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Reviewed: 10/21/02 | Updated: 10/21/02

Dragon Warrior? More like Dragon Hero!

First of all, I'd like to point one thing out. This is NOT a Pokemon spin-off, just because it has two versions, and they both involve monster raising. Second of all, even if this is more popular than Tara's adventure doesn't mean this is better. The only reason I think that this version is more popular than Tara's is because I believe that there are more gaming boys than gaming girls, hence most boys get Cobi's Adventures. Anyway, on with the review.

STORYLINE: 8/10: Well, there isn’t much of a story in this game. The story is, you and your family move from your old home to GreatLog, in attempt to create a monster farm. On your way to pick up a package from your grandmother, you bump into your rival, and his monster friend, Warobou. You fight over the pie, and it falls down a well. As you rush to get it, you fight over it down there, too. Your rival accidentally knocks our the plug holding in GreatLog’s power, and Warobou must jump in the hole to clog it. Then, you must start on this journey to find something to plug the hole up. To get to other worlds, you must used keys you’ve collected form travelling on a Key Gate. You start out with GreatLog’s key. Anyway, you can get keys in other worlds, by trading with other people, and other ways.

GRAPHICS:9/10: The graphics are your basic graphics for any GBC game. The one thing that stands out is the monster art. They look simply amazing. A lot of them are highly detailed, and look really good for the GBC. Still, some monsters look bad, so that’s why this didn’t get a 10. That, and the battle animations. Some were good, some were decent. You can’t expect a game to be perfect.

SOUND:9/10: Well, Gameboy sound isn’t that great, and it’s the same here. Some of the music(like the battle them) sound good, but some is just…ugh. The battle sounds are good, too.

ORIGINALITY: 8/10: Well, as I said already, this did NOT copy Pokemon. Sure, it has monster taming, two versions, and each version has different monsters. But, that doesn’t make it a Pokemon rip-off. Find one monster that copies off of Pokemon. See one? Didn’t think so. Dragon Warrior is MUCH more mature than Pokemon. I doubt Nintendo would ever but an evil clown with swords in a Pokemon game, the same with a dragon made of metallic swords.

Overall:9/10: If you see this game, I suggest you get it. Do not rent this, because by the time you train up your monsters, it’ll be time to bring the game back.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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