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"A great game by Enix... if you like Pokemon, you'll love this!"

This gameboy game is the sequel to the first Dragon Warrior Monsters game. If you like Pokemon, you’ll also love this game because of all the different kinds of monsters in it! There is also another version of this game, Tara’s Adventure which basically has the same story but the main character is Tara, Cobi’s sister, and different monsters which can be caught in the wild from Cobi’s Journey.

Story (8/10):
The story goes like this: Your family and you are heading for an island called GreatLog to set up a monster farm there. Your mother asks your sister, Tara and you to pick up a nut pie your Grandma sent. After getting the pie, Prince Kameha and his sidekick, the elemental spirit of the island, Warubou will try to steal the pie. The pie falls in a well and in the well, Kameha and Warubou will play tug-of-war with the pie. Tara knocks into them and Kameha accidentally knocks off the plug of the Navel of the island, which keeps the life force of the tree of GreatLog. If the tree dies, the island will sink. Thus, Warubou asks you to go to other worlds to help to find a Magic Plug to plug the Navel, and Cobi’s journey begins from here. The story is quite creative, but it becomes rather messy from GreatLog afterwards.

Gameplay (9.5/10):
The gameplay is simply amazing. You get to travel around the 5 Adventure worlds, battling, catching and training monsters. You can even breed your monsters for them to become an even more powerful monster! Breeding your monsters is also the best part of the game, as you can breed all kinds of monsters with different skills to form unique monsters with even stronger skills. Battling is also extremely enjoyable, as you can use 3 monsters at once to battle the numerous opponents in the wild. Also, you would have to change their personality (Lazy, Innocent, Proud etc.) to suit your battling style, as different personalities would affect their abilities in battle. With the countless different skills to use in and out of battle, the gameplay is enhanced even more. The controls are extremely easy to learn, using the direction pad to move, the A button to talk to people and the B button to cancel a option. The bosses are quite hard if you just stick to your original monsters, but this adds to the challenge, and by breeding your monsters and gaining new skills, they should be pretty easy to defeat.

Graphics (9/10):
The graphics are detailed, and the tiny monsters following you about look very close to what they look like in their full size. All the monsters are drawn accurately, and the battle animations are also quite cool, although the landscape may seem a little cartoon like, but other then that, everything looks good.

Sound (10/10):
The music of the game is simply great. You will find yourself humming the tunes of the game as you play along, and the tunes suit the environment where Cobi is in. The sound effects, which can be recognized in Dragon Warrior Monsters are also very sharp and clear.

Replay Value (8.5/10):
Even after you finish your quest, you will still love this game! There’s tons to do after completing your quest, including breeding monsters to get your perfect team and exploring over 900 Magic Key worlds! However, once you have gotten all your monsters to Level 99, it would be a little dull as there is not much to do now except to challenge your friends in a monster battle.

Overall (9/10):
There are some bad points to this game, but the good points definitely outnumber the bad ones. If you see this game, go get it instead of renting it. You will definitely enjoy it if you like monster RPGs!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/15/02, Updated 10/15/03

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