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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dekar10

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/01/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       Game FAQ (version 1.1)
       written by dekar10
       Email: evilryu1@yahoo.com
       -THE CAT RING
    5) BOSS LIST
    7) IP LIST
    Version 1.1
    -added Leong Temple before Siantao
    -added info for Ancient Cave
    -added secret BunnyBlade in Azoles Cave
    -added more Boss info
    -added more tips
                 This is the first FAQ that I have written and it will probably be the
    only one. Writing one really takes alot of time! :) But I will definitely update the
    FAQ when I have new information. Please e-mail me if you wish to provide stuff that I
    missed out in the FAQ or if you want to comment on it or how I can improve it.
                 Lufia: The Legend Returns is the third game in the Lufia series. The first
    one is Lufia and the Fortress of Doom while the second is Lufia 2: The Rise of the
    Sinistrals. By storyline, Lufia 2 is the first, followed by Lufia, and finally this one.
    I have played Lufia 2 before but not the original Lufia. Comparing Lufia 2 with this
    game, I have to say that many things have changed. The systems in the game have changed
    drastically, especially the IP system. Lufia 2 is a good game, possibly better than
    Lufia: TLR, but this is my own opinion. Try playing Lufia 2 if you have not yet, and
    make your own judgement.
                 This FAQ is not yet complete. There is much to be filled in. The monster
    list is not yet complete, there are a few monsters that I have trouble getting information
    on. So please bear with it for the meantime. The section on the Ancient Cave is rather
    sketchy too, as I have not explored it thoroughly. I also plan to add a Spells Section
    in the next update. I promise I will make the FAQ better than now, so drop me a note if
    you want to tell me how I can improve it, I will appreciate it very much! :)
                 Hope this FAQ will help you in someway! ^_^
    The controls of the game are as follows:
    START: -Brings up the main menu
           -If on the Map screen, opens Save Log menu
           -If in a dungeon, hold and press direction button to turn
    SELECT: -On the world map, brings up Map screen
            -On the equipment menu, allows you to remove equipment
    A: -Confirm selections
       -Hold and release in dungeons to use Wave(you can turn while charging)
    B: -cancel selections
       -Hold to run in dungeons and towns
    SPIRITUAL FORCE (a.k.a  S.F.)
                 Spiritual force is the innate ability of a character. It will affect
    the stats of that character. Every character has his or her own type of S.F. There
    are 4 different types of S.F.:
    RED: Increases attack power(ATP)
    BLUE: Increases magic attributes(MAP and REG)
    GREEN: Increases defense and HP (DFP and HP)
    YELLOW: Increases speed and MP (SPD and MP)
    S.F. will flow in a certain way that is explained in the fighting layout section.
    You can increase S.F. by going to the Ancient Text section in the menu and using
    LP (learning points). The amount of LP needed is the square of the present S.F.
    Wein has 5 RED S.F.
    So his ATP increases by 5
    Amount of LP needed to increase to 6: 5x5=25
                 Ancient text can be found throughout dungeons in the game. Once
    you use it, it is gone. So there are infinite copies of Ancient Texts that can
    be found in dungeons. Every dungeon will have its own Texts. You can check item
    shops in nearby towns for information. After teaching a character an Ancient
    Text, it will become an IP. All characters come with their own IPs, some unique
    and cannot be found. All Ancient Texts require a certain amount of S.F to be
                 It is a skill that a character has. When you use IPs, your IP
    meter will be drained. Your IP meter is the bottom meter when you enter battles.
    The IP meter increases when you are hit, even if the attack misses. The amount
    of IP increased depends on how much damage is dealt to you, compared to your
    character's original HP. Every IP uses a certain amount of your IP meter. If the
    character has the S.F. that was required to learn the IP, the IP required will
    be its normal. If the character does not(due to changes in positions), the IP
    required will be more.
                 Magic can be learnt at churches in towns throughout the world.
    It takes fixed amounts of LP to learn magic and fixed amounts of MP to use it.
    There are also different elements of magic, with monsters being weak against
    certain types. Magic can also be used to travel, like Warp.
                 You can only save the game at save point or church. The Save Log
    function is NOT a save game. After you load it, the log will disappear. As
    such, it is easy to lose a log. The log is only to make stopping the game
    easier when you are in a dungeon or the Ancient Cave. So try to save properly
    as much as you can. And save in multiple slots too, there have been many cases
    of people losing their save slots due to glitches.
               In battles, S.F. flows in a particular way. You may not see the
    importance of it yet as you only start with two characters at the beginning. But
    later on in the game, when you begin to have more characters, positioning becomes
    more important. The positioning matrix looks like this:
    [1] [2] [3] => 1st row
    [4] [5] [6] => 2nd row
    [7] [8] [9] => 3rd row
    Characters in the 1st row deal the most damage, but also receive the most.
    Likewise, characters in the 3rd row deal the most damage, but also receive the
    least. Should the characters at the front of the columns be killed in the same
    round, you will lose the battle. For example, in the case above, if characters
    1, 2 and 3 are killed, you will lose the battle. But if everyone is dead except
    characters 5 and 9, if they are killed, you will lose the battle.
    There are times when you catch a monster by surprise and get to have a free round
    of attacks. You will see this when you get a "Pre-emptive Strike!" message at the
    start of the battle. You can get this message if you attack a monster from the
    side or back. This is where the Wave comes in handy as it can stun monsters so
    that you can sneak up beside it before it can move.
    There are also times when you are caught off guard by monsters. A "Surprise
    Attack!" message will appear and monsters will get a free round of attacks instead.
    When you are attacked off-guard, the positioning will also change. The order could
    be reversed such that the last row becomes the first instead, endangering your
    party as the weaker characters are now at the front(if you put your weaker
    characters at the back). So avoid being attacked from the side or behind!
    S.F. FLOW
    [1=    4 Red]  [2= 5 Green]  [3= 3 Yellow]
    [4=   1 Blue]  [5=   3 Red]  [6=  7 Green]
    [7= 5 Yellow]  [8=  5 Blue]  [9=    6 Red]
    Basically, a character will get the benefits of the S.F. of characters that are
    in a straight line to them, no matter which direction.
    Character 1: 4 Red, 5 Green, 1 Blue and (3+5) Yellow
    Stat Bonuses: +4ATP, +5DFP/HP, +1MAP/REG, +8SPD/MP
    2: 5 Green, 3 Yellow, (4+3) Red, 5 Blue
    4: 1 Blue, 5 Yellow, (4+3) Red, 7 Green
    5: 3 Red, (5+7) Green, (1+5) Blue
    and so on...
    The way you want your S.F. to flow very much depends on who you want to boost
    and what kind of a team you wish to form. If you want to strengthen your party's
    Magic Defense(REG), you can place characters with Blue S.F. in central positions
    such as 5. If you want an all rounded team, for example, you can surround a
    character weak in DFP with characters with Green S.F. There is no fixed way to
    arrange your party.
    IMPORTANT! I must say first that I have neglected hidden items that I have
               felt as insignificant, such as CharredNewts. I have deliberately
               left them out, so that e-mail me saying that I have left out so
               and so hidden item, unless it is a significant value.
    Items: Hi-potion x2, Hi-magic, Revive, Life Seed, Dagger, Res Ring,
           Dragon Egg
           The game starts with a scene of Seela arriving. The first person she
    meets turns out to be the hero of the game, you. After an introductory tussle
    , Wain will leave, so pissed that he forgets what he was supposed to do.
    Go right to Wain's house and get the Hi-Potion in the chest. Search the shelf
    behind his bed for another Hi-Potion. Now leave the house and go right to the
    item shop. Check the box on its left side for a Hi-Magic. Now, go to the back
    of the item shop and enter it through the back door by searching the space to
    the right of the rooftop. Take the Res Ring and Dragon Egg in the chests. Now
    leave the shop and cross the bridge to the other side. Go left to the brown
    house and go around it by the small path on the right side. Check the barrel
    for a Life Seed. Make your way back and go right to Lamika's house. Take the
    Dagger in the chest equip it on Wain. Leave the house and go up to the fountain.
    Search it for a Revive. Now save your game in the church if you want, and teach
    Wein Strong(it will come in use even though Seela will join you soon). Leave the
    vllae-enter it, and you will see a scene of Gades, the Sinistral of
    Destruction, coming back to life. A bolt is directed at Patos, and Lamika's
    house is set on fire. This is followed by a long "rescue and recover" scene in
    which Seela keeps on casting Strong on you (why can't she do it when she joins
    you, huh? Its unfair!!).
          After the formal introduction, without all the Bolt and evading stuff,
    Seela joins you on your quest of the "Great Adventure" (which doesn't sound very
    great). There is no need to buy any equipment now, as you will probably be
    wasting your gold. So leave Patos and head north-west to the Patos Cave.
    Items: Potion, GoddessTear, Magic Pot, Boomerang, Wake Ring, Jet Ring, Miracle,
          Ibla will be waiting for you in the cave. Follow him right to enter the
    first dungeon. After going through the basics of the game. Follow Ibla into the
    teleporter and leave the cave through the north exit. Continue north and enter
    the Tower of Death.
    Ancient Scrolls: [1F-5F] Drive, Head Crush, First Aid, Bolt Attack
                     [6F-10F]Silhouette, Pause Palm, Persuade, Fire Attack
    Items: BoltBoomer
    Levels: 10
    	Before you can go deeper into the tower, Ibla catches up with you and
    gives you "Drive". This is followed by an explanation of S.F. aka Spiritual
    Force, which is very important in the game, so take heed of what he says, he
    doesn't repeat it a second time. Now make your way through all 4 floors of the
    tower and face Gades. It IS possible to defeat him, but you will need to have
    a bit of luck and about 8-9 Hi-Bombs with you. See the bosses section on how
    to defeat him. If you defeat him, you will receive the Gades Bracelet, and alot
    of Skill points. Regardless of whether you defeat him or not, he will still
    fry you and Wein will run away. Before you go, check the left side of the ruins,
    near where Gades was standing for a Bolt Boomer. Now leave the Tower and head
    west to Laphon Cave.
    Ancient Scrolls: Investigate, Crackbuster
    	You will be warned by the second guard should you attempt to enter the
    Laphon Cave dungeon as the monsters can easily kill you at your present level.
    If you wish, you can still enter the dungeon to find some Scrolls before
    leaving. After leaving Laphon Cave, head southwest across a bridge and enter
    Items: GoddessTear, Mind Seed, Skill Seed, Wisdom Seed, Miracle(3), Hi-Bomb
    	Go right to the house with the blue roof and check the two barrels at its
    front for a GoddessTear. Now go up past the fountain and go left to the back of
    the item shop. About 3 spaces from its right side, there is a secret door just
    like the one in Patos. Enter and take the Awake and Sonic Ring in the chests.
    Leave the item shop and go left to the crates and check them for a Miracle.
    Continue on left past the entrance of a bridge to the leftmost flowerbed in the
    corner. Check it for a Mind Seed. Now enter the house right below and check the
    right side of the fireplace for a Miracle. After you have done your shopping or
    saved your game, cross the bridge and enter Fugo's House.
    	When you walk along the main pathway, you will see Fugo chasing a thief
    and a short brawl will ensue between Wein and the thief (looks like the first
    time Dekar met Guy, if you haved played Lufia 2 before :) After the scene, enter
    Fugo's house. Enter the room with many bookshelves and check the shelf second
    from the right for a Miracle. Now go up to the 2nd floor and check the right part
    of the crest in the center for a Hi-Bomb. Enter Etral's room, the room on the
    left and search the brown table on the left for a Wisdom Seed. Now go to Fugo's
    room and check the right part of the empty fireplace for a Skill Seed. Leave the
    town and head west to Slani Cave.
    Ancient Scrolls: [B1-B5] Concentrate , Cooking, Holy Attack
                     [B6-B12] Pressure Pt.
    Items: Miracle
          Make your way to B4 of the cave and follow the path till it forks straight
    up and right. Take the path up to save your game and then follow the other fork.
    You will meet Dei, the master thief. After another argument over Wein's brain
    matter, Dei escapes. :P Check the orch on the wall behind where Dei was for a
    Miracle. Now make your way out of the cave and head north-east to Majari.
    Ancient Scrolls: Dash Attack
    Items: Angry Ring, Life Seed, Speed Seed, Body Seed, X-potion, Hi-Bomb
          Take a walk around town and talk to the people around. Don't rest in the
    inn yet! Enter the house in the bottom right hand corner chest. Then go to the
    shelf beside the sink to find a Life Seed. Leave the house and search the well
    outside for a Speed Seed. Now go up to the brown house. See the barrel on the
    right side of the house? Check it out for a X-potion. Go further up to the 3
    stumps. Check the rightmost stump for a Body Seed. Enter the house itself and
    take the Angry Ring in the chest. And now here comes the cool part, move down to
    the back of the Inn/Weapon shop and go to the square that is just to the right
    of the pinnacle of the roof. Enter the back of the inn and take the Hi-Bomb in
    the chest, then talk to the innkeeper for a free stay!
          Save your game if you want to and try leaving the village. A monster comes
    charging into the village and Kobin is hurt. Dei appears (where the heck did he
    hide?!)and you team up to fight the Belumie. After you defeat the Belumie, Fugo
    appears and shows his "gratitude" for all your trouble. Dei is captured and
    Kobin tries to save him but entrusts you with the mission instead, giving you
    "Dash Attack". Now leave Majari and go south back to Albano.
    Items: Miracle, Bug Crush
          Go all the way to Fugo's House and enter the room with many bookshelves
    on the 1st floor. Check the 4th bookshelf from the left and a secret passageway
    will be opened. Enter the passage and check the red statue on the left for a
    Miracle. Open the chest to get Bug Crush. Equip it on Wein and descend the
    stairs. Go down one more flight of stairs to emerge in Fugo's basement B2.
    Ancient Scrolls: Lock-On, Dash Attack, Instinct
    Items: Gold 100, X-potion, Hi-magic, X-magic, Life Seed, Lthr Shld, Trick Ring
    Basements: 8
          After you go past B7, make your way to the Healing Point and check the
    grating on the right for a Lthr Shld. Save your game and go forward to fight
    the Belamie. After defeating it, check the gold piles for a Trick Ring, Gold
    100 and High Magic. Open the chests for an X-Magic and X-potion. GO through
    the gate and take the Life Seed in the chest before talking to Dei. Now leave
    the dungeon. The moment you go through the bookshelf, you will be caught by the
    librarian and your party will escape. Just as they are about to leave, Gades
    appears again! It is possible to defeat him here also. If you manage to, you
    will get the Gadesblade.
          After the incident, you can talk to the carpenter in front of the
    destroyed house for help in rebuilding Melissa's house in Pato. But he will not
    be able to start work until you find a certain wood on the Lidal continent. If
    you wish, you can also talk to Lurissa (the girl surrounded by flowers) in Majari
    to rescue her father in Laphon Cave. You will get a Dragon Egg for your efforts.
    Note: If you come back and talk to Etral after defeating Gades, you can get a
          Dragon Egg.
    Ancient Scrolls: Puzzle
          DON'T enter the dungeon! I repeat again, DO NOT enter the dungeon! This is
    no joke this time, the monsters are very strong and it is impossible to defeat
    them now. Enter at your own risk! You will get a chance to bash up the monsters
    much later, if you want to complete the ultimate sidequest, the Ancient Cave.
    For now, head northwest past Siantao to the Leong temple atop a hill.
    Items: Miracle, Croquette, Sanity Ring
          Check the part of the statue right of the master for a Sanity Ring. There
    is also a Croquette on the food table. A Miracle is hidden in the pot at the
    left hand corner. After taking the items, leave and head south to Siantao.
    Items: Hi-potion, X-magic x2, GoddessTear, Smallboomer, X-bomb x2, Speed Seed,
           Wisdom Seed, Skill Seed, Mind Seed, Power Seed, Poison Ring
          The port city of Epsis, currently being harrassed by a bunch of thugs.
    (Lufia2 players should recognize the music here :) Go up past the first stack
    of crates and check the single crate in the second stack for a X-Magic. Now
    continue up past the ship and enter the brown house. Take the Small-Boomer in
    the pail and go up to the 2nd floor. Check the cupboard for a X-Bomb and take
    the X-Magic in the chest. Leave the house and go left to the small park. Search
    the flowers at the end for a Speed Seed. Now go down to the back of the item shop
    for another "backdoor" and take the Wisdom, Mind, Skill Seed and Poison Ring.
    Enter the shop through its entrance and go to the bottom left hand corner for a
    GoddessTear. Leave the shop and go down to the crate on the left of the inn and
    search it for a Power Seed. Now save your game if you wish and go to the back of
    the house you got the X-Bomb from.
          You will meet the Garland gang threathening a girl. Before you can save her,
    Aima appears and gets rid of them. After the introduction, a messenger will
    appear and say that Leong Temple is on fire. After Aima leaves, check the barrel
    on the right for a Hi-Potion and head north-east back to Leong Temple.
    Items: ConfuPowder, Life Seed
           The moment you enter, check the front of the left statue for ConfuPowder
    and the side of the right statue for a Life Seed. Continue all the way up to the
    Leong Temple. Aima will be standing inside the burnt temple. Talk to her and she
    will join your party in order to rescue her master. Now head west to the Gang's
    Ancient Scrolls: Blind, Accurate, Seal Palm, Assassinate
    Items: Fake Ring, Life Seed, Revive
    Basements: 6
           There will be two Garland Gang fighters guarding the entrance to the cave.
    Note that these two enemies are stronger than the normal ones in the cave. They
    should not be too much of a pain. Knock them out and enter the dungeon. The
    monsters here are mainly the same as in Laphon Cave. After reaching the bottom,
    turn right at the fork and take the items in the 3 chests. Save your game if you
    wish and head back and up to the room to fight the Garland Boss, who is quite a
    hard boss. After defeating him, you will get the Prison Key. Now leave the room
    and head right to unlock the room that holds Aima's master. After a short reunion,
    a quake will occur and Aima will suggest leaving the cave. Make your way out of
    the dungeon and head back east to Siantao.
    Ancient Scroll: Energy Punch
    Items: HiPow Ring
            When you enter the village, it has been destroyed completely. Seems like
    THE pain in the ass is back again. Talk to him and your party will attempt to
    fight him again but this time you don't even get to go to battle. A tragic
    confrontation ensues between Aima's Master and Gades. After Aima buries her
    master at Leong temple, she will formally join you and you will get the A.S.
    "Energy Punch". Check the master's grave for a HiPow Ring. Now head all the way
    back south to the Tower of Death.
    Ancient Scrolls: [1F-5F] Drive, Head Crush, First Aid, Bolt Attack
                     [6F-10F]Silhouette, Pause Palm, Persuade, Fire Attack
    Items: Coldrapier
    Levels: 10
             Go up past to the 4th floor and past the ruins, where you could not
    enter before. Take the Coldrapier in the chest. Go further into the tower and
    past the 10th floor. Continue up until you reach the healing point and save point.
    Save your game and enter the room to fight Gades for the third time. This time is
    not a rehearsal like the previous two, its a real do-or-die battle! Good thing is
    that Gades is much weaker here than before (or that you are stronger :) so you
    should be able to defeat him quite easily. After defeating him alas(yay!), cast
    escape to get out of the tower and head north back to Siantao.
    Note: You can go back to Albano now and talk to Etral in Fugo's mansion to get
          a Dragon Egg.
    Items: IceBoomer, Dragon Fang, Miracle, Body Seed, Mind Seed, Unded Ring
             Go towards the jetty and talk to the captain to sail to Lidal continent.
    You will arrive in Caan, the port city of Lidal. Head up and enter the house
    above and check the bookshelf behind the bed for a Body Seed. Go further up
    and around the back of the item shop. Search it for the usual backdoor and take
    the Unded Ring and Iceboomer in the chests. You can also talk to the shopkeeper
    to buy different things if you go by the backdoor, but they are pretty useless.
    Leave the shop and head right past the inn to the house in the right-hand corner.
    Enter the house and take the Mind Seed at the stove. Open the chest for a Miracle.
    Now exit the house and check the crates on its right side for a Dragon Fang.
    DO NOT use the inn the normal way, it costs 200G! Try going through its backdoor...
    When you have done all that you need to do, try exiting Caan. An old knight
    will appear, wounded, and mumbling about saving the Princess. Before you can
    stop him, he rushes out again. Leave Caan and head northeast to the Deserted
    Ancient Scrolls: F. Barrier, Dark Sword, Scatter Hit, Cure
    Items: Ghost Ring, Revive
    Levels: 11
             When you enter, fight your way up to level 6. There you will meet the
    old warrior that you saw in Caan. Fight the TowerSnake and Randolph will join
    you. Continue and make your way up further to the top level. Check the two rooms
    on the left and right side for a Revive and Ghost Ring. There are also save
    points and heal points in the rooms. Go to the centre platform and you will see
    the Princess Melphis fighting the DevilGrome. After joining her and defeating
    the grome, the princess will be introduced to your party and she will join you.
    Now head south-east to Tomis Cave.
    Ancient Scrolls: Force Shield
    Items: Jump Ring
    Basements: 7
             Go straight to the dungeon itself and go right for the exit. Once again,
    you will be warned of going into the cave as the monsters are strong. This time,
    they are not as strong as in the Broffo Cave. Still, enter at your own risk! If
    you do manage to survive, you should be able to gain in levels quite a bit. When
    you get to the bottom, you will find a chest containing the Jump Ring, which
    increases your speed by 50. Actually, this cave is part of the Cat Ring subquest.
    You can try the sub-quest by talking to Rudo in the house you first enter in Caan.
    If you do not wish to enter, just leave the cave and come back later on. After
    exiting the cave, head south-east to the port town of Tomis. Note that you might
    see a bridge to the east of Tomis. This bridge will lead to the Copley Forest,
    which you cannot enter as yet.
    Items: X-potion, Wisdom Seed, Lucky Erng, Sanity Rng
             Talk to the lady when you first enter the town. She will tell you what
    is happening in Tomis and about the pirates. Now enter the inn right above and
    take the X-potion in the chest. Go round the back of the inn and search the lone
    crate in the left corner for a Wisdom Seed. Now head down towards the back of
    the item shop. As usual, there is a backdoor. Enter and take the Lucky Erng and
    Sanity Rng. After you have done saving ,resting and learning magic(Absorb is
    THE spell! Be sure to teach it to Seena and Melphis), head to the house in the
    center and talk to the lady. Buy the ferry ticket and head for the dock. Enroute
    to the next continent, pirates will attack you.
             After Wein is insulted yet again -_- , Aima will display her skills (boo
    to the crybaby!) on the pirates. After the guards are take care of, you will be
    free to move.
    Ancient Scrolls: Charge, DoubleKick, Ice Attack, Split Attk
    Items: BoltBoomer, Life Seed, Power Seed, Chill Ring
    Basements: 6
             First, check out the room behind you, on your own ship. There will be a
    healing point. Search the cupboard beside the bed for a Life Seed. Now cross the
    plank and enter the room on the pirate ship. Check the stack of crates for a
    BoltBoomer and take the Revive in the chest. Now go down the stairs to the
    dungeon itself. Make your way through the dungeon and you will eventually reach
    a cabin. Enter the room and take the Wisdom Seed and Chill Ring in the chests.
    There is also a Skill Seed in the leftmost shelf. You can also use the bed in
    the upper right corner if you wish to heal yourself. Now head back to the
    corridor and carry on. Check the left barrel of the two barrels on the way for a
    Power Seed. In the pirate's room, there is also a Dragon Fang in the barrels on
    the left.
    After you defeat the Pirate Head, leave the dungeon. Just as you are crossing
    the plank to the other ship, another ship will come rushing at you. Meet
    Deckard, the good pirate. After the pirate ship is sliced into half, you will
    return to Tomis(safely :).
    Ancient Scrolls: Split Attk, Ice Attack, Charge, DoubleKick
    Items: Potion, X-potion x2, GoddessTear, Speed Seed, Wisdom Seed, Giant Ring,
           Wizrd Ring, Miracle, Wing Ring, Skill Seed, Smart Ring, Dragon Egg
    Basements: 14
               Head to the ticket house and talk to the small boy Keit. He will
    promise to lead you to the pirates' hideout. Now take a trip on the ferry once
    again and you will head to Pirate Island.
             After you land on the beaches, head left and take the Giant Ring in the
    chest. Now head to the other end at the left and take the Speed Seed. Enter the
    dungeon itself. Most of the enemies here are similar to the ones in the Pirate
    Ship, except for a few exceptions. When you reach the first bottom, go all the
    way to the right first. Ignore the room that you will pass. Enter the room at
    the end and take the X-potion and Potion in chest. Now enter the room with the
    savepoint that you passed at first. You will be caught in a trap. After a short
    scene with the Pirate Boss, he will leave with Melphis and you will fight the
              After you defeat the wimp, the pirate guards will escape and you will
    be free to move again. Leave through where the Aligator came from, and enter
    the teleporter. You will end up in the place where you fell for the trap
    earlier. Take the Dragon Egg, Miracle and Wing Ring. Now go back to the room
    with the cage. Make a round about the cage and go out to the corridor. Go left
    and take the GoddessTear in the barrel. Enter the room above and take the
    Wisdom Seed, Revive and Wizrd Ring.
              Jump down the hole to go back to the enclosure once more. Make your
    way to the corridor and take the right fork now. Go down the stairs and go
    further through the dungeon until you reach the bottom B15. Follow the path
    and you will end up the Pirate Boss' room. To the left, there is a Hi-potion in
    the barrel beside the crates. To the right, there is a Skill Seed in the
    barrels. Finally, step onto the platform and face the Pirate Boss. After you
    defeat him, take the Smart Rng and X-potion in the chests before making your
    way into the teleporter. You will be transported out of the cave. Talk to the
    fallen Keit and you will set off on a chase for the Pirate Boss. Deckard will
    come to help once again and he will join you in the final showdown with the Big
    Squido. After defeating the Big Squido, the Pirate Boss will finally be defeated.
    The ship will then make its way back to Tomis.
              After you leave Tomis, make your way east across the bridge and enter
    Copley Forest.
    Ancient Scrolls: TyphoonToss, Stealth Hit
    Items: Good Wood
    Stages: 8
             After you have gone through about 4 stages of the dungeon, you will
    find that you are caught in some form of maze. After several times of walking
    through the same place, Seena will get fustrated and quarrel with Wein. She
    will leave and you will have to proceed without her. After going through the
    dungeon, you will meet up with Seela and the forest spirit Mousse who will join
    your party.(while Wein goes for a spin :) Before you leave Copley Forest, check
    the big tree in the clearing to get the Good Wood. Now head north to Cobe.
             At this point, you can warp back to Patos and hand the Good Wood to
    Grantz for rebuilding Lamika's house. She will give you a Dragon Egg in return.
    Enter the newly rebuilt house and take the Miracle in the chest before warping
    back to Cobe.
    Items: X-magic, Power Seed, Speed Seed, Weird Ring, Wizrd Ring
             Enter the item shop/inn and go to where the beds are. Check the bottom
    right bed for a Speed Seed and take the Weird Ring in the chest. Go up to the
    second floor and check the armor in the lower left corner for a X-magic. Now
    leave the shop and go around the back and search for the hidden backdoor. Take
    the Wizrd Ring in the chest. Also, go down and right to the well to get Power
    Seed. You might want to teach Melphis Champion X, as the spell will be of great
    use in future, even though it takes a whopping 1500 LP. When you are ready,
    leave Cobe and head towards the Tower of Illusion.
    Ancient Scrolls: [1F-10F] R.Blade, Cure Force, Vital Aim
                     [11F-15F] Holy Sword, FinalDance, Jump Slash
    Items: Life Seed, Absorber, Sanity Ring
    Levels: 15
             Go up to L10 and head right first before entering the middle room.
    Take the Life Seed, Sanity Ring and Absorber. Enter the center room and fight
    General Gohl. After you defeat him, he will reveal that the Ultra Weapon has
    fallen into the hands of Deraf. Leave the Tower and head west across the bridge
    to Alstadt castle. After Melphis talks about the route by sea, head back to
             Go to the wharf and talk to Nicky. After debating with him, he finally
    volunteers to ship your party to Alstadt kingdom. When you are confronted by a
    battleship, Deckard emerges once more but he refuses to help. But when the
    battleship comes alongside your ship, Deckard jumps to your boat to fight
    alongside you against the Battleship. After you defeat the Battleship, Deckard
    will join you for good and you will head to Alstadt.
    Ancient Scrolls: Grounder, FalconDance
    Items: Hi-potion, Big Boomer, Boltboomer, Hi-bomb, X-bomb x2, Revive,
           GoddessTear x2, Miracle x2, Life Seed, Wisdom Seed, Mind Seed x2,
           Skill Seed, Prtec Ring, Sanity Rng, Witch Ring, Crown
    Basements: 11
             After you enter Alstadt, go down and left into a room like a weapon
    storehouse. At the far upper right corner behind the cannon, there is a Life
    Seed. The guard will also sell weapons to you. Try buying the Fire Knife for
    Dei, it will help in this dungeon. Now head left and you will meet a priest
    who also acts as a inn. Now enter the dungeon. The monsters in the dungeon are
    pretty fast, even faster than Dei. You have to go up in this dungeon, instead
    of going down as per normal. When you reach the top, check the painting for a
    Big Boomer. Go down and check the flower emblem for a Boltboomer. Exit through
    the opening and go left to the painting beside the plant for a Wisdom Seed. Now
    enter the passage between the plants to the crosspaths. Enter the left room and
    check the center bookshelf for a Miracle. Go to the right and search the right
    wall candlestick for a GoddessTear. Take the Mind Seed, Prtec Ring and Revive
    in the chests. Straight ahead will be a church. If you want, there is a
    Hi-potion at the right trees when you just exit the castle.
             Now go up the stairs and check the mirror for a Hi-bomb. Melphis' room
    is on the right and you can use the bed to rest there. There is also a Mind Seed
    at the fireplace. In the left room, there are 4 chests containing GoddessTear,
    Miracle, Sanity Rng and Witch Ring. When you are ready, enter the center room
    to fight Deraf. After you defeat him, search the throne for a Crown. Go straight
    ahead until you reach Deraf once more. You will have to fight the Ultra Weapon.
    After the weapon goes down, a man clad in golden armor will appear. Meet Amon,
    the Sinistral of Chaos, the one who turned Deraf evil. After Amon leaves, take
    the Skill Seed and GoddessTear in the two chests and leave the castle.
             Go left and up to the upper right corner. Check the castle wall for
    a Body Seed. Leave through the main entrance. As you are leaving the kingdom,
    check the front of the two cannons outside to get 2 X-bombs. Now head back east
    to the Tower of Illusion.
    Ancient Scrolls: [1F-10F] R.Blade, Cure Force, Vital Aim
                     [11F-15F] Holy Sword, FinalDance, Jump Slash
             Make your way past where you fought General Gohl before and head
    further up into the tower. The monsters on the higher levels are strong, so be
    careful! The Medusas can easily confuse or paralyze all your characters and
    the High Hydras do alot of damage too. When you reach the top dais, you will
    fight Amon, the second Sinistral. After you defeat Amon, leave the tower and
    head back to Alstadt Kingdom.
             When you enter the kingdom, go to the bridge leading to the castle.
    Amon will appear once again and attempt to create chaos once more before he
    dies. After the scene, Deckard's real identity will be revealed. (So that's
    why the crown can only be equipped by Deckard :) You will now be able to use
    Deckard's boat and can access places like the Ancient Cave. But you will be
    unable to enter most of the other dungeons in the other 2 continents, so head
    east to Elcoranos on Fante Continent.
    At this point, you can head to Azoles Cave to get a BunnyBlade.
    Here's what you do:
    1. On Fante Continent in the world map, you can see an island in the middle
       surrounded by water. That is the Mologoro Cave which you will visit later.
    2. From the island, sail south-east down to a beach. You will see a mansion
       before you. This is Leydock's Mansion, which you will also visit later.
    3. From the mansion, head west to the back entrance of Azoles Cave.
    4. Talk to the maid and she will give you a BunnyBlade!
    Items: GoddessTear, X-magic x3, Miracle, Power Seed, Dragn Ring
             Head right from the entrance into the inn and take the GoddessTear in
    the barrel. As usual, there is a backdoor that will allow you to use the inn
    for free. Make your way around the back of the inn and check the barrel for a
    X-magic. Enter the house above and check the single shelf in the room for
    another X-magic. Also, check the chest for yet another X-magic. Leave and go
    left and down and enter the item shop through its backdoor. Take the Power Seed
    and Dragn Ring in the chests. Leave the shop and go round the front. Check the
    crates on the left for a Miracle. Talk to the soldier at the fountain and leave
    the town. Head east to Mistra Cave.
    Ancient Scrolls: Speed Attk, Bolt Sword, Force Shot
    Items: X-magic, Miracle, DestBlade
    Basements: 10
             Go straight upon entering the cave. When you come to a crossroads, go
    right first. Stand below the pillar and face right towards the lava. Search it
    for the DestBlade. Now go right and into the dungeon. When you reach B10, go
    up for the save point and healing point. Now head to the extreme right and take
    the Miracle and X-magic in the chests. Enter the centre room and you will fight
    the Ancient Dragon with Conas and another soldier. After you defeat the dragon,
    leave the cave and head back to Elcorano.
    Items: Dragon Scale(optional)
             Go to the fountain and talk to Conas. He will attempt to confess his
    love for Karinas. But before he can do so, the mother of the Ancient Dragon
    appears (you weren't thinking that it was going to be that easy, were you :)
    This battle is like the first and second battle with Gades, whether you win or
    not does not matter. If you do win, the dragon will drop a Dragon Scale armor,
    which has high magic protection. Whether you defeat the dragon or not, a
    mystery man will appear and finish it off. He is Daos, the Sinistral of Doom,
    the leader of all the Sinistrals. He will kill Conas and the entire party will
    be shocked by the power of Daos. After seeing your strongest foe so far, head
    back to Mistra cave and continue south to Redwood.
    Items: X-potion, X-magic, Life Seed, Luck Blade
             Welcome to the casino town of Lufia! Upon entering, go to the upper
    right-hand corner of the town. Enter the house and check the fireplace for a
    Life Seed. Go behind the house and check the barrel for a X-potion. The church
    is at the left corner, and there are useful spells such as Sleep and Mirror
    that you can learn. Now enter the Casino in the centre of town. You will meet
    the expert gambler Ruby for the first time. After the scene with Tak, go to the
    upper right corner and take the X-magic in the chest. On the second floor is
    the registration for the Monster Track and on the third floor is the item shop.
    Register for the Monster Track and go down to first floor again. Check the area
    on the table to the left of Tak for a Luck Blade. Leave the casino and head to
    the inn to rest.
    Ancient Scrolls: Afterimage, Heavy Noise
    Items: Speed Seed, Mind Seed, Rockt Ring, HiPow Ring
    Basements: 10
                Fight your way through the dungeon until the bottom. The monsters
    are rather strong in Azoles, with hard monsters like Trolls and KillerArmrs.
    When you reach the bottom, head to the right end to the save point and take
    the Rockt Ring, Mind Seed and HiPow Ring in the chests. Now enter the center
    room and you will meet Ruby once again. After the brief tussle with Tak, you
    will fight the Big Mouth with Ruby. After the battle, Ruby will be introduced
    to the team and Wein will...(as usual, insults :) Before leaving the cave, go
    to the left and take the Speed Seed in the chest. Warp back to Redwood and go
    to the second floor of the casino and talk to the Monster Track organiser,
    Leydock. He will invite you to his mansion.
                Head back to Azoles Cave and go straight through to the other side.
    Leydock's mansion will be to the east.
    Ancient Scrolls: CrossMirage, Support
    Items: X-potion, GoddessTear x4, Hi-magic x2, Miracle x2, FireBoomer, BigBoomer,
           Mind Seed, Dragon Egg
    Basements: 6
               Upon reaching the fountain, head right and up and take the Revive
    in the chest. Now enter the mansion and go up to the 2nd floor. Walk past
    Leydock and enter the left room. Check the leftmost bookshelf for a GoddessTear.
    Enter the right room and check the bed for a Big Boomer and take the Miracle
    and GoddessTear in the chests. Go up to the 3rd floor and go to the rightmost
    cubicle and take the Dragon Egg in the chest. Go further up to the other two
    rooms. Take the GoddessTear in the chest and check the cupboard in the other
    room for a Hi-magic. Now go back to the second floor and talk to Leydock, he
    will prepare a sumptous feast for your party. All of the members except Dei
    will eat the food, which turns out to be drugged. (Talk about being destined
    to fight Sinistrals, even Wein needs Dei to rescue him:)
               You will end up in the Leydock mansion dungeon. Save your game and
    heal if you wish. Now head right along the pathway. Check the crest on the way
    for a GoddessTear. Continue till you enter the room with the soldier and enter
    the dungeon itself. Try to avoid fighting as it is not worth it with only Dei
    and Wein. When you reach B5, go up at the first path you see. take the
    FireBoomer and Mind Seed. Continue all the way left and down to a room and
    take the Hi-magic and X-potion in the chests. Now go back up and enter the
    centre room. You will discover the horrible purpose of Leydock and its really
    gross. x(
               After you defeat Leydock, check the second "statue" from the right
    for a Miracle. Leave the mansion and head east and north to Tanba.
    Items: X-potion, Hi-magic, X-magic, GoddessTear x2, Miracle, Life Blade,
           Bunny Ring
                Go right and enter the inn. Go up to the 2nd floor and check the
    cupboard at the left for a Bunny Ring. Exit the inn and go to the left of the
    item shop. Check the barrel for a X-magic. Enter the shop and take the Hi-magic
    in the chest. Now go around the back of the shop and enter through its backdoor.
    Take the GoddessTear, X-potion, X-magic and Miracle in the chests. Leave the
    shop and go up to the Tanba cemetery. Check the tombstone in the upper right
    corner for a Life Blade. Now go right down to the church and go round the trees
    on the right. Go to the left corner and check the side of the church for a
    GoddessTear. After you have finished your business, head north into Tanba cave.
    Ancient Scrolls: Chaff, Shadow Hit
                Presently, the dungeon in the cave is too hard for your party
    (unless you have spent time in the Ancient Cave and have the Legendary Weapons
    with you). The monsters in the cave are those of the last dungeon, such as
    Lucifer. The stuff at the bottom is useful only if you are trying the Egg
    Dragon subquest. So just go right and head for the Tower of Sorrow for now.
    Ancient Scrolls: [1F-6F] ScatterMist, Strong Cure
                     [7F-13F] White Whale, UltimateBet
                     [14F-20F] Fire Sword, Revive
                Make your way up to 7F and go to the center to fight Daos for the
    first time. After flaunting his power, Daos will stop the battle and Jan will
    hit him with a killing blow. Take the Hi-magic and Revive in the two chests at
    the side and leave the Tower for now, going back to Tanba.
    Note: It is possible to defeat Daos within the 3 rounds. Check the Boss section
          for tips.
    Items: Engag Ring
                Head towards the town square and you will see the wedding between
    Jan and Sammi. But halfway through, an uninvited guest appears and the entire
    wedding results in a tragedy. You will fight Daos again, with him ending the
    battle in 3 rounds as before. (aargh! why can't he just fight!!) After Jan is
    buried, check his grave for a Engag Ring. (why would a wedding ring be able to
    bargain with merchants?!) Leave the town and head northwest to Mologoro.
    Note: As in the Tower, you can kill him before he ends the battle. If you do,
          you will get a very cool piece of equipment...
    Items: Revive, Hi-magic x2, X-magic, Smallboomer, GoddessTear, Mind Seed,
           Body Seed, Bunny Tray
                Check the barrels to the left of the inn for a Hi-magic. Now go
    left and round to the back of the item shop and enter it's backdoor. Take the
    X-magic and Mind Seed in the chests. Now go left and up past the bridge and go
    around the church to the town's upper left corner. Check the second fence from
    the left for a Body seed. Go all the way to the right and enter the house there.
    Check the shelf beside the sink for a Smallboomer and take the Revive in the
    chest. Now enter the lab and go up to the 2nd floor. Take the Bunny Tray in the
    chests. Go up to the 3rd floor and check the chest for a GoddessTear. Go to the
    room on the right and search the plans on the table for a Hi-magic. Now leave
    Mologoro and head south across the sea to Gologolo Cave.
    (Note: If your ship is elsewhere, just cast warp to Mologoro on the world map
           and your ship should appear on the beach)
    Ancient Scrolls: Solid Attk
    Items: Revive, X-magic x2, GoddessTear, Miracle, Life Seed
    Basements: 9
                 Check the chest at the right for a X-magic. Now enter the dungeon
    and make your way to B9. Beware of the Samurais and Ninjas as they both have
    one-hit KO attacks. When you reach the bottom, go all the way down and check
    the chests for GoddessTear, X-magic and Life Seed. Go up and head right to a
    room where Isaac is. The digging machine will wake a Fire Dragon up, who will
    blow your butts out of the cave :) Isaac will then take you and your ship back
    to Tanba. You can go back to the bottom of Gologolo cave as there are items
    that can be found. There is a Revive in the hole under the digging machine and
    there is also a Miracle inside the lava where the Fire Dragon came out from.
    Now go by ship to the back of the Tower of Sorrow and enter the Tanba shrine.
    Ancient Scrolls: Shadowdance, Heal Force
    Items: Hi-magic, X-magic, GoddessTear x2, Miracle, Power Seed
    Levels: 10
                 When you enter, check the left stand on the second row of stands
    for a Revive. Take the GoddessTear and Power Seed in the chests. After going
    through the door, check the right stand on the third row of stands for a
    Hi-magic. Now enter the dungeon and make your way up to 10F. Beware of the
    Demons as they are difficult to kill. If you have the Jump Ring, equip it on
    Wein to kill the Demons easier. When you reach L10, go straight up and take the
    Miracle in the chest. Now go down to the junction and head all the way right and
    down and take the X-magic. Also, go up and take the GoddessTear in the other
    chest. If you wish to beat Daos later on, you should have the Red Beret and
    Unded Ring to make things easier. You should also have a strong weapon for Wein,
    such as the Alum Blade or Maxim Blade. So de-equip them from whoever is using it.
    Now enter the centre room where the Floatium is. Seena and Wein will be sucked
    into the Floatium and stranded in the Tower of Sorrow.
    Ancient Scrolls: [1F-6F] ScatterMist, Strong Cure
                     [7F-13F] White Whale, UltimateBet
                     [14F-20F] Fire Sword, Revive
    Items: X-magic
                 You will be warped to the 14th floor of the tower. There will be
    a heal and save point and also a old man who sells items that can be equipped
    by Seela and Wein. Take the X-magic in the chest and enter the dungeon. Make
    your way up to the 20th floor and you will fight Daos once again. It is possible
    to defeat him here, but even if you don't, it doesn't matter. If you do, you
    will get the Daos Ring. No matter what the outcome, Daos will fry you and the
    rest of the party will come to your rescue. You can now use the airship, which
    is the fastest form of transport. You can also access Rosplett Continent and
    the Al Cave in the center of the map, directly below Gulduck. Now head back to
    the Tower of Sorrow.
                 This time, go up to L7 and go ahead where you previously could not.
    Take the Miracle in the chest and continue up. Go all the way up to L20. There,
    you will meet Daos in a final confrontation. After you defeat him, leave the
    tower and head south to Rosplett Continent. Go through the Rosplett forest and
    enter the village of Midy.
    NOTE: It is possible now to try the Egg Dragon subquest as you can now access
          all the Dragon Eggs. But it will be rather inconvenient. I would
          recommend waiting until after the Tower of Sorrow, when you get a better
          form of transport.
    Items: Hi-potion x3, X-magic, Boltboomer, Miracle x2, Skill Seed, Bunnysuit
                 Go straight up and check the barrel beside the inn for a Mind
    Seed. Enter the inn and take the GoddessTear in the chest. Now head left to
    the shop stump and enter through its backdoor. Take the Hi-potion, Mystery Pin,
    Boltboomer and Miracle. (Try talking to the shopkeeper, hehe) Now go up across
    the bridge and go left. Check the barrels for a Miracle. Head right and enter
    the treehouse. Check the sink for a Hi-potion. Now go up to the 2nd floor and
    take the X-magic in the chest. Also, check the cupboards for a Bunnysuit and
    Skill Seed. Go outside on the 2nd floor and check the left corner for a
    Hi-potion. Now talk to the female elf in the room and she will tell you that
    Milka is waiting for you at the Rosplett Shrine. So head south-east to the
    Rosplett Shrine.
    Ancient Scrolls: Card Stream, EnergyPunch, Force Wave
    Items: Revive, Hi-magic x2
    Levels: 10
                 Go straight and take the Hi-magic and Revive in the chests. Now
    enter the dungeon and make your way up to L10. Beware of the monsters in the
    cave, especially the Hydra and the Leech. The Hydra can attack 8 times with
    quite a high ATP! The Leech has such a high MAP that if any of your characters
    get hit by a single-person spell, he or she will probably die. The Leech also
    can cast Destroy, so kill all Leeches at sight!! When you reach the top, talk
    to Milka in the centre. She will tell you about Dual Blade and the resurrection
    of the Sinistrals before joining you. Check the orb before leaving for a
    Hi-magic. Now take the airship and head northwest to the islands in the centre
    of the map. There will be a cave on the largest island.
    Ancient Scrolls: Critical, Upright, Octostrike, FortuneDice
    Basements: 10
                 Go down to B10 and take the Body Seed in the chest. Continue along
    the path and take the Miracle and GoddessTear in the chests. Continue on again
    and take the Revive. You will come to a room with the Floatium suspended in the
    center. Go in front of the Floatium. After the floatium is taken, leave the
    cave and go back to Mologoro on Fante continent.
    Items: Hi-potion, X-potion x2, Revive, X-magic x2, Miracle, Speed Seed x2,
           Risk Blade, BunnyBlade
                 Head straight to the lab and talk to the assistant by the water.
    Isaac will modify the ship. Now head to the whirlpool in the centre of the
    islands where the Al Cave is situated. Enter it and you will be taken to the
    ruins of the Doom Island.
                 First, take either the left or right staircase and go down. Take
    the X-potion, Hi-potion and X-magic in the chests. Now go back up and go along
    the centre passageway to the stairs leading up. When you reach a fork, turn
    right and take the X-potion in the chest. Continue on and take the Revive in
    the other chest later on. Go up again. Go round to the back and take the Risk
    Blade, Miracle and Speed Seed in the chests. Now go up to the 2nd tier and go
    round to the back once more. Go down the stairs and take the BunnyBlade and
    X-magic in the chests. Go back up to the platform again. Finally, step onto
    the top platform. You will acquire the Dual Blade. But it turns out that you
    have unwittingly resurrected Erim, the Sinistral of Death. After you have
    defeated her, she will resurrect the other 3 Sinistrals with her dying breath
    (uh oh...). After defeating her, check the centre panel in front of you for a
    Speed Seed. Now leave Doom Island and head northeast to the only island
    unexplored on Rosplett Continent. It is northwest of the forest. Enter the
    Tower of Twilight.
    Ancient Scrolls: Chakra, Sea God, Ice Sword
    Items: Miracle x2, Life Seed, Power Seed, G. Charm
    Levels: 30
                 Enter the final true dungeon of the game. The monsters here are
    all very strong, especially the Copper and Silver Dragons. The Shadows can
    confuse your chracters with one hit and there is no way to prevent it unless
    you have equipped Sanity Rings. The Silver Golems are also hard to kill. Take
    the 2 Miracles in the chests when you first enter. When you reach the 25th
    floor, check the lamp in the centre for a Life Seed. Go up and take the
    G. Charm in the chest. It protects you from instant death spells. Go up again
    and check the demon statue on the right for a Power Seed. Up the stairs once
    more and you will come head to head with Daos, Amon and Gades. You will now
    have to face the ultimate boss, Guard Daos! After you defeat him, your party
    will celebrate, except for one...
                 I will not reveal this part, suffice to say that Erim will fight
    you once again and you will lose one amongst you. After defeating Erim, Daos
    will summon the strongest monster, Zalbak, the God of Eternal Flame. Leave the
    Tower of Twilight and head to the Doom Island, which has risen once again from
    the ocean depths.
    Items: Hi-potion, X-potion x2, X-magic x3, Miracle x3, X-bomb x2
                 The layout of the shrine is the same as before. Go down one floor
    and take the X-magic, X-bomb and Hi-potion in the chests. Go back up and head
    up to the next floor. Take the X-potion and X-magic in the chests as before.
    Go up once again and head to the back. Take the Power Seed, X-bomb and Miracle
    in the chests. Now go up to the second platform and go to the back. Go down and
    take the X-potion and X-magic. Go back up and go up to the top platform. Enter
    the stairs, go round and take the two Miracles and X-magic. Enter the teleporter
    in the middle and walk to the top dais. You will fight the final boss, Zalbak.
    Defeat him and congratulations, you have completed the game! Watch the ending,
    it is excellent! After the credits, wait and you will be shown a screen showing
    your performance throughout the game. Press Start and you will go back to the
    title screen again. You will also gain a new mode called Start Over, that allows
    you to gain 4x EXP, LP and Gold in battles!
                 Talk to Rudo in the house at the lower left corner. He will talk
    about a girl named Maqurine in Copley Forest whom he likes. Now warp to Tomis
    and head east to the Copley Forest.
    Ancient Scrolls: TyphoonToss, Stealth Hit
    Items: Hi-bomb, Leechblade
    Stages: 8
                 Make your way through until the 5th section, where you previously
    got lost. There will be a house there. Enter and take the Hi-bomb in the
    barrels, the Mystery Pin in the shelf and the Leechblade in the chest. Now
    talk to Maqurine twice and she will talk about the Purple Eye. Now head back to
    Caan and talk to Rudo. He will head to Tomis Cave to find the jewel. Follow him
    north to the Tomis Cave.
    Ancient Scrolls: Force Shield
    Items: Jump Ring
    Basements: 7
                 Make your way down to B7. Head right at the crossroads and take
    the Jump Ring in the chest. Now go down at the crossroads and head right. You
    will see Rudo being confronted by the DevilAlgtr. After defeating it, Rudo
    will head to Copley Forest to find Maqurine. Follow him once again to the
    Copley Forest.
    Ancient Scrolls: TyphoonToss, Stealth Hit
    Stages: 8
                 Go back to Maqurine's house and talk to Rudo. Talk to him twice
    and he will set off once again to find the Blue Eye in Slani(not Sulani) Cave
    on Epsis continent. Warp back to Albano and head west to Slani Cave.
    Ancient Scrolls: [B1-B5] Concentrate , Cooking, Holy Attack
                     [B6-B12] Pressure Pt.
    Basements: 12
                 Go down to B4 and go past where you met Dei and enter the stairs.
    Continue down to B12. Head all the way right and take the Wisdom Seed, Burn
    Ring and X-magic in the chests. Now head left and you will see Rudo being
    confronted by a monster once again. (He should be dead by now, grumble...) After
    you defeat the DevilSnake, Rudo will go back to Copley Forest. Follow him back
    Ancient Scrolls: TyphoonToss, Stealth Hit
    Items: Cat Ring
    Stages: 8
                 Go to Maqurine's house again and talk to Rudo. The cat will
    transform into Maqurine. After Rudo's confesses his love for Maqurine, she
    will give you the Cat Ring, which boosts your female character's speed by 300!
    SUBQUEST COMPLETED! (pretty irritating subquest, i think :P)
    For more details on getting an egg, check the respective number.
    Dragon Egg Locations
    1. Item Shop in Patos
    2. Saving Lurissa's of Majari's father from Laphon Cave
    3. Talk to Etral in Fugo's Mansion after defeating Gades
    4. Pirate Hideout, Fake bottom floor
    5. Rebuild Lamika's house in Patos by giving Good Wood to Grantz
    6. Leydock's mansion, 3rd floor
    7. Rebuilding Siantao
    8. Ancient Cave, chest on third floor
    After you have gotten all the eggs, check the Tanba Cave section below.
    Dragon Egg(2)
          Go to Majari and talk to the girl surrounded by flowers, Lurissa. She
    will say that her dad entered Laphon Cave and never came back. Seela will lie
    to her and "predict" that her dad will come back. Now head south back the
    bridge and go north-east back to Laphon Cave.
    Ancient Scrolls: Investigate, Crackbuster
    Items: Craze Ring, Life Seed
    Basements: 9
          Don't worry, this time you won't "get hurt" as the guard says. You should
    be strong enough now to fight the monsters inside. Just remember to bring
    healing supplies along. And beware of the Phantom, the upgraded version of the
    Ghost, as it can cast Perish, which can kill your character immediately. If you
    got the Gadesblade form the battle with Gades, be warned that it will not do any
    damage to the undead creatures in the cave, including the Phantom. After you
    reach the bottom, turn right the fork to get the Craze Ring and Life Seed.
    Continue on and you will find Lurisa's father. After he leaves, exit the cave
    and head north back to Majari.
    Items: Dragon Egg
          Talk to Lurisa's dad for a Dragon Egg.
    Dragon Egg(5)
    Ancient Scrolls: TyphoonToss, Stealth Hit
    Items: Good Wood
    Stages: 8
                 Enter the Copley Forest through its back and enter the clearing.
    Check the round tree in the upper section for the Good Wood. Head to Albano and
    talk to Grantz the carpenter in front of Fugo's house. He will head to Patos
    after knowing about Lamika's burnt house. Now head to Patos, talk to Grantz and
    give him the Good Wood. He will rebuild the house. Talk to Lamika after the
    house is rebuilt and she will give you a Dragon Egg.
    Dragon Egg(7)
    Ancient Scrolls: Hit & Hide
    Items: Risk Blade, Great Tree
    Stages: 10
                 When you  enter the centre clearing, check the single tree on the
    left for a X-magic. Now head right and enter the forest itself. The monsters
    here are the same as those in the Rosplett Shrine. When you reach the 10th
    section, go straight and take the Risk Blade in the chest. Now head right and
    follow the path until you come to a clearing with a round tree in the middle.
    Check the tree for a, erm...Great Tree. You should have rebuilt Lamika's house
    by now. So head to Patos and talk to Grantz in Lamika's new house. If you have
    not yet, check Dragon Egg(5). Grantz will head to Siantao after you have given
    him the Great Tree. So now head to the ruins of Siantao.
    Items: Earrings, Speed Seed, Power Seed, Plat Shld, Dragon Egg
                 When you enter Siantao, you will find that the whole place has
    been rebuilt and there is even a castle at the back! When you enter, head right
    and check the single barrel above for a Earrings. Now head up and to the castle.
    Go round it at the right to a bunch of trees. Check the third one from the left
    for a Speed Seed. Now enter the castle. Go right and up and search the plant
    for a Power Seed. Go up to the second floor and talk to the sister on the throne
    for a Dragon Egg. Go behind the throne and check it for a Plat Shld.
    After you have gotten all the Dragon Eggs...
    Ancient Scrolls: Chaff, Shadow Hit
    Items: Revive, X-magic, Body Seed, Egg Key
                 Make your way down to B13. Head down and take the Egg Key and
    Revive. Take the right path and take the Body Seed and X-magic in the chests.
    Leave the cave and go to the new Siantao. Enter the castle and go all the way
    to the back and right. Using the Egg Key, you will be able to enter the
    Ancient Maze.
    Ancient Scrolls: Sky Spiral
    Items: Egg Sonar
    Basements: 6
                 Make your way down to B5 of the Maze. Talk to the Egg Dragon in
    the center and it will grant you 1 of 3 wishes. After that, it will disappear
    and leave a chest behind. Take the Egg Sonar in the chest. You can use the Egg
    Sonar to find out where the eggs have been dispersed to. The eggs will be
    randomly placed in empty chests around the world. Note that if you see less
    than 8 eggs after using the Sonar, it means that at one or more locations, there
    are one or more eggs at that location. So search carefully! After finding all
    the eggs, go back to the Maze and talk to the dragon for a wish again. You
    cannot wish the same thing twice. Repeat the process until all the wishes have
    been exhausted. The Egg Dragon will now ask if you want to fight it. If you
    defeat it (it will be a long battle), it will ask to join your party. If you
    decline, the dragon will remain there and you can fight him again. This is
    the best way in the game to gain EXP, LP and gold. If you accept, the dragon
    will disappear and enter your party. Check out its stats!! You will also get
    the Egg Sword, which has a high rate of instant-kill on all monsters!
    SUBQUEST COMPLETED! (the most rewarding one, i think :)
    Note: Before you get the Ruby, check the Ancient Cave section below before
    Ancient Scrolls: Puzzle
    Items: Dragon Fang, Power Seed, Body Seed, Glass Ruby
                 Fight your way down to B10. On the bottom level, turn right at the
    crossroads and take the Glass Ruby and Power Seed in the 2 chests. Continue
    along the path and turn right to two chests containing a Body Seed and Dragon
    Fang. Now leave and head to Gulduck. It is a town situated on an islan in the
    center of the world map.
    Items: Miracle, Body Seed, Wing Ring
                 Enter the inn on the left and take the Hi-potion in the chest. Go
    right and enter the items shop through its backdoor. Take the Miracle and Wing
    Ring in the chests. Head left past the church to the well. Check it for a Body
    Seed. Now leave the town and continue on to the Ancient Cave.
    Items: Everything?
                 When you first enter, check the armor directly to your right for
    a X-bomb. Now head left and check the barrels at the side for a X-magic. Go up
    to the second floor and check the fireplace for a Life Seed. On the third floor,
    there is also a chest containing a Dragon Egg.
                 Basically, the ancient cave is a dungeon where you start off with
    no equipment or spells or Ancient Scrolls, and you are also reduced to Level 1.
    It is a test of your ability to survive on whatever you can gather in the 100
    basement dungeon. Note that you can save your log in the cave, but you can't
    save your game. The dungeon is just like a normal one, with hidden rooms and
    hidden healing tiles. Note that in the cave, the healing tiles only refill your
    HP, not your MP. There are no MP refill tiles in the cave. The items in the
    cave are totally random and you can get any Ancient Scroll in the cave. Spells
    are scrolls that are lying around on the floor throughout the cave. There will
    also be equipment in the chests. Occasionally, you might come across chests that
    are blue. The items inside are usually more powerful than normal ones and they
    can be brought in and out of the Ancient Cave, unlike normal equipment. Note
    that there are other items that you can bring in, for example items that you get
    from defeating the Sinistrals when you are not supposed to.
                  In the cave, there will be an occasional old man who will sell
    items to you. He will take up an entire floor, so meeting him will equal a
    floor. He usually appears at floors of the multiple of 5, like B30, B45, etc.
    His inventory consists of many useful weapons which you can buy (you cannot
    bring EXP, LP or gold out of the cave, so just use them). His inventory will
    change depending on how much money you have when you talk to him.
                  There are no stairs leading up in the cave. There are a few ways
    in which you can get out. One is to use the Providence, which is an item that
    can be found in chests on the B20s. You can only get one in the cave. Another
    way is to use the teleporter on the 100th floor. And the final way is to get
    defeated by monsters in the cave. You will lose any blue chest items you have
    gotten in that trip if you leave the cave in this way.
                  When you first attempt the cave, you will only be able to go
    to B50. If you wish to go to B100, go to the Broffo Cave to get the Glass Ruby.
    But if you try the cave without Ruby, when you get to B50, there will be a maid
    in place of the stairs that continues on. She will give you a God Helm that you
    would not get if you had the Ruby. After you get the Glass Ruby, there will
    just be a chest on the 50th floor, containing a Croquette, and a stairs leading
    further down into the cave. (Actually, the helm is not that great, many blue
    chest items are better) When you reach the 100th floor, you will meet a green
    jelly, who will grant you one of three wishes.
    1."Best Weapons"
    2."Make A.C. 200L!"
    If you choose the 1st wish, check the section below on how to get the best
    weapons. Everytime you make this wish, you can choose 4 weapons. To get the
    full set, you will have to wish it 3 times. If you choose the 2nd wish, the
    cave will now have 200 basements, with a secret enemy at the new bottom
    floor... . If you choose the 3rd wish, when you leave the cave and fight
    your first battle, even though the EXP and stuff will be the same, all your
    characters will gain about 3-5 levels.
    After you make the first wish thrice, it will change to a "Fight Me!" wish. If
    you defeat the jelly, a staircase will appear, leading down to B200. You will
    also be able to start the Ancient Cave from B100 in future just by talking to
    the man behind the counter at the surface. So defeating the jelly will not
    only give you the second wish, it will also give you a shortcut to B100.
    Note that after you defeat the jelly, it will also disappear.
    BEYOND B100...
                 The enemies in the first 10 floors will be a mixture of those in
    the previous 100 floors. This is to allow those that came in through B100 a
    chance to build themselves up before the real dungeon. After B110, there will
    be new enemies from later parts of the normal game and also enemies that you
    CANNOT find in the normal game.
    B100-110   Coops
    B111-120   D.Summoners
    B121-140   GoldGolems
    B131-150   G.Demons
    B141-170   Sky Dragons
    B151-180   Black Dragons
    B170+      Gold Dragons
    B185+      Behemoths
                 Most of them are very strong, so be well prepared to fight them!
    It will be hard to avoid battles with them as most of them will move towards
    you. Equip holy weapons or weapons that are effective against hard enemies.
    Holy weapons such as the Silver Bow and Gaia Blade (both can be bought from the
    old man) work wonders against these monsters. A Dragonslay would be useful too.
    Holy spells such as Fry and Zap will also be of great help.
                 Coops are not very strong. They are just another form of Zombies.
    The D.Summoners can summon enemies like Leech and Chariot to help them. The
    GoldGolems are hard to kill, and their attacks are pretty strong too.
    G.Demons are a major pain in the ass! Even the Legendary weapons for each
    character are of little effect against them! Use the Alum/Zirco Fist for Aima,
    the Gaia Blade for Deckard or a good holy weapon for Dei. These demons can
    attack twice a round, casting spells that do alot(and I mean ALOT!) of
    damage to your party, also often casting Destroy. If your spellcasters are
    slower than them, don't cast spells, they will almost definitely cast Mirror
    within their two attacks. But the G.Demons are not worth the EXP. They don't
    give much. So avoid attacks with them, they're not worth it.
                 The Sky Dragons can attack twice per round with a move that hits
    a column and a row. They will also, like the Copper and Silver Dragons, heal
    themselves if they are injured too much. If you can't kill them in one round,
    then don't waste the attacks. The Black Dragons are hard-type monsters. Only
    weapons effective against hard monsters or holy weapons can really harm them.
    They can also cast Destroy, and with a high kill rate. Try casting Destroy on
    them too, they are not immune.
                 Gold Dragons are THE monsters of the game! Players who have played
    Lufia 2 probably wondered where the much-feared Gold Dragons were when the
    Copper and Silver ones could be found in the normal game. Here they are, as
    powerful as they were before in the Lufia 2 Ancient Cave. They can auto-heal
    like the other dragons and have a whopping 1500HP! Use weapons that are "evil"
    or have "cursed" in their description. The Mad Edge can do 300-400 damage per
    hit. The Leechblade can also do an occasional instant-kill on a dragon. The
    Fatal Pick is also useful. Being light elemental, the Dragons are also weak
    to spells like Perish, Destroy and Reduce.
                  As for the Behemoths, they are easier to damage compared to the
    Gold Dragons, but neither are they pushovers. They have the most HP for a
    normal monster in the game and their two hit physical attack can do alot of
    damage even to characters with high defense. Use instant-kill spells on them,
    it saves alot of trouble. Using physical attacks on them is very dangerous,
    especially if you are facing 3 of them at once, as you might not even be able
    to kill one. I usually try to avoid attacks with them, although they give alot
    of EXP.
                  When you reach the B200, continue ahead and you will meet Iria.
    She is extremely powerful, so be warned! Possibly the toughest boss in the game,
    all her attacks are light-based, and light-protection equipment are rare. If
    you do manage to defeat her, you will get the Ancient Text D-End Flash and a
    ring called the Rainbow. The Rainbow will prevent any random monster encounters
    on the world map and it will also prevent any monsters from appearing in
    dungeons! So as long as you equip it, you don't need to fight at all! But note
    that it will not protect you against Mimics as it does not work against them.
    So even if you equip it, you might still meet mimics and RareMimics in the
    Ancient Cave!
    Ancient Scrolls: Force Field, Rapid Hit
    Items: GoddessTear
    Levels: 5
             The shrine is located northeast of Alstadt Kingdom, across the sea.
    Enter the shrine and when you reach the top level, check the chest on the right
    for a GoddessTear. Then continue ahead into a room with 12 tombstones positioned
    around a crest, like below.
              4     9
             3       10
             2       11
             1       12
    1:Maxim Blade(Wein)
    2:Dark Card(Seena)
    3:Invisible Cloak(Dei)
    4:Ancient Bracelet(Aima)
    5:Luna Blade(Randolph)
    6:Queen Whip(Melphis)
    7:Capsule Ring(Mousse)
    8:Deckard Sword(Deckard)
    9:Fortune Dress(Ruby)
    10:Wind Flute(Yurist)
    11:Power Suit(Isaac)
    12:Artea Bow(Milka)
    You can only choose 4 of the equipment in the stones. To get the rest, you will
    have to go down the Ancient Cave and wish for it again. The equipment are like
    blue treasure chest items, they can be brought in and out of the cave. Note that
    the equipment also increases that character's particular S.F. by 10, but this
    increase does not have effect on S.F. flow (a.k.a. it will not affect adjacent
    SUBQUEST COMPLETED! (the longest ever?)
    NAME         HP   EXP   LP   GOLD    COOKING          STEAL(GRAB LOOT)
    Ammonite    420   800   60    700    X-potion,        X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Amr.Hornet  475   850   52    850    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Antares     397   805   49    690    PoisnPowder,     X-potion,Hi-potion,
                                         X-potion         Antidote
    Armadite    520  1253  100   1120    Hi-potion,       GoddessTear,Hi-potion,
                                         Miracle          Potion
    ArmrGoblin  200   290   36    250    Long Sword       Iron Mail,Revive,Hi-potion
    Assassin    302  1050   86    900    DeathPowder,     X-potion,Revive,Hi-potion
                                         Speed Seed
    Atk. Beetle  40    32    4     36    Charred Newt     Revive,Charred Newt
    Baffalo     184   120   10    120    VoiceCandy       Revive,Hi-Potion,Potion
    Bat          16     5    2      7    Magic Pot
    Baby Frog   252   280   35    220    Antidote         Revive,NumbPowder,
    Bee          40    36    5     28    Potion           Small Boomer,Potion
    Behemoth   2000  3500  210   2000
    Blk.Dragon 1000  1250  170   1550
    Blood Bat   288   240   32    240    X-Potion         Revive,Confupowder,Shriek
    BloodyWolf  162   100   14    130    Hi-potion        FireBoomer,Hi-potion,
    Blu.Dragon  700  1508  105   1500    Hi-potion,       Dragon Fang,Hi-potion,
                                         Miracle          Potion
    Blue Core    20    22  222      2    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Blue Jelly   40    28    6     40                     Potion,Hi-Potion
    Blue Wisp   666  1100  100    899    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Bulls       650  1268   80    998    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Camila      504  1046   84   1010    X-potion,        Sweet Water,Cats Eye,
                                         Sanity Rng       Potion
    Cerebus     690  1013   79    999    GoddessTear,     X-bomb,Fireboomer,Hi-potion
                                         Wisdom Seed
    Chariot     810  1872  142   1800    GoddessTear,     X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Clay Golem  350   422   30    383    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Potion,
                                         X-potion         CharredNewt
    Clown       386   886   56    780    Tea,GoddessTear, X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Cockatoris  528   982   75    961    Revive,          X-potion,Hi-potion,
                                         GoddessTear      NumbPowder
    Coops       340   450   40    420
    Cpr.Dragon 1000  1550  120   1900    Hi-potion,       Dragon Fang,Hi-potion,
                                         Dragn Ring       Potion
    Crsed Armor 120   165   24    140    Sml Armor,       Bracelet,Bomb,Potion
    Cyclops     560  1100   84   1002    Hi-potion,       X-bomb,Hi-potion,Potion
                                         Life Seed
    D.Samurai   480  1000   80   1000    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    D. Spirit   190   686   32    320    GoddessTear      Deathpowder,Poisnpowder,
    D.Summoner  500  1100   88   1050
    D. Knight   222   330   47    320    Hi-Magic,        Long Sword,Shrt Sword,
                                         X-Magic          DeathPowder,CharredNewt
    Dark Elf    351   550   50    550    X-magic,         X-magic,Hi-magic,Magic Pot
                                         Hvy X-bow
    Dark Fry    500  1101   87    940    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Potion
    Dark Wisp   155   285   32    280    DeathPowder,     DeathPowder,PoisnPowder
    DeathArmr   400   900   34    800    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Boomerang,Potion
    DeathMstr   157   320   35    320    GoddessTear,     DeathPowder,Numbpowder
    DeathSwd    298   560   44    400    Hi-potion,Potion Hi-potion,Potion
    Demon       554  1020   88    950    GoddessTear,     Miracle,DeathPowder,
                                         Miracle          Potion
    DesertRose  335   505   52    460    NumbPowder,      PoisnNeedle,PoisnPowder,
                                         ConfuPowder      Hi-potion
    DevilShape  468   576   44    490    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,
                                         X-potion         Mystery Pin
    Dragonian   600  1220   88   1150    X-bomb,          Miracle,Hi-potion,Potion
                                         Dragon Fang
    Ent         224   286   41    200    Big Boomer       Big Boomer,IceBoomer,
    Elf         280   320   38    299    Naite Dress,     Rage Brace,Magic Pot,
                                         Short Bow        Hi-potion,Shriek
    Evil Bat    480  1100   97    945    Mystery Pin,     X-potion,Mystery Pin,
                                         X-potion         Shriek
    F. Turtle   550   690   79    590    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Fairy       196   102   25    200    Hi-Magic         Hi-Magic,Magic Pot,
    FighterOak  254   506   46    468    X-potion,Kukuri  X-potion,Hi-potion
    Fly         200   282   22    300    X-potion,        X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Fr.Slmnda   698  1222  107   1295    Ice Amulet       X-potion,IceBoomer,Potion
    G.Demon     800  1500  100   1000
    G. Knight   622   375   22    381    Zirco Shld       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    G. Shaman   280   550   55    526    Hi-magic,X-magic X-magic,Hi-magic,Magic Pot,
    G. Turtle   450   620   65    690    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Gargoyle    172   240   30    200    GoddessTear,     IceBoomer,Boomerang,
                                         Revive           Mystery Pin
    Garlnd Gang 200   160   50    360    ?                GoddessTear,Revive,Potion
    Gazer       733  1280  119   1000    X-magic,Miracle  X-potion,Hi-potion,
    Ghost        16     9    4     10    Revive,Antidote  Psnpowder,Potion,Antidote
    GhostSldr   350   100    5    100    ?                ?
    Ghoul       112   100   12    100    Psnpowder        Psnpowder,Antidote
    Gld.Dragon  1500 3000  200   3000
    Goblin      204   320   39    257    Long Knife,      Shrt Sword,Revive,
                                         Shrt Sword       Boomerang,CharredNewt
    GoldGolem   500  1220   90   1500
    Golem       500  2000  100   1800    Hi-potion,       Miracle,Hi-potion,Potion
    Gorgon      402   976   78    890    X-bomb,          X-bomb,Hi-potion,
                                         Mystery Pin      Mystery Pin
    GreenCore   166    44  444      4    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    GreenJelly  162   260   32    182    X-potion,        X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Grlnd. Gang 100    80   13    120    Potion           Revive,Magic Pot,Potion
    Grlnd. Gang 200   160   50    360    -                GoddessTear,Revive,Potion
    Grn.Dragon  646  1380  102   1200    Hi-potion,       Dragon Fang,Hi-potion,
                                         Miracle          Potion
    Guards     1000   100  100    300    ?                Miracle
    H. Pirates  268   300   30    300    GoddessTear,     GoddessTear,Revive,
                                         Revive           Gold 100,Potion
    H. Pirates 1000    50   40    300    ?                GoddessTear,Revive,Potion
    Haunt       350   806   44    720    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    High Hydra  232   400   41    380    X-Magic,Revive   GoddessTear,Revive,
    Hell Hound  293   450   35    390    GoddessTear,     VoiceCandy,Hi-potion
    Hornet      339   591   42    520    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Hydra       800  1132   89   1066    GoddessTear,     Dragon Fang,Hi-potion,
                                         Body Seed        Potion
    Iron Golem  200   400   50    400    Bronz Shld       Bronz Shld,Revive,Awake
    Jgl. Flower  48    25    7     30    Revive           Shriek,Mystery Pin
    Jurahan     402   802   57    360    X-potion,        Revive,Hi-potion,Potion
    KillerArmr  400   620   51    584    Big Boomer,      X-potion,Hi-potion,
                                         Silvr Mail       CharredNewt
    KillerBear  340   459   40    420    X-potion         PoisnNeedle,Hi-potion
    KillerSwd   322   610   50    550    Hi-potion,       GoddessTear,Hi-potion,
                                         Dark Blade       Potion
    KingFrog    406   380   30    322    Revive,Awake     Revive,Magic Pot,Antidote
    King Hydra  535   905   62    920    Revive,Miracle   GoddessTear,Revive,
    KingSpider  364   370   39    280    PoisnPowder,     Big Boomer,PoisnPowder,
                                         Antidote         Antidote
    Klr.Whale   400   400   40    430    ?                X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    L. Dead     500   1102   99   890    X-potion         X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    L.Fighter   675   1387  109  1120    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    L.Shaman    600  1250   99   1077    Hi-magic,X-magic X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    La Fleshia  505   820   50    606    X-potion,        X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Leech       542  1007   94   1075    Hi-potion,       Sweet Water,Hi-magic,
                                         Skill Seed       CharredNewt
    Lucifer     800  2300  131   1030    Deathpowder,     Miracle,GoddessTear,
                                         G. Charm         X-potion
    MageGoblin  292   302   38    307    Staff,Mage Shld  Mage Shld,Hi-magic,
                                                          Magic Pot,CharredNewt
    MageLizard  300   300   48    550    Hi-Magic,X-magic X-Magic,Hi-Magic,Tea
    Mage Oak    262   300   30    300    Hi-Magic,Staff   Staff,Hi-Magic,Magic Pot,
    Medusa      155   390   40    345    X-Magic,Miracle  Tea
    Mermaid     400                      X-potion,        X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Merman      460   600   42    500    X-potion,        X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Mgctorrent  654   987   75    880    VoiceCandy       X-magic,Hi-magic,
    Minotauros  528  1016   82    990    Hi-potion,       X-bomb,Hi-potion,Potion
                                         Power Seed
    Moray Vine  340   510   43    500    Hi-magic,X-magic Hi-magic,Antidote,Potion
    Mosquito     22    15    3     18    Magic Pot        NumbPowder,Awake
    Mummy       400   961   72    950    Gold 500,        Gold 1000,Gold 500,
                                         Gold 1000        Gold 100
    Necromncr.  552  1121  100   1125    X-potion,        X-magic,X-potion,Revive
    Ninja       340   810   59    670    Big Boomer       X-potion,DeathPowder,Bomb
    Oak         200   310   38    250    Hi-potion,       Lthr Beret,Magic Pot,
                                         Lthr Beret       Potion,CharredNewt
    O. Turtle   500     ?    ?      ?    ?                X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Piranha     350     ?    ?      ?    ?                X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Pirates     224   155   10    200    Scimitar,        Long Knife,Boomerang,Bomb,
                                         Boltboomer       Potion
    Pirates(2)  820     ?    ?      ?    ?                GoddessTear,Revive,Potion
    Pixie        48    30    7     28    Magic Pot        Magic Pot,CharredNewt,
    Phantom      69    96   12    105    Psnpowder        Psnpowder,Antidote
    PoisonFrog  198   300   30    280    Antidote         PoisnNeedle,PoisnPowder,
    Procyon     650  1355  141   1700    Hi-potion,       Miracle,Hi-potion,Potion
    Psn. Beetle  68   114   10     80    Psnpowder        Antidote,Psnpowder
    R.Dragon    720  1500  130   1702    Hi-potion,       Dragon Fang,Hi-potion,
                                         Miracle          Potion
    Race        520  1105   90   1102    Potion,X-potion  X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Red Core     10    11  111      1    Hi-potion        ?
    Red Jelly           3    1      5
    Red Wisp     23   120   17    175    Hi-Potion,       Revive,Hi-Potion
    S. fighter   80    72   10     70    Poisnpowder      Shrt Sword,SleepPowder,
    S. Knite    394   840   45    800    X-potion,        X-potion,Hi-potion,
                                         Dragonslay       NumbPowder
    S. Lady      50    45    6     10    Revive           Mini Shld,NumbPowder,
    S. Paladin  120   150   20    100    VoiceCandy       Gladius,Deathpowder,Potion
    Salamanda   576  1220   95   1126    Hi-potion,       X-potion,FireBoomer,Potion
                                         Flame Amlt
    Samurai     396   900   70    850    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Scorpion    320   382   38    222    Antidote,Shriek  CharredNewt,Antidote
    SeaSnake    200   100   20    100    IceBoomer,       Revive,ConfuPowder,
                                         Antidote         PoisnPowder
    SeaTurtle   250   385   40    335    Magic Pot,       ConfuPowder,PoisnPowder,
                                         CharredNewt      SleepPowder
    SeaHorse    320   380   35    300    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Shadow      350  1892  120    930    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Shark       440                                       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Siren       400   500   60    550    X-potion,        Mystery Pin,Shriek,
                                         VoiceCandy       Voicecandy
    Skeleton    580  1400  105   1230    X-potion         Revive,Hi-potion,Potion
    Sky Dragon  850  2000  150   1400                     Hi-potion,Dragon Fang
    Slv.Dragon 1200  2500  150   2000    Hi-potion,       Dragon Fang,Miracle,Potion
                                         Sky Blade
    Slv.Golem   821  1696  130   1650    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
                                         Zirco Plat
    Specter     300   555   55    555    Magic Pot,       Mystery Pin,Antidote,Potion
    Sphinx      650  1120   90   1028    Hi-potion,       X-magic,Hi-magic,Potion
                                         Mind Seed
    Spider       24     7    3     18    Hi-potion,       Hi-potion,Antidote
    Spirit      230   250   40    240    X-Bomb,Hi-bomb   X-bomb,Hi-bomb,Bomb,
    Sprite      258   302   21    350    Miracle,         Potion,CharredNewt,Tea
    Squido      750   850   90    750    Potion,          X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
                                         Wisdom Seed
    Sting       130   140   20    133    Numbpowder       Hi-potion,NumbPowder,
                                                          Mystery Pin
    StoneGolem  502   950   71    820    X-magic,         X-magic,Hi-magic,Magic Pot
                                         Magic Pot
    T.Rex       500  1100   88   1050    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    Torrent     175   120   24    100    Revive,          GoddessTear,Hi-potion,
                                         SleepPowder      Shriek,Mystery Pin
    Troll       420   798   45    500    Revive,X-potion  X-potion,Hi-potion,Tea
    Vampire     415   650   60    663    Revive,          X-magic,Hi-magic,Magic Pot
    Vile Jelly  600  1300   88   1002    Hi-potion,       Sweet Water,Revive,Potion
    Vmpr.Rose   362   801   53    600    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    W.Dragon    684  1400   99   1200    X-potion,        Sweet Water,IceBoomer,
                                         Sweet Water      Potion
    Weit        255   345   36    310    Revive           FireBoomer,Poisnpowder,
    Whale      1000  1000  100   1000    Hi-potion,       X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
                                         Life Seed
    Will ill    320   500   50    438    PoisnPowder,     PoisnNeedle,Hi-potion,
                                         ConfuPowder      Magic Pot
    Willowisp    26    35    6     40    Potion           Magic Pot,Mystery Pin
    Witch       280   543   54    510    Revive,          DeathPowder,Hi-potion,
                                         GoddessTear      Potion
    Wood Elf    160   380   45    310    Short Bow        Short Bow,Magic Pot,
                                                          Hi-potion, Shriek
    Wood Golem  112   140   10    110    Wood Shld        Hi-potion,Boomerang,
                                                          Mystery Pin
    Wyvern      545   897   65    778    Hi-magic         X-potion,Revive,Hi-potion
    Zombie       90    63   12     72    Antidote         Psnpowder,Antidote
    5) BOSS LIST
    ---------   ----  ---   ---- ----   ------------------------
    Gades       2000  500   1000  500
    Gades is impossible to defeat should you try to attack him normally. The
    only way to damage him is to use Hi-Bombs. Hi-Bombs are found in the chests
    and are pretty rare, so you will have to spend time in the tower collecting
    Hi-Bombs before facing him. In the first three rounds, Gades will be
    "checking situation" and he will not attack you. In the fourth round, he will
    increase his attack power and will attack only in the fifth round. In the
    first round, use Wein's Head Crush and get Seela to use a Hi-Bomb (you might
    want to equip Jet Ring on Wein to make him faster than Seela so that the Head
    Crush will do more damage) Then make both of them use Hi-Bombs for every turn
    In the fifth round, place your characters in different rows. This is so that
    if Gades uses his Destructo-wave attack, at least one will survive. If the last
    Hi-bomb still cannot kill him, it just means that your Hi-bombs did not do
    enough damage. If this happens, you just have to reload again. If you get
    tired of it, then leave the battle alone and lose. It won't affect the
    storyline. :)
    Belumie     296   300   100   500    Knife?
    Not too hard a boss. Use Wein to attack and Seela to cast Flash or Strong when
    needed. Beware of its Flash as it can easily kill your characters. Dei should
    attack or use Potions when needed.
    Belamie     448   500   100  1000
    Same strategy as Belumie, except this time you don't have Dei to help you.
    Gades(2nd) 3000  1000  2000  1000
    Same strategy as the first time you fought him. Use Wein's Head Crush for the
    first two rounds and get Seela and Dei to use Hi-Bombs on him. Make sure that
    you have at least 11 Hi-Bombs with you. Again, if you are lucky, you will be
    able to defeat him and get the Gadesblade.
    Garland Boss 850 1900   200  1000       Sml Armor, Bracelet, X-Bow
    The Garland Boss is pretty strong, as he can call for more companions and heal
    himself for 500 hp. When you kill his two followers, he will summon 2 more and
    increase the ATP and DFP of both of them and himself. He will also use a move
    called Crash Ax that can reduce a character's HP to 1! When fighting him,
    killing him first is the top priority, or else he will keep on using Crash Ax.
    You might want to use Wein's Head Crush and Aima's Double Kick. Dei should be
    used to steal all the 3 items from the Boss as it can be easily done. If you
    taught Seena X-Absorb, it will also be useful here as it can do about 100
    damage to the Boss and heal Seena at the same time.
    Gades(3rd) 2500  3000   500  3000        Rock Helm, Round Shld, X-Bomb
    This form of Gades is much weaker than the previous two. Make sure Aima's IP is
    100 before fighting as you will need it to use Energy Attack. Gades still has
    the annoying Spiritual attack that hits everyone but it doesn't instant KO
    everyone like before now, whew ^_^. He also has a new move called Curse which
    reduces a character's HP to 1 and poisons him, effectively killing him.(you
    will see what I mean if you get hit) It is also pretty hard to steal all 3
    items from him, although it can be done. If you are at a high enough level,
    you should be able to defeat him without much difficulty.
    TowerSnake 2100  3000   300  4000        Battle Ax, Body Dress, Miracle
    You will fight this boss without Seela as she will be tending to Randolph. The
    TowerSnake is not a very strong boss. It has a move called Bite that will
    poison your character. Watch out for Meteor also as it can damage Dei quite a
    DevilGrome 2000  4000   500  5000        Battle Ax, Holy Cap, Miracle
    Surprisingly, this boss is easier than the TowerSnake. But don't treat him as a
    pushover though. He has a move that can copy himself and also one that can
    confuse your characters.
    Pirts. Head 2500 4000   600  6000        Scimitar, Miracle, Revive
    & Pirates(2)
    This boss of quite a pain, especially if you didn't know how the Pirates act at
    first. These Pirates are much stronger than the normal ones, just like the
    Garland Gang before. The 2 Pirates will attack once every turn and escape after
    that, leaving no chance to kill them. What's most irritating is that the Head
    summons 2 more Pirates every turn, so its like an endless horde of Pirates that
    are immortal Your best bet is to concentrate all your attacks on the Head. Use
    IPs such as Pause Palm, Dark Sword and Split Attk. Or you can try equiping
    Seela or Memphis with the Ghost Ring and use Destroy to take care of the Pirates.
    But note that the Ghost Ring will deflect all magic. Healing IPs will miss and
    healing spells will decrease HP instead! Just keep on thumping the Head and you
    should be able to defeat him.
    Aligator    800 1000   100      0        Tea x4 (wth!!)
    This "boss" isn't strong at all. You can easily kill him in two turns! If you
    can't, well...
    Pirts.Boss 3500 4500   800   7000        Scimitar, Miracle, Dragon Fang
    & H. Pirates(2)x2
    This boss is almost similar to the Pirate Head. But this time, the pirates will
    only escape when you hit them. Use the same strategy as you did against the
    Pirate Head. Concentrate all your attacks on the Boss. The Boss can use
    Hi-potions on himself and will also attack using Hi-bombs. He also has a Rim
    Fire move that can do quite a lot of damage on weak characters. Don't bother
    killing the H. Pirates, they are not worth the trouble.
    Big Squido 4000 4500  1000   7500         Miracle, GoddessTear
    This is one hell of a stinking, cheating boss! He can physically attack you
    two times, has a hook move that can attack 10 times on different people and a
    Raging Wave move that can do alot of damage against one column of your party.
    Try using Charge to up your characters ATP as this will be a rather long fight.
    Deckard is not that strong now, his attacks are not as powerful as Aima's and
    Wein's. So just use Aima, Wein and Randolph as the main attackers and wait
    till Deckard's IP is charged before using his IP that does 3x damage.
    Gnrl. Gohl 4000 5000  1200   5000         Claymore, Dragon Fang, Miracle,
    & Guardsx2                                X-potion
    The General will replenish Guards every time you kill one and this does not
    take up his turn. He has a Heaven Slash Sword move that can reduce a character's
    HP to one. He also uses CounfuPowder that can confuse an entire row of your
    party. So it would be helpful if you equip Sanity Rings on people who can use
    Cure. Equipping one on Dei and teaching him Cure would prevent the confused
    members from attacking. Equip the other one on your main attacker, either Wein
    or Aima. A useful strategy would be to use Aima's Pause Palm to paralyze both
    Guards, preventing them from attacking for at least 2 to 3 turns, buying you
    some time. The Guards themselves can also use Confupowder, although not as
    effective as that of the General.
    Btl.Ship   5000 6500  1400   5000          Missile
    The Battleship is a tough boss. It has a Machine Gun move that hits 2 rows. When
    it waits, it is actually charging for 3 possible moves. One is Magic Seal Shell,
    it mutes your characters. The other move is Teflon Shell, It does almost 500
    damage to each character in a column! So don't put your main attackers in a
    column! It 3rd move is Incendiary Shell, which is not that strong, compared to
    the former. The ship can also heal itself. Use moves that can overwhelm defense,
    like Split Attk and Stealth Hit. Normal attacks, especially Aima's fists, are
    useless against the ship's armor. Spells also are not effective against it.
    R. Blade might also be useful, as its damage is unaffected by the ship's armor.
    Aima's Energy Punch can also deal quite alot of damage to the ship, even if her
    normal attacks don't. Dark Sword also works well when Wein uses it.
    Deraf      5000 8000  1600   7000           Miracle
    One of the easiest bosses. All he does is absorb your MP and cast Ice Valk or
    Firebird. But be careful of his Thunder spell as it can 250+ damage to a single
    character. When he is about to die, he might summon two Guards for help. Focus
    your attacks on Deraf, the two Guards have quite alot of HP. Only after Deraf is
    dead should you turn your attacks to the Guards.
    Ultr. Wpn  6000 9000  2000      0           Miracle
    The real boss of Alstadt Dungeon. As in the battle with the Btl. Ship, its
    armor will protect it to a certain extent. Use the IPs that can overwhelm
    defense, such as Stealth Hit and Split Attk. It has a move that will take
    away your MP like Deraf. But this move is rather useless. The real move that
    can harm you is its 205mm Cannon. It works like the Teflon Shell of the Btl.
    Ship and can instantly kill an entire column of your characters! Its Gatling
    Gun move is like the Batl. Ship's machine gun, except that it hits three people
    only. Use Charge and Pause Palm to raise your ATP before attacking. Most IPs
    that were effective on the Batl. Ship will also be effective on the Ultra
    Amon       8000 12000 3000  20000            Miracle
    The second Sinistral after Gades, Amon specializes in affecting your status.
    His Spiritual Force of Chaos can almost certainly confuse your entire party,
    so be sure to equip Sanity Rings on the right people! You can also buy Alarm
    Clocks from the item shop in Caan by going through the backdoor. They can
    release your entire party from confusion. Amon can also cast Mirror on himself
    and your party, rendering all spells useless. He will renew his Mirror as soon
    as it loses effect. His physical attacks are Galactic Lancer and Reduce. Both
    moves do alot of damage on a single character. Perhaps only Aima and Deckard
    can survive a Galactic Lancer. Useful IPs would be Holy Sword, Scatter Hit and
    Grounder. Wein's Holy Sword can do more than 1500 damage on Amon and would make
    the battle much easier. If you have enough S.F to learn FinalDance, it would
    also do 1000+ damage when used early.
    A.Drgn (B) 5000  8000 1500   5000            Miracle
    In this battle, the two soldiers from Elcoranos will hlp you by attacking the
    dragon for about 220 HP per round. The dragon has moves such as Spark Breath,
    which hits your entire party, and Golden Dawn, which hits a row. It can also
    cast Thunder, which hits a person pretty hard. The dragon can also cast
    Strongest on itself for about 1000 HP. Use Charge on Wein and Aima and keep on
    hitting him with Scatter Hit and Bolt Sword. You should be able to defeat it
    quite easily as it is much weaker than the previous boss, Amon.
    A.Drgn (M) ???? 20000 10000 20000            Miracle
    This battle is not supposed to be won, so don't feel bad if you can't defeat it.
    If you wish to defeat it, you should have visited the Ancient Cave and wished
    for the best weapons at least once. Use IPs such as Split Attk, Dark Sword,
    Bolt Sword. The most effective IP here is Deckard's Jump Slash as after you
    use Charge on him, a Jump Slash can do about 1900 damage to the dragon. The
    dragon has moves that can hit the entire party for more than half their HP, so
    keep on healing! The dragon has about 10000HP, if you manage to defeat the
    dragon, you will get a Dragon Scale, which is a great magic protective armor!
    Big Mouth  5000 10000   500 10000            Miracle
    The Big Mouth's attacks are mainly status attacks. It can paralyze an row of
    your party or paralyze one with quite alot of damage. You can try using Ruby's
    Double Up. This IP is based mainly on luck but if done properly, it can kill
    many bosses in one turn!
    Leydock &  4000  5000  2000 15000            Miracle
    The GhostSldr will either attack or use Suicide, which will kill itself and do
    more than 300 damage to a single character. Leydock has a Solomon's Arc move
    that seems to lower stats(although it looks like a Perish spell) and he will
    also summon a new GhostSldr should the one present be killed or uses Suicide.
    Just keep on hammering Leydock and remember to use X-potions when needed. Wein's
    healing spells are pretty useless, so don't use them, he would be better off
    Points to Note:
    1. It is almost necessary to have gotten the "Best Weapons" wish in the Ancient
       Cave once. The most damaging equipment are probably Wein's, Aima's and
    2. It is not necessary to use Ruby's Double Up. If you have the appropriate
       weapons, you can deal sufficient damage to Daos.
    3. Make sure your IPs are filled for the 1st and 2nd battle. This is absolutely
    Daos(1)    20000 30000 10000 30000           Miracle
    This battle can be won by defeating Daos within 3 rounds, before he escapes.
    One way is to use Ruby's Double Up, which can do alot of damage if you are
    lucky. As Ruby says, you got to be good with the odds. :) In the first round,
    use Charge on the main attackers. Then use IPs like Wein's Holy Sword, Aima's
    ScatterMist and Randolph's Afterimage. In the third round, just throw all you
    have left at him. Use Deckard's Afterimage, Aima's Double Kick or the Blind IPs
    of the spellcasters. You need not worry too much about being killed as it is
    highly unlikely. If you still cannot defeat him, and you badly want to do so,
    you will have to rely on Ruby's Double Up. If you fail, just load the game
    again. But there should not be a problem if you have Aima's best equipment,
    the Ancient Bracelet, and a strong weapon for Wein, such as the ultimate Maxim
    Blade or the Alum Blade. If you win, you will get the Daos Armor, a armor with
    extremely high defense.
    Daos(2)    20000 30000 10000 30000           Miracle
    As before, the battle will end in a few rounds. But is is possible to defeat
    him before it ends. Make sure that your IP is refilled before the fight. Use
    the same tactics as the first time. The only difference is that you have Yurist.
    There is no use for him now, unless you choose "Prepare" before the battle and
    teach him FinalDance. It is possible to get one of your members killed this
    time, so be careful, especially when its one of your main attackers at risk.
    If you defeat him, you will get the Daos Stone, which is well worth the trouble!
    Daos(3)    ???? 30000 10000  30000           Miracle
    This time round, it will be a tough fight. Is is possible to win this fight,
    although it will depend on your luck too. Equip Seena with the Red Beret. It
    will provide protection against Daos' Fire Dragon. Also, equip Seena with the
    Unded Ring and Emrld Ball. This will enable her to survive at least 2 of
    Daos' Storm spells. The moment the round starts, use Wein's Charge and use
    Seena to cast Mirror on Wein. In the 2nd round, use Wein to attack and Seena to
    use F.Barrier IP on herself. In the third round, use Wein to attack using Holy
    Sword and Seena to use the F.Barrier IP again. This should be enough to protect
    her against the ice spell she's not protected against, the spell that Daos uses
    the least. If within the 3 rounds Seena is injured, use X-Absorb instead of the
    Should Daos cast Fire Dragon on either Wein or Seena, you will receive no damage.
    Should he use Storm or Ice Valk and damage Seena, use Seena's X-Absorb spell as
    the Unded Ring does not affect this spell, so you can heal Seena safely. Note
    that Reduce will only damage Seena should she have Mirror on her. So try not to
    use Mirror on Seena as chances that Daos will target Seena with Reduce is more
    than that of Wein. If Wein is hit with Reduce, you will have to hope that you
    can get him back before Seena is killed. The most effective IPs against Daos are
    the Holy Sword and other Holy IPs, and Seena's Blind. If Daos does not cast
    Reduce on Wein, the battle should be won easily and you will get the Daos Ring.
    Daos(4)    ???? 20000  8000   20000           Miracle
    Daos has 15000HP here. He will use the same spells as the previous battles.
    His only new move is the S.F. of Terror. This will inflict about 100-200 damage
    on your party and can also cause status effects. Use Charge and attack using
    IPs such as Holy Sword, Afterimage, Shadowdance, ScatterMist. Just remember to
    heal or revive your characters should they be hit by Daos single-attack spells.
    Erim       ???? 22000 10000   22000           Miracle
    Erim has 15000HP here. She uses the S.F. of Death, which is a form of Destroy
    on your entire party. She can also use Dark Zap. Equip items that can protect
    you against dark attacks. Use IPs like Wein's Holy Sword or holy spells like
    Zap and Fry. Mirror does not protect you against her S.F. of death, so don't
    use Mirror.
    Guard Daos ????     0 20000       0           Miracle
    Guard Daos has 18000HP. Being the 3 Sinistrals combined, he can use all the 3
    S.F.s. He also has a move called Dual Aura, which increases all his stats, and
    he also has an instant kill move. Physical attacks are generally useless against
    him because of his armor. The only attacks that can actually damage him are the
    ones that overwhelm DFP, like Stealth Hit, Shadow Hit and Critical. The Dual
    Blade is the best weapon to use against Guard Daos. Use the Holy Sword IP after
    Charging and you should be able to deal 3000+ damage to him. Casting
    Mirror and Resistance will not work against the Spiritual Force attacks.
    Erim       ???? 30000 20000   30000           Miracle
    Erim has 16000HP. Her moves are the same as the first time you fought her. Use
    the same strategies as when you first fought her. She does not have as high a
    defense as Guard Daos, so use moves such as Afterimage, Octostrike, ShadowDance
    and so on. Again, the Dual Blade works wonders here, being the legendary blade.
    It seems that the Dual Blade alone is more effective than using IPs, but Holy
    Sword still does much damage. Equip your G. Charm on Wein, as he is the most
    important attacker in the battle, being the only one who can wield Dual Blade.
    Zalbak     ????     0     0       0           Miracle
    Zalbak has 25000HP, by far the strongest boss in the game. And his moves, whoa!
    He has a move that can reduce any character's HP to one. He also has his own
    Spiritual Force, like the Sinistrals. This one inflicts every possible status
    on a single character! He also has a meteor-like move that looks damaging, but
    is actually pretty weak. The strange thing is that Zalbak will also cast Mirror
    on himself and another of your characters each round. This prevents you from
    casting healing spells on that character as they will Mirror onto Zalbak
    instead. Zalbak can also cast protective spells on the mirrored characters,
    making himself stronger instead. He can also cast Erim's Dark Zap, but it is
    DevilAlgtr 5000  5000  1000    5000           X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    The DevilAlgtr has only one move besides its physical attack. That is Demonic
    Aura. This deals pretty much damage to an entire row of characters. But if you
    are at a high enough level, you can kill the alligator easily before it can do
    enough damage against you. Just hit it with moves that overpower defense and it
    should go down.
    DevilSnake 6000  6000  1200    6000           X-potion,Hi-potion,Potion
    The DevilSnake is not much stronger than the DevilAlgtr. Just fight him the way
    you did the DevilAlgtr.
    Egg Dragon      60000 60000   60000           Miracle
    The strongest boss in the game. Possibly the hardest battle in the game. The
    Egg Dragon's moves include Sunny Side Up, which hits your party for almost 300
    damage. It also has a Egg Paste move that can kill a person immediately
    (5000+ damage!). He also has a Scrambled Egg move that either misses or does an
    instant kill. All his moves are damaging and it is insanely powerful, that is all
    there is to say.
    Most of the Egg Dragon's attacks are Fire type, especially Sunny Side Up. So
    equip your party with all the Fire protective gear that you can get hold of,
    Gold Shlds, Red Berets and Flame Amlts. The Flame Amulets can be found by
    cooking Salamandas, the big red lizards you find in the later dungeons. I think
    there are some in the Ancient Maze too. The amulets can absorb fire attacks, so
    the dragon's attacks will heal you instead! If you have the Sinistral items, use
    them also, especially the Daos Stone, which can give Wein alot of magic protection.
    The Cat Ring is also very useful here as it will make one of the female characters
    faster than the Egg Dragon. Dei's Invisible Cloak will also make him faster than
    the dragon. Use the most damaging IPs like Shadowdance, Afterimage and the sort.
    At the start of the battle, use IPs like FinalDance or Head Crush. DO NOT hesitate
    to heal! Make sure you have plenty of GoddessTears with you.
    Master   9980     1      1       1             Miracle
    The 100th level boss of the Ancient Cave. He looks just like a normal jelly,
    except that he is enlarged. If you have played the Ancient Cave in Lufia 2, you
    should be familiar with the jelly.
    The jelly will not attack in the 3 rounds that you have to hit him. In the
    first round, it will heal your HP, in the second, it will heal your MP, and in
    the third, it will just wait. At the beginning of the 4th round, it will kill
    itself. If you are unable to kill him before that, you will lose the battle
    and get thrown out of the Ancient Cave. Mousse with the Capsule Ring and Dei
    with the Invisible Cloak might be able to hit it in the fourth round before
    it kills itself, so save Dei's attacks for the last.
    As IPs are random in the Ancient Cave, it will depend very much on your luck
    of what you get. But you should have all the best weapons by now, so it should
    not be too hard to kill it. Use multiple hitting attacks like Afterimage,
    ScatterHit/Mist, OctoStrike using characters like Deckard, Aima, Wein.
    IPs that take off a certain percentage of HP are effective only if they are
    used early. If you have FinalDance, teach it to Aima and equip her with all
    the SPD increasing rings or equipment so that she uses it first.
    Iris     ???? 10592  1648    8868
    My goodness... This boss is no doubt the toughest in the game. Even though I
    fought her when I was almost L90, she still killed my party like flies! All
    her attacks are light-based, except for Reduce. Equip Holy Amulets on your
    attackers, like Wein, Aima and whoever you are going to depend on in this
    battle. The Holy Amulets are almost a must against her, or else your party
    won't stand a chance at all! She can cast Zap, has an instant kill attack and
    also a form of shield that can reflect any physical or magical attack back
    onto your party. (Imagine Aima and Wein hitting each other with their ultimate
    weapons :0 ) Her strongest attack is probably the Divine Weapon, which hits
    6 times and does MEGA damage each hit, unless you are protected! Her NoblBlood
    move will also reduce a character's HP to 1. And as for every boss' status move,
    she has one too, and the Rainbow Attack does multiple status on your party,
    including Confuse
    Use IPs like FinalDance, Head Crush and the sort. Throw everything you have
    got at her as no character can survive long against her. Use Charge and heavy
    damaging moves like EnergyPunch, Octostrike, Afterimage and so on. Holy IPs
    like Holy Sword are of no use against her.
    If her attacks are not enough, she is also very fast. Only Mousse, with the
    Capsule Ring, and Dei, with the Invisible Cloak, can be faster than her. If
    you equip the Cat Ring, you also might be faster than her. The Cat Ring will
    probably help alot, but it is not necessary.
    If you can't seem to kill her, well, it can't be helped. Just lose to her and
    go back and find more blue chest items, get the Egg Dragon on your team and
    come back and try again.
    Note: There are no Blue Chest items in the list. Check Omega-Neo's FAQ for them.
    Absorber       -   +230ATP, +5CLT
    Ame Ball    1500   +40MAP                  Prevents Confuse
    BatlRapier  6000   +160ATP, +5CLT
    Battle Ax   4500   +140ATP, +5CLT
    Bug Crush      -   +40ATP, +5CLT           Effective against Bugs
    Blood Rod  55000   +300ATP, +100REG        Effective against Hard monsters
    BloodStaff 17000   +60ATP, +60MAP, +2CLT
    BunnyBlade     -   +500ATP, +5CLT
    Coldrapier     -   +78ATP, +5CLT           Cold power
    Claymore    7500   +180ATP, +5CLT
    Coin Card  32000   +180ATP, +5CLT
    Crys Ball    180   +15MAP
    Crys Wand  30000   +160ATP, +80DFP, +5CLT
    Cup Card   42000   +200ATP, +5CLT
    Dark Blade 18000   +260ATP, +5CLT          Status effect on enemies
    Dagger         -   +20ATP, +5!
    DestBlade      -   +290ATP, +5CLT          Damages oneself when used
    Dragonslay 32000   +350ATP, +10CLT         Effective against Dragons
    Emrld Ball  7000   +60MAP, +5CLT           Thunder protection
    Estok      12000   +220ATP, +5CLT
    Fatal Pick 35000   +350ATP, +15CLT         Instant Death on enemies occasionally
    Fire Bow    7600   +180ATP, +5CLT          Fire power
    Fire Knife  5500   +150ATP, +5CLT          Fire power
    Franberg   28000   +320ATP, +5CLT
    Gades Blade    -   +200ATP, +5CLT
    Gaia Blade 42000   +400ATP, +10CLT         Use Fry
    Gauntlets  25000   +145ATP, +17SPD, +5CLT  Effective against Hard monsters
    Garn Ball   1000   +30MAP, +5CLT
    Gladius     1200   +60ATP, +5CLT
    Glaive     11000   +210ATP, +5CLT
    Glass Ball     -   +8MAP, +5CLT
    Great Ax   15000   +240ATP, +2CLT
    Grinder    42000   +400ATP, +5CLT
    Halberd    60000   +450ATP, +2CLT
    Hammer Rod 45000   +200ATP, +80REG, +2CLT  Effective against Hard monsters
    Hard Glove 41000   +200ATP, +16SPD, +5CLT  Effective against Hard monsters
    Holy Fist   3000   +50ATP, +10SPD, +5CLT   Effective against Dark monsters
    Holy Mace   2200   +40ATP, +20DFP, +2CLT   Effective against Dark monsters
    Hvy Glaive 48000   +420ATP, +5CLT
    Hvy Lance  28000   +320ATP, +5CLT
    Hvy Spear  35000   +370ATP, +5CLT
    Hvy X-bow  16000   +250ATP, +5CLT
    Ice Pick   23000   +280ATP, +15CLT         Ice power
    Iron Fist   1400   +25ATP, +5SPD, +5CLT    Effective against Hard monsters
    Jet Hammer 12000   +100ATP, +50DFP, +5CLT  Effective against Hard monsters
    Kukuri      8000   +190ATP, +5CLT
    Lapis Ball 30000   +90MAP, +5CLT
    Life Blade     -   +320ATP, +5CLT
    LightBlade 25000   +300ATP, +5CLT
    LightKnife 11000   +210ATP, +5CLT          Effective against Dark monsters
    Leechblade     -   +180ATP, +5CLT
    Long Bow    4300   +130ATP, +5CLT
    Long Knife  3000   +100ATP, +5CLT
    Long Spear 20000   +280ATP, +5CLT
    Long Sword  1500   +64ATP, +5CLT
    Luck Blade     -   +250ATP, +100CLT
    Luckrapier  2500   +90ATP, +40CLT
    Mace         250   +18ATP, +9DFP, +2CLT
    Mad Edge   50000   +380ATP, +10CLT         Attack twice, Ineffective against undead
    MageStaff   5200   +20ATP, +40MAP, +2CLT
    Magic Wand  1000   +35ATP, +15DFP, +5CLT
    MistRapier 40000   +380ATP, +5CLT
    MultiBlade     -   +65ATP, +5CLT           Hits twice
    Music Box  10000   +200ATP                 Confuse on enemies
    Phoenstaff 44000   +40ATP, +80MAP, +10CLT  Use Fire Dragon
    Pike       15000   +240ATP, +5CLT
    Pole Ax    48000   +420ATP, +2CLT
    Rapier       500   +35ATP, +5!
    Razor Card     -   +100ATP, +5CLT
    Risk Blade     -   +380ATP, +5CLT          Decreases DFP and SPD
    Riveter    53000   +410ATP, +100CLT        Effective against Hard monsters
    Rockt Fist 32000   +170ATP, +15SPD, +5CLT
    Ruby Ball  15000   +80MAP, +5CLT
    RuneRapier 52000   +400ATP, +5CLT
    Saber       4500   +140ATP, +5CLT
    Sage Rod    3000   +50ATP, +20MAP, +2CLT
    Sage Rod   18000   +120ATP, +60DFP, +5CLT
    Saph Ball  10000   +70ATP, +5CLT           Ice protection
    Scimitar    3200   +120ATP, +5CLT
    Short Bow    450	 +30ATP, +5CLT
    Shrt Swrd    300   +25ATP, +5CLT
    Silvr Bow  30000   +330ATP, +5CLT          Effective against Dark monsters
    Silver Rod 25000   +140ATP, +60REG, +2CLT  Effective against Hard/Dark monsters
    Sky Blade      -   +120SPD, +5CLT          Changes SPD to ATP
    Slay Spkr  10000   +200ATP                 Sleep on enemies
    Sleep Rod   5800   +70ATP, +30MAP, +2CLT
    Small knife    -   +10ATP, +5!
    Spike Fist  5500   +70ATP, +12SPD, +5CLT
    Staff       3000   +10ATP, +20MAP, +2CLT
    Soul Fist  11000   +100ATP, +13SPD, +5CLT
    Swis Knife 28000   +300ATP, +10CLT
    Sword Card 25000   +150ATP, +5CLT
    Tiger Fist     -   +15ATP, +2SPD, +5CLT
    Topaz Ball  4000   +50MAP, +5CLT           Sleep protection, Paralyze protection
    Trident     7500   +180ATP, +5CLT          Effective against Sea monsters
    War Hammer  4200   +60ATP, +30DFP, +2CLT
    Wave Spear 60000   +450ATP, +10CLT         Water power
    X-Bow       2000   +85ATP, +5CLT           Effective against Flying
    ZircoBlade 55000   +420ATP, +5CLT
    Zirco Card 55000   +150ATP, +5CLT
    Zirco Fist 55000   +420ATP, 20SPD, +5CLT   Effective against Hard monsters
    ZircoStaff 54000   +50ATP, +100MAP, +2CLT
    Buckler      600   +18DFP
    Bracelet    1000   +20DFP
    Bronz Shld  1600   +30DFP
    C.Ironshld  5500   +85DFP
    Crys Brace  7000   +90DFP
    Crys Shld   7000   +90DFP                   Ice Protection
    Cut Shld    2000   +10ATP, +35DFP
    Gades B.       -   +100ATP, +100DFP
    Gold Shld   6000   +90DFP                   Fire Protection
    Hard Buckl  3000   +50DFP
    Holy Brace  3200   +55DFP
    Holy Shld   9000   +100DFP                  Dark Protection
    Kite Shld   2500   +40DFP
    Large Shld  3500   +60DFP
    Lthr Shld    400   +15DFP
    Mage Shld   1200   +25DFP
    Mini Shld    180   +8DFP
    Rage Brace  1700   +30DFP
    Round Shld  1200   +25DFP
    Silvr Shld  4000   +70DFP                   Dark Protection
    Spike Shld   200   +5ATP, +10DFP
    Techt Buckl 3500   +65DFP
    Tower Shld  5000   +80DFP
    Wood Shld    800   +20DFP
    Zirco Shld 10000   +110DFP
    Beret        400   +15DFP
    Blue Beret  5000   +80DFP                   Ice Protection
    Bunny Ears 50000   +45DFP, +25REG
    Bronz Helm  2000   +35DFP
    Circlet     3500   +60DFP
    Cloth Helm   400   +15DFP
    Emrldvisor  7500   +95DFP                   Prevents Confusion
    Hairclip    1100   +23DFP
    Holy Cap       -   +30DFP                   Dark Protection
    IndrTurban  4500   +75DFP                   Thunder Protection
    Iron Helm   3500   +60DFP
    Lthr Beret  1700   +30DFP
    Lthr Cap     200   +10DFP
    Magic Hat   7000   +90DFP
    Naite Met   6000   +90DFP
    Nitevision  5500   +85DFP                   Prevents paralysis
    Plate Cap   2500   +40DFP                   Prevents fainting
    Plate Helm  5000   +80DFP
    Red Beret   2500   +45DFP                   Fire Protection
    Rock Helm    800   +20DFP
    Rubber Cap  1200   +25DFP                   Thunder Protection
    Silver Met  4000   +70DFP
    Tite Turban 2800   +48DFP
    Turban      1100   +23DFP
    Zirco Band  9000   +100DFP
    Zirco Helm 10000   +110DFP
    Angel Wing 13000   +170DFP
    Blue Dress  7500   +120DFP
    Body Dress  1800   +48DFP
    Brnz Cape   5000   +90DFP
    Bunnysuit      -   +80DFP, +20SPD/MAP/REG
    Cape           -   +15DFP
    Chain Knit  5000   +80DFP
    Chainmail    500   +20DFP
    China Skrt  5000   +90DFP
    Clear Cape 16000   +180DFP
    Clear Silk 17000   +190DFP
    Cute Dress  1200   +38DFP
    Dress          -   + 4DFP
    Drgn.Scale     -   +100DFP, +100REG, +60HP
    Gem Robe    4000   +80DFP
    Gown       11000   +160DFP
    Hard Cape  14000   +180DFP
    Heavy Knit  7000   +90DFP
    Hrd Jacket  8000   +140DFP
    Knit Armor   300   +15DFP
    Iron Mail   3000   +70DFP
    Lght Dress   420   +18DFP
    Light Robe   280   +12DFP
    Lthr Armor  1000   +30DFP
    Lthr Robe    800   +28DFP
    Lt Jacket   5200   +95DFP
    Magic Scle 15000   +170DFP, +20REG
    Metal Coat 14000   +180DFP
    Metal Mail  4500   +85DFP
    Mlt Jacket 18000   +200DFP
    Mtl Armor   6500   +115DFP
    Naite Dres  3000   +65DFP
    Plat Armor 15000   +190DFP
    Plate Brst  5500   +100DFP
    Plate Knit 10000   +100DFP
    Plat Plate 15000   +220DFP
    Quilt Silk 13500   +175DFP
    Rock Brst   2300   +55DFP
    Rub Coat    4000   +80DFP                   Thunder protection
    Rub Jacket  2000   +50DFP                   Thunder protection
    Rubr Mant   1000   +30DFP                   Thunder protection
    Shape Coat  6000   +105DFP
    Silk Toga  10000   +160DFP
    Silvr Arm  12000   +170DFP
    Silvr Mail  7800   +130DFP
    Silvr Robe  6200   +110DFP
    Sml Armor   1500   +40DFP
    Soul Robe   7000   +130DFP
    Terror Armr    -   +280DFP
    Toga         700   +25DFP
    Zirco Mail 20000   +220DFP
    Zirco Plat 19000   +210DFP
    Angry Ring        +10 all except CLT
    Chill Ring        +10DFP, +5MAP          Use Gale
    Craze Ring        +10 all except CLT
    Dragn Ring        +30ATP,+40DFP,+20rest
    Engag Ring        -                      Buy stuff at half-price
    Fake Ring         +10SPD                 Use Fake
    Flame Amlt        +20REG                 Fire Protection
    G. Charm          -                      Protects against Perish and Destroy
    Ghost Ring        +20 all except CLT     Use Destroy. Increase Magic protection
    Giant Ring        +100HP                 Raise HP
    HiPow Ring        +40ATP, +20DFP, +40SPD
    Ice Amulet        +20REG                 Ice protection
    Jet Ring          +10DFP, +20SPD
    Jump Ring         +50SPD                 Effective against Flying enemies
    Lucky Erng        +5CLT                  HIT up, increase evade
    Mind Ring         +20MAP                 Use Stronger
    Muscl Ring        +10ATP, +10DFP, +40HP  Use Guard
    Pendant           +1 all, except CLT
    Poison Ring       +5CLT                  Use Poison, Poison protection
    Prtec Ring        +20DFP
    Res Ring          +20REG                 Use Courage
    Rockt Ring        +20DFP, +40SPD
    Sanity Rng        +5ATP                  Confuse protection
    Smart Ring        +5MAP, +5REG, +50MP    Raise MP
    Sonic Ring        +10DFP, +25SPD
    Toy Ring          +1 all, except CLT
    Trick Ring        +10ATP                 Use Trick
    Unded Ring        +40 all, except CLT    Use Perish. Increase Magic protection
    Wake Ring         +5DFP                  Use Waken
    Weird Ring        +15ATP, +10DFP
    Wing Ring         +30SPD
    Witch Ring        +10MAP, +20REG
    Wizrd Ring        +10MAP, +10REG, +30MP  Raise MP
    7) IP LIST
    W=Wein          d=Deckard
    S=Seena         B=Ruby
    D=Dei           Y=Yurist
    A=Aima          I=Isaac
    R=Randolph      K=Milka
    Accurate          WDRK                  Increase SPD
    Afterimage        DR                    3-8 hits
    Assassinate       D                     Kill enemy instantly
    Blind             SDAMI                 Light attack on enemies
    Bolt Attack       WDRdYI                1.5x damage
    Bolt Sword        WDRY                  3x damage
    Card Stream       B                     1.0x damage, Attack 7 times
    Chaff             I                     Raise all DFP and SPD
    Chakra            AY                    Raise all stats and recover HP/MP
    Charge            WDARdY                Increase ATP
    Concentrate       WSMBK                 Increase MAP
    Cooking           SAMBK                 Changes defeated enemies into items
    Crackbuster       DRd                   2x damage
    Critical          WRdK                  3x damage, Overwhelms defense
    CrossMirage       DIK                   Copy oneself, 1.5x damage, 3 hits
    Cure              SDMY                  Restore HP by 25%, Cure Status
    Cure Force        WSMYK                 Recover HP, Cure Status
    Cursed Dice(1)    B                     Damage oneself to raise ally's ATP
    Damage Dice       B                     Damage oneself to attack monsters
    Dark Sword        WRd                   Dark Attack, uses HP
    Dash Attack       DdYK                  Attack by speed
    DoubleKick        DAdY                  Hit enemy 2x
    Double Up(2)      B                     Doubles attack power continuously
    Drive             WRdYK                 1.5x damage
    Energy Punch      AY                    4x damage, Jigen-Ryuu secret attack
    F. Barrier        WSDMYK                Raise own DFP and REG
    FalconDance       AY                    SPDx4
    FinalDance        AY                    Reduces enemy HP by 1/4
    Fire Attack       WDRdYI                1.0x damage, Attack All
    Fire Sword        WDR                   1.5x damage, Attack All
    First Aid         WSDMYK                Restore HP by 1/3 of user's HP
    Force Field       SDMK                  DFP/REG up
    ForceShield       WSDMK                 Raise DFP and REG
    Force Shot        WDRdK                 1.0x damage, Attack All
    Force Wave        DMK                   Raise DFP and REG for one person
    FortuneDice       B                     Random effects
    Grounder          WRd                   1.5x damage, 2 hits
    Head Crush        W                     Reduces enemy HP by 1/8
    Heal Force        SMYK                  Restore HP of adjacent characters by 50%
    Heavy Noise       SI                    Affects enemy status
    Hit & Hide        DI                    6x damage
    Holy Attack       WDRdYI                1.5x damage
    Holy Sword        W                     3.0x damage
    Ice Attack        WDRdYI                1.0x damage, Attack All
    Ice Sword         RdK                   1.5x damage, Attack All
    Instinct          SAMK                  List items that can be stolen from enemy
    Investigate       DRI                   Check enemy stats
    Jump Slash        dI                    3.0x damage, Effective against Flying
    Lock-On           WDRI                  Decrease enemy SPD and DFP by 25%
    OctoStrike        WDI                   Attack 8 times
    Pause Palm        AY                    Raise ATP and paralyze enemy
    Persuade          AMYK                  Decrease enemy ATP by 25%
    Pressure Pt       AY                    Decrease enemy ATP by 20%
    Puzzle            SMYI                  Confuse enemies
    R. Blade          WDARdY                Damage= Max HP - Current HP
    Rapid Hit         WRd                   Attack 3 times
    Revive            SMY                   Revive all members
    Scatter Hit       DAdY                  0.5x damage, 6 hits
    ScatterMist       AY                    0.5x damage, 6 hits
    Sea God           d                     Summon Sea God, Attack All
    Seal Palm         AY                    Reduce MP of enemies
    Shadow Dance      AY                    Attack 2-8 times
    Shadow Hit        D                     3.0x damage, Overwhelms defense
    Silhouette        WD                    Copy oneself. Attack all, 1.0x damage
    Sky Spiral        WDd                   1.5x damage, Attack All
    Solid Attk        WDAK                  Quick attack. SPD x3
    Speed Attk        WDAK                  Quick attack. SPD x2
    Split Attk        WRd                   2x damage, Overwhelms DFP
    Stealth Hit       DI                    2x damage, Overwhelms DFP
    Strong Cure       SMYK                  Restore HP by 75%, Cure status
    Support           RdYI                  Restore MP by 50%
    TyphoonToss       AY                    1.0x damage, Attack All
    UltimateBet       B                     Attack using HP/MP
    Upright           I                     Reduce enemy HP by 1/6
    Vital Aim         DMYIK                 Decrease enemy stats by 1/8
    White Whale       d                     Summon White whale to attack all
    (1) Ruby takes damage and throws a die. Different numbers will give
        different results:
        1=Raise party's REG
        2=Raise party's SPD
        3=Raise party's DFP
        4=Raise party's ATP
        5=Raise party's MAP
        6=Restore own HP
    (2) Ruby's Double Up, although it states that it uses 0 IP, it actually uses
        all. The starting damage depends on the amount of IP you have when using
        the move. Even if you foul up and do 0 damage, all your IP will still be
    Points to note on IPs:
    1) Blind seems to be useless, but it does pretty much damage to
    2) "Overwhelms DFP" means that the move is effective against enemies
       with high armor, normal attacks do little damage against them.
       Examples of such monsters are Demon, Lucifer or the Battleship boss.
    3) "Copy oneself" IPs enable you not only to attack, but also to make
       yourself invincible in that turn. Any attack will miss. Hence the
       higher IP cost for, let's say, Silhouette compared to Force Shot.
    4) "Reduce something by ** % or */*" moves are cumulative. For example,
       if you use FinalDance against a monster with 100HP, the monster loses
       25HP. If you use it again, the monster will not lose 25HP again.
       Instead, it will lose  (1/4 x 75)HP, which is about 19HP. The fraction
       is taken off the present HP, not the original.
    6) Aima's Seal Palm does not do damage. Instead, it does MP "damage",
       causing a monster to lose MP.
    7) Cooking will only give an item when the enemy is defeated using it.
       The best person to use Cooking is Aima. Her basic strength, which is
       what cooking depends on, is the highest.
    -chests hidden in bushes are usually in the centre part of the room. Bushes
     at the side usually contain traps.
    -there are no secret doors in hidden rooms. Don't bother looking for them.
     But there can be two or even three hidden entrances in a normal room.
     One will be a fake wall with a single chest inside, while the other will
     be a hidden room with 4 chests in a cluster. (you could have multiple
     hidden rooms)
    -Ancient Texts usually appear on the first 1-3 floors of a dungeon. To get
     multiple copies on a Text, just go back one floor and go down again.
     (Ex. You are at B3 now. Go up back to B2 or B1 and go down to B3 again.)
     But as the game goes along, Ancient Texts can also be found at later levels.
     Example, in the Tower of Illusion, you can find Ancient Texts even at L7,
     though they are rare.
     Exceptions: For the Alstadt Dungeon, you will  be able to find Ancient
     Texts the first time at the bottom floors(since you start from the bottom)
     , but they will not regenerate until you come back by the normal way,
     a.k.a from B1.
    -if your path is blocked by a trap, use the Cats Eye. I got my way blocked
     in the Ancient Cave once by a pit. Using the Cats Eye, you can even walk
     over pits.
    -if you are having problems with undead monsters early in the game, use the
     spell Light. Players of previous Lufias might think that it is a useless
     spell that is only used near the end. But here, it is a cheap and effective
     spells against ghosts and undead.
    -confusion is a lethal status effect in the game! Try to cure it as soon as
     possible! Or you can cast Drowsey or Sleep on that character so that he
     will be harmless even if he is confused.
    -when the Unded Ring or Ghost Ring is equipped, it does not mean that your
     character is invulnerable to magic. He could still be injured, although
     the damage is reduced. The only way to regain HP when the rings are equipped
     is to use the spell X-Absorb. And you cannot revive a person who is killed
     when equipped with it. So using the rings is VERY risky!
    -the BunnyBlade might seem useless as it only does 1 or 2 damage. Although
     its attack bonus is fake for a normal attack, it is not for an IP attack!
     When equipped with the BunnyBlade, the damage of your IPs increases
     significantly, example, Aima using Scatter Hit.
    -beware of mimics in the Ancient Cave, especially Raremimics! They look like
     normal red and blue chests but will attack the moment you try to open them!
     Never let down your guard as there can be multiple Mimics in a level. I
     once found 3 Mimics out of the 4 chests in a hidden room! Chests hidden
     under bushes have the highest chance of being Mimics. But single chests in
     hidden compartments are always safe.
    -unlike in Lufia 2, Providence in the Ancient Cave is very likely found on
     the 20th floor. It can even be in hidden rooms, hidden chests, so search
    -there is no battle in the game that cannot be won! This applies especially
     to the Sinistral battles. Check the Bosses sections for tips on defeating
    This FAQ was done by myself. I did not, I repeat, did not use information from
    any other FAQs. So I would appreciate it if you tell me should you intend to
    use this FAQ for posting on sites or whatever reason. But this FAQ is not to
    be used for any monetary purposes, to sell or whatsoever.
    I will gladly accept any comments or criticism on the FAQ. Please mail them to
    me but don't bomb me, OK? You're a nice guy, right?
    This section will also be used for credits in future, should people tell me stuff
    I missed in the FAQ.
    Hope you enjoyed the FAQ and found it useful!
    dekar10 2001 (c)

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