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"Who Needs to this game when you can Steal One?"

Well not necessarily.But you definitely should get it.So far this is one of the best GameBoy Color games I've played and I've played a lot of them.This game is almost as good as the PlayStation Game except for weaker graphics and a little less Game Play.But it still makes up for one hell of a game that is definitely a good buy.


Well it can't compare to the Graphics of Grand Theft Auto 2 for PlayStation but if it tried it just might.It is one of the most impressive games for the GameBoy Color and it is definitely better then the first.Graphics are way nicer looking then the first version but still seem a little blurry here and there but it makes up for that in it's Gameplay.


The Controls are rather easily conquered and they usually tend to be the smallest problem in the game.They do get a little confusing from time to time especially if taking sharp turn at full speeds.But even crashing can make the game enjoyable.


As I said this is one of the most impressive GameBoy Color games around and it makes that mostly because of it's gameplay.The vast world of Auto Theft and Crime it just the thing to make a game perfect.The mission vary so much that it is almost never boring playing them.Sure you lose sometimes and die once or twice but that only means you get better next time you try.The Gameplay makes for a big variable of the games fun factor.


Well considering the game is such large for a GameBoy Color game usually you are trying to pass the missions rather then be replaying the game.But never the less there is that Replay Factor in the game and it makes for another fun factor of the game.The possibilities are great and you could play the game everyday without getting too bored of it and you can pull all sorts of stunts while playing.If you like you can just play the game to ride around and break cars and shoot people or you can complete missions.It is a different experience every time and you make your own path in the game.

Overall the game is the best thing since sliced bread.Well maybe not but it still is up there with the top games.If you don't want to spend money then rent it out but with the fun factor here I can tell you that buying is the best way to go here.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/05/01, Updated 12/05/01

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