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    FAQ/Walkthrough by billybobfred

    Version: 0.70 | Updated: 11/27/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |Harry Potter and the Sorceror's/Philosopher's Stone|
    |Walkthrough for the Game Boy Color version         |
    |by billybobfred                                    |
    |v0.70                                              |
    |Started 9:47 PM 11/24/2007                         |
    |Last updated 11:16 AM 11/27/2007                   |
    |Best viewed in any fixed-width font                |
    Well, I felt like writing a walkthrough. Not much else to say, I guess.
    This guide will contain sporadic spoilers for the game (and thus, the book), as
    well as exactly one lame spoiler for book 7. Don't worry, it's so lame that you
    won't care.
    *Section Negative 1-- Version History
    -v0.65: The very first version. I wrote the walkthrough, though I left a few
            details out. I "started" the Bestiary and Item List, and actually
            started the Glitch List and FAQ.
    -v0.70: Took out some information that turned out to be false. Added some stuff
            I had left out.
    TO DO: The Bestiary and Item List. More for the Glitch List and FAQ. Fancy 
           "find" codes like in every other guide. More detail for the walkthrough.
    *Section 0-- Table of Contents
     -1: Version History
      0: Table of Contents
      1: Walkthrough
      2: Bestiary
      3: Item List
      4: Glitches
      5: FAQ
      6: Contact Info
      7: Legal Crap
      8: Ending
    *Section 1-- Walkthrough
    1.1 Startup
    If you've never played before, the game will ask what language you speak. There
    are THIRTEEN (!) choices. I personally choose English UK (for authenticity-- 
    these are British people, they'll speak British) or EspaƱol (for practice). You 
    can choose any language you want, of course, but I'll assume you used some form
    of English.
    Now you get to choose your file. Again, you can choose any file you want. Unlike
    many popular RPGs out there today, you don't get to name the main character.
    Once you choose your file, you'll recieve your acceptance letter, and the magic
    will begin...
    1.2 On your way to Hogwarts
    Harry and Hagrid have just arrived at Diagon Alley. They'll have a short
    conversation about the awesomeness that this is...
    HAGRID: Welcome to Diagon Alley, Harry.
    HARRY:  I've never seen a place like this before!
    HAGRID: That's because there is none like it. This is Ollivander's Wand Shop,
            as yeh can see by the sign. I'll go in and see to yeh getting a wand.
            Yeh can explore a bit if yeh like 'fore you join me inside.
            (He goes into Ollivander's.)
    Well, it's easier overall to just go in now, but if you explore, you can find a
    few interesting things:
    *4 Famous Witches and Wizards Cards
    *5 Sickles
    *A Wiggenweld Potion
    Enter Ollivander's for your wand.
    HAGRID:     Hello, Harry. This is Mr. Ollivander. He'll set yeh up with a wand.
                Come find me later at Gringotts bank.
    Now, I COULD transcribe the whole conversation after this, but I won't. Ha.
    Long story short, you buy Harry's wand for 119 Sickles. "Wait, what? I only have
    5! Am I going to have to work it off like in Animal Crossing?" Um... no. He'll
    charge it to your account.
    Once you leave Ollivander's, a random student walks up to Harry.
    The student tells Harry about Famous Witches and Wizards cards and offers you
    one of his spare decks. This changes which cards you find throughout the game.
    It may also affect the card combinations you find.
    "Holy thingonastick, combinations?!" Yes, combinations. Three cards, when thrown
    at the enemy, will unleash the power of the magicians involved and do some
    random thing. The common cards will burn up, but the rare cards won't. You can
    check their rarity by going into your Folio Magi and pressing A on the card you
    want to look at. Common cards have a white or silver border, and rare cards have
    a gold border.
    Now you can start random encounters. It'll be fun. Run around a bit, level up.
    Vermillious will beat the rats around here in one hit, Flipendo will take two.
    I would suggest getting the Duo level of Vermillious at least. It takes a while,
    though. I hope you're more patient than me.
    Once you feel leveled enough, go into Gringotts and talk to Hagrid. He and
    Griphook will tell you to follow them into the vault, and Hagrid will remind
    Griphook of the you-know-what they discussed before you got here. It's a secret
    mission for Dumbledore, I suppose.
    When Griphook says "Stay together, please", you just KNOW you're going to get
    separated. Lo and behold, Harry can't take five steps without tripping. You
    have him chase after Hagrid and Griphook, but apparently they're wearing
    seven-league boots, as you can't find them. I guess you'll have to find your
    vault on your own...
    There are a lot of locked doors in here, and they all say something different.
    The one that just says "Locked" is important later on, but for now, head north
    as far as you can go. Searching anything suspicious, you'll find 4 Famous
    Witches and Wizards cards.
    Eventually, you'll see a HUGE enemy blob thing. This is a boss, and you'll be
    seeing quite a few of these throughout the game. How fun. Few enemies have
    official names, so I have to describe them. Goody.
    Name/Description: Giant Purple Rat
    Location: Gringotts (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: Little brown rat x2 (18? HP each)
    HP: 80?
    Attacks: Standard attack
    Resists: Flipendo (1 damage)
    Strategy: Take out the LBRs with a shot of Vermillious Uno. The GBR will go down
    to two shots of Vermillious Duo. If you don't have Vermillious Duo... I feel
    sorry for you.
    Drops: Hardened Boots
    EXP: 25s
    Once you beat the Giant Purple Rat, go up. Depending on where you fought the
    GPR, you'll go left or right to your vault, where Hagrid will scold Harry
    for dawdling behind. When Harry tells Hagrid he's been looking everywhere,
    he'll respond with "But I didn't go everywhere." o_O
    You'll then enter Harry's vault, which is filled with PHAT STACKS OF CASH.
    It's... shiny. While Harry COULD take the entire thing right now, he still has
    six years of school after this, and he'll need to spend wisely. And as anyone
    knows, it's WAY easier to resist temptation if you don't actually have the money
    on you. So he only takes 850 Sickles.
    Before you leave, search the lowest money bag in the top-right corner for a card
    Now you need to purchase school supplies:
    *3 Robes (Madam Malkin's, 80S each)
    *1 Winter Cloak (Madam Malkin's, 150S)
    *1 Pointed Hat (Madam Malkin's, 58S)
    *1 Pair of Gloves (Madam Malkin's, 62S)
    *1 Name Tag Pack (Madam Malkin's, 10S)
    *1 Potion Kit Bag (Apothecary, 10S)
    *1 Set of First Year Books (Flourish and Blott's, 143S)
    *1 Cauldron (Potage's, 51S for the Collapsible one and 101S for the Copper one)
    *1 Wand (You already have this)
    You can get this same information (minus the locations and prices) by using the
    School Supply list. It will also tell you what you've bought already.
    When you go into Madam Malkin's, Draco Malfoy will introduce himself. One moment
    please. *pulls out Mega Evil Ray Gun (R)* DIE RABID FANGIRLS DIE!! BWAHAHAHAHA!
    Ahem... sorry about that. Anyway, he'll act like the jerk we all know he is,
    then leave.
    When you go to Potage's to buy your cauldron, some guy will offer to trade a
    Circe card for a bezoar stone. Why does he want a bezoar stone? I don't know.
    But you don't have one, so you can't do it anyway. Darn.
    Once you buy everything on your list, go to Hagrid. He'll take your supply list
    and give you an owl, whose name will be Hedwig. Then you'll warp to King's
    Cross, where you can board the Hogwarts Express. But first, search the lamp on
    the far left to find a Famous Witches and Wizards card.
    To board the Hogwarts Express, talk to one of the Weasley twins. For the record,
    Fred is the one sticking his tounge out, and George is the other one.
    Work your way to the left end of the train. Ron will introduce himself, and
    Harry will sit down. Hermione will come rushing in, looking for Neville's toad,
    but of course you haven't seen it. However, she'll teach you Verdimillious, so
    everything works out... somehow...
    The sweet lady will show up now, peddling her wares. Buy Chocolate Frogs for the
    cards, or Pumpkin Pasties for SP. Nothing else is worth the money. You don't
    actually have to buy anything, of course. You just have to walk out of the seat
    area, then back in.
    When the sweet lady leaves, Draco and his cronies will show up. Oh goody. Draco
    thinks you're disappointing, for Harry Potter. He also doesn't like Ron, as Ron
    doesn't hate Muggle-borns. It's like racism, but with magic! When Harry implies
    that Draco is the "wrong people", he'll get pissy and try to take your candy.
    Suddenly Scabbers wakes up and attacks Crabbe and Goyle, leaving just you and
    Draco to duel it out.
    Name/Description: Draco Malfoy
    Location: Hogwarts Express (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: None
    HP: 100?
    Attacks: Vermillious Uno
    Resists: None
    Strategy: Spam your most powerful attack. Drink potions and eat candy as needed.
    He's nothing to worry about.
    Drops: Grand Wiggenweld Potion
    EXP: 60
    To show there are no hard feelings, Draco will give you a card combination. 
    Talk to some students, and you'll soon arrive at Hogwarts.
    Hagrid will tell you to get on the boats across the lake, but first you should
    search the area for...
    *A Wiggenweld Potion
    *A Famous Witches and Wizards card
    *A Card Combination
    Board your boat and you'll start sailing. The bugs and tentacle-y things will
    start a battle and set you back a bit on the course, so avoid them if you want
    to continue the story. Same with land. Eventually you'll reach the shore.
    Now for an invigorating walk through the dungeons. You should follow Hagrid
    closely--there are some scary monsters in here. Never mind the possibility of
    treasure in the side corridors, including...
    *3 Card Combinations
    *4 famous Witches and Wizards cards
    *A Wiggenweld Potion
    Then you'll reach the boss.
    Name/Description: Possessed Armor
    Location: Hogwarts Entrance Dungeon (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: None
    HP: 60?
    Attacks: Standard attack
    Strategy: I spammed FLIPENDO on this guy and won. Lame.
    Hagrid will point out the stairs into Hogwarts and enter. You should do so as
    well, after searching the area and finding a random common card and a Pepperup.
    You've finally arrived at Hogwarts!
    1.3 At Hogwarts
    First things first. The hourglasses. You can look at them anytime to see how
    the house point competition is going. If Gryffindor wins at the end of the year,
    Dumbledore will give you the Harry Potter card. You can search the lower
    gargoyle guarding the teacher's room for a random common card, but you can't
    leave the room except to enter the Great Hall. Do that, yes?
    There'll be a short scene, and Harry will be sorted into Gryffindor. Go to the
    Gryffindor table and talk to anyone sitting there. Another scene, you eat food,
    and then you get to find your house. From now on, whenever you complete a quest,
    a card combo will be made available at the Card Collectors' Club on the 5th
    floor. So, go up to Gryffindor on the 7th floor, searching the building on the
    way for...
    Ground Floor:
    *Pumpkin Pasties
    *6 famous Witches and Wizards cards
    *Octopus Powder
    *A card combo
    *5 famous Witches and Wizards cards
    *A Wiggenweld potion
    *A Pepperup potion
    1st Floor:
    *4 random common cards
    *117 Sickles
    *Octopus Powder
    *A card combo
    *Licorice Wands
    2nd Floor:
    *Cauldron Cakes
    *4 famous Witches and Wizards cards
    *A Pepperup potion
    *A card combo
    3rd Floor:
    *A Wiggenweld potion
    *4 famous Witches and Wizards cards
    *A Grand Pepperup Potion
    4th Floor:
    *9 famous Witches and Wizards cards
    *3 card combos
    *2 Wiggenweld Potions
    *A Grand Wiggenweld potion
    *152 Sickles
    5th Floor:
    *3 card combos
    *6 famous Witches and Wizards cards
    *325 Sickles
    *Best Blowing Gum x2
    6th Floor:
    *Best Blowing Gum
    *6 famous Witches and Wizards cards
    *386 Sickles
    *Beetles' Eyes
    *A card combo 
    *A Pepperup potion
    7th Floor:
    *1 famous Witches and Wizards card
    *2 random common cards
    *118 Sickles
    That... is a lot of stuff. It'll take you a while to find it. Search every room,
    every object... it's worth it.
    Once you get all this junk, go to the 7th floor and talk to the portrait of the
    fat lady. She'll tell you that you need the secret password. Go find Nearly
    Headless Nick on the 6th floor. He knows the password, but he wants you to get
    him a tie first. He says he saw one in the entrance hall. There's one on the
    upper gargoyle. Bring it back to Nick and he'll tell you the password. Now you
    can get into Gryffindor House! Yayz! Go tell the fat lady.
    Searching the common room, you can find:
    *2 famous Witches and Wizards cards.
    *Every Flavor Beans
    Now you should go to the boys' dorm through the lower staircase. Before going
    to bed, check your trunk for a random common card.
    1.4 First day of classes
    Now you have to get to Potions class. It's in the dungeon. Take the secret
    passage at the bottom of the 5th floor. Once you get there, talk to Snape.
    He'll ask you where bezoar stones are found. Harry will suggest asking Hermione,
    as she obviously knows. Snape doesn't like your tone and deducts one point.
    Then, Neville will screw up his potion and it will explode. Snape tells you to
    get the ingredients for the healing potion:
    *2 Beetles' eyes
    *1 Snake fangs
    *1 Boomslang Skin
    Don't talk to Snape or he'll take away a point. You can find boomslang skin on
    the snake picture in Snape's office. For the other ingredients, you'll have to
    go outside. Now, there's a lot of stuff out here, but I'm not going to list it
    all. Too much. Maybe in a later update. Back to the ingredients. You should 
    already have one beetles' eyes, and you can find another one in the bushes near
    Hagrid's hut. As for the snake fangs, you'll have to fight snakes for them. You
    can find some snakes near the greenhouses. Talk to Professor Sprout and she'll
    tell you to help yourself. After fighting any battle (even without any snakes),
    talk to her again for one house point.
    Once you get the ingredients, go back to Snape. He'll give you five points and
    tell you to get to your next class.
    Now, you can go to your classes in any order. I'll arbitrarily be doing them in
    the order on the list:
    *Herbology (Greenhouses)
    *Defense Against the Dark Arts
    *Broom Flight
    *History of Magic
    1.4.1 Transfiguration Class
    This class is on the 1st floor, in the northernmost room on the left-hand side.
    As soon as you enter, McGonagall will inform you that a candle has been changed
    into a rabbit. What's more, it was a lit candle, and it escaped! She's assigning
    you to retrieve it. How will you know the rabbit? It's purple. That's unusual,
    even at Hogwarts. Hermione thinks it will try going outside.
    When you leave the classroom, you'll see Dumbledore. Harry asks if he's seen a
    purple rabbit. He hasn't, but he'd certainly like to. Asking around, you find
    that it hopped out onto the grounds, just as Hermione suspected.
    When you go outside looking for it, you find it by the greenhouses. It's not
    coming back without a fight, though!
    Name/Description: Purple Candle Rabbit
    Location: Hogwarts Grounds (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: None
    HP: 150?
    Attacks: Bite
    Resists: None
    Strategy: The rabbit takes equal damage from all the spells you have available,
    so just spam Flipendo. Duo levels aren't worth the extra MP, either.
    Drops: None
    NOTE: If you do it just right, the rabbit actually WILL come back without any
    trouble. If it happens by accident, great, but it's not worth the trouble to
    Once you've picked up the rabbit, return to Transfiguration. McGonagall will
    give you 25 house points and teach you Incendio.
    1.4.2 Herbology Class
    This class is in the far left greenhouse. Talk to Ron to take your seat. Sprout
    will give you an Ingredient Encyclopedia and tell you to find six herbs:
    *Asphodel Root (Leafy bush south of the greenhouses)
    *Dried Nettles (Really tall grass south of the castle)
    *Dittany (Fluffy bush south of the Dried Nettles)
    *Wormwood (Leafy bush in the south outdoor area)
    *Mandrake Root (Leafy bush by the south fence)
    *Aconite (Fluffy bush by the east wall)
    NOTE: If you come back three or more times without all six herbs, she'll take
    away 1 point each time after the third.
    From now until the end of the game, you can find an unlimited supply of
    ingredients on the tall bushes outside Hogwarts. I've already told you about
    six, and here are the others:
    *Monkshood (Leafy bush north of Hagrid's hut)
    *Boomslang Skin (Really tall grass in the south outdoors area)
    *Porcupine Quills (Fluffy bush east of the Forbidden Forest)
    *Octopus Powder (Leafy bush just north of the Quidditch pitch)
    *Beetles' Eyes (Leafy bush east of the Bicorn Horn)
    *Bicorn Horn (Really tall grass in the east outdoors area)
    *Snake Fangs (Fluffy bush south of the Bicorn Horn)
    *Bezoar Stone (Leafy bush east of the Quidditch pitch)
    *Silver Unicorn Horn (Leafy bush by the east wall)
    *Wolfsbane (Really tall grass in the southeast outdoors area)
    Funny... I recall Snape saying that Monkshood, Wolfsbane, and Aconite were the
    same plant. Ah, well. They regenerate every time the bush appears on-screen.
    For easy ingredients, grab one, press Start twice, then grab it again. Once you
    get one each of the six mandatory ingredients, return to Sprout. She'll reward
    you with two potion recipes. The catch? She doesn't have them. You'll have to
    talk to Snape. He's in his office. He'll give you the Antidote and Wiggenweld
    Now's as good a time as any to tell you how to make potions. It's easy enough.
    Go to your item screen and use a cauldron. Choose your ingredients, then press
    Start. If you used the right ingredients and a good enough cauldron, you'll
    get a shiny new potion.
    1.4.3 Defense Against the Dark Arts Class
    This class is in the northern corridor on the left-hand side on the 3rd floor.
    When you try to enter, Peeves curses you. Every few steps, Harry flashes and
    loses 1 SP. Talk to Quirrell. It's Mucus ad Nauseum... The Curse of the Bogies!
    Quirrell assigns you to find the counterspell. Outside, you can speak to
    Dumbledore, who directs you to the library, located on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
    Madam Pince tells you that the countercurse you're looking for is in the Updated
    Counter-Curse Handbook, Second Revised Edition, but that book isn't actually in
    the library. Searching the library, you CAN find...
    *4 random common cards
    *A Pepperup Potion
    *4 card combos
    *Licorice Wands
    *178 Sickles
    *The Pepperup potion recipe
    *The Grand Pepperup potion recipe
    *The Grand Wiggenweld potion recipe
    *The Locomotor Wibbly spell
    When you leave, Peeves taunts you some more, and suggests that maybe a Muggle
    is studying the book you need. That's the lamest hint ever. Go to the Muggle
    Studies classroom on the 5th floor. Peeves shows up again and says reading is a
    bore and you should watch TV instead. I stand corrected--THAT is the lamest hint
    ever. Check the TV to be warped into a secret room with a boss.
    Name/Description: Purple Ogre Thingy
    Location: Secret Muggle Room (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: None
    Attacks: Standard attack
    Resists: Verdimillious, Incendio, Wingardium Leviosa
    Strategy: Spam Vermillious. This guy isn't that hard.
    Drops: None
    You'll immediately get the Curse Book. Search the room now, because you'll never
    come back. There's a card combo and a random common card. Return the book to
    the library, but first use it to get rid of the curse and learn Mucus ad 
    Nauseum. When you do bring it back, Madam Pince gives you 25 points. Now return
    to Defense class, where Quirrell will give you 10 more points.
    1.4.4 Broom Flight Class
    This class is outside, in the clearing north of the Quidditch pitch. When you
    enter the clearing, Harry will ask what Neville has--it's a Remembrall. Cool.
    Then Madam Hooch starts teaching flight. First, you have to call your brooms to
    your hands by saying "Up!" Harry and Draco do so easily, but Neville screws
    something up and his broom carries him away. He lets go and breaks his wrist.
    Ouch. Madam Hooch takes him to the Infirmary. Draco decides to be a jerk some
    more (DIE RABID FANGIRLS DIE!! BWAHAHAHA!!) and steal Neville's Remembrall.
    Harry chases him, of course. This minigame is hella fun. You have to chase Draco
    through the trees. If you hit something, you fall back. Oddly enough, even if
    you fail, the game thinks you succeeded.
    When you finish, Neville tells you to keep his Remembrall for some reason. Madam
    Hooch tells you not to do that again--"We'll talk later."
    At anytime during daylight hours after Flight class, you can talk to Madam Hooch
    and play the Chase Hedwig minigame. It's basically a clone of the Chase Draco
    minigame you just finished and the Chase Norbert minigame you'll be playing
    later. The first time you complete it, you gain 10 house points and a new combo
    becomes available.
    1.4.5 Charms Class
    This class is at the north end of the 2nd floor hallway. Talk to Flitwick to
    begin the levitation minigame. I hate this. You have to levitate a feather,
    a book, and a stool by remembering Flitwick's movements and copying them.
    Each object must be levitated three times, with each level taking two more
    motions. If you screw up three times, you fail and have to start over. I've
    been told that it's slightly easier to remember the sounds.
    Once you get it right, finally, you get 15 points and learn Wingardium
    1.4.6 History of Magic Class
    This class is the northernmost room on the left-hand side of the 4th floor.
    When you enter, talk to Neville. A short conversation will ensue, and Binns
    will mention that he gave Harry's father a Circe card. Hmm, isn't that the card
    that some guy wanted to trade for a bezoar stone? Binns will give you a Diagon
    Alley Pass and tell you to take it to Hagrid.
    When you leave, you'll see Hagrid right outside the classroom, searching for 
    Horklumps. When Harry explains the situation, Hagrid will forget the Horklumps
    and take you straight to Diagon Alley.
    Wander around a bit and marvel at the new stuff the shops have. Then, talk to
    the purple-cloaked man from before. He'll tell you that the card is in his vault
    at Gringotts, and he'll reduce the price to 10 Sickles if you get it yourself.
    Remember the vault I told you was important before? That's his. When you go into
    Gringotts and talk to the cloaked guy, Griphook will take you straight to the
    vault. Inside, there's a boss.
    Name/Description: Giant Brown Rat
    Location: Vault 998 (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: Little Blue Rat x2
    Strategy: Take out the LBRs with Wingardium Leviosa. Then attack the GBR with
    Incendio. Make certain your SP doesn't run low. I hope you have a lot of
    Wiggenweld potions--candy isn't good enough.
    Once you beat the GBR, you'll pick up the Circe card. Talk to the cloaked man
    and return his key, then Hagrid will take you back to Hogwarts. As soon as
    you're out of earshot, the man will mutter something about a trap. This was all
    a setup! Ah, well, at least you have your card.
    Talk to Binns. He'll confirm that, in fact, this is the same card.
    Once you finish all your classes, you'll give up your Class List and warp to the
    Great Hall. Draco will be all pissy about what happened in Flying class and
    challenge you to a duel.
    1.5 Plot Development!
    Late at night, you'll sneak out to fight him. Hermione will chase after you,
    whining about how you'll lose all the house's points. When she gives up and
    tries returning to the common room, she'll see that the Fat Lady is gone.
    Then Neville will show up and tell you how he's been waiting for someone who
    knows the password. Harry tells him, but of course it's no use right now.
    So the FOUR of you have to go to the Trophy Room for the duel.
    Teachers are standing around in the halls. If you talk to them, you'll lose
    points. So...don't.
    The Trophy Room is at the southern end of the 3rd floor. Search the room for
    Draco. You won't find him--instead, Filch will find you! Quickly, into the next
    room! Through there, you'll find a secret passage that leads to the staircase
    up. Once you get out, you'll find Snape and Quirrell having a conversation...
    Afterwards, the four of you will discuss what you just heard--until you hear
    Filch chasing you still! You'll dash into the nearest room, the forbidden
    corridor, where you'll find out why it's forbidden. There's a drooling,
    bloodthirsty, three-headed dog. Out, out, OUT!! Luckily, Filch is gone. Return
    to the dormitory.
    Several days pass.
    Harry randomly talks to Ron about how annoying Hermione is. She runs off and
    cries. McGonagall comes by and tells you that everyone needs to assemble for the
    Halloween Feast. Talk to the random student and he'll tell you that she's crying
    her eyes out in the girls' toilets on the first floor. Then Quirrell will run in
    and tell you that there's a troll... guess where? That's right, the first floor.
    Go look for her. On your way, you'll randomly find Snape. What's he doing there?
    Doesn't matter. Next you'll find the troll, and it'll charge directly into the
    girls' toilets. Great. Time to save Hermione.
    Name/Description: Troll
    Location: Girls' Toilets (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: None
    Resists: Everything but Verdimillious
    Strategy: Spam Verdimillious. Duh. By the way, Wingardium Leviosa is NOT the
    trick to beating this guy, unlike in the book and movie.
    When you beat it, Hermione will take the blame. McGonagall will take away five
    points for her idiocy. Then she'll give you ten points for beating a TROLL.
    Search the girls' toilets now, as you'll never be coming back. There's a card
    and a combo.
    When you leave, Hermione will suggest talking to Hagrid about that three-headed
    dog. Then Snape will walk by, muttering about a three-headed dog. Sure looks
    suspicious. When you talk to Hagrid, he'll let slip about a Nicolas Flamel.
    Several days pass.
    It's Christmas, and Harry and Ron are just about to open their presents when
    Peeves shows up and steals Harry's. Nice. He decides to hide them, too.
    In the dorm, the newspaper has a story on a handsome poltergeist saying 6 is a
    lucky number. So, they're hidden on the sixth floor? Well, there is that room
    labeled a "secret hallway", despite being clearly visible. Your gifts are in one
    of the chests in this room. When you retrieve them, however, Filch will catch
    you and drag you to McGonagall. She'll only take away one point, because it's
    Christmas. Return to the boys' dorms.
    Time to open your presents. From Hagrid, you get a hand-carved wooden flute.
    From the Dursleys, you get 50 pence. From Hermione, you get a Chocolate Frog
    with the Dumbledore card. And from an anonymous benefactor, you get a cloak of
    When night falls, Harry decides to try out the cloak. Go to the library's
    Restricted Section. Searching carefully (save, a lot) you can find...
    *The Herbicide recipe
    *The Locomotor Mortis spell
    *The Petrficus Totalus spell
    Why did I ask you to save? Because there are alarm books scattered around. If
    you open one, Madam Pince will show up. Run. Now. You can't get out either of
    the 2nd floor exits, Madam Pince and Filch are guarding them. Go out through the
    3rd floor, then up to the 5th floor. DO NOT GO UP TO THE 6TH FLOOR. Mrs. Norris
    will catch you. She's clearly related to Chuck, despite being a different
    species. Instead, go down the conspicuous corridor in the western wall. Snape
    and Filch will block your way back, but you still want to see what's on the
    other end, so it's no big deal. Inside, you'll see an important storyline
    When it's over, search for a famous Witches and Wizards card, then go back to
    Suddenly it's Easter break. The three of you will be studying in the library,
    when Hagrid shows up. He'll ask if you're still researching Nicolas Flamel,
    and Ron will blurt out the whole thing. Stupid Ron. Harry will ask who else is
    guarding the stone, and Hagrid will tell you to talk somewhere else. Hermione
    will point out that Hagrid was in the dragon section and Harry will mention that
    Hagrid has always wanted one. Draco is listening, though, so Hermione will shush
    you. Go talk to Hagrid at his hut. He'll list off the teachers who put up
    defenses around the Philosopher's Stone. Suddenly, Harry will notice that Hagrid
    has a dragon's egg in his fire. And then it hatches. "I think I will name him
    Norbert." (LAME BOOK 7 SPOILERS: Norbert's actually a girl.)
    Hagrid sends you to catch some chickens for Norbert. When you leave his hut, you
    run into Draco. Find a chicken on the grounds and fight it.
    Name/Description: Chicken
    Location: Hogwarts Grounds (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: Chicken x2
    HP: 25
    Attacks: Standard attack
    Resists: Verdimillious
    Strategy: Flipendo it twice and it's done. They always spawn in the same place,
    and give great experience.
    Drops: Ostrich Feather
    You'll need to fight at least 5 battles. Once you collect 5 chickens, return to
    Hagrid's hut. Clearly, Hagrid can't keep Norbert. Ron will suggest sending the
    dragon to Romania, where his brother is doing dragon research.
    It's a day or so later and you're in the library again. Hedwig returns with
    Charlie's response--he's sending some of his friends to pick up Norbert. Go tell
    Hagrid the good news. When you arrive, however, Hagrid is in a panic. Norbert
    ran away! Quickly, give chase on your broomstick! It's a repeat of the Chase
    Malfoy minigame, except you actually have to win.
    Several days pass, and the appointed day comes. Go to Hagrid's hut and pick up
    the Dragon-Inna-Box. Then go to the 7th floor, to the room above the Gryffindor
    corridor. Draco will show up looking for you. Then McGonagall will show up for
    some random reason and take 20 points from Slytherin. Go in, then all the way
    down the corridor. Charlie's friends will show up and take Norbert away. 
    Go back down the corridor, where Filch will catch you and drag you to
    McGonagall. She'll yell at you about the dragon thing (which she thinks you made
    up entirely, by the way) and take away 150 points. Gryffindor is now in last
    place. "But I was 200 points ahead!" Well, you're in last anyway. She'll also
    give you a detention.
    Your detention starts at 11:00 the next day. On your way there, you'll hear
    Quirrell pleading with someone not to do something again. He'll reveal some
    secret. But that's not the present concern--you have a detention to deal with.
    Go to the Entrance Hall, then to the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid wants you all
    to help him deal with something that's attacking the forest's unicorns.
    Go through the forest. HINT: There's a nearly-invisible passage south early in
    the second screen. Hagrid will escort you through the forest a bit and you'll
    encounter Ronan, the centaur. It seems Mars is bright tonight, as you'll be
    witnessing a parade of centaurs telling you so. Keep going through the forest.
    Suddenly, Harry will spot some red sparks. Draco and Neville are in trouble!
    Hagrid will go and get them. It turns out it was a joke on Draco's part. Nice.
    Hagrid will change up the groups so it doesn't happen again. Follow Draco.
    Eventually you'll find the unicorn. Some green-cloaked guy will go after the
    unicorn, then Harry will pass out. When he wakes up, Firenze will explain the
    situation. Leave the Forest and go back to the castle. McGonagall will tell you
    to go back to Gryffindor. Do that. There will be a scene, then you'll get your
    Invisibility Cloak back.
    1.6 Recovering the Philosopher's Stone and saving the world
    Harry and the group will be discussing the impending doom. Hagrid will randomly
    show up, and Harry will ask how to get past Fluffy. Hagrid will just tell him,
    since he clearly isn't thinking. Go look for Dumbledore. McGonagall is standing
    around on the 1st floor, maybe she knows where he is... What?! He's gone? This
    is very bad! If Dumbledore isn't here, you'll have to stop Voldemort yourself.
    Go back to Gryffindor and start planning.
    When night falls and you're about to leave, Neville will show up and try to stop
    you. Hermione has no choice--she casts Petrificus Totalus on him.
    Go to the forbidden corridor and you'll be thrown into a boss battle.
    Name/Description: Devil's Snare
    Location: Forbidden Corridor (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: Vines x2
    Strategy: The main vine is POWERFUL, but it would have trouble hitting the sea
    in a boat. Just keep your SP high and spam Incendio.
    In the next room, BIRDS! THOUSANDS OF THEM! Not to be confused with ninjas.
    And they're actually keys anyway. Minigame time! Fly to the top of the area
    and grab the stationary key. Don't touch the others--they'll push you down.
    In the next room, you'll have to fight your way through McGonagall's giant
    chess set.
    Name/Description: Knight
    Location: Giant Chessboard (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: None
    Resists: Everything?!
    Strategy: Um, that can't be right. Am I just severely underleveled? Try Mucus ad
    Drops: Blizzard Cloak
    Name/Description: Rook
    Location: Giant Chessboard (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: None
    Resists: Everything?!
    Strategy: I have GOT to be underleveled. But Mucus ad Nauseum still works.
    Drops: Optimum Hat
    The Queen will charge, but Ron will foolishly sacrifice himself to stop her.
    Now fight the King.
    Name/Description: King
    Location: Giant Chessboard (BOSS!!)
    Resists: Everything?!
    Strategy: Mucus ad Nauseum. This must be a test of your cursing ability.
    It looks like Ron will be just fine, but you'll have to leave him behind. The
    next room contains a troll! But it's already knocked out.
    The next room requires you to make a certain potion. It's like Mastermind.
    Just save and try again until you get it right.
    Once you mix the potion, heal up if you have to and go into the next room. There
    will be a long scene and two boss fights.
    Name/Description: SPOILER
    Location: Mirror of Erised room (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: none
    Attacks: Vermillious Tria, Flipendo Tria, Wingardium Leviosa, Verdimillious Tria
             Incendio Tria
    Resists: Flipendo, Vermillious, Verdimillious
    Strategy: Use Mucus ad Nauseum and Incendio. That's all you have that works. I
    hope you have a lot of potions.
    Drops: Grand Wiggenweld potion
    Name/Description: Voldemort out of the back of SPOILER's head... o_O
    Location: Mirror of Erised room (BOSS!!)
    Cohorts: none
    Attacks: Avada Kedavra
    Resists: Everything except Flipendo
    Strategy: Use Mucus ad Nauseum, then chug Grand Wiggenweld potions to keep
    yourself alive. Stack the curse whenever you can. He's hard.
    And that's that. Dumbledore will fill in the plotholes, then you'll attend the
    end-of-term feast, where Gryffindor will gain 170 points--hopefully that'll be
    more than enough to regain the lead. If you win, Dumbledore will give you the
    Harry Potter card and Full Enchantment combination.
    1.7 New Game +
    After the ending sequence, you'll notice that your file's quest has changed back
    to the first one. If you load it, you'll find yourself back in Diagon Alley.
    You'll keep your level, your money, your cards, and your card combinations.
    As soon as you get your wand, you'll want to get into a battle and use the
    Full Enchantment combo. It will give you every spell in the game and color-code
    your Folio Magi.
    By the way, if you want every card, you'll have to play through the game three
    more times... at least. Have fun.
    Section 2-- Bestiary
    Coming soon...
    Section 3-- Item List
    Coming soon...
    Section 4-- Glitches
    While on the Hogwarts Lake, touching anything will send you into a battle. This
    isn't the glitch. The glitch is when you hold left or right after a battle from
    crashing into the left or right wall--it sends you straight into another battle.
    From there, you'll be stuck forever. Yay. Hope you saved recently.
    Yes, there are assorted graphical glitches.
    Section 5-- FAQ
    Q: It's the SORCEROR'S Stone, dummy!
    A: Actually, no. For some reason, JKR's publishers thought that Americans
       wouldn't recognize the famous philosopher's stone, which was the whole point
       of the "science" of alchemy. So they changed it to Sorceror's Stone.
    Section 6-- Contact Info
    If you have a question, my email is billybobfred0[lol at]hotmail[lol dot]com. As
    for contributions, well, I guess they'll be helpful... The guide's not actually
    finished, though. Heh.
    And if I made a mistake, email me NAO. I absolutely can't stand guides with
    mistakes in them.
    Section 7-- Legal Crap
    Don't claim this guide as your own. Don't post it on your own web site without
    asking me first. If someone plagarizes this guide, tell me. Simple enough, yes?
    GameFAQs [www.gamefaqs.com]
    Yes, it's a short list.
    Section 8-- Ending
    Unfortunately, this guide doesn't have a New Guide + feature, so now that you've
    finished it, that's the end. Bye.
    This guide copyright 2007 by billybobfred
    Disclaimer Guy: Can I have a line in your guide?
    Disclaimer Guy: He doesn't own any of the Harry Potter series. The books are
    copyright J.K. Rowling, the movies are copyright Warner Bros. Entertainment,
    and the games are copyright Electronic Arts Inc.
    There's your line, happy?
    Disclaimer Guy: Very.

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