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    FAQ/Walkthrough by R.Jennings

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    Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone
    This is not an in depth walkthrough, but a guide on how to finish the game. I
    have only completed it twice, but on all of the message boards everyone is
    desperate for a walkthrough so I thought I would give on a go. Please do not
    redistribute this guide without my permission, but feel free to link to it on
    your webpage. If you have any questions, comments or corrections (including
    spelling), please email me on robinjennings@hotmail.com. Anyone sending abuse,
    spam or junk mail will be blocked. I shall try to answer your questions, but if
    I get too many at once I shall find it difficult - be patient! Please only read
    if you are stuck - not to see what happens - as it contains spoilers. I have
    tried to leave out as many as I can, but there are still some. If you have not
    already read the book, do so as it is not only brilliant, but also it will help
    you with the game to a certain extent.
    The Walkthrough.
    The Game Starts in DIAGON ALLEY
    Quest - Buy your wand at Ollivander's
    You can go exploring now, but I would not recommend it as you don't have any
    money yet. Simply move straight up and into the shop that Hagrid just entered.
    (Directly above you). After testing a few the right one is found and given to
    you. It comes equipped with the spells Flippendo Uno and Vermilious Uno. Exit
    the shop. A man will now give you a Folio Magi a Folio Triplicus, four Famous
    Witches and Wizards Cards and two Card Combinations.
    Quest - Find Hagrid in Gringotts' lobby.
    Gringotts' is the large white building with two pillars beside the door on the
    right hand side of the wand shop. You can immediately enter, but first I would
    take the time to gain some experience points and extra cash. Go into the
    alleyway between the wand shop and Gringotts' and you will see some shiny blue
    blobs. These are enemies. To battle, walk into one.
    The enemies here are rats, each one will take two Flippendo Uno spells to kill
    (one if you get a critical hit, or more if you miss) or one Vermilious Uno
    spell (or more if you miss). I would recommend staying here until you have
    levelled up Vermilious Uno to Vermilious Duo, and Flippendo Uno to Flippendo
    Duo. You will be very grateful for the more powerful spells, the money and
    experience you receive later on. Each rat will give you 2 EXP (experience
    points) and a few sickles (money). You may also find items like pumpkin
    pasties, and pepper-up potion. Again these are very useful later Do not worry
    about being killed. As far as I have worked out there is no way you can die. If
    your HP (health points) get to zero, the game will resume in the medical shop
    which is below and to the left of the wand shop (talk to the lady behind the
    counter to get healed for free. If you run out of MP (magic points) and haven't
    levelled it up yet, simply use Flippendo Uno until you HP reaches zero. This
    will save time. *NOTE - You level spells up by using them a certain number of
    times. (If anyone knows this number please email me - you will be given credit
    for it!) Now you are levelled up enter Gringotts'. Walk up to the top and talk
    to Hagrid. You will then enter the dungeon beneath Gringotts'
    Quest - Find Hagrid in the Vault.
    At this point, you can go exploring and find many useful items and cards by
    searching the pictures and holes on the walls. The fastest way to your vault is
    taking every "Up" route at the junctions and following the path round. (Just
    keep going up at every opportunity) You will know when you are near your vault,
    as there will be a huge shiny blue blob blocking the pathway. This is a boss
    Now aren't you glad you spent that time levelling up! Concentrate your most
    powerful spell - Vermilious Duo (or uno) if you didn't level it up - on the big
    purple rat in the middle. The small rats are just normal enemies. If you did
    level up, then you shouldn't have a problem here. If you keep dying, spent a
    little longer fighting the easy enemies.
    Once you have beaten the boss, follow the pathway round and you will meet
    Hagrid and the bank manager who are waiting outside your vault. Hagrid will
    tell you off for dawdling and then you will enter. Hagrid will only let you
    take out 850 sickles and gives you a list of things you need to buy for school.
    (seeing all that money there makes you wonder why you can't take more out and
    buy anything you want, but that would make the game too easy!) With all the
    money you have won from battles you should have over 1000 sickles now. Exit the
    dungeons the same way you came in (go down at every opportunity). Exit
    Quest - Buy school supplies in Diagon Alley
    Explore all the shops - there are two paths, an upper and a lower. You won't be
    allowed to buy a broomstick or an owl, but you can look around the shops. On
    the upper path is the wand shop, the broomstick shop, the owl shop, the potions
    shop, and the cauldron shop. In the Potions shop, buy the Potion Kit Bag (10 Sc
    - sickles). Don't buy any potions yet as you may run out of money. In the
    cauldron shop buy one of each cauldron, Collapsible Cauldron (51 Sc) and the
    Copper Cauldron (101 Sc). If you are planning to make potions later, you will
    need both. Now go to the lower path. Here is the medical shop, the sweet shop,
    the robe shop and the book shop. From the robe shop buy three Plain work robes
    (240 Sc total), one Winter Cloak (150 Sc), on pair of Dragon Skin Gloves (62
    Sc), one Pointed Hat (58 Sc), and one pack of Name tags (10 Sc). There is no
    point buying the boots, as you have the hardened boot you won from the boss
    battle. I would also recommend buying the Leather Belt (3 Sc) as it gives that
    little bit of extra protection in battles. Now go to "Status/Equip" in the menu
    and equip these items you have bought. In the bookstore, buy your School Books
    (143 Sc). Now you may spend the rest of your money on some useful potions of
    sweets. When you are ready speak to Hagrid (outside Gringotts') to leave for
    the Hogwarts Express! Hagrid will the give you your birthday present of Hedwig
    the Owl.
    Quests - Get on the Hogwarts Express, Find a seat on the Hogwarts Express
    Follow the platform round to the train. Go to the far right and you will see a
    family of ginger haired people. Speak to one of the boys with the black jumpers
    and after a short conversation you can get on the train (follow the boys). Now
    walk to the far left of the train and speak to the ginger haired boy who will
    introduce himself as Ron Wealsey. Hermione Granger will then ask you if you
    have seen a toad, and teach you a new spell - Verdimillous Uno. The sweet
    trolley will then arrive. Buy something of talk to her and the exit and return
    to your seat. Draco Malfoy will arrive and try to steal your sweets (regardless
    of if you bought any or not). You will then have to battle him. Once you have
    beaten him he will give you a card combination. Now talk to people until the
    conductor announces that everyone needs to change into their robes.
    Quest - Cross the Lake at Hogwarts landing, Get through the Hogwarts Dungeons.
    Follow the others down (talking to Hagrid first if you want to get healed) and
    get into a boat. During the crossing. Never run into the shore as you will have
    to start it all again. It is also best to avoid as many of the monsters as
    possible because if your HP reaches zero you will also have to start again.
    Battle your way up the lake and land on the shore at the top end.
    The dungeons are a good place to start levelling up your new spell -
    Verdimillous Uno. The monsters are tougher so you will gain levels quite
    quickly too. There are plenty of items and cards to be found in the dungeons,
    but I will leave you to find them as you work your way through. On the last
    floor, there is a boss who is quite difficult to kill if you have not spent the
    time to level up previously. The best spell to use on him is Flippendo -
    Whichever is your highest level. Follow Hagrid up the stairs and into Hogwarts.
    Quest - Get sorted into a house
    Follow the other students into the great hall. You will be sorted into
    Gryffindor. Go to the table in the bottom right and talk to anyone sitting on
    it. Hermione will then call you over to sit next to her. The feast will then
    start and be over in about a second , then its off to find the Gryffindor
    common room.
    Quest - Find Gryffindor
    Exit the great hall by the door on the left hand side into the entrance hall.
    Go up the stairs and onto the first floor. You will then meet Peeves. Now you
    can search around for all the items and cards hidden away in Hogwarts. Again, I
    shall not tell you where they are, but will tell you the fastest way to
    Gryffindor. Go down to the bottom of the screen and go up one of the
    staircases. On this floor are two statues of Griffins. Search the tail of the
    topmost one to find a passageway up to the 5th floor. If you go left from the
    exit of the passageway, there is a set of stairs. Next to them is a corridor
    which leads to the "Card Collectors Club" Go into this room and speak to the
    boy on the left of the screen to receive new card combinations. There should be
    one waiting for you. After each quest there is a new combination available, but
    there is not much point going down every time, so pop in every now and then and
    pick up several at once. Half of the combinations will be unusable as you don't
    have the cards yet anyway! Exit and go up the stairs. Go up the stairs that are
    then in front of you on the 6th floor to take you to the 7th. The "Fat Lady"
    picture is the entrance to the common room. She is in the corridor about
    halfway up on the left of the screen. Talk to her and she will tell you, you
    need the password to enter. Go back down the stair and talk to Nearly Headless
    Nick who tells you he would like an old school tie in exchange for telling you
    the password (He is the ghost on the left hand side of the 6th floor - about
    half way up). Go down another floor and enter the secret passageway you came up
    No go down another floor using the stairs at the bottom of the screen. Got down
    the stairs at the top of the screen in to the entrance hall. Now search the
    upper of the two gargoyles on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. This
    should give you the tie. Go back up the way you came down (secret passage by
    searching the tail of the top griffin) and return to the 6th floor. Talk to
    Nick who will now tell you the password. Go up to the 7th floor and speak to
    the Fat Lady and enter the common room. If in doubt about where to go, press
    select to fins out which floor you are on, the go up or down stairs to get to
    the floor you want. I only suggest using the passages, as they are faster. Go
    up the stairs at the bottom of the screen to get into your bedroom. Search the
    bed at the top of the screen to sleep when you are finished searching around.
    Quest - Get to potions class, Find the ingredients for Snape.
    Exit the dorm using the stairs at the bottom of the screen, and exit the
    Gryffindor common room at the right hand side. Go down the stairs onto the 6th
    floor, and then down again onto the 5th floor. Go through the doorway at the
    bottom of the screen to find a passageway to the dungeon. Go down and left
    until you reach the end of the passageway with three doors (one left, one right
    and one down) go through the left one. Go to the top-left of the room and speak
    to Snape, who will tell you to take a seat. You will lose one house point for
    not being able to answer a question, and then Neville will burn himself on the
    potion he is brewing. Snape will send you to look for the ingredients for a
    potion to cure him - 1 x Boomslang Skin, 1 x Snake Fangs, and 2 x Beetles Eyes.
    Exit the room the way you came in. Go through the door that is immediately to
    your right as you exit the classroom. This is Snapes office. Search the picture
    of a snake at this point to find the Boomslang skin.
    Now exit the office the go through the bottom doorway. This will take you into
    the entrance hall. Exit through the main doors at the bottom of the screen.
    Take the left fork of the path, and then the right fork to get to Hagrid's hut.
    Enter through the gate in the fence. The Beetles eyes are in the bush at the
    top left of the screen, and in the bush to the left of his front door. To find
    the snake fangs go back up the path and take the left fork in the path.
    Professor Sprout is standing outside a greenhouse. Talk to her and she will
    tell you that the snakes still have the fangs you need - battle them. After
    killing some snakes and finding some fangs, talk to professor Sprout again and
    she will award you some house points for pest control. You should now have all
    the ingredients. Return to the dungeon (door on the left of the stairs in the
    entrance hall and then left to get into the potions class) and talk to Snape
    again. No matter how fast I have done this, he has always deducted points for
    being too slow. He will give you a class list.
    Quest - Find you next class.
    You now have the option of which class to go to. It does not matter which order
    you do them in (I wish it was the same in real life!), so I shall just tell you
    their locations and what to do.
    Location: - 1st floor, door on the top left.
    A candle has been transfigured into a purple rabbit. You need to find it.
    Go down to the entrance hall and talk to Percy (ginger hair - standing at the
    bottom of the stairs) who will tell you a purple rabbit has just hopped out of
    the door. Go outside and then left and up. The rabbit should be here. Click on
    it to catch it, and return to the transfiguration classroom. You will be taught
    a new spell, and given 25 house points as a reward for finding it - Incendio
    This is the most time consuming class to finish.
    Location: - Greenhouses outside (where you talked to professor Sprout about the
    Enter the far left greenhouse, and talk to Ron (far left table, at the top).
    You will be issued with an Ingredient Encyclopedia, and given a Herb List. You
    need to find all the herbs on the list.
    Asphodel Root - Directly down from the greenhouse is a funny shaped bush.
    Search it.
    Search bushes like this (there are also other types of "funny" bush)
    Dried Nettles - Right hand pot plant beside the door. (inside)
    Dittany - Follow the dirt track down from the main entrance and look in the
    funny bush to the right (not the very first one, as this is another source of
    dried nettles)
    Wormwood - Follow the brown dirt track down to the main gate and look in the
    funny bush on the grass to the left
    Mandrake Root - Go down to the very bottom right and behind the trees beside
    the fence
    Arconine - There is a funny bush in the bottom right of the Hogwarts grounds.
    (Sorry about the very vague locations, but it is very difficult to explain
    where something is very accurately on such a large scale - If anyone has a map,
    it would be a lot easier to show o email me!)
    Return to the greenhouse after finding all six of these herbs, and Professor
    sprout will reward you by sending you to Snape to collect two potion recipes.
    Snape is in his Office (where you found the Boomslang Skin). Collect these to
    finish the class.
    Location: - Second floor. Doorway at the top of the screen in the middle.
    Enter and go to the top of the room and talk to Professor Flitwick. My only
    advice for this one is have a pen and paper handy to note down the wand
    movements professor Flitwick uses, as it changes every time you take this
    class. Upon completing this class, you will be awarded 15 house points, and
    given a new spell - Wingardium Leviosa .
    Defence Against the Dark Art.
    Location: - Third Floor. Doorway at the top of the screen, on the left side.
    Just before entering, Peeves will curse you. Enter the room and talk to
    Quirrell who will tell you, you need to find the counter curse. First of all go
    into the library and talk to Madam Pince (Enter through the door opposite the
    defence against the dark arts classroom and go down the stairs. Go to the
    bottom of the screen at the middle. She should be sitting at a desk here). She
    tells you the counter curse book has been missing for some time. Exit the
    library. Peeves will appear and tell you the book you want might be being
    studied by a muggle - Muggle studies classroom. This is on the 5th floor, in
    the top left hand room. Enter and Peeves will tell you to try watching TV.
    Search the TV to enter a hidden chamber. Fight the boss in here to receive the
    counter curse book. The best spell to use against this boss is the strongest
    Flippendo you have - by now it should be Flippendo Duo. Go into your inventory
    and use the book to remove the curse. Return to the library and return the book
    to Madam Pince who gives you 25 house points. Now return to the defence against
    the dark arts classroom and talk to Quirrell who will give you 10 house points.
    History Of Magic
    Location: - 4th floor, door on the left hand side at the top of the screen.
    Enter the room and talk to Neville to wake professor Binns up. Binns will give
    you a pass to go back to Diagon Alley to find to person selling the Circe card.
    Exit the classroom and Hagrid will be there and will take you to Diagon Alley.
    You start outside the wand shop. There are different items on sale in most of
    the shops now, so it may be a good time to stock up on potions and buy new
    items (if you wish). If you go towards Gringotts', the man selling the card
    will be to the right of Hagrid. Take to him and pay 10 Sickles for the card.
    The only catch is you have to go to his vault in Gringotts' to fetch it. Follow
    him into Gringotts' and speak to him again. The manager will show you to his
    vault. Kill the boss in there to receive the card. The best spell to use on the
    giant rat is Incendio. Return to the lobby and exit the bank. Talk to the man
    again, and Hagrid will take you back to Hogwarts. Talk to professor Binns to
    end the lesson.
    Broom Flight Class.
    Location: - Outside. Exit through the main doors and take the right hand path,
    then the right hand fork, and the right hand fork once again. Neville will
    break his wrist and drop the Remembrall. Draco will steal it an take to the
    air. You need to catch him. My advice here is keep "right" held down to keep
    your speed up, and try to avoid as many obstacles as possible. As soon as you
    can, fly into Draco. You can return to this area later to race against an owl.
    Winning will earn you some house points.
    All of your lessons are over, you return to the great hall for dinner where
    Draco challenges you to a Wizards Duel.
    Quest - Go to the trophy room for the midnight duel.
    Using the stairs (as the secret passages are locked) go down to the 3rd floor -
    carefully avoiding all of the members of staff. The trophy room is at the
    bottom of the screen in the middle. Walk to the left end of the room, until
    Filch and "Mrs Noris" appear. Exit through the door beside you. Exit this room
    through the door on the right to bring you out into the main hallway. Where you
    will all hide in a previously locked room and meet "Fluffy" (those of you who
    have read the book or completed more of the game will understand this). Now
    return to Gryffindor again using only the stairs and avoiding the members of
    staff who seem to never sleep.
    Quest - Rescue Hermione from the troll.
    Upon hearing you insult her, Hermione runs off to the girls toilets crying.
    Professor McGonagall asks you to find her. Talk to the girl on the left hand
    side of the entrance hall who tells you where she is. Quirrell will the arrive
    and announce that there is a troll in the school. Go up to the first floor and
    enter the door the troll goes through. The best spell to use here is
    Verdimillous which should be at least Duo by now. Another good one to use is
    Mucus Ad Nausium which you learned from Peeves when he cursed you. The only
    downside to this one is you need 80 MP to use it, but it takes 20 HP off of any
    enemy cursed with it each round. Having beaten the troll exit and go down to
    and enter Hagrid's hut.
    Quest - Find your Christmas Presents.
    It Christmas! So what does Peeves do? Steals your presents! Luckily they are
    not far away. Go to the 6th floor and enter the door above the stairs you just
    descended. Walk along this corridor and into the room at the end. Search the
    top chest on the right hand side of the room to find your presents. Filch
    catches you and drags you off the Professor McGonagall who, since its Christmas
    only deducts one house point. Return to Gryffindor. And your dorm to open you
    Quest - Explore Hogwarts at night.
    Go down to the 3rd floor and enter the library. (Door above the stairs on the
    right hand side) Go down the spiral staircase and enter the restricted section.
    There are two spells and a potion recipe here. This is my very poor attempt at
    drawing the reference section!
    R = Potion Recipe
    	_________________________	|    |	   __________________
    	|			|	|    |	   |		    |
    	|Spell		   Alarm|	|    |	   |	  Alarm	    |	
    	|_______________________|	|    |     |     _______    |
    					|    |	   |     |     |    |
    					|    |     |     |     |    |
    	_________________________	|    |     |     |     |    |
    	|			|	|    |     |     |     |    |
            |Alarm   Recipe         |       |    |     |spell|     |    |
    	|_______________________|       |____|     |_____|     |____|
    (I think you can get the general idea of the positions from this!)	
    Collect the spells and recipe, then set off an alarm. Exit through the right
    hand side stair case - thus avoiding Filch and Madam Pince. Exit through the
    door on the left hand side on the 3rd floor. If you try to go down a flight of
    stairs here, Snape catches you so all you can do is go up. Avoid the various
    members of staff and make your way to the 5th floor. Go into the corridor on
    the right hand side of the floor. Continue through and enter the room at the
    end. After a cut scene return to Gryffindor and bed.
    Quest - Go to Hagrid's Hut, Catch 5 chickens.
    Go to Hagrid's Hut and enter. After a cut scene exit and catch 5 chickens. The
    best way is to corner them and click on them. It is not as easy as it looks!
    Like all chickens everywhere they are very stupid and always run away from you.
    To collect a chicken, you have to battle and KO them. For each battle, you only
    receive one chicken. This is a good time to level up your spells and gain EXP.
    Chickens can hardy damage you (the most HP one has taken from me was 4!) and
    you can keep battling them for as long as you like. Once at least 5 have been
    caught, return to Hagrid's Hut. After a cut scene, you will be back in the
    library. Now return to Hagrid's Hut (again!) and catch the escaped Norbert.
    This is the same as the Owl chase, and Malfoy chasing on your broom only with
    different graphics. Once Norbert is caught time will pass until Saturday.
    Quest - Take Norbert to the astronomy tower.
    Go to Hagrid's hut and enter. Collect Norbert and take him back up to the 7th
    floor. The astronomy tower is through the top door on the left hand side of the
    floor. Follow the corridor round and through the doorway at the end. After a
    cut scene go back down. There will be another cut scene now (one which is
    Quest - Detention, find the injured unicorn.
    Go down to the main entrance hall. Now go down to the path below Hagrid's hut
    (the left fork), where the others are waiting. After a cut scene you will be in
    the forest. Here there is only one way through, but a lot of dead ends. If you
    want a more detailed guide to this area please email me. You more or less
    follow the path round, going down most of the time. After switching parties,
    you will come across the unicorn, and after an interesting, yet disturbing cut
    scene you will need to return to the main entrance hall. You will then need to
    return to Gryffindor. Note the "griffin" secret passageway  is unlocked.
    Quest - Find Dumbledore
    Go back into the main building (if you have not already done so search the
    library for potion recipies and new spells - especially Locomotor  Wibbly as
    this will be very useful). Now go to the 1st floor and speak to Professor
    McGonagall who is standing in between the two sets of stairs at the bottom of
    the screen. Now return to Gryffindor, collecting the card combinations on the
    way (5th floor, bottom left).
    This is it, the final stretch! WARNING. READING PAST THIS POINT WILL SPOIL A
    Quest - Go to the forbidden corridor
    Go down to the 3rd floor (if you feel you need to, stay around here and level
    up - don't use any of your healing items, but instead allow your HP to reach
    zero and get healed for free. Make sure Incendio is levelled up to at the very
    least Duo as you will need it unless you have a lot of HP and MP) Now go to the
    bottom right hand corner. Enter, and after a short cutscene you will fight the
    first of the final bosses - Devil's Snare. Use Incendio on it as this is the
    only spell (Except for Mucus Ad Nausium) that does any damage worth speaking
    of. Concentrate on the big plant in the middle, and if you have enough MP use
    Mucus Ad Nausium on it to help kill it faster. Go into the next room where
    thousands of keys are flying around. On your broom fly up to the top of the
    screen and go to the centre and hit the stationary gold key. Go into the next
    room. Here you will have to fight giant chess pieces. Here is the easiest way
    of defeating EVERY boss from now on.
    1) Cast Locomotor Wibbly on them to paralyse them.
    2) Cast Mucus Ad Nauseam on them to poison them. (Regardless of your level this
    will always take 20 HP from them each round)
    3) Replenish your MP if necessary, and if they have started moving again cast
    Locomotor Wibbly on them to paralyse them once again. Otherwise click on
    "Flee". As it is a boss you can't escape, and they will lose 20 HP every time
    you try to escape. They should only be able to attack you a maximum of once -
    at the very beginning of the fight. Don't worry about healing this lost HP as
    you will always level up at the end of one of these battles which replenishes
    your HP and MP.
    Kill the 3 chess pieces and go to the next room. There is a troll on here, but
    it is already out cold so carry on to the next room. Click on the table and try
    to mix the potion. I really can't help you here, as it is simply common sense
    and a different code each time. Having mixed the potion go into the final room.
    Kill the two bosses in here. Now sit back and enjoy the end of game sequence
    where a lot of loose ends are tied up. But did you earn enough house points to
    get the good ending???
    Once the game is finished, you can restart from your saved file, with all the
    experience, cards and sickles you have collected so far. It is much easier the
    second time around as you don't have to spend all that time levelling up.
    I hope you enjoyed the game, and this walkthrough helped you through the harder
    parts. As I said at the start, this is my first attempt at a walkthrough so if
    there is anything you still do not understand please email me
    (robinjennings@hotmail.com) and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.
    © Robin Jennings November 2001

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