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    Walkthrough by Jallen

    Version: 1.46 | Updated: 02/14/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  ******  ******   __             /#|___
                   |##|    |##|   /###\  /#|____ /######\
                   |##|    |##|  |#""##\/#######\ |#|  |#|
                   |##|    |##|      |##| |#|  |#||#| |#/      _
               "   |##|  _|####|/##""|##| |#| |#/ |#|  / **    |#|
                ";|####|=  |##| |#   |##| |#|  /  |#|     \### |#|
                   |##|    |##|  |#__|#|  |#|     |###|     \####|
                   |##|    |##|   \###/   |#|    *******      \##|
                  ******   |##|          *****           \#____\#|
                          ******                          \######/
             /########\       /|
            /####|   |#|   __    /#|__   /|
              |##|   |#|  /##\ |#####/  /#|_  ____  /#\_____
              |##|_  |#| /#  #\  |#|  |####/ /#""#\  |##,###\
              |#| ._|#| |##  ##| |#|   |#|  |#|   #| |##|  |#|
              |###,##/  |##  ##| |#;   |#|  |##:::#/ |##| |#/
             \###|      \##  ##| |#;   |#|  |#|      |##|
              \##|       \#  #/  |#;   |#|  |#;  ##/ |##|
               \#|        \##/   |#;   \#|   \# ##/  |##|
              \#|                 \##   \##/  \##/  \###|
               \|                        \/           \####
                 A N D  T H E  P H I L O S O P H E R ' S  S T O N E
                            |     For Gameboy color    |
                            | Copyright (c) 2007-2009  | 
                            |           J.H.           |
                            |jellinga[at]gmail[dot]com |
                            |       Version 1.46       |
                            |    Created 24 Dec 2007   |
                            |  Update 4 @ 14 Feb 2009  |
    I. Walkthrough Stuff:                                                 *
    II. Intro & Legal Stuff
    This is not a very in-depth walkthrough, it just covers the basics of 
    beating the game. If you have any questions or need to contact me in 
    any way, e-mail to jcgh[at]ymail[dot]com. If you wish to use this 
    walkthrough on this site, you may, as long as you do not claim you 
    made it yourself and you e-mail me to say that you are using it. THIS 
    III. Table of Contents
    I. Walkthrough Stuff
    	II. Intro & Legal Stuff
    	III. Table of Contents
    	IV. Revision History
    Part 1: Guide to Hogwarts
    Part 2: Controls
    Part 3: Pause Menu
    Part 4: Combat
    Part 5: Item Guide (incomplete)
            5.1: Restoration Items
            5.2: Useless Items and Menu-Opening Items
            5.3: Ingredients
            5.4: Equippable Items
                 5.4.1: Hats
                 5.4.2: Gloves
                 5.4.3: Robes
                 5.4.4: Belts
            5.5: Other Items
    Part 6: Game Tips
    Part 7: Walkthrough
    	Quest 1: Buy Your Wand
    	Quest 2: Find Hagrid in Gringotts
    	Quest 3: Find Your Vault
    	Quest 4: Buy Your School Supplies
    	Quest 5: Board the Hogwarts Express
    	Quest 6: Get Across the Lake
    	Quest 7: Get Through the Hogwarts Dungeons
    	Quest 8: Get to Griffindor
    	Quest 9: Get to Potions Class
    	Quests 10-15: Find Your Next Class
    	Quest 16: Go to the Trophy Room
    	Quest 17: Rescue Hermione From a Troll
    	Quest 18: Find Your Christmas Presents
    	Quest 19: Go Through Hogwarts at Night
    	Quest 20: Catch the 5 Chickens
    	Quest 21: Take the Dragon to Charlie
    	Quest 22: Go Through the Forbidden Forest
    	Quest 23: Find Out Where Dumbledore Is
    	Quest 24: Find the Sorcerer's/Philosipher's Stone
    Part 8: Glitches
    Part 9: FAQ
    Part 10: Credits
    IV. Revision History
    02/14/09 - 1.45
    2 new sections: Glitches and FAQ.
    New title!
    "How to use this walkthrough" has been removed.
    Added one more item to the item guide.
    02/04/09 - 1.33
    By user request, updated the Forbidden Forest section.
    Also added a teense more information on the Philosopher's Stone 
    part, the reason being that it was very in-comprehensive.
    11/15/08 - 1.30
    Been nearly a year since the guide was first created!
    Mainly only revised the item guide to have WAY more items, including
    equippable items. All sorted by section.
    Just got reobsessed with this game, that's why I'm updating this now.
    You *could* expect more updates soon, but don't get too hyped up!
    12/29/07 - 1.15
    Made some minor changes to the walkthrough
    Added Table of Contents and Revision History inside what was previously
    known as "DESCRIPTION" but was changed to "Walkthrough Stuff" for this
    update. The previously whole "DESCRIPTION" section is now a subsection
    called "Intro & Legal Stuff"
    Took away spoilers note, not much of a spoiler
    Expect more updates soon!
    12/24/07 - 1.00:
    Guide was first created
    Part One: guide to Hogwarts:                                          *
    This is just a basic guide to the school so that you don't search every
    floor in search for Professor Mcgonagall's office.                    
    Great Hall..................one of the doors to the right of the 
    Entrance Hall    
    Transfiguration class.......first floor, top left door.
    Mcgonagall's office.........door under Transfiguration class
    Potions class...............door on the left hand side of the stairs 
    from the first floor, then left again.
    Snape's office..............door on the right from Potions class
    Quirrels class..............Top left door on the third floor
    Charms class................second floor, door on the very top
    Herbology...................greenhouses, once you get outside, follow 
    the path on your right, then go up at the fork in the road. the class
    is the first greenhouse.
    History of Magic............fourth floor top left door.
    Broom flight place..........Once outside, take the right hand path, 
    then the right fork. The place is the clearing in the middle
    Fluffy's room...............third floor, bottom right door
    Trophy room.................third floor, bottom door 
    library.....................third floor, top right door  
    Card Collectors Club........fifth floor, bottom left 
    Forbidden Forest............path below Hagrid's hut, left fork
    Part Two: Controls:                                                   *
    This is probably the smallest part there is in this guide: the 
    controls. This is just telling you how to do stuff.
    Normal Controls
    <..................go left
    >..................go right
    ^..................go up
    v..................go down
    (B)................go back
    Flying Controls
    <..................slow down
    ^..................go up
    v..................go down
    Part Three: Menu:                                                     *
    This is just in case you don't know how to use the menu. When you start
    the game, one option is eliminated, but after Herbology it is not. 
    This is what it looks like:
    |                               |/---\|Status/Equip: lets you see how 
    |     MENU                      ||-o-o|much SP, MP, EXP, Strength,
    |                               | \  /|Defence, Agility,Magic Strength,
    |                               +-----|Defence you have. It also lets
    | Status/Equip                        |you equip certain Items like 
    | Item                                |Hats.
    | Ingredient Encyclopedia             |Item: Allows you to use 
    | Folio Magi                          |different Items such as Potions 
    | Folio Triplicus                     |outside battle.
    | Save Game                           |Ingredient Encyclopedia: You can 
    |                                     |see what types of Herbs you have 
    |                                     |and then use them in potions.
    |-------------------------------------|Folio Magi: This is simply to
    |            Current Quest            |see your card combinations.
    |Find Griffindor Password.            |Folio Triplicus: Used to view
    |                                     |your cards.
    +-------------------------------------+Save Game: Used to save your 
    Part Four: Combat:                                                    *
    |                                     | To the left is the COMBAT 
    |  +--+                               |screen. The square that says "A"
    |  |B |                               |is enemy "A", "B" is enemy "B"
    |  +--+                               |and so on. "You" represents 
    |                                     |Harry. You can choose to use a 
    |         +--+                 +---+  |spell to injure the enemy, and 
    |         |A |                 |you|  |though this uses MP (Magic
    |         +--+                 +---+  |Points), it is the most 
    |                                     |effective way to injure the
    |  +--+                               |enemy. You can also use Cards,
    |  |C |                               |but as I never do so I can't
    |  +--+                               |tell you what it does. the Item
    |                                     |selection is used to use items
    |                                     |such as potions. Do not use them 
    |                                     |unless you need to, because you  
    |_____________________________________|will need them for bosses. You
    |spell            SP 140/222  |       |could also flee, but don't do so
    |card             MP 23/62    |       |too often as you get no exp.
    |item                         |       |
    |flee                         |       |
    Part Five: Item Guide:                                                *
    A thorough item guide. Notify me if I'm missing any items!
    NOTE: SSL stands for School Supply List.
    NOTE: HE stands for Herb Encyclopedia. When you collect the supplies,
    these are one of the six herbs.
    NOTE: PM stands for Potion Maker. You can make potions with these items
          Item Name           |     Effect
    Licorice Wands            |Heals 5 SP
    Cauldron Cakes            |Heals 20 SP
    Wigglewend Potion         |heals 75 SP
    Grand Wigglewend Poion    |heals all of your SP
    Pepper-Up Potion          |heals some MP
    Antidote                  |heals you when you get poisoned
    Pack Of Name Tags         |Nothing. SSL
    Potion Kit Bag            |Nothing. SSL
    Collabsible Cauldron      |Make potions in. SSL
    School Books              |Nothing. SSL
    Hedwig the Owl            |Nothing.
    50-Pence Piece            |Nothing.
    Remembrall                |Nothing.
    Folio Tripiculus          |Opens the Folio Tripiculus menu. You can also
                              |access this by selecting "Folio Tripiculus"
                              |from the Pause Menu.
    Folio Magi                |Opens the Folio Magi menu. You can also do
                              |this from the Pause Menu.
    Harry's wand              |It's Harry's wand. You can't use it, and yet
                              |you're always using it...
    Ingredient Encyclopedia   |Opens the Ingredient Encyclopedia menu.
    Asphodel Root             |Nothing. HE, PM
    Dried Nettles             |Nothing. HE, PM
    Dittany                   |Nothing. HE, PM
    Wormwood                  |Nothing. HE, PM
    Aconite                   |Nothing. HE, PM
    Mandrake Root             |Nothing. HE, PM
    Monkshood                 |Nothing. PM
    Boomslang Skin            |Nothing. PM
    Octopus Powder            |Nothing. PM
    Beetles' Eyes             |Nothing. PM
    Bicorn Horn               |Nothing. PM
    Snake Fangs               |Nothing. PM
    Bezoar Stone              |Nothing. PM
    Silver Unicorn Horn       |Nothing. PM
    Wolfsbane                 |Nothing. PM
    Pointed Hat               |+1 Stamina
                              |+0 Strength
                              |+2 Defence
                              |+0 Agility
                              |+1 Magic Strength
                              |+3 Magic Defence
    Superlative Hat           |+15 Stamina
                              |+0 Strength
                              |+10 Defence
                              |+0 Agility
                              |+11 Magic Strength
                              |+5 Magic Defence
    5.4.1 GLOVES
    Dragonskin Gloves         |+0 Stamina
                              |+2 Strength
                              |+0 Defence
                              |+2 Agility
                              |+1 Magic Strength
                              |+0 Magic Defence
    Dragonclaw Gloves         |+0 Stamina
                              |+0 Strength
                              |+0 Defence
                              |+0 Agility
                              |+0 Magic Strength
                              |+0 Magic Defence
    Nimble Gloves             |+0 Stamina
                              |+6 Strength
                              |+5 Defence
                              |+0 Agility
                              |+11 Magic Strength
                              |+5 Magic Defence
    Wand-Waving Gloves        |+0 Stamina
                              |+0 Strength
                              |+0 Defence
                              |+0 Agility
                              |+0 Magic Strength
                              |+0 Magic Defence
    5.4.2 ROBES
    Plain Work Robe           |+0 Stamina
                              |+0 Strength
                              |+1 Defence
                              |+4 Agility
                              |+1 Magic Strength
                              |+1 Magic Defence
    Winter Cloak              |+0 Stamina
                              |+0 Strength
                              |+2 Defence
                              |+1 Agility
                              |+2 Magic Strength
                              |+2 Magic Defence
    Superior Winter Cloak     |+0 Stamina
                              |+0 Strength
                              |+16 Defence
                              |+0 Agility
                              |+6 Magic Strength
                              |+12 Magic Defence
    Blizzard Cloak            |+0 Stamina
                              |+0 Strength
                              |+0 Defence
                              |+0 Agility
                              |+0 Magic Strength
                              |+0 Magic Defence
    5.4.3 BELTS
    Leather Belt              |+4 Stamina
                              |+0 Strength
                              |+1 Defence
                              |+0 Agility
                              |+0 Magic Strength
                              |+0 Magic Defence
    Vigourous Belt            |+22 Stamina
                              |+2 Strength
                              |+6 Defence
                              |+0 Agility
                              |+5 Magic Strength
                              |+2 Magic Defence
    Bastion Belt              |+35 Stamina
                              |+3 Strength
                              |+7 Defence
                              |+0 Agility
                              |+7 Magic Strength
                              |+5 Magic Defence
    5.4.4 SHOES
    Plain Boots               |+2 Stamina
                              |+2 Strength
                              |+1 Defence
                              |-2 Agility
                              |+0 Magic Strength
                              |+0 Magic Defence
    Hardened Boots            |+7 Stamina
                              |+5 Strength
                              |+4 Defence
                              |-5 Agility
                              |+0 Magic Strength
                              |+0 Magic Defence
    Superlative Boots         |+7 Stamina
                              |+5 Strength
                              |+7 Defence
                              |-7 Agility
                              |+0 Magic Strength
                              |+0 Magic Defence
    Flute                     |Use against Fluffy to get him alseep.
    Cloak of Invisibility     |It's a cloak... That makes you invisible...
    Chocolate Frogs           |Gives you a nice little message and a Wizard
    Curse Book                |Use it once, and never use it again. It gives
                              |you the spell Mucus ad Nauseum. Return it to
                              |the library rather than Professor Quirrel and
                              |you earn more house points.
    More coming soon...
    Part Six: Game Tips:                                                  *
    All this is is a few tips to beat the game maybe a little faster, or 
    make it easier to do stuff.
    - It will make it much easier to have a Gameboy Advance SP while using
    this game because it is very dark
    - Do not flee from a lot of battles, because if you do, you will find 
    yourself a very low level
    - Save all of your items for Boss Fights, because they are usually 
    hardest and it may not even be possible to beat them without items
    - I would reccomend reading the book, not only because it is terrific, 
    but it may help you in the game to some point
    - Every time you can, go towards the card collector's club and check 
    for new cards
    - Lots of good spells can be found in the library
    Part Seven: Walkthrough                                               *
    Now for the whole reason I wrote this: The Walkthrough. This part will 
    tell you what to do, and how to do it. As most parts of the game are 
    pretty hard, you may need this as your guide.
    Quest 1: Buy your wand
    When you start the game you are in Diagon Alley. The first quest of 
    the game is very simple: Buy your wand. Follow Hagrid into the store,
    then talk to the man at the counter. He will give you a bunch of wands,
    and then once you find the right one he tells you the money will come 
    out of your vault. He also tells you that the wand comes fully equipped
    with two spells, Flipendo Uno (0 MP) and Vermillious Uno (2 MP). Now 
    exit the shop and a man will give you a bunch of Famous witches and 
    Wizards stuff: A Folio Magi, a folio Tripiculous, 4 cards, and 2 card
    Quest 2: Find Hagrid in Gringotts
    The next quest is to find Hagrid. He will be in Gringotts, which is in 
    the top right corner of Diagon Alley. Before entering, however, look 
    for some enemies to battle. There should be a few between Ollivanders 
    and Gringotts. Stay here until you get both of your spells up to Duo 
    level.Gringotts is a white building. After entering it, walk straight 
    upwards, where you will find Hagrid with a Goblin.
    Quest 3: Find your vault
    The next quest is pretty hard compared to the others. After following 
    them, you will trip and lose their lead. This is another chance to 
    level up. The fastest way to find your vault is to take every up path 
    you find. You will eventually find a huge blue blob - The Boss. The big
    rat has 80HP, the small rats have 30HP each. Concentrate on casting 
    Vermillious Uno/Duo on the middle rat. If you keep dying, continue to 
    level up. After you beat the Boss, you should follow the path and there
    you will find Hagrid. Once you have your money, Hagrid should give you 
    a list of school supplies. Go back down,and exit Gringotts the way you 
    came in.
    Quest 4: Buy Your School Supplies
    Now you must buy your school supplies. Use your list as reference. In 
    the Potions shop, buy a Potions kit bag. Then, in the Cauldron store, 
    buy one of each cauldron. You will need them to make potions later on 
    in the game. Now go to the robe shop. This is the store where you buy 
    the most: 3 plain work robes, 1 winter cloak, a pack of name tags, a 
    pointed hat, and a pair of dragonskin gloves. Then go to the bookstore 
    they already have a set of books for you so all you need to do is press
    "yes" when they ask you if you want them. You can spend the rest of
    your money on anything you like, but I'd reccomend not to spend it all 
    because there are some useful things to buy later that you might not 
    have enough for now. Once you have completed your school supplies list,
    talk to Hagrid, who should be waiting outside Gringotts for you. He 
    will give you a present (Hedwig the Owl), and then you will arrive on 
    platform 9 3/4.
    Quest 5: Board the Hogwarts Express
    While on the platform, cross the first railway track, then talk to the 
    Weasly family member furthest away from Mrs. Weasly. After a cutscene, 
    walk onto the train. Ron will be in the last compartment to the left. 
    After joining him,Hermione will teach you a new spell (Vermdillious) 
    and the sweet trolley will arrive. Buy anything from there, and get 
    back into the compartment Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle will arrive, and 
    steal your sweets even if you didn't buy any. This will be another 
    Boss Fight. As Crabbe and Goyle were scared away by Scabbers, you need
    only fight Malfoy, who has 100 HP.This part is NOT hard. I always won 
    on my first try. Cast Vermillious Duo/Uno at him repeatedly, and after 
    3-4 hits (with Duo) you will defeat him. He will give you a card for 
    defeating him. Now wait until the conductor tells you to put on your 
    Quest 6: Get Across the Lake
    Another Quest: Get across the lake to Hogwarts. This is pretty simple,
    just talk to Hagrid to get healed, then walk down the dock to get into
    a boat. Try to avoid creatures because when you die you must start all
    over again. Bump into the shoreline at the end of the water to finish.
    Also, save often because of a glitch that isn't the most useful (see the
    glitch section for more information.)
    Quest 7: Get Through the Hogwarts Dungeons
    Finally, your last step until Hogwarts. You will enter something much 
    like Gringotts, although it is actually the Hogwarts dungeons. There 
    are three floors in the dungeons, at the stairs of each one you see 
    Hagrid. You know you are almost at the Entrance Hall when you see a 
    huge blue blob. And yes, this is another Boss. Concentrate on casting 
    Flipendo Duo/Uno on the Knight, which has 50 HP. Although 50 HP may 
    not seem like much compared to Malfoy and the Rats, he does have 
    armour which makes it harder for you to affect him. Keep going and 
    Hagrid will guide you into the entrance hall.
    Quest 8: Get To Griffindor
    Now you must get sorted into your house. There will be a cutscene 
    showing this happen, then go to the bottom right table. Then another 
    cutscene shows you sitting down while Ron enters the table. After two 
    fade-outs, get up and go out of the great hall. Walk up the stairs and 
    go to the seventh floor. Talk to the painting of a lady eating a donut 
    (on the left side of the room) She'll tell you there's a password. Now 
    go down to the sixth floor, then talk to a ghost,who should be standing
    on the left half of the room. He says he will tell you the password if 
    you get him a tie. Now walk all the way back downstairs, stand up to 
    one of the gargoyles and press (A). One will give you a tie and the 
    other will give you a card. Finally go up the stairs to the sixth floor
    (Again!) and talk to Nearly Headless Nick (the ghost), who will tell 
    you the password. Now talk to the lady again, and you will be allowed 
    to enter. Then go up the stairs on the bottom and walk straight across
    the room to your bed.
    Quest 9: Get To Potions Class
    Now your first class: You will wake up the next morning and Ron will 
    tell you you have to go to Snape's class. Refer to part one of this 
    walkthrough and you'll find out where it is. Talk to Snape once you 
    are in the classroom to start the lesson. Nevilles cauldron will 
    explode and Snape will ask you to get ingredients for a potion to 
    cure him, which are: 2 beetle's eyes, 1 boomslang skin, and 1 snake 
    fang. Although everyone at Hogwarts would say to go ask Hagrid where 
    to get these, and he'd say to get the snake fangs you must ask 
    Professor Sprout to look in her garden, I'd suggest going to Snape's 
    office (Refer to part one), where you can battle snakes. This is much 
    easier than going to Sprout's garden because in here there are only 
    snakes, whearas at Prof. Sprout's garden there are tons of other 
    animals as well. The boomslang skin can be found in the portrait of 
    the snake (also at Snape's office) and the beetle's eyes are at 
    Hagrid's (remember to get two!). After getting the ingredients, return 
    to potions and talk to Snape. He will give you 5 points and a class 
    Quests 10-15: Get To Your Next Class
    This part after this is one of my favourite parts because you can 
    choose what order you do your classes in. I will just put them in any 
    order because it's your choice:
    (Refer to part one for location.)To start the class, talk to Professor 
    Flitwick, who will ask you to levitate things with him. All you have to
    do is copy his movements. You should probably record his movements 
    using a pen and some paper, as well. You will get 3 trys for every 
    stage you do. There are three stages, and after you complete them all 
    you get 15 house points and you learn a spell called Wingardium 
    Leviosa, which takes 10 MP to cast. It works good on small things that 
    aren't flying.
    Broom Flight Class
    (Refer to part one for the location.) The class will begin as soon as 
    you walkinto the area. In a cutscene, Neville will break his wrist and 
    drop the Remembrall. Malfoy will then pick it up and fly away. Then you
    need to catch him .Try to avoid the thickets of leaves and hold down 
    the "Right" button to speed up. Try touching him as soon as possible, 
    although even if you never get him you win anyways. Madam Hooch will 
    then let you chase an owl, which you may get house points for.
    To start the class, talk to Ron. This is a very long class to do. You 
    must find plants and take a portion of it with you. Below are some very
    badly described locations of where they are.
    Dried Nettles: Once you walk outside the castle, the plant beside the 
    brown path.
    Dittany: The second funny bush along the big brown path
    Wormwood: Follow the brown path and look to the left by the main gate 
    (in the grass below Hagrid's cabin)
    Aconite: A bush below the Quidditch Stadium
    Mandrake Root: in the grass on the right of Hagrid's Cabin
    Asphodel Root: a weird plant below the plant patch
    (Sorry about how badly described they are, but they are actually pretty
    hard to explain!)
    After catching these herbs, go back into the classroom and talk to 
    professor Sprout. Then you should talk to Professor Snape to get 
    Potion recipes.He should be in his office.
    You need to catch an accidentally-transfigured purple rabbit (or 
    candle). To do this go down to the entrance hall and talk to Percy 
    (the guy standing at the foot of the stairs). Then walk outside and go 
    to the right of the 3rd greenhouse. The rabbit should be here. Click on
    it to catch it, then walk back to transfiguration and get your 25 
    points and your new spell.
    History of Magic
    To start the class, talk to Neville. Professor Binns will then wake up 
    and let you go to Diagon Alley to get the "Circe" card. Once you exit 
    the class Hagrid will immediatly take you to Diagon Alley. Here you 
    can buy great new items that weren't for sale before. MAKE SURE YOU 
    LEAVE 10 SICKLES! Talk to the man standing beside Hagrid after you do 
    your shopping. He says that he will reduce the price if you get it 
    yourself. Try to get a good spell (possibly trio!) before entering the 
    vault, and as the new creatures in gringotts offer good training, that 
    may not even be too hard! In the vault there is another Boss, 1 giant 
    rat, with 100 HP, and another two small rats, with 40 HP each. Incendio
    is the best spell to use on the giant rat, and Flipendo is probably 
    best on the small ones. After killing the Boss, you should get the 
    card. Now talk to the man again and you will go back to Hogwarts. 
    Return to your class and talk to Professor Binns.
    Defence Against the Dark Arts
    Just before entering the classroom, Peeves will curse you. While this 
    curse is on you, you keep on losing SP every second or so. Walk inside 
    the classroom and talk to Professor Quirrel. He will let you find a 
    counter-curse during the lesson. Exit the classroom and walk straight 
    across the hall, and enter the library. Climb straight down the stairs,
    then head south-east. Talk to Madam Pince (who should be at the bottom 
    in the middle of the lower library and she'll tell you the 
    counter-curse book has been stolen. Now exit the library. Peeves will 
    give you a tip-off that it may be in the muggle studies classroom. Go 
    to the 5th floor and enter the top left room. Here, Peeves will say 
    that T.V. is funner than reading. Go into the corner of the room and 
    you will see a television. walk up to it and press (A). It will now 
    teleport you to another room. Here there is another boss. The best 
    spell to use is Flipendo which should be Duo by now. After defeating 
    him, go to your inventory and use the spellbok you have collected to 
    remove the curse. Then talk to Madam Pince again and she will reward 
    you 25 points for getting the book. then return to your class and speak
    to Quirrel who gives you 10 house points.
    Quest 16: Go to the Trophy Room
    Your lessons are now over. You have now returned to the Great Hall for 
    dinner, where Malfoy challenges you to a duel. After a cutscene, go 
    down to the 3rd floor and enter the door on the bottom of the hall. 
    Walk across the room, and then after a short cutscene go into the door 
    above you and then out of the next door after that. Next you will hide 
    in "Fluffy's room". Now return to bed.
    Quest 17: Rescue Hermione From a Troll
    Now for a pretty hard part: Rescuing Hermione from the troll. Hermione 
    will hear you insult her and run off towards the 1st floor. Talk to a 
    girl near the place where you found Nick's tie and she'll tell where 
    she went. Now Quirrel will run in saying that a Troll has entered the 
    school. The corridors are no longer blocked, so you are free to go 
    anywhere to train. Walk up to the first floor and follow the Troll
    into the room it walks into. Here there is another boss fight, against 
    the Troll. The best spell to use here is Verdimillous which must be Duo
    by now or you don't stand a chance. Don't use Wingardium Leviosa, the 
    troll is too heavy for that. After you beat the troll go to Hagrid's 
    Quest 18: Find Your Christmas Presents
    Finally, Christmas is here! And your Christmas presents are... gone? 
    Peeves has taken them! Ah, well, you'd better find them! But they are 
    on the sixth floor, in the door above the stairs you just took. Enter 
    the room at the end of that place and go into the right part of the 
    room (it is divided by barrels) and search the top chest there. Filch 
    will then take you out of the room and Professor Mcgonaggal will tell 
    you off. Then go back to your dormitory to open your presents.
    Quest 19: Go through Hogwarts at Night
    Now it is time to get into serious mischeif, your next quest is to get 
    your invisibily cloak on and explore Hogwarts at night. Go down to the 
    library, go down the stairs and enter the restricted section. There are
    many things down here: 2 Spells, and a potion recipe. Here is a 
    terrible attempt in drawing where the alarms, spells and potion recipe 
    +-----------------------+         |     |       
    |                       |         |     |
    |Spell             Alarm|         |     |       +-----------------+
    |                       |         |     |       |  ___ALARM_____  |
    +-----------------------+         |     |       | |             | |
                                      |     |       | |             | |
                                      |     |       | |             | |
                                      |     |       | |             | |
                                      |     |       |S|             | |
    +-----------------------+         |     |       |p|             | |
    |                       |         |     |       |e|             | |
    |Alarm  Recipe          |         |     |       |l|             | |
    |                       |         +-----+       |l|             | |
    +-----------------------+                       +-+             +-+
    This is just the general idea.
    While you are still in the library, you can find other helpful spells 
    in other areas of it. Set off an alarm after getting the spells and 
    recipe, the exit through the RIGHT HAND stair case. This will help you 
    avoid Filch and Madam Pince. Exit the library completely, then go to 
    the 5th floor. If you get caught here, you must go back to the library.
    Once you get to the 5th floor, go in the corridor that does NOT have a
    door. Enter a room at the end. Here you should find the Mirror of 
    Erised. Dumbledore will now find you and send you to bed, which you 
    must do. He had already sent all of the teachers to bed so you won't 
    find any of them on your way back.
    Quest 20: Catch the 5 chickens
    After the cutscene in the library, head to Hagrid's hut and watch 
    the dragon egg of Norbert hatch. Then Hagrid asks you to catch 5 
    chickens for him. To do this you must either chase the chickens into 
    a corner or wait for them to pass and press (A) as they do it. Every 
    time you get one you enter a battle with 3 chickens. After killing all 
    3 chickens you get one chicken. After killing 5 sets of chickens go 
    back to Hagrid's and talk to him. This part now is exactly the same as 
    catching the owl and Malfoy while on a broom. Head back to Hagrid's and
    you will find that Norbert the dragon has escaped. Everything is 
    exactly the same as the owl and Hedwig. You must dodge the fireballs 
    that Norbert shoots at you. The advice I have is the same as before: 
    Always keep to the right.
    Quest 21: Take the dragon to Charlie
    Here there is a huge cutscene. You now find yourself as Harry and 
    Hermione under the invisibility cloak. You must go to Hagrid's and 
    talk to him, then go up to the seventh floor, take the top left door 
    and climb all of the stairs. Once Charlie's friends have visited and 
    taken the dragon, Walk back down the stairs and you will get caught by 
    Quest 22: Go through to Forbidden Forest
    Now you have detention. Go down to the Entrance Hall and you will find 
    Filch there. They will then leave without you, but their location is 
    directly below Hagrid's Hut. Again, they leave without you, leaving you
    to find your own way through the forest. Stick to the main path through
    the entire first screen, and in the beginning of the second screen, a 
    large path is available, but it's nearly invisible, so keep your eyes 
    towards the bottom of the screen. You'll eventually find Hagrid, who
    introduces Ronan, who will tell you that Mars is bright. A number of 
    others will tell you same fact. And then -- oh no! Red sparks! Trouble!
    Hagrid runs off and returns telling you that Draco scared Neville and 
    so Neville freaked out. Hagrid then tells you to run along with Draco.
    Follow him, then you'll find a unicorn and some guy with a cloak will
    scare Draco off (comedically, I must say). He'll tell you a bunch of
    stuff. Then get out of the forest (try sticking to the bigger paths).
    You'll find McGonagall in the Entrance Hall, she'll tell you to go to
    the Gryffindor Tower, so do that (seventh floor).
    Quest 23: Find out where Dumbledore is
    You must now find someone to tell you where Dumbledore is - Professor 
    Mcgonagall. She should be near the end of the first floor. After 
    talking to her return to your dorm.
    Quest 24: Find the Philosipher's/Sorcerer's Stone
    Now go to the third floor corridor (Fluffy's room). After a cutscene, 
    you will enter. The first of the final bosses are here. Cast Incendio 
    at the middle plant, then once you have killed it try going for the 
    second and third plant. Now, the easiest way to kill the remaining 
    bosses is to paralyse them with Locomotor Wibbly, poison them with 
    Mucus Ad Nauseum, continue by casting Locomotor Wibbly when you need,
    otherwise attempting to flee (this won't do anything as they are a
    boss; you can't escape). If you need to replenish your MP, you can do
    that instead of fleeing.
    The only part that can't use this strategy in is the potions part,
    which is really quite fun once you get the hang of it. You're 
    supposed to try finding the correct potion ingredients via process
    of elimination. Use the up and down arrows to try changing the 
    ingredients. So say I put:
    X Y W Z
    And it told me:
    * Y * Z
    I would know that Y and Z are the correct ingredients and that I
    should try again with X and Z. Say I then tried:
    A Y B Z
    and it gave me:
    A Y * Z
    Then I should try again with B, but A, Y, and Z are the right things.
    The best part of the game is that you can keep on replaying it but 
    keep all of your EXP. and stuff. This makes it TONS easier the second 
    Part Eight: Glitches:                                                 *
    There are a few glitches in the game, the most prominent of which being
    in the lake stage. If you enter battle by touching the side of the lake
    and hold down the left (if you touched the left side of the lake) or 
    right (if you touched the right side of the lake) arrow right after 
    leaving battle, you go straight into battle again and are launched into
    a never-ending series of battles that are impossible to leave. The 
    solution: restart the system. 
    There's lots of graphic and sound glitches, particularly near the end of
    the game, so don't get shocked if the sound gets messed up.
    Part Nine: FAQ:                                                       *
    Q: Aaahh! I changed my language to EN-American and the title changed!
    A: JK Rowling's American publishers thought Americans would be too 
       stupid to understand the word "Philosopher" so they changed it to
    Q: I didn't get the spell Mucus Ad Nauseum at first and now I can't beat
       the game! Is there any way that I can get that spell now that I'm
       later in the game?
    A: No.
    Q: The sound on my system keeps on getting messed up!
    A: Deal with it, it's a glitch.
    Part Ten: Credits:                                                    *
    Thanks to:
    PotterHarry.net [www.potterharry.net] for the logo
    Me (J.H.) for creating this.
    Nintendo for creating the system and game
    Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment for making the game
    EA games also for creating the game
    JK Rowling for making Harry Potter
    And you for reading this

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