windy trip.
    Mystery Seeds
    A producer of
    unknown effects.
    Ember Seeds
    A burst of fire!
    Scent Seeds
    An aromatic
    Pegasus Seeds
    Steals speed?
    Gale Seeds
    A mighty blow!
    Mystery Seeds
    A producer of
    unknown effects.
    Cane of Somaria
    Used to create
    Switch Hook
    User and target
    trade places.
    Long Hook
    Switches places
    from a distance.
    Power Gloves
    Used to lift
    large objects.
    Seed Shooter
    Used to bounce
    seeds around.
    Harp of Ages
    A harp used to
    navigate time.
    Tune of Echoes
    Awakens Time
    Tune of Currents
    Moves from past
    to present.
    Tune of Ages
    Moves freely
    through time.
    Mermaid Suit
    The skin of the
    mythical beast.
    Cheval Rope
    Island Chart
    A sailor's
    trusted map.
    Scent Seedling
    Bears fruit long
    after planting.
    Brother Emblem
    A symbol of
    Graveyard Key
    Key to a
    spirit's grave.
    Tuni Nut
    The nut that
    balances all.
    Crown Key
    A crown-shaped
    Rock Sirloin
    A tasty treat.
    Goron Vase
    An heirloom.
    Energy in a
    single gulp!
    Lava Juice
    A hot, juicy
    Mermaid Key
    A tiny mermaid-
    shaped key.
    Old Mermaid Key
    An ancient key.
    Library Key
    The key to vast
    Zora Scale
    A charm of the
    One of four.
    A letter to the
    dancing Goron.
    Cracked Tuni Nut
    A nut in need of
    Book of Seals
    A true test
    of courage.
    Fairy Powder
    powerful dust.
    Tokay Eyeball
    A treasure of
    the deep!
    Save Screen
    Go to the
    Save Screen.
    Pieces of Heart
    4 make a
    Heart Container.
    Pieces of Heart
    3 more make a
    Heart Container.
    Pieces of Heart
    2 more make a
    Heart Container.
    Pieces of Heart
    1 more makes a
    Heart Container.
    The current age
    is the present.
    The current age
    is the past.
    ¶I hab to cook
    dinner por all
    da Tokay, but
    by dose is all
    stubbed up. Ib I
    cook, it will
    taste awbul.
    Give him the 
    Stink Bag?
      ›Yes ›No
    Huh? What's dat?
    That smell!!!
    ¶What was that?
    My nose stings!
    That was stinky!
    That smell! It
    cleared up my
    nose! Thanks!
    That  bag did
    it! I need it!
    It's unbearable!
    I'll trade you
    something really
    good for it!
    ¶Oops! I'm out of
    dinner fixings!
    Oh, well.
    ¶Oh, my nose...
    ¶I deed a super-
    strog scet to
    clear out by
    ¶I found this
    by the sea. It
    was next to a
    Tokay with no
    tail. Hey! You
    don't have a
    tail, either.
    Is this...
    Um, take this.
    I... I don't
    need it.
    ¶Hey! You're the
    one who I...
    Um, I'm glad you
    came. I was
    thinking maybe
    I should hide--
    I mean maybe I
    should go give
    this back to
    you. Here!
    ¶That's all I
    picked up, but
    maybe other
    Tokay took
    stuff, too. But
    maybe not. Maybe
    you should look
    ¶I'm hungry!
    ¶Leave me alone!
    I, I don't know
    I mean, I'm
    I don't know
    whose Shovel
    it is!
    ¶Welcome to the
    Wild Tokay, the
    game room for
    all fit Tokay!
    Today's prize
    If you want it,
    take the Wild
    Tokay challenge!
    It costs
    10 Rupees.
      ›OK ›No thanks
    If you want this
    Want to hear
    the rules?
      ›No ›Yes
    Then let's get
    Too bad!
    Take the prize!
    It's 10 Rupees
    to try again!
      ›OK ›No thanks
    I see...
    Come again.
    You don't have
    enough Rupees!
    ¶This is the Wild
    Tokay, game room
    for all healthy
    Tokay. You can't
    play if you
    can't lift meat.
    ¶This huge fish
    washed ashore!
    It looks fresh
    and tasty!
    ¶Red fish has a
    very exciting
    ¶We found this
    red fish. We're
    dying to savor
    its exciting
    ¶Hey! What are
    those red seeds
    you have? Ember
    Seeds? What an
    exciting name!
    Will you trade
    Ember Seeds for
    our fish?
      ›Sure ›No way
    ¶Then I guess
    this red fish
    will have to do.
    ¶It's a deal!
    I can't wait to
    taste it!
    Munch, munch!
    ¶HOT!!! HOT!!!
    Pass meat to
    each Tokay that
    runs by on the
    left and right.
    If you give meat
    to each one, you
    win! If you skip
    even one, you
      ›Yes ›No
    ¶First give me
    my hoop back.
    Then you get
    your Shovel.
      ›OK ›Not yet
    Then here's
    Then I'll keep
    ¶I found that
    feather. You can
    have it for 10
    Mystery Seeds.
    10 Mystery Seeds
      ›Trade ›Don't
    You don't have
    Mystery Seeds?
    Then I'll trade
    you for your
      ›Trade ›Don't
    You don't have
    enough seeds!
    Come back if you
    want to trade.
    ¶First give me my
    feather back.
    Then you get
    your Shovel.
      ›OK ›Not yet
    ¶That's the hoop
    I found. I'll
    trade it for
    10 ScentSeeds.
    10 ScentSeeds
      ›Trade ›Don't
    You don't have
    Then I'll trade
    you for your
      ›Trade ›Don't
    You don't have
    enough seeds!
    ¶I'll give you
    your Shovel back
    if you give me
    my hoop back.
      ›OK ›Not yet
    ¶I'll give you
    your Shovel back
    if you give me
    my feather back.
      ›OK ›Not yet
    ¶If you want
    something, we
    can trade.
    ¶I have nothing
    left to trade.
    ¶I found this
    strange board by
    the coast.
    <You already have
    I can't let you
    have another.
    You've got all
    your items!!!
    ¶This is our
    precious tree
    nursery. They
    say a ScentTree
    was planted here
    long ago. If I
    had a seedling,
    I'd plant it
    ¶Hey! Is that a
    Let's plant it!
    What's wrong?
    It's not like
    it's gonna get
    big right away.
    It takes a long,
    long time for a
    seed to become
    a tree. Don't
    I'll take care
    of it, so come
    back after a
    long, long time.
    ¶After a long,
    long time, there
    will be a grand
    ScentTree here.
    ¶This is the
    Wild Tokay
    Museum. Did you
    need something?
      ›Yes ›No
    ¶Then enjoy
    the exhibit.
    ¶Hey! That's the
    legendary Wild
    Tokay secret!
    Now I want to
    bring back the
    Wild Tokay! Can
    you help?
      ›Sure ›No way
    ¶I don't
    ¶Come back if you
    feel up to it.
    ¶The Wild Tokay
    was a legendary
    ceremony here on
    Crescent Island.
    Do you know
    the rules?
      ›Yes ›No
    Hand meat to
    each Tokay that
    runs by on the
    left or right.
    If you give meat
    to all of them,
    you win, but if
    you miss even
    one, you fail.
      ›Yes ›No
    Then let's get
    started! If you
    do well, you'll
    get this!
    Too bad.
    Well, want to
    try again?
      ›Yes ›No
    Come back
    You did it!
    You cleared the
    Wild Tokay!
    Here! Take this!
    ¶I'll teach you
    the secret to
    carrying more
    Bombs in
    Holodrum, too.
    Come back if you
    ¶Want to play
    the Wild Tokay?
      ›Yes ›No
    ¶There was a
    ScentTree here
    long ago. If you
    planted a
    seedling now,
    it would take
    hundreds of
    years to grow.
    ¶Put vine sprouts
    by strange walls
    for good luck.
    ¶There's a spot
    just like this
    on the west side
    of the island.
    ¶Our guardian is
    at the center of
    the island. When
    the sun climbs
    high into the
    sky, the sea
    comes in and
    you can't get
    to him.
    ¶One, two, three!
    Is that a lot?
    I need to learn
    my numbers.
    ¶There's a
    winding maze
    beneath this
    island. Maybe.
    ¶It's said that
    long ago, a
    Tokay with no
    tail opened our
    ¶This is the Wild
    Tokay Museum.
    We Tokay used
    to play here
    long ago, but
    not anymore. The
    Tokay on your
    left and right
    are real...
    I mean real-
    looking Tokay.
    They won't
    respond if you
    talk to them.
    ¶I found this
    scrap wood by
    the sea. It's
    weird. I've been
    waiting here a
    long time, but
    the owner hasn't
    come to claim
    Umm, I guess you
    can have it.
    I've been
    polishing it for
    many years, so
    it's very shiny.
    ¶If you meet the
    one who dropped
    it, you don't
    need to mention
    me! I don't need
    any thanks.
    ¶Hey! You!
    Listen to me!
    It takes a long
    time for trees
    to grow. The
    same goes for
    that vine you
    climbed down.
    ¶It takes a long,
    long time for a
    tree to grow.
    The same goes
    for that vine
    ¶This is
    Crescent Island.
    I've never seen
    a Tokay like
    you. You have
    ears. Are you a
    Someone finally
    came! This head-
    stone blocks my
    path to the
    afterlife. I'm
    actually below
    here, right? I'd
    appreciate it if
    you could help
    me out.
    You must have
    moved my head-
    stone! That
    means I can move
    on to the after-
    world. My heart
    lifts at the
    thought of it!
    You came out!
    Since I'm moving
    on, I don't need
    this anymore.
    Take it! I hope
    you can reach
    the afterworld
    soon, too!
    This isn't good!
    I want to
    deliver the mail
    on time, but I
    can't do it if I
    don't know the
    Show him the 
    Poe Clock?
      ›Yes ›No
    Hmm? Tick, tock?
    That tells time!
    Are you giving
    me this clock?
    Don't say a
    word! Of course
    you will! What a
    big help!
    Here's your
    reward. Now I'm
    off to work. I'm
    a workaholic!
    Why you...
    P-paper! Do you
    have any paper?
    Give him the 
      ›Yes ›No
    Take this.
    I'm so hungry my
    stomach hurts.
    Pardon me. I
    just thought
    you could help.
    Give him  Tasty
      ›Yes ›No
    What's this?
    Hand it over...
    Food at last...
    (Chomp, chomp)
    Why are you
    staring at me?
    Oh, you WANT
    How greedy!
    How mean!
    You won't leave
    until you get
    Fine. You can
    have this.
    It wouldn't
    taste any good
    Ahhh. I'm full.
    Thank you.
    I'm Mamamu Yan,
    the top breeder
    in town. My dog
    is much cuter
    than that dog!
    Much cuter!
    But my dog is
    very shy.
    Do you know of
    a good way to
    hide its face?
    That  mask!!!
    It fits my dog
    Let me have that
    Give her the 
    Doggie Mask?
      ›Yes ›No
    Good boy!
    You deserve the
    toy that my dog
    played with!
    What's wrong,
    boy? I only had
    one to begin
    Bad boy! Behave!
    Now Mamamu Yan's
    dog is as cute
    as can be!
    Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Sway right...
    Sway left...
    Move left,
    sway right...
    Move right,
    sway left...
    I'm so skinny...
    I wish I could
    I know! I'll
    work out!
    I have only one
    Working one arm
    at a time...
    It goes against
    my policy...
    If I can't do
    left and right
    at the same
    Sway left...
    Sway right...
    He seems to be
    fixated on your
    Give him the 
      ›Yes ›No
    That's it...
    What I wanted...
    Now I can lift,
    lift, lift...
    I'll get all the
    girls now, eh...
    I'm so skinny...
    I can't offer
    you much...
    Umm...I know.
    Gotta work out!
    Get the girls...
    Get the girls...
    My head spins!
    So what kinda
    candy's never
    on time???
    Isn't that a
    sweet joke!
    I need something
    that will make
    people laugh. I
    wonder if a fake
    mustache would
    I just wanna
    make people
    laugh. There's
    gotta be an easy
    Give him the 
    Cheesy Mustache?
      ›Yes ›No
    What a hilarious
    It's a riot!
    OK, buddy, I'm
    gonna teach you
    the funniest gag
    I know! OK...
    Here goes!
    A performer's
    life is no
    How do you like
    my mustache?
    How I miss the
    smell and sound
    of the sea...
    Back in my day,
    I was the best
    Zora musician.
    If I had an
    instrument, I
    could relive my
    Give him the 
    Sea Ukulele?
      ›Yes ›No
    That Ukulele has
    the spirit of
    the sea in it!
    That smell! That
    sound! That's
    good of you to
    respect your
    elders, kids!
    I see you're on
    some adventure.
    Well I give you
    something old...
    This is the
    Hero's Sword
    that a great
    hero gave my
    long ago!
    ...What's that?
    It's broken..?
    Ahh! Umm... What
    a great sound!
    Why do I smell
    the sea in here?
    Ah! What fun!
    I don't even
    want to think
    about any Broken
    Swords, you
    I mean, I have
    the power to fix
    anything, so I
    have to do it.
    What a mess...
    Oh! What? Do you
    need something?
      ›Yes ›No
    Don't call me if
    you don't need
    Oh! My dear
    mother is in
    That young-at-
    heart mother of
    mine is a worry!
    You've done so
    much, but can I
    make a request?
      ›Yes ›No
    Silly boy...
    Really? That's
    too bad...
    My precious dog
    has gotten lost.
    He's somewhere
    in town, so I'd
    like you to get
    him. He's so
    You carry him
    properly. There
    is a huge reward
    if you find him!
    Did you find my
    My precious pup!
    Where were you?
    Thank you for
    bringing him
    home safely!
    Here is your
    Don't forget to
    take it to the
    jeweler for
    Will you listen
    to my request?
      ›Yes ›No
    Take that ring
    to the jeweler
    for appraisal.
    Pah! Meat!!!
    Did you drop a
    Golden Bomb? Or
    a Silver Bomb?
     Golden Silver
     A regular one
    A Golden Bomb?
      ›Yes ›No
    Really and truly
    a Golden Bomb???
      ›Yes ›No
    Liar! Greed
    begets sorrow!
    I hope you've
    learned not to
    A Silver Bomb?
      ›Yes ›No
    Liar! I'm
    your Bombs!
    You are an
    honest person.
    I'll increase
    the number of
    Bombs you can
    carry to reward
    You can now
    carry  Bombs.
    And I've filled
    your bag.
    I am the Great
    Witch Syrup and
    this is my
    Potion shop.
    Bring me what
    you want.
    Magic Potion
    300 Rupees each.
      ›OK ›No thanks
    That's Syrup's
    magic ointment.
    Works great when
    your hearts run
    I hope you won't
    live to regret
    it! Hee, hee!
    One potion
    per customer!
    Come get more if
    you run out.
    Gasha Seed
    300 Rupees each!
      ›OK ›No thanks
    It's a precious
    Gasha Seed. Just
    wait for it to
    bear fruit!
    You greedy kid!
    You can't carry
    any more.
    I can't sell it
    to one with no
    Stop! Thief! You
    can't get by me!
    5 for 100 Rupees
      ›OK ›No thanks
    We're closed!
    This new type of
    Bomb runs around
    after you set
    Welcome, sir!
    Bring me any
    item you wish
    to purchase.
    Piece of Heart
    +3 Hearts
    +Wooden Shield
    +10 Bombs
    +You have it. One
    more won't help.
    You don't have
    enough Rupees.
    Hey! Don't just
    take things!
    Thief! Give that
    back right now!
    Welcome, sir.
    You must like
    my shop.
    Sir, I can
    expand your
    Ring Box to
    make it hold
    more rings.
    It's 300 Rupees.
      ›OK ›No thanks
    Oh! You don't
    have a Ring Box!
    Then I can't
    help you!
    We ran out of
    goods, so we're
    in a new line
    of business now.
    One out of two
    chests will have
    treasure. You'll
    get a nice gift
    if you can open
    the right chest
    three times in
    a row!
    Each try costs
    10 Rupees.
      ›OK ›No thanks
    OK! ...Begin!
    I hope you'll
    come again.
    This is your
    final chance!
    If you get this
    right, you'll
    get an awesome
      ›OK ›No thanks
    Feeling lucky?
    Pick your chest!
    Oh? Then...
    This is your
    final chance! If
    you get this
    right, you'll
    get a special
      ›OK ›No thanks
    Too bad. Will
    you try again?
      ›OK ›No thanks
    This time will
    be harder.
    Sir! You haven't
    chosen yet!
    I'll only warn
    you once.
    Hurry up!
    Strange Flute
    +Gasha Seed
    +Your gift is a
    ring, but what
    kind of ring it
    is is a secret.
    Welcome, sir...
    to the 100 Rupee
    Advance Shop.
    I'm amazed you
    found us! We're
    only found on
    Game Boy
    Everything is
    100 Rupees.
    Don't let our
    secret out!
    Oh! Is your life
    My life's
    From now on,
    it's Advance!
    Advance Ring
    +Magical Ring.
    What kind of
    ring it is
    a secret.
    +You've bought
    it all, so I'm
    closing shop.
    We're not open.
    Come back later.
    Iron Shield
    +Mirror Shield
      ›OK ›No thanks
    Somewhere in the
    woods is a tree
    that bears very
    special seeds.
    There are trees
    in other places
    that bear
    Mystical Seeds.
    I began my life
    as a fisherman
    on this island,
    but now the
    island drifts
    toward the
    horizon. In my
    grandson's day,
    this island will
    be farther west.
    My family's been
    fishing this
    island since my
    grandpa's day.
    The island is
    drifting to the
    west, so long
    ago it was
    farther east.
    We're supposed
    to finish
    tomorrow, but
    we're way behind
    schedule! We'll
    never make it!
    Huh? A diggin'
    tool? That's the
    spirit, sonny!
    Here! You can
    have this
    Shovel! Can you
    use the Shovel
    to move that
    dirt outta the
    We're workin'
    hard on this
    tower! Help us
    This is the
    entry to the
    tower being
    built to the
    heavens by the
    order of
    Queen Ambi.
    It's not like
    Queen Ambi to
    drive us so
    hard. We're so
    busy we don't
    have time to
    At first, this
    tower was being
    built to guide
    Queen Ambi's
    love safely back
    from the sea.
    But ever since
    Nayru came, the
    sun sits high in
    the sky as if
    time itself has
    It's not like
    Queen Ambi to
    push us so hard.
    In the village,
    they've started
    calling it the
    Black Tower.
    You can look
    around, but the
    construction has
    some areas
    closed. If you
    hang around too
    much, though,
    you might get
    yelled at.
    Why build such a
    huge thing..?
    It's just work,
    work, work!
    I... I'm so...
    tired... No
    just work...
    But we're almost
    This here, that
    there... No!
    That goes here!
    No sleep...
    My son's home
    alone... It's no
    use. What a
    horrible queen!
    (But don't
    tell anyone!)
    My job isn't
    done! How can I
    face the Queen?
    I'll never make
    Busy, busy,
    busy! If I don't
    hurry, the
    guards will come
    check on me!
    It's dangerous
    past this point.
    There are beasts
    everywhere, and
    you can't even
    find your way to
    the top without
    getting lost!
    What's going on?
    This is our
    Won't you play
    hide 'n' seek?
    If you can't
    find the three
    of us, you can't
    go on!
    We'll hide, so
    try to find us!
    Ready or not,
    come find us!
    Dang! But there
    are still two
    You found me...
    But the last one
    is hardest!
    What? You found
    us all? You're
    good, mister!
    There are still
    two left! Or do
    you give up?
    One more!
    One more!
    Aww... You found
    us all. OK, we
    won't tease you
    anymore. We'll
    put the forest
    back in order.
    That was fun!
    Let's play again
    Do you quit?
      ›Yes ›No
    You won't find
    us next time!
    I have a strange
    Is something bad
    about to happen?
    Let's play
    again, mister!
    Let's play again
    Our forest will
    be fine! Nothing
    bad can happen
    The forest is
    at peace again,
    so come play
    with us!
    Maybe I'll tease
    you again...
    The bad guys
    run away when
    we tease them.
    Next time the
    forest maze will
    be harder!
    Mister! I
    found you!
    Listen! It's a
    got lost in our
    forest and can't
    get out! We were
    playin' a little
    But now it'll
    never get out!
    Can you help us
    find it? Do you
    get our problem?
      ›Yes ›No
    An animal with
    gloves on
    A red, lizard-
    lookin' animal
    A big, winged,
    bearlike animal
    Wait, Mister!
    This way!
    It's deep in
    the woods.
    We don't even
    know where it
    We didn't mean
    to be such
    trouble. Really!
    Mister! You
    found it! OK.
    We'll take you
    to the edge of
    the forest.
    You won't get
    lost here!
    Sorry! We didn't
    mean it! But
    seeking is more
    fun than hiding!
    Really! I want
    to do it again!
    Next time will
    be harder!
    Come play with
    us again, OK?
    Hurry! I'll wait
    at the forest
    entrance south
    of here!
    leads that way,
    that goes...
    Ugh! I don't
    know! What's
    going on?
    ÃYou found my
    gloves, right...
    ÃLink! Why
    are you here?
    ÃI still don't
    get it, but you
    helped me out.
    I'm Ricky.
    Did you remember
    it? Say, do I
    know your name?
    Link? Cool!
    Thanks for your
    help, Link!
    Thanks a lot! I
    want to give
    you something...
    Hey! That's a
    weird flute.
    I know!
    8ÃI still don't
    get it, but you
    helped me out,
    You really are
    my best friend!
    I want to go
    adventuring with
    you like we did
    in Holodrum!
    I know! Take
    this flute!
    Play that flute
    anytime you need
    my help. If I
    hear the flute,
    I'll come find
    ÃYou want to go
    north, right?
    I'll take you!
    Hop in my pouch!
    ÄDee? Everyplace
    looks the same.
    How can Dimitri
    get out?
    ÄDee! You helped
    Dimitri on the
    island. You have
    good timing!
    You have good
    timing! How did
    you get here?
    ÄI'm so happy
    to leave! You
    helped me twice.
    Who are you?
    Link? That's
    a weird name.
    But starting
    today, Link
    is my friend.
    Hey! Nice flute,
    ?ÄOut! I'm out!
    Thank you,
    Link! What
    a good friend!
    You helped me,
    Link, so
    I help Link.
    I learned in
    Me and Link
    are unstoppable!
    Take this
    Play that flute.
    I will come if
    I hear the
    Go north?
    Get on my back.
    ÅI'm back in the
    same spot. I'm
    so hungry. I
    can't move...
    ÅOh! You chased
    away ghosts...
    Are you lost,
    ÅThank you for
    helping me out.
    You haven't told
    me your name.
    Please tell me.
    That's easy to
    remember. First
    the graveyard,
    now this...
    You are always
    helping me out,
    Link. I must
    help you in your
    adventures, too,
    Link, so
    take this flute.
    FÅThank you,
    Link. I thought
    I would never
    get out.
    You're always
    helping me out,
    Link. I must
    help you in your
    adventures, too.
    Maybe I can help
    like I did in
    Holodrum, so
    take this flute.
    Play that flute
    when you need
    me. I'll come if
    I hear it.
    ÅYou want to go
    north, right.
    OK, climb onto
    my back.
    Hi! Are you
    looking for me?
      ›Yes ›No
    Oh, really...
    That's the
    secret we taught
    to the girl from
    We'll give you
    some happiness,
    What? A new
    Here's the
    secret to being
    happy in
    If you forget
    the secret, just
    come ask!
    There was a loud
    sound far off,
    like something
    being knocked
    It sounds like
    something heavy
    fell down below!
    Bwee! This is
    the guy Veran
    was talking
    about! Get 'im!
    What's with you?
    Keep clear!
    Heh heh! This
    guy's shocked!
    Let's shock 'im
    some more!
    Bwee! Why's the
    weirdo here!
    What are you
    lookin' at?
    We'll shock you,
    You heard water
    going out.
    You heard water
    coming in.
    Show your
    Courage, Wisdom
    and Power.
    The road to the
    past shall then
    4 2 2
    2 1 2 1 1
    2 1 3
    1 3 1 3
    1 1 2 2 3
    1 1 2 1 1
    1 2
    It's a podium
    for holding a
    Place the Book
    of Seals here?
      ›Yes ›No
    Accept our
    quest, hero!
    What have you
    brought before
    Mystery Seeds!
    Nayru desires
    Mystery Seeds
    more than
    anything else!
    She will be most
    By what name do
    you go, boy?
    ...Link? I
    offer a reward,
    Bring it here...
    Link, this
    is your reward.
    Take it with
    great thanks.
    My palace is
    very large--you
    will not be able
    to find the way
    out alone.
    Will that boy be
    able to return?
    Oh... I shall be
    known as a
    great queen...
    Nayru, Oracle of
    Ages, give me an
    endless day, so
    the people can
    work without
    stopping to
    rest! Young and
    old alike will
    work toward
    my ends!
    What is this
    Are you truly
    You seem
    You seem nice...
    What are you
    doing? Catch
    them! Now!
    Ah hah hah hah!
    The Black Tower
    is finally
    complete! Powers
    of darkness,
    come to me!
    Ahh! The powers
    of darkness flow
    through me! The
    powers swell!
    Hah! Even
    without the
    powers of
    young Nayru,
    I can stop time!
    Now true
    darkness comes!
    The sorrow of
    people shall be
    delivered to me,
    lighting my
    Flame of Sorrow!
    Ah hah hah hah!
    None can stop
    Veran now! You
    can only wait
    for the Flame of
    Sorrow to light!
    What a view! All
    humanity can
    feel the sorrow!
    Ah hah hah hah!
    You are safe!
    I just called my
    knights from the
    palace to help
    since you were
    locked inside
    the tower...
    Link, thanks
    to you, everyone
    is back to
    I thank you.
    Ralph is my
    You, too, have
    great courage.
    You shall be the
    pride of my
    How rude! I
    am still young!
    Don't call me
    All is well
    in this age!
    You may return
    without worry.
    We shall never
    forget you.
    You must be...
    Ralph, of Ambi's
    Hah! I have no
    time for such a
    small fry! Be
    gone with you!
    Or do you mean
    to fight me?
    Don't make me
    Fool! This is
    the body of
    Ambi's, your
    ancestor. If you
    slay me, you
    will vanish from
    this world!
    Do you still
    wish to fight?
    Oh, Link!
    Because of my
    kindness, young
    Ralph still
    lives. But you
    still attack me!
    If you damage
    Ambi's body,
    Ralph will
    You can't intend
    to end your dear
    friend's life by
    your own hand!
    Hah hah hah hah!
    You come despite
    my warning? Do
    you not value
    life? Or are you
    a mere fool?
    Regardless, it
    won't be easy!
    I'll teach you
    your place!
    I'll not be as
    kind as before!
    Ambi's Tower
    will soon be
    Once Ambi's
    Tower is done,
    history shall
    remember me as
    the greatest of
    Link! What
    happened? I feel
    as though I've
    been caught in a
    bad dream... As
    if pure evil had
    inhabited my
    What? I must
    leave at once! I
    see worry in
    your eyes. I
    should have done
    as I was told...
    Worry not about
    the town.
    Ralph and I are
    here. You must
    focus on saving
    Princess Zelda.
    This is Lynna
    Hwahhhh! Oh!
    Excuse me! We
    haven't had any
    nights for a few
    days now.
    Everyone in the
    village is so
    Is it morning?
    Noon? Or night?
    I have no idea
    There's some
    ruckus over at
    Ambi's Palace.
    This is it for
    this world. Even
    my flowing tears
    have dried up.
    Ohhh... My hope,
    my dreams...
    All is lost...
    They've taken
    Princess Zelda?
    This is the end!
    Welcome to
    Lynna, Village
    of Time!
    I used to throw
    myself at
    anything that
    came along until
    only recently...
    It's like a hole
    just opened up
    in my heart.
    I stopped Ralph
    as he went into
    the tower and he
    said, "I don't
    care what
    happens to me!"
    He's like the
    rest of us.
    Nothing matters
    Good morning!
    Good day!
    Good evening!
    Good night!
    Ahh! I love
    I thought
    nothing changed
    when Princess
    Zelda was here,
    but now that
    she's gone, it's
    like a hole has
    opened in my
    The Maku Tree
    stands at the
    far end of this
    My sense of time
    is all out of
    whack. I wonder
    Nayru, the
    Oracle of Ages,
    has returned?!?
    Even though
    Nayru came back,
    the tower still
    grows! It's a
    bad sign.
    I sense mystical
    power in the
    Maku Tree.
    The Maku Tree
    has been very
    happy lately,
    hasn't she,
    That joke goes
    against our
    ya know...
    We can't do this
    Off with ya!!!
    So, what's with
    this gloomy
    So, you wanna
    start over from
    There's no going
    past this point.
    Nothing up there
    is complete, so
    there's no
    entry. Now get!
    The village has
    it hard with the
    construction of
    Queen Ambi's
    tower, but ya
    still gotta
    spend time with
    the kids. Hey!
    Nice one!
    My son has
    gotten so good
    so quickly!
    He must be so
    happy since we
    couldn't play
    together for so
    Nice one!!!
    The Queen was
    very kind until
    only recently.
    You can ask the
    village elder
    about the Queen.
    He lives across
    the river, near
    the tower.
    My husband was
    sent to work at
    the Black Tower.
    I may never see
    him again.
    Bad-mouthing the
    Queen too much
    gets you sent to
    prison. She's
    so harsh lately.
    Queen Ambi seems
    like a different
    person now. She
    always seems
    Strange things
    are happening
    all around.
    I have to do all
    the things I
    want to before
    I can't move
    The Queen is
    nice again, just
    like before!
    I miss the old,
    peaceful days...
    Queen Ambi had a
    seafaring man.
    But he set sail
    one day and
    never came back.
    She's building a
    tall tower so
    she can search
    the lands for
    any sign of his
    It's called
    Ambi's Tower.
    It was a
    touching tale...
    There are few
    who still call
    it Ambi's Tower.
    Now everyone
    calls it the
    Black Tower.
    I don't know if
    the bad one is
    Queen Ambi or
    that girl called
    Nayru. What do
    you think?
    I was smitten by
    Ralph's face
    when he thought
    of Nayru. He
    looked so
    Ralph hasn't
    come back...
    Umm, not that it
    I feel better
    now that I know
    Queen Ambi
    isn't evil, but
    what will happen
    to Princess
    They're building
    a tower on the
    other side of
    the river.
    Lately I've been
    making breakfast
    Guess what! I
    made lunch!
    I made dinner
    today for the
    first time in
    a while.
    I'm so listless.
    I don't feel
    like doing
    It's so hard to
    cook meals for
    morning, noon
    and night!
    There used to
    be something in
    back for sealing
    things away, but
    now there's just
    one crinkled old
    An intelligent
    beauty reading a
    book in a
    library by a
    tranquil sea...
    Isn't it a
    romantic scene?
    That's me, of
    The village is
    full of excess
    dirt from the
    tower. There's
    no room to walk,
    and any tools we
    could use to
    clear a path are
    being used for
    All the men have
    been hauled off
    to build the
    tower. Only us
    old folk remain.
    The Oracle of
    Ages who wields
    power over time
    lives somewhere
    in this land. I
    wonder if she
    hasn't been
    feeling well
    What will happen
    to this world?
    Some loudmouth
    named Ralph
    just ran into
    the Black Tower.
    My son returned
    from the tower!
    But then he went
    right back out!
    He's such an
    anxious child!
    Someone washed
    ashore down
    south. It was a
    very sub-rosan
    I have no hope
    left. All I can
    do is quietly
    await the end...
    Hmph! I guess
    it's not time
    for me to go
    This is Lynna
    They say some
    animals in the
    wild really like
    I've heard there
    is a sea where
    people called
    Zoras live.
    Have you seen
    the ghost ship
    that sails the
    southern seas?
    The tower got
    bigger all of a
    sudden, and that
    top is so ugly.
    What is that
    This is Lynna
    City. It's the
    city where time
    runs on without
    What did the
    Queen want?
    Puzzle Seeds?
    Enigma Seeds?
    It's a mystery
    to me!
    That's it! The
    Queen wanted
    them Puzzle
    Seeds! I bet
    she was happy!
    Another one?!?
    First, that guy
    with the weird
    hat appears,
    then you...
    Ever since that
    girl Nayru came,
    there's been all
    sorts o' weird
    goings on!
    Do you know of
    the Tokay? I
    hear there's an
    island full of
    them across the
    That Nayru has
    tricked Queen
    Ambi, right?
    I knew it!
    Just when Nayru
    vanishes, the
    Queen herself
    starts acting
    The Queen seems
    to be a totally
    The Queen
    completely. It's
    nice that she's
    kind now.
    I'm gonna find
    something that
    Queen Ambi
    desires so I
    don't have to
    work at Ambi's
    I wonder what
    Queen Ambi will
    want next...
    They look like a
    happy family. I
    wish I could
    join them...
    There's been no
    night for many
    days, as if time
    has stopped.
    There's an odd
    pattern near the
    gate to the
    Maku Tree. What
    could it be?
    All day,
    everyday, it's
    "good morning!"
    Another one was
    taken to work on
    the tower. What
    is going on?
    Everyone says
    it's bad luck to
    go near the
    My husband gave
    Queen Ambi that
    which pleases
    her, but he was
    still taken to
    work on the
    Black Tower.
    I want him back.
    The Maku Tree is
    a talking tree!
    But lately she's
    been bothered by
    A weird person
    came to the
    village. You
    couldn't tell if
    it was a man or
    a woman! It
    was scary!
    I'm so mad! Even
    though the tower
    is done, my dad
    hasn't returned!
    Do you know
    what "my own
    blood" means?
    Ralph knows.
    What is it?
    I can go play
    wherever I like!
    What fun!
    What?!? Princess
    Zelda is gone???
    The village has
    been full of
    rubble ever
    since work
    started on that
    tower! You can't
    get anywhere
    without a Shovel
    to clear a path!
    Ohh! How long
    have I worked???
    Night never
    comes, so I
    can't tell. I
    want to go
    Queen Ambi has
    changed. She
    was never cruel,
    but now she
    makes us do
    the impossible.
    But you didn't
    hear it from me!
    It's been awful
    ever since that
    Nayru girl
    appeared. Now we
    have to work
    hours on end!
    Dig! Dump! Dig!
    Heave! Ho!
    What's with this
    village? It has
    no energy!
    energy has
    Hi! Do you
    remember me?
    I'm Rosa! You,
    like, forgot we
    dated?!? This is
    my first long
    trip in, like,
    And I saw some
    weirdo with this
    Shovel I had
    seen before, so
    I, like, asked
    if he knew you.
    Then he, like,
    got all excited
    and went leapin'
    off somewhere.
    What a weirdo.
    Was that, like,
    your Shovel?
    If you don't
    hang on to it,
    it could, like,
    wash out to sea.
    Actually, the
    theme of my
    trip is "the
    woman," so you
    have to wait for
    another date.
    Hi, Link!
    The Goron Dance
    is all the rage
    in these
    mountains! But
    the Subrosian
    Dance is way
    cooler. These
    Gorons have a
    ways to go!
    That Goron Dance
    is way cool! I'm
    gonna make it
    popular in
    Subrosia, too!
    The Graceful
    Goron is the
    bomb! I'm gonna
    be the Graceful
    Thank you.
    You've come all
    the way from
    Hyrule, correct?
    Pleased to meet
    you. I am Nayru.
    I've been very
    worried after
    hearing that
    Labrynna would
    face many evil
    Hah! You've done
    well! First you
    let me through
    the barrier, now
    you bring me
    Mystery Seeds!
    Such a nice boy!
    Taking advantage
    of people's
    kindness is
    too easy!
    This makes one
    less thing that
    can obstruct my
    ambitions. But
    my, these
    Mystery Seeds
    are unpleasant!
    Their sight and
    smell... Hmph!
    Queen Ambi...
    Now, with my
    powers, the flow
    of time is yours
    to command.
    For you, I shall
    create a day
    that never ends,
    so the people
    will never
    sleep, and work
    on the tower can
    continue. And
    when the tower
    reaches the
    heavens, you
    shall go down in
    history as the
    greatest queen
    to ever live!
    Heh heh heh heh!
    We are closer
    to the Age of
    Shadow! But it's
    still premature.
    The true shadow
    will fall when
    the Black Tower
    reaches the
    heavens and I
    climb to its
    highest turret!
    Then it will
    Heh heh heh...
    Hah hah hah hah!
    Where are we?
    Ralph!!! I'm
    sorry to make
    you worry. I'm
    fine now. Let us
    return to our
    own age!
    Thank you,
    You've safely
    pried me from
    Veran's grip.
    Now all the
    strange things
    that happened in
    the land should
    return to
    Just like you
    said, I'll help
    in what little
    way I can!
    There is little
    else I can do,
    so I'll return
    home for now.
    Stop by anytime.
    you have the
    Harp of Ages.
    I want you to
    keep it for now.
    I'm sure it will
    continue to aid
    you. Now let me
    teach you the
    last tune, which
    will unlock the
    true power of
    the Harp of
    What's happening
    I'm so glad
    you're safe!
    Thank goodness!
    Let us go!
    I am reluctant
    to part, but we
    must return to
    our own age!
    You won't get
    away so easily!
    I am Nayru,
    Oracle of Ages.
    You are holding
    an instrument
    called the Harp
    of Ages. I do
    not know you,
    but it is not by
    mere chance that
    you now hold
    that harp.
    You are a hero
    chosen by the
    of time.
    Your arrival
    means I am not
    in this age any
    I hid the harp
    here, knowing
    this could
    I entrust the
    harp to you!
    By playing
    certain tunes
    on the Harp of
    Ages, you can
    travel through
    Let me teach
    you the Tune
    of Echoes!
    If you play that
    tune, you will
    unlock the
    powers of the
    Time Portals
    found across
    this land.
    Step into a Time
    Portal to travel
    through time
    to another age.
    As you journey,
    you may learn
    more tunes that
    will let you
    travel through
    time more freely
    when you play
    Please, chosen
    hero, protect
    this land from
    the clutches of
    evil! I am
    counting on you,
    unknown hero.
    please! Stop
    Ralph! He means
    to sacrifice
    himself for the
    people of this
    age by slaying
    Queen Ambi...
     I can't allow
    Ralph to make
    such a
    Impa and I will
    find a way to
    give strength to
    the villagers.
    Please, Link,
    save Ralph.
    I am fine.
    You may be the
    only one who can
    stop Veran.
    But surely Ralph
    will help you.
    Link, hurry!
    I'm afraid Ralph
    may do something
    Thank you,
    Thanks to you,
    Lynna City is a
    peaceful place
    once again!
    Just when we
    thought the
    shadow would
    wane, it grows
    stronger, just
    as Veransaid.
    Please help
    Link, are
    you all right?
    You've finally
    beaten Veran.
    Now the chaotic
    flows of time
    should return
    to normal.
    Shall we go
    back to the
    I will come to
    your aid!
    Time, Nature...
    Hero of the
    essences, I am
    Din, Oracle of
    Seasons. Hurry,
    Link! You've
    beaten Veran,
    but Twinrova's
    plans are not
    yet thwarted!
    The dark powers
    of the Evil King
    are growing!
    The powers of
    we Oracles
    will guide you
    to Princess
    Zelda! Cast down
    Twinrova and
    stop the Evil
    King Ganon's
    Link, surely
    you can do it!
    We're counting
    on you!
    May the divine
    protection of
    the Triforce be
    with the hero
    of the Essences
    of Time and
    Link, the
    hero! You have
    overcome many
    trials, and
    gained knowledge
    of the Essences
    of Time and
    Nature. Only you
    can defeat
    Mystical power
    fills your body!
    for Veran coming
    to this land
    falls on me,
    too. I will not
    let Ralph carry
    that burden
    How are you?
    Listen to me.
    After all that's
    happened, Ralph,
    like a changed
    man, has taken
    up the art of
    fighting. But I
    will not let him
    outdo me!
    I must fulfill
    my duties as the
    Oracle of Ages
    But one thing
    concerns me--
    Impa. This bird
    brought me a
    letter that says
    Impa has changed
    course and is
    headed to
    Could something
    terrible again
    be happening
    without my
    knowing? Perhaps
    I worry too
    I'm sorry,
    Ralph is always
    like this when
    it comes to me.
    But I feel that
    something evil
    is approaching,
    just as Ralph
    What's this?
    Green clothes...
    Sir, are you
    smitten with
    forest fairies?
    My name is
    Tingle, the one
    and only! I am
    a true fairy!
    The villagers
    say that at 35,
    I should open my
    But I say Tingle
    is the very
    of a fairy!
    How'd you like
    Tingle the fairy
    for a friend?
      ›Sure ›No way
    Sir, you must be
    smitten with the
    forest fairies!
    How'd you like
    Tingle the fairy
    as a friend?
      ›Sure ›No way
    Then from today,
    you and Tingle
    are friends!
    Yes! Yes! As a
    sign of our
    Tingle will give
    you his chart
    that shows the
    way to the
    secret island!
    ...I see! I hope
    you won't
    regret it!
    Come back here
    anytime you wish
    to see Tingle!
    If you get more
    Mystical Seeds,
    something good
    may happen!
    ...These are the
    magic words that
    Tingle created
    myself. Don't
    steal them!
    What's this?
    Look at all the
    Mystical Seeds
    you've gathered!
    Tingle the fairy
    can make it so
    your satchel can
    carry more
    seeds! Shall I?
      ›Yes ›No
    Very well! Then
    Tingle shall
    work his magic.
    Close your eyes!
    Come back
    anytime you
    wish to see
    Do you by chance
    know cooler
    secrets than
      ›Yes ›No
    ...I see!
    I guess Tingle
    is the coolest.
    µTingle, Tingle!
    That's not cool
    at all!!!
    What's this?!?
    I hate to admit
    it, but you're
    far cooler than
    In exchange for
    teaching me
    that, I'll make
    it so you can
    carry more
    Close your eyes!
    I'll teach you
    the secret to
    carrying more
    seeds in
    Holodrum, too.
    Call on me again
    if you forget.
    Tingle's words
    are the coolest!
    Don't steal
    I'm Ricky.
    Usually, I can
    clear holes and
    cliffs with my
    patented jump...
    Link? It's
    been a while!
    Usually I'd be
    happy to see
    But I'm not in
    such a good mood
    right now...
    You see...
    I lost my
    I think I left
    them by the tree
    on the beach,
    but I can't seem
    to find them.
    ÃHey! My gloves!
    You found them!
    Now I'll help
    you find what
    you're looking
    for! Hop into
    my pocket!
    ÃPress ¸¹ to
    punch, or build
    power to unleash
    a tornado. I can
    also jump small
    holes or cliffs.
    ÃI guess you
    found what you
    were after...
    This is just
    between you and
    me, but I can't
    stand this guy,
    so I'll see you
    Isn't what
    you're looking
    for over there?
    ÃIf you move
    toward a hole,
    I'll just jump
    right over.
    I can clear one
    hole easy.
    Give it a try.
    ÃA cliff like
    that is one
    leap. I'll jump
    if you move up
    to it. Try it.
    ÃYow! I'm sorry,
    but it's too
    hot for me in
    ÄDee! Dee!
    ÄI was almost
    eaten! I'm
    Dimitri. I can
    swim in the sea.
     placeÄLink! It's
    you! You saved
    me! You're a
    good friend.
    Are you going
    somewhere? I can
    give you a ride.
    ÄWe're here! You
    go alone now.
    ÄI'll get lost if
    I go too far!
    ÄI chomp when you
    press ¸¹.
    And I swim like
    a fish--even up
    waterfalls. You
    can even carry
    me using the
    Power Bracelet.
    ÄYou can carry
    and throw me
    when you use the
    Power Bracelet.
    Want to try?
    ÄI even swim up
    Try it!
    ÄToo hot! It's
    boiling hot
    here! You go
    alone, Link!
    ÅA g-g-g-ghost!
    ÅD-don't eat me!
    I taste awful!
    Å...The ghosts
    are all gone!
    Did you chase
    them away? Thank
    you! I am Moosh.
    Maybe I can help
    you out. Climb
    onto my back.
    I can help you
    if you like,
    Climb onto my
    ÅTap ¸¹ to hover,
    or hold it to
    charge up for a
    ground pound.
    But water is my
    weakness. The
    shallow stuff is
    one thing, but I
    can't take deep
    water, so be
    ÅHold ¸¹ to
    charge up. If
    you build enough
    power and let it
    go, I'll pound
    the ground. Try
    ÅI can float if
    you tap ¸¹.
    If you move as
    I float, you can
    float across
    pits. Try it.
    ÅYou found what
    you were looking
    for? I'm glad I
    could help. See
    you around.
    ÅI don't want
    to go too far...
    ÅUgh! It's hot!
    I can't take so
    much heat. I'm
    Those lazy,
    worthless fools!
    Just as we're
    buildin' this
    bridge to the
    Symmetry City
    Ruins, they go
    off on break!
    I wait and I
    wait, but they
    don't come back!
    We'll never get
    the bridge done
    at this rate!
    I'd go find 'em
    but the terrain
    'round here is
    too rough!
    A man can't
    navigate it on
    his own! Pahh!
    What a fix!
    C'mon, buddy.
    Can you go find
    those slackers
    for me?
      ›Sure ›Sorry
    Then scram!
    Lazy kid!
    Thanks, buddy!
    I guess you'll
    be off, then!
    If you can get
    all three of
    those slackers
    back here, we
    can get to work
    on this bridge.
    But the terrain
    around here is
    too rough,
    so you can't
    manage it on
    your own. OK?
      ›OK ›What?
    If you get those
    three slackers
    back here, we'll
    finish this
    You ain't been
    over that way
    yet! Or are you
    giving up?
      ›Yes ›No
    Really! Then see
    ya later!
    Then keep on
    Hah hah! They're
    finally here!
    They were just
    late! Well, get
    to work! No more
    breaks until the
    bridge is done!
    What? You're
    already done?
    I guess you
    fools can work!
    But no time for
    breaks now! On
    to the next job!
    My boss is an
    ornery fellow!
    He does no work,
    but complains
    about quality!
    He says to build
    a bridge to the
    Symmetry City
    Ruins, but it's
    not like anyone
    is waiting to
    use it. There's
    no rush, don'cha
    Ahh! It's a
    beautiful day!
    Forget work!
    Maybe I'll write
    a poem...
    Huh? The boss?
    But I wanted to
    hang out a while
    longer... But I
    can head back...
    No way! He can't
    think I'm
    skippin' out!
    Yesss, boss...
    We're done,
    Have you heard
    of Fairy Powder?
    Fairy tales say
    it turned a
    cursed Queen
    back to her
    original shape.
    They say that
    Fairy Powder was
    kept in back
    long ago!
    I don't know if
    it's true or
    not, but it sure
    is romantic.
    I'm looking for
    a romantic poem,
    but I can't find
    anything good...
    How's this...
    "Roses are red,
    violets are..."
    I am the first
    generation of
    Dancers! This is
    our dance hall!
    One must know
    our dance if he
    is to be called
    a Goron.
    If you dance
    well, I'll give
    you a Symbol of
    One try costs
    20 Rupees.
    Shall we dance?
      ›Yes ›No
    I am the first
    generation of
    Dancers! This is
    my dance hall.
    The Goron Dance
    is all the rage
    with hip, young
    It's great!!!
    Want to dance?
    It's 20 Rupees.
      ›OK ›No thanks
    ÇShall I explain
    the dance?
      ›No ›Yes
    ÇWe refuse none
    who come but
    chase none who
    leave. Come back
    ÇPay attention to
    my lesson.
    You'll hear the
    rhythm as the
    dance begins.
    You must repeat
    that rhythm.
    There are two
    ÇPress º» to move
    to this sound!
    ÇPress ¸¹ to hold
    a pose when you
    hear this sound!
    There are eight
    rounds in all.
    Dance well in
    six rounds to
    get a prize!
    If you make
    three mistakes,
    you're out.
    To try is to
    Got it?
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇWe don't care
    how you dance,
    as long as you
    have rhythm!
    Am I a good
    ÇOne... Two...
    One, two, three!
    ÇHey! You need
    more Rupees!
    You are a
    talented Goron
    dancer! You can
    dance at any
    level you like!
    Which do you
     Platinum Gold
    ÇYou're pretty
    good! This makes
    you a brother to
    the Gorons!
    As I promised,
    here you go!
    ÇAll Gorons will
    call you friend!
    May we always
    dance together!
    That was great!
    It felt wild and
    open, like the
    sea! It was
    poetry in
    motion! Thank
    you for sharing
    it with us. Here
    is your prize.
    ÇYou cleared 
    of 8 rounds!
    Very well done!
    You're almost as
    good as me!
    Here is your
    ÇUse your body to
    express your
    passion more!
    ÇDance is heart!
    It is passion!
    Your body must
    express the
    passion! Turn up
    the heat!!! Want
    to try again?
      ›Yes ›No
    OK, next round!
    ÇYou fail if you
    miss once more!
    ÇToo bad! You
    fail this time.
    ÇHuh? That's an
    from a brother?
    What's this..?
    Give me your
    Mermaid Key?
    How did he know
    I have it?
    Oh well...
    I can't turn
    down a brother's
    But I can't just
    give you this!
    Dance me for it!
    If you can match
    my moves, the
    Mermaid Key is
    yours. So?
    It's 20 Rupees
    to try...
      ›OK ›No thanks
    ÇWhat soul!
    Since a brother
    has recommended
    you, I will do
    as I promised!
    ÇCome back if
    you need another
    I am the fifth
    generation of
    Dancers! This is
    my dance hall.
    One must know
    our dance if he
    is to be called
    a Goron.
    If you dance
    well, I'll give
    you a Symbol of
    One try costs
    10 Rupees.
    Shall we dance?
      ›Yes ›No
    I am the fifth
    generation of
    Dancers! This is
    my dance hall.
    The Goron dance
    is all the rage
    with hip, young
    It's great!!!
    Want to dance?
    It's 10 Rupees.
      ›OK ›No thanks
      ›Gold Silver
    ÇI love dancing!
    This dance will
    be danced for
    all eternity!
    ÇWith practice,
    you can be a
    master Goron
    Dancer, too!
    ÇSomeday I want
    to teach this to
    my children!!!
    ÇI dance when
    I'm happy and
    when I'm sad. If
    everyone did it,
    they'd all be
    ÇDancing everyday
    tires you out.
    Sometimes you
    have to rest.
    It's the same as
    work and study.
    But you can't
    just relax all
    the time.
    ÇThe Goron Dance
    is my favorite.
    I want everyone
    to learn it!
    ÇYou gotta have
    both rhythm and
    ÇI love dancing!
    It's like every
    cell in your
    body comes
    ÇWe Gorons will
    find our own
    dance someday.
    ÇI want to spread
    this dance
    around the
    world! Dance
    is the world's
    common language!
    ÇDid you know?
    Passion flows
    from inside the
    body when you
    let the rhythm
    take control!
    ÇMy grandpa
    told me this:
    It's good
    ÇDance is like
    both sport and
    art. You do
    exercise and you
    express your
    ÇYou gotta have
    both rhythm and
    The Goron Dance
    reminds me
    bubbling lava!
    I'm going to
    create a
    Subrosian Dance!
    I'll open a new
    page in
    Your body learns
    by just dancing!
    Only youth can
    push the limits
    of endurance!
    Only hot steel
    can be tempered!
    These Gorons
    have artistic
    sense! We must
    develop our own
    sense, too!
    This Goron Dance
    has hot lava-
    like passion!
    The Goron Dance
    is at the
    cutting edge of
    the dance scene!
    Dancing like
    this is great
    fun! It really
    gives meaning to
    I was diggin' a
    new tunnel and
    I ended up here!
    What are you
    doin' here?
    Don't you know?
    Games are the
    new fad on
    Rolling Ridge!
    You should check
    them out, too!
    ÇFinding treasure
    is so hard!
    Will you let me
    hang on to 20
    Ember Seeds and
    20 Bombs?
    If I'm lucky and
    find treasure,
    I'll give you
    How about it?
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇNo..? Come back
    if you change
    your mind.
    Don't lie. Keep
    better track of
    how much stuff
    you have.
    ÇLeave it to me!
    I'll find some
    treasure. Check
    back with me
    after a while!
    ÇI'll be waiting!
    I'm sure there's
    treasure here!
    ÇThanks to you,
    I found some
    I've got two
    chests, so take
    your pick.
      ›Left  ›Right
    ÇTell me if you
    think you've
    found some
    buried treasure!
    ÇIt's terrible!
    The Goron Elder
    has been buried
    alive under
    some rocks!
    What do we do?
    ÇIt's wonderful!
    The Goron Elder
    was unharmed!
    ÇThe Elder is
    buried alive!
    But Gorons alone
    can't dig him
    out! If we had
    the legendary
    Bomb Flower, we
    could blast the
    rocks away...
    ÇThe Elder caused
    such a fuss!
    ÇHelp! Hurry!
    The Elder will
    die if we don't
    hurry! If only
    we had a Bomb
    Is that one of
    the legendary
    Bomb Flowers?
    You can't fool
    me! That's the
    smell of a Bomb
    Let me have that
    Bomb Flower!
      ›OK ›No way
    ÇWithout that
    Bomb Flower, the
    Elder will die.
    Please let me
    have it!
      ›OK ›No way
    ÇThank you!
    Now we can save
    the Elder!
    ÇI'm so relieved
    the Elder is OK.
    ÇDid something
    ÇWhat's going on?
    I heard a loud
    ÇI guess the
    Goron Elder is
    buried under a
    pile of rocks. I
    hope someone can
    save him.
    ÇThey found a way
    to save the
    Elder. Now we
    can continue
    digging that new
    ÇThis is the home
    of the Gorons.
    What's wrong,
    Were you worried
    about me?
    Ah ha ha ha ha!
    A rock that size
    can't hurt me!
    Ah ha ha ha ha!
    ÇDid you bring us
    the Bomb Flower?
    Sorry to
    trouble you.
    This is the
    shiny key I
    found on
    Northern Peak.
    I never found
    the keyhole, so
    I'll give this
    to you.
    ÇWe shall take
    good care of the
    Bomb Flowers you
    brought us. We
    shall fill the
    peaks with them!
    ÇI sit here to
    protect the
    peace on
    Rolling Ridge.
    ÇDo you have a
    heart? Only
    proven Goron
    brothers may
    pass. Be off!
    That's a Brother
    Emblem! You
    understand the
    passion of a
    Goron's heart!
    You may pass!
    ÇI know it's
    abrupt, but can
    you help me,
    Rolling Ridge
    has given my
    life meaning.
    I need an
    heirloom that
    will teach my
    descendants to
    value life...
    It'd be great if
    you could bring
    me something
    A vase would
    be great!
    That vase! What
    a fine Goron
    Vase! Please!
    Let me have
    that vase!
    I'll trade you
    some Goronade
    for it!
      ›OK ›No thanks
    ÇOh... Come back
    if you change
    your mind.
    ÇAre you ready to
    give me that
    Goron Vase?
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇThank you! This
    is great! As
    ÇI'm going to
    treasure this
    ÇI'm going to
    treasure the
    Goron Vase!
    ÇFor generations,
    my ancestors
    have sat here
    guarding the
    peace on
    Rolling Ridge.
    ÇDo you have a
    heart? Since
    long ago, only
    proven Goron
    brothers have
    been allowed
    to pass here.
    Be off!!!
    ÇI know it's
    abrupt, but can
    you help me,
    ÇFor generations,
    my ancestors
    have sat here
    guarding the
    peace on
    Rolling Ridge.
    I can't leave,
    but I'm so
    hungry I could
    Can you give me
    some food...
    ÇRock Sirloin,
    Rock Brisket...
    You have prime
    Rock Brisket!
    Please! Let me
    have that Rock
    I'll trade my
    ancestors' Goron
    Vase for it!
      ›OK ›No thanks
    ÇI'm so hungry I
    could starve.
    I'd love some
    Rock Brisket...
    ÇAre you ready
    to give me that
    Rock Brisket?
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇOhhh! This
    Rock Brisket is
    so delicious!
    Thank you!
    ÇIf you get more
    food, let me
    have it!
    ÇWelcome to
    Target Carts!
    Fire your Seed
    Shooter while
    riding in a
    cart. If you hit
    enough targets,
    you win a prize!
    Up to 3 misses
    wins 20 Rupees.
    Want to try? It
    costs 10 Rupees.
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇOh... Come
    back anytime!
    ÇHuh? You don't
    have enough
    Rupees! Save up
    and come back!
    ÇOK! Let's get
    you started!
    ÇThe prize this
    time is...this!
    ÇReady? Go!
    ÇWelcome to
    Target Carts.
    To play, talk to
    that Goron!
    ÇThat's it! You
    hit  of 12!
    Nice shootin'!
    You win a prize!
    ÇOh, that was
    almost perfect.
    But you still
    get 20 Rupees!
    ÇToo bad...
    Try again later.
    ÇReady to try
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇOh... But do
    try again later!
    I've worked so
    many late nights
    lately, I don't
    feel up to
    playing games.
    And I dug up a
    great prize,
    too. Oh, well...
    I need something
    energizing that
    can wake me up.
    ÇThat's Goronade!
    One drink of
    that charges
    you up! Will you
    let me have it?
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇNo..? Oh...
    Haa... I'm just
    so tired lately!
    ÇI'm wide awake
    now! Thanks!
    I'm gonna open
    up shop! Want to
    give my game a
    The first game
    is on the house.
    Want to try?
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇWhat? You don't?
    Next time it's
    10 Rupees.
    ÇOf course!
    Want to hear the
      ›No ›Yes
    ÇThis time, the
    prize is...this!
    ÇWhen the game
    begins, try to
    dodge or throw
    the Bombs that
    start falling
    all around. See
    how long you
    can last!
    You'll get a
    wonderful prize
    if you last
    through it all.
    But if you get
    hit even once,
    you fail! OK?
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇAre you ready?
    ÇDid you come to
    play? It costs
    10 Rupees.
    Wanna try?
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇYou don't? Come
    play anytime.
    ÇYou don't have
    enough Rupees!
    ÇWanna try again
    for 10 Rupees?
      ›Yes ›No
    Take your prize!
    ÇDon't tell
    anyone, but I'm
    friends with the
    famous Graceful
    Goron. Really!
    ÇDid you talk to
    the Graceful
    That key looks
    like the Mermaid
    Key the Graceful
    Goron has.
    ÇYou want the
    Graceful Goron's
    key, too? Aren't
    you greedy...
    ÇLook. I don't
    know if it will
    work, but if you
    give me your
    Lava Juice, I'll
    introduce you to
    the Graceful
    So? Can I have
    the Lava Juice?
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇOK. Take this
    Letter of
    Introduction to
    the Graceful
    ÇIf you show that
    to the Graceful
    Goron, he'll
    Well, whatever!
    ÇI hope the
    Graceful Goron
    gives you his
    ÇWhat did the
    Graceful Goron
    Some kind of
    thing... Aww...
    I forget!
    ÇThe Graceful
    Goron drinks
    Lava Juice every
    day to get
    energy to
    dance. I want
    some, too!
    ÇWelcome to
    Goron Gallery!
    This game was
    popular in
    Lynna Village.
    Wanna try? It
    costs 20 Rupees.
      ›OK ›No thanks
    ÇReally? Well,
    come again.
    ÇDo you need to
    hear the rules?
      ›No ›Yes
    ÇYou don't have
    enough Rupees!
    ÇHit the balls
    into the targets
    with your sword:
    Fairies 100 pts
    Blue   30 pts
    Red    -10 pts
    Imps   -50 pts
    Strike   -50 pts
    You'll hit ten
    balls, and your
    prize depends
    on your total
    score. Got it?
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇThis is Goron
    Gallery! Our
    game was a big
    hit in Lynna
    Village! Right
    now, we're
    offering Lava
    Juice to one
    player with an
    excellent score!
    Want to try? It
    costs 20 Rupees.
      ›OK ›No thanks
    ÇIf you don't,
    someone else
    will get the
    Lava Juice!
    ÇOK! Let's get
    Good luck!
    ÇYou got  pts!
    You win the
    Lava Juice!!!
    ÇToo bad! Less
    than 100 pts
    doesn't win a
    Ç400 pts or more
    wins a
    Ç300 pts or more
    wins a
    Gasha Seed!
    Ç200 pts or more
    wins 20 Bombs!
    Ç100 points or
    more wins
    30 Rupees!
    ÇThere's no prize
    for less than
    100 pts...
    ÇWant to try
    again? It costs
    only 20 Rupees!
      ›OK ›No thanks
    ÇOoh! You were
    hit. Too bad...
    ÇThe Elder is
    traveling around
    Rolling Ridge
    Bomb Flowers!
    ÇThe Elder is so
    full of energy.
    I should follow
    his example.
    ÇI'm going to
    plant Bomb
    Flowers all over
    Rolling Ridge!
    ÇThe Elder sure
    is energetic...
    I can't keep up.
    There's a weird
    guy by the sea!
    He just floats
    in the air...
    I wonder what
    he's like!
    The tower seems
    to be getting
    Is it just me?
    The tower IS
    getting taller!
    It's freaky!
    Look! Look! See
    how tall the
    tower got!
    Do towers just
    get taller on
    their own?
    I'm going to the
    tower to play
    again today!
    Shhh! I can't
    hear Nayru sing!
    No way! It's too
    scary! It's
    pitch black
    inside that
    grave beneath
    the tree!
    It might come
    ...The ghost.
    Who are you..?
    to the darkness
    of my troubles.
    I'm so
    I want to laugh
    until I forget
    everything. Then
    I'd be happy.
    Tell him the 
    Funny Joke?
      ›Yes ›No
    What's that..?
    That's so funny,
    I forgot to
    Thanks to you,
    I can be as
    depressed as I
    want to be...
    You can take
    any book you
    want from that
    Hah... Only the
    darkness can
    ease my heart.
    I guess laughing
    my troubles away
    is just a dream
    That's enough...
    Like a bird I
    once saw, fly
    off somewhere.
    Heh heh! I can
    already read!
    "The Fairy Queen
    Who Keeps the
    Sea Clean"
    That's my
    favorite story.
    Reading is fun,
    even if I don't
    understand it!
    Wahhh! My dad
    turned to stone!
    Playing too much
    may have tired
    me out, but I do
    like being able
    to move!
    OK! Faster this
    time! I'll throw
    it, so catch it,
    Didn't I get
    better, Dad?
    We can practice
    together every
    day from now on!
    Lately folk have
    been vanishin'
    and turnin' to
    stone without
    warnin'. What's
    Is it me, or is
    that tower
    gettin' bigger?
    Hahh... I get
    tired so easily
    nowadays. Am I
    gettin' old?
    That tower is
    surely bigger,
    and the town is
    all run amuck.
    My body's not
    feelin' right
    neither. I guess
    bad things do
    come in spades.
    My legs feel as
    heavy as stone.
    I can't move the
    way I'd like...
    I'm sick of all
    this bad stuff.
    My bones feel
    so light lately!
    I won't let any
    pass me by!
    I'm lookin' at
    this cave
    thinkin' there's
    treasure inside,
    but I can't get
    in with this
    rock here. If
    I could just
    blast it away...
    I am Rafton.
    My dream is to
    make fine rafts
    that can sail
    the seas!
    If I only had
    rope that won't
    decay in water,
    I could make
    my raft. I just
    can't find any.
    There's a fellow
    named Cheval
    on the east edge
    of town who is
    working on such
    rope, but I
    don't think he's
    done yet.
    Hey! That's it!
    With that Cheval
    Rope, I could
    finish my raft!
    Let me have
    that rope,
       ›OK ›Sorry
    I guess it can't
    be helped.
    Thank you!
    Tell you what,
    you can be the
    first to ride my
    raft when it's
    done. But you'll
    need a chart if
    you want to go
    out to sea.
    Going without
    a chart is an
    invitation to
    I'll have the
    raft ready by
    the time you get
    a chart.
    Hey! What took
    so long? My raft
    is ready! Come
    over here!
    Shove off from
    over there.
    The raft awaits!
    Climb on top and
    press  to
    I'll have a raft
    ready for you
    anytime you need
    a ride!
    I am researching
    items for use in
    Before I die, I
    want to finish
    my work on
    flippers for
    swimming and
    rope that won't
    decay in water.
    I hope to aid
    all the people
    of the world
    by inventing
    such things!
    Somehow, seeing
    you gives me
    hope for my
    Hey! How goes
    the rafting? I'm
    thinking of
    entering a raft
    race, but I
    haven't been
    able to find a
    decent oar to
    race with.
    Give him the 
    Magic Oar?
      ›Yes ›No
    Whoa! That 
    Oar! It looks
    like a toy...
    But I like it!
    Thanks! In
    I know!
    How's this?
    Lazily playing
    guitar while
    gazing at the
    moon is so nice.
    I guess I have
    to row by hand.
    Hey! Are you
    workin' hard?
    Welcome! This is
    Eyeglass Isle
    Library. Long
    ago, Fairy
    Powder was kept
    in this very
    However, at some
    point in the
    past, someone
    took it away,
    and now none
    Welcome! This is
    Eyeglass Isle
    Library. Please
    feel free to
    browse our
    collection, but
    please be quiet
    for the benefit
    of others.
    You fool!
    As we guessed,
    saving Nayru was
    for naught!
    Ambi's age is
    filled with
    cries of sorrow!
    Veran has
    extended the
    Dark Realm's
    reach, giving us
    what we seek--
    echoing cries of
    sorrow! Spread,
    Spread, sorrow!
    Oh ho ho ho!
    Don't forget us!
    Nice to see you
    after so long,
    We are Twinrova,
    Gerudo witches!
    You were quite
    busy back in
    Eee hee hee hee!
    You seem pleased
    to have rescued
    Nayru, but
    Ambi's age is
    already filled
    with cries of
    By extending the
    reach of the
    Dark Realm,
    Veran has spread
    sorrow across
    the land. Soon,
    the Flame of
    Sorrow will
    Ho ho ho ho ho!
    Now only one
    flame remains...
    When the three
    flames burn in
    the darkness...
    The Evil King
    shall return!
    Oh ho ho ho ho!
    Eee hee hee hee!
    Since you seem
    so relaxed, I've
    come with news!
    The Black Tower
    has already
    reached the
    Oh ho ho ho ho!
    Eee hee hee hee!
    You're too late,
    The Black Tower
    has already
    reached the
    Oh ho ho ho ho!
    Eee hee hee hee!
    Your might alone
    can't stop this!
    Oh ho ho ho ho!
    Eee hee hee hee!
    Don't think it
    ends here!
    Behold, Veran!
    The troubles you
    caused have
    filled the land
    with cries of
    sorrow! It has
    given birth to
    the Flame of
    Sorrow, which
    burns brightly!
    When this flame
    brightens the
    darkness, our
    wish will be
    Oh ho ho ho ho!
    Eee hee hee hee!
    Your struggles
    seem fruitless!
    Behold! Time has
    been disrupted
    in Labrynna!
    The people have
    lost all joy and
    are filled with
    Oh ho ho ho ho!
    What a waste!
    You're too late!
    Give up,
    Don't you know
    all your efforts
    are for naught!
    We are the
    Gerudo witches,
    This world is
    ours to
    manipulate! No
    matter how much
    you struggle,
    the Dark Rites
    will begin soon!
    Remember our
    name as if it
    were sorrow!
    The name of
    Oh ho ho ho ho!
    Eee hee hee hee!
    Your struggles
    seem fruitless!
    And these lasses
    are mere bugs--
    bugs before a
    Oh ho ho ho ho!
    The Evil King's
    revival begins!
    Oh ho ho ho ho!
    Oh ho ho ho!
    Onox, General of
    Twinrova will
    not let your
    death go to
    waste! Behold,
    The troubles you
    caused now burn
    in the Flame of
    When the Flames
    of Sorrow and
    Despair burst
    into flame,
    we will offer up
    the sacrifice,
    and the dark
    rites of the
    Gerudo will be
    Then the Evil
    King shall
    The Flames of
    Sorrow and
    Destruction burn
    brightly! Only
    the Flame of
    Despair remains!
    Eee hee hee hee!
    When the three
    flames are lit,
    we will offer
    the sacrifice
    and complete the
    Dark Rites. Then
    the Evil King
    shall return!
    Oh ho ho ho ho!
    Oh ho ho ho!
    Wandering about?
    Eee hee hee hee!
    We've found you,
    Princess Zelda!
    Hope for the
    We'll snuff it
    And you shall
    light the Flame
    of Despair!
    Eee hee hee hee!
    The sacrifice is
    in our grasp...
    When Zelda, the
    people's hope,
    vanishes, this
    land will be
    stricken with
    It is time!
    Ho ho ho ho ho!
    The long-awaited
    Flame of Despair
    finally burns!
    The Flames of
    Sorrow and
    Destruction have
    been lit by
    Veran and Knox!
    Now the loss of
    Zelda fills all
    with despair!
    Oh, Flames of
    Sorrow, Despair
    and Destruction,
    burn with the
    dark powers our
    disasters have
    Eee hee hee hee!
    He comes...
    Come now, to the
    three flames!
    Come from the
    darkest depths!
    Come, Ganon,
    Evil King!!!
    Eee hee hee hee!
    The time comes!
    Already the
    Flame of
    Sorrow is lit!
    Ask Troy about
    animals and
    ...Not that I
    don't know...
    Deep in the
    woods are
    magical seeds
    and an owl
    statue. When the
    seeds are placed
    on the statue,
    it moves! The
    first time I saw
    it, it startled
    me, but I now
    find it amusing!
    But I'm not
    supposed to go
    into the woods,
    so don't tell
    the adults!
    Shut up! It's no
    good if you get
    You're Hyrule's
    aren't you!
    Impa and Link,
    right? A bird
    brought message
    of your arrival.
    My name is
    Ralph! I am an
    old friend of
    Nayru's. We're
    counting on you.
    What are you
    doing to Nayru?
    I'll cut you in
    two if you don't
    let her go!
    That Veran!
    She couldn't
    touch the stone
    so she used you
    to get in here!
    I've known Nayru
    was the Oracle
    of Ages since
    she was a child.
    I have always
    been beside her,
    protecting her.
    But now this!!!
    Nayru!!! Wait!
    I'll save you!
    Did you hear
    that? They're
    saying terrible
    things about
    Nayru in the
    But why? It must
    be Veran's work!
    The truth will
    come out once
    I save Nayru!
    Wait here! I'm
    "Well, if it
    isn't Link!
    Dawdling about,
    as usual. What
    are you doing?
    Huh? You need an
    Island Chart?
    I've heard that
    weird guy has
    sea charts to
    the secret isle.
    Do what you
    want! I'm too
    busy trying to
    save Nayru to
    help you!
    See ya!
    Is it you? Is
    it really Nayru?
    Sorry, Link.
    I was the one
    running around
    while you did
    the saving...
    But know this:
    I'll be the one
    to stop Veran!!!
    I won't leave
    the people of
    the past to her
    evil deeds!
    Forgetting about
    Veran now would
    be foolish. If
    we do, she'll
    just come for
    Nayru again!
    What was that???
    I can't take
    this! Link!
    I'm going back
    to Ambi's age
    first! May fate
    bring us back
    together! Bye!
    What was that?
    Those hags...
    What are they
    trying to do?
    I can't take
    this! Link!
    I'm going back
    to Ambi's age
    May fate bring
    us back
    together! Bye!
    You really beat
    Veran, didn't
    you? Nice work,
    Link! You're
    ...Huh? Queen
    Ambi? She saw
    you get shut in
    and turned and
    What? Are you
    gonna take on
    Don't startle me
    like that! I
    thought Veran's
    tricks had
    gotten you!
    Link! My
    respect for you
    has grown. I
    thought it was
    over when you
    got locked in
    the tower.
    I never thought
    you'd outdo me!
    And you, Queen
    Ambi! Veran is
    gone, so now
    you can be my
    great, great,
    great, great,
    great, great...
    A queen! I'm
    so proud!
    Link! Don't
    startle me!
    You also heard
    the guard on the
    palace was down
    and came to save
    If anyone is
    gonna save her,
    it's me! I won't
    let you beat me
    to it!
    But it's no good
    entering from
    the front door.
    I know! There
    should be a
    hidden entrance
    in the palace
    garden! I'll
    sneak in through
    What? "Why do I
    know about the
    hidden passage
    on my first
    trip here?"
    Never mind!!!
    I'm coming,
    So, Link,
    you finally made
    it! I came to
    destroy Veran!
    Veran has taken
    control of Queen
    Ambi, right?
    Then to beat
    I must defeat...
    Queen Ambi...
    Umm... Well...
    Queen Ambi!
    Veran! I'll
    destroy the both
    of you!
    Then the people
    of this age, and
    of our age, will
    have peace...
    ...But what...
    will happen to
    Don't forget me.
    I mean, I think
    of you...as a
    OK! I'm going!
    Ralph can do it!
    Hey, Link!
    What are you
    doing here? I
    came to find an
    old hermit who's
    studying tunes
    on this
    mountain. I
    don't know where
    he is, but I bet
    he can offer a
    clue that will
    help save Nayru.
    I'll find him!
    You trickster!
    Fine! If I slay
    you, I vanish!
    Maybe it is
    But if I must, I
    must. To do
    nothing and live
    just isn't me.
    Then it means
    nothing! I will
    destroy you! To
    protect the
    people of this
    age, and to
    protect Nayru!!!
    That voice...
    I...couldn't do
    it... Heh heh.
    Don't I look
    the fool...
    The Maku Tree?
    This is more
    of Veran's work!
    Link! You made
    it! Veran just
    leapt through
    this Time
    Portal! If we go
    back in time, we
    should be able
    to save Nayru
    and the Maku
    Tree! I'm
    coming, Nayru!
    Link! You
    did it! Even I
    thought it was
    over this time,
    but Nayru was
    there. She can't
    always remain
    I'm going to
    train so I'll be
    able to protect
    Nayru on my own!
    Hey, Link!
    Are you looking
    for something,
    or what? Huh?
    Cheval Rope?
    I know that
    name. Yeah! I've
    seen a grave in
    our own time
    that has that
    name on it.
    But I don't have
    time to chat!
    I'm busy!
    See ya!
    Hey, Link!
    How are you?
    I'm training
    everyday! I have
    to be strong
    enough to guard
    Nayru on my own!
    My skills have
    really improved!
    Shall we
    practice next
    time? Since
    you're here, we
    should go hear
    Nayru sing!
    Don't worry,
    Nayru! I'm here.
    I'll chase away
    any beast that
    comes near you!
    Sorry, Link,
    but I doubt
    we'll need you.
    Leave this to me
    and my granny!
    You go take care
    of Twinrova!
    I am Tokkey. I
    research time.
    After many years
    of research, I'm
    one step away
    from perfecting
    a tune that lets
    one move forward
    in time, but it
    seems I've hit
    a roadblock.
    "Echoes produce
    What could it
    That's the
    Tune of Echoes!
    That's the tone
    my research
    lacked! It has
    answered my
    questions! Now
    I can finish
    my tune!
    Ye of many
    tunes, I grant
    you a new tune!
    Time flows on
    when you play
    the Tune of
    Currents! When
    you play this
    tune, you'll
    drift back to
    your own time!
    If you are in a
    place from which
    you cannot reach
    your own time,
    you'll return to
    the past.
    The currents of
    time run deep...
    My hearing isn't
    what it used to
    Hoh hoh! I am
    I am a dedicated
    and hardworking
    biologist. I've
    come to Rolling
    Ridge to study
    the Gorons and
    their games. Did
    you need me?
      ›Yes ›No
    You don't seem
    very promising.
    My student is
    studying hard in
    Holodrum. Thank
    you for updating
    me. Let me offer
    you something
    in return...
    But not for
    free! If you
    score high
    enough in that
    game, you can
    have a gift, OK?
      ›OK ›No thanks
    Are you already
    Target Carts is
    a game in which
    you shoot your
    Seed Shooter
    at targets while
    riding in a
    cart. You can
    have my gift if
    you hit every
    target. Got it?
      ›Yes ›No
    Come talk to me
    after you've hit
    all the targets.
    If you don't
    talk to me right
    away, I might
    Oh! Well done!
    You can now have
    your reward!
    I'll teach you
    the secret to
    using Bombchu in
    Holodrum, too.
    Come back if you
    forget the
    Are you ready
    to play?
      ›Yes ›No
    Giving up?
    Hoh hoh! I am
    Troy! In my
    younger days, I
    traveled the
    world and saw
    many animals.
    Even at my age,
    I'm quite
    dedicated! You
    show promise if
    you've come to
    hear me speak.
    Just between us,
    I have seen
    an animal called
    Ricky that can
    jump small holes
    and cliffs by
    just moving
    toward them!
    an animal called
    Ricky that can
    unleash powerful
    punches that
    sometimes cause
    an animal called
    Dimitri that
    eats many
    an animal called
    Dimitri that
    swims very well.
    It swims up
    even mighty
    currents with
    great ease!
    an animal called
    Dimitri that can
    be lifted,
    carried and even
    thrown about!
    an animal called
    Moosh that can
    hover in the air
    for short spans
    of time!
    an animal called
    Moosh that can
    save up energy
    as it floats and
    then pound the
    ground with
    great force!
    certain kinds of
    Deku Scrubs that
    actually engage
    in business!
    They're called
    Business Scrubs!
    a monster called
    a Whisp that
    jinxes you when
    you touch it.
    You can't take
    your sword out
    when it happens!
    How frightful!
    a terrifying
    monster that
    eats shields!
    How frightful!
    Oww... I was
    injured by a
    rock that shot
    out in the
    If you want the
    Tuni Nut, go
    see my brother
    across town.
    We must do
    something about
    the eruptions!
    The closer the
    Black Tower gets
    to completion,
    the stranger
    this city gets.
    When the Tuni
    Nut broke, the
    city fell out of
    balance, and the
    volcano started
    I want to take
    the Tuni Nut to
    Patch's place...
    But I can't
    leave the city
    alone. This is
    Symmetry City!
    Left and right
    have to be in
    perfect balance!
    My brother is
    too hurt to
    move, so I can't
    move either.
    If one brother
    goes somewhere,
    the balance
    between left
    and right will
    be lost. But
    someone has to
    Hey! You can
    ignore the rules
    and leave the
    city! Can you
    take the Tuni
    Nut to Patch?
      ›Yes ›No
    Really? Thank
    you! I'll leave
    this to you!
    Patch lives at
    the top of
    Restoration Wall
    to the south!
    After you get
    the Tuni Nut
    fixed, take it
    to the house in
    the middle of
    the city and
    place it on the
    I just thought
    I'd ask...
    Patch lives at
    the top of
    Thanks a lot!
    Hey! The Tuni
    Nut is fixed!
    Go place it on
    the pedestal in
    the Middle
    Balance has
    returned to the
    city! Thank you!
    Dang! If only
    Patch would come
    at times like
    What a mess...
    Do I have to
    be smaller?
    Help! Help!
    The Tuni Nut is
    broken! What?
    Will you listen
    to my problem?
      ›Yes ›No
    The closer the
    Black Tower gets
    to completion,
    the stranger
    this city gets.
    When the Tuni
    Nut broke, the
    city fell out of
    balance, and the
    volcano started
    erupting. The
    Tuni Nut is the
    city's symbol.
    We dutifully
    worshipped this
    nut. The rules
    of Symmetry City
    require that
    left and right
    be in perfect
    balance! But the
    Tuni Nut at the
    center of the
    city is broken!
    Symmetry City is
    all out of
    balance. If we
    don't get the
    Tuni Nut fixed
    and put back,
    Symmetry City
    will be
    destroyed by
    the eruptions.
    Do you
      ›Yes ›No
    I've given the
    broken Tuni Nut
    to my husband,
    but he can't
    What? Why not?
    Weren't you
    listening? Then
    I'll explain it
    A guru named
    Patch lives at
    the top of
    Wall. I think he
    can fix the
    broken Tuni Nut,
    but I could
    never climb that
    That's the Tuni
    Nut, but it's
    broken right
    now. Take it to
    Patch, the
    repair guru.
    The Tuni Nut is
    fixed! Can you
    place it on that
    Now the volcano
    should calm
    down! I have to
    get that cave
    Welcome to
    Symmetry City!
    Perfect balance
    is the law of
    the land!
    Sometimes I hear
    music flowing
    down from the
    but I wonder
    Huh? The cave
    entrance? It was
    covered by lava
    from the volcano
    long ago! Maybe
    if the volcano
    calms down, you
    may be able to
    get in.
    Having something
    in the middle
    feels so right!
    What a mess...
    Do I have to be
    Welcome to
    Symmetry City!
    Did you need
      ›Yes ›No
    It's nice to not
    need anything,
    isn't it?
    Amazing! I
    didn't know that
    others knew the
    strengths of
    Thank you for
    telling me! In
    thanks, I'll
    increase the
    number of rings
    you can carry!
    So, what do you
    really want?
    Let me see your
    Ring Box for a
    A nut for a
    jar of tuna!
    Here you go!
    Hey! You don't
    have a Ring Box.
    OK, you can have
    my box!
    I'll teach you
    the secret for
    carrying many
    rings in
    Holodrum, too!
    Come back if you
    forget it.
    This volcano had
    a secret cave in
    it, but that's a
    Having something
    in the middle
    feels so right!
    Hit targets, win
    fabulous prizes!
    350 pts & up:
    250 - 349 pts:
      Gasha Seed
    150 - 249 pts:
       30 Rupees
    50 - 149 pts:
         1 Heart
    Under 50 pts...
    Good luck!
     Rolling Ridge
     Lynna City
     Lynna Village
    Restoration Wall
     Dry Falls
     Great Moblin's
     Target Carts
      Great Fun!
     Goron Gallery
      Great Fun!
     Rolling Ridge
     Lynna Village
     Dance Hall
     Rolling Ridge
     Big Bang Game
     Target Carts
     Energy Drink
      Big Bang Owner
    Maku Path
     Maku Tree
     Yoll Graveyard
     Symmetry City
     Lynna City
     Symmetry City
    Do not throw
    anything into
    the water.
     Maku Tree
    Birds' Hut
     Nayru's House
     Lynna City
     Ambi's Palace
     Ambi's Tower
     Cheval's House
     Zora Village
     Sea of Storms
     King Zora's
     Eyeglass Isle
    **Ancient Cave**
    Beware! Crumbles
    Off to Holodrum!
     Bipin & Blossom
     Lynna Village
    Welcome to
    Zora Village!
    I shall entrust
    my invention
    only to one with
    both might and
    light feet.
    One with no
    wings is no
    match for me!
    My mighty sword
    and mighty
    shield shall
    crush you!
    My mighty sword
    is broken...
    You'll pay for
    As long as I'm
    your attacks
    don't scare me!
    So, Link!
    You've finally
    reached the
    altar! Bother!
    We can't have
    you scampering
    about up here!
    So we've dragged
    you in here.
    The Flames of
    Destruction and
    Despair burn
    brightly. The
    return of the
    Evil King Ganon
    approaches. The
    Holy Sacrifice,
    Zelda, is all
    that remains!
    When we call
    Ganon's spirit
    into the vessel,
    it will be done!
    You can't stop
    us! Prepare to
    meet your doom!
    Oh hoh hoh!
    I did not think
    you would get
    so far...
    But I shall not
    fall like Knox
    and Veran! See
    my true power!
    We'll sacrifice
    you so the Evil
    King can return!
    Hoh hoh! Ganon's
    return was but
    a step away!
    It is not over!
    Our rites have
    failed, but by
    sacrificing this
    body, Ganon
    will return!
    Gwoh hoh hoh!
    Gwah hah hah...
    Kill ALL!!!
    Gwoh hoh hoh!
    I am the Evil
    King, Ganon...
    Gwoh hoh hoh!
    I am Vire,
    Veran's loyal
    henchman! I
    heard someone
    was trying to
    stop Veran, so
    I came here. But
    it's just some
    Fine! I can
    handle you!
    I'm amazed
    you've come so
    far. I thought
    you a harmless
    turtle, but I
    ...At any rate,
    I'll finish this
    OUCH! Pesky kid!
    Take this!
    Bully! That's
    it! I'm serious!
    Fine! Goodbye!
    I paid for my
    but I'll report
    this to Veran!
    Gar har har!
    Not once, but
    twice! Veran...
    I'm sorry...
    Who enters my
    fine keep so
    Hah! I got it!
    You've come to
    steal the Bomb
    Flowers I'm
    haven't you?
    It won't happen,
    you pilfering
    thief! Don't
    think I'll let
    you out alive!
    Hey! You're that
    meddling boy!
    Well, this time
    things won't go
    the way they did
    in Holodrum!
    I've gone to
    great trouble
    using the Bomb
    Flowers I stole
    from the Gorons!
    Taste my Bombs!
    C'mon, fool!
    It can't be!
    Why meeeeeee?!?
    3 Large,
    2 Regular.
    I want a nice
    Feel my cold,
    steely gaze!!!
    Huh? Did I say
    Really? I mean,
    I knew that!
    I wish I could
    go to a tropical
    southern island.
    I want to ride
    a plane.
    Anywhere's fine.
    I'm so sleepy.
    It's time for
    our little game!
    I break apart.
    If you can
    force me back
    together and
    blow me away,
    it ends!
    But before you
    do, I shall
    take a bit of
    your soul!!!
    Now begin!
    A turtle works
    faster than you!
    You're too late!
    You did me a
    favor in
    I've taken the
    princess you're
    looking for!
    If you think
    you can save
    her, try!
    Gar har har har!
    If you can dodge
    my attacks and
    make it up here,
    you can have
    your precious
    princess back!
    But it'll never
    Gar har har har!
    Ahh! Don't think
    this is over!
    Gar har har har!
    Not bad! But as
    long as I am in
    Nayru's body,
    you cannot harm
    me, which means
    I'm invincible!
    Hah hah hah hah!
    Hya hya hya!
    You cannot see
    who I am, for I
    am your shadow!
    Do come in!
    I am Vasu, the
    jeweler. Is this
    your first time?
    Then let me
    explain jewelry.
    :Carrying a ring
    does nothing.
    Don't forget
    to open the
    Item Screen
    and wear it.
    I've appraised
    all your rings!
    Do come in!
    Welcome to
    Vasu Jewelers.
    What can I do?
     Appraise List
    Which one shall
    I appraise?
    It's 20 Rupees!
     Appraise Quit
    You don't have
    enough. Sorry.
    You have this
    one already,
    so I'll buy it
    for 30 Rupees.
    Rings do nothing
    unless worn!
    I am Red Snake.
    And you want to
    ask about rings?
        ›Yes ›No
    Appraisal or
    Ring Boxes...
    Which one?
    Appraisal Box
    There are many
    magical rings in
    this land, but
    just finding one
    does not give
    you its powers.
    Until a ring has
    been appraised
    and its power
    understood, it
    cannot be used.
    Vasu does
    appraisals. Once
    appraised, pick
    from the List
    the ones you
    want in your
    Ring Box.
    And remember to
    wear the ring
    you will use.
    That is all.
    That is all.
    To carry
    appraised rings,
    you must have
    a Ring Box.
    Pick your rings
    from the List
    and put them
    in your box.
    Then you can
    open the Item
    Screen at any
    time to wear a
    Give it a try.
    Take your pick.
    Use a Game Link
    cable to connect
    to another
    Game Boy Color.
    Now check to
    see if your
    friend is ready.
    OK! Now for
    your fortune!
    On "Start," I'll
    go see your
    friend. On
    "Ready," you
    both choose.
    Ready  ›Start!
    I got stuck
    along the way.
    Is your cable
    Please check it,
    then try again!
    Come back
    Appraise this?
      ›Yes ›No
    No! You can't
    leave until I
    appraise it!
    I'll appraise it
    for free this
    time, but after
    this, it will be
    20 Rupees per
    ring. If you get
    two of the same
    ring, I'll buy
    one for
    30 Rupees.
    Now, the List!
    Appraised rings
    get added to the
    List. When you
    want a ring,
    move it from
    your List to
    your box.
    Talk to me to
    see your List.
    Let's take a
    peek at it now.
    Oh! All your
    rings have been
    Oh! You don't
    have any rings
    in your List!
    Do you want
    to hear more?
       ›Yes ›No
    That's what that
    ring is. I'll
    add it to your
    I am Red Snake!
    I am keeper of
    ring secrets!
    Make a choice!
    Say Ask secret
    "All About
    Ring Secrets"
      ›Read ›Don't
    If you save the
    secret the Red
    Snake told you
    in an Oracle of
    Seasons game you
    played, and tell
    it to the Red
    Snake here,
    you can bring
    rings found in
    your Oracle of
    Seasons game
    here. In the
    same way, you
    can take rings
    from here to
    your Oracle of
    Seasons here.
    Good news!
    With a Game Link
    cable and two
    Game Boy Color
    systems, you can
    bring rings here
    without saving
    your secret!
    If you haven't
    finished your
    quest or used a
    secret to visit
    Labrynna, your
    ring secret will
    not work.
    Oh, really?
    Hmm... I see!
    I call this the
    Listen well!
    Listen again?
      ›Yes ›No
    I don't know
    that secret.
    Come back after
    listening again
    to the secret
    you heard in
    Oracle of Ages.
    I am Blue Snake.
    I give ring
    Would you like a
    ring fortune?
      ›Yes ›No
    "Ring Link
      ›Read ›Don't
    How can you do
    a friendship
    fortune by
    Try it with a
    Your fortune is
    finished. The
    ring represents
    your friendship.
    Do not be angry,
    no matter what.
    I am Blue Snake.
    I manage the
    Game Link cable.
    What shall I do?
      ›Link  ›Quit
    Pick a topic.
      ›Link  ›Quit
    About Ring Links
    With a Game Link
    cable and two
    Game Boy Color
    systems, you can
    bring rings you
    found in an
    Oracle of
    Seasons game to
    Labrynna without
    saving your
    Insert your
    Oracle of
    Seasons Game
    Pak into another
    Game Boy Color,
    insert a Game
    Link cable and
    turn the power
    ON, but don't
    press any
    Play Oracle of
    Ages, talk to
    Blue Snake and
    choose "Link" to
    bring Oracle of
    Seasons rings
    In the same way,
    you can take
    rings found here
    to your Oracle
    of Seasons game.
    If you haven't
    finished this
    quest before or
    come by secret
    to Labrynna,
    you cannot link.
    Read more?
      ›Yes ›No
    Hmm... OK.
    I have brought
    your rings from
    Holodrum, so
    see Vasu to
    check your List.
    Link your Game
    Boy Color to the
    other. Insert a
    Game Pak into
    the other Game
    Boy Color and
    turn the power
    ON, but wait
    before pressing
    any buttons.
    When everything
    is ready, choose
    Which data will
    you use?
    I can't find
    Oracle of
    Seasons data
    to link to!
    That file has no
    You're leaving?
    Come again.
    Do not remove
    the cable while
    I am working.
    Now linking!
    Don't remove
    the cable.
    The link failed!
    Is the Game Link
    cable connected?
    Is a Game Pak
    inserted in the
    other Game Boy
    Color? Is the
    power ON?
    Come back after
    you check that!
    Link complete!
    You may now
    remove the
    Game Link cable.
    Until you've had
    a ring appraised
    and its power
    revealed, you
    cannot wear it.
    Let's appraise
    Oh, my! You're
    Take this ring!
    You have slain
    1000 monsters!
    You've collected
    10,000 Rupees!
    You've had 100
    rings appraised!
    Vasu appreciates
    your business!
    You have saved
    the world! You
    are a true hero!
    5Rings made from
    Mystical Seeds
    have very
    mystical powers.
    If you wear one,
    its mystical
    power will be
    passed to you.
    But you must
    keep it in your
    Ring Box.
    The mystical
    power will
    gradually weaken
    and you won't
    be able to use
    it. Understood?
      ›Yes ›No
    Oh! You don't
    have a Ring Box?
    I like you, so
    here! Take this
    Ring Box.
    What! Oh, no!
    Ring Fortunes
    Through a Ring
    Fortune you and
    a friend each
    get a ring as
    a sign of your
    friendship when
    you and a friend
    use a Game Link
    cable to link
    two Game Boy
    Color systems.
    Talk to Blue
    Snake after
    connecting your
    Game Boy
    systems to link.
    After checking
    your fortune,
    he'll give you
    each a ring that
    suits your
    You cannot do
    it alone.
    You must do it
    with a Game Pak
    a friend has
    Read others?
      ›Read ›Don't
    Good to see you!
    Welcome to
    Vasu Jewelers.
    Take this ring
    as a sign of our
    Friendship Ring
    Power Ring L-1
    Power Ring L-2
    Power Ring L-3
    Armor Ring L-1
    Armor Ring L-2
    Armor Ring L-3
    Red Ring
    Blue Ring
    Green Ring
    Cursed Ring
    Expert's Ring
    Blast Ring
    Rang Ring L-1
    GBA Time Ring
    Maple's Ring
    Steadfast Ring
    Pegasus Ring
    Toss Ring
    Heart Ring L-1
    Heart Ring L-2
    Swimmer's Ring
    Charge Ring
    Light Ring L-1
    Light Ring L-2
    Bomber's Ring
    Green Luck Ring
    Blue Luck Ring
    Gold Luck Ring
    Red Luck Ring
    Green Holy Ring
    Blue Holy Ring
    Red Holy Ring
    Snowshoe Ring
    Roc's Ring
    Quicksand Ring
    Red Joy Ring
    Blue Joy Ring
    Gold Joy Ring
    Green Joy Ring
    Discovery Ring
    Rang Ring L-2
    Octo Ring
    Moblin Ring
    Like Like Ring
    Subrosian Ring
    First Gen Ring
    Spin Ring
    Bombproof Ring
    Energy Ring
    Dbl. Edged Ring
    GBA Nature Ring
    Slayer's Ring
    Rupee Ring
    Victory Ring
    Sign Ring
    100th Ring
    Whisp Ring
    Gasha Ring
    Peace Ring
    Zora Ring
    Fist Ring
    Whimsical Ring
    Protection Ring
    Symbol of a
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Damage taken 
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Sword damage 
    Sword damage x 2
    Damage taken=1/2
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    1/2 Sword damage
    Damage taken x 2
    Punch when not
    Bomb damage 
    Life Advanced!
    Maple meetings 
    Get knocked
    back less
    Lengthen Pegasus
    Seed effect
    Slowly recover
    lost Hearts
    Recover lost
    Swimming speed 
    Spin Attack
    charges quickly
    Sword beams
    at -2 Hearts
    Sword beams
    at -3 Hearts
    Set two Bombs
    at once
    1/2 damage from
    1/2 damage from
    1/2 damage from
    1/2 damage from
    spiked floors
    No damage from
    No damage from
    Zora's fire
    No damage from
    small rocks
    No sliding on
    Cracked floors
    don't crumble
    No sinking in
    Beasts drop
    double Rupees
    Beasts drop
    double Hearts
    Find double
    Find double
    Ore Chunks
    Sense soft
    earth nearby
    Become an
    Become a
    Become a
    Like Like
    Become a
    Double Spin
    No damage from
    your own Bombs
    Beam replaces
    Spin Attack
    Sword damage 
    but you get hurt
    1000 beasts
    10,000 Rupees
    The Evil King
    Ganon defeated
    100 signs
    100 rings
    No effect
    from jinxes
    Grow great
    Gasha Trees
    No explosion
    if holding Bomb
    Dive without
    Punch when not
    Sword damage 
    Sometimes deadly
    Damage taken is
    always one Heart
    ÇYou can't get
    through due to
    the rock slide.
    In times like
    this, I just
    sleep and wait.
    Long ago, there
    were many rock
    slides here that
    caused a lot of
    ÇYou did a good
    job finding my
    hiding place.
    ÇA young boy
    brought  Bomb
    Flowers to
    Rolling Ridge.
    Thanks to him,
    Bomb Flowers are
    now the product
    that makes
    Rolling Ridge
    ÇWith the new
    tunnel complete,
    we've got new
    dwellings! Some
    Gorons have even
    opened new
    shops. You
    should check
    it out!
    ÇHave you been to
    the Goron shops?
    Once isn't
    enough! You have
    to go at least
    two or three
    times to each!
    ÇThese stairs go
    to the base of
    Rolling Ridge.
    ÇGorons have
    always taken
    care of their
    brothers, and
    they always
    ÇWhen my grandpa
    was younger, he
    ran a different
    shop before he
    opened Target
    ÇI got all kinds
    of prizes at the
    gaming shops
    ÇThat's some
    racket coming up
    from down below.
    Did something
    ÇSo the Elder
    was all right?
    That's good!
    ÇWe Gorons love
    games! There are
    plenty of places
    to play around
    ÇThe Graceful
    Goron downstairs
    was bragging
    about how he
    found a
    beautiful key in
    a waterfall
    grotto. I'm so
    ÇI can dance
    carefree because
    the world is
    so peaceful!
    ÇThe target range
    is almost as
    popular as
    dancing is!
    ÇThe other day, I
    broke the record
    at Target Carts!
    ÇEver since that
    big pig--the
    Great Moblin--
    came, we haven't
    been able to
    grow the Gorons'
    famed Bomb
    ÇIs the Great
    Moblin gone?
    Now we can grow
    Bomb Flowers
    without a care
    in the world!
    ÇBomb Flowers
    grow slowly over
    a long period of
    ÇSome weird
    appeared here on
    Rolling Ridge!
    Some guy called
    the Great Moblin
    built it, but
    it's in our way!
    ÇDid you destroy
    the Great
    Moblin's Keep?
    Thank you!
    Now we can go
    see the Gorons
    who live on the
    eastern peak!
    ÇI want to go get
    rid of the Great
    Moblin, but I
    can't roll fast
    enough to get
    Long ago on top
    of this ridge,
    there was a tree
    that had seeds
    that made you go
    fast. Even a
    Goron could roll
    at great speeds!
    ÇHey! I just
    noticed the
    Great Moblin is
    gone from
    Rolling Ridge. I
    never should
    have worried.
    ÇWe Gorons have
    many mystical
    items! If you
    get any, take
    good care of
    ÇAre you hanging
    on tight to your
    Brother Emblem?
    You must take
    good care of it,
    no matter what.
    ÇHey, brother!
    Are you dancing
    well today, too?
    ÇYou humans are
    looking stranger
    every day. What
    ÇI'm gonna make
    this place more
    livable and fill
    it with Gorons!
    ÇThere's a big
    waterfall here
    on Rolling
    Ridge. You
    should see it at
    least once.
    ÇI've heard
    there's a cure
    for the Goron
    cold. It's
    called Lava
    Soup. I'd like
    to try it once.
    ÇRolling Ridge is
    in an uproar now
    with the Great
    Moblin here.
    ÇRolling Ridge is
    back to its calm
    ways now that
    the Great Moblin
    is gone.
    ÇThere's said to
    be a Goron
    called Biggoron
    who's as big as
    a mountain, but
    he lives some-
    where other than
    Rolling Ridge.
    I'd like to meet
    ÇIn places east
    of here, the
    Goron Dance is
    all the rage! If
    you can't dance
    well, you won't
    make friends.
    ÇThe Goron Dance!
    It's gonna be a
    world-wide hit!
    ÇGorons have
    always loved
    games and they
    always will! You
    gotta save time
    to have fun!
    ÇThe Graceful
    Goron dances in
    the back! He's
    so cool!
    ÇThe Goron Dance
    gives form to
    the passionate
    hearts of
    Gorons. I'm
    going to master
    it someday.
    ÇI'm aiming to be
    the second
    Graceful Goron!
    ÇWho are these
    folk? They've
    been asking all
    about the Goron
    ÇI don't know who
    you are or where
    you're from, but
    thank you for
    getting rid of
    the Great
    Moblin. That
    wretch was
    keeping us from
    growing Bomb
    Now we can grow
    Bomb Flowers
    without any
    worries! Take
    one as a sign
    of our thanks.
    ÇNow that I think
    about it, long
    ago a young boy
    saved the Goron
    Maybe you can be
    like that boy!
    We won't get
    pushed around
    the next time a
    guy like the
    Great Moblin
    comes around!
    ÇOh! You're that
    boy from the
    other day! Who'd
    have thought I'd
    see you here!
    I'm thinking up
    secrets for us
    Gorons. Do you
    know any?
      ›Yes ›No
    ÇOh. Oh, well.
    ÇHey! That's a
    great one!
    From now on,
    that secret will
    live in the
    hearts of all
    Gorons! In
    thanks, I'll
    give you the
    great Biggoron's
    I must test you
    to see if you
    can use this
    sword, OK?
      ›OK ›I'll pass
    ÇYou have to,
    Huh? You don't
    need Biggoron's
    Here's the test:
    Use Biggoron's
    Sword to hit the
    targets! Do you
    know the rules?
      ›Yes ›No
    Then let me
    Use your sword
    to hit the balls
    at the targets.
    Try to get as
    many points as
    you can. You'll
    get 10 balls.
    The targets are:
    Fairy  100 pts
    Blue    30 pts
    Red    -10 pts
    Imp    -50 pts
    Got it?
      ›Yes ›No
    OK! If you can
    get at least
    300 points, that
    sword is yours.
    Ready? Begin!
    ÇHmm... Maybe you
    were too quick.
    Wanna try again?
       ›Yes ›No
    Come back after
    you practice.
    ÇWell done!
    As promised,
    Biggoron's Sword
    is yours!
    ÇI'll teach you
    the secret to
    using Biggoron's
    Sword in 
    Labrynna, too!
    Come back if you
    forget the
    ÇDid you come to
    take my test?
      ›Yes  ›No
    What? You don't
    need the feared
    ÇHere's the
    secret to using
    Biggoron's Sword
    in Labrynna,
    Don't forget it!
    ÇThat was too
    ÇToo late! You're
    off tempo!
    ÇWrong move!
    I can see your
    Goron spirits,
    show me all!
    Oh, my!!!
    I see you in the
    distant future.
    You're traveling
    across a plain
    you do not know!
    I see you
    crossing the
    currents of time
    as you explore
    a vast maze!
    I see you
    feverishly with
    the Graceful
    I see you
    swinging your
    sword at a
    barrage of
    flying balls!
    I see you in the
    distant future.
    You are giving
    an energizing
    drink to a
    sleepy Goron!
    I see you giving
    a strange vase
    to a Goron in
    search of a
    rare item!
    I see you in the
    distant future.
    You're giving
    food to a hungry
    I see you in the
    distant future.
    You are riding
    in a strange
    vehicle and
    shooting things
    I see you
    I see you
    giving something
    hot to a friend
    of the Graceful
    I see you in the
    distant future.
    You're dodging
    bombs that fall
    all around you!
    I can see your
    Goron spirits,
    show me all!
    I see you
    traveling across
    a plain you do
    not know!
    I see you
    crossing the
    currents of time
    as you explore
    a vast maze!
    I see you in the
    distant past.
    You're dancing
    feverishly with
    the Graceful
    I see you in the
    distant past.
    You're swinging
    your sword at
    a barrage of
    incoming balls!
    I see you giving
    an energizing
    drink to a
    sleepy Goron.
    I see you in the
    distant past.
    You're giving a
    strange vase to
    a Goron who
    seeks a rare
    I see you
    giving food to
    a hungry Goron!
    I see you riding
    in a strange
    vehicle and
    shooting things
    all around you!
    I see you
    I see you in the
    distant past.
    You are giving
    the Graceful
    Goron's friend
    something hot!
    I see you
    dodging Bombs
    that fall all
    about you!
    Want to learn a
    hero's skill?
      ›Yes ›No
    Want to learn
    shield tactics?
      ›Yes ›No
    Want to learn
    about the
    Mystical Seeds?
      ›Yes ›No
    Want to learn
    about Bombs?
      ›Yes ›No
    Want to learn
    about items?
      ›Yes ›No
    Want to learn
    about maps?
      ›Yes ›No
    Want to learn
    about saving?
      ›Yes ›No
    Want to learn
    about ages?
      ›Yes ›No
    Want to learn
    about the
      ›Yes ›No
    Want to learn
    about essences?
      ›Yes ›No
    A skill for a
    courageous hero!
    Press and hold
    the sword button
    to save power,
    then release it
    to unleash a
    spin attack!
    Deflect enemy
    attacks while
    pressing the
    shield button.
    There are five
    kinds of
    Mystical Seeds.
    Each seed type
    has a unique
    You can't carry
    seeds without a
    After taking a
    Bomb out, press
    the button again
    to place it.
    Press  to
    throw a Bomb in
    that direction.
    Press the button
    again to pick up
    a placed Bomb.
    Set items to ¸¹
    or º» on the
    Subscreen. The
    number of items
    like seeds and
    Bombs decreases
    with each use,
    so keep track of
    how many you
    Press SELECT to
    view the map.
    Move the cursor
    and press ¸¹ to
    see place names.
    Dark regions are
    ones you have
    not yet visited.
    Only that which
    you've seen and
    heard is
    Open the Sub-
    screen and press
    SELECT twice to
    see the Essence
    Screen. Next,
    choose Save and
    press ¸¹ to see
    the Save Screen.
    Pressing START
    and SELECT at
    the same time
    also opens the
    Save Screen.
    The present age
    and the past
    age are related.
    Events in the
    past affect
    events in the
    present. Also,
    items found
    only in the
    present can be
    taken to the
    Press START to
    access the
    Subscreen, then
    press SELECT to
    scroll through
    First is the
    Item Screen,
    then the Quest
    Status Screen.
    Next is the
    essence screen.
    Pick a ring to
    wear on the
    Quest Status
    Umm, even this
    Bird knows
    little of
    No! I have to
    hear Nayru's
    Lynna City!
    Nayru's House!
    Zelda comes!
    Zelda comes!
    Please! Please!
    This is the
    Eyeglass Isle
    Library. Fairy
    Powder is said
    to be stored in
    back, but I've
    yet to see it.
    This is the
    Eyeglass Isle
    Library. The
    Fairy Powder is
    gone, but I'm
    just glad the
    seas are clean.
    Those who have
    seen a strange
    beast on the
    isle to the west
    say the beast is
    always there,
    never attacks,
    and just stares
    as if asking for
    help. Some even
    claim it speaks.
    It's nonsense!
    The strange
    beast was the
    Fairy Queen.
    No matter how
    nonsensical a
    story sounds, it
    may have some
    truth hidden
    deep inside.
    The Fairy Queen
    used to live on
    the island west
    of here, but
    she vanished
    Surely the Fairy
    Queen could do
    something for
    these seas...
    You're the one
    who saved the
    Fairy Queen?
    Then you're the
    hero who saved
    the Zora Seas.
    Fairy Powder is
    locked away in
    back, but with-
    out another Book
    of Seals, no one
    can reach the 
    powder. By the
    way, what is
    Fairy Powder?
    I never thought
    one who could
    solve the riddle
    would come...
    From whence did
    you bring the
    Book of Seals?
    This is the Book
    of Seals. It was
    once part of a
    set, but now
    only this one
    remains. How
    they were used
    is an eternal
    You say you can
    solve the riddle
    of this book?
    Hoh hoh! This
    should be
    interesting! I
    give to you the
    Book of Seals!
    Did you solve
    the riddle?
    You have done
    well to make it
    so far. I
    acknowledge your
    courage and
    offer you this.
    Continue on
    without fear.
    Do not forget
    your courage.
    I no longer have
    that which you
    seek. Return.
    You've solved
    the riddle. Have
    you some errand?
      ›Yes ›No
    Then be off!
    Why do you know
    that secret?
    That secret is
    only for this
    Do not tell
    anyone. I offer
    this for your
    This is the
    secret to
    the shield in
    Holodrum, too:
    Come back if you
    forget the
    secret!  Don't
    let the secret
    I thank you for
    paying to fix
    my door.
    Don't do it
    ...I'd like to
    say that, but I
    cannot take what
    you do not have.
    Shh! Don't tell!
    I have nothing
    more for you.
    Th-the pain!
    This is the end
    for me...
    To think the
    prosperous royal
    family could
    fade in a
    The pain...
    Give him the
    Magic Potion?
      ›Yes ›No
    Is this
    Magic Potion?
    It looks very
    suspect, but if
    I am to die, it
    can't hurt to
    drink it!
    Glug, glug, ahh!
    Eww! It's awful!
    But it flows
    through me! The
    royal line is
    Who are you?
    Well, thank you,
    The filthy water
    that flowed in
    from the east
    lately must have
    made me ill. I
    will never
    forget you!
    What do you
    wish for,
    Huh? A big fish?
    Do you mean...
    But Jabu-Jabu is
    the guardian of
    us Zoras!
    Calling him a
    fish is an
    insult! Watch
    your language!
    Filthy water has
    been flowing in
    from the east
    lately. Perhaps
    that is what
    made me ill.
    Anyhow, I'll
    never forget
    your deeds!
    You have even
    given us clean
    seas again! I
    must thank you
    once more! What?
    You wish to
    enter Jabu-Jabu?
    I wish I could
    tell you to do
    as you please,
    but Jabu-Jabu is
    still young.
    He's too small
    to go inside
    him. You'd
    better give up.
    The savior of
    the Zora Seas!
    I thank you on
    behalf of all
    Great healer!
    What do you ask?
    You wish to
    enter Jabu-Jabu?
    My permission is
    needed to enter
    Jabu-Jabu, but
    I can't permit
    just anyone to
    see our
    Anyhow, the
    filthy seawater
    has left Jabu-
    Jabu near death.
    If you say you
    must, then find
    a way to get rid
    of this filthy
    seawater and
    save Jabu-Jabu.
    Will you accept
    this quest?
      ›Yes ›No
    Is that so...
    Then nothing
    can be done.
    Very well!
    Then take this!
    This is the key
    to Eyeglass
    Isle Library
    east of here. It
    is an ancient
    library, so I do
    not know if this
    key still works,
    but perhaps you
    can research why
    the seawater is
    so filthy. I
    trust you to
    save Jabu-Jabu.
    Thanks to you,
    our seawater is
    clean again, and
    health has
    All is well.
    I never go back
    on my word. I
    dub you Zora
    Hero and permit
    you to enter
    You may go see
    You are the hero
    who saved the
    Zora Seas. I
    offer you thanks
    on behalf of
    all Zoras.
    King Zora has no
    successor. If
    his illness
    continues and he
    passes on, we
    Zoras will lose
    our last king.
    Thanks to you,
    King Zora is
    all better! The
    royal line is
    You want to go
    But Jabu-Jabu is
    just a baby!
    You can't fit
    inside him!
    That stairway
    leads to the
    throne room.
    The king is ill.
    If you must see
    him, make it
    That stairway
    leads to the
    throne room.
    Please watch
    your manners
    when speaking
    to the king.
    Our ruler, King
    Zora, suddenly
    fell ill...
    We've done all
    that we can, but
    his condition
    does not change.
    This is King
    Zora's palace.
    King Zora's face
    looks so pained,
    doesn't it?
    Thank you so
    much for what
    you did! You
    gave King Zora
    his life!
    The Zora Seas
    are once again
    sparkling clean!
    This, too, is
    thanks to you,
    We believe we
    need a special
    medicine called
    a Magic Potion
    to cure King
    Zora's illness.
    Where can we
    find a magician
    to create such
    a potion?
    Well, well,
    This was the
    palace of our
    ruler, King
    Zora, but long
    ago the king
    fell ill. Ever
    since, we've
    continued on
    with no king.
    That which the
    king looked
    The key to
    Eyeglass Isle
    been lost.
    The king looked
    after the key to
    Eyeglass Isle
    Library far to
    the east.
    King Zora will
    only permit a
    great hero to
    enter Jabu-Jabu.
    Did you get that
    "essence" all
    right? That's as
    expected from
    one dubbed hero
    by King Zora.
    That stairway
    leads to the
    throne room.
    Watch your
    manners while
    before the king.
    traveler. This
    is the palace
    of the great
    King Zora.
    Well, well!
    This is King
    Zora's palace.
    Our ruler, King
    Zora, sits in
    the rear. Take
    care not to be
    The king is a
    very open Zora.
    Feel free to
    speak to him
    about anything.
    Our seas are
    clean once again
    thanks to you.
    The king is
    most pleased!
    You have done
    so much for us!
    Our seas are
    clean and all
    is well! I offer
    you our symbol
    of heroism--
    the Zora Scale!
    The seas beyond
    here swallow up
    all who venture
    into them--the
    Sea of Storms!
    I can't allow a
    child like you
    to pass!
    The Zora Scale?
    So you're
    You may pass!
    I know not what
    lies beyond, and
    I ask not why
    you must pass.
    Fare you well!
    I am studying
    the cause of the
    filthy seawater.
    It seems to have
    suddenly become
    hundreds of
    years ago, but
    I have learned
    nothing more...
    I am going to
    study here a
    while longer to
    aid in the
    development of
    Zora society.
    Do you need me,
    great mermaid?
      ›Yes ›No
    I see...
    Oh! A secret
    from the Zora I
    sent to Holodrum
    to find us a new
    domain! You have
    done well! Thank
    you. For your
    reward... Yes!
    Lend me your
    Sword! I shall
    sharpen it!
    Do you mean
    to cheat me?
    I'll teach you
    the secret to
    sharpening your
    sword in
    Holodrum, too!
    Come back if you
    forget my
    The seas are
    Koff! I can't
    swim in peace.
    Ha-ha! The seas
    are clean!
    I can swim in
    peace again!
    Take care not
    to be rude!
    The seas are
    back to normal!
    King Zora is all
    better, too!
    All is good!
    Don't think us
    noble sea Zoras
    the same as
    those savage,
    vulgar river
    You're in the
    wrong place if
    you want to
    complain about
    being attacked
    by a river Zora.
    There's a large
    library east of
    King Zora's
    King Zora's
    Palace is
    beyond here.
    The seas are
    sparkling clean!
    King Zora will
    be so pleased!
    resides beyond
    here. It's said
    to be quite a
    maze inside
    his belly.
    We must take
    care around
    He can even
    swallow us!
    Isn't there
    anyone who we
    can entrust the
    Zora's symbol
    of heroism to?
    The symbol--
    the Zora Scale--
    is a powerful
    sea charm...
    Link! Hero
    of the Zoras!
    We don't get
    many mermaids
    visiting us!
    This is
    Zora Village!
    Welcome, young
    mermaid! This
    is Zora Village!
    You can plant a
    Gasha Seed.
      ›Plant Don't
    You got a
    Gasha Nut!
    Check what's
    Inside was a 
    Piece of Heart!
    Check it on the
    A ring was
    Welcome to
     Potion was
    Damage taken 
    200 Rupees were
    Damage taken 
    5 hearts were
    Welcome to
     fairy was
    Rolling Ridgeºsoft earth
    is great for
    planting seeds.
    Sailin' the seas
    is every man's
    It was great
    to so gallantly
    sail off to me
    Ahoy! It's been
    a long time! I
    didn't expect to
    meet you 'ere!
    We've come all
    the way back
    from 'Olodrum...
    But we got stuck
    in this Sea o'
    Storms and can't
    get out!
    Har! Ye've got
    the Zora's Scale
    sea charm!
    Aye, that could
    calm this Sea o'
    'Ow about you
    give me that
    Zora's Scale!
      ›OK ›Sorry
    Yer a good man!
    Ahoy, mateys!
    passionWe're off to
    'Olodrum, the
    land o' seasons!
    passionSee the spirit
    o' a seafarin'
    Thank'ee! Now
    we can escape
    these seas! Take
    this as a sign
    o' me thanks!
    It's the jewel
    called the Tokay
    Eyeball! It's
    said to be the
    thing that opens
    the way to the
    ancient tomb.
    I don't know if
    it's true or
    not, though.
    Aye, aye, sir!
    'Ow long have we
    been adrift?
    Cap'n isn't
    thinkin' about a
    Tales tell of
    giant ruins out
    east in the
    Sea o' No
    If ye go to the
    ruins out east,
    ye can never
    Ye've really
    'elped us out.
    Aye, we found
    that Tokay
    Eyeball on
    Crescent Island.
    Maybe ye should
    'ead that way?
    We're off, now!
    Ahoy, mateys!
    Aye, aye, sir!
    The eye socket
    is hollowed out,
    but what could
    go there..?
    I am Plen, the
    mayor here in
    Lynna City.
    Did you need me
    for something?
      ›Yes ›No
    I see...
    It's from the
    oddly dressed
    Thank you for
    your kindness.
    Please accept
    What's that?
    needs appraisal.
    I am Adlar.
    For fifty years,
    I was a palace
    advisor, but I
    have since been
    chased from the
    palace and am
    now retired. I
    have known the
    Queen since she
    was young. She
    always held the
    people foremost
    in her heart.
    But since she
    took that girl
    Nayru in, she
    has changed
    She quit
    listening to my
    It was that girl
    who suggested
    I be banished,
    Just who is this
    I can only see
    her as a monster
    in human guise.
    I wonder if the
    Queen is
    all right...
    I thought Nayru
    had gone, but
    now it seems
    something is
    wrong with the
    Queen. She gives
    me that same
    evil feeling
    Nayru used to.
    It's like the
    Queen is now
    the beast in
    human guise...
    I hope the Queen
    is all right...
    The Queen is
    back to her kind
    old self. That's
    good and well,
    but she says
    she's going on
    an eye-opening
    journey to other
    ...I hope she'll
    be all right...
    I am Plen, the
    mayor here in
    Lynna City.
    Lynna has a long
    history reaching
    back hundreds
    of years. Back
    then, it was
    Lynna Village--
    not a city.
    I am Plen, the
    mayor here in
    Lynna City.
    Long ago, Queen
    Ambi, who ruled
    these lands,
    suddenly changed
    into a cruel and
    Our records say
    it was because a
    girl who served
    her was taken
    away by
    I wonder... What
    really happened?
    Huh? It seems
    the Queen did
    not return to
    the palace.
    Maybe something
    happened at
    the tower.
    What's going on?
    My grandson has
    turned to stone!
    How??? Why???
    Wake up! Call me
    Gramma again...
    Seeing my
    grandson keeps
    me healthy!
    Bring all to me.
    Good defense is
    the best offense
    against spikes.
    Paths open when
    ancient words
    are mastered.
    With the blue
    wing, soar over
    the colored
    Time's flow can
    change the land.
    Do not forget
    to feed me
    Mystery Seeds.
    The red face
    fears smoke.
    Scents seduce
    savage beasts.
    Beware deep
    Open your ears
    to the sound of
    a sword against
    the wall.
    Test your luck.
    Stone soldiers
    do not fear
    The four
    crystals tie
    it all together.
    Truth glares at
    your back.
    Greater speed
    gives greater
    The internal
    flow floods with
    blue and recedes
    with red.
    Color reflects
    The Golden Isle
    is on the water.
    The legend of
    the mermaid has
    been handed down
    from past
    to present.
    Uhhn... Link!
    ...It's ended.
    Thank you,
    You halted the
    of the rites
    that would have
    revived Ganon!
    Since they could
    not sacrifice me
    in their final
    rite, the powers
    of darkness
    could revive
    only a mindless,
    raging Ganon.
    Your power,
    wisdom and
    courage were
    able to prevent
    resurrection of
    Now hope and
    peace can return
    to the hearts of
    the people.
    Thank you! You
    are a true hero!
    Let us return
    to the others!
    Zelda! I am
    glad to see you
    return safely...
    You are all I
    expected! I
    always believed
    in you!
    I knew you
    would find a
    way, Link!
    Let us dance
    together again!
    Welcome back,
    Zelda, and you,
    too, Link.
    It's all over,
    isn't it?
    The three ˆ
    on your left
    hand symbolize
    power, wisdom
    and courage--
    these are the
    mark of the hero
    who is fated to
    appear when
    peace crumbles
    in Hyrule.
    With the
    Essences of
    Nature and Time
    and the courage
    you possess, you
    have fought back
    the powers of
    evil! The
    guidance of the
    Triforce has
    made you into
    this legendary
    hero! Thank you,
    Oh, no!!!
    The castle is
    crumbling now
    that the powers
    of shadow wane!
    We must get
    out of here!
    ! ! !
    What do we do..?
    Let me ease your
    weariness. Close
    your eyes...
    Come see me
    whenever your
    quest has made
    you weary.
    Please listen,
    young one!
    You may not
    believe this,
    but I am the
    Queen Fairy,
    guardian of this
    sea! The curse
    of an evil one
    named Veran has
    made me appear
    The magic of
    Fairy Powder
    can turn me
    back to normal.
    Veran has
    poisoned the
    sea. Soon all
    living things in
    it will perish!
    Please go find
    some Fairy
    You brought me
    Fairy Powder!
    Now I can return
    to normal!
    Sprinkle the
    powder on me!
    Thank you,
    young one!
    Now I can
    cleanse the
    seas of evil!
    I... I am called
    ! ! ! ! ! !
    Oops! I spoke to
    a stranger!
    You're Link?
    I'm Link!
    No way!
    Are you strong?
      ›Yes ›No
    I'll be strong,
    too, so I can
    protect my
    mom and dad!
    And it doesn't
    bother you?!?
    I can't wait to
    be a grownup.
    I am Bipin, the
    expert arborist!
    I know plenty
    about trees.
    Now let me tell
    you somethin'!
    Blossom and I
    just had our
    first child!
    Yes! We did!!!
    Have a look!
    So, the name is
    Link, huh?
    It's a fine
    name! I hope he
    grows to be a
    fine child!
    Hey, Link!
    My boy is ill,
    but still I have
    something to
    teach you.
    My boy is well,
    so I can rest!
    Today, I have
    more to teach!
    Hey, Link!
    Link grows
    by the day, and
    today, I have
    more to teach!
    Link! It's
    been too long!
    I've moved to
    this city, too.
    It's nice to see
    a familiar face!
    Hey, Link!
    Link is
    doing well!
    And I can teach
    you everything
    about trees!
    Hey, Link!
    Link is
    all grown up and
    off on his own!
    I'll teach you
    about trees!
    The contents of
    a Gasha Nut
    depend on where
    the seed was
    planted. If you
    find a good
    spot, tell me!
    Inside a Gasha
    Nut? More than
    anything, you
    find Magic
    Rings, but
    sometimes you
    find Rupees
    or hearts.
    I've heard
    that a nut's
    contents depend
    on the actions
    of the planter.
    The more he
    travels and the
    more beasts he
    slays, the
    better his
    nut will do!
    Finding new
    places to plant
    Gasha Seeds and
    finding secret
    stairways seems
    to be good for
    Gasha Nuts.
    And helping
    those in need
    is good for
    Gasha Nuts.
    Finding spots to
    plant Gasha
    Seeds is hard.
    Dig holes, move
    My experience
    holds that
    planting Gasha
    Seeds in strange
    spots produces
    more rare and
    unusual results!
    A traveler once
    told me the
    time it takes
    for a planted
    Gasha Seed to
    mature into a
    tree is related
    to how many
    monsters you
    slay. Could
    this be true?
    Darn Gasha
    Growin'! Makin'
    And all those
    new nuts got
    different stuff
    inside! Hah! Get
    rid of it for
    I know there's
    soil right by my
    house, but don't
    go plantin'
    seeds there!
    Huh? My name?
    It's Pippin!
    Don't forget it!
    I am Blossom.
    This is my first
    child--a healthy
    baby boy!
    But I am having
    trouble choosing
    a name. Can you
    help me think
    of one? What
    would you call
    You would name
    him Link?
      ›Yes ›No
    It's a fine
    name! I shall
    call him so!
    He seems happy
    to have it.
    Come visit us
    I hope Link
    will grow strong
    and healthy,
    like you.
    Yes, perhaps you
    should give it
    more thought.
    Link looks a
    little strange.
    I want to take
    him to a doctor,
    but we have no
    Could you please
    lend us some?
      ›Yes ›No
    Really? How much
    can you lend us?
     150 50
     10  ›1
    Thank you,
    You are a true
    Thank you.
    This should be
    just enough.
    I'll have to do
    something about
    the rest...
    Link! You
    are no rich man.
    Your sympathy
    will do fine.
    I understand...
    Link has
    gotten better!
    Thank you!
    My baby never
    sleeps. How can
    I get him to
    sleep, Link?
    I like to sing!
    I'll try it!
    I see! If we
    play, he'll get
    all tired out.
    Thank you!
    Well? Isn't he a
    darling baby?
    See! Link
    has grown!
    We meet again!
    Do you remember
    naming our son,
    He's quite well!
    Link is
    so hyperactive!
    Were you a
    child, Link?
      ›Yes ›No
    Link is
    very shy.
    What kind of
    child were you,
      ›Yes ›No
    Link is such
    a curious child.
    What kind of
    child were you,
      ›Yes ›No
    Oh? I bet you
    were quite a
    mischievous boy.
    Quiet, perhaps?
      ›Yes ›No
    Really? You must
    have been cute!
    Were you weird?
      ›Yes ›No
    You were? I
    never would
    have guessed...
    I guess it's
    hard to sum
    it up in a word.
    Link is
    so hyperactive!
    Link is
    too shy.
    Link is a
    strange child,
    but he'll be a
    man of great
    Do you remember
    naming our son,
    He's grown into
    a fine man!
    Do you remember
    naming our son,
    Link? He's
    a master
    arborist, too!
    Do you remember
    naming our son,
    He's a famed
    musician now!
    He's grown up,
    but he idles
    his time away.
    What am I to do?
    Link, my
    son, heard of
    your deeds, and
    is now trying
    to become a
    hero himself.
    That child has
    high hopes and
    big dreams!!!
    Link said
    he is writing a
    song about your
    He's grown up,
    but he idles
    his time away.
    What am I to do?
    My son is now a
    great hero, too.
    Link has
    followed in
    We're so happy!
    Have you heard
    songs? They're
    quite nice.
    Thank you! Now
    I can take him
    to the doctor.
    It looks like
    you don't have
    enough Rupees.
    ÆThank you!
    ÆThen be gone!
    ÆYou don't have
    enough Rupees!
    ÆYou already
    have it!
    ÆBuy something!
    A Shield for
      ›OK ›No thanks
    Here's a deal!
    10 Ember Seeds
    for 20 Rupees!
      ›OK ›No thanks
    Here's a deal!
    10 Bombs for
    30 Rupees!
      ›OK ›No thanks
    I, Link, am
    writing a song
    to praise the
    great hero,
    My song is
    almost finished!
    Say, which is
    more important,
    love or courage?
      ›Love Courage
    My song is
    almost complete!
    I think you'll
    like it.
    Finally! My song
    is now finished!
    Will you listen?
      ›Yes ›No
    How was it?
    Come listen
    I am called
    Link. They
    say I was named
    by a great man.
    Isn't it a cool
    Where have you
    been, Link?
    Do you remember
    It's Link!
    Mom and Dad are
    doing well, too!
    Do you have
    a girlfriend?
      ›Yes ›No
    I have someone
    I like, too, but
    don't tell!
    ...I guess you
    aren't ready.
    I can't wait to
    grow up!
    I, Link,
    have decided to
    take the same
    tree-lined path
    as my father!
    Someday I shall
    fill the world
    with my trees!
    I know!
    You can help me!
    With this, you
    can add to the
    greenery, too!
    Someday, I shall
    fill the world
    with my trees!
    You can ask me
    anything about
    Most enemies
    stop moving when
    you hit them
    with Pegasus
    Seeds, but not
    strong ones.
    Mystery Seeds
    are amazing!
    They can take
    the shock out
    of electrical
    I must dig holes
    to plant trees,
    but sometimes, I
    find huge
    Have you heard
    of Gale Seeds?
    They usually
    bring up a
    twister, but you
    can use them
    to blow enemies
    far away, too!
    Most monsters
    stop moving when
    you hit them
    with Pegasus
    Seeds, but not
    strong ones.
    Mystery Seeds
    are amazing!
    They can take
    the shock out
    of electrical
    My name is
    Isn't it groovy?
    Hey! Link!
    Remember me?
    It's Link!
    All right!
    We meet again!
    Which was first,
    the chicken or
    the egg?
      ›Chicken Egg
    Then how did
    that chicken
    Then who laid
    that egg?
    I can't wait
    to grow up!
    My name is
    I am training
    every day to
    be a hero like
    you, Link!
    Someday I will
    travel the lands
    and save the
    world's peoples,
    like my hero,
    So can you give
    me some advice?
    What will make
    me mightier?
    Training daily?
      ›Yes ›No
    Natural talent?
      ›Yes ›No
    A caring heart?
      ›Yes ›No
    Hmm... It's
    hard, isn't it?
    I see! I have
    learned a lot!
    With your help,
    I shall be a
    great hero!
    Here! I give you
    this in thanks!
    I will continue
    my training!!!
    My name is
    Isn't it a cool
    Yeah, dude!
    I'm gonna save
    my money and
    go out into the
    So can you make
    a contribution?
      ›Yes ›No
    How much can
    you contribute?
     100 50
     10  ›0
    You're stingy,
    Thanks, dude!
    I'll never
    forget this!
    That's it, dude?
    ...Uh, thanks!!!
    It's better than
    nothin'! Thanks!
    You're stingy,
    dude! Later!
    I can't buy
    anything, dude!
    Words are worth
    I wonder what's
    happenin' out
    there in the
    what's up?
    I've been out
    in the world
    Yeah, dude!
    Since you gave
    me a donation,
    Dude, from now
    on we're buds!
    Aren't you
    Link? I knew
    we'd meet. How'd
    you like to hear
    a useful tip?
      ›OK ›No thanks
    Have you no
    You know the
    Clock Shop in
    Holodrum's Horon
    Village, right?
    Dig around in
    back of it. A
    friend of mine
    is there. Tell
    my friend this
    secret I'm about
    to tell you.
      ›Yes ›No
    Remember this:
    Got it?
      ›Yes ›No
    That's it.
    Hello there! Do
    you believe what
    you see? If you
    do, I'll teach
    you something!
    Do you?
      ›Yes ›No
    Suit yourself.
    In Holodrum's
    graveyard, there
    is but one grave
    with no flowers.
    If you tell the
    one inside the
    grave the secret
    I am about to
    tell you,
    something good
    will happen,
      ›Yes ›No
    The secret is:
    Got it?
      ›Yes ›No
    Good luck!
    Oh! A stranger
    has spoken to
    me! I must teach
    you something
    good! Will you
      ›Yes ›No
    Well, I won't
    make you.
    My brother lives
    in the cave near
    the three peaks
    of the Subrosian
    Volcanoes in
    Holodrum's land
    of Subrosia.
    If you tell him
    my secret, he'll
    give you
    something good!
      ›OK ›Once more
    Here goes!
    You got that?
      ›Yes ›No
    Say hi to my
    Say, aren't you
    a pupil of the
    master diver in
    Sunken City?
    I have a secret
    I'd like you to
    tell to your
    Will you do it?
      ›Yes ›No
    Oh, well...
    Don't mix it up!
    You got that?
      ›Yes ›No
    I'm counting
    on you!
    The best defense
    is a good
    The last one
    standing wins.
    Shall I teach
    you the one
    thing you need
    to survive?
      ›Yes ›No
    You never know
    what life may
    Tell this secret
    to the master at
    the Subrosian
      ›Yes ›No
    Give the master
    my regards!
    I forgot to tell
    my lucky secret
    to that guy who
    went to
    He's so unlucky.
    I just hope he
    doesn't meet
    with disaster
    and end up a bag
    of bones...
    Can you help me?
      ›Sure ›Sorry
    How rude!
    The secret is:
    Did you memorize
      ›Yes ›No
    Thanks so much!
    I see your quest
    has brought you
    to Labrynna!
    Can I ask a
    favor of you?
      ›Yes ›No
    No..? Come back
    if you change
    your mind.
    There should be
    a Great Fairy
    behind the falls
    in Holodrum's
    sunken Temple
    of Seasons. I
    want you to tell
    her my secret,
      ›Yes ›No
    The secret is:
      ›Yes ›No
    Thank you!
    Love, love
     the seed!
    This secret is
    all the rage
    among Deku
    Scrubs now!
    Want to hear
    the rest?
      ›Yes ›No
    Then be gone!
    Love, love
     the seed!
    Next is:
    Can you
    remember it?
      ›Yes ›No
    The Deku Scrub
    west of Sunken
    City in Holodrum
    loves this
    secret! I do,
    too! You should
    pay him a visit!
    Any old Goron
    can't forge the
    great two-handed
    They say there's
    a Goron the size
    of a mountain in
    Is it true?
      ›Yes ›No
    Tell this secret
    to that
      ›OK ›Once more
    Please tell him!
    You're Link,
    the one who
    saved Holodrum,
    right? Fate must
    have brought us
    together here!
    Will you hear my
      ›Yes ›No
    Do you remember
    Mayor Ruul back
    in Holodrum's
    Horon Village? I
    want you to tell
    this secret to
    Mayor Ruul,
      ›Yes ›No
    The secret is:
      ›Yes ›No
    Don't forget!
    You need a key
    for this door!
    This keyhole
    is different!
    Huh? This block
    has a keyhole.
    Oof! It's heavy!
    Oof! It's hard,
    like a rock!
    This block has
    cracks in it.
    This wall is
    It looks like it
    could be broken!
    This torch
    needs lighting.
    Huh? This has a
    Oof! It's too
    heavy to move!
    Your shield
    was eaten!
    Your flute's
    song fell flat.
    It won't open
    from this side!
    You can't read
    it from here!
    Your song just
    Your tune echoes
    in vain.
    It looks like
    something fits
    in this hole.
    You were sent
    back by a
    strange force!
    Symbol of our
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Damage taken 
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Sword damage 
    Sword damage x 2
    Damage taken=1/2
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Sword damage 
    Damage taken 
    Bomb damage 
    Changes the
    Maple meetings 
    Never get
    knocked back
    Lengthen Pegasus
    Seed effect
    Slowly recover
    lost Hearts
    Swimming speed 
    Spin Attack
    charges quickly
    Sword beams
    at -2 Hearts
    Sword beams
    at -3 Hearts
    Set two Bombs
    at once
    1/2 damage from
    1/2 damage from
    1/2 damage from
    1/2 damage from
    spiked floors
    1/2 damage from
    No damage from
    Zora's fire
    No damage from
    small rocks
    No sliding on
    Cracked floors
    don't crumble
    No sinking in
    Beasts drop
    double Rupees
    Beasts drop
    double Hearts
    Find double
    Find double
    Ore Chunks
    Sense soft
    earth nearby
    Become an
    Become a
    Become a
    Like Like
    Become a
    Double Spin
    No damage from
    your own Bombs
    Beam replaces
    Spin Attack
    Sword also
    damages you
    Sign of
    1000 beasts
    10,000 Rupees
    Defeated the
    Evil King Ganon
    100 signs
    100 rings
    No effect
    from jinxes
    Grow great
    Gasha Seeds
    No explosion
    if holding Bomb
    Dive without
    Punch when not
    I am Farore,
    Oracle of
    Secrets. This
    is the Hall of
    Secrets, where
    your secrets
    take form.
    At times and
    places, you will
    hear powerful
    At those times,
    come see me.
    I can give
    shape and form
    to your secrets!
    Do you know any
      ›Yes ›No
    Then come back
    after you have
    heard some.
    I, too, know
    this secret.
    Come back
    I can give shape
    to powerful
    secrets that
    I remember.
    Do you know the
    secret to moving
    through time?
      ›Yes ›No
    Really? Come
    back anytime
    after you learn
    some secrets.
    Your secrets
    have called
    forth new power!
    Come again
    One secret has
    already been
    given shape.
    Go get it, then
    come tell me
    another secret.
    Tell that secret
    in Holodrum,
    not here.
    You told me this
    secret already.
    pirit#Save and quit?
      ›No ›Yes
    Your secrets
    will lose their
    shapes if you
    do not save.
    Is this OK?
      ›No ›Yes
    To King Zora
    To the prankster
    To Dr. Troy on
     Rolling Ridge
    Thank you letter
     to Mayor Plen
    Library Secret
    Crescent Island
     Wild Tokay
    From Mamamu
     Yan's mother
    Great Fairy's
     note to Tingle
    To the great
     Goron Elder
    To the Symmetry
     City twins
    Do you want to
    know the
    secret to going
    to Holodrum?
      ›Yes ›No
    Farore's Memory
    Read this book?
      ›Yes ›No
    I don't remember
    that secret,
    so I cannot give
    shape to it.
    Ah hah hah hah!
    Thank you,
    You allowed me
    to pass through
    the sacred
    barrier! I've
    been waiting for
    this moment!
    I am Veran,
    Sorceress of
    Nayru! Oracle
    of Ages! I shall
    make your body
    my own!
    Ah hah hah hah!
    Hah! Aren't you
    brave! Turning a
    sword at me! If
    you cut me, it's
    Nayru who dies!
    Nayru is no mere
    diva! She is the
    Oracle of Ages,
    who controls
    Now the oracle's
    powers are mine.
    I can travel
    through time as
    I choose!
    Now a new age
    shall begin...
    The age of
    Ah hah hah hah!
    You are correct!
    Not bad for a
    diva... Not bad
    for Nayru,
    Oracle of Ages!
    terrible will
    happen right now
    before your very
    I shall go to
    the past and do
    as I please!
    Link! I am
    amazed you have
    come so far...
    Do you mean to
    turn your sword
    on me?
    Hah hah hah hah!
    If you want to
    hurt Nayru, then
    go right ahead!
    Not bad at all!
    Just wait until
    next time...
    Hah hah hah!!!
    The queen comes
    with impeccable
    Hahh... The body
    of a queen suits
    me just fine!
    Do you know
    what I am going
    to do now?
    Let me tell you!
    Meet the
    petrified ones!
    I shall catch
    them all!
    Well done!
    I thought I
    might possess
    you this time.
    Perhaps you
    have a different
    flavor from that
    fool, Ralph.
    You've seen me
    like this
    before, but this
    is my true form.
    You'll regret
    making me show
    my true might!
    I'll give you
    reasons to fear
    Veran, Sorceress
    of Shadows!!!
    I never expected
    to be beaten by
    this boy...
    This should not
    have happened
    to me...
    How cold of you
    to run off and
    leave me all
    alone! But, my,
    aren't you
    You've spoiled
    all my plans! I
    hoped to avoid
    revealing this
    vile shape...
    You'll pay for
    my humiliation
    with your life!
    Now, Link,
    it is your turn
    to taste
    and the fear
    of death!
    My... My body
    But you are too
    late! My role...
    was to disrupt
    the currents of
    time... To flood
    humanity in
    The despair that
    fills this land
    has already
    through this
    tower and on
    to Twinrova!
    I see it...
    Burning blue...
    The Flame of
    Hah hah hah...
    I'll be waiting,
    to haunt you...
    And the Evil
    King Ganon...
    will plunge the
    into darkness!
    This is the
    animal's utopia!
    Soon more
    animals come!
    What a great
    spot! Such clean
    air! Now if only
    time could stop!
    How charming...
    Sit here and
    listen. How
    Nayru's the best
    singer in
    La la li li la
    La Li li la
    Isn't it 
    I am going to
    be a princess!
    We're going to
    build paradise!
    You don't work,
    you don't eat!
    I'm hungry!
    When's dinner?
    If you believe,
    it will be!
    I want to be a
    real princess,
    like Princess
    Get along with
    humans, too!
    That's my motto!
    The world is so
    peaceful. I'm
    going to build
    my own utopia!
    Utopian dream
    La laUtopia
    The world is at
    peace, the air
    is clean! It's
    like a dream!
    Bwoop! Bwoop!
    Nayru is gone so
    there are no
    more songs...
    I thought we'd
    hear songs when
    Nayru returned,
    but I guess now
    isn't the time.
    Nayru's songs
    are so
    I can't stand
    not being able
    to hear Nayru
    Listen quietly
    to Nayru's
    Without Nayru's
    songs, I can't
    jump in rhythm.
    How long until
    Nayru sings
    Where has Nayru
    gone to?!?
    I can't relax
    without Nayru's
    I haven't had
    any visitors in
    some time.
    I am Patch, the
    guru. Did you
    need me?
      ›Yes ›No
    You must have
    time to kill if
    you came all
    the way here.
    You don't seem
    to have anything
    I can restore.
    So, what then?
    Heh, heh! I see.
    You want me to
    repair that
    My Restoration
    Ceremony might
    fix it.
    ...Want to try?
      ›Yes ›No
    Then that
    will never be
    You are willing
    to try? Very
    well. Follow me.
    Heh, heh!
    Welcome to
    Crazy Cart!
    Will you partake
    in my ceremony?
      ›Yes ›No
    Very well! Do
    you want to hear
    the rules?
      ›No ›Yes
    Then let me
    I'll place your
    on that green
    tile and recite
    the words of my
    Ceremony. You
    must knock all
    the beasts that
    appear into a
    hole--any hole
    will do. Sounds
    easy, right?
    Restoration is
    delicate work.
    Your precious
    sits on these
    The cart starts
    moving when the
    ceremony begins.
    As long as you
    stand on the
    switch, the cart
    won't hit your
    but if you don't
    and it gets hit,
    So? Will you
    take part in
    this fun--err,
      ›Yes ›No
    Let the ceremony
    Dex ifeb!!!
    Dex iflla!!!
    The ceremony
    failed, but your
    seems to have
    survived. Try
    again sometime.
    Hmm... Eh, heh!
    My ceremony
    succeeded! You
    are talented.
    You got through
    this trap--err,
    Here is your
    as good as new!
    As usual, I am
    Here you go.
    Bring me any-
    thing else that
    needs fixing,
    and I'll prepare
    my trap--err,
    I haven't seen
    you in awhile.
    If you've come
    all the way up
    the wall, you
    must need
    something fixed.
    But my fun--
    err, delicate
    ceremony, is
    more difficult
    now. Do you
    wish to try?
      ›Yes ›No
    There is nothing
    the restoration
    guru cannot
    Tuni Nut
    Broken Sword
    Mermaid's Eye
    Are you also
    searching for
    that which Ambi
    desires? You
    should not go
    further! There
    are hordes of
    terrible beasts!
    Did you find
    what Ambi
    Ambi's bombs
    have tremendous
    Queen Ambi is
    busy! She's in
    no mood for any
    who come empty-
    handed! Bring
    her a rare item
    in tribute if
    you wish to
    see her.
    Not bad, kid!
    You found them!
    Now come with me
    to meet Queen
    Queen Ambi! He
    says he wishes
    to pay tribute!
    He brings the
    Mystery Seeds
    Your Majesty has
    been seeking!
    I shall guide
    Yes, Your
    Nice work, kid!
    Ambi was most
    pleased! You may
    go now!
    Don't loiter
    around here too
    much, kid!!!
    You! You can't
    come in without
    Those are the
    Mystery Seeds
    Queen Ambi has
    been demanding!
    Nice work, kid!
    I'll take you to
    the palace!
    Let's go, kid!
    We must finish
    the tower for
    Ambi as quickly
    as possible!
    Loafers won't
    get off easy!
    What, kid?!?
    Did you come to
    help us build?
    Ambi has gone
    alone on a
    journey. I hope
    she returns
    We must keep the
    palace safe
    while Ambi
    is away!
    Ambi said she
    was going on a
    journey, but
    perhaps she went
    to search for
    her lover.
    You! Kids aren't
    allowed in...
    Sir Link!
    Excuse me!
    It is our job to
    guard the palace
    with our lives!
    You look just
    like the statue
    outside... Say!
    Are you
    I never thought
    I'd actually get
    get to you!

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