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"Have fun wondering what you are doing.. literally."

Grand Theft Auto has been a cool game, never was totally popular, but played by many many people. The PC and Playstation versions of Grand Theft Auto were great...but what about for the Gameboy? Well, don't expect this to be the game you play while stealing cars and running from cops, it doesn't exactly live up to its name.

Gameplay 3/10
Well, you just start out in the middle of the street without a clue what to do. Eventually you'll figure out what you're supposed to do, but it's more fun just to do your own thing. But, after you figure out how to walk, you want to steal a car.. right? Well, go ahead. Now, you can drive around freely. Oh, now you find one of those guns that are lying in the middle of the street. Lets shoot someone. Okay, you shot them. Now the cops come after you. Run. Get in a car. Drive as fast as you can. Break the speed limit, run people over. Drive in circles, they'll come right after you, following your circle. That's about it. It's pretty much the same as PC or Playstation version, but without the fun.

Graphics 7/10
Okay, for Gameboy, they're okay. Cars are bright colors, nice little shadow effects, cool looking backround objects. People are about the same as other GTA's. Cars turn nicely, and running around looks nice. So why is it a 7? No blood! It's just not the same.

Sound 2/10
Well, there's no music, until you go into a car. Each car has its own music, which is either slow music, or fast techno music, which doesn't fit the theme even a little. Gun shots are the regular gameboy quick pop, sort of like flicking your ear. No people emotions though. Cops don't give reports, people don't scream in fear. It is possible in gameboy too, so that's no excuse.

Control 1/10
Okay, you press A to walk. It took me like 5 minutes to figure that out, after minutes of spinning. You press Select to steal a car, and you can't press select to steal the closest car, no. You have to be able to lick the keyhole, in other words you have to be right next to it. And the cop force rating is in the menu, by pressing start... um, sorry, no.

Replayability 0/10
Play it once, find all the guns. After you know what all the weapons do and how people react, you'll want to sell it to a used video game store, even if its not yours, do whoever's it is a favor and sell it for them. I don't even know how many missions there are, it's hard to understand where to go (no pointer arrow) and what to do.

Rent it or buy it?
You should ask the mayor of your town to ban the gameboy version.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/01/03, Updated 01/01/03

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