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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Punisher_X2

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 06/30/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             ___    ___     ___  ___   ______   __  __
             \  \  /  /    |   \/   | |      | |  \/  |
              \  \/  /     |        | |   ___| |      |  __
               \    /  __  |        | |  |___  |      | |__|
               /    \ |__| |  |\/|  | |   ___| | |\   |  __
              /  /\  \     |  |  |  | |  |___  | | \  | |__|
             /__/  \__\    |__|  |__| |______| |_|  \_|
    ___        ___ ______  _   ___  ___ _____  _______ |__| __  __  _____  _  ____
    \  \  /\  /  /|  _   || |  \  \/  /| |_| ||   __  | __ |  \/  || |_| ||_||   _|
     \  \/  \/  / | | |  || |   \    / |  ___||  |  |_||  ||      ||  ___|   |_ |_
      \  /\/\  /  | |_|  || |____\  /  | |___ |  |     |  || |\   || |___    __| |
       \/    \/   |______||______|\/   |_____||__|     |__||_| \__||_____|  |____|
     ______    ______   _____   _____
    |  _   |  | _  | | | |_| | | |_| |
    | |_|  |  ||_| | | |___  | |  ___|
    |   __ \  |    | |    _| | | |___
    |__|  \_\ |____|_|   |___| |_____|
                                        | Title: X-men: Wolverine's rage |
                                        | System: Game boy color         |
                                        | Guide type: FAQ/walkthrough    |
                                        | Guide version: 1.6             |
                                        | Writer: Punisher_x2            |
    Table of Contents
    Section A: Guide introduction
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    Section B: Game introduction
    3. Story
    4. Controls
    5. Power ups
    6. Enemies
    Section C: FAQ/walkthrough
    7. Walkthrough
    8. FAQ
    Section D: Codes and Passwords
    9. Codes
    10. Passwords
    Section E: Contact and info
    11. Contact info
    12. Legal stuff
    13. Credits and end
    ====================|Section A: Guide introduction      |====================
    1. Introduction
     Hello, how is it going? Well, this is my second FAQ/walkthrough  and it's yet
    about another game for theGame boy color. It is based on the Marvel character
    Wolverine. I have allways been a huge fan of Wolverine,so I though I would
    make a FAQ/walkthrough for atleast one of his game. This one is actually
    pretty nice.Not awesome but good in some ways. Unlike the other X-men games for
    the gameboy color, where they just playsuck. OK, enough about that I just want
    to know you like my guides and keep supporting me. If you want to know how just
    see the contact and info section. One more thing. I hope you enjoy my guide and
    the game aswell. Have fun!
    2. Version history
    History of updates for this guide:
    Version 1.0 (28.06.09) - Guide created and uploaded
    Version 1.1 (03.07.09) - Updated the x section
    Version 1.2 (12.07.09) - Added one new question to the FAQ section
    Version 1.3 (15.08.09) - Updated the x section
    Version 1.4 (25.08.09) - Removed the x section and added my website
    Version 1.5 (02.02.10) - Added MySpace account URL at the contact info
    Version 1.6 (05.03.10) - Added Twitter and Facebook URls at the contact info
    ====================|Section B: Game introduction       |====================
    3. Story
     Wolverine receives a message from professor X telling him that Lady
    Deathstrike is planning to make amolecular destabilizer which can turn
    Wolverine's adamantium skeleton to liquid. Now, Wolverine must find Deathstrike
    and stop her at all costs. By doing so, he first must find clues leading to her
    4. Controls
    Here are the controls for this game:
    D-pad - Move
    A button - Jump
    B button - Attack
    Advanced controls:
    B button (hit atleast 4 times) - Ultimate claw slash
    D-pad down + B button - Ground attack
    A button + B button - Air attack
    5. Power ups
    Here are the power ups which can be found in this game:
    Heart - Restores health
    W letter - Gives score
    Wolverine's head - Gives one extra life
    X symbol - Gives bonus score
    6. Enemies
    Here is a list of the enemies:
    Prisoner - A black prisoner carrying a weapon
    Soldier - A military soldier with a gun
    Samurai - A wise samurai with a sword
    Ninja - A red ninja that throws shurikens
    Mutant - A big blue creature that can brake in two
    Dog - A little homeless dog
    Robot assassin - A robot who if he sees you he'll attack with his blades
    Robot bomber - A robot that throws bombs which explode in a couple of seconds
    ====================|Section C: FAQ/walkthrough         |====================
    7. Walkthrough
    Now, time to see if you can beat this game. I will tell you where to go because
    the levels are endless platforms of jumping and slashing.
    E letters - When you see this, touch it to end the level.
    Smash objects - Smash certain objects to receive score.
    Platforms with arrows - You can hang on to them if you jump. They even show you
    where to go.
    Time - Every level (Except the boss battles) have time limits. If you run out
    of time, you are dead.
    Bonus stages - The bonus stages can be seen after you have a curtain score
    Stage 01: New York city
     Wolverine's quest to find Lady Deathstrike begins here. Watch out for enemies,
    you don't know where they may come from.
     The first level is really short and easy. It's more like a little tutorial to
    help you figure out the Gameplay. Ok, move right and jump over all the boxes
    and barrels. Kill the prisoner. Grab on the platform and jump over the boxes.
    Look out for the gas that is coming from the ground. Then, jump over the
    barrel.Take out the prisoner and grab on the platform. Continue going up.
    When you see the soldier, make him suffer. Jump right to the next platforms and
    kill the second soldier. At the last platform, take the x symbol. If you go
    down, you will see the exit or if you want, go back to the spot where you
    killed the prisoner. Jump over the boxes. Watch out for the gas that comes from
    the ground. Then kill the second prisoner and jump on the platform. Grab the W
    letter and jump over the boxes and go for the exit.
     If you want, you can smash the trashcan next to you. I suggest you go up by
    following the platforms.If you go right, you will see a dead end. Jump on the
    platforms until you see another trashcan. A moving yellow platform will appear.
    Jump on it and move right. Be careful, a soldier is going to attack you. Once
    he is dead go right again. There is a platform where you can hang on to it but
    don't hurry. Get on the platform beneath you. Go right until you see the W
    letter and an extra life. Get them and go back. Grab on the platform and go
    left. Take out the soldier and continue to move left. You should see some
    platforms atop another. This will help you get on the roof, but don't think
    it's unguarded. It's time for some classic jumping. Another yellow platform
    will escort you to the next roof. Look out for the gas that comes from beneath.
    Also, there are holes on the roofs. Fall through them and you are back where
    the platforms are. After the second roof, more platforms will appear inyour
    way. Get passed them. Make sure to find the prisoner and kill him. Here comes
    one more dead end. Now, take the x symbol and go up. Reach the exit and a job
    well done.
     Move right and kill the prisoner. Grab on the platform and kill the soldier.
    Go to the platform where the prisoner is walking around. Move only right and
    kill another soldier. Still move only right. The next soldier awaits his
    sentence. When you jump at the next platform, you should see a prisoner
    walking under you. Go there, kill him and take the W letter. Now, go to
    the roof. There will be gas coming from the floor. Move left from platform to
    platform. Soldiers are patrolling the area so, stay alert. Reach the upper
    platforms and slash your way through the onslaught of soldiers. If you move
    left from the platforms beneath you, you should see a x symbol. Now, after
    you made your way clear a prisoner shall be waiting for you. After him,
    move left and reach the exit.
     There is a hole in the center of the screen. Go down through it.  Make sure to
    land on the right platform. Then, jump on the one with the x symbol. If you go
    down, you will have to kill a prisoner and go back up. Go down. Now you are in
    the subway. Go right. You should spot another hole. Go down and move left. Gas
    is coming from the ground so, watch out. Take the W letter, kill the prisoner
    and continue going left. At the dead end, a prisoner and a extra life will be
    waiting. This time move right. slash a few enemies and you should reach a dead
    end. There is a hole above you. Grab on to it and go left. Make sure to kill
    the prisoners. There is one more hole. Go left and take out the prisoner. Jump
    on the platforms and take the x symbol. Go back and move right. Get on the
    platform where the prisoner is. Go up and then right. In the next area, a
    prisoner should be guarding your escape route. Make him pay and go up. At
    the surface, the exit is next to you.
    > Boss: Cyber <
     The first boss battle and to say, it is very easy. As you begin, go left and
    jump on the yellow platform. At the rooftops, go left and Cyber should appear
    behind you. Insted of fighting to death go left at the small roof. Cyber should
    follow you there. Beat him up very good. When he gives up, he will jump off the
     Nice work, but Deathstrike is still hidding somewhere.
    Stage 02: Tokyo
     Wolverine beleives that Deathstrike is hidding in Tokyo. Now, it's time to see
    if she really is in Tokyo. Watch out for ninjas and samurais. If you want smash
    the lamps.
    Busy street
     As allways go right. In a few seconds you should notice the small shop
    blocking your way. You can't jump over it. Jump on the small platform next to
    you and then jump over the shop. From here things start to get a little more
    interesting. Jump on the green sigh then on the yellow and finally blue sigh.
    From here go left. You shall inconter a samurai. You know what to do. After him
    go up until you reach the second samurai. When you kill him go left and jump on
    the yellow platform. From there go down. A ninja will be bouncing around. After
    he is dead make sure not to fall off the platforms, or you will go back to the
    beggining of the level. Go down to the blue sigh. Move left and jump on the
    green sigh. From there go up by using the sighs. At the top jump right on the
    green sigh. Kill the samurai above you and from his platform jump left to get
    an extra life. OK, now start jumping right from sigh to sigh. Another samurai
    will appear. Now that he is dead go right then down and take out the ninja. Go
    down again and kill the samurai. Go down once more and kill the ninja. At the
    bottom another ninja awaits his death. Go right and punish the samurai. What
    comes next? Well, the exit.
     Kill the samurai and go right. Grab on the platform and go up. Kill the next
    samurai. Continue going up. Beneathe the platform where the next samurai is go
    right and take the x symbol, also kill the ninja. Go back and move up again.
    The next samurai is waiting. Move right, then go down. Watch out for the
    samurai. Move down again. Kill the ninja and go down again. Kill the samurai
    and go down once more. Move right then kill the samurai and the ninja and take
    the extra life. Go back where you killed the samurai and jump on the platforms.
    From the second platform go right into the building. Still move right and kill
    the samurai. Go right and jump on the platforms. Move left and take out the
    ninja. Move left again and jump on the next platforms. Move right so be careful
    not to fall from the holes. Kill the ninja and use the next platforms. Move
    left and look out for the holes. A samurai shall be guarding the next
    platforms. You know what to do. From there, move right and kill the ninja. Then
    jump on a tree and take out the next ninja. Go down. Small trees will come from
    the ground. Just like the gas but much more annoying. You will engage two
    samurais untill you make it to the bottom. When you reach the bottom, go for
    the exit.
     A samurai is in front of you. Make him pay for blocking your path. Then kill
    the ninja. Move right only. Jump on the platform but watch out for the tree
    that comes from the ground. Kill the samurai and use the platforms to go on the
    balcony. Jump on the tree where the samurai is lurking. Then jump on the next
    balcony. Jump on the platforms to the next balcony. Jump left and kill the
    ninja. Go down. Another tree will pop out of the ground. Go down again and kill
    the samurai. Beneathe the platform you are standing, there is another platform
    with a heart on it. If you take it, you can't come back so, you will have to
    walk all the way back. After the samurai is dead jump left. Jump left again.
    Jump left once more and go up by the platforms. Kill the ninja and procced
    right. Another tree will appear from the ground. Move right. There is a ninja
    above you. Go where he is and take him out. Go left. Move and avoid the tree.
    Go left again. Get on the samurai's platform and move right. Go right and avoid
    the next tree. Go right and get on the dojo roof and kill the ninja. If you
    need, take the extra life beneathe the roof where the samurai is. Either way go
    for the exit.
     Before you go through the hole, go right and take the W letter. Then drop down
    the hole and kill the samurai. Move right only. Kill the next samurai and jump
    on the moving platform. Go left and take the extra life. Don't forget to kill
    the ninja first. Go right and then down. You should see a ninja. Next to him
    there is a heart and a dead end. Go back. Jump on the platform in front of you
    where the ninja is. Go down and murder the samurai. Another ninja and then at
    the bottom the next samurai waits for you. Go up then left. The next room is
    filled with platforms with spears next to them. Jump on each platform very
    carefuly. Whew, that was close. Now, you should see two moving platforms. Jump
    on the first one then the next. Go left then down. Kill the samurai and down
    again. Go up and kill the samurai. Kill the other that is atop the platforms.
    Go down. In a few seconds kill the next samurai. Avoid the spears on the
    ground. Oh, look a ninja. Avoid the last spears and now kill the last ninja.
    The exit is shining in front of you.
    > Boss: Lady Deathstrike <
     She finaly came out of hidding. Time to teach her a painful lesson. Jump down
    at the bridge afterwards go right. She will come from behind so that means duck
    immedaitly. She can't hit you when you are crouching and that means, punch her
    right in the stomach. After a few hits she will jump on the other side of the
    bridge. This gives you enough time to heal if you have been hit. Chase back
    to her and do this untill she is deafeted.
     Deathstrike is finally deafeted. But Wolverine still has to find the
    Stage 03: The Savage land
     Two things remain. 1. Sabretooth 2. The destabilizer
     There is a moving platform above you. Jump on it and move left. Kill the dog
    and take the x symbol. You will fall down next to a blue mutant. Kill it and
    move left. Jump over the lava pit and kill the dog. Go left again. Jump over
    the pit. You should see another mutant. But first go left and take the heart.
    Now kill it. Go up then right. Kill another dog and go right once more. The
    next platform has fire coming from the ground. Take care of the mutant and get
    the W letter. Go up. Be aware from the fire. Then kill the mutant. Go left.
    Kill the dog and take the extra life. You will fall down and get an x symbol.
    Go right and use the moving platform to go back. Jump right. Move a little
    while and see the mutant. Kill him and reach the exit.
     Go right and kill the mutant. Go right and kill the dog. Procced right once
    more. Kill the other dog and go down by using the moving platform. Go left and
    take the x symbol. Go down and take the extra life. Move left. Kill a dog and
    move left. go up and kill a few mutants. Go left and kill another dog. Jump
    down and take the W letter then the heart. Go back and fall down where you took
    the W letter. Jump left and touch the exit. If you want, there is a x symbol
    under the platform where the exit is.
     kill the dog and go up. Get the heart. Go up again and kill another dog. Go
    right and take the x symbol. Go down then right. Kill the mutant. Go up. Move
    right and take the x symbol. Kill the dog and use the platforms to escort you
    up. You will take a W letter. At the hiest platform, take the extra life that
    is hidden behind the waterfall. Go left. You can actually fall through the
    waterfalls. Kill the mutant. Go left. Now, up. Kill the mutant and the dog.
    Jump right (be aware of the waterfalls.). Kill another mutant. You are almost
    to the exit. Kick the dog's butt and get out.
     Move left. Jump on the platform where the mutant is standing. Take the W
    letter and go down. Kill a dog then take the x symbol. Jump right and slash the
    mutant. Continue right and take the heart. Terminate the dog. If you need, take
    the extra life, but you will have to go back. Watch out for enemies and fire.
    OK, go up. Move left. Break the mutant. WOW, I didn't know the savage land had
    so many dogs. Go up. Now right. Kill the last mutant and go for the exit.
    > Boss: Sabertooth <
     Jump left on the bridge. Sabertooth will come flying at you. His attacks are
    alot more stronger that the previus bosses. OK, do him a ultimate slash combo.
    If you still have some health, do him another and he should die. Easy stuff.
     Finally, Wolverine finds the secret lab.
    Stage 04: Secret Lab
     Time to find and destroy the destabilizer.
     Go right. Hey look, a robot assassin. In some areas you can see razors that
    come from the ground. Go up. Jump on the platforms and get on the platform
    where the robot assassin is dancing. Go right and take the extra life. Did
    I say there is a razor there? Go back and move left. Go down and take the
    x symbol. Another robot assassin is waiting for you. Go up. Go right then
    down. Move left and destroy the robot assassin. Grab the W letter and go
    right. Jump over the razor and go down. Kill the robot and destroy the
    satelite to procced. Go up by the platforms. Jump right and destroy the
    first robot bomber. Take the W letter and go up again. You will enconter
    another robot bomber. Move left and kill the assassin. Grab the x symbol
    and move right. Look out for the next assassin and the razor. Go down.
    Take out the bomber. Go down once more. Assassin the assassin. Move down
    to reach the exit.
    1st floor
     This stage is more dangerus that the rest. If you blindly fall of the
    platform, you will die. So let's make this simple shall we? Kill the
    assassin. Go right. Take out the bomber then go down and take the x
    symbol. Jump left. Kill another bomber. Go down where the assassin is.
    Go right and dodge the razor. Destroy the satalite and kill the bomber.
    Be on the look out for the razor and assassin ahead. After them kill
    the bomber and go up. Go up again and take the x symbol. Jump from the
    platform beneath you and kill the bomber. Jump left. Ahead there is an
    assassin. You know what to do. Go up and grab the x symbol. Watch for
    the razor and assassin. Now that you made it after him, kill the bomber
    then go through the exit.
    2nd floor
     Take the W letter then go left. Make sure not to fall. Kill the assassin
    then the bomber. Go right. Kill another robot then go up. Now, left. After
    the razor go down and take the x symbol. Return and kill the bomber. Go
    to the platform where the raizors are. Move right. Kill the assassin and
    take the W letter. Go up then down. Be sure to kill the assassins. Now go
    up then right. An assassin? Give us a break. Destroy the satelite and
    go up. Watch for the razor. Kill the bomber and go up. Dodge the razor
    and go left. Take the x symbol and go down. Make sure not to get hit by
    the bomber. Kill the assassin and move left. Kill the next assassin and
    go up. These bombers are starting to annoy me. Go right. Kill one more
    assassin and continue to the exit.
    3rd Floor
     Oh, boy here comes the assassin. It seems Wolverine is a big target.
    Go up then down. Kill the bomber and go up again. Make way for the
    assassin. Go down once more and destroy the assassin. Go up again.
    Reach the highest platform with the bomber on it. Go right and get
    the W letter. Continue right and get the extra life. Don't forget
    about the bomber. Go down. Aren't you getting tired of these bombers?
    If you are low on health, avoid the assassin. Don't fall or you are
    dead. Jump right and kill the bomber. Great another razor and assassin.
    Procced right and make sure not to touch the razor. Go up. A bomber
    is waiting for you. Go left and destroy the satelite. More razors?
    If you are still alive go up. Go right and guess who's waiting.
    Above you there is a bomber. Make him suffer. Now, all that is left
    is a razor blocking the exit. Well done.
    Experiment lab
    > Bosses: Sabertooth and Cyber <
     Two against one, that is kinda unfair don't you think? You made it
    this far now, go left. Wait for a yellow platform to escort you up.
    The cool thing is, that you don't have to fight both of the at once.
    First is Sabertooth. Use the same strategy as before. But that's not
    all you have to watch for the destabilizer above you. After Sabretooth
    is taken out, Cyber will appear. I suggest you go to the platform and
    go down and heal. If you are done go and teach him not to mess with Wolverine.
     Great! You managed to destroy the destabilizer. Now, Wolverine can rest easy,
    for now atleast.
    Bonus stages:
    Here is a small walkthrough about the bonus stages:
    Bonus stage 1: Battle arena
    The goal here is to kill all fifteen enemies for 1:30 minutes. Also, you need
    to stay alive untill the end.
    Bonus stage 2: W letter hunt
    Here the goal is to collect all the W letters before time runs out. Keep
    jumping on platforms to go higher and higher.
    This is all I have to say. Check out the X section for my upcoming guide and
    their status. See you at the end of this document.
    8. FAQ
    Many fans of Wolverine have been asking me things about this game. Here they
    Q: Is this game bad?
    A: This is actually the best X-men game on Gameboy color
    Q: I don't like this game. What makes it so good?
    A: If you play the other X-men games on Gameboy color, this one will look like
    a masterpiece
    Q: Is this game easy?
    A: Pretty much.
    Q: May I give some advice?
    A: Of course. That would help alot.
    Q: Can I use this guide on my site?
    A: You have to ask me first.
    If you have a question and want it to be posted in this FAQ, please see the
    contact and info section.
    ====================|Section D: Codes and passwords     |====================
    9. Codes
    Here you can find codes for this game:
    Brown costume - On the title screen press up, up, down, down, left, right,
    left, right, B, A. This costume is awesome because you can heal faster.
    Level skip - On the title screen press Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down,
    Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, B, A. You will hear a noise
    then press start or the code won't work. In any level press select to skip any
    10. Passwords
    Here are all the passwords for each level you want to play:
    Wolverine's head, Wolverine's claws, X-Men sign, Wolverine's body - Level 02
    Wolverine's claws, Sabertooth, Wolverine's body, Wolverine's head - Level 03
    Skull, Wolverine's head, X-Men sign, Wolverine's claws - Level 04
    Claw, Blue head, X-Men sign, Skull - Level 08
    Skull, X-Men sign, Wolverine's claw, Sabertooth - Level 09
    Blue head, Skull, X-Men sign, Lady - Ending
    Wolverine's Head, Wolverine's Body, Wolverine's Head, Lady Deathstrike -
    Level 13
    Cyber, Lady Deathstrike, Wolverine's Body, X-Men symbol - Level 11
    Wolverine's Claw, Cyber, X-men symbol, Skull - Level 16
    Skull, X-Men symbol, Wolverine's claw, Sabretooth - Level 18
    ====================|Section E: Contact and info        |====================
    11. Contact info
    If you want to ask/tell me something, Inform me of any spelling mistakes, want
    permission to use this guide on your web site, then send me an E-mail to this
    address: the_punisher_x@mail.bg or visit my website:
    Don't forget that Punishing X Guides is on MySpace too:
    Follow direct updates at our Twitter:
    Make sure to become a fan at our Facebook page:
    12. Legal stuff
     I am in no way assosiated with Marvel, Activision or anything. The game is
    published by Activision, Wolverine is property of Marvel comics. I just wrote
    an FAQ/walkthrough about a Wolverine game and that's it. Also, the game is made
    by Digital Eclipse. And please do not copy this guide anywhere without my
    permission. Thanks.
    13. Credits and End
    Thanks goes to:
    Marvel - For creating Wolverine
    Activision - For publishing this game
    Digital Eclipse - For making this game
    Special thanks goes to:
    My family - For supporting me
    My friends - For the advice
    You - For reading this guide
    Important: If I missed something (pick up description, enemy info etc.)
    please tell me.
    Support: If you like this guide, please send me an E-mail saying you want
    me to make more guides. Who knows, I might even add you to the credits
    Advice: If you don't like the style or the way this guide is written,
    tell me and give me some advice on how to make this guide better.
    Thank you for reading this FAQ/walkthrough
    - Philip
    Copyright 2009 Punishing X Guides
    All rights reserved

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