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Reviewed: 03/03/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

God, but the lack of buttons hurt what could have been a special game

When I went to Target one day, my intentions were set on purchasing a Nintendo 64 w/Donkey Kong 64 package, plus WWF Wrestlemania 2000. However, when I entered the store, my dreams were soon dashed: not only had the system not come out yet, but Wrestlemania 2000 was sold out!! So then I saw a brand new copy of Wrestlemania 2000 for Gme Boy Color, so I bought a Game Boy Color (pokemon yellow package) and Wreslemania 2000. Good decision, because I got the N64 the next week, and also ahd something I probably woulkd have never gotten: a portable version of the best US wsrestling game ever.

Visual (7/10): WWF Wrestlemania 2000 does its best to capture the TV feel of a WWF show. When you first start the game up, you are treated to a cool title screen featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Also, the game features nice pics of the wrestlers. When you choose to go to a championship mode, the wrestlers each have their own enterances. The in game graphics are good, much better than Attitude. I was surprised by how good the graphics were, I wasn't expecting much from a WWF Game Boy game.

Audio (6/10): They play the same boring song for most of the game, which I absolutely despise. Thankfully the song they play isnt that annoying, and also thankfully it isn't difficult to turn the sound off of your Game Boy Color.

Gameplay/Control (7/10): The moves are simple enough to pull off, there are 32 regular moves. You do a move by pushing a combination of the directional pad and a button. For instance, pushing up and B does a vertical suplex, and pushing down and B does a piledriver. The gameplay is very fun. There are lots of modes to choose from, including Gauntelt, Steel Cage, Survivor Series, and Championship. Gauntlet is where you have to beat a lot of wrestlers, one after another. Steel Cage is where you have to beat your opponent senseless enough to enable you to climb out of the cage. Survivor Series is a 3-on-3 match, but it isnt tag team. Finally, Championship mode is where you climb your way up the ladder, from IC Champ to WWF Champ to fighting Mr. McMahon himself in the steel cage. Great gameplay.

Fun Factor (7/10): This game is fun, but the lack of buttons on the Game Boy pad hurts what could have been a very special game. The time for Game Boy Advance is now, and this is prrof of that.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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