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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Guardian CD

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    Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors FAQ
    By Guardian CD
    1/20/03-Update finished up to Story 2.
    1/19/03-Starting a MASSIVE update in Walkthrough
    1/7/03-Newer look for character unlock.
    12/28/02-Updated F.A.Q
    12/21/02-Updated Unlock Vegeta
    10/30/02-Started work on new strategy
    10/19/02-Fixed GS codes, didn't finish battle system yet
    10/5/02-Added Battle System
    10/2/02-Some stuff.
    9/28/02-Updated how to unlock Vegeta, I think it may help others.  Also added
    9/20/02-Revising FAQ to new organization.
    1. Unlockable Characters
    2. Walkthrough
    3. Gameshark Codes
    4. FAQ
    5. How the Battle System works
    Game Terms
    This game uses it's own terms...so I will use them in the faq:
    Mega Card-A Ki Attack such as S. Kamehameha.
    Attack Card-A card like Solid Shot or Cont. Kicks.
    Defense Card-A card such as avoid or endurance.
    Support Card-A card like Dende, Kibito, or Bulma.
    Lost-Die,died, death
    Unlockable Characters
    NOTE: The following are/can be obtained the first time.
    Unlocked when you start game
    -<Super Saiyan>-
    Unlocked before Cell Games
    -<Super Saiyan 2>-
    Unlocked during Cell Games
    First you must get all special cards on the maps, and have beam deck.  Then, on
    the Map after you fight Vegeta with Goku, get Yajirobe's sword, talk to
    Krillin, and tell him to run, then give the sword to Yajirobe.  On Namek, when
    the Namekian attacks you, dodge to the left.  Find all other cards on the maps,
    and you will unlock him before Frieza VS Goku.  (Check in FAQ for more details)
    He should be unlocked before facing off against Imperfect Cell as Piccolo,
    otherwise, lose to Cell once, and continue, he'll be unlocked.
    -<Evil King>-
    Beat 17 and 18 with ONLY Super Saiyan Trunks (future).  He'll be unlocked when
    you beat the game.
    Unlocked on Namek
    Unlocked before fighting Vegeta on earth.
    -<Super Saiyan>-
    Unlocked before fighting Frieza on Namek in final battle.
    -<Super Saiyan 2>-
    Unlocked before fighting Majin Vegeta.
    -<Super Saiyan 3>-
    Unlock all the fighters up to story 30, he'll be unlocked.  If you don't,
    unlock ALL characters next time through, and on story 30 he should be there.
    When you start the game, pick the beam deck from Piccolo.  Then fight normally
    until you reach the second map.  Get Yajirobe's sword in the rock formation
    south of Gohan in the middle of the map.  Then go to Krillin and say "yes". 
    Then give the sword to Yajirobe.  Then on the next map on Namek, get the Dende
    card in one of the houses, then find the Dragonball, then when the Namek
    attacks you, dodge left.  Then on the fight with Guldo, use Gohan.  And on
    Racoome, the same.  Then on Jeice and Burter, use Goku and Gohan.  Now, on the
    next map, get the card up in the left-top corner in the space pod, then get the
    dragonballs and tell Krillin to summon the dragon.  Vegeta shall be unlocked
    right before the battle with Ginyu+Jeice.
    -<Super Saiyan>-
    Unlocked after fighting Android 19.
    As Super Saiyan2 Goku, lose once to Majin Vegeta, continue, and beat him. 
    He'll be unlocked at Fat Buu and after.
    <Teen Gohan>
    -<Super Saiyan>-
    No normal mode for teenage Gohan, he's unlocked after Cell is defeated or after
    the extra story (with Trunks).
    -<Super Saiyan 2>-
    Beat Buu with Gohan Super Saiyan when Gohan gets off Kai Planet.
    -<Strongest Warrior/Mystic>-
    Unlocked after Gohan leaves Kai Planet.
    This is Mirai (Future) Trunks.  When looking for Cell's shell, talk to Trunks
    until he talks about the future.  Then, in the time chamber (as Gohan), talk to
    the bottom jar a lot.  You'll get Trunks' sword.  He'll be unlocked at the Cell
    -<Super Saiyan>-
    Unlocked with Future Trunks.
    Beat Young Trunks at the Martial Arts Tournament.
    -<Super Saiyan>-
    Before the fight with Future Trunks in the Time Chamber.
    This is Chibi (young) Trunks.  Unlock Majin Vegeta, and he'll be unlocked too. 
    Or lose to him as Goten.
    -<Super Saiyan>-
    Same as Goten's Super Saiyan.
    -<Super Saiyan>-
    Play through Trunks' alternate story, and at the last picture when you beat the
    game press start a lot.  Must have Trunks <
    -<Super Saiyan 3>-
    Unlocked with Gotenks Super Saiyan.
    -<Super Saiyan>-
    Same as Gotenks.
    Beat him as Piccolo.
    Beat him as Krillin.
    Beat him as Goku.
    <Jeice & Burter>
    Beat them as Goku (and you can have young Gohan help you).
    Beat him and Jeice as Vegeta (can have anyone help you).
    Beat Goku as Ginyu.
    Beat him as Super Saiyan Trunks (future).
    <Android 16>
    Have Goku in your party when you fight him.
    <Android 17>
    1) Beat him with Android 20.
    2) Fight him and 18 in Trunks' Story with 19 ans 20.
    <Android 18>
    1) Have Krillin in first position when fighting her with 16.
    2) Same as 17's second option.
    <Android 19>
    Beat him as Super Saiyan Vegeta.
    <Android 20>
    Beat him as Android 19.
    Beat him with Piccolo.
    -<Second Form>-
    Beat 17 with First Cell.
    Have Cell2 in first slot when fighting 18 & 16.
    <Cell Jr.>
    Beat him as Perfect Cell.
    <Fat Buu>
    Beat him with either young Trunks or Goten (no Super Saiyan).
    Beat him with Fat Buu.
    -<Absorbed Gotenks>-
    Beat Buu<Gotenks> with Gotenks (No Super Saiyan3).
    -<Absorbed Gohan>-
    Beat Buu<Gohan> with Gohan (No Super Saiyan2 or Strongest Warrior).
    -<Pure Evil>-
    Beat him with Fat Buu or Super Saiyan Vegeta.
    Beat the final Perfect Cell with Vegeta (Super Saiyan or Majin).  Must have
    Future Trunks unlocked.  Automatically goes to it instead of Buu Saga.
    Story 1
    Evil Mentor!  Gohans' Training
    In this story, you just meet with Piccolo, and learn battle basics, and also
    get a feel to how the maps in this game are.  He will ask you to find jars. 
    I'll leave you to find the answers, since it will be better, and you will know
    that you understand how the fighting works...when it's all done, talk to
    Piccolo, and the story will continue.  Goku will be wished back, and Piccolo
    begins the final leg of his arduous training.
    Fight 1: Piccolo
    This is a strategy I use, and I'm a veteran of the game, so it may or may not
    work out for you.  Start out using 4 stage atk and 3 stage atk cards for the
    first couple of turns.  If Piccolo powers up on turn 4 or 5, he will be using a
    "mega" attack very soon.  You need to have at most 50 CC's by that time.  If
    you have a attack or mega card in you deck, and a avoid card, I suggest you
    move up a space after he powers up.  He will then use a 4 stage atk or 5.  If
    you have Forsight, use it, so Piccolo won't knock you around the whole playing
    field.  Then, use a stronger attack, Piccolo will lose a TON of HP from this. 
    Then on Defense, use that avoid card, for Piccolo will no doubtedly use his Sp.
    Beam Cannon attack, which can damage quite a bit from up front.  NOTE: If you
    have then endurance card there as well, you can use that to repeat the
    strategy.  Now, he MAY or MAY NOT use another attack like that, once I did it
    and he used Sonic Kick on me.  So beware.  After you win, you will get 3
    choices of cards to pick from.  Cards depend on which deck you chose.
    Story 2
    Fierce Saiyan!  Gohans' Death Match
    Vegeta and Nappa have arrived on earth!  Piccolo and Gohan meet up with Krillin
    at this point.  The battle is a losing one with the deaths of Yamcha,
    TenShinHan, and Chiaotzu.  Nappa then turns his murderous eyes on Gohan!  He
    uses a Ki Beam, and Piccolo saves Gohan, by giving his life to protect him. 
    Gohan is now ready to finally fight.
    Fight 2: Nappa
    Now, this is mostly like Piccolo, but he is stronger.  Pound Nappa with those
    good old 3/4 stage atk cards, and if he powers up turn 4 or 5...be ready...if
    he powers up on niether, have that Endurance card ready...thenn pound him with
    attacks and mega cards.
    Story 3
    Beyond the limits!  Goku VS Vegeta
    Goku has arrived and is ready to challenge Vegeta to a one on one match. 
    Enough talk, to the...
    Fight 3:  Vegeta
    This is a the most challenging fight that you have encountered if you are new. 
    Vegeta's attacks will take a good piece of Goku's HP away if he uses his
    Galick-Ho (even though it's a weak card).  Well, let's begin.  IT IS A MUST
    that you have equiped Goku with his Kaioken.  Well, not MUST, but it's a good
    plan b.  Now, charge up to 50 CC's using Attack Stage cards, and heck, power up
    if you need to, because if you use default attacks, you'll have Attack Stage 4
    instead of 3.  Now, This is what I do, use the Kaioken on the defense fase,
    then use the new Super Kamehameha!  Ha ha!  A really good piece of Vegeta's HP
    should be gone.  Now, he'll be pissed, so hopefull you have enough CC left to
    overcome his attacks.
    Story 4
    Time for a miracle!  The Saiyan Gohan
    Damn you Vegeta!  Vegeta has disposed of the strongest fighter you had!  Goku
    is down...and Vegeta is pissed at Yajirobe.  So, Gohan and Krillin decide to
    run away.  But...first, in a rock formation Gohan will find a sword.  Talk to
    Krillin and choose yes.  Then talk to Yajirobe.  Vegeta beat up Gohan!  Oh
    no...Vegeta is going to kill Goku!  Time to stop Vegeta!
    Fight 4: Vegeta
    THIS is harder than what you had with Goku.  But not too bad.  Same strategy,
    build up a good chunk of CC's, and power up and attack with Masenkos! 
    Otherwise, it's just like the previous fight.
    Story 5
    Launch into space!  The hope of Namek
    So, you learned of Frieza.  Krillin's gone off for the dragonball, and Bulma
    picked one up on radar.  Set out for a map.  Now, head north and you'll see the
    Namek village, there is a house that can only be reached by a row of trees,
    talk to it and you will recieve the Dende card!  Very useful healing card. 
    Now, the dragonball is all the way out on an island, the right most tree has
    it.  Then you'll enter a scene with a Namek who thinks you attack his village. 
    Depending if you want to unlock Vegeta, pick left.  Otherwise just continue on.
      You run into Vegeta, go to Guru's, and team up with Vegeta, Ginyu force shows
    Fight 5:  Guldo
    Now, this is a bit different, you finally get to pick someone other than Gohan,
    I'd stick with Gohan, because I doubt you have ANY good attacks for Krillin.
    Story 6
    Racoomes attack!  Strong and Evil
    Vegeta's no match, Gohan and Krillin want to try their luck...
    Fight 6:  Racoome
    Now, Racoome will use his Eraser Gun if you take enough HP out in a certain
    number of turns.  Best off charging up CC's, and waiting for an avoid card. 
    Then, blast him with Masenkos and prey he won't use the eraser gun.  Otherwise,
    a regular strategy should work.
    Story 7
    Red and Blue Orbs!  Jeice and Burter
    Like in the show or magna, Gohan is about to be killed when the Ginyu Force
    gets distracted by a ship.  WITH GOKU!  Goku takes out Racoome without trying,
    and now Jeice and Burter have had enough watching.
    Fight 7:  Jeice & Burter
    This is the first two fighter battle you will have.  First, since you won't
    have Goku leveled up high enough to take on Jeice and Burter solo, pick Gohan
    to help.  Just go the character select and there will be a second slot.  Now to
    the fight.  You'll start facing Jeice.  If you want to stay with Goku, try to
    power up every turn and use his attack fase 4 card as much as you can.  Then
    use Kaioken, then throw a Spirit Bomb at him.  A ton of HP will disappear from
    him.  Just hit him with anything you have left and get ready for Burter.  Now,
    if Goku has 1/4 HP or less, switch to Gohan during the attack part of battle. 
    You can do it in the 4th option.  Now, do the same with Jeice.  I hope you put
    the Dende card in your deck.  It'll help Goku and Gohan.  Same thing, just that
    Burter uses NO Ki blasts.  He'll stick to his Mach Attack or whatever it's
    Story 8
    The Big Duel!  Capt. Ginyu Emerges
    Jeice is scared, he flies to tell his mommy on you, err, Ginyu on you.  Vegeta
    says a bit about the Super Saiyan, but Goku has no idea.  Ginyu comes back and
    Goku tells Gohan and Krillin to get the dragonballs.  Now, you'll enter a mini
    map.  You need to find the dragonballs.  But all the way up north and to the
    west, check the space pods for a card.  Then near Frieza's ship you'll find the
    dragonballs (press a near the north of the ship).  Talk to Krillin after you
    dig them up.  Goku's back!  No, it's Ginyu in Goku's body, 10 times weaker!!
    Fight 8: Ginyu<Goku> & Jeice
    If you picked left, you will recieve Vegeta now.  I think at least.  Oh well,
    I'll describe the battle using Gohan and Krillin.  Ginyu will use the S.
    Kamehameha, so be weary.  Now, if you want Gohan to last, use Attack x3.  Then
    when Ginyu powers up, copy him (if you have enough Ki to use 2 Masenko's). 
    Then use avoid (If you revieved it).  He'll use his Dynami.Punch too.  So, blow
    him up using same strategy, or take a change of pace.  Jeice will fly out, if
    you can heal Gohan with Dende, now's the time to do it, have Gohan stay in a
    few turns to gather CC, then switch to Krillin.  Power up and release the
    MistyKiWave!  He should be at half HP and not too pleased if you did it twice. 
    He MAY or MAY NOT use the Crasher Ball, better not to take chances and use
    avoid.  Then do it again, and if Krillin is too low on HP, switch to Gohan and
    finish Jeice.
    Story 9
    The Final Battle!  No Escape for You
    Goku's here to fight Frieza.  Vegeta is dies crying.  Goku wants to avenge
    Vegeta, and the only way to do it is...
    Fight 9: Frieza
    Yes!  The fight I like a lot!  Goku's not Super Saiyan yet!  Frieza does not
    use many Ki attacks, as a matter of fact, I think he will only use Ground Wave.
     And his S.DashElbow card is his favorite.  So, power up those CC's to as high
    as you want.  Sometimes I'll hold out to 70 because of the Spirit Bomb's cost. 
    Now, power up and use Kaioken.  Then throw out the Spirut Bombs!  Frieza will
    take MAJOR damage.
    Story 10
    Victory is Mine!!  Frieza's Battle
    Frieza's dead!  Rejoice for the Z Fighters!  Or...he can shoot Piccolo through
    his heart and kill Krillin.  And enrage Goku so much that he undergoes the
    Super Saiyan transformation.  Gohan goes off and notices the sky turned black,
    now, go talk to the pile of rocks to the west, find Bulma and say Not Yet.  Go
    back and talk to the rocks to recieve a card.  Get Bulma and you'll be
    transported to earth where you get to fight the final moments on Namek.
    Fight 10: Frieza
    You can switch to normal Goku, but I don't like to, to stick to how the magna
    goes.  Frieza's gloating.  In the start of the match.  Now, you will still have
    access to the Spirit Bomb, but NOT the Kaioken.  So, you'll have to survive
    with the Spirit Bomb and Super Kamehameha.  So, charge up the CC's, and release
    a never ending barage of S. Kamehameha's and Spirit Bombs.  And keep that
    endurance and Shockwave cards when you get them.  See if you can figure out
    Frieza's style.
    Story 11
    The Fateful Day Fight for the Future
    Namek explodes, dragonballs used to revive Krillin and Yamcha, then Tien and
    Chiaotzu.  The mysterious boy warns of the Androids and Goku is back.  Enter
    the map.  Now, you must locate Piccolo to recieve Gohan's Dunk Shot.  And
    something from Chi Chi if you find Piccolo 5 times.  I'll leave that to you
    since it's hard to explain.  Talk to Goku to revcieve the attack fase 5 card
    and begin the
    Fight 11: Goku
    Not Super Saiyan of course.  Now, Goku is quite the push over.  But when he
    uses Ki attacks, he makes them count *COUGH* Spirit Bomb *COUGH*.  Yes, that
    attack will knock you down to 30 HP in one shot.  So, raise the CC's and use
    the new Dunk Shot and Masenkos.
    Story 12
    Stealth Weapon!  The Android Revealed
    Hmmm...no Vegeta yet.  Oh uh!  Yajirobe is going to die!  Gohan has to save
    him.  I laugh, I would never save that fat moron.  Well, fly out past Yajirobe
    to talk to the guys, you'll get card tips, and when you talk to both guys, go
    back to shore to find Chiaotzu and recive a card.  Then you'll find Bulma. 
    Then talk to her, then Yajirobe.  The fight has started!  We have to hurry!
    Fight 12: No. 19
    Alright, now, unlike in the show, when you shoot a Ki blast, the Android may or
    may not absorb it.  It's very rare when they do.  He also has an attack where
    he runs up to you and absorbs you life.  Better to finish this fight fast.
    Story 13
    Fearless No. 20 Dr. Gero's Secret
    Vegeta's arrived!  With his new skill Super Saiyan!  He easily disposes of 19
    and Yamcha takes Goku to get his medicine.  You'll be at a map after you've
    given Vegeta a senzu bean.  Now, talk to Krillin, talk to Vegeta, and talk to
    Piccolo.  There are two other endings to this map.  Go back to Krillin after
    talking to everyone BUT Tien.  Walk past him and Piccolo will say he's found
    the Android and Gohan will come running.  Or talk to Tien and you'll find the
    Android.  Either way it ends with a
    Fight 13:  No. 20
    The same as 19.  He has an attack that can absorb your life, but he never uses
    it, I've only seen it once.  He'll usually use the Super Energy Ball or
    whatever it's called for the special.  Piccolo will have more trouble than
    Goku, since you only have normal Piccolo.
    Story 14
    A Premonition!  The New Terror
    Piccolo and the others get beaten when Gero releases 17 and 18.  You'll head
    out to another map though.  You'll have to find Cell's shell.  Talk to Trunks
    to learn of Gohan's future self and head off and talk to the skin.  Piccolo
    decides the only way is to join with Kami.  He also learns of the REAL threat
    to earth.
    Fight 14:  Cell
    This is really the first fight where you can unlock someone.  I suggest getting
    Piccolo(God) to make life easier for you.  Cell will usually use S. Beam Cannon
    on you for his special, but I have seen him use S. Kamehameha.
    Story 15
    A Walking Weapon!!  The Android Cometh
    Ah, crap.  Cell got away.  But now Goku is back in action and says hi to the
    new Kamiccolo.  Vegeta and Trunks head into the time chamber, and Piccolo
    decided to fight the Androids himself.
    Fight 15:  No.17
    Now, if you have Piccolo(God), this can be very easy, but if not, it can be
    tough on you.  He'll usually use crazy rush or whatever, or the Super Energy
    Ball.  But otherwise, Ki attacks are a must.  NO MORE THREAT OF ABSORBTION!!!
    Story 16
    Goku and Gohan Family Training
    Yay, Goku gets Piccolo and Tien to the lookout.  Vegeta and Trunks head off to
    stop Cell as his new form.  Goku and Gohan enter the chamber and a map.  Now,
    there is a note behind the building, read it, and do what it says.  If you did,
    you'll get Kaio, Trunks' Sword, and Solid Shot.  Talk to Goku and you'll be in
    Fight 16:  No.16 & No.18
    What the!?  How did the Androids get in here!?  Strange eh?  Well, you'll
    definatly will need Super Saiyan Goku.  16 will usually use his rocket punch
    for a special.  18 will use more of a variety, between some new Destructo Disk
    and sometimes Attack 18.
    Story 17
    Challenging Cell!!  The Duel Unfolds
    Goku and Gohan have completed training, and it's ten days until the Cell Games.
     Of course, Goku seems to have a plan, so he doesn't train in those ten days. 
    Now, the day has arrived...
    Fight 17:  Cell<Perfect>
    You get to see a picture of Hercule flying away before this.  Well, Cell is the
    same, except he may use Combo Cell.  But he will use S. Beam Cannon most of the
    Story 18
    Raging Gohan!  Awakening Power
    Goku calls it quits, and selects the next fighter: Gohan!  Gohan doesn't want
    to kill Cell, but Cell is interested in Gohan's hidden powers.  So, 16 jumps
    onto Cell and tries to self-destruct, but no bomb, no dice.  Cell destroys 16. 
    And Cell Jr.'s are beating the rest of the Z Fighters.  16 tells Gohan about
    how fighting for the right cause is not a sin, and to protect the planet, then
    Cell crushes 16's head and kills him.  Gohan finally gets fed up and releases
    his new power: Super Saiyan 2!
    Fight 18:  Cell Jr.
    This little blue guy is almost EXACTLY like Cell.  He'll use Sp. Beam Cannon
    and S. Kamehameha.  And Step Up Attack.
    Story 19
    Heir to Strength: His Name is Gohan
    Quick scene here.  Gohan and Cell exchange a few words, then the ight begins.
    Fight 19:  Cell<Perfect>
    I forgot to mention, Gohan can now use S. Kamehameha! (A much stronger attack
    than the Masenko!)I suggest using S. Kamehameha on Cell instead of the old
    Story 20
    Goku to Gohan...Soul Transfer
    Goku tells Gohan to finish off Cell while he can, but no, Gohan wants Cell to
    suffer.  But it will be Gohan who suffers, when Cell spits up 18, he regresses
    back to his second form, and activates his self detonation sequence, where he
    gets fat.  Goku, realizing no other way, says good bye to the Z Fighters and
    uses Instant Transmission to take Cell to King Kai's planet.  The planet
    explodes claiming the lives of Goku and King Kai.  As the heroes mourn the loss
    of Goku, Cell returns and kills Trunks!  Gohan will still fight, and Vegeta is
    Fight 20:  Cell<Perfect>
    Or, if you want use Super Saiyan Vegeta for this to continue on the
    walkthrough.  Now, Cell is the same, but more of a match for Super Saiyan2
    Gohan.  If you used Vegeta and won, read Ex Stories 1 and 2, otherwise skip
    Ex Story 1
    Another Ending Save Our Future
    Trunks leaves for his time to stop Androids, if you talk to all the people on
    this map, you should find flyers in certain areas telling you how to unlock
    characters.  Otherwise, talk to either Android to start combat.
    Fight Ex 1:  No.17 & No.18
    Use anyone else for this, but to unlock Evil King Piccolo, you need to overcome
    them with ONLY Super Saiyan Trunks.  They'll use same attacks as before.
    Ex Story 2
    For Future Peace...Trunks' Last Fight
    3 months have passed or something, and Trunks can now tell Gohan and the others
    he has defeated the Androids!  But Cell comes to spoil things for him.
    Fight Ex 2:  Cell
    Cell is the same as he was when Piccolo fought him, same attacks and all,
    except this one will use Combo Cell.
    Story 21
    Goku Resurrected!?  World-Class Match
    Gohan is now 16, and entered High School.  He meets a girl named Videl,
    daughter of Hercule, he learns about the "Gold Fighter" at school, which is him
    Super Saiyan.  He becomes the Great Saiyaman to disguise himself, but Videl
    soon learns of Gohan's secret and blackmails him.  Gohan must participate in
    the World Martial Arts Tournament, because he is son of one of the past champs:
    Goku.  And Hercule won the past tournament too.  So, we enter a map where you
    can find Piccolo up to the northwest in a confined area.  And Videl in the
    south east corner.  Talk to Goten for a fight.
    Fight 21:  Goten
    Not Super Saiyan Goten.  Well, I hope you equiped this SEPERATE character with
    attacks, because Goten has his own variation of Kamehameha, it seems to be the
    same as the regular anyway, but that's Goten's only real attack.
    Story 22
    Sheer Bliss!  A Young Champion
    Goku is back, and wants to participate in the tournament, but there is a kid
    league.  Videl was champion of this tournament a while back.  But now Goten and
    Trunks will take home the gold.
    Fight 22:  Trunks
    Trunks is stronger than Goten, and tougher too, he has Burning Attack and Flash
    Punch, while of you talked to Piccolo, you have only Goten's Kamehameha. 
    Beware and guard against his specials.
    Story 23
    Dark Mastermind!  Evil Master Babadi
    Long scene here.  Whoever won fights Hercule and beats him.  Now Gohan is going
    to fight Kibito, but Kibito commands him to become a Super Saiyan.  Gohan
    obliges and becomes Super Saiyan2.  Yamu and Spopovich attack Gohan and drain
    his Ki!  Kibito will revive Gohan and they give info on Babidi and Supreme Kai.
     You'll come to a map, you need to speak to everyone to continue.  Babadi will
    kill Yamu and Spopovich, then Dabura will sense the Z Fighters and kills
    Kibito.  Then Goku and Gohan agree, they must storm Babadi's ship.  Goku and
    Vegeta easily dispose of Pui Pui and Yakon, but then, with his magic, Babadi
    turns Vegeta pure evil again, and Vegeta becomes Majin Vegeta!  They're
    teleported to the tournament, where Vegeta releases a powerful ki attack into
    the stands, that Goku cannot counter.  Goku realizes that he must fight Vegeta.
     Goku makes a request to move the fight somewhere secluded.  Babadi does and
    Supreme Kai tells Goku not to do it, but in the end, Kai and Gohan decide to
    destroy Buu before he's released.  Babadi commands Vegeta to kill Kai, but
    Vegeta refuses.  His pride is greater than the spell!  Goku and Vegeta now can
    Fight 23:  Vegeta<Destruction>
    You'll have Super Saiyan 2 Goku for this fight!  Now, Majin Vegeta is tougher
    than Vegeta was, because he now has Final Flash and Big Bang on his side. 
    Raise your attack power as much as you can, but try not to damage Vegeta too
    much before you can use Spirit Bomb.  If Vegeta flies up, then this fight can
    be ended FAST.  Charge up and use Spirit Bomb to damage Vegeta a ton!
    Story 24
    Warrior's Resolve!  I'll Finish This
    Kai and Gohan find Babadi and Dabura, along with Buu's shell.  Kai and Gohan
    decide to stop Buu before it's too late, but Buu's shell has got enough energy
    from Goku to open!  Kai suggests that they leave before it's too late, but
    Gohan uses huis Kamehameha to destroy Buu, and it looks like it worked!  But
    the clouds coming from the shell are not just any clouds...It's Majin Buu! 
    Gohan and Kai agree to leave, but Buu easily defeats them before they leave. 
    Goten and Trunks are look for Majin Buu, so you'll enter a map.  Easy, just
    find Piccolo and Krillin statues, then when you talk to them, go back to the
    start to find Videl.  Then talk to Trunks.  Dabura will be killed and Krillin
    and Piccolo return to normal, and Vegeta shows up to kill Buu!
    Fight 24:  Fat Buu
    You will have Majin Vegeta for this fight no matter if you lost to him or beat
    him.  Majin Buu is really not a big threat, he'll use super e. ball, or his pot
    belly attack, which is pretty entertaining!  Hopefully you got one of Vegeta's
    Final Flash or Big Bang cards, you'll need some pretty powerful cards to take
    down this fat pink...thing...
    Story 25
    Defeat Majin Buu!  Gohan-Goten Training
    Trunks thinks Buu has been defeated by his father, but Vegeta knows Buu is
    alive.  He tells Trunks he's proud of him, and hugs him, then punches Trunks
    out.  Now, if you know the show, Vegeta says he sacrifices himself for his
    family, and Goku.  So in a brilliant explosion, Vegeta tears Buu to shreds by
    destroying his body in a result of a kind of kamikaze mission.  Gohan awakens
    to find his self in the World of the Kais.  He is taken to the Z Sword where he
    manages to pull the sword, Goku shows up a bit later because his time on earth
    is up.  Back on earth, Goten witnessess Evil Buu eat Chi Chi.  He is sad, but
    the fate of the world relies on they're success, so into the time chamber.  If
    you say no to everything the pots say, you'll get some cards.  One jar will do
    nothing.  Talk to Trunks, and the two have wondered out into the room.  Mirai
    Trunks makes an appearance saying that the times must've overlapped.  Young
    Trunks wants to fight him, so...
    Fight 25:  Trunks
    Depending on who you unlocked, or if you've unlocked both, you'll have the
    Super Saiyan forms of the two boys.  Mirai Trunks likes to use his Rising Kick
    or Burning Attack.  No problem for a Super Saiyan!
    Story 26
    Training Success!!  The End for Buu?
    Buu has broken into the time chamber!  But...Goten and Trunks have mastered the
    Fusion, perform the dance, and a new warrior is born!  Gotenks!  Back in
    otherworld, Gohan has finally gotten used to the sword, and the Elder Kai is
    released, saying he was the Supreme Kai 15 generations ago.  he also has the
    power to increase any fighter's ki pass the limits of the fighter!  So, Gohan
    undergoes the process.  Goku asks how long the ritual will take, and Elder Kai
    says 5 hours of ritual, and 20 hours to power up.  And Goku just decides to
    take a nap.  When Goku awakes, they sense Buu's ki has changed!  And Goku
    senses everyone is dead.  And now the ki's of Goten, Trunks, and Buu are gone. 
    Elder Kai explains that they are in the hyperbolic time chamber.  And he says
    Piccolo let Buu into the chamber.  Goku senses a change in Gohan's ki, and says
    elder Kai is worthy of the name Supreme Kai, which pisses Kai off.  Buu's ki is
    detected and elder Kai pulls out a mystical ball.  Goku somehow knows the name
    of the Goten-Trunks Fusion.  Gotenks gets pissed that Buu says he ate everyone
    all up, and Gotenks is Super Saiyan 3!
    Fight 26:  Buu<Evil>
    Try to use power up cards when you can, Buu won't so much.  But beware, I uses
    a cont.kick on him, and he used Super E. Ball.  So be careful!
    Story 27
    Gohan Reborn Return to Earth
    It looks like Gotenks has Buu beat!  We don't need Gohan anymore.  But, because
    of the Super Saiyan3 transformation, Gotenks fusion time was shortened (Super
    Saiyan3 requires a lot of Ki to sustain)!  Goku knows that only Goten and
    Trunks remain on earth!  Goku pleads with Elder Kai to finish...but, he
    finished A LONG time ago.  He seems to like dramatic entrances.  Elder Kai
    tells Gohan to activate the new power, and Kibito drops Gohan off on earth and
    leaves.  Gohan is ready for action once more!  Buu is cocky becasue he
    remembers beating Gohan.  Time to show him the tables have turned.
    Fight 27:  Buu<Evil>
    NOTE: With this Gohan you cannot use Super Saiyan-2 or 3 cards.  Or his Dunk
    Shot.  Here, if you beat Buu with Super Saiyan Gohan, you'll unlock Gohan Super
    Saiyan 2.  Okay, time to fight.  It's the same as last time, just power up and
    nail him!  He uses Sweet Beam as well.
    Story 28
    Buu's Brilliance!?  A Shocking Power!
    Ahh!  Buu is pissed and he's gonna self destruct!  But, he disappeared instead,
    and you find Piccolo.  We find out Dende is alive somewhere.  Dende is easy to
    find on the map, but you want to find Hercule all the way to the south.  Find
    his dog and you'll get his card!  Yay!  You take Hercule, and he mocks the
    Guardian of the Earth!  Buu's ki!?  He's back!  He tricks Goten and Trunks to
    fuse into Gotenks, then Buu absorbs him!  Then he gets Piccolo, and becomes Buu
    (Gotenks).  A new challenge for Gohan.
    Fight 28: Buu<Gotenks>
    Damn that Buu!  Well, it's the same, except if you use a Ki attack later in
    combat, Buu will use Breath and totally ignore it!  Argh!  A truely agravating
    enemy if there was one!  I beat him using Cont.Kicks, because he always blocked
    S. Kamehameha, but hey, make you're own strategy.
    Story 29
    Goku Revived Save the Universe
    Gohan fought Buu with all he had, but Buu just regenerated.  Buu got mad at
    Dende healing Gohan, so it's just like Frieza!  NOOOO!  Huh?  Tien saved Dende!
     Bu angered, decides to destroy earth, but, who comes in to save the two, but
    Goku!  He's alive again!  Elder Kai decided to be dead instead of Goku.  Goku
    reveals he has a set of Potaras.  Earrings that can make two fighters merge. 
    An alternate fusion.  Buu reverts back to normal, because the Gotenks fusion is
    up!  Gohan gets absorbed though!  Argh!  A new Buu!  Hmm?  Vegeta's back! 
    Still dead, but back!  Goku pleads with Vegeta to use the potara with him, but
    Vegeta refuses.  But once Goku says Trunks and Bulma are gone, Vegeta decides
    to fuse, while Vegeta is putting on the potara, Goku says the fusion is
    PERMANENT, no going back now!  Vegeta has it on!  The two fighters are pulled
    together and become the most powerful fighter ever seen!  VEGETO!!!
    Fight 29: Buu<Gohan>
    There is only one form of Vegeto, Super Saiyan, even though he went to Super
    Saiyan2.  You will want to equip him with one of Goku's and Vegeta's specials,
    big bang and s. kamehameha will work.  Anyway, Vegeto should be able to handle
    Story 30
    Seize the Day!  Universal Battle!
    Vegeto is ready to finish this!  Buu absorbs Vegeto as Vegeto calls Barrier! 
    Vegeto planned to get into Buu and free the others.  Somehow, the fusion wore
    off inside of Buu, so Goku and Vegeta are back to normal, Goku tells Vegeta
    when they leave, they'll fuse back into Vegeto, but Vegeta HATED the idea and
    SMASHED the Potara.  Goku thought he was crazy, but understood.  Now, inside
    Buu you control Goku, find Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks, then talk to
    Vegeta.  Once everyone is rescued, Buu appears...inside himself?  Wierd, but
    Vegeta releases Fat Buu and everyone escapes.  He shrinks!  Ha ha!  We can win,
    right?  Not, Buu launches a beam at Goku, but Vegeta saves him.  Buu instantly
    decides to wipe out earth, and Goku can't use Instant Transmission on everyone,
    but Supreme Kai rescues Goku, Vegeta, Dende, Hercule, and his dog.  It seems
    Supreme Kai and Kibito used the Potara to fuse into a new being.  Earth was
    destroyed...and everyone on it is DEAD.  Gohan, Goten, Bulma, Trunks, EVERYONE
    that Vegeto wanted to save.  Vegeta is angered the Dragonballs are gone.  And
    Elder Kai says to leave the Dragonballs alone.  Goku offers Elder Kai something
    that Master Roshi would like.  Thinking all old men are dirty minded.  Vegeta
    gets pissed at it.  Buu is coming, and Elder Kai says to use the Potara to
    become Vegeto again, but Goku now shows his Saiyan pride with Vegeta, and
    they'll take on Buu like they are.  Buu's there, Supreme Kai and Elder Kai take
    Dende away, time to finish this game with a blow out battle!
    Fight 30:  Buu<Pure Evil>
    I hope you got Super Saiyan 3 Goku, it makes this battle so much more fun! 
    This is the final!  Fight with all you got...Buu will usually will use S.
    THE END...Or, will the Elder Kai be right?  Will the Dragonballs lead the
    universe into chaos????
    Battle Strategy
    I find that many like to complain about the above strategies.  So I am going to
    try to put together a new one.  Of course, it may not work.  Because not ALL
    strategies are that easy to configure.  So...here goes.
    You will probaly wind up starting on defense when you first start the game.  So
    give this a shot:
    Use Attack Stage cards as long as you can, powering up also helps before an
    enemy attacks with specialties.  Once you give about an 1/8 of damage, the
    opponent will either:
    1) Power Up
    2) Just use a higher Attack Stage Card.
    3) Use Special Attack
    When I say special, I mean like Super Kamehameha or Piccolo's Sp. Beam Cannon. 
    If the enemy powers up, this gives you a chance.  Do the same, and move to the
    TOP LEFT of the screen during the first defense phase after he powers up.  PRAY
    that he doesn't knock you out of that corner, and then power up.  The opponent
    will likely use 5 Stage Attack, then a Ki attack.  The top left gives you extra
    defense against Ki attacks.  So then, after you have hopefully survived, go
    back down to the bottom left.
    Gameshark Codes
    Character Mod.
    NOTE: First you must go to the character equip screen, turn the code on, then
    select a character you want to use (Just for Special Attacks).  Then exit the
    screens to the menu, turn the code off now and you'll have the character
    01-Gohan (Norm.)
    02-Gohan (Sup. Saiyan)
    03-Gohan (Sup. Saiyan2)
    04-Piccolo (Norm.)
    05-Piccolo (Kami)
    06-Piccolo (Daimou)
    08-Goku (Norm.)
    09-Goku (Sup. Saiyan)
    0A-Goku (Sup. Saiyan2)
    0B-Goku (Sup. Saiyan3)
    0C-Vegeta (Norm.)
    0D-Vegeta (Sup. Saiyan)
    0E-Vegeta (Majin)
    0F-Gohan (Sup. Saiyan)
    10-Gohan (Sup. Saiyan2)
    11-Gohan (Mystic)
    12-Mirai Trunks (Norm.)
    13-Mirai Trunks (Sup. Saiyan)
    15-Goten (Sup. Saiyan)
    16-Trunks (Norm.)
    17-Trunks (Sup. Saiyan)
    18-Gotenks (Sup. Saiyan)
    19-Gotenks (Sup. Saiyan3)
    1A-Vegeto (Sup. Saiyan)
    20-Ginyu (Norm.)
    21-Ginyu (Goku)
    28-Cell (First)
    29-Cell (Second)
    2A-Cell (Perfect)
    2B-Cell Jr.
    2C-Fat Buu
    2D-Evil Buu
    2E-Buu (Gotenks)
    2F-Buu (Gohan)
    30-Buu (Pure Evil)
    Card Mod
    F3 1. 3 stage atk.
    F4 2. 4 stage atk.
    F5 3. 5 stage atk.
    F6 4. 6 stage atk.
    F7 5. cont. punch
    F8 6. cont. kick
    F9 7. energy wave
    FA 8. energy bomb
    FB 9. special cart
    FC 10. masenko
    FD 11. dunk shot
    FE 12. kamehameha
    FF 13. S. kamehameha
    use now 0102??CE
    00 14. F. kamehameha
    01 15. sonic kick
    02 16. resurrection
    03 17. S beam can.
    04 18. F. lightbomb
    05 19. taiyoken
    06 20. misty kiwave
    07 21. destruct-disk
    08 22. S. destruc-D.
    09 23. kaio ken
    0a 24. Spirit bomb
    0b 25. Solid shot
    0c 26. teleport
    0d 27. sup. saiyan-2
    0e 28. sup. saiyan-3
    0f 29. tail
    10 30. Galick-ho
    11 31. big bang attack
    12 32. final flash
    13 33. suicide
    14 34. rising kick
    15 35. burning atk.
    16 36. fin. buster
    17 37. flash punch
    18 38. kamekameha
    19 39. galactica D.
    1a 40. S.G.K Atk.
    1b 41. v-ball crash
    1c 42. kiai
    1d 43. atomaic break
    1e 44. flash. sword
    1f 45. barrier
    20 46. N. slasher
    21 47. kiblast bomb
    22 48. lightnng C.
    23 49. telekinesis
    24 50. M. soundwave
    25 51. paralysis
    26 52. time freeze
    27 53. breath
    28 54. Eraser can.
    29 55. R.F.B. Atk.
    2a 56. crasher ball
    2b 57. purple comet
    2c 58. P. comet Z
    2d 59. speed up
    2e 60. mach attack
    2f 61. dynami. punch
    30 62. body change
    31 63. finger beam
    32 64. super E-ball
    33 65. Grand wave
    34 66. S. Dash Elbow
    35 67. eye beam
    36 68. lock on
    37 69. rocket punch
    38 70. hell Flash
    39 71. crazy rush
    3a 72. energy slash
    3b 73. energy slice
    3c 74. attack No. 18
    3d 75. life absorb
    3e 76. ene. absorb
    3f 77. cell combo
    40 78. step up atk.
    41 79. flesh guard
    42 80. potbelly atk.
    43 81. crasher buu
    44 82. sweet beam
    45 83. bulma
    46 84. chiaotzu
    47 85. tien
    48 86. yajirobe
    49 87. kiao
    4a 88. dende
    4b 89. guru
    4c 90. hercule
    4d 91. supreme kai
    4e 92. kibito
    4f 93. babidi
    50 94. dabura
    51 95. yakon
    52 96. scouter
    53 97. caps. fridge
    54 98. stop device
    55 99. life preser
    56 100. medical mac.
    57 101. Gravity dev.
    58 102. ene. absorber
    59 103. sealed ball
    5a 104. trunks sword
    5b 105. dabura spear
    5c 106. light vest
    5d 107. btl. jacket
    5e 108. new B-jacket
    5f 109. sunglasses
    60 110. gamebomb
    61 111. champ. belt
    62 112. h's choco
    63 113. heart virus
    64 114. heart medi.
    65 115. sandglass
    66 116. naughty book
    67 117. full spirit
    68 118. afterimage
    69 119. reading ki
    6a 120. feint
    6b 121. endurance
    6c 122. telepathy
    6d 123. foresight
    6e 124. shockwave
    6f 125. avoiding
    Infinite HP-01ffceca
    Infinite CC-01633eca
    Q) I did what you said, but I still didn't unlock (Character Name)!?
    A) My steps may exclude something, but I did indeed give parts that I remember
    on how I did it.
    Q) Your strategy did not work for me, anything else?
    A) Ehhhh...I never really use different strategies...but I'm always
    experimenting to find a better one.  Try the boards.
    Q) Why won't my cards work?
    A) Well, there are two reasons; one is that the card is only usable by a
    certain character, like Goku's Kaioken is only good for his normal condition. 
    The other is that the card has to meet certain conditions in battle, like
    Gotenks Volley Ball thing, you need to have another character equiped (I think
    only Piccolo can...) or it just is useless (Like card #9).
    Q) Someone said Super Saiyan 4 Goku is in the game!  Is he?
    A) Are you your own grandparent?  No.
    Q) What does Power Up do?
    A) Basically increases you attack power a little and let's you use 4 stage
    attack in normal attacks and limits.
    Q) Is TenShinHan, Yamcha, and Chiaoztu in the game (any version)?
    A) My answer has to be no for US and Euro, Japanese I don't know anymore.
    Q) Should I believe Gamewinners cheats?
    A) No.  They have true cheats, but they put up fake ones still.  They'll put
    anything up.  Ask SSJDennis (aka D-MAN), he proved this.
    Q) Are there any Gameshark codes to unlock characters?
    A) No, only modifiers to play as them.
    How The Battle System Works
    The battle system goes in different stages, attack and defense.  If you go
    first, it's determined by your SPD Stat.  You'll usually start in a defense
    stage, until you hit about level 4, if not level 5.  So, in the beggining of
    the game, Piccolo tells you about the different kinds of cards, so I'm not
    going to go into that.  There are 3 options in defense stage:
       -Only defensive cards, like Goku's Teleport or Super Saiyan-3 cards can be
    equiped, not like Avoid, which cannot.
    J-Cards in Hand
       -Just the same really.
    B-Basic Defense
       -You have Guard, and Move, move moves you around to a different place in the
    screen.  Guard is average defense, and you also have chances when it'll act
    like Endurance and Avoid.
    After you've completed defense stage, you get to attack:
    Copyright (c)2002 Guardian CD.  All rights reserved.  This was written by me,
    and I give thanks to: thegromer, Justindbz, dezmond, and anyone who contibuted
    but I don't remember.

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