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"Not just another Dragon Ball Z game!"

Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) Densetsu no Chousenshi Tachi (Legendary Super Warriors) is one of the longest Dragon Ball Z games, in terms of story. It starts right from the Saiyajin saga and ends in the Buu saga. Most of the games only follow a part of the Dragon Ball Z saga. Dragon Ball Z Goku Gekitouden for the Game Boy only followed the Freezer saga. Dragon Ball Z Buyuu Retsuden only went from the Freezer saga to the Cell saga. So, fans of the series will be delighted to know that this game has all of the DBZ greatest villains. Others unfamiliar with Dragon Ball Z won't be affected by this, although they will get more variety of enemies and story line with this feature.
The story is the same of the series. It spins around the Dragon Balls, 7 mysterious crystal balls scattered around the earth, that when together, can summon the powerful Shen Long Dragon who can grant one's wish. Young Son Goku travelled the world searching the balls, going through many adventures, meeting many people and fighting a lot to save the world. The story goes on 5 years later from when he got married to Chi-Chi. Goku had had a son, called Gohan, and one day a man, Raditz, came to Earth saying he was Goku's brother. He also told him he was part of the most powerful race of warriors in the universe: The dreaded saiyajins. These warriors conquer planets to sell them later to alien races, being cruel, they lacked emotions to achieve their greedy goals. Raditz asked Goku to join them, but since the nature of the saiyajins was the opposite of Goku's, he obviously refused. But Raditz then took his nephew Gohan as a hostage to make him change his mind. Goku went to fight Raditz, with Piccolo, his rival, joining him. In the fight, Goku sacrificed himself to kill Raditz. Even though he was defeated, Raditz said his 2 teammates would avenge him, 2 saiyajins even more powerful than him. Piccolo then decides to train Gohan for the upcoming battle with the Saiyajins, and from here the story begins, following the Dragon Ball Z plot until the end.
The graphics make nice use of the Game boy Color, with scenery filled with colors and manga graphics. Although the characters and scenery in the 2D field screen aren't much detailed, they still are decent something to look at. But you get to see some nice animations in the battles, when the characters pull off their stunts, like when the fighters attack each other, or when Goku pulls of his KameHameHa, etc. Other nice graphics are in story, are nicely made character profiles and color filled backgrounds, adding to your viewing pleasure, especially if you are a fan of manga or DBZ.
The sound isn't something you'll want to remember, as it is very high in tune relatively to other Game Boy Color titles, but nothing that a little volume control wouldn't fix. The tunes fit the battles and story, but are nothing extraordinary. But, don't forget that you can't expect much from the Game Boy Color sound card. This is the most fair aspect of the game, neither bad or good.
The gameplay is one of the highest points of the game. This is essentially described as an adventure-RPG-card game. Basically you control mainly Gohan through a 2D adventure field, talking with characters. There isn't much to explore in the adventure fields, but it's still a nice touch. Depending on where you go, you can go through different parts of the story. Don't expect Final fantasy or Breath of Fire huge 2D maps to explore, but don't expect to be disappointed either. Just some zones to roam about and explore. Then, there are the Card battles. You have a deck of cards at your disposal in the beginning, as Piccolo tests you with questions, and according to your answers you obtain certain cards for you to use in the battles. You can have unlimited cards, but the only cards you can use in battle are the ones in your deck, so you have to select the cards that suit your needs the best. In the battle there are mainly 2 types of action: Attack and Defense. In the Attack turn you attack your opponent, whether with support cards (Change the status of the opponent. Can make him weaker, slower, etc), attack cards (Powerful moves like the KameHameHa) or command attacks. (Basic attack cards, in which you have an amount of time to press the buttons displayed on screen. Do it and you can attack your opponent.)In the Defense turn you mainly have to... you guessed it, defend yourself from the enemies attacks, whether with movement(move around the battlefield), defend (Block, evade the attack) or support cards. The game is filled with strategic elements, such as distance. For instance, the closer you are to your enemy you have more time to use command cards, and they do less damage, but it is the reverse for when you are distant from the enemy. This will determine whether you play it safe or not. Other element is whether your character is on-air or on the ground. Damage (Punches, Kicks) are more effective on the ground, but Energy (KI balls, KI blasts) are more effective on air. There are also Card Cost Points (CC). Some cards require a number of CCs to be used, while others can give you CCs. And the game is filled with what-should-I-do-now feeling that will make you think a lot, making the battle system look more like a strategy mini-game. The battle system may be tough to learn in the beginning, but you'll get the hang of it after a while. Practice makes perfect, indeed. You actually will feel great at the end of the battles, knowing that all your thinking did it. Win the battles, gain experience for your characters for them to level up and build their stats (Strength, KI, HP, etc), and the story goes on, and you get a chance to win more cards.
Fortunately this game is filled with Replay value. You'll definitely want to go back and play it again, even better than when you did before
This is one of the best games I've ever played on the Game Boy Color. And gladly it's in English, not like other great games which never came to be released here in Europe or in the U.S.. I really enjoyed battling through the story, making each decision, pulling off each move, and even though I obviously made mistakes, the ''Oh, he did that! But what if I do this?'' will echo in your head many times until you can become an expert, that is, if you're a strategy/RPG fanatic. DBZ fans, get whatever it takes to get it! And I don't mean it as a DBZ fan, I mean it as a RPG/strategy/adventure player. A very nice adventure for the Game Boy Color. If you'd be willing to learn the battle system rules, this could be the Dragon Ball Z Card game you were waiting for, trust me!

Graphics - (9) - Very nice and manga, especially the battle animations.
Sound - (7) - Fair tunes which fit the game. Neither hot or cold.
Story - (8) - It's DBZ! Depends whether you like the series or not.
Gameplay - (9) - Great card battle & collect system with a nice adventure mini-feature.
Replay - (8) - You'll want to unlock everything in this game!

Overall (9)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/25/02, Updated 08/25/02

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