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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Killer

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    Dragon Warrior Monsters 2
    Cobi's Journey
    By Killer/Henry Fung 
    Version 1.0
    Date 09/05/03
    Version Info / Requests / Notes:
            Important!!!!! (Please read before continuing)
            The thing I want to know the most is the formating. Especially 
            the Monster List part, are they properly aligned, or are they all
            messed up and appear like this:
            Correct:                           Incorrect:
            SpotSlime   .5   S                 SpotSlime     .5     S   
            TreeSlime    1   S                 TreeSlime    1    S    
            Snaily      .5   S                   Snaily    .5      S    
            So if you can tell me which way they appear, the correct way or
            the incorrect way, it will help me a lot, since it appears fine
            on my pc and I found that there are problems with it... so PLEASE
            tell me how it appears, thanks!
            Well I've decided to work on things that is not available yet, so
            the walkthrough, I'll delay that for now and I'll try to work on
            the breeding list, if you have any breeding combinations for 
            the new monsters, plz send them all to me via e-mail, thanks.
            What family is Poseidon? If you know, e-mail me. You'll be credit.
            If you have notice that I have missed anything 
            and made mistakes, PLZ e-mail me so I can correct it. TY.
            Anything you do that help me improve this Faq will be properly
            credited it the credit section! So plz help me out cuz I can't
            remember the game very well...
            Help me out by sending me extra info, anything that you know and
            I don't, send it here! Also correct my mistakes, so that this
            faq is close to perfect OK? If you have any suggestions, plz 
            tell me. Thanks, here we go!
            Latest version of this Faq can be found at:
            This faq is best view with the following options: 
            800x600 pixels, large font
            WordPad, Courier New font, size 10
            This walkthru guide was made and copyright 2003 by Killer.
            If you're gonna put it at your web site, do so WITHOUT 
            MY PERMISSION, but you must e-mail me your site's url. This 
            is my hard work so please don't change anything in here. You 
            should share this Guide all the friends you have.
    Game Imformation:
    Game: Dragon Warrior Monster 2 
    Type: RPG    
    Created:  27/9/2001
    Platform: GameBoy Color
    Creator:  Enix
    Rating:   9 AMAZING
    Table of Content       Search code
    1) Version History      [DWM01]
    2) Review               [DWM02]
    3) Strategy             [DWM03]
    4) Walkthrough          [DWM04]
       Oasis        [DWM001]
       Pirate       [DWM002]
       Ice          [DWM003]
       Sky          [DWM004]
       Limbo        [DWM005]
       Elf          [DWM006]
       Power        [DWM007]
    5) Item List            [DWM05]
    6) Monster List         [DWM06]
    7) Monster Skill        [DWM07]
    8) Breeding Table       [DMW08]
    9) Mystery Lands        [DWM09]
    10)Magic Keys           [DWM10]
    11)Miscellaneous        [DWM11]
    12)FAQ                  [DWM12]
    13)Credits              [DWM13]
    1) Version History     [DWM01]
    V 1.0    - Walkthru is now complete, well, I think it was for quite a 
    09/05/03   while now, since all the people is still asking me about this 
    60k        game, I thought I should update it since I'm kinda updating and 
               working on faqs anyway 
             - So a new version number, indicates the walkthru is now 
               officially complete, but that doesn't mean I can't add to it 
               LOL, so stay touch for updates in the future 
             - New format for some part of the faq
    V 0.2d   - Fixed a lot of stuff in the walkthru, especially grammer 
    24/06/02   mistakes
    59 KB    - Added a lot more to walkthru, like monsters in area, items and
             - Official started to work on the Skills chart... Not much detail
               for now, more will come
             - Finished typing the Skills in the Skills chart
             - In Walkthru, the monsters that can found are now in 
               alphabetical order for easy finding
             - Added more to Strategy Section
    V 0.2c   - Updated e-mail
    21/06/02 - Almost Complete Monster List, now just missing a few entries.
    32 KB    - Updated Credit section
             - Added some stuff here and there, and fixed things everywhere ;)
             - Added some more to Walkthrough
    V 0.2b   - More Completed monster List
    22 KB
    V 0.2a   - More to breeding combos
    16/10/01 - Added more to monster list
    19 KB    - Added to Walkthrough
             - Added personality list
    V 0.1b   - More to Walkthrough
    8/10/01  - Many corrections
             - Added more Monsters
             - Monsters are now in families
             - Corrected Review
    V 0.1a   - First release of walkthru/FAQ.
    16/09/01 - First part of walkthru done
             - Review added
    2) Review     [DWM02]   
    Here is my own review of the game.
    Dragon Warrior series, or the Dragon Quest series in Japan started out 
    more than a decade ago by a cartoon show. Few years went by and the first 
    Dragon Warrior game came, follow by a few more, and in 2000, Enix changed 
    the original Dragon Warrior RPG in to Dragon Warrior Monster following the
    success of Pokemon R/B/Y. Many call it a Pokemon clone, it is. But this is
    not just Pokemon, it's a inproved version of the monster catching game with
    a much better monster breeding system, and of course a lot more fun.
    Great game. It now have over 200 monsters, from Slime to Boss, you can find 
    it all here. It has a very good and improved battle system, you carry 3 
    monsters around all the time! It uses the turn system that gives you 
    choice of 4 different commands. It also took away the old annoying ramdom 
    generated dungeons and actually put in real dungeons so that everytime you 
    go back, it's the same one. In my opinion that's a way better way to search 
    for monster. The Library has been improved, you can now see how rare your 
    monster is.
    Not much improvement in this area due to the fact that the max size of the 
    GBC gamepak is 4 MB, DWM2 has already taken full adventage of that 
    therefore there is not much improvement. Some new features includes more 
    and better detail throughout the game. The land, characters(some), and the 
    most important monster looks better than the old DWM.
    Not much different either. The same song was always played during my long 
    hours of monster hunting and bashing pleasure. Although it did have sort
    of a variety of songs/tracks playing during different occasions, it was not
    good enough considering this is suppost to be a new and improved game.
    This game is definitly better than it's older brother(DWM), but there are 
    things that Enix could've made better. This game is a must have for Dragon
    Warrior collectors and Pokemon Fans.
    Gameplay: 9
    Grapics: 7.5
    Audio: 8
    Overall: 8.5 Great
    3) Strategy     [DWM03]
    Here is somethings you should consider while playing.
    -Out of your 3 monsters, each should be different type because you can gain 
    different adventage and disadventage that way.
    -Try to breed your useless monsters to get better monster from the very 
    beginning because then you can accumulate more and more pluses.
    -Try to have the Heal or HealUsall skill in all 3 of the monsters in your 
    party, you'll find the HealUs spell extra useful in battles.
    -Check the GameFaqs Message board for more info.
    In order to change the Personality of your monsters, do the following:
    CHARGE:   Charge up, Mixed slightly down
    MIXED:    Mixed up, Defense slightly down
    CAUTIOUS: Defense up, Charge slightly down
    So that means if your personality is Eager, then you'll use Cautious to 
    raise it to Hotblood.
    Personality Chart 
             Charge Mixed Defense
    Hotblood    G     G     G
    Eager       G     G     O
    Smug        G     G     B
    Earnest     G     O     G
    Pushy       G     O     O
    Snobby      G     O     B
    Reckless    G     B     G
    Daring      G     B     O
    Daredevil   G     B     B
    Cool/Calm   O     G     G
    Serious     O     G     O
    Selfish     O     G     B
    Simple      O     O     G
    Innocent    O     O     O
    Prideful    O     O     B
    Nosy        O     B     G
    Whimsy      O     B     O
    Spoiled     O     B     B
    Smart       B     G     G
    Sly         B     G     O
    Cruel       B     G     B
    Shy         B     O     G
    Affable     B     O     O
    Coward      B     O     B
    Gullible    B     B     G
    Carefree    B     B     O
    Lazy        B     B     B
    G = Good
    O = OK
    B = Bad
    When you breed any monster, you'll notice a plus next to them, the number 
    of pluses depends on the SUM OF THE PARENTS'S LEVEL. It goes like this:
    Total Experience Level         + Level
        20-39                    +1
        40-59                    +2
        60-75                    +3
        76-99                    +4
        100+                     +5
    Everytime you breed a monster, the pluses accumulate from the Pedigree 
    monster, which means if you Pedigree have +5, it's offspring will have a
    atleast +5. Then, depending on your parent's levels, it will add to that
    +5, for example:
    Pedigree Monster, Level 15, +4
    Mate Monster, Level 10, +1
    The total Pluses equals: 
    15+10=25  So this means +1 from the level bonus
    1+4=5     4 from the Pedigree parent
    So that means the offspring will have +5 according to the calculations.
    You might ask, so what is Pluses for anyway? Well I'll tell you that 
    right now. If you have a KingLeo and it only have +5, that's no 
    difference from a AntBear with a +15. The pluses on the monster increases 
    its stats when the monster levels up. Say if a monster with no pluses 
    gain 5 HP, a monster that have +10 will probably gain 6-9 HP when it 
    level up, see how useful this is? Lot's of time this is the difference 
    between Life and Death :) If I remember correctly, the plus only kicks 
    in after a few levels, I think it's around 10 if I'm not mistaken...
    4) Walkthrough     [DWM04]
    Well, this game is just like any other Dragon Warrior games, it doesn't 
    have much of an introduction. So, you start at a ship your sister comes 
    outta the stairs. Talk to the person at the very end of the ship and talk 
    to your sister last. You'll come to a screen where there is the ship 
    you're in and an island with a lot of trees called GreatLog.
    Talk to your dad that's at the top of the screen. Then go and talk to your 
    mom. She'll tell you to get a package from the vault. Now go across the 
    bridge, you'll find purple Warabou and the Prince. Go to the vault, go in 
    talk to the guy and get out. You'll find them there blocking the way, go 
    east, and you should find them there. Talk to them and they'll try to steal 
    your package that you just recevied and will fall into the well. 
    Follow them. You'll find them fighting over the thing, and it turns out to 
    be some food. And then something funny will happen. Your sister Tara tell
    them that's your package and when she goes get it, she knocks them both 
    out of the way. The Prince then knock over the plug. Warabou will 
    jump into the hole because the island's lifeforce is released through that 
    hole. Talk to it and it will tell you to go fetch the Monster Master. 
    Go and talk to everyone, including your mom, and then go back and tell 
    Warabou that you can't find him and nobody believed him. Choose the top 
    option so you tell him you are going to find a plug for him. He'll give 
    you an introduction on Magic Keys and he'll give you a key to the oasis, 
    the Desert World. When you try to leave, it'll give you a key. Which turns 
    out to be the GreatLog key so you can get back. You'll be warp to the 
    house and Tara will talk to you, choose yes when she ask you if you're 
    gonna find the plug. Choose yes again when Slime ask to join you, and you
    have no other choice but to choose yes. Slime's name is Slash, so you 
    might want to keep that in mind.
    Now, there is nothing left to do so go back to Warabou and go west one 
    screen, down the stairs and you'll find the key stone. Go up to it and 
    use the OASIS KEY on it. You'll be warp to the Oasis. If you ever want 
    to go back just use the GreatLog key.
    Oasis     [DWM001]
    Monsters: Catiball, Crespent, SpotSlime, TailEater, KingCobra
    Ramdom Items: Herb, BeefJerky, Antidote, Warpwing, Friend Staff
    Suggested Monster Level: 3-5
    Go east and soon you'll find a village, this is the village of Kalka. 
    Kalka Village
    There is a Herb in a jar outside of the house in the right. Not much to do 
    here so just go south to another city. 
    Asiya City
    Item Shop:
    Herb      10G
    Antidote  4G
    AwakeSand 20G
    BeefJerky 10G
    WarpWing  30G
    Talk to the man in the red near the inn entrance to get into the palace. 
    He's actually a guy from a circus. He'll tell you that his crew was 
    separated in a Storm, and so he wants you to perform for him. You'll need 
    3 monsters in your party to perform to the king. Using that as an excuse, 
    you'll get into the palace. After a short scene seeing your monsters go 
    through the loop, you'll be free to go to the palace. Talk to the king, 
    choose yes went he ask you if you wanted to talk to him. You ask him to
    see his treasure, but then you'll need to do something before he'll let 
    you get the item. All the king ask for is for you to find out the 
    concerns of his people. Choose yes, and he tells you that he'll give you 
    the TidalBell when you are done.
    Now go talk to the lady standing next to the king, she'll tell you that 
    the well is running dry and then she wonders what the king can do, when
    the king hears this, he orders one of his man to open the canal more, but 
    then his man disargees and the King decides to go there himself. Leave the 
    city and go back to the city you came from.
    Kalka Village
    Find the king in one of the buildings. He will be talking to the guy that
    runs the canal. He tells him the Oasis will run dry if they open it more, 
    so the King will go into the well and try to find out what's wrong with 
    it. Follow him into the well. 
    Monsters: Spooky, GiantWorm, MadCandle, TailEater
    Items: Herb, PorkChop, ExitBell
    Make sure you pick up all the items on the way because you might need 
    them later. The monster here are also a bit stronger, so make sure you 
    bring alone a few Herbs. This first dungeon is very straight forward so 
    you don't need to worry about getting lost. When you find the king, 
    he'll be blocked by a monster, and you'll have to fight it, so this is 
    the first boss battle.
    Boss battle
    Boss: Beavern
    HP: Less than 100
    EXP: 240
    Skills: ChargeUp
    Join: No
    This battle is fairly easy. I beat it with Slime L3, Spooky L2 and 
    Cactiball L6. Use Herbs when you need to, cuz his attacks can do up to 
    10 damage each.
    After you defeat him, he tells you the truth. He used to live at Mirage
    Lake, but a bunch of Thugs when and took over. So the King decides to
    go and imprison them, and then the Beavern gets all happy and they all 
    leave. The King tells you to go to his palace and he'll have the 
    TidalBell for you. So go to the palace. Notice that now, you can travel 
    between Kalka and Asiya using the canal, but I usually don't use it 
    because it's even more trouble than traveling normal, and there are
    items to pick up on normal ground.
    Go back to the palace and talk to the King, you'll find out that the 
    TidalBell had been stolen. Now you will need to assist the king and his 
    people to find the tresure. Make sure you have a BeefJerky. They're 
    heading for the "Mirage Lake". I think the place is southeast from the 
    1ST city. Before you go there, goto the prison, talk to the prisoner and 
    he'll tell you something if you give him a beefJerky, do so. He'll then
    give you a item called the WaterCall, it'll come in useful at the Mirage
    Lake, now head there.
    Mirage Lake is East of where you are. So go east 2 screens, you'll see the
    mountains, south 1 screen, east 1 more, and then north one. You should 
    see a big lake in the middle of the screen. Go to Mirage Lake, 
    notice how the water is gone when the King and his man go towards it. 
    Now use WaterCall on the little patch of water that's there(Go up to it, 
    press "A", then choose the item WaterCall and use it). You'll then get to 
    see how the real thing looks like. Head Right and Up and go in to the 
    building. Talk to the guy that's blocking the way, he'll tell you a 
    bunch of crap, then you'll have to fight him...
    Boss Battle
    Boss: CurseLamp
    HP: about 200
    EXP: 300
    Skill: Upper
    Join: Yes
    This battle isn't too hard either, so just keep smashing it until it's 
    knocked out. Heal when you need to. Make sure you let the monster join, 
    it'll come in handy later in the game. Don't waste your meat on this 
    one, cuz it joins for sure.
    Now, the King talks to you, he thank you for helping him and he gives 
    you the TidalBell. After you get the TidalBell, you'll be immediately 
    warped back to where Warabou was, only to find out that it doesn't work. 
    Warabou now tells you that you need to find the Pirate Key. But before 
    that, go back to Mirage Lake, the Beavern outside the building 
    will join you if you talk to it. It will probably be one of the better 
    monsters you can get at this point.
    Notice that you'll be able to walk on water now because of the TidalBell, 
    great gift huh? :)
    Suggested Monster Level: 6-7
    Your next destination is the Water world. You'll have to get the 
    Pirate Key to go there.
    Before you keep going, there a few side quest that you can accomplish 
    during the game. One of them is getting items for your mother. She gives 
    you money to buy something for her , but she usually gives you more than 
    enough, therefore giving you extra money! Sounds generous to me :)
    Get out of the well and you'll be greeted by a red monster master. He 
    tells you the King wants to see a tournament of the Childrens. Go to the 
    Monster arena. Note that there is a TinyMedal in one of the jars in the
    housing area left of the arena's staircase. There is also a TinyMedal in
    the southwest of the staircase in arena. It is located in a jar. There is 
    also a girl that's willing to trade a LifeAcorn for your SpotSlime. There 
    is a LogTwig in the jar in the same room the Girl's is in. 
    Back at the arena, there is a next TinyMedal located somewhere inside 
    the arena but I can't remember exactly where. Now try to beat the first 
    class for the Pirate Key. You can also battle for Class C and up, but 
    is not likely you'll make it pass class C at this stage of the game.
    First Class 
    Group 1: 2 Babbles, PearlGel
    Group 2: SpikyBoy, Dracky, Brushead
    Group 3: 2 MadRavens, KiteHawk
    These battle should not be too hard if your monster are at least level 7. 
    I hope that you have a monster with the Heal spell because that will make 
    these battles so much easier. The monsters I used were Slime, Beavern, 
    SpotSlime. Note that after you beat this class, you have gain acess to 
    the library and the Key Appraiser which can identify very good keys later 
    in the game. Basically, the Key Appraiser is for identifying magic keys 
    that you get, so that you can use the key. When you win, you get the 
    Pirate World magic key and guess where we're heading next?
    Pirate     [DWM002]
    Monsters: 1EyeClown, Antbear, ArmyAnt, ArrowDog, Brushead, CatFly, 
              DanceVegi, Dracky, DragonKid, Eggplanton, Gamanian, Healer, 
              Slime, MadGopher, Merman, Octokid, Pyuro, Poisongon, PearlGel, 
              Petiteel, Pteranod, RogueWave, Snaily, Wyvern
    Ramdom Items: Gold, Herb, LoveWater, BeefJerky, PorkChop, Rib, Antidote, 
                  ExitBell, Laurel, MoonHerb, LifeAcorn, ATKseed, WarpWing, 
                  WarpStaff, FriendStaff
    Suggested Monster Level: 8+
    It's always a good idea to leave your extra items in the Vault. Items like
    LifeAcorn should be placed there because it should be saved up and be used
    on your most powerful monsters later on (like GrandSlime). Try not to have 
    more than 2 pages of item and atleast on WarpWing before you go into a new 
    Go west when you get out of the Key Stone Building. It is a good idea to 
    befriend with a MadGopher, Eggplanton and ArmyAnt since you'll need them 
    to continue the game.
    Warp Staff 
    Item Shop:
    Herb      10G
    LoveWater 50G
    Antidote  4G
    AwakeSand 20G
    PorkChop  40G
    WarpWing  30G
    BookMark  50G
    Very soon you'll find this town, there are some items, so check it 
    out. Look in the barrel in the right side and you'll find a Warp Staff. 
    When you are ready, go to the next town which is northwest of where 
    you are.
    Talk to the Guy right near the beach and dance. A monster with the skill 
    LureDance will be needed(Eggplanton). A mermaid will be there and give 
    you a TinyMedal. Now head Northwest to a ruin(go around the mountains).
    Western Ruin
    Monsters: Gamanian, Moray, PearlGel, PutreFish
    Items: LoveWater x2, ExitBell, MermScale, WarpStaff
    Pick up all the tresure that's here, and HoodSquid will be waiting for you
    at the lower bottom right corner of the dungeon.
    Boss: HoodSquid
    HP: 400
    EXP: 520
    Skill: LureDance, BiAttack
    Join: Yes
    Don't waste your meat on this one. It'll join after you beat it. You 
    shouldn't have TOO much problems with this one. If you do have problems, 
    bring a Healer along, and bring a next strong monster, something like 
    Beavern will be good enough. It's LureDance is quite annoying, so make 
    sure you take him out quick. I beat it with my Slime, Healer, Beavern. 
    They were all around level 14. Remember to put him in your party because 
    you'll need him later on.
    Now is a good time to get your TinyMedal if you didn't have Eggplanton 
    in your party since HoodSquid have the LureDance skill. Now head for 
    the next town, Port Ritz. To get there, east around the mountains, 
    head north, then east.
    Port Ritz
    Item Shop:
    LoveWater 50G
    Antidote  4G
    Awakesand 20G
    PorkChop  40G
    Rib       200G
    WarpStuff 50G
    ExitBell  50G
    Well, there is an inn here, so ues it if you need to. Head for the bar, 
    and as soon as you walk in, Prince Kameha will be there to greed you. He
    makes fun of you a little, calling you the farmer, and it turns out he's
    out looking for a navel plug too. He also say that he'll find one before 
    you, well then I guess we'll show him later on the game! After he and his
    company leaves, talk to the bartander, then talk to the old man in the
    grey. He'll ask you to hear his story, so hear it because you have no 
    choice. He tells you about the Pirate's treasure(MoonRock) so that's 
    what we're going to look for. Go back to Yold, and Lure the Mermaid again, 
    this, you'll ask her about the MoonRock, then she'll bring you to the 
    Mermaid queen. Go talk to the queen, she'll tell you the MoonRock is on
    the Ghost Ship, where spirit of the dead Pirate lies. She also tell you 
    to go north of Yold to find the Ship.
    From where you are, go east 2 screens toward the water. If you don't 
    know this yet, you go up to any water and press "A" to surf on it. Then 
    when you're on the water, go east 2 more screens, and south one, the 
    Ghost Ship in the middle of the screen. 
    Ghost Ship
    Monsters: RayGigas, JewelBag, Hork, BoneSlave
    Items: LoveWater, AntidotePorkChop, BadMeat, WarpStaff, AGIseed, Potion
           WorldLeaf, OrcaCape, Repellent, MoonRock from Captain
    Go into the Ship, there is a staircase, but ignore that for now. Go left 
    and left one more screen, a BoneSlave will be blocking your way, so beat 
    him and go south and get the LoveWater and Antidote from the jars. Now go
    back and head up the stair.
    Go North, get the AGIseed from the treasure chest. Go back and go the 
    other way. Beat the BoneSlave and go up the stairs. 
    You'll be at the top level of the ship. As soon as you appear on top of 
    the staircase, go right and pick up that Potion in the barrel. Beat the
    BoneSlave there, and there are the hidden staircase in the square IN FRONT
    OF him. Go up to it press A then the staircase appears. Pick up the three 
    items here, WorldLeaf, OrcaCape, and Repellent.
    Now there is nothing left execpt to fight the Captain for the MoonRock. 
    Go east from the stairs and you'll find him inside the room. 
    Boss: CaptDead
    HP: 500
    EXP: 700
    Skill: AquaCut, SquallHit, CallHelp
    Join: Yes
    This will probably be the hardest battle for you so far. Before the 
    battle, make sure you have a good supply of LoveWaters, cuz this boss
    does a whole lot of damage. I used my HoodSquid L13, Beavern L16, and 
    Healer L13 for this battle. I had HoodSquid and Beavern attack 
    while Healer heal. But then Healer run out of MP so I had to use my 
    LoveWaters :) My Beavern was ery useful here because of his he defense.
    After you beat him, take the MoonRock from the chest behind him. After 
    you've gotten the MoonRock, the Ship will put you back at Yold and the
    Ghost Ship disappears. Now that you've got the MoonRock, it's time to 
    go to the MoonRock Tower.
    First go to Port Ritz, and from there go 1 screen North, 1 screen East, 
    1 screen South, and then 1 screen East. You should now see a tower. 
    MoonRock Tower
    Monsters: 1EyeClown, Eyeder, RayGigas, Wyvern
    Item: LogTwig
    Go north, up the stairs. Then up the stairs again, now, there are two 
    paths south of where you are, the one on the left leads to a dead end. 
    So go to the one on the right, go down the staircase there and pick up
    LogTwig and then go back to where you came from and head up the stairs 
    there. On this floor, there are two staircase, go to the one on the 
    left. Finally, go up again and you'll end up at the top. go up those 
    stairs and use the MoonRock on the Pedestal thing at the top. Then after 
    that, all the rocks goes away! Now you can access the Cave in the island 
    just below where you are. So go South 1 screen, then you'll find the 
    Cave on this island.
    Monsters: AquaHawk, DarkEye, DragonKid, EvilWand, RotRaven, SpikyBoy,
    Items: Repellent, Warp Staff
    As soon as you walk in and try to go to the next screen, you'll be 
    stopped by Prince Kameha and he'll tell you that he'll find the treasure 
    before you do. Now, head up, east, then north and down the staircase. 
    Pick up the two items that's there, now go back and this time go west 
    and go down the staircase at the left side. Once you're down there, go 
    south, then east, and you'll see the Prince again, he tells you that 
    you're faster than you look (Ofcourse you're fast, you're faster and 
    better than him!)... anyway, just before they were going to go, all 
    three of them fall into the trap! :) Now go south, west, and down the 
    stairs. Go west, north, then you'll see Kameha again, and again he'll 
    be drag away by yet another trap (guess we have to thank him) :). Then
    go west and follow the path, it will lead you right to the treasure. 
    Just as you walk in, Kameha again walks in and try to take it, but 
    this time, his companions turns out to be monster, and so they fall into 
    the trap somehow leaves the HarMirror behind. Then Kameha talk for a 
    bit then tell you to bring the HarMirror back. As soon as you pick it 
    up, you'll be wrap back to GreatLog by Warubou, and he tries to use it 
    as a navel, but that doesn't work... So this object have power in it 
    too! Now you can crush huge boulders with it. Now he tells you to find 
    the Ice Key, and he doesn't give you much info, all he tells you is 
    that it's in GreatLog. (that's just great, we'll have to find it) So
    get outta there and 
    Notice that now breeding monster is available, so go breed some! It's 
    always a good idea to start breeding your useless monsters from early 
    on so that you get more pluses on your monsters. Now, there are a few 
    things you can do:
    1. Get the Ice Key from Merchant
    2. Get TinyMedal from dad
    3. Get Sailor Ring from Mermaid Queen in Polona in the water world
    4. Breed with a Master's ArmorPede
    5. Beat class C
    6. Breed some monsters
    I myself first got the Sailor Ring, just to get it out of the way. 
    Just make sure you have an extra item slot or else she'll keep the ring
    until you have room for it. Now go back to the farm, drop off 2 monsters, 
    and pick up a ArmyAnt and MadGopher, if you have listen to what I said, 
    you would have them and are ready to go. If not, don't worry, go back to 
    the Sea World, find them and befriend with them. Go to your dad, he'll 
    ask for a MadGopher, so give it to him and MadGopher will dig up a 
    TinyMedal, and Dad will give it to you, and he also say that the Digging 
    will go much faster from now on.
    Now, go to the Merchant that don't have a shop yet, he'll ask for an 
    ArmyAnt to help him unload. So give it to him, in the process of 
    unloading, he'll discover a Magic Key under some crates. He gives it to 
    you as a thank you gift, and also he has no use for it. The key turns 
    out to be the Ice Key, so now you got it and can go to the Ice World! 
    Before you go there you might want to battle for Class C so that you're 
    one step closer to class S. But you can always do it later.
    Class C
    Group 1: WindBeast, Gismo, PomPomPom
    Group 2: Devipine, Gulpple, Eggplanton
    Group 3: 2 Hammerman, StubStick
    This shouldn't be too hard. In fact, it's quite easy. Just make sure you 
    have a monster that can heal (Healer) in your party because you can use 
    items in the arena battles. My monster were Beavern L18, Squid L14, 
    Healer L17. After the battle, go to the stairs where you came in, and 
    breed with the guy there. I used one of my Devil family monster to 
    breed and I got my EvilArmor. Now there is nothing left to do so go to 
    the Ice World.
    Ice World     [DWM003]
    Monsters: BeastNite, Gulpple, HammerMan, Saccer, WingSlime, Yeti
    Items: Herb, LoveWater, Potion, Warp Staff
    First thing you wanna do is to go past the first city/castle you see, from
    there go northwest and you'll reach a lake like place with a thing in the 
    middle. Talk to it and it'll tell you something about you're from another 
    world. It's actually an elemental spirit who guards over this world, but 
    it lost its power. It wants you to restore peace in this world so that 
    it'll be happy again. It'll give you a crest so you'll be able to enter 
    the castle in Ice world. Now go back to the city Noreen and Enter the 
    Item Shop:
    LoveWater 65G    Rib       250G
    Antidote  5G     WarpStaff 50G
    MoonHerb  20G    ExitBell  100G
    Laurel    20G    LogTwig   50G
    PorkChop  50G
    There is a TinyMedal in the vase as soon as you walk in to the city. Now 
    go to the castle and talk to the King, he'll tell you that the West is 
    responsible for the war and such because they couldn't stay in there own 
    border. So he'll dismiss you after, and then leave the city.
    Now where you need to go is a cave, so head west, north, west, south, 
    south, and here, you'll see kind of a mountain range, go in between the 
    mountains... and south, west, south, and west, south. In this area, you 
    should find a cave next to the other. If not, find it. Now go into the 
    East Cave
    Monsters: Droll, Goopi, Mummy, TreeBoy
    Ramdom Items: Herb, LoveWater, PorkChop, Rib
    Items: VITbelt,
    When you go in, go east and follow the path and up the stairs. Talk to 
    the guy there, and remember how you can break boulders? Now is the time 
    to use that skill. Break the two boulders and pick up that VITbelt from 
    the chest.
    Trace back to the entrance, this time, head west. There are two paths 
    here. If you keep going west, you'll end up at the dead end where the 
    soldiers won't let you pass, so go north. There is an intersection here, 
    go east, north, west and up the stairs. Now follow the path and down the 
    stairs. Break the boulders, go up to the sand hill kind of thing and 
    press A. A monster will then appear and tell you to keep away and then 
    he attacks you. I don't know if this is consider a boss battle but oh 
    Boss: BombCrag
    HP: 600
    EXP: 2000
    Skill: RockThrow
    Join: No
    This battle is not hard. My monsters were Beavern L20, HoodSquid L16, 
    and Healer L19. I used my Healer to Heal went it is needed, and just 
    pound him with Beavern and HoodSquid, who both did around 30-40 damage 
    every round.
    After the battle, there wil be a small explosion, and some gold appears 
    behind BombCrag. Then two people comes towards one from each kingdom, 
    and say that's very little gold so they both go and tell their King 
    that it is not worth it to mine for such little gold.
    Now go back to where you came from (the main floor) and then leave the 
    cave and head back to Norden. At Norden, talk to the King, and the King 
    will then get mad at you, and then throws you into the dungeon where 
    the REAL King and Prince Kameha are. Now, talk to them, and go to the 
    top part of the room. You'll see a square of the wall that is lighter 
    than the others, go up to it, face it and press "A". Then immedately 
    the Kameha will say, "So that's where the exit is!" He tells you to move 
    out of the way, he breaks it down, then both of them exit. Follow them 
    and up the ladder. You'll see a scene of the King fighting. After that 
    talk to them, and they'll both say they're the real King. Keep talk to 
    the one at the top, and it'll turn out to be an AgDevil and it'll fight 
    Boss: AgDevil
    HP: 500
    EXP: 3021
    Skill: Firebane, SleepAir, WarCry
    Join: No
    This battle wasn't hard either. I beat it with the same monsters I beat 
    BombCrag. So it was kind of the same Stra. I used. After youbeat it, it 
    will go away (or die), and then the real King will open the path to the 
    west. Now go back to the cave and go to the west. Notice now, you don't 
    need to used the inside of the cave, you can use the outside of the cave 
    and just walk to the west and leave.
    Once you get outside, go South and you'll see a Village there.
    6) Monster List     [DWM06]
    This is just a list of the monster I've had, there are way more than this. 
    Rare: That's the rare level used in the game, which is shown in star. 1 
          means 1 star. 3 means 3 stars.
    Slime Family
    Name        Rare Size Skills
    SpotSlime   .5   S    LushLick  CallHelp  Imitate
    TreeSlime    1   S    SleepAir  Sap       Paralyze
    Snaily      .5   S    IceBolt   NumbOff   CallHelp
    SlimeNite    2   M    Heal      Upper     BeastCut
    BoxSlime     1.5 S    Blaze     Upper     Ramming
    PearlGel     1.5 S    Upper     ChargeUp  Radiant
    Slime        1   S    Firebal   Radiant   MegaMagic
    Healer       1.5 S    Heal      Upper     Healus
    FangSlime    2   M    CallHelp  ChargeUp  WarCry
    RockSlime    2   S    HighJump  Ramming   StrongD
    KingSlime    3   M    Mpass     Barrier   Vivify
    Metaly       2.5 S    Blaze     IceBolt   Beat
    Mettable     3   S    Firebal   Bang      Sarcrifice
    SpotKing     2.5 M    NapAttack MouthShut CleanCut
    TropicGel    2   M    SleepAir  LushLick  Mpass
    MetalKing    3   M    Bolt      Ironize   HellBlast
    GoldSlime    3.5 M    Chance    BigBang   Surge
    GrandSlime   4   L    Informer  Farewell  Focus
    Dragon Family
    Name        Rare Size Skills
    Tortragon   1.5  M    MagicBack Lightning Ironize
    Gasgon      1.5  M    Berserker Farewell  Sarcifice
    Lizardman   2.5  L    AquaCut   EvilSlash GigaSlash
    Poisongon   1    L    PoisonHit LushLicks PoisonGas
    Swordgon    2    L    BladeD    CleanCut  RainSlash
    Drygon      2    L    Sap       WarCry    Ramming
    Rayburn     2    L    PoisonHit VacuSlash DevilCut
    LizardFly  .5    S    Firebal   Sap       FireAir
    Andreal     2.5  L    Infernos  Surround  PoisonGas
    GreatDrak   3    LL   FrigidAir IceAir    SuckAll
    Crestpent   1    S    StopSpell PoisonHit BeDragon
    Orochi      3.5  LL   FireAir   FireSlash BiAttack
    SkyDragon   3    L    FireAir   SuckAir   MultiCut
    Divinegon   3.5  LL   FrigidAir BigBang   Meditate
    Orligon     4    LL   Beserker  TwinHits  StrongD
    GigaDraco   3.5  G    FireAir   RockThrow Massacre
    Beast Family
    Name        Rare Size Skills
    PillowRat  .5    S    Slow      Ramming   SideStep
    Saccer     .5    S    Upper     PsycheUp  PalsyAir
    Skullroo    1    S    EagleEye  ChargeUp  PaniDance
    Beavern     1.5  S    IceBolt   Geyser    ChargeUp
    Antbear    .5    S    LushLicks SquallHit MetalCut
    IronTurtle  1.5  M    MagicWall Cover     StrongD
    Grizzly     2    L    SquallHit LegSweep  BiAttack
    Yeti        2    L    IceBolt   IceSlash  WarCry
    ArrowDog    1    S    Blaze     CallHelp  MouthShut
    BeastNite   1.5  M    Sleep     RainSlash GigaSlash
    MadGopher   1    S    BirdBlow  Informer  ZombieCut
    FairyRat   .5    S    Surround  Slow      SlimeBlow
    Unicorn     3    M    Heal      Errand    Vivify
    Goategon    2    M    Firebal   SleepAir  Slow
    Trumpeter   2.5  LL   SandStorm WarCry    Berserker
    KingLeo     3.5  L    Firebal   FrigidAir BiAttack
    DarkHorn    3    L    Sleep     StopSpell PsycheUp
    CatMage     2    S    Blaze     Surround  Transform
    Bird Family
    Name        Rare Size Skills
    Wyrven      2    M    Heal      Sleep     FrigidAir
    MistyWing   1.5  S    Barrier   Informer  EerieLite
    AquaHawk    1.5  L    SquallHit AquaWall  CurseOff
    StubBird    1.5  S    BugBlow   TwinHits  RainSlash
    MadCondor   2    M    Firebal   MultiCut  Healus
    Blizzardy   2.5  M    FrigidAir IceSlash  Beat
    Phoenix     2.5  M    FireAir   TailWind  SquallHit
    ZapBird     3         BoltSlash Lightning Hellblast
    WhipBird    3    LL   Ironize   ThickFog  TatsuCall
    RainHawk    3.5  L    StrongD   Surge     MegaMagic
    Azurile     4    L    Meditate  LifeSong  Hellblast
    Shanken     3.5  LL   FireAir   SuckAll   Healus
    Plant Family
    Name        Rare Size Skills
    MadPlant    1    S    NumbOff   Sap       Slow
    FireWeed    1.5  S    Blaze     DeChaos   PalsyAir
    Floraman    1.5  L    Firebal   Antidote  CurseOff
    Cactiball  .5    S    HighJump  Paralyze  OddDance
    Gulpple     1.5  S    SleepAir  HighJump  NapAttack
    Slurperon  .5    S    Sleep     LushLicks OddDance
    Stubsuck    1.5  S    Sleep     ZombieCut StepGuard
    DanceVegi   1.5  M    LureDance SideStep  K.O.Dance
    FaceTree    3    LL   StopSpell OddDance  Curse
    Rosevine    3.5  LL   UltraDown BiAttack  BladeD
    Eggplaton  .5    S    MPass     OddDance  LureDance
    Bug Family
    Name        Rare Size Skills
    GiantSlug  .5    S    LushLick  Dodge     Whistle
    Catapila    2    S    Upper     PoisonHit ThickFog
    Butterfly   1    S    Surround  CallHelp  Curse
    GiantWorm  .5    S    BeastCut  OddDance  StepGuard
    Lispy       1.5  S    LushLicks Ahhh      Pheromone
    StagBug     1.5  S    Sleep     FireAir   LegSweep
    Pyuro       1.5  M    Sleep     MouthShut WindBeast
    ArmyAnt    .5    S    NapAttack CallHelp  Kamikaze
    GoHopper    1    S    RobMagic  CallHelp  ChargeUp
    TailEater  .5    S    IceSlash  PoisonGas Radiant
    ArmorPede   2    M    Upper     TwinSlash TwinHit
    GiantMoth   2    M    Paralyze  Radiant   WindBeast
    ArmyCrab    2.5  M    Upper     CallHelp  MetalCut
    MadHornet   2    M    PoisonHit TailWind  Paralyze
    HornBeet    3    L    BoltSlash DevilCut  RockThrow
    Sickler     2.5  S    Infernos  DevilCut  SquallHit
    Armorpion   3.5  L    ZombieCut RainSlash EvilSlash
    Devil Family
    Name        Rare Size Skills
    Pixy       .5    S    Antidote  TwinHits  SealPray
    MedusaEye   1.5  S    Sap       Surround  Shears
    AgDevil     2.5  M    SleepAir  Firebal   Sacrifice
    DarkEye     2    S    CleanCut  Radiant   PalsyAir
    1EyeClown   1    S    Blaze     Firebal   IceBolt
    Gremlin     1    S    Heal      Firebal   StopSpell
    ArcDemon    3    L    Bang      VacuSlash BoltSlash
    Lionex      2.5  L    Infernos  VacuSlash HealUs
    Orge        2.5  L    PsycheUp  MetalCut  Massacre
    GateGuard   3    M    Blaze     CleanCut  ThinkFog
    ChopClown   3    M    VacuSlash SquallHit TwinHits
    BossTroll   3    LL   Ramming   Cover     Massacre
    Akubar      3.5  L    Bang      FrigidAir Focus
    MadKnight   2.5  L    BeastCut  Massacre  GigaSlash
    Centasaur   3    L    StopSpell FireSlash RainSlash
    Jamirus     3.5  L    BiAttack  TailWind  Blaze
    Durran      3.5  L    BirdBlow  DrakSlash WindBeast
    Evil Family
    Name        Rare Size Skills
    Spooky     .5    S    Radiant   MouthShut Outside
    Skullgon    3    LL   FrigidAir IceSlash  TwinSlash
    PutrePup    1.5  S    Sap       Slow      MagicBack
    Mummy       1.5  M    Paralyze  CallHelp  EvilSlash
    DarkCrab    2    M    MagicWall StepGuard Ironize
    Shadow      1.5  S    FrigidAir K.O.Dance ThickFog
    Reaper      2    S    DevilCut  Curse     EerieLite
    Inverzon    1    M    Surround  PoisonGas SideStep
    FoxFire     1    S    Blaze     Firebal   Outside
    CaptDead    2    L    AquaCut   CallHelp  SquallHit
    WhiteKing   3.5  M    Infernos  Bolt      Chance
    Skeletor    2.5  M    Sap       BirdBlow  BiAttack
    Servant     3    L    Blaze     IceBolt   Focus
    MadSpirit   2    S    SleepAir  Radiant   ThickFog
    PomPomPom   1.5  M    Beat      ThickFog  LifeDance
    Material Family
    Name        Rare Size Skills
    EvilWand    1.5  M    FrigidAir DeChaos   MapMagic
    SpikeBoy   .5    S    HighJump  SlimeBlow Sacrifice
    MadMirror   2    M    MagicBack Outside   Transform
    MetalDrak   2.5  LL   FireAir   SandStorm Massacre
    SabreMan    2    S    RobMagic  DevilCut  Paralyze
    CurseLamp   1.5  S    Upper     Speed     TwinHits
    BrushHead   1    M    OddDance  SandStorm LoveRain
    Gismo       2    S    FireAir   FrigidAir SuckAir
    LavaMan     3    M    Blaze     FireAir   Cover
    IceMan      3    M    IceBolt   FrigidAir StrongD
    Mimic       2.   M    Blaze     EagleEye  Beat
    Golem       2.5  L    ChargeUp  PsycheUp  Meditate
    GoldGolem   3.5  L    TatsuCall Surge     BigBang
    Water Family
    Name        Rare Size Skills
    Petiteel   .5    S    Speed     Ramming   TwinHits
    Moray      .5    S    Sleep     PsycheUp  PoisonGas
    Walrusman   2    M    BugBlow   EvilSlash Massacre
    RayGigas    2    M    Firebal   MouthShut AquaWall
    Anemon      1.5  S    Firebal   Paralyze  PoisonGas
    Merman      2    M    Sap       SleepAir  Vivify
    PutreFish  .5    S    WaterShot Ramming   PanicAll
    Angleron    2    M    SleepAir  Surround  Bolt
    FishRider   2    M    BoltSlash RainSlash Dodge
    Gamanian    1    S    Firebal   NapAttack LushLicks
    Clawster    2    M    DrakSlash MetalCut  BiAttack
    RogueWave   1.5  L    WaterShot AquaWall  PoisonGas
    Scallopa    1    S    Upper     Radiant   MagicWall
    SeaHorse    2.5  S    FrigidAir Geyser    BladeD
    HoodSquid   2.5  L    CallHelp  LureDance BiAttack
    WhaleMage   3    M    Antidote  WaterShot Geyser
    Pumpoise    1.5  S    CallHelp  SuckAir   Dodge
    ??? (boss) Family
    Name        Rare Size Skills
    DracoLord1  3.5  M    Firebal   BeDragon  Meditate
    DracoLord2  3.5  LL   FireAir   Massacre  Surge
    LordDraco   4    LL   Bolt      Focus     HellBlast
    Hargon      3.5  L    Firebal   Bang      TatsuCall
    Sidoh       3.5  L    FireAir   FrigidAir Hellblast
    Baramos     3.5  L    Bang      RockThrow Hellblast
    Zoma        3.5  L    FrigidAir BigBang   DeMagic
    AzuraZoma   4    L    FireAir   Focus     GigaSlash
    Pizzaro     3.5  LL   FireAir   BiAttack  Hellblast
    PsychoPiz   4    L    FrigidAir DeMagic   BigBang
    Esterk      3.5  L    BiAttack  RainSlash GigaSlash
    Mudou       3.5  L    FireAir   FrigidAir PoisonGas
    DeathMore1  3.5  M    BigBang   TatsuCall Hellblast
    DeathMore2  3.5  LL   FireAir   Ramming   UltraDown
    DeathMore3  4    G    DeMagic    Focus     BigBang
    DarkDrium   4    L    FireAir   FrigidAir Bolt
    Darck       3.5  L    Firebal   Bang      ChargeUp
    7) Monster Skill     [DWM07]
    Well, I'll have a detail one as I work on it, for now, I'll just list 
    some of the skills and keep adding onto the list. The list go in 
    alphabetical order. When it is complete, it will have a lot of extra 
    info, like which monster has it and such. Just keep in mind these are not
    all the skills, these are only the ones I have/had on my monsters.
    Name      MP Damage
    Ahhh      1
    Antidote  2
    AquaCut   3
    AquaWall  5
    Bang      5
    Barrier   3
    Bazoocall 20
    BeastCut  3
    Beat      4
    BeDragon  9
    BiAttack  3
    BigBang   30
    BigTrip   3
    BirdBlow  3
    BladeD    3
    Blaze     2
    BlazeAir  4
    BlazeMore 4
    BlazeMost 10
    Blizzard  12
    Bolt      5
    BoltSlash 3
    Boom      8
    BugBlow   3
    CallHelp  4
    ChargeUp  0
    Cover     2
    Curse     3
    DeChaos   2
    Defeat    7
    Defense   4
    DevilCut  3
    DiagoCall 20
    Dodge     4
    DrakSlash 3
    EeireLite 2
    Errand    2
    EvilSlash 3
    Explodet  15
    FireAir   2
    Firebal   4
    Firebane  6
    Firebolt  10
    FireSlash 3
    FrigidAir 2
    GigaSlash 20
    Heal      2
    HealAll   7
    HealMore  5
    HealUs    18
    HealUsAll 36
    Hellblast 25
    HighJump  5
    IceAir    4
    IceBolt   3
    IceSlash  3
    IceStorm  8
    Imitate   4
    Increase  3
    Infermore 4
    Infermose 8
    Infernos  2
    Informer  0
    Ironize   2
    K.O.Dance 6
    LifeSweep 1
    LifeSong  20
    Lightning 3
    LoveRain  28
    LureDance 2
    LushLicks 2
    MagicBack 4
    MapMagic  2
    Massacre  3
    Meditate  8
    MetalCut  3
    MouthShut 6
    Mpass     20
    MpassMore 40
    MpassMost 100
    MulitCut  20
    NapAttack 2
    OddDance  0
    Outside   2
    PalsyAir  4
    PaniDance 4
    Paralyze  3
    Pheromone 0
    PoisonAir 4
    PsycheUp  3
    QuadHits  6
    Radiant   2
    RainSlash 5
    Ramming   1
    Revive    20
    RobDance  0
    RobMagic  0
    RockThrow 5
    Sacrifice 1
    SamsiCall 20
    Sap       3
    Scorching 8
    SideStep  1
    Sleep     3
    SleepAir  3
    SleepAll  5
    Slow      3
    SlowAll   4
    SnowStorm 5
    SquallHit 2
    StepGuard 2
    StopSpell 3
    StrongD   3
    SuckAll   2
    Surge     7
    Surround  3
    TakeMagic 2
    TatsuCall 20
    Thordain  15
    TidalWave 15
    Transform 5
    TwinHits  6
    TwinSlash 2
    Upper     2
    VacuSlash 3
    Vivify    10
    Whistle   0
    WhiteAir  16
    WhiteFire 16
    YellHelp  8
    Zap       10
    ZombieCut 3
    8)Breeding Table     [DWM08]
    This will not be too complete for now. For now, I'm only going to focus on
    the new monster's and the important monster's breeding combos 
    important combinations. But don't worry, it will be completed sometime 
    in the future!
    Parent 1 is the Pedigree Monster, which means what family the Egg is 
    going to be depend on Parent 1. Usually the Egg is the same family as 
    Parent 1, but there are a few cases of execption where the Egg is a 
    different family(boss monsters). Parent 2 is the monster you'll need to
    breed with to get a certain monster.
    Here is an explanation on how the list/chart works:
    For example, I want to breed Orochi...
              /Andreal  \  MedusaEye
    Orochi    \GreatDrak/
               DRAGON      BOSS     
    In this case, I can either get a Orochi by breed Andreal or GreatDrak with
    MedusaEye, or I can breed a Dragon family monster with a Boss family 
    monster to get an Orochi. Really, all you have to know is that whenever 
    the word is all Capitaled, that's means is the certain type of family, 
    not the actually monster. And when it is like:
    That mean you can use either one and breed it with the next parent to 
    get the result you want. Now on to the list!
    Name        Pedigree    Parent 2
    Wonderegg   DEVIL       MimeSlime
                GoldSlime   GrandSlime
                Metabble    MetalKing
                MetalKing   GoldSlime
                PLANT       TropicGel
                BIRD        HaloSlime
    Metaly      SLIME       MetalDrak
                Wonderegg   Metabble
    Metabble    Metaly      Metaly
    MetalKing   Metabble    Metabble
                /SpotKing \ MetalDrak
    GoldSlime   MetalKing   MetalKing
                /SpotKing \
                |KingSlime| GoldGolem
    GrandSlime  /GoldSlime\ GoldSlime
    Name        Pedigree    Parent 2
    SkyDragon   DRAGON      Phoenix
    Divinegon   SkyDragon   Orochi
    Orligon     Divinegon   /GigaDraco\
    GigaDraco   /Andreal  \
                |Battlerex| /Bosstroll\
                |GreatDrak| \Gigantes /
    Name        Pedigree    Parent 2
                Trumpeter   |Balzak   |
    KingLeo                 /GulpBeast\
                Roboster    |Unicorn  |
                            |DarkHorn |
                            \MadCat   /
    Gorago      Darkhorn    Orochi
    DarkHorn    BEAST       BOSS     
    BigEye      BEAST       EyeBall
    Poseidon    Grakos      Mudou
    Name        Pedigree    Parent 2
    Pheonix     AquaHawk    Gismo    
                BIRD        DrakSlime
    RainHawk    Blizzardy   Phoenix
    Azurile     /Rainhawk\  Goldgolem
                \Shantak /      
    Shantak     WhipBird    /GreatDrak\
                            \Jamirus  /
    Name        Pedigree    Parent 2
    Rosevine    PLANT       BOSS     
    Name        Pedigree    Parent 2
    Armorpion   HornBeet    HornBeet
    Digster     BUG         BOSS     
    Name        Pedigree    Parent 2
    Jamirus     Akubar      RainHawk
                RainHawk    Akubar
    Durran      Centasaur   GoldGolem
                GoldGolem   Centasaur
    Evilwell    BossTro     Iceman 
                Ogre        LavaMan
    Titanis     Durran      DarkHorn
    Name        Pedigree    Parent 2
                            /Orochi   \
                            |KingLeo  |
    LavaMan     MetalDrak   |ZapBird  |
                            |ArcDemon |
                Roboster    KingLeo
    IceMan      MetalDrak   /WhiteKing\
                            \Skullgon /
    GoldGolem   IceMan      LavaMan
    Boss (???)
    Name        Pedigree    Parent 2
    DracoLord1  Servant     /Andreal  \
    DracoLord2  DracoLord1  Divinegon
    LordDraco   DracoLord2  Orligon
    Hargon      WhiteKing   MetalKing
    Sidoh       Jamirus     Rosevine
    SenoSidoh   Sidoh       /Titanis\
    Baramos     Hargon      Orochi
    Zoma        DracoLord   Sidoh
    AsuraZoma   Zoma        PsychoPiz
    Pizzaro     Durran      Divinegon
    Psychopiz   Pizzaro     Esterk
    Esterk      Pizzaro     /KingLeo\
                            \Gorago /
    Mirudraas1  Esterk      GoldSlime
    Mirudraas2  Mirudraas1  Spikerous
    Mudou       Baramos     DarkHorn
                /Pizzaro\   Gorago
    DeathMore1  Zoma        Mirudraas
                Mirudraas*  Azurile     *Can use either Mirudraas
                Zoma        Azurile
    DeathMore2  DeathMore1  Armorpion
    DeathMore3  DeathMore2  Mudou
                            /Asura Zoma\
    DarkDrium   DeathMore3  |GranSlime |
                            \Watabou   /
    Orgodemir   PsychoPiz   Niterich 
    Orgodemir   Orgodemir   LordDraco 
    9) Mystery Lands     [DWM09]
    This will come...
    12) Frequently Asked Questions     [DWM12]
    Q: Can you Trade Monsters from the DWM1 to DWM2?
    A: I think someone said that you can, but I've tried myself and it did
       not work. So if you have more info, tell me.
    Q: I heard that there some special attack that deal tonnes of damage, but
       they're not natural skills, what are they?
    A: You're probably refurring to the combined attack. There are a few 
       skills that can create a effect like that. (more on this in Strategy
    Q: When I find Magic Keys, are the destination determine right when I find
       it or is it the Key Appraiser that determine the key?
    A: I believe that it is determine when the key is found, not by the 
       Key Appraiser because I tried it with a Dex Drive and the result
       come out the same everytime.
    Q: Can Boss monsters be catched in this game?
    A: Yes, some of the boss monsters can be captured from the wild
    Q: Where do I find boss monsters?
    A: You'll need to get keys that have a "Lord" ending.
    Q: I heard that you can find GoldSlime in the game?
    A: Yes, this has now been confirmed by myself. I found a few in the 
       optional lands and a few mystery land.
    More will come...
    13) Credits     [DWM13]
    This is it, for now, I hope you enjoy it. Again, if there is anything 
    wrong, please e-mail me about it. It'll help. Again, I don't take credit 
    for someone else's work. If you have notice that I have missed anything 
    and made mistakes, PLZ e-mail me so I can correct it. TY.
    *Note that ALL of the MONSTER LIST was hand type by ME and was gotten 
    straight from game's Library. So I did not copy other's work. It was 
    created completely by me... I just wanted to make that clear.*
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                                            shouldn't do and should do sections
    Tim "PhoenixT"  tim.wuyts@pi.be         For this (©) symbol
    Alex W. Jackson                         Idea on how to setup the breeding
              awjackso@csclub.uwaterloo.ca  Tables
    Dark Midruaas   ???                     Breeding Combos
    Tkce Anderson   ???                     Info on Walkthrough and monsters
                                            Info on First Class's Monsters
    ???             ???                     Info on Wonderegg and breeding 
    (if you know this is you, plz tell me   possibilities
    cuz I wanna give u credit!)                                        
    Somethings you shouldn't do:
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