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    Folio Triplicus Guide by Twilkitri

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 02/06/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone GBC
    Folio Triplicus Guide
    Version 1.02
    By (Dark) Twilkitri twilkitri@yahoo.com
    1. Contents
    1. Contents
    2. Introduction
    3. Version History
    4. Card Combinations
    5. Mysteries
    6. Credits/Legal
    2. Introduction
    The Folio Triplicus of Card Combinations in the Harry Potter and the
    Philosopher's Stone GBC game can be used to create some of the most powerful
    (and not so powerful) spells in the game. Unfortunately the game gives you very
    little description as to what they actually _do_, apart from their names, until
    you use them. Thus, this guide, which describes what the combinations do,
    whether they are useful or not, and what cards you need for them.
    If anyone has found a combination which I don't have listed here, can you
    please send me the details of it. I believe that I've got all of them, but I
    could be wrong.
    3. Version History
    1.02 - Fixed description of 'Alter Enemy'
    1.01 - Fixed layout, & some minor spelling errors.
    1 - The first version. Basically 100% done.
    4. Card Combinations
    These are listed in alphabetical order, and take the following form (this is an
    example only, not a real combo from the game).
    Name: Hurt Self <- the name of the combination
    Type: Bad <- can be good, or helpful for you; bad, or helpful for the enemy;
                 or useless.
    Cards Required: Harry Cooper, Glenn Robbins, Shaun Micallef (rare) <- the three
                                                                          cards you
                                                                          need to
                                                                          use the
                                                                          cards are
    Game Description: You just did 50 damage to yourself! <- the description given
                                                             when you use the
    Notes: Remember, this example is just an example. <- for if there is anything
                                                         else to say about the
    -Combinations start here-
    Name: Alter Enemy
    Type: Normally Good
    Cards Required: Andros the Invincible, Circe (rare), Mirabella Plunkett
    Game Description: The cards transformed an opponent into... something else.
    Notes: Almost always turns enemies into chickens... even chickens into
           chickens. However, on rare occasions it can turn enemies into ogres.
           Thanks to Michael Jones for letting me know this.
    Name: Blasting Curse
    Type: Good?
    Cards Required: Salazar Slytherin, Musidora Barkwith (rare), Joscelind Wadcock
    Game Description: After combining these cards, you fell like any spells you
                      cast will be much stronger!
    Notes: Not all spells are affected by this combination; Wingardium Leviosa and
           the Flipendo Series will still do normal damage. The type is listed as
           'Good?' because I am unsure about the combination being labelled a
    Name: Carbon Copy
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Dorcas Wellbeloved, Merlin (rare), Herpo the Foul
    Game Description: The cards created two phantom-like copies of you! Your enemy
                      seems distracted by them.
    Notes: In other words, it makes it harder for the enemy to hit you. But they
           _can_ still hit you.
    Name: Conjure Snack
    Type: Useless
    Cards Required: Hesper Starkey, Andros the Invincible, Thaddeus Thurkell
    Game Description: This cards gave you a piece of candy!
    Notes: It's harder to get cards than to get enough sickles to buy candy...
           don't waste your cards and battle turns on this.
    Name: Cure Poison
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Greta Catchlove, Cliodne (rare), Wilfred Elphick
    Game Description: The cards cancel the effects of any poison attacks during
                      this encounter!
    Notes: It should say, '...any poison attacks so far during this...' because if
           you get poisoned again, you _will_ get poisoned. And it will still add 
           on to the 'canceled' poison.
    Name: Create Potion
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Paracelsus (rare), Gaspard Shingleton, Laverne DeMontmorency
    Game Description: The cards created a random potion!
    Notes: If you want to waste your cards on random chance, then go ahead. Don't
           try to use this as a lifesaver (ie: to try and get a Grand WiggenWeld
           Potion) because if you're in that critical of a condition, you'll likely
           'die' before you get what you want.
    Name: Deflect
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Wendelin the Weird, Carlotta Pinkstone (rare?), Flavius Belby
    Game Description: The cards will deflect part of the damage from any physical
                      or magical attacks!
    Name: Dire Strength
    Type: Bad
    Cards Required: Jocunda Sykes, Norvel Twonk, Derwent Shimpling
    Game Description: The cards didn't seem to do anything to you. But your enemy
                      looks a bit stronger.
    Name: Distract
    Type: Useless
    Cards Required: Musidora Barkwith (rare), Myron Wagtail, Heathcote Barbary
    Game Description: The cards create music that distracts opponents, making them
                      lose a turn.
    Notes: But it's _this_ turn, which you basically wasted since you didn't do any
             CRASHES THE GAME.
    Name: Double SP
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Queen Maeve (rare), Helga Hufflepuff, Albus Dumbledore
    Game Description: The cards double your SP for the duration of this encounter!
    Notes: This effect is cumulative - if you had 200 SP, and you used this twice,
           you'd end up with 800 SP (minus what you'd been hit for in the
           meantime). Too bad it only lasts for the one encounter...
    Name: Drone
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Gideon Crumb, Kirley Duke, Orsino Thurston
    Game Description: The cards create a terrifying noise that causes one
                      opponent to flee.
    Notes: And you get the experience/money from it, too!
    Name: Encounter Track
    Type: Depends.
    Cards Required: Gulliver Pokeby, Newt Scamander, Adalbert Waffling
    Game Description: The cards create a 'monster lure'. For a short time, you'll
                      be in more magical encounters than usual.
    Notes: Good if you're level building, bad if you're low on health...
    Name: Exhaust
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Honouria Nutcombe (rare), Alberic Grunnion, Gunhilda of
    Game Description: After you combine these cards, your opponents look very, very
    Notes: In other words, they lose half their health.
    Name: Extra Credit
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Salazar Slytherin, Queen Maeve (rare), Albus Dumbledore
    Game Description: The cards have increased the experience points you will
                      recieve if you win this encounter!
    Notes: Your experience points recieved are doubled. So, it's best to use this
           in boss battles - but only if you're sure that you're going to win, of
           course, otherwise you'll have wasted the cards...
    Name: Full Enchantment
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Harry Potter (rare), Albus Dumbledore, Circe (rare)
    Game Description: The Harry Potter card has given you all spells at maximum
                      level, and colour-coded the cards in your Folio Magi by deck!
    Notes: This is the combination Dumbledore gives you when you beat the game.
           When you continue from the start, use it... it seems strange that you
           keep your level, money, cards and combinations when you beat the game,
           yet lose your equipment and spells, but oh well. Oh, and make sure you
           realise that the colours it gives the Folio Magi aren't the same as the
           colours of the decks you pick from at the start... if you've only got
           purple cards left to get, the purple deck _isn't_ the one you want.
    Name: Healing Attack
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Derwent Shimpling, Cliodne (rare), Mungo Bonham
    Game Description: The cards enchant an opponent so that their physical attacks
         will heal you!
    Notes: Note how it says _physical_ attacks. So, this is no use against
           Voldemort, for example, who only uses magic.
    Name: Health Boost
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Gregory the Smarmy, Sacharissa Tugwood, Mungo Bonham
    Game Description: The cards restored a small amount of your SP.
    Notes: The amount it restores is around a quarter of your maximum.
    Name: Heroic Strength
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Yardley Platt, Oswald Beamish, Roderick Plumpton
    Game Description: The cards have greatly increased the damage you do in an
    Note: And when they say greatly, they mean it. Try it.
    Name: Immunity
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Edgar Stroulger, Mopsus (rare), Bertie Bott
    Game Description: This card combination makes you immune from all non-magical
                      attacks in an encounter.
    Notes: Once again, a combo not useful against magic. Good against things like
           trolls, though.
    Name: Improved Magic
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Godric Gryffindor, Miranda Goshawk, Albus Dumbledore
    Game Description: The cards have increased the damage your spells do in this
    Name: Item into Feather
    Type: Bad
    Cards Required: Bridget Wenlock, Circe (rare), Bertie Bott
    Game Description: The cards turned something in your inventory into... an 
                      ostrich feather?!
    Notes: Which are totally useless, so...
    Name: Level Up
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Paracelsus (rare), Carlotta Pinkstone (rare?), Cornelius
                    Agrippa (rare)
    Game Description: The cards increased your level! This combination works only
    Notes: Use it when you get the chance... no cards are lost, so...
           Unfortunately, when it says only once, it means only once in the game.
           Not only once each encounter.
    Name: Lullaby
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Donaghan Tremlett, Herman Wintringham, Celestina Warbeck
    Game Description: The cards create soothing music that lulls one enemy to
    Name: Magic Immunity
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Oswald Beamish, Almerick Sawbridge, Lord Stoddard Withers
    Game Description: You get an inkling that you are momentarily immune to all
    Notes: Of course, you can't be _permanently_ immune, can you? Or else how is
           the boss going to hurt you?
    Name: Magic Reversal
    Type: Depends.
    Cards Required: Ignatia Wildsmith, Elfrida Clagg, Gondoline Oliphant
    Game Description: The cards remove any magical effect... whether beneficial or
                      harmful... previously cast upon you.
    Notes: So, if you've had something bad cast on you, it's good, but if you've
           had something good cast on you, it's bad. As should be obvious, but...
    Name: MP Erase
    Type: Bad
    Cards Required: Gregory the Smarmy, Morgan le Fay (rare), Cyprian Youdle
    Game Description: All your MP are drained away! The horror! The horror!
    Notes: In my opinion, it's worth using this just to see the message... make
           sure you save beforehand, though.
    Name: MP Gain
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Gaspard Shingleton, Merlin (rare), Circe (rare)
    Game Description: The cards give you a permanent increase in MP! This
         combination works only once.
    Notes: It's worth using. You get a _lot_ more MP.
    Name: Nausea
    Type: Bad
    Cards Required: Archibald Alderton, Elladora Ketteridge, Herpo the Foul
    Game Description: The cards weren't helpful this time. Your tummy is upset, and
                      you feel dizzy and weak. You think you might have lost some
    Notes: Another one noteworthy only for its message.
    Name: Poison Immunity
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Quong Po (rare), Beaumont Marjoribanks, Chauncey Oldridge
    Game Description: The cards have made you immune to poison, for this encounter
    Name: Protect
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Tilly Toke (rare?), Edgar Stroulger, Havelock Sweeting
    Game Description: The cards have made you harder to attack!
    Name: Rain of Bludgers
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Bowman Wright (rare), Devlin Whitehorn, Dunbar Oglethorpe
    Game Description: The cards create a torrent of plunging Bludgers that rain
                      down on an opponent.
    Notes: They're fairly powerful.
    Name: Regeneration
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Glover Hipworth, Ignatia Wildsmith, Circe (rare)
    Game Description: The cards boosted your SP. In fact, you feel like you're
                      getting more and more SP all the time!
    Notes: You get 10 SP back every turn - it's hardly worth it. And, it's not
           cumulative like poison is (you can't use it again to get back 20 every
           turn, for example).
    Name: Remove Curse
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Justus Pilliwickle, Oswald Beamish, Uric the Oddball
    Game Description: The cards cancel any curses that might have been on you!
    Notes: I don't think that this includes the Mucus Ad Nauseum that Peeves casts
           on you, since you aren't affected by it during battles.
    Name: Replenish All
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Quong Po (rare), Cliodne (rare), Herman Wintringham
    Game Description: With a jolt, you feel MP and SP restored the maximum!
    Notes: Did anyone check the grammar in this game? Very useful combo, anyhow.
    Name: Replenish Magic
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Merlin (rare), Burdock Muldoon, Artemisia Lufkin
    Game Description: The cards restore your MP to maximum!
    Notes: Very handy in boss battles where you're using a lot of Duo/Tria spells.
           Or for using a lot of Mucus Ad Nauseums...
    Name: Replenish Stamina
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Almerick Sawbridge, Miranda Goshawk, Circe (rare)
    Game Description: The cards heal all your wounds and restore your SP to
    Notes: Another good combo, although not as useful as Replenish Magic, in my
    Name: Reversal
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Gunhilda of Goosemoor, Mungo Bonham, Wilfred Elphick
    Game Description: The cards neutralize any poison or harmful magic that might
                      be affecting you!
    Notes: So, it's basically a better version of Magic Reversal...
    Name: Scholarship
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Rowena Ravenclaw, Daisy Dodderidge, Albus Dumbledore
    Game Description: The cards made you smart! The number of MP needed to cast
                      spells is cut by half!
    Notes: Another good combo for Mucus lovers... Too bad it expires at the end of
           the fight.
    Name: Sickle Seek
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Glenda Chittock, Cassandra Vablatsky, Mopsus (rare)
    Game Description: The cards give you a better sense of where to look for silver
    Notes: Translation: You get double sickles at the end of the battle. You can
                        use it repeatedly, but it only adds the original amount of
                        sickles for each use after the first.
    Name: Sleep
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Balfour Blane, Honouria Nutcombe (rare), Fulbert the Fearful
    Game Description: The cards put your opponents to sleep! Naturally, they can't
                      attack while snoozing.
    Name: Slow
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Morgan le Fay (rare), Xavier Rastrick, Yardley Platt
    Game Description: The cards seem to have slowed down your opponents!
    Name: Sluggish
    Type: Bad
    Cards Required: Crispin Cronk, Ethelred the EverReady, Alberta Toothill
    Game Description: You are moving very slowly. The cards must have caused this!
    Name: Snitch Streak
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Chauncey Oldridge, Cyprian Youdle, Roderick Plumpton
    Game Description: The cards create a Golden Snitch that circles an enemy's
                      head, distracting it.
    Notes: Just another enemy accuracy-reducing combo.
    Name: Snitch Strike
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Joscelind Wadcock, Gwenog Jones, Roland Kegg
    Game Description: The cards create a Golden Snitch that scares away an
    Notes: And you get the experience/sickles from them, too.
    Name: Stinkweed
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Paracelsus (rare), Beatrix Bloxam, Dymphna Furmage
    Game Description: The cards created magical flowers! And they stink! You feel
                      alright, but your opponents look sick.
    Name: Strength
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Glanmore Peakes, Felix Summerbee, Gifford Ollerton
    Game Description: You feel stronger. You think your Flipendo spell might be
                      more powerful now.
    Notes: And as Voldemort is weak against Flipendo... Heroic Strength is better,
    Name: Summon Umbrella
    Type: Good...
    Cards Required: Uric the Oddball, Mirabella Plunkett, Thaddeus Thurkell
    Game Description: The cards have given you... an umbrella?!
    Notes: It _sounds_ useless, but what the description doesn't say is that it
           also damages one of the enemies you are fighting. It's still not very
           good, though.
    Name: Telegraph Punch
    Type: Bad
    Cards Required: Perpetua Fancourt, Alberic Grunnion, Grogan Stump
    Game Description: The unhelpful cards send an opponent a hint of what you'll do
                      next, improving their defence.
    Name: Tempest
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Merwyn the Malicious, Merton Graves, Lord Stoddard Withers
    Game Description: The cards created a blast of wind that blows away an
    Notes: Just another remove one opponent combo. How many are there?!
    Name: Weak Point
    Type: Good
    Cards Required: Cornelius Agrippa (rare), Blenheim Stalk, Beaumont Marjoribanks
    Game Description: The cards reveal your opponent's weak spot to you, and you
                      are better able to cast spells against them.
    Total Combinations: 50
    5. Mysteries
    Just one.
    In the Folio Magi, Tilly Toke is marked as Rare, yet her card is destroyed when
    used. And Carlotta Pinkstone is marked Common, yet her card is not destroyed.
    Did they just mix up the classifications, or what?
    6. Credits/Legal
    Thanks go to:
    GameFAQs for hosting this.
    Nintendo for the GBC, which this game is on.
    J.K. Rowling for creating Harry Potter.
    All the people who made this game.
    Michael Jones for the errata. Sorry for the massive lag between when you told
    me and the update, Michael.
    This guide is copyright 2002 onwards to (Dark) Twilkitri.
    You CAN:
    Read it.
    Store it on your hard drive.
    Print it out for private use.
    You can NOT:
    Sell it.
    Modify and redistribute it.
    Print it out for public use.
    Thanks for reading - Twilkitri.

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