Review by neothe0ne

Reviewed: 02/25/05 | Updated: 03/28/05

..What the heck is this??!

It's James Bond... I mean, the box says it is...

Bad graphics
Bad gameplay
Bad music
Bad stage layouts
Unreadable text leads to unfinishable levels, unless you have a magnifying glass that removes blockiness
No replay value
You might throw your Game Boy at a wall

What can I say? This is the second entry of James Bond to the Game Boy. This time, it's his first entry to the Game Boy Color. But, um... well, I'll get to that.

The graphics in this game are terrible. James Bond is a faceless guy in a suit, he could be anyone from Ronald Reagan to J.F.K. to Stalin, and his punching animation is laughable, and when he gets a gun, what can I say? Not a very realistic looking gunshot. The stages are not very detailed, and the text is so small that I could only figure out it said the elevator was locked by common sense that I needed a key card...

So, music.. what music? Those beeps of the Game Boy sound system didn't sound like much to me, so I turned the volume down.

Well, you've seen the movie The World Is Not Enough, right? James Bond is on the first floor of the bank, which is strangely deserted. No reception desk, no secretaries, just an elevator near the entrance that's locked.. strange bank, don't you think? I got a little lost as I couldn't recognize environments with the movie, so I'm not sure about the story, except that M gave me a brief that said this was that, and I guess she's right. She would know of all people, wouldn't she?

Uh, okay. This game has absolutely no replay value. This game has no playing value whatsoever, really. If you like third-person overhead games where the main character is a faceless stick, here's your Christmas present. Otherwise, stay away from this trash.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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