Review by OniKun

"Nice try for a portable GTA....Not."

The ''Grand Theft Auto'' Series is a remarkable game series. You are a ganster, bent on destruction. You have a whole city at your hands, and multiple ways of mass destruction. Killing pedestrians is a sport, and torching cars is a mere game, that you can laugh at. Yet, the police don't leave you unnoticed. The cops will chase you maniacally, until you are dead, or they bust you. Welcome, my friend, to GRAND THEFT AUTO!

Rockstar took a turn for the worse, In my humble opinion, making a GTA game on gameboy. Even worse, they made 2. It could be a great game, and I tried SO very hard to like it. But, with all the shortfalls, it sucks.


Ok, what the hell. You HAVE to press A to walk. No pressing up or down to go. You press select to hijack. And, you have to be DIRECTLY next to a car to hijack it. Guns are also horribly strange to control. It took me about 20 minutes to get used to this, and that was WAY too long. The cars are not responsive, walking around has you walking in circles. Worse yet, the walls and roads were barely finished im guessing, and you kept stopping in the middle of a sidewalk or running inside a building.


Usually, in GTA, you get a briefing of some sort before starting the game. In this, your smack dab in the middle of Downtown, wondering what's going on. When you get to the phone, you get a brief text object of what to, than put back into the game. O_o?

MUSIC: 1/10

The music is basically random loops of beeps and sounds played over and over. Very annoying. Some of the tunes were mediocre sounding, yet still annoying. Some of it sounded like Final Fantasy 3/J music. Wierd, no?


This is an attempt at a saving roll for GTA2. You start out in Downtown. You explore a bit, and find a weapon. Hell begins from there. Killing pedestrians, destroying cars, and raising all around hell. But, the police come without warning. No Felony rating (except in pause menu). So, when the idiot cops come, (no offense to real policemen, they do their deeds with more valor than these 2 bit lemmings.), they run around, basically. Shoot em, but no response from them. They are COMPLETE idiots, i have proved it over and over again.


The menu sucks. Hands down. You got to pause it to see your Felony Rating, and it loads slow. I had a felony rating of 6, yet no cops were coming, and no army like usual? Thats just downright laziness in programming on their part.

EXTRAS: ?/10

I didn't play long enough to see any.


...It just plainly sucks.

SOUND: 0/10
Beep! Pow! Beep Beep Beep! Pow Pow! (nuff said)

Needs vast improvements to be playable and fun, really.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 02/19/02, Updated 07/01/03

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