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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Furiza

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/17/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dragonball z Legendary Super Warriors
    (Karurosu_Zenryoku@yahoo.com)      A.k.a. Furiza
    November 17th  2002 (8:19:37PM) EST
    Version 1.0
    2.Main Characters/Minor Characters
    3.How to fight
    4.Cards and what they do
    5.Strategy Guide
    6.Secret Characters
    7. Gameshark codes
    8. FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)
    9. Thanks
    Hi people this is my first Strategy Guide (Publically released) on the Internet.  I will be covering
    the video game Dragonball Z legendary Super Warriors for the game boy color.
    My name is Sean Carlos Santiago and I'm a 17 year old high school Junior.  I recently found this
    game off of the gromer's site.  I was quite amazed at the vivid colors this game had to offer on a
    eight bit handheld system.
    In fact I think this is the best Dragonball Z Rpg to ever come out.  Leave out that awful DBZ
    game(Legacy of Goku) for Game Boy Advance.  This one beats it by a lot.  But what I'm really
    looking for is a Dragonball Z RPG with a fighting
    System like DBZ Gokuden for the super famicom and you can walk around like Legend of the
    Super Saiya-jin for the Super Famicom.  I seriously think that would sell way more units and it is
    something many DBZ fans would enjoy.
    I hope you didn't fall asleep during my little introduction now we can begin on the strategy.
    2.Main Characters
    Goku-He is the main hero with wild black hair. He wears an Orange Gi throughout the series and
    is a low class warrior of a race called Saiya-jin  He is the first to turn Super Saiyajin and he has
    taken his life many times to save the others on earth.
    Vegeta- Goku's rival. He is the prince of all Saiya-jins and throughout the Cell saga he sports
    Saiya-jin armor until the Buu saga he wears blue spandex and a blue tanktop.  He craves nothing
    more but pure power and speed yet he remains the second strongest in the series.
    Vegetto- When Vegeta puts his potara earring on his right ear and Goku puts his on his left ear
    they permanently fuse into Vegetto.  Vegetto has far more strength as a regular SSJ than Gotenks
    had when he was a SSJ 3.  Vegetto got absorbed by Buu as an attempt to get Gohan, Piccolo,
    Goten and Trunks out of him.  Vegeta crushed his earring saying he never wanted to fuse with
    Goku again thus ever getting a chance to see Vegetto again.
    Gohan- Goku's son who is half Saiya-jin.  Gohan is the first to reach Super Saiya-jin 2 and the one
    to Defeat Cell.  During the mid Buu saga he reaches Mystic by training under a Supreme Kai.
    Trunks(Future)-He has lived a horrible future in which everyone died including his father Vegeta.
    He comes to the past during the Cell saga to set things straight so the future wouldn't be so
    horrible.  He battles and kills Androids 17,18 and Cell in his time line.
    Trunks(Chibi)- This Trunks does not live a bad life in fact he has it good.  Since this Trunks was
    around to see his father Vegeta he has grown to his arrogance and grown to be like him.  His best
    Friend Goten and him are the youngest to achieve Super Saiya-jin. When both Goten and Trunks
    fuse they form Gotenks who is the only fused warrior to go SSJ3
    Goten- Goku's second son.  He plays games with Trunks a lot and Goten achieves Super Saiya-jin
    at a very young age.  He is only 7 when he does.  Trunks is a year older than him.  He fuses with
    Trunks to become Gotenks.
    Gotenks- When Trunks and Goten do a fusion dance with the correct steps at the same time they
    create a fused warrior called Gotenks.  Gotenks is far stronger than most warriors. While he has
    his arrogance he refuses to transform into a Super Saiya-jin because he believes he could beat
    Buu.  He gets a chance to turn into a Super Saiya-jin 3 but the second time he turns Super Saiya-
    jin 3 he gets tricked into fusing then he gets absorbed by Buu.  We do see again Gotenks after the
    Buu saga but other than that he isn't seen again.
    Piccolo- When Kami extracted his other half this Piccolo was born.  He was pure evil in
    Dragonball but after Goku punched a hole in his chest Piccolo spit out an egg.  In the egg
    contained the Piccolo we know now. He trained Gohan when he was 4 years old so he was
    Gohan's first trainer.  After the Cell saga Piccolo hasn't participated into many fights because the
    Saiya-jin's were over 3 times stronger than him.
    Krillin- Goku's once rival and now best friend.  He has a fair amount of power for a human and
    his death by Furiza caused Goku to turn into a Super Saiya-jin.
    Furiza- A Strong tyrant who destroyed, and enslaved planets as well as destroying a whole race of
    Saiya-jins leaving just four left.  He receives his defeat to Super Saiya-jin Future Trunks.
    Cell- Take cells from every warrior you see in Dragonball-Dragonball Z.  You'll get the strongest
    warrior called Cell...He know's everyone's moves and can do almost anything..but he was killed
    by Super Saiya-jin 2 Gohan.
    Buu- 7 years after Cell is killed Buu awakens from his slumber from 1,000's of years.  He kills
    every single soul on earth at one time and he has many forms but his final one was destroyed by
    Goku's Genki Dama.
    Minor Characters
    Bulma- Vegeta's wife and Trunks' mom.  She invented the dragon radar which helps Goku and
    the others find the Dragonballs.  She plays a major role in Dragonball but in Dragonball Z her
    major purpose just slips away.
    Chichi- Goku's wife and Gohan and Goten's mom.  She and Goku both got Married at the age of
    18.  She knows quite a bit of Martial arts since she is the Ox king's daughter and the Ox king and
    Grandpa Gohan have both trained under Master Roshi.
    Master Roshi- This man lives on a Island far from civilization yet he is a strong human.  He
    trained Goku and Krillin when they were 12 and 13.  He owns the world's largest porno
    collection on Earth.
    Kami- He is called Piccolo but long ago he has beaten Garlic Sr. to the Throne as God.  But in
    order to become God you had to be pure good.  So Piccolo extracted his evil half from himself
    and that half became known as Piccolo Daimou.
    Android 18- Krillin's wife.  She was once evil but she set all her differences aside after being
    absorbed by Cell so he could become Perfect Cell.  Krillin and her have a daughter together
    named Marron.  She receives the name Marron after Krillin's ex girlfriend Maron.
    3. How to fight
    This gives people plenty of problems throughout the game but several people who made strategy
    guides know how to figure it out such as the gromer and Guardian CD from the GAMEFAQ's
    board.  I translated several of these using Google.com
    Attacks during battle :
    1. Limits
    You must equip these for every new character you receive.  Limits may be attacks such as
    Kamehameha or Final Flash.  You must power up to use these.
    2. Cards
    After you win a battle you receive 1 out of 125 cards that are in the game.  Of course you will not
    get all the cards playing the first time around.  You can switch which cards you want to use in
    3. Regular Attacks
    Attack Phase These can be used only if you're the one attacking and not defending.
    Specials Sometimes if you have Masenko, Kamehameha, or any other type of blast you can use it
    as long as you have enough Ki for it.
    Power Up  This will raise your ki by a few points.
    4. (Defense only)
    Block/Maintain power  This is where you don't move and you only take about 3/4th's of the hits
    taken or « depending on how strong and fast you are.
    Movement.  You can move up to four places on the battle screen.  It depends on how close the
    enemy is.  I really don't use this much because the enemy can cause up to twice as much damage if
    they use a energy beam.
    5. Change Character
    This is only for fights in which you have a partner fighting side by side like Goku/Gohan Vs. Jeice
    and Burter for example.
    4. Cards and what they do
    1.Attack Phase 3: A three hit combo you have to hit the buttons quickly in order to execute it
    properly This causes no Ki to use
    2.Attack Phase 4: same as three but with four hits this time
    3.Attack Phase 5: same but with five hits.
    4.Attack Phase 6: same but with six hits.
    5.Punch continued: A Rapid punch attack which costs 10 Ki points to use.
    6. Kick Continued: a Rapid kick combo which costs 15 ki points to use.
    7. Energy beam:  A energy beam shot from the palm of one's hand. it doesn't cost much ki
    8. Ball of energy: A small energy ball that doesn't cost much energy.
    9. Autograph:  I don't know what this does.
    10. Masenko: Gohan's trademark attack it costs 18 Ki points
    11. Gohan's combo:  Gohan's combo attack that does about the same amount of Damage as
    12. Kamehameha:  All of Kamesennin's students know this move a lot of chars can use this move
    13. Super Kamehameha:  This is known as Chou Kamehameha stronger than the original.  Perfect
    Cell, and all of the Super Saiya-jin's except Trunks(both) and Vegeta can use this.
    14. Kamehameha F.: This is known as the Kamehameha Gohan used to kill Cell.
    15. Sonic Kick: Piccolo's Combo
    16. Resurrection: This restores a part of your health.(Regeneration) Only Piccolo, Buu, and Cell
    can use this.
    17. Makkankosuppo: Special Beam Cannon.  Piccolo and Cell can use this.
    18. Makoho: Piccolo's bomb he used against Android 17..you must have Piccolo/God to use him.
    19. Taiyoken: Solar Flare.  This can be used by some Z fighters and Cell to block off combo
    20. Kakusan-ha: Krillin's split Bomb Technique he used against the Saibamen
    21. Kienzan: Destructo disc Used by Krillin, Vegeta and a few others.
    22. Super Kienzan: Krillin's ultimate move.
    23. Kaiouken: This brings Goku's attack and speed up.  Useful against his combos and Ki blasts.
    24. Genki-dama: Goku's Spirit Bomb attack.  This is very powerful if used with Kaiouken.
    25. Solid Shot: Goku's combo attack.
    26. Teleport: Instant Transmission..Goku and Cell can use it.
    27. Super Saiya-jin 2: This is used by Super Saiya-jins to Raise your ki up for Ki blasts.
    28.  Super Saiya-jin 3: This is used by Super Saiya-jins to raise your attack for Combos.
    29. Tail: This is used by Gohan so he can turn into an Oozaru and cause quite a bit of damage to
    the opponent.
    30. Galick Gun: Vegeta's weakest move charged up like Kamehameha.
    31. Big Bang Attack: Vegeta's fairly strong attack which can cause as much damage as Super
    Kamehameha. You must be a Super Saiya-jin
    32.  Final Flash: Vegeta's ultimate Attack while he's a Super Saiya-jin.  This causes more damage
    than Super Kamehameha.
    33. Suicide: This is Vegeta's move he used against Fat Buu.  You must have Majin Vegeta
    unlocked in order to use this move.
    34. Rising Kick: Future Trunks combo.
    35. Burning Attack: Future Trunks's move when he does the quick and swift hand movements
    Chibi Trunks can use this also but he doesn't have the hand movements.
    36. Finishing Buster: Trunks's best attack both of them can use this.
    37. Flash Punch: This is Chibi Trunks's combo move.
    38. Kamekameha: Goten's signature move when he does Kamehameha but pronounces it wrong.
    It is a little stronger than usual.
    39. Galactic Donuts: Gotenks weakest unusual attack.
    40. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: One of Gotenks strongest moves.
    41.  Volley Ball Crash: Gotenks's Strongest attack you must use it in a 2 on 2 fight.
    42. Kiai: I think this blocks a certain move.
    43. Atomic Break: Vegetto's combo
    44. Flash Sword: Vegetto's strongest energy blash.
    45.  Barrier: This creates a barrier around your character.
    46. N Slasher- Nappa's combo
    47. Ki blast bomb- Nappa's blast attack.
    48. Lightning C- Nappa's mouth blast.
    49.Telekinesis- Guldo's mind control move.
    50. M sound wave- Guldo's ki blast attack
    51. Paralysis- Guldo paralyzes his enemies.
    52. Time Freeze- Guldo's time stop move.
    53  Breath- Recoome and other bad guys can use this.  This cancels out ki blasts.
    54. Eraser Gun- Recoome's mouth blast
    55. R F B attack- Recoome's combo.
    56.  Crusher Ball- Jeice's ultimate attack.
    57. Purple comet- Jeice and Burter's combo 1
    58. P. Comet Z- Stronger version of Purple comet.
    59. Speed up- Burter speeds up.
    60. Mach attack- Burter's speed combo.
    61. Dynami Punch- Captain Ginyu's combo.
    62. Body Change- Captain Ginyu's ultimate attack it can sometimes cause ultimate damage
    leaving the opponent with 1 hp.
    63. Finger beam- just a standard finger beam done by Furiza or some of the Androids.
    64. Super E-Ball- a super energy Ball it can cause more damage than S. Kamehameha sometimes.
    65. Grand wave- Furiza's ground wave
    66. S dash elbow- Furiza's combo.
    67. Eye beam- an eye beam done by some Androids.
    68. Lock on- Androids lock on to enemy.
    69. Rocket Punch- Android 16's second attack in which he takes off one of his hands and it
    becomes a rocket to punch the enemy.
    70. Hell's flash- Android 16's ultimate move.  He takes off both of his hands and a large ki wave
    comes out of where his hands should be.
    71. Crazy rush- Android 17's combo.
    72. Energy slash- an attack done by Android's 17 or 18.
    73. Energy slice- Android 18's attack
    74. Attack no. 18- Android 18's combo.
    75. Life absorb- Done by Android's 19 and 20.  They pin you down and steal your energy.
    76.  Energy absorb- Attack in which android's 19 or 20 steal your energy from a ki blast.
    77. Cell combo- The name speaks for itself.
    78. Step up Attack-Cell Jr's combo
    79. Flesh Guard-Buu's guard defense.
    80. Pot Belly attack-Buu takes off a piece of his flesh and throws it at you.
    81.Crasher Buu-I think this is Buu's combo attack
    82. Sweet Beam-This turns you into food but, in this game it dosen't..Sorry =(
    83. Bulma-(Someone tell me I don't know.)
    84.  Chouzu-Freezes enemy for one turn
    85. Tenshinhan-I forgot about this too.
    (I will finish this later I got 40 cards left @_@)
    5. Strategy
    History 1:  This begins where Radditz and Goku are killed by Piccolo's Makkankosuppo. On the
    map you are Gohan about to receive training from Piccolo for the upcoming Saiya-jins.
     Map 1- You talk to Piccolo about three times and then you Search the grounds for pots after that
    you talk to Piccolo who has more pots for you(I can't reach Spanish well so keep pressing A.)
    After getting more pots repeats the process about talking to Piccolo until it is time to fight.  After
    you beat him it's time to fight Nappa
    History 2:  This guy is hard!! but do your best..there is always cheats =)
    History 3:  Goku's fight against Vegeta..This can either be very easy or Very hard.
    History 4:  Map 2-  You search for Krillin say no and you'll fight Vegeta.  You can also search for
    Yajirobe's sword.(Check the map it's not really hard to find..if you have trouble search between
    crevices.)  You fight Vegeta now as Goku or Gohan.  After you beat him you've finished the
    Saiya-jin saga.
    History 5: Map 3- As Gohan you search for Vegeta's Dragonball he has hidden.  You can search
    the houses for a Dende card.  After you find the Dragonball in the trees you then talk to a Namek.
    It doesn't matter what you put as a answer it won't mess up the game.  You fight Guldo he isn't
    History 6: You fight Recoome he is hard *_*.
    History 7: You fight Burter and Jeice with Goku and Gohan.
    History 8: Map 4- You search for the Dragonballs as Gohan.  They are behind the ship.  Talk to
    Krillin to continue.
    History 9: Ginyu/Goku and Jeice Vs. Gohan and Krillin(Vegeta if you have him)
    History 10: Goku V.s. Furiza.
    History 11: Map 5- You search for Bulma as Gohan.  After the dialogue and selecting Yes you
    continue to fight Furiza as Super Saiya-jin Goku.
    History 12: Maps 6 and 7- Map 6 is when you Spar with Goku. Find Piccolo four times and he
    gives you a card.  Chichi is now found in the corner talk to her and she will give you a card.  The
    7th map is when you search for survivors after Yajirobe's ship got blown up. You fight Goku as
    Gohan or Piccolo and then you fight Android 19 as SSJ Goku.
    History 13: Map 8- You look for Android 20 look below for my secret character list on how to
    get Vegeta. You fight Android 20 with Piccolo(Preferred) or any other character you have with
    History 14: Map 9- Map looking for Cell's cocoon look below on how to get Trunks.  You fight
    First form Cell here.
    History 15: Fighting Android 17 with Piccolo or Fused Piccolo.
    History 16: Map 10- You are in the hyperbolic time chamber as Gohan and you are going to spar
    with Goku don't forget to check the pot at the bottom of the screen a few times in order to get
    the Trunks sword card.  You fight Androids 16 and 18 with SSJ Goku and normal Gohan
    History 17: Cell games start and you can use anyone you have so far. If you've followed my
    secrets below then you should obtain Trunks and Vegeta before fighting perfect Cell.
    History 18: You fight a Cell Jr with any character you have so far.
    History 19: You fight Perfect Cell with SSJ2 Gohan(Preferred)
    History 20: You fight Perfect Cell again with SSJ2 Gohan or Super Saiya-jin Vegeta(Obtain
    Trunks side quest here)
    History+1: Map 11- Talk to the people here..nothing really all that special when you are done you
    talk to Android's 17 and 18 to fight them both as Super Saiya-jin Trunks.
    History+2: Fight First form Cell as Super Saiya-jin Trunks after that peace is restored to Earth in
    his time line.
    History 21: Map 12- find Piccolo in the corner of Goten and he will give you his Trademark move
    the Kamekameha.  You can also talk to Videl on the lower left hand corner but she serves no real
    purpose. You fight Goten as SSJ older Gohan
    History 22: You fight Chibi Trunks in the junior division of the World martial arts tournament.  If
    you lose to him(I'd advise you not to until History mode 2) then you get Trunks.  You win and
    you get to Keep Goten.
    History 23: Map 13- You must talk to Kibito, Supreme Kai, Krillin, Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo in
    order to keep going.  After the long dialogue you fight Majin Vegeta as SSJ2 Goku.
    History 24: Map 14- You are Goten..find the Krillin and the Piccolo statues.  After you find them
    you can go back to where you started from to talk to Videl.  She has a card to give you.  After
    that talk to Trunks and say yes to his question.  After Some dialogue and a explosion of a Space
    Ship you fight Fat Buu as Majin Vegeta.  If you have the Suicide Card finish off Buu with it and
    you obtain Chibi Trunks.
    History 25: Map-15- You are in the hyperbolic time chamber as Goten and Chibi Trunks.  Talk to
    Chibi Trunks and then you will fight Future Trunks.  Beat him with SSJ Goten or SSJ Chibi
    Trunks.  After you beat him you can turn into Gotenks for two battles.
    History 26: You fight Super Buu with Gotenks or Piccolo.
    History 27: You fight Super Buu with Mystic Gohan(if you want)
    History 28: Map 16- You find Mr. Satan and then his dog.  Talk to Piccolo, Goten, and then
    Trunks.  After that talk to Dende.  You'll move on to the next section.  You fight Gotenks/Buu
    with Just Gohan the first time around.
    History 29: Goku throws an Earring at Gohan and he misses it.  By the time he gets the earring he
    is absorbed by Buu.  He asks for Vegeta's help and they transform into Vegetto. You fight Buu
    with Vegetto.  Map17- The most complicated map of all you are inside Buu after he absorbs
    Vegetto.  Goku and Vegeta are one again.  You must search for all the sacs containing Piccolo,
    Gohan, Trunks, and Goten.  After you find all four talk to Vegeta.  He will free Fat Buu.  After
    they get out you go to a Kaio's planet where you talk to Kaioubito.(Kibito and Supreme Kai
    History 30: The last battle folks you fight him with Super Saiya-jin 2 Goku or Super Saiya-jin
    Vegeta.  After you beat him you can watch the end cut scene with the Chou Genki Dama.  The
    blast Vaporizes Buu and earth is at peace again.
    After watching the end credits don't forget to press start at the end Picture with Goten, Chichi,
    Goku, and Gohan.  Doing the second time after you've unlocked Chibi Trunks, Goten, Goku and
    Vegeta you can obtain Vegetto and Gotenks.
    6. Secret Characters
     First time around Obtainable Characters
    Gohan-You start the game with him
    Gohan Super Saiya-jin-Get to the Cell games
    Gohan Super Saiya-jin 2- Obtained after Cell kills Android 16
    Piccolo-After you defeat Furiza Or you could fight Jeice and Burter with only Goku and Ginyu
    and Jeice with just Vegeta.  He should be unlocked before you fight 4th form Furiza for the first
    Piccolo Kami- Lose to first form Cell
    Piccolo Daimou- Obtained by beating the game once obtaining Piccolo/Kami on the way.
    Krillin- Get to the first Ginyu force fight to obtain him
    Goku- After you beat Nappa Goku becomes a usable character
    Goku Super Saiya-jin- Obtained after Furiza kills Krillin
    Goku Super Saiya-jin 2-He obtains this while fighting Majin Vegeta
    Goku Super Saiya-jin 3- He is obtainable in history 30 after getting Majin Vegeta and many first
    time around characters.
    Vegeta-in History 12 after Yajirobe's plane gets blown down you talk to all the people around
    except Yajirobe.  Talk to Chouzu and Bulma in the corners after talking to the two men at the top
    Then in History 13 you talk to Krillin two times, Vegeta two times, Piccolo once, talk to Vegeta
    again and then go down to talk to Krillin.  Piccolo is then attacked by Android 20.  Beat him and
    When you get to the part where Trunks and Bulma are on the map Talk to Trunks four or five
    times, he will talk about his past.  Talk to Bulma just in case and then go to the cocoon.  When
    you fight Cell with Piccolo
    Lose to him to obtain Piccolo/Kami. In the Room of spirit and time(The map when it is Gohan
    and Goku) search the pot on the lower part of the screen until you get a Trunks Sword card.
    When you get to the Cell games Vegeta and Trunks should be unlocked. OR you could get to
    Namek. Search the namek houses for the Dende card.  Find the dragonball Dodge left when the
    namek attacks.  Find Guldo and Recoome with Gohan.  Find Burter and Jeice with Goku and
    whoever you choose. But if you fight Jeice and Burter with just Goku that is just fine. Search the
    map when you have to search for all seven Dragonballs and you'll find a card in the north-western
    corner.  Before you fight Ginyu you should have Vegeta.
    Vegeta Super Saiya-jin- He is obtained along with normal Vegeta
    Majin SSJ2 Vegeta- Lose to him once by fighting him with SSJ2 Goku and then you beat him
    with SSJ2 Goku.  He should be obtainable after you beat Fat Buu
    Older Gohan SSJ- After you defeat Cell he takes the place of Younger Gohan
    Older SSJ2 Gohan- In history 27 use Older SSJ Gohan and beat Super Buu.  You should have
    SSJ2 Older Gohan.
    Mystic Gohan-  He is obtainable in history 27..but I'd use him in history 28 just to obtain SSJ2
    Gohan in history 27.
    Future Trunks- Follow Vegeta's method and you should unlock him.
    SSJ Future Trunks- Same as above
    Goten- Win to Trunks in history 22 in the Tenkachi Boudakai Junior Division.
    SSJ Goten- By the time you get into the Hyperbolic time chamber with Trunks you should have
    him(If you've unlocked normal Goten that is.)
    Chibi Trunks- I know of two ways..One way is have Goten lose to him in the Junior Division and
    the other way is win against Fat Buu with Majin Vegeta with the Suicide attack.( I think it is best
    if you beat Future Trunks's side quest.)  If you use
    method 2 his SSJ form will automatically be unlocked.
    Second time around characters(Obtained after beating the game once.)
    Super Saiya-jin Gotenks- To unlock him beat the game two times and make sure you have Chibi
    Trunks, and Goten with their Super Saiya-jin forms. It is possible to get him the first game you
    just have to have Chibi Trunks method 2 and Goten
    Super Saiya-jin 3 Gotenks- He is unlocked with his regular Super Saiya-jin form.
    Super Saiya-jin Vegetto-  You must have Super Saiya-jin 2 Goku and Super Saiya-jin Vegeta to
    get this fused warrior. Beat the game twice he should be unlocked with Gotenks. You also have
    to Use Super Saiya-jin Vegeta in history 20 after Cell kills Trunks.  You'll get Trunks's alternative
    future where you fight Androids 17, and 18 as well as Cell's first form. You can get him the first
    time too.
    Nappa- Beat him with Piccolo the second time around although I obtained him by using normal
    Chibi Trunks once.
    Guldo- Beat him with Krillin the second time around.
    Recoome- Beat him with Normal Goku the second time around.
    Jeice- Beat him with Goku and whoever the second time around.(Just use Goku)
    Burter- Beat him with Goku and whoever the second time around.(Just use Goku)
    Ginyu- Beat him with Normal Vegeta and whoever the second time around.  (Just use Vegeta)
    Ginyu/Goku- Beat Goku in history 11 with Captain Ginyu
    Furiza- The second time around unlock him by killing him with Super Saiya-jin Future
    Trunks(Second time you fight Furiza)
    Android 16- Beat him with Super Saiya-jin Goku
    Android 17- Beat him with Android 20
    Android 18- Put Krillin in first place and beat Android's 16 and 18 in the hyperbolic time chamber
    Android 19- Beat him with Super Saiya-jin Vegeta
    Android 20- Beat him with Android 19
    Cell First Form- Beat him with Piccolo/Kami the second time
    Cell Second Form- Beat Android 17 and he will absorb him. (He is usually obtained after beating
    the game two times same as his perfect form)
    Cell Perfect Form- Put Second form Cell in first place and beat Android's 16 and 18 in the
    hyperbolic Time Chamber
    Cell Junior- Beat him with Perfect Cell
    Fat Buu- Beat him with normal Chibi Trunks or Goten(I think you can with Goten)
    Super Buu- Beat him with Fat Buu
    Gotenks/Buu- Beat Him with SSJ1 Gotenks after he absorbs him in History 27.
    Gohan/Buu-beat him with Super Saiya-jin1 Older Gohan
    Kid Buu- Beat him with Fat Buu or Super Saiya-jin Vegeta
    That is all the characters I know about folks  The last three spaces are unknown if anyone knows
    e-mail me. Rumors say that they were once Yamcha, Tenshinhan and Chouzu.  I could be wrong
    7. Gameshark Codes
    Infinite Ki-1633eca
    Infinite HP First Character-1ffceca
    Put the two numbers in the __ to be the character.  For example 010e01cc would get you Majin
    01-Gohan (Normal)
    02-Gohan (Super Saiya-jin) 03-Gohan (Super Saiya-jin 2) 04-Piccolo (Normal)
    05-Piccolo (God)
    06-Piccolo (Daimou)
    08-Goku (Normal)
    09-Goku (Super Saiya-jin)
    0A-Goku (Super Saiyajin 2)
    0B-Goku (Super Saiya-jin 3)
    0C-Vegeta (Normal)
    0D-Vegeta (Super Saiya-jin)
    0E-Vegeta (Majin SSJ2)
    0F-Gohan (Super Saiya-jin)
    10-Gohan (Super Saiya-jin 2)
    11-Gohan (Mystic)
    12-Future Trunks (Normal)
    13-Future Trunks (Super Saiya-jin)
    15-Goten (Super Saiya-jin)
    16-Chibi Trunks (Normal)
    17-Chibi Trunks (Super Saiya-jin)
    18-Gotenks (Super Saiya-jin)
    19-Gotenks (Super Saiya-jin 3)
    1A-Vegetto (Super Saiya-jin)
    20-Ginyu (Normal)
    21-Ginyu (Goku)
    23- Android 16
    24-Android 17
    25-Android 18
    26-Android 19
    27-Android 20(Dr. Gero)
    28-Cell (Imperfect)
    29-Cell (Second form)
    2A-Cell (Perfect)
    2B-Cell Jr.
    2C-Fat Buu
    2D-Super Buu
    2E-Buu (Gotenks and Piccolo)
    2F-Buu (Gohan)
    30-Buu (Pure Evil)
    Card Mod 0102??CD
    F3 1. 3 stage atk.
    F4 2. 4 stage atk.
    F5 3. 5 stage atk.
    F6 4. 6 stage atk.
    F7 5. cont. punch
    F8 6. cont. kick
    F9 7. energy wave
    FA 8. energy bomb
    FB 9. special cart
    FC 10. masenko
    FD 11. dunk shot
    FE 12. kamehameha
    FF 13. S. kamehameha
    use now 0102??CE
    00 14. F. kamehameha
    01 15. sonic kick
    02 16. resurrection
    03 17. S beam can.
    04 18. F. lightbomb
    05 19. taiyoken
    06 20. misty kiwave
    07 21. destruct-disk
    08 22. S. destruc-D.
    09 23. kaiou ken
    0a 24. Spirit bomb
    0b 25. Solid Shot
    0c 26. teleport
    0d 27. sup. saiya-jin-2
    0e 28. sup. saiya-jin-3
    0f 29. tail
    10 30. Galick-ho
    11 31. big bang attack
    12 32. final flash
    13 33. suicide
    14 34. rising kick
    15 35. burning atk.
    16 36. fin. buster
    17 37. flash punch
    18 38. kamekameha
    19 39. galactica D.
    1a 40. S.G.K Atk.
    1b 41. v-ball crash
    1c 42. kiai
    1d 43. atomaic break
    1e 44. flash. sword
    1f 45. barrier
    20 46. N. slasher
    21 47. kiblast bomb
    22 48. lightnng C.
    23 49. telekinesis
    24 50. M. soundwave
    25 51. paralysis
    26 52. time freeze
    27 53. breath
    28 54. Eraser can.
    29 55. R.F.B. Atk.
    2a 56. crasher ball
    2b 57. purple comet
    2c 58. P. comet Z
    2d 59. speed up
    2e 60. mach attack
    2f 61. dynami. punch
    30 62. body change
    31 63. finger beam
    32 64. super E-ball
    33 65. Grand wave
    34 66. S. Dash Elbow
    35 67. eye beam
    36 68. lock on
    37 69. rocket punch
    38 70. hell Flash
    39 71. crazy rush
    3a 72. energy slash
    3b 73. energy slice
    3c 74. attack No. 18
    3d 75. life absorb
    3e 76. ene. absorb
    3f 77. cell combo
    40 78. step up atk.
    41 79. flesh guard
    42 80. potbelly atk.
    43 81. crasher buu
    44 82. sweet beam
    45 83. bulma
    46 84. chiaotzu
    47 85. tien
    48 86. yajirobe
    49 87. kiao
    4a 88. dende
    4b 89. guru
    4c 90. hercule
    4d 91. supreme kai
    4e 92. kibito
    4f 93. babidi
    50 94. dabura
    51 95. yakon
    52 96. scouter
    53 97. caps. fridge
    54 98. stop device
    55 99. life preser
    56 100. medical mac.
    57 101. Gravity dev.
    58 102. ene. absorber
    59 103. sealed ball
    5a 104. trunks sword
    5b 105. dabura spear
    5c 106. light vest
    5d 107. btl. jacket
    5e 108. new B-jacket
    5f 109. sunglasses
    60 110. gamebomb
    61 111. champ. belt
    62 112. h's choco
    63 113. heart virus
    64 114. heart medi.
    65 115. sandglass
    66 116. Hentai book
    67 117. full spirit
    68 118. afterimage
    69 119. reading ki
    6a 120. feint
    6b 121. endurance
    6c 122. telepathy
    6d 123. foresight
    6e 124. shockwave
    6f 125. avoiding
    If there are more I will post them.
    8. Frequently Asked Questions
    There are none for now but I will post some if someone e-mails me about some.
    9. Thanks
    First of all I'd like to thank Infrogrames and Banpresto for not Making this game complete crap
    unlike a game I know for Game Boy Advance.
    Secondly I'd like to thank the people of Visual Boy advance  Their latest Game Boy advance
    emulators can get obtained at http://vboy.emuhq.com
    The catering of Dunkin Donuts for supplying me with plenty Donuts. while typing this FAQ.  The
    of Nintendo for making this hand held game.  The Gromer who's site and
    info has became useful to me.  Guardian CD who's info in his FAQ helped me get Super Buu. And
    Majin Vegeta.
    JustinDBZ from the GameFAQ's board for supplying Gameshark cheats and many others who
    may have helped me
    I'd mostly like to thank Vegita from the Gamefaq's board since he helped me on many things also
    such as past DBZ Rpgs.  I thank you all for your loyal support.  You can also check out latest
    updates of my FAQ at www.Gamefaqs.com go to the Game boy color section and go to this

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