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Reviewed: 10/22/04

Dragon Warrior Monsters goes back to it's roots. >_>

If you didn't know, the "Dragon Warrior Monsters"(From now on, it will be called DWM) series is basically a spin off of Enix's ever popular "Dragon Warrior" series. The only real difference between these two series is that in DWM you basically use monsters to fight for you whereas DW is set around a Hero and his allies beating the hell out of monsters using swords, axes, magic,etc. Unlike the first DWM game, DMW2 uses way more material from the Dragon Warrior Series. I'm going to be honest with you: I first found this a bit disappointing since I hadn't really played a Dragon Warrior game before. In fact, I missed the Warp Gates and the radom generated dungeon floors which led you to a hulking boss that could could kick your ass if you weren't fully prepared. In the end though, I grew to like DWM2 and I suggest(if you like the Dragon Warrior series) you to buy this game right off the bat!

You are Cobi, and your family is a giant Tree that's attached to an island. Upon reaching GreatLog, you meet up with a mischievous Prince and his best friend, a devilish monster named Warabou. Warabou and the Prince have gotten into trouble because they're opened the Tree's naval! Soon, the island will sink unless they can plug the hole they caused. Somehow, you're also held responsible. Using keys, you go to new worlds in search of a "plug" to stop Greatlog from sinking.

Instead of having random dungeons, like the first DWM, you're given huge worlds to check out in this game. Keys are a new feature that allows Cobi to open certain worlds. There are two kinds of keys: Story keys, keys that Cobi uses to find "plugs". These keys have some sort of quest that involves Cobi in finding a Plug. No matter what, you need to complete these quest to get further into the game. The other kind of keys DWM2 has to offer you are randomly generated keys. These have no real connection with the game, but they're good places to train and they usually have dungeons with treasures in them.

Battling is exactly the same, just like the Dragon Warrior series and the SWM series. When you enter a battle, you're able to give commands to up to 3 monsters. Battles are also turn-based. There's nothing really special about battles, but there isn't anything wrong with it either.

Accessories have been added to DWM2. You can equip certain items that give your monsters stat increases. It's a lot like Poke'mon Gold and Silver's "Item Holding" idea.

You also can breed monsters(just as you could in DWM),You can breed monsters to make more powerful monsters. Of course, there are some rules. Both monsters need to be at least level 10, both monsters need to be opposite of each others sex, and once you've bred the two monsters they leave forever and an egg takes their place. Breeding can be fun since it can give you more monsters to put in your Library.

Tournaments have also been kept, but they have little meaning in this game. Unlike the first DWM game, where Tournaments opened you new areas and advanced you through the game, DWM2's Tournaments seem to only be their for prizes such as keys and rare items.

Versus Mode has also revamped. There are more things you can do, the biggest one that comes to mind is a Survival-like mode in which you and your friend make a team consisting of three monsters you both choose and fight a horde of enemies. The more you fight, the more prizes you receive!

If you're a fan of Enix's Dragon Warrior or DWM series, I highly suggest you check this game out. Collecting all the monsters is pretty tough so I would expect this game to take away a lot of hours of your social life. At least you can play against your friends! :)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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