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Dragon Warrior series (Dragon Quest In Japan), all started in Japan back in early 90's when RPG were just starting to pick up popularity in systems such as Nintendo or Super Nintendo. The characters of the game are drawn by the famous author of ''Dragonball'', a very popular anime series in Japan and though out the world. The game is typical RPG but through out its series, it picked up a Monster catching theme where the monsters you usually fight can be part of your party. Dwm 1/2 is the game is where that aspect of Dragon Warrior series has been successfully been put into a Monster catching/raising RPG for GBC.
The story of the Dwm2 takes place on an Island of Maruta, where Ruka (The main Character) and his family are running a ''Monster farm'' leading a happy life. One day when Ruka and his sister were picking up a parcel for his mom, an argument with the immature Prince and his wicked monster ''Warubou'' ended up in breaking the sacred seal of the island letting spirits free which can cause the island to sink. Warubou, who realizes what's happening had no choice but to seal it with him self, and rely on Ruka to capture the spirits again to save the island. That's where Ruka's adventure begins in the world of monsters.

Battle system
The game uses random battle system like most RPGs so you cannot see the monsters on the map while on adventure. When you encounter a monster, it switches to a batlle screen, where you give command to your monsters.
You can only have 4 monsters with at the time and the rest are kept in the farm, which you can swap when needed. But the unique thing about the monsters is that they develop characters according to how you treat, battle and raise them.
If you:
- always battle it in certain ways, it'll do with out you commanding when trained.
- don't treat it very nicely, it'll grow up to be lazy and disobedient.
- keep in the farm for too long, you need to give it items such a meat to make it more happy and obedient.
This is what makes Dwm series so unique compared to other Monster capturing RPGs.
At the same time, it's very rewarding because you raise it to be really strong and It'll not just be high in levels and experience but it'll also develop a character of its own as well.

The Graphics of the game is pretty much same as most of the new GBC games. Nothing spectacular though it has improved since Dwm1 in color wise and some of the effects.

Music and sound effects of the game are not bad, personally I always liked the music of the DWM, it has nice tunes compared to a lot of the games.
Controls for the game is very simple of course, two buttons and a D-pad, which satisfies the game's needs.

From playing the game, I can tell you that this is a very time consuming game. Also a very difficult game if you want to raise all the rare and strong monsters. I strongly recommend you getting some sort of guide book or walkthrough for the game.
So its not a little kiddies game. :(
Over all, it's a very fun, exciting and rewarding RPG specially when you're breading monsters. Even if you haven't played Dwm1, you won't be missing out much because the story isn't exactly related. If you like Monster raising RPGs, this IS the one to get.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/13/01, Updated 08/13/01

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