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"Many may hate it, but some kinda like it...I'm one of them"

Before we begin, I will admit that I do understand why some people hate this game as it is slightly limited compared to home console versions and it does have it's flaws in it's controls department, but since it's on Game Boy Color, let's give it a chance...

Graphics 7.5/10: When it comes to graphics, I have to admit, they did a pretty decent job porting the environmental graphics like the buildings and cars into the game pretty decently considering the color limitations on the Game Boy Color itself, it's actually quite nice looking. They also added some images from the intro clip from the console versions for the game and a few new ones and they are really amazing to look at on such an earlier portable system. Of course along with graphics comes it's flaws. Sometimes going under certain obstacles is a problem in this game. In the console version, when you went under a bridge for instance, you would have an arrow indicating which way you were going. In the game boy version, this does not exist and you will sometimes find yourself getting stuck and not knowing what to do when you go under such an obstacle. Another problem with going under obstacles is that you will sometimes 'think' you can go under something when you really can't, this is a serious problem because even though there is sometimes a road leading underneath an obstacle such as a pipe, I find myself cornered with the cops. Overall, the Graphics are well done.

Sound/Music 6/10: People probably wouldn't expect a whole radio station setup to be on the game or every sound effect like the fart noises and walking, but they did include a few good and bad ones. Let's start with the music. The game comes with music on the menu, the password input system, the character select screen, Pause Menu, and the in-game music that you hear when you drive a vehicle. Let's just say, the menu screen, password screen, character select screen and pause themes are just horrifying. The In-Game music is a different story though. I must admit, there are many songs, or merely themes you could call them, can be extremely annoying in the game, and the fact that you have to get out of the car to change the song can be a sad problem. But you will sometimes come across some catchy ones that are actually some what good with some chip-tuny to it. Now let's talk about the sound. The sound is very limited in this game and you will usually only be hearing the music most of the time. There is no sound when you walk, drive, hit other cars or enter/exit a vehicle. It's mostly basic. When a car or other object explodes, you will get a somewhat techy poof noise, when you shoot a weapon, it is usually a high pitched fwoof or poof noise. Overall, the sound department could have done a lot better.

Controls 5/10: Oh my, here is the ultimate mother-load of sadness...this is the biggest of the problems in the game, and boy can it be frustrating! Walking around is a breeze in this game and shooting isn't that bad. The problem is with the driving and this kinda sucks considering this game is called 'Grand Theft Auto 2' key word. When you are driving fast, it is sometimes hard to see what is coming up ahead of you due to the size of the game boy's screen and resolution. You will usually end up crashing into something, but the worst part is actually when you are trying to 'get out' of the crash. For some odd reason, your car is like glue. When you crash into another car, merely the front of one, you will tend to get stuck and no matter what combination of control input you use, you will not budge the slightest bit. This is a serious problem if you are doing a mission where you have to drive a specific car. You can just imagine. Of course you can get out and move the traffic out of the way by multiple hi-jack, but if you crash into a corner of a wall (yes it gets stuck there too!) you can't move the wall, so the car is doomed for eternity! On the least of the problems, most cars can handle pretty easily awhile some are just out of control and fly all over the screen awhile others just chug too slow the move out of a collision. Overall, it needs more work done and it failed deliberately.

Gameplay 7.5/10: Well what can I say, the main missions from the original console versions are 'all there'. All the gangs and about 70% of the map is still all there without much alter. The problem is that pretty much all of the side missions have been taken out, you can't even make cash with the old taxi trick. But to get with the story line, there are seven gangs between three different districts. There is Downtown, the Commercial District and the Industrial District, all containing three of the seven gangs. Downtown containing Zaibatsu, the Loonies and the Yakuza. Commercial District containing the Zaibatsu, the Rednecks and the SRS Scientists. Finally the Industrial District containing ,once again, Zaibatsu, the Russians and the Krishna. The main point is to work for one of these gang leaders and to earn money by completing missions for them. Once you earn enough cash, you can advance to the next District and eventually complete the game. There are also many other ways to earn cash like stealing cars and mowing people down with weaponry and vehicles. Overall, It keeps to it's goal and it's a swell good game!

Replayability 7.5/10: This game is just like any other Grand Theft Auto game, even after completion you will probably want to adventure around the districts and explore. You might even want to do your own rampages (since this version doesn't include any) or just start the whole game all over again as a different character although it won't make too much difference. Unless you got pretty frustrated, you may just wanna play it again!

Overall 7/10: In conclusion, this game is decent, although it could have been much better. This game is pretty rare to find, especially for a cheap price, I can't believe I got mine for about 10 bucks. If you see it for a decent price, get it, especially if you are a hardcore Grand Theft Auto fan, you might just like it. Many people hate it, but I find it quite enjoyable and you might too! Happy Hunting!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/05/10

Game Release: Grand Theft Auto 2 (US, 12/31/00)

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